Don’t Tell Anybody! !

The first time I heard, “Don’t tell anybody “I was nine years old. 
It was Papa, he had come into my room while I was sleeping, mother had gone out, my two siblings were fast asleep.
I felt him touch my legs,and then my chest. I woke up with a start. .
“AH, papa, ?” I say cleaning my eyes to wipe the sleep from them, was he calling me and I didn’t hear? Was mama back from night vigil and she was locked outside?
No , he shook his head and called me out,closing the door behind me.
“Papa?” I asked as he led me into the room.
“Come and help me with something ” he told me.
He was my father, I didn’t know i was supposed to be scared of a man whose seed made me.

But I was wrong.
Papa, pushed me to the bed, closing my mouth and forcing himself into me..I screamed but my screams were muffled by his big arms over my mouth and my body shook with pain with his big rod between my thighs and into my little self.
Papa told me in my tears afterwards “Don’t tell anybody, not mama, not even your shadow or else..” 
I tried to tell,I tried to leave subtle hints for mama,papa became suspicious and whenever mama was away. .he didn’t just force me, he would beat me..then to pacify me..he gave me sweets for my pain. 
One day,I told mama..she never believed me.She called me a whore and told me I was never her child.
Papa claimed I tried to seduce him, his words were sweet and persuasive..mama believed him,never me.
It’s been ten years,now I confidently sleep in my father’s bed,i’m his mistress, while mama is still going to church. Now ..I don’t feel nothing;no more pain. No more shame.
Because the man I called my father has suddenly become my lover.
Don’t blame me…He was a pedophile, and mama didn’t believe me and made stop him.

My face and body became his punching bag,I had to survive it. I embraced it.
But do you know what is within my heart…?To kill the man whose seed made me..but for now…I hope he suffers for the shocker he was about to receive. Mama was on her way home,this time..I will show her what she had never wanted to see..her daughter rocking her husband..then I would watch him drink the poison I laced his drinks with.



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