Don’t Give Up!!

I know there are times when nothing seems to work out, and you have literally done all you can and yet nothing seems to work.
Wait👋, don’t give up. No don’t .

I know you think that prayers does nothing. But why don’t you just try it.
I know you think trying again is a waste of time.  But why don’t you just do it still,  do you think those who have made it to the top had it easy? No. They had hit rock bottom, they got so low that they couldn’t get back up or thought they couldn’t . They lost friends and family who believed that staying down is the best.
 Now you👆👇👏👋 listen to me, it’s going to be hard and maybe get harder, but what you have to do what you have to do and do it rightly. I don’t care about the situation, I don’t care about the tribulation, I don’t care about the ups and downs. But i care about you and i all i want you to do is to Get up, go back to that drawing board, that project , that career , that dream whatever it is …and Re-strategize. Get to Re-planning. If A, B, C falls out. Go to D,E, F or Z.
 Look, delay isn’t denial and failure doesn’t mean it’s all over. You have to rise. You have to get up and you have to get back on the moving train. Why? It’s your life and no one will help or even if they do, they would get tired…no one wants to keep helping someone who doesn’t want to help themselves. You have only yourself 
…So get up, dust yourself and try again and yes pray. GOD isn’t a God for decoration,  he is a God who would give you all you desire if you only pray,believe and have faith. But faith without works is dead. So pray and then get to work. Don’t wait. Don’t stop . Re-build,Re-plan, Re-strategize and Re-gain all that you have lost. 

Don’t wait for hand-me-downs or wallow in self-pity. That’s enough.

Get back up and Get back to working out your greatness, and trust me,by the Grace of God you will achieve that success. Know whose child you are. And God never abandons his own. Why don’t you show him and everyone else that you are made for greater and mighty things.. 
So be great. Just Soar and know that everything as long as you work towards it would be great..Yes,that job,that dream, that career, that project. .All of It.
Now I tell you what, Dust your hands, dust you knees and get to working out your future and by the time you are done building your empire or whatever it is you desire. You would be glad you decided not to give up even when everyone or everything was telling you otherwise.
Be great.

Be motivated.

Be inspired. 

Be you.

Be Unapologetically, amazingly You.

No pretends. No half-truths. Just you.

Hello Tuesday,  

~Stephanie Egberike 
#StephanieEgberike #Writes #Randoms #sweetness #Allthingsfinery #Thesweetperspectives 


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