Brian felt a splash of cold water on his face, once , twice and then the third one he shakes himself abruptly rising up..using his hands to clean the water from his face.
Who is the fool who is pouring him water, he would have his head, he would slam his fist into his face so hard his face would turn into a deflated dough of bread…he would-
What the actual fxxk was he doing on the floor and why is everyone gathering him and staring at him..
Wait!! What was he doing here…this wasn’t his home in the states, nor his house in Nigeria where his parents lived nor even the hotel he had been put up since he got into Port Harcourt and being forced to work as a PA.
An actuall PA to someone who turns out to be a woman. A bitter feisty woman..
A woman who was a…
But what was he doing on the floor..?

But this wasn’t his father’s company, no…this was…this was a club and people were staring at him funny and someone was clapping her hands and calling him an “’OLOSHI”’ she looks like the waitres who served him drinks..
And ..why was she pointing at him and then the Pos she was carrying and then showing about five cards in her hands and pointing at him and telling people who wore black suits and they looked heavier than Mike Tyson, John Cena and the Rock put together..
And..why did he feel like their menacing stares at him wasn’t going to end well?
What the fxxk was he doing her??.

The noise, the noise was making his head hurt, the music was so loud, their voices too…and the girl..the beautiful girl on the chair staring at him right now with disgust..
Wait…wasn’t she touching his…his Big Johnson a moment ago and rubbing it so bad he was having the biggest boner tonight.
Yes!! He remembers, they were about to go back to his place and she was going to wear his shirt and nothing underneath and he was going to have some oohh-ahhh-yeah-baby-hit-it-hard-fun and then…
He had wanted to pay the bill. Yes the bill and..and
“’Sorry Sir, all your accounts has been completely frozen by your father, indefinitely, you cannot make any transactions on your cards, not a dime. Orders are from your father Sir, i am sorry”’ Jude’s voice replays back to him
This must be a dream, a dream, a bad joke.. a really bad joke.
He gets up, adjusts himself..
“”Sir, you don wake? Ehen security as i was saying, i don’t know whether he didn’t have money before he came here or he was looking to impress these hookers here, it’s none of my business, all i know is that he is owing me a hundred and fifty kay, let him pay na he is giving me Atm cards that is being declined. Person get up to five accounts and all of them declined?
 Which can yarnings be that, pay the money he said he wants to call his accountant, i don’t know what his accountant told him but the dude faint abi him dey pretend to faint. I don pour am three glasses of water, good thing him don wake..biko help me tell am to pay eim money because i don’t want to lose my job. where i won get one hundred and  fifty thousand from naw? how i won put mouth tell madam say boy chop no pay? Biko that is why i have called you people oh…make am pay oh”’ the waitress finishes
The three securities turns to Brian who swallows “”Gentlemen, i believe there is a misunderstanding and if you give me a second i swear i would clarify it, really, a little patience and all will be cleared up

 immediately”’Brian says
“”Na who you dey speak big grammer for, pay your bill let us not have a scene in here, as you can see,we get plenty guests”’ the bigger one states flexing his chests, Brian swallows again. He looks around for Ikena, he was nowhere to be seen
This was not good, this was not good.
“”Sure, a minute let me place another call”’ Brian says turning away. he calls his two other banks accountant , they told him the same thing “’Damnit!!’’ he exclaims
“’We are waiting!!’’ the men call out
“’Yes yes, i am just making a few calls, just a misunderstanding. I can pay your money okay, no need for a scene i am sure they is just a network problem, no issue”’ Brian says a he backs them making another call

Pick up man, Pick up.
No answer.
He dials again and again
“’Hello?”’ the deep voice fills the phone
‘’Father, it’s me Brian”” he breaths 
“”Oh i know Brian, i only have a stupid son with that name, what do you want Brian??’’
“”Okay,i know i messed up today and i am sorry but i cannot believe you went through with your bluff , what the fxck dad, do you know-“”
“’i have not the patience nor the time to listen to your little rants, why are you calling me Brian?”” his father demands
Brian closes and opens his eyes “”Dad, please can you unfreeze my accounts, i am in abit of a situation right now, i bought some things and i need to pay them…and all my cards has been declined and they say the order is from you, can you please-‘’
“’NO. If you have issues Brian, deal with it. Afterall you are a man right. Well, welcome to responsibilities and bullshits Brian Andrews, don’t call me again”’
The line goes dead.
No no no no! this wasn’t happening no!
He dials again and again… his line was disconnected.
He rubs his head!
He calls her number ..
“”Hello!! Mummy, i need your help”’ he breaths as she picks
“What is it Son, you sound distressed””
“’It’s because i am,can you believe your husband freezed my accounts, that old bat freezed my accounts.
 Mummy speak to him please, i am stranded and this hoodlums are going to break my legs, come on, i am his son for shits sake, he shouldn’t play like that, i apologised and see what he did. Mummy please tell him to unfreeze my accounts and i have bills to pay, please’’
“”How much is it Brian?””
“’A hundred and Fifty!!”
He hears a snort at the background , “”Jonathan, he is being serious”” his mother says away form the phone
Oh, so he is listening, GOOD.
His mother would talk to him, she wouldn’t allow him suffer like this,No!.
“’Tell him he is a man so he should handle his business Lolo”” he heard his father saying
“”Brian, you know i love you but my hands are tied”’ his mother speaks to him again
“”Mother,this is serious, they are going to break my legs and ..kill me, you want me to die??”’
“”A dead son is better than an irresponsible one”” his father’s voice is heard
“’oh stop it Jonathan”” His mother cautions  “’Let me send you the money”

“’Oh thank you mother’’
“”You will do no such thing, none!””

 his father’s voice is higher and next thing it’s closer as he assumes his father has taken the phone
“’Deal with your mess, you buy you pay. Clean a toilet if you have too i don’t care, no more untill you start being responsible and another thing, untill you actually do your work in the office before you will get paid, same salary as everyone else, no preferential treatment..none.

Line goes dead
’’Wait oh, are you deliberately keeping us waiting so you can stale us and then run? Is that it, guy?”’ the other guy in black asks Brian
Brian drops his phone into his pocket and turning… his forehead breaking out in clear sweats.. he blinks then swallows
“’No ofcourse not. I was making some calls and—“”
“’Ýou have been making calls for the past couple of minutes and i haven’t seen money materialize and fall like manner from heaven”’
“’ erm.. i just need to call my driver and erm-“’ he brings out his phone and searches for Ikena’s number, 
“’dude, if you don’t bring that money in five minutes ..i will begin to use my fist  to design your pretty boy face”’ the first guy says
“’One minute please…one minute”’
Why wasn’t the damn fool picking, the hell Ikena! pick up the damn phone and come help me out of this mess, Jesus!!!
“’madam, na you follow am come?”’ the third man turns to the girl seated on the chair
“’Me? Follow who come? Do i look like a girl who follow broke guys, i don’t even know the dude sef, never ,never met him in my entire life, infact sef he was forcing me to go to his place with him sef and i was trying to put him down nicely sef”” the girl says

Brian looks up at her in shock, a minute ago she was making conversations with Big Johnson and ready to go stark nark with his shirt, now she doesn’t know him?
This is how it feels when you are at the top and everyone flocks around you and then when you hit rock bottom, what happens?
Everyone leaves you, denies you, even hookers who was touching you a minute ago and having her friends order heaven and earth on your bills.
He was never talking or picking up girls again.
Pick up damn fool Ikena !!! pick up!!
“’but it was you and your friends that helped the bill to climb to heaven na eh, all these girls, them hear money dem gather like bees to honey, na you won run, epp your boyfriend pay bill na, contribution we go accept, we too alike akawo”’ the waitress says, the securities laugh
“why will i contribute, what for. Person no get money, person want woman. Na money for hand, body for ground”’ the girls says rolling her eyes and picking her bag
“’Ehen, you fed your tummy first and the tanks your friends had for belle and was romancing the boy there dey confuse am, how him won take get sense? Maybe him na pauper with borrowed cloths, maybe him thief him oga’s own…he probably came here to drink one beer but you and your fellow skanks confused him with boobies and padded ass, his brain fries and he forgets that he doesn’t have a naira to his name…na only your kind Angel Gabriel dey set hot coal, plus burning larva and red fires for hell for you when you dey.. my friend come and help your bobo pay him money oh, a hundred and fifty kay is not beans, free chopper”” the waitress says accusingly
“’i have mouth to eat, them offer i eat. I ain’t gonna pay no bills for nobody, excuse me!”’ with that she sighs, shaking her waist and then clears.. “’i don’t know the fool, he should pay his damn bills”’ with that she leaves 

Brian is staring at her…
He is thinking, thinking of what to do
“”Bros, even your hoe gat no love for you’’ they are laughing
Brian is dialling his father’s number and then his mother’s again. Both switched off.
Ikena’s number keeps ringing. 
Who else does he know that he could call.. who?
He doesn’t exactly have friends, even the ones he does have are in the states. And who would want to give him money and even if they would, before he would get anyone to do a transfer now and then get it changed is like a fat man going through a tiny hole.
He sighs.
Brian Andrews, is this what your life has been reduced to? First forced back into the country to work..not just to work but as a PA, now, he was being reduced to nothing more than a church rat.
Father i can’t believe you did this to me, i apologised. I am sorry.

Really, please just call me or just..just fix this.
He prays 
“’Guy, pull this guy for nicka make we dey go””
“’No no wait, try the cards again, try it again please ..”” Brian pleads moving out of their reach
“’There is no money there”’ the waitress says
“”Please “’ he repeats
She tries all five, still declined.
“Outside now, we would show you what we do to people who order and don’t pay, “” they hold on to him, 
“”please wait, don’t embarrass me, you don’t even know who i am, you don’t even know if i am the son of a very important person, you don’t know don’t know who i am. Look i am not a bad guy, it’s a misunderstanding and if you give me sometime i swear i will handle this ..please”’ he begs
They already held him by his trousers lifting him from the ground.. 
“”We don’t need to know.Only me i am hitler and death together “’ the first one says pulling Brian outside..the waitress is clapping for him, to pay his money, the three guys are dragging Brian outside, but Brian doesn’t want to go outside, bad things happen to people outside..No!!
he is struggling with them..
Their voices are increasing, the guests are murmuring and getting uncomfortable with the scene.
Across the room, Ikena is seated watching and on the phone
“Sir, what’s your order?’’’he asks
“As long as they are not harming him, stand down, do not help him. He should be able to be responsible for his actions. I will refuse to come to his aid every time.  He should clear up his mess”’
“’it looks as though they are going to cause bodily harm to him Sir”’ ikena says from where he is hiding from view
Mr Jonathan Andrews sighs “’Untill it gets out of hands, stand down “’
‘’Yes sir . but the bill, do i take care of it?”’
“’No!! He has to clean up his own mess. I don’t care how. Goodnight “”
“’Goodnight sir”’
The line dies
Ikena raises up his head and stares as Brian is struggling with them..
“”Guy go outside now”’ someone says
“’leave am, him no get money him won eat and bone chick”’ someone laughs
“”Chia, see fine boy is embarrassing himself like this? Poverty is a bastard””
“’Chei, doesn’t he have anyone he can call to help him?”’
“”You that is talking na, you go and help him na””
“You are mad, do i know him?”
“’You should have taught about that before saying people should go and help him”” counter attack

Everyone is talking..
The noise is loud and Brian is fidgeting. Ordinarily, he would have been very confident ..
But money to a man is like super powers, when you don’t have it, you find yourself naked and devoid of status.
Claiming status right now would land him in harm, he has to plead and beg and do anything to get out of this mess.
“’Guy remove your hand from the door!!’’ they pull but Brian wouldn’t let go
“’No! no wait. I want to…wait na ..abeg!!!’’ Brian is struggling, hanging from the door,
“’Punch am, punch him face””
“please abeg, i have money, i have money please. Okay wait, here…my watch,my watch”” Brian begs “’It’s an original swatch, over two hundred kay, my shoes is Italian,…my

 shirt..infact …take it all take it all”’
The ruckus was too much that suddenly  the waitress gasps as she looks up to see someone coming down

‘’Now i will surely get fired for this.

 Oga pay your money,please i beg you”” the waitress cries..
‘’what’s going on here?’’ the manager, a woman in her late thirties dressed in a black plait dress asks coming towards them
“’Madam, this fool doesn’t want to pay his money madam ma”’
She stares at Brian hanging as they hold him above the ground and his hands holding the door not wanting to leave..
“’Drop the young man down Gesto, i don’t employ animals as securities”’ she says as they obey dropping down Brian, who tries to adjust his cloths
“’Thank you Ma’am”’
“”Do not thank me, i have guests here and i will not tolerate this, not in my place. I would ask nicely sir that you pay what you owe so that you can leave this place and not make other’s here uncomfortable.. “’
“’Ma’’am the problem is-”’
“’The problem is ma is that all his cards were being declined, he has no money in his wallet. And he dared to order for himself worth a hundred and fifty thousand. He has refused to pay ma and he is proving stubborn ma”’ the waitress says
“’Actually i had just one drink, the ladies however-“’
“’Shut up!!’’ Gesto orders Brian
The manager turns to Brian, “’It that so young man?”’
Brian opens his mouth to say something in his defence but nothing comes out ‘’I will pay “’
“’my watch, my shoes, it cost’s a ton, much more than that bill”’
‘’Are you trying to insult what we sell here?”’ she frowns
“”No!! No ma’am, i don’t mean to…i just . look this is a misunderstanding and i swear it wasn’t intentional. I do have money but it is stuck, my father—“’
“’oh a daddy’s boy, how old are you, aren‘t you too old to be a daddy’s boy, depending on daddy’s money? Isn’t that what you were about to say, your father what?”’
Brian thins his lips instead “”My father father father “”
“’Call the police Gesto,get him arrested, when he spends a night in the cell, his people would come bail him out and then they would pay for his bill too, get that slum out of my club”” she says turning away
“Please ma, maám please i’ll work, anything, i want to pay i swear, please, no one will come for me, please… i can’t pay the bill if i am in cell please,i will work if you want.  But i swear it, my watch and shoes is enough payment, see”’ he takes off his watch, giving it to Gesto, the first big guy..
He passes it to his friend who takes a look “’It’s original. What do you do? Steal things from expensive  people and flaunt things that aren’t yours?’’
“’It’s mine””Brian says
“’Na yahoo boy him be “’ the third concludes “’Maga no dey pay again oh..”’
‘’the value for that watch might have gone down, this isn’t enough “’ the lady says waving it away
“”I’ll give my shoes too, anything “’
‘’Take his shoes and anything valuable from him””
They grab him but Brian struggles from them “”i will do it myself please”’ he says stepping away, he takes off his shoes and then gave it to them “’My cloths too?”’
“”yes”’ the reply came
Brian, uncomfortably pulls off his cloths and infront of a few dozen people .. he is completely in his briefs
Someone in the crowd quickly whiffs out a camera , “”No pictures please, “” the manager states pointing to everyone
 “’i do not desire to make a public specticle of you but this is a business, my business and money was spent to make this a reality and if you must come here , atleast pay for what you order and if you don’t have money…no one stops you from coming, just don’t eat, drink but look, dance and go home”’ she says
Brian is standing there, hands covering his bulge with his tiny brief on.
“”Atleast he got a rocking body, a sight for sore eyes”’ a girl from the crowd exclaims
Some other ladies murmurs their agreement, some people laugh
“’ i really don’t know how to go about selling your things to get my money young man, i don’t have that time nor patience“’ she sighs
“’madam, he can work for you to pay the bill”’ one of the guards suggests 
“’Work? I can’t do that,i mean i can do that “’ Brian raises up his head
The manger smiles “’ the only available job at the moment is to clean the toilets, and help in the kitchen, yet even if you do that you get paid 10k a night … still won’t cover your bill young man””
“’Toilet, kitchen…No no madam, i –i can’t do those, never have i do does…i can’t! something else please “’ Brian states shaking his head
She chuckles “i believe you know the phrase ‘’A begger has no choice” young man, i will tell you what you will do and if you want to refuse i think you can magically cause my hundred and fifteen thousand to appear right now. Here are your options with pay attached to it. Cleaning of toilets and helping in the kitchen is ten thousand, being a waiter for the night is fifteen, bodyguards is ten thousand , stripper twenty thousand –“”
“’ i don’t mind to pay to watch that body do striptease on me”” another lady screams..
Ladies concurred
“’As i was saying, whatever you intend to pick still won’t amount to what you owe unless you have to work for me for …a week or two depending on the price of your option. That means every night by 8am till past midnight and sometimes will be here either moping off the vomit from the toilet floors or washing my toilet seats, or dressed as you are in your brief with a bowtie on your next waitering for me, or you will be given a costume to do a striptease for the VVIP lounge for strictly ladies only or i give you a uniform to guard my doors. So which would it be..?”’
None. None


“’Erm, how about office work, i can help you –“
“’Do not intend to play smart. You are lucky i am down here even talking to you, i would allow my guards drill you how they want and get the money from you and then i’ll let you sleep in jail. These are your options and because we would make sure you don’t intend to run..when you leave here, i would politely ask that you put down your information for us… you will pay me young man, this is a a lesson for whoever that is in this place trying to ruin my business.
 Whoever you are we don’t care, you can’t pay, stay clear form my doors…what do you choose young man because as of this moment…you will begin’’
I can’t clean toilets.. no . God forbid!. 
I don’t even know how to wash plates..
How dare i serve this people here. …hay God!!
Maybe i should choose to be a bodyguard…but everyone who comes into this Metro park would see me, what if someone recognises me outside, what do i do?..
No !! 
Should i choose to waiter?..

Maybe i should ..
Male Stripper… ?
“”i don’t have all the patience in the world for your slow thought process young man“”
“”but ma’ám is there nothing else i can do?”’
‘’Gesto, i think he needs abit of reset, he probably thinks the reason why he hasn’t been beaten to the pulp yet is because he has a pretty face“’
Brian turns to see Gesto, before he could says anything Gesto’s hands folding into a fist and heads for his face
“’Waiter!!!! Waiter please ..!!’’ he covers his face with both hand and shouts…””I will waiter for you””
“’’You need to to accelerate your payment “” the lady says telling Gesto to stand down
“’erm…’’ No not toilets ..
“’Striptease, stripper!!!!’’ the ladies chants
“’i believe the ladies have picked”’ the manager says..
“’but but…but “”
“’Give him a bow tie Gesto, and vicky, take him to the back and give him  a white shirt to wear, a tray and drinks and a note pocket book and a pen… idleness won’t pay my bill s… and throw his cloths into a lylon bag till when his shift is over..””
With that she turns and walks away

Gesto turns to Brian who is asking God a thousand ‘’whys?”’ .
“’You are lucky madam came down today to safe you, if not me and my guys would have used you to do suya this night, you know suya abi? Ehen, just thank your stars. But just so you know…i will be the one keeping tabs on you, Vicky bring that pen and paper here make this fool right down him full name, address all information about him so incase him go house after no come come back say him won run, we go show there with cutlass, and cut him into pieces sell him meet give mallam infront of our gate make him  use am do suya, some people eat human meat””
His colleagues laugh
Vicky, the waitress comes to them and hands Brian the paper and pen…
“’Write fool” Telema, Gesto’s second says 
Brian puts down his full name, his phone number and where he lives ..
“’You no dey work? I talk am  say na yahoo boy“’
“”I am not a yahoo boy,i work”
“’Na you no get money? All this broke ass niggas, where you get those expensive  cloths from, talk””
“”I work, i just started working and i haven’t been paid yet””
“”Oloshi!! Put the address and name down too so incase you won dey smart, we fit show there too and don’t think we are stupid, na morning we go show to make sure you go come for night….”’ Gesto and Telema laugh
Brian was done and hands them the paper, goes back to covering his bulge..
“”Oya, follow vicky go back make them give you shirt, if you like break the glass or spill drink, your money go increase”’ they push him as the crowd suddenly simmers back into themselves.. the music comes back on and the party continues..
Vicky hands him a work shirt and a bow-tie
“’Can i atleast wear my trousers, i feel naked”’
Vicky eyes him “’ Madam said you will serve like that yet she even changed her mind and said you should wear shirt and you are asking for trouser?

 No be your mate be bobrisky dey walker with pant up and down abi Denrele? Guy relax oh. Come let us go to the bar so i introduce you to the bartender then you go take orders and ..i will show you the kitchen window where you will drop  your  food orders too”’
“’’but how long will today own be for, it’s already late , atleast the next three hours right you will close?”’
Vicky laughs “’No,today it’s till dawn”’

“’Fxxk me!!’’ Brian exclaims
“’Excuse me’’ Vicky felt offended, “’see i be warri girl oh, i go jam your blockus with my heel you dey mad?”
“’Hey hey relax, i didn’t mean it that way it was just an exclamation, no offence please, i am already in deep shit i don’t want to get deeper into the hole before people start getting the wrong idea that i am a pervert, please””
“”exclamation gini, mind yourself oh, i don’t follow broke ass niggas. Come follow me”’
Brian does so feeling more naked than before , he was introduced to the bar and kitchen and a tray of drinks was given to him to serve his first order.

While he went he kept telling himself,

Father is going to call, Ikena is going to come and safe him. My parents won’t leave me to suffer like this no.
By the time three hours has past, he had been shouted on, slapped in the face for wrong order and had drinks spilled on him and had Gesto lift him off the ground and threatened to slam him if he breaks another glass or throw food on the floor when he slipped..
He knew he was in hell and daddy wasn’t coming to safe him
“’I am sorry, please “he begged Gesto
“”One more time…just one more than”’ Gesto warns him
Brian nods, as Gesto drops him down..he straightens his shirt and bends to clear the mess..
He goes back to get a reorder and comes back to his guest.., “’sir, i am so sorry, here is your order”” Brain says placing the glass of beer infront of the man who was backing him
“”Thank you”’ Ikena says turning

Brian sees him and freezes “’You asshole, you asshole, get me out of here, you frigging asshole. Did father send you, please tell me he did, i can’t do this, i can’t, i was calling you ,what the hell happened to your phone? father wouldn’t answer, tell me he sent you please so i can get out of here…look at me”’ he says leaning close to Ikena and grabbing his hands “’Deal with this Ikena, Now!! “’
Ikena peels Brian’s hands away from his and crosses his legs then grabs his beer to his lips “’i am here as a normal guest Sir , and my order is to do nothing. In here, i don’t know you sir, in here, you are not my boss’s son, not my boss either.“’
“’Ikena , i will-‘’ he grabs Ikena’’s hands again
“”Is there a problem sir? Sir, is the waiter bothering you?’’ Gesto appears 

Brian lets go…”’he isn’t a sir, he is my bodygua-“’
“”oh no problem , the young man is just leaving”’ Ikena says smiling and taking a sip
Brian’s eyes turns to slits “’Ikena!! Ikena!!’’ he breaths through close lips
“’move along waiter”’ Gesto nudges Brian, 
‘’I am not done, i was helping to-”’

“’Move !!”’ Getso nudges Brian again

He risks a look at Ikena , 
Fool fix this, tell me you re here to fix this?
But Ikena just smiles and raises up his beer to his lips “’Thank you waiter’’

Brian shakes his head and leaves ..
Damnit Father !!! Damn you!!
I got home and didn’t have much sleep, spent half of the night going through the company’s charts to see how many more people we have lost and how many we were able to get back.
Atleast, the media team was able to salvage the situation, most of the things have been pulled down from the internet and my conference was aired during the day..
We called it an accidence of hacking, and that we have rectified the situation and it wasn’t any of our staffs in the company who had done it.
I spoke to Mr Emeka not so long ago before i got home, he sounded positive
“’Do you think, that this might affect my working relationship with the company, would i be fired by the boss once this mess is cleared up?’’ i wanted to know where i stood. 

Tina, my former PA had called me from lagos when she saw the news, she said people were talking , that it could cause me not able to get another job…no one wants an employee with that over her head.
I hope with the media cseive, that all too would go away, i wouldn’t want that on my Cv. It was a killer.

All because of that devil in clothing , Brian Andrews. I am yet to find a perfect payback.
“’Mr Jonathan just wants you to do your job and if he were going to fire you he would have done so already, i spoke to him not so long ago, he says to tell you the charts are looking good but there are more work to be done.

 So just do it”’
“’Ánd the PA? sir you do  realise that if we continue to work together he would try do so something else again, he is a like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, isn’t there anyway to get him away from me atleast, put in another department, please for my peace of mind and the company’s. We don’t like each other, it’s a disaster.

 Please, isn’t there? i am begging you, John is more than capable to handle his duties, anyone but him”’
“’Miss Adora, we have discussed that already, it is out of my hands. But i would be pleased to inform you that i have a feeling that he would behave from now on””
“’How? How sure are you, from what i hear he doesn’t care about authority, who is he exactly, some sponsor kid?”’
Mr Emeka laughs “” i know. Don’t worry about all that Miss Adora, as the boss would say ‘’whoever is working beneath you should be made to do their jobs, you are his boss so be it. Have a good night, see you tomorrow””
“’You too sir”’
That was all he had said.
Well, i didn’t want to see that Brian, i would avoid him until i know what to do with him.
I need to clean up this mess , first, then Brian would be priority, he isn’t going
Not with what he did, no way.

I take a shower, climbed my bed and continued to work on the computer and taking notes before i slept off.
It is 4am when Brian is let to go home, staggering out the door with sleep in his eyes, his joints hurting ..he yawns

“’only one night see as him dey, but if him carry woman go him house now him for bang till day break oh. All this men wei their blood na water, guy stand well jor, we wei dey do this thing week in week out, i don’t even know what sleep is again sef…ordinary waiter work you won die, you lazy mofo”’ Gesto pushes him, he falls to the ground and then manages to get up.
He was bone tied, a kid could beat him up and he wouldn’t be able to lift a finger
‘’My cloths?”’ Brian asks
“’No, you go home with that, take a picture with it too. Make sure you wash that shirt, iron it and let it shine bright and be here 8am sharp’’
“’i can’t go home like this,””Brian says standing up
“’Well, too bad”’
“’Can i ateast have my phone?’’
“’How am i supposed to make calls and all that?”’
“’you get to get your things back when you are done paying, madam’s order. But here is a Nokia touch light phone, your iphone would be in my custody, while you take my phone, i already took the liberty to put your sim here, i just need you to unlock the phone for me”
“”I can’t do that, there are important information in there and it’s personal. No i wont!’’
“”Do you want me to break your face?”’
“’Go ahead, but that is my privacy, you have no right, let me have a word with your madam then”
Gesto looks at him, Telema nudges him “’Dude, madam won’t allow you too so free am.”’

“’Fine, but you not taking your phone, from now, that touch light is yours till your work is done and your bills are paid, now get the hell out of my face and believe that we got eyes on you, be here 8pm sharp or else”’ Gesto says

Brian seeing that there is no use talking to him, dusts himself and begins to walk out the Metro park gate, it was deserted and last of the guests left thirty minutes ago.

Wearing nothing but his black brief, socks and a white shirt and a bow-tie…Brian knew that his life officially sucked big time,
How was he supposed to get home now?
Wait, he officially was a broke ass rich kid, the irony of being rich and broke.

“’Nice one father, the joke is on me, really it is!!’’ he sighs walking out,

No sight of Ikena, nor the car.
Yes, his life was shitty. Father even pulled Ikena and the car.
He might as well sleep under the bridge now because he has no idea how to get home, no money to pay the fair..
He might as well go to the orphanage and claim orphaned. Atleast they would accept him.
Just when he was supposed to cross the road to the other side, a car horns for him, he turns to see Ikena..
Ikena stops and then opens the door

“’Get in sir”
‘’Oh, look who is here, Ikena , aka my bodygaurd, do you want another drink, i am sorry we are closed now but i got good warm liquid in my balls i can piss it into your mouth, brewed from heaven”’ Brian says sarcastically not entering but continued to walk

Ikena is driving slowly beside him

 “’Sir, get into the car”’
“’Ikena, get lost, you sat there and watched me being humiliated, where is your conscience?“’
“’My conscience is in my pocket sir, and my pocket gets paid and you aren’t the one doing that sir, get in please so i can get you home, you have work in a few hours“’
“’Screw you Ikena! Screw your Boss and screw work. Screw all off you”’ Brian spat
Spoilt brat, still hasn’t learnt his lesson has he, ikena muses  “”Sir?’’
“”I said get lost””
“’You would get missing getting home””
‘’I said get lost, what do you care? You don’t, father doesn’t either, oh wait till i see him he is going to hear it from me, i am his son damnit!’’ Brian kicks a stone hard as it flew hitting the bin and everything shatters to the ground
“’i am not obligated to stay this time Sir, i am told that if you are not nice to me sir, i should leave and i am getting to that point when i leave.

 Which means you will find your way to work on your own, find your way down here on your own…you have no money or means should be grateful to your father that he didn’t pull me away immediately and mind you..i will be here for a week to show you how you move around and made stops and how you get to and from work and other necessary places….i too would be pulled away from, your detail, which means that you are entirely on your own sir””
“’Father can’t do that, he just can’t“’
“’he just did, so please, get in sir so i take you home”’

“’Get lost!!’’ Brian spat
“’Fine, whatever you say”’ Ikena shuts the door, and begins to drive away

Brian stares as the car is moving away…
He began to chase it..
Ikena looks at him from the rear mirror and sees Brian running after him,flapping his hands to stop him..

He increases his sped and lets him chase him for five minutes.
That’s it spoilt Brat, now you know how it feels. 
A little more Brian, a little more.

Ikena is laughing, satisfied he stops and waits for Brian to catch up with him..
“’I will kill you Ikena!!’’ Brian breaths as he slips into the car, holding his chest..
“”i didn’t realise you were chasing me sir“’ Ikena says holding a smile and then takes him home.
Once he gets home, Ikena didn’t bother stripping, he collapses into bed and dozes off.
I see Wilson drive in before i hear his horn, i grab my bag and go out to meet him..
“Goodmorning madam”’
“’Morning Wilson”” i greet back slipping into the car,
We reach the office right on time, i go up to my office, after a few minutes i get a knock on the door, it was john.
“’shall we begin madam?’’
“”yes please, is everyone here?”
“’Yes,they are at the conference room, waiting for you”’

‘’Good, let’s go”’
The banging on the door felt like someone was using a hammer close to his head, he turns on his bed checking the time, 9am.
He rolls off the bed and goes outside, it is Ikena..
“”Leave me alone Ikena“’
“’You are late for work and you do realise that your status isn’t the same anymore sir, i have just twenty minutes to get you to work or you are on your own””
“i will get to work when i damn well please Ikena’’
“’’That is entirely up to you, in twenty minutes i am gone,. You will find your way””
Brian sighs cursing…..
No more luxury Brian, no more daddy money.
“”You want to be a man, then handle your responsibilities. No food for a lazy man Brain, you work and you get paid, you don’t work, no pay, no money for chicks and cars and games and luxuries Brian. You want to live a life of wealth, make the wealth, not with my money, it’s enough”’ he hears his father’s voice in his head

Sighing he strolls into the bathroom and takes a shower, throwing on his cloths he is fighting sleep, by the time he is done, his stomach is growling..

No food in the fridge, he decides to order but as soon as the girl picks on the other line, he remembers that he has no money to pay. He cuts the call leaving his apartment and entering the car
“’Drive Ikena “

‘’Very well sir”’
Alighting from the car, Brian doesn’t take off his shades, his eyes are red from lack of sleep, and he wasn’t in the mood for small talk either.

So he passes the staffs on the way not saying anything to them or replying their greetings, he just wants to get to his office and then sleep.
That wouldn’t help. He was hungry.

He goes to Mr Emeka’s office..
He doesn’t knock but badges in..Mr Emeka was on the phone, ..he is standing there, and staring at him, Emeka is done and stares back at him.
“’You look like shit, why are you in my office Brian, did you lose something, like your money maybe?”’ Emeka is laughing 
Brian gives a side smile “”Yes actually, i guess this makes you happy?”’
“”Oh it does Brian, oh it does, but you didn’t answer my question, why are you here Brain, i don’t deal patiently with stray dogs”’

‘’Funny thing, you were once a stray dog Mr Emeka, my dad help you be a nice little puppy now you are feeling like a bulldog’’
“”Bulldogs give the nastiest scars. If you have nothing important to say, leave my office, people like me actually do have work”’
Brian scratches his jaw, his tummy grumbles again “” Look, i know we don’t see eye to eye so,…whatever!! i am hungry and i wonder if you could order me something?’’
It’s official, Brian Andrews has officially hit rock buttom. RIP SELF. Brian sighs.
Mr Emeka stares at him, then he bursts into laugher, he laughs’ so hard his tummy began to hurt
“’I am sorry what did you say? i didn’t hear you clearly, the almighty Mr Brian Andrews is hungry and is asking me , no scratch that begging me for food. Me, a mere worker for his father. I never thought i wills see the day …Brian Andrews has fallen, the big rock has fallen”” Emeka roars in laughter
It’s a definite, this pigged-faced Mr Emeka is a bother to that witch Adora!
Brian’s face is like granite. His stomach growls again.
Damn you father !! see how you are making me humiliate myself.
“”Look, i wouldn’t have come to you if it isn’t serious, last night i was …i was in a  situation i couldn’t get out from, i owe a lot of money, worked my ass out and i haven’t got any sleep, i ain’t asking you to pay …no wait, how much is supposed to be my salary? if you could give me mine up front i can offset my bills and –‘’
“’Nope!! Your salary should be…..20k a month”’
”’You have to be fxxkig kidding me!!’’ Brian’s eyes shoots open
“”I am! i am!!”” Emeka roars again with laughter
“”It’s a hundred and twenty thousand, same as staffs for your level, above yours like your boss for instance gets a two-fifty””
“’That witch earns higher than me? this is ridiculous, i insist you triple mine”’

“’you are in no position to give me orders Brian,. You get paid 31st of this month same as everyone else”’
“”That is 23 days away””
“’Good! you aren’t entirely stupid “’! Emeka is smiling
Brian leans forward “”Look, i am in a situation an-“
“’I don’t care Brian, i don’t. Your mess, your business. If there is nothing else leave please, you have a pile of work on your desk, i suggest you get to it, our rules states that if you don’t do your job, you don’t get paid for that day and that means we keep deducting your pay. So for the past one week you have done nothing….your salary has been shortened by twenty thousand”’

“’You can’t do that””
“’Oh Brian Andrews, i can…i have…now, you will treat me with respect, treat others with respect . i have your balls in my hands Brian…you have to work in egg shells around me. I did tell you that you no longer have immunity right? best thing you father has done for me….so you mess with me, i punish you for it.
 Get out of my office and get to work. I need your reports every day on my table before the close of work. If i hear one more complain from Miss Adora from you. You will regret it. Is that clear Brain?’’
Brian is staring at him
“’Is that clear’’
“’sir, sir to you””
“You have to be me kidding me“’
“”No Brian, your father gave me the go ahead, so no”’

“’Fine whatever sir’’ Brian gets up, kicking the chair..
He was done for. Done for.
Every second this was getting realer and realer like he was in a  bad reality show.
But at the momenr, he was he could eat a fat cow, no three cows hungry.
Sighing he turns “’Look, i don’t have any money, how will i survive till 23rd?’’
“’ Don’t know, don’t care”’ Emeka says crossing his legs
Brian nods turning away
“’There are a couple of minor jobs you can do around to make some money for a living Brian, push wheelbarrow, become a bricklayer, erm,…sweep the church, help mallam sell sweets,…you know’’ he roars in laughter again
“Yes, make fun of me, go ahead”
“”You brought this on you son”’
“’I am not your son, i am Brian Andrews”’
“’Yes! The spoilt brat!!’’ Mr Emeka adds, he dips his hands into his pocket and brings out a thousand naira note

 “”Here, take this, i will deduct it from your salary, so you don’t say i never gave you anything”’ Emeka smiles placing the one thousand naira on the table  “’Go ahead, take it , don’t be shy..i won’t tell anybody Brain Andrews, son of one of the richest men’s sons is begging me for money  for food but, no one has to know, our secret…but come on, take it. It’s okay, go eat”’ Emeka winks
Brian turns, he should damn him and go..but pride, pride wouldn’t put  food in his stomach..
He turns taking the money and leaving 
“’A little thank you should suffice“’

“’it’s my father’s money!!”’ Brian says turning and leaving 
Emeka’s laughter slaps his back as his leaves .
One thousand? what will one thousand buy?
He goes to his office and slams the door. On his desk is a pile of files.. 

He ignores it and sits done… he squeezes the money in anger.
 Suddenly his phone rings, when he realises that it isn’t his Iphone but the Nokia touchlight he nearly flings it, but then he sees the caller
“”Mum?’’ he speaks into the phone “”Please give me goodnews’’ ’he says
“’How are you, are you doing okay?”’
“’Okay mum? No, no don’t even joke like that mummy, i am not okay, i am traumatised, between last night and this morning at the office, it is hell, tell me that father has come around, please”’
“’No son, i just called to makes sure you are okay”’
“’Mum, look i am hungry and …i have only one thousand naira, what can one thousand buy…mummy don’t let your husband kill your only son, i will haunt him, my ghost will haunt him”’
His mother laughs “”Don’t be ridiculous, a little suffering won’t give you”’
“’Mother they say i have to work before i get paid, Mr Emeka insulted me and even Ikena doesn’t fear me. I was humiliated, stripped and nearly-“’
“’Yet you survived son, most people have gone through worse and they are still living. “
“’This is not you mum, father has poison you”’
He could hear his father’s rich laughter from the background…”’he is there, he is enjoying this?let me talk to him mother’’

“’Yes Brian tell me how do you feel being poor, you see the way you used to trear people? Do you feel great being on the other side of the divide eh? I got pictures of you you know, Ikena is a good photographer”’ he laughs, he could hear his mother laughing too
“”Not funny guys, father it is not funny. I am sorry please, i won’t be an asshole, i would do better i swear, just undo it please””
“’Even when Jesus asked God to let the cup pass over him, he had to understand that he still had to let his father’s will be done, take a leaf off Jesus’s book son, accept your fate. Until i see changes in you, genuine changes…one no dey get!!!”’  laughter again
Brian blinks 
“’And you are asking what you will do with one thousand naira? Akara and bread, by coke, mamaput , its port Harcourt, you will find cheap food for 200 naira…you don’t need to form class okay, just sit under a shade and eat… next time you will value what you have and be responsible. Nonsense!!’’
The line dies
“”I am dead, i am dead !!’’
His desk phone rings “’hello?’’ he picks it up, it is Betty, the floor secretary “’What?’’
‘’Mr Emeka your attention in the conference room, now!!’’

He wanted to tell her to tell him to go screw himself, but he decides against it.
He leaves his office, his tummy felt like the battle of the worms

He goes down the hall, and opens the conference room and enters..
I was leaning on the desk talking to my team when the fool Brian enters..

Our eyes meet, anger begins to boil within me, i hold the desk to refrain from flinging something at him
“’What are you doing here? Are you lost?”’
He looks around, “’ obviously, ‘’ he says stepping in “”Where is Emeka?”’
“’it’s Mr Emeka to you Brian, you lack manners”” John says
“”Shut up smiggle i wasn’t asking you”’
“’He isn’t here” Tombra says
“’Well Betty says that my attention is needed here and he was the one who called, i come here and i see you all here….obviously i am lost””
“’Well that is the door, you are distracting me “’ i tell him folding me hands
‘’You do not speak to me Ado-rat”’
“’Are you out of your mind!! I am your boss, you see that thing you did, i will get you for this, get out of my face Brian, i do not need you to cause me any more problems, as you can see i don’t need you, not at all….i have capable hands here to help me clean up your mess”’
“’Your mess not mine, i didn’t have my titties and tush flashing to the public…you witch!!’’ he spat
 I grab the mug of coffee ready to fling it at him when Mr Emeka walks in
“’Is there a problem here Miss Adora?’’
“”Yes, ask him to leave !!’’ i point to Brian
“’i really don’t want to be here either, why did you call me here?’’ Brian turns to Emeka.
“”because you won’t do stuffs like this and expect people to clean it up on their own, if you insulted the lady, kindly apologise to her right this minute Brian Andrews”” Mr Emeka says
“’I will do no such thing””
“’Yes you will””
“’Fxxk this”’ Brain says grabbing the door knob to walk out
“”You step out that door i believe you know the consequences Brian, no more immunity you realise, you wouldn’t be only coming to beg me for food but more, i wonder, have you used up that one thousand naira  i gave you this morning? i kinda need it back”’ he says to Brian
“”he came to beg for food?’’ John chokes
“’one thousand? This dude be forming high and mighty?’’ Peter exclaims
Oh, a common church rat. I muse
“’You asshole, you said you weren’t going to tell anyone “’ Brian whispers

“’Slip of the tongue, would you

 apologise to the lady or you want me to do more damage to your person Brain Andrews!!’’ 
Brian turns back to me, i fold my hands and i wait
Oh this is going to be very interesting ….and i would relish this moment 
“”I can’t hear you”” i say
“”Sorry”’ he repeats
“Brian, be respectful atleast , she is your boss”’ John cautions, i smile at John.. he smiles back
Brain squeezes his fist…”’I am sorry Miss Adora Chime” he says
“’Good, now that it is cleared up, get to work and everyone play nice “’ Mr Emeka turns and leaves but he pauses close to Brain “”whatever you are asked to do, make sure you do it, i mean every single thing …”’
“Miss Adora, he is all yours now, don’t worry he would be a good boy now”’ with that he leaves
I slap him across his face, he grabs my mug of coffee and pours it on my shirt..
We are staring eyeballs to eyeballs , i want to pinch his entire face and he wants to shut me up but because he can’t hit a woman he proceeds to ruin my work cloths..
“’How dare you Brian Andrews”’ i scream in shock as the hot steam burns my body as i jump
“’Next time you don’t hit a man, witch!!”’ he spat. 
In anger, i rush him screaming and hitting him..
He grabs my both hands, wrapping them behind me and slams me to the wall..
“”Stop it, you are crazy!! Crazy feisty witch!!!! ‘’
‘’you are the devil Brian Andrews, the devil’’ i spat
I struggle “”Let me go, let me go!!
‘’No!! Calm the fxxk down’’
“’I will scream, let me go, let me go!!’’
“’Stop fighting me, i am restraining myself, if you hit me one more time i won’t-”’ 
“’Let me go, i am your boss let me go”’

He does, i slap him again and this time he raises up his arm after grabbing me to hit me, 
“’Don’t you dare!!’’ i challenge him
“’You know what to do to children when they are naughty, you wait”’ he flings me over his shoulders in one swift move, my struggle and screaming doesn’tthelp, he places me on the table, holding me down with my front on the desk…and SPANK! SPANK! SPANK!!!
On my tush!!
Shocks vibrates through my body…
‘’i will kill you Brian Andrews’’
“’’Shut it””
I am struggling but i can’t push him off..
His palm flat on my behind, it hurts so bad i screamed.. i get three more and he lets me go..
I have been violated, by my PA..

I roll off the table, burning with fuelled anger..
“’How dare you??’’ my eyes tearing up, my hands shaking
‘’how dare you!!’’ he repeats, his face granite



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