You Are ANOINTED! !!

Have you ever wondered how despite the dead of the night , the silence of your sleeping heart  you get to to be awaken the next day without fuzz? And others who slept traveled beyond the galaxies of the living?
Have you ever wondered why despite not having the best qualifications, pedigree and the physical and societal attributes you get to be favoured amongst those who have it all from the first glance? 
Have you ever wondered how despite the harsh realities of life,the sufferings and the break down of the educational system, the moral decadence of the society and the ills of mankind you still get to get to the top,even if you aren’t at the top you get to constantly move from the place you were to the place you desire to be and despite the lack get to live, eat,and keep going even in little?
Have you ever asked yourself,  being speechless and flabbergasted that question. ..”How is it even possible that I am here,I made it here despite the No’s I have gotten,how is it possible that i get to stand with kings and dine with great men,like how is it even humanly possible that me,a small mere me would be called to address those who  may have  started before me but I am here with them even above them…like…I do not understand how this happened but…OMG!!!.”  

It’s like you can’t explain can really grasp it,  you just know that…This(whatever it is) has got to be the work of a higher being (God) because…how can now?
You gat no knowledge. .

No skills..

No nothing. .
Like you are flat out..unqualified for whatever it is but yet, you got that call, you got that promotion, you finished that project, you are  being regarded as an authority,  your name,status all changed,  levels, every single thing in my life, your life seems to work out (Albeit slowly or differently but it does) and you and i don’t know what we did or what you did what I did or what anybody did…all we know is that….
Something good/great/aweome /wonderful unexplainable happened and it had nothing to do with the rules and regulations society and man and others laid down because if it were to be so… you, me, us,them wouldn’t have made it through to that job/promotion/ or gotten married,had kids,made that and this and that or that and this and all other things..
But it IS because whatever that is  IN me, you, us is – by the virtue of Who HE is. .. 
Thus, Bars were broken,protocols were were discarded off..Doors opened up, obstacles flew out of the way…
We gat no limitation. .

No delay

No nothing. …
I am here and there ,big, better and fulfilled and I don’t know how…but I know that….This isn’t something normal.
I mean…you are living and progressing and being able to do all that you desire and sometimes the breaththroughs and miracles and testimonies that flood your home,heart and mount is unexplainable .
Oh yes it isn’t. .
 You want to know why?
Indulge me a little…
It’s because of the Grace of God on your life and the vial of anointing God has deposited in you. 
Because God created you in his image and likeness, blessed you even before you were born and positioned you for greatness and the reason why you lack,have disappointments and Excetera it’s because you refuse to understand the efficency of the anointing on your your life and apply it dutifully. 
You cannot be a child of God and not be able to use the gifts he has given you to accomplish whom God says you are and who you desire to be. 
It’s like being the child of a president and you chose to let go of your titles and behave as though your name can’t open doors closed to the average man on the streets. 

It’s like having the skills of a mechanic or an engineer and when you are faced with a problem in tour field instead of you to apply your knowledge you go seeking for others tour do what you already know how to do.
It’s like having a candle and a matchstick ot a lamb and as soon as light goes you start screaming in the dark when you have the means and resources to light your way in the dark.
It’s like having all that you need within you and in your reach but because you do not know or do not understand the intricacies of what you have and how to apply you you because like one who seats in the land of plenty yet suffer and beg for what.
God forbid that we aren’t able to tap into the Realm of blessings God has made available for us because we do not know that as his children we are given unlimited access to come into his presence and ask all that we desire…but yet sure we stand at the gate and beg for meagre like those who know nothing of their origin.
Are you not your father’s child?

Why then do you not use that which you are to be all that your need to be?
God has given you the one thing that causes mountain to move, the day to obey you and all that that is below the heavens to answer you due to the reason of that anointing he has deposited into you.
See ehen!!

The anointing God gives you is to cause and motivate the vision and mission you have to take you to another level in your life.

It’s to propel a movement of transformation. …that is a renewal of your mind, causing you not to be conformed to the things of the world, to cast away old and take on new…to make different your thoughts and actions and Misson so that if you spoke and acted in fear,if you are insecure, you begin to be a different person that when you begin to apply the anointing in every spheres of your life things change and lines begin to fall in pleasant places for you.
What God’s anointing  does in your life  is that it gives you 1. #Revelations to see beyond the ordinary. 
It makes you 2.#Progressive so that you keep moving higher and higher.
No matter what situation you are in God’s anointing in your life provides 3.#Provisions for you at every step of the way so that even in your lack you don’t actually lack.
 it grants you 4.#Favour and makes you great so that places you couldn’t enter because of your lack you enter due to your anointing and that is why you need to know who you are,who Your father is and start to act like one. 

You do not use another’s man’s clock to tell your time 
God’s time is what you should be after that is why he says in  his word the battle is not for the strongest/fastest or the bravest. .but time  and chance happened to them all..

So it don’t matter who got there before you. .all that matters is that…when you begin to utilise the anointing on your life…you are going to #EMERGE like an eagle with renewed wings and a fresher focus .
You can’t keep prophesying  negative when your tongue should be used to prophesy positivity.
See, you need tounderstand this,

So take that anointing and use it.

Don’t let it stay stagnated like water…you need to use that oil in your life, shake it….and let it go KABOOM!! like like a fountain of sprinkling water….and by the time it begins to touch the earth of your life… like beautiful flowers it would blossom. ..your blessings and breaththroughs and all things miraculous would be evident.
Because you gat the ANOINTING !!
#Emerge !!!


.~Stephanie Egberike 

Hello Sunday😘

#StephanieEgberike #Writes #Inspiratonal #Motivational #Emerge #BREAKINGBARS #Thesweetperspectives 


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