The Brat And The She-Devil $ Chp 12

There was a certain silence that fell in the room as soon as Brian said what he said, there was a smile on his face which reaches his eyes, they twinkle, that mischievous twinkle when you know you are been not naughty, – bad, you are being bad and you know it as well as others.
“‘i would like to say ..KISS MY ASS MISS ADO-RAT CHIMNEY, GAME ON!!” those words repeated itself as my mouth drops to the ground, the mug i held with hot coffee nearly sips on my fine pressed white shirt, ..
“”how dare you?” it was Mr Emeka’s voice “‘How dare you Brian, do you have any idea that you have crossed all line and insulting your superior right infront of your colleagues, what arrant nonsense is this, and to think i asked Miss Adora to drop the charges and-”
”oh it was you, and she came striding like a boss to the rescue and infact..charges? What charges? The ones she lied about?” Brian stares at Emeka
”how come this mongrel isn’t sleeping in cell after harassing madam, how come he isn’t rotting in a cell for sexual harassment, for rape, how…i cannot believe this, Miss Adora?” he turns to me in disbelief “‘Are you aware that he has been released, did he bribe his way out of the station, i knew it, those corrupt police officers letting a criminal, a dangerous criminal like him off the loose, you will go back there, we cannot have a rapist working with us, before you rape all our girls-”
“‘I don’t mind him raping me though”‘ Tomiwa says under her breath, Tombra nudges her as they snicker
“‘Me two, who wouldn’t want that fine ass man to take you to heaven and back, i mean, Miss Adora must have enjoyed it na, see body, see rack..i am sure the dude is parking, all tall, fresh boy…biko Brian i am available for the taking, tell me day and time, i will come ready”‘
”Wet and ready abi?” Tomiwa laughs
”i swear..all night ,all day, two ways to Sundays i am ready” Tombra says under her breath, both of them share a silent laugh as they whisper ”Glad he is back though, i kept thinking about how boring this office will be when he is no longer here plus, i for one didn’t believe it though- the allegation against him”‘
”Me neither”‘
Brian’s voice tops theirs ”hey Dog, sit down, your master hasn’t asked you to speak yet”‘ Brian flaps his hand as he would to down a dog ” hey bingo, shhhh humans are talking”‘ he points to his lips
”it’s your father that is a dog!!”‘ John bursts out
”Don’t! you really don’t want to go down that road”‘ Brian’s jaw flexes as he closes his fist, his father could be annoying and well…really annoying at the moment freezing up his accounts but it doesn’t mean some random john-dog gets to talk about him that way “‘Bring my father into this and i will make sure your children’s children won’t be able to recognise your face nor your wife your testicles”‘
Another gasp in the room.
”You are mad Brian, you hear ? you are mad!!!” John charges 
”Calm down John, this is a work premises…Brian have you no respect for me here, must you show your arrogance here right now too..disrespecting me?” Emeka says stepping close to him
”Not that i really care about that but..nope, my issue right now is neither with you Emeka, no that jellyfish –dog barking like an..what’s the worst name for a dog..”Nkita”! my bone of contention is with that wit- erm …Adora, who lied, who framed me and she knew she was lying that is why she had to come and drop the charges, yes or yes?” he is looking at me, so was everyone else except John and Emeka.
”You will not talk to me that way, you should be grateful that i didn’t allow you sleep in cell, and here you come out to insult me?” i compose myself
He laughs “‘Insult? No. I just made a statement, that you should kiss my ass, that is hardly an insult Miss Adora”‘ he calls my name mockingly
”it is to me and everyone else who hears that fool!! ”John spat “‘Apologise!!” he points to Brian
Brian laughs again ”oh right, that was the condition you gave me too in that very small room Adora isn’t it, well, aren’t you the sneaky little witch”‘ he turns from John to me
Another gasp , this one from me.
I step forward, a fixed smile on my face ”maybe you wouldn’t mind returning there”‘
”oh, ofcourse i don’t want to, it’s an eyesore, it’s creepy, it’s disgusting, it’s everything wrong and i wouldn’t want that for my enemy..but maybe for you because witches like you deserve that place but..what do i know, i am an innocent person accused of doing something i didn’t do…”‘ he says rather innocently, the coy bastard!
”i accused you wrongly? I did no such thing”
”Yes you did”‘
”Brian, you may be excused out of this room and wait for me in my office why i deal with you..and i know you know what i mean”‘ Emeka’s voice gets to him
Brian ignores him too “‘Right!”‘ he turns back to me “‘Really, one tiny little detail is missing, if i did rape you like you claimed i did, quick question, how big am i? Like you know in that area, did i ram into you really hard to get your legs quaking or i was soft and gently that had you moaning and calling out my name in pleasure and begging me not to stop?”
I am speechless, i blink, how dare he say such a thing…” i suppose to know that? ” 
i stutter as the staffs murmur, a few snickers, John is boiling and cursing, Peter is telling him to calm down, Mr Emeka is trying to get Brian’s attention
”why wouldn’t you? Didn’t your boy toy tell the officers that you felt weak and could barely walk or seat, so that means i took you from the back right? I must be really big? another question…did you get to see my sexy tattoo below my navel, i mean it is really hard to miss, it’s right there, once i took down my pants…you must have seen the glaring name of ADORA CHIME”
Another gasps ” You do not have my name on you….below your abdomen”‘ i state
”No? maybe it was on my big boy’s head then…which says ”i don’t screw witches” Brian’s eyes flashes
”You raped her, shut up you raped her!!”‘ John is shouting ”i can’t believe this, Mr Emeka, please can’t we have the security remove him, i mean he isn’t even listening to you, like .. who the hell does he think he is eh?”’
”i didn’t rape you Adora, and it is sad that because you want to get back at me because of that stupid stunt of the internet post i did which was as a result of what you did first, so you lie …i mean don’t you have any conscience ?”
”i didn’t lie and that post nearly ruined all that i have worked on my profile all these years , you act like an obnoxious brat”‘
”i think defaming is like your high, it turns you on right? The other time it was me being gay and following old women..i mean look at me…i got alot of girls chasing after me, wanting me and you think i would do guys who look like-like your boy dog john there?” he scoffs ” or some granny? my body is Greek-god worthy..only those worthy gets to have this , but i guess because you lack goodies like me you steep low to defaming of character…i never touched you”‘
”Yes you did, you violated me!!”‘ i scream
”By spanking your tush? you were being annoying, and you slapped me!!”
”And you almost took away my fingers by snapping it shut while i was typing with the laptop, it was a reflex action slapping you”‘
”And it was a reflex action pouring you that coffee!!” We are standing face to face, voices raised at each other 
”Hot coffee that scarred me you fool!!”’ i retort
”’Well, you are a witch, cast a damn spell to remove the scar, maybe we should start calling you Scar-Witch!!”
”Really, and your stupid annoying hand prints on my butt when you spanked me more than three times, i should cast a spell to take your disgusting prints off my ass like a blank hand on my fair bottom like a freaking eyesore…you think that it’s a joke…you did that, you ruined my cloths, you spanked me..VIOLATED me with that, no one has dared to ever touch me that way and you think and you think you shouldn’t be punished for that?” i am stunned
”But that is the only thing i did..spank you and not rape you!!” he shouts back
”YES!!, THAT WAS THE ONLY THINGS YOU DID BUT STILL, YOU LEFT ME IN A SHAKEND AND WORST STATE EVER…EVER IN MY LIFE!!!” i screamed back jabbing him hard with my fingers to his chest, my nose flaring, my anger showing.
But something was strange.. he was smiling at me, like really really smiling at me, that twinkle in his eyes were back.
Then i notice something too..the room was quiet, as another gasp ensured round the room..
Mr Emeka’s face was .straight, John’s expression was that of shock, realization and then expressionness, his frown returns…the occupants of the room were murmuring..
”i did tell you i didn’t believe that story of him raping her “‘ someone whispers
”Congratulations MISS ADO-RAT CHIMNEY, you just added another skill to your portfolio..LIAR, and CHARACTER DEFAMER,i hope you feel mighty proud of your achievements” Brian was smiling, yes. Mission accomplished.
He had the idea while he was coming to work..he kept thinking about what to do as he got back from working tirelessly at the club..
That club? he needs to find away to stop them from making him do those jobs like cleaning up people’s pukes, telling customers to stop touching him indecently..having some gay guys throw themselves at him…maybe he would plead with their manager to allow him put on full trousers at least…and the worst was when he had to wash dishes..
Hay God!! Him.. Brian?…really…this world wasn’t his home. But he had to do it after Gesto came to stand behind him threatening to cut his balls with a pair of dirty scissors and stuff it into his mouth, then Vicky refused to give him a small meal for the night and later he kept thinking about how he was going to manage at home with just a fine house, car and no money…no nothing.
It had been a woman, who tipped him generously, but Gesto who appeared behind from no where, had seen it and had hijacked the money from him, and only gave him 500 naira from the two thousand naira extra the woman had tipped him after she slipped her card into his brief and brushed his boy..he had looked up, she wasn’t half bad, she wasn’t old, she looked poshed, so he had smiled and told her he would call her.. and he would have, but last night had been crazyly annoying amongst others, and sometime during the night he had lost the card, only remembering after it when it was too late, so he continued with his job..wiping tables, serving, cleaning pukes, praying someone doesn’t squeeze his balls and avoiding hungry sex starved ladies from cornering him in the toilet but he had pulled through, getting home he couldn’t sleep…he needed a way to pay back this witch ..she had threatened him at the station right? Making him sign a document to get him arrested to do community service and stay in cell for three months if he does any to her again and her condition of dropping the charges was if he apologised infront of everyone to her amongst other things..and he agreed.
He agreed until this morning.. 
If he apologised to her, she wins. She had won by sending him to stay hours in cell for something he didn’t do. Well, he wasn’t entirely innocent per-se…he touched her bottom.
Wait, did she say his hands was imprinted on her fair ass? like.. his flat palm with five fingers on her bottom?like…he marked another situation that would be considered a lover’s mark..,making the bottom get to know who is boss, who rides it, who owns it…who…who..wait! would she show him?
Stop it Brian, focus!!
He chides himself.
What was he thinking? Oh yes, okay.. yes, he knows if he apologises to her..she would have won entirely. And he didn’t want that, he was Brian, that witch doesn’t deserve to keep ruining his days…
So he decided to turn the tables around, don’t apologise, incite her, incite her more..and then throw a few banters., get her all riled up.
One of two things would happen, either Mr Emeka would step in one time and throw his fathér’s card on him and cause him to shut up and apologise to Adora which he didn’t want or..this Adora was spontaneous,. Those kind of people when you throw something at them they bounce back to defend themselves..and she was better…she spilled…and bingo!!!

the truth was out….and it was even better, he had enough witnesses in the room to state that she confessed it..
Wasn’t he smart? Yes he really was smart!!
So yes, he was smiling, he should smile, now she would have to bow her head in shame, she would have to apologise to him, fully drop the charges, get those annoying police officers to tear up that document..and maybe if she apologises to him with her on her knees…he wouldn’t sue her for defamation of character..and for damages..
She wasn’t rich but…atleast, he was broke, a few thousands or hundreds can work..starting with her salary.
Yes! Let her stay without her salary for a month…
He was smiling at the her..
”hippy kai-hay baby, who is your boss now? i guess you owe me a formal apology miss Adora!!”
My eyes turn to slits…”‘What!!?”
”You are not deaf, you just confessed to the whole room that i , Brian infact didn’t rape you, i may have done other things like poured you tea and spanked your delicate tush but i DID NOT RAPE YOU which is what you accused me off , so you owe me an apology and you cannot deny it now because the entire room heard it”‘ then he turns to Emeka ”i wonder, isn’t there some sort of punishment for a staff or a superior who defames the character of a staff in this company? I am sure if i go through some stipulated documents with rules and regulations and code of conduct i should be able to see penalty and punishments for something related to this..i wonder” he taps his jaw…”what would her punishment be? I mean i was dragged out of here, handcuffed and humiliated, i was insulted and spoken to rudely, i was put in a darkened cell that smelled of decayed humans and cow dung, i literally puked mentally every minute …i had mosquitoes bite, i was scared that some inmate would break into my cell and RAPE my tush…i mean the thought of it almost made me mad…all because of someone.. who is standing here infront of me and everyone else acting all innocent ”’he holds his head and sniffs “‘ohhh my boss lied about me,i am traumatised!!” he turns to Emeka “‘ shouldn’t there be a penalty for this though??”‘
”You have done much worse, like you said, you have done other things worthy of slaps and blows and much worse from her and besides she didn’t lie”‘
”Shut up smiggle, i wasn’t talking to you”‘ Brian flings at John
”I won’t! you are here calling her a liar, she didn’t lie, she didn’t even say you raped her, i mean it was obvious you shook her up real good and you touching her even if it’s spanking alone and that is domestic violence punishable by law mr especially when it she in no way gave your permission to do that, you still can be jailed with that”
”so can she!!”‘ Brian retorted ” You haven’t told me what her punishment will be Sir Emeka, i have to get to the station to lay a complain and write my own statement too then”‘ Brian states
I open my mouth and close it.. everyone’s eyes are on me, i meet MR Emeka’s eyes, his eyes probably conveying the message of ”but you lied Adora, it’s your mess, deal with it”
Deal with it Adora, fix i , i tell myself ”that won ‘t be necessary”‘ i state adjusting my shirt, trying not to lose my cool, i clear my throat’
”Oh? So why don’t you apologise.. we can start from there?”
”And you? do you think to apologise for your behaviour towards her since she came?” John shouts
”Hain!! Na only you dey talk here oh, taking panadol for another person’s headache ,tah!!” Temi throws in
”You be quiet!! What do you know?” Peter attacks her 
”i know that there was a lie now the truth has come out….simple!”‘ she rolls her eyes
I stare at her, i didn’t think the girl liked me very much, everyone else was muttering..
”I told you…Brian can get any woman, he possibly couldn’t have raped her, i said it…maybe she wants it so she didn’t’ know how to say it, now see” i hear someone whispering
”Be quiet everyone, Brian and Adora, My office, NOW!!” Mr Emeka thunders
”No no no….whatever you want to say i think you can be able to say it here”‘
”You undermine my authority Brian?” Mr Emeka’s face is like granite
”Oh no, Godforbid i do that..but when i was been hurled away from here, i didn’t see you garnering for privacy..the whole staffs saw me being humiliated, my name damaged within these walls and that of the station and God knows who decided to upload it online… that the truth is out, you want us to go to private and talk…why? No, we would discuss it here , and you have still told me what the punishment is for her?”‘
”What gives you this right to the speak to your authorities this way, because if na jazz man….i will show you that say jazz pass jazz…”John hits his chest
”’Oh someone should tell that one to shut up”‘ Temi says from the corner of the room, a few staffs laugh and snicker, John throws her a dirty glare…
”Oh, i am sure you would want to know that wouldn’t you John but…no, i won’t disturb your big head with that information”’Brian is still talking and he looks back at me..”Apology first!!”‘
Me ? Apologise to Brain, me? After all that he has done?”
“‘You are not getting an apology from me”‘
”Yes i am””
”No!! You can take your expectations and shove it up your rectum “‘ i say turning to leave 
”Mr Emeka?”‘ Brian taps his jaw with his index finger while he folds an arm across his chest ” i wonder what the Boss of the boss will say..i mean, for once..i wasn’t one not doing anything for the interest of the company and trying to defame another person …i mean, do you think he would be angry with me this time, a common staff or with you for not able to put your workers in check”‘
“‘look at who is talking, a mere worker who refuses to be kept in check just because he is an eccentric dick!!” i fire at him as i turn back
”I am cute and handsome Miss Adora, add that to your list of things you say about me, i like facts!!”‘
”No you are cocky, sly and all things bad”‘
”Thank you for the compliment “‘ he smiles “‘i am still yet to hear ‘Brian, i am sorry for…bla bla bla”‘ he rolls his index finger in the air close to his temple
I felt like hurling something at him
”i won’t do that, i won’t! You were wrong in every sense of the word, WRONG!”‘
”Yet, i never landed your tush in a cell”
”ENOUGH OF THIS NOW!! MY OFFICE”‘ Mr Emeka is shouting 
”Not until she apologises to me, i demand it damnit!!” Brian shouts back
”who the hell do you think you are to demand anything from”‘ i was lost of words pointing at him and jabing his chest again with my well manicured long nails, he grimaces
”You really want to know don’t you…well..maybe i should re-introduce myself, my name is Brian Andrews..So-”
”if you don’t stop this nonsense right this minute Brian, you will have a higher problem before the day runs out and the consequences would be dire, an instruction is an instruction and if you dare go against it ,there is no telling what will be done”‘
Brian stares at Emeka, cursing under his breath..
Like what the hell was the big deal, why the hell can’t he shove it in their faces that ..the Boss that they all his father, which means that technically he is their boss..which means that technically he could get their entire asses fired back to the dump they all came out from especially the witch’s ..rather soft behind..
Whoa!! Where the hell did that pop out from? Soft behind of the witch? What the actual hell Brian?.
He slaps himself mentally..
Yes!! Back to focus!
He could literally have all of them licking his shoes by the end of the day and crawling to his office for favours and whatnot…he should be king.
But that would have been a nice revelation if this witch has not gone and ruined it all..
Now? Emeka , for once was right!
Mentioning who he really is and how he is related to the Boss ordinarily should give him an air of superiority, but now? …well, his father has his accounts frozen, he was working in a freaking club to pay a debt he owed.. he had no money except the five hundred naira in his pocket..
And damnit!! He was hungry,
Today wasn’t the day to TELL-ALL! Another good day, when he has bent all of them to his will especially this pretty eyed witch..
Why the hell were witches always pretty even in movies? the way she was staring at him as though if she had a knife she could stab him multiple times for turning the tables around..
Oh..what a laugh!! Her expression when it dawn on her what he did was epic!! She didn’t see that coming and it gave him such joy..beautiful joy and it would have being orgasmistic if the witch just tucks her tail between her soft SOFT REALLY SOFT TUSH..
Shut up Brian!!!! 
He shakes his head, the devil is a liar.!!!
If this witch does tucks her tail between her legs, comes down from her high Trojan horse and high mountain, removes shame and apologise infront of this nice and beautifully dressed people, then…he would have a nice smile-cum.
But no!! She is about to ruin the moment!!
But what the hell was that electrical feeling..those vibes, she really must hate him, well, that is fine, he hates her too so there!!
“‘Apologise and then we can proceed from there, maybe i might press my own charges with prove…who knows!!” Brian winks 
”Why is he still here, let me go get security because the more i see him the more anger fills me, Sir..let me go”‘ John nudges Peter away, standing infront of Mr Emeka “‘This is disrespectful, having him talk to his superior sir, it leaves room for suspicion, i mean, the first and last time this happened was a few months ago, that Ejiro guy you remember him?.. he was rude and all that and one day before he could finish talking, you sir have signed off on his termination letter that he had to bow his head in shame and leaves, and here…this ..this uncultured human ” John points back at Brian “‘is busy talking anyhow to a superior and right infront of the staffs and sir you haven’t bundled him out nor have you asked that he turn in his resignation letter, really sir why the preferential treatment? why the segregation?..because we would love to know who is backing him that he gets to get away with being rude, uncultured, arrogant even Brat-ly ..infact he has no respect for fellow colleagues, authority and even the company he works for…fine, Miss Adora might have exaggerated but come on, any lady would have, he grabbed her and he spanked her i bet rather harshly that had her shaken, he poured her hot coffee and the only thing she did was slap him? She was even generous..if it were my sister or my woman, i would have made sure she did worse to him than just reporting him to the station and yes…i believe it was just a miscommunication between me , Miss Adora and the policemen but sir, you do see that whatever he has been doing right from the moment she and him began working here all summed up to this very moment..she wasn’t in the wrong, yes the offence was grave but let us face it..that in a way could be termed as sexual harassment, they are not lovers, neither are they friends or of mutual beneficial acquaintances he has no right to lay a hand on her….which he did, it is domestic violence plus sexual harassment minus rape, surely, he can do punishment for those under the law…, but sir, you cannot keep allowing him do this to his superior, even the way he talks to you shows he also doesn’t fear you and if that is the case sir…then we all are worried. “‘ John says
Mr Emeka is listening to John with anger..anger because of Brian’s stupid behaviour, people are now seeing the lopeholes, staffs are beginning to see that he also cannot control Brian and beginning to question his competence…this was making him angry.
He wishes he could drag the Brian by his shirt and slap him hard the way he did to his son a few years ago when he began to think he was old enough to talk to him, his father that way, that straightened his son up. Same age with Brian, he never lost sight of obedience and became responsible from then on out.. But to think that Brain, having all that he would ever want and yet refusing to choose the path his father wants him to go through just because he wants to show that he can do bad all by himself was sad..
But at thesame time, it was making him look incompetent, like he cannot do nothing, how would the staffs respect could anyone respect him when he tells Brian to be quiet but Brian questions him the way he questions Adora…?
He has said he wasn’t going to report to Brian’s father about yesterday’s incidence because for once he was giving the boy a chance to take responsibility without having his father force it down his throat, now…he has changed his mind, he would tell his father…
Maybe they would take the car and the rented apartment.. he has known Jonathan for a while, he had worked for him for years..
When he finally makes up his mind to do something, he went all the way and all this would push Jonathan..
There would be no saving this spoilt Brian..
But for now, he has to take the situation under control, or he would call his father immediately..
As for Adora, she brought this on herself, today she did, if she had just not given John the impression..whether she did or not, she should have cleared the air and this wouldn’t have gotten to this station and all this wouldn’t have happened…
She is as hot tempered as he is arrogant. What a combustible mix, a tendency for both of them to constantly explode on their faces, and it has been obviously evident right from the moment they saw each other, and to think Jonathan wants them to work together for the housing project!!?

God help that poor project..and the client! He fears for what the end product might be.
But this bantering back and front between them has to stop , Brian was stubborn, a trait he knew so well..he wouldn’t back down unless he gets what he wants..and for now, he wants an hard was an apology right.
If it wasn’t because of his arrogant self and annoying traits, an apology is well deserved..but Adora should have cleared it up instead of letting it escalate!!
Mr Emeka sighs “You can have your apology when you both step into my office”‘ he says
Brian was shaking his head “‘Public humiliation, public apology” he folds his arms as a spoilt child would do, i hear a faint “‘Yes” in agreements coming from a few people.
I boil ”i will not apologise to you, not till hell freezes over” 
”Miss Adora?”
I turn to face him, why was he calling my name, he should be getting him shoved under the table or something for disrespecting me
”i believe an apology wouldn’t hurt”‘ he says 
My mouth hits the floor , another gasp fills the room.
“‘Sir?” i repeat, i didn’t get that
He sighs again “‘It was a misunderstanding and miscommunication, which wasn’t your fault but escalated nonetheless, that’s fine, just so that you show to everyone that unlike Brian, you are a high upbringing lady that apologises for their wrongs, superior or not””
”But sir, you hear how he speaks and undermines me infront of-”
”An apology, this is my ask, not his, but that on his would be dealt with i assure you””
Brian scoffs, but he is smiling broadly..
”Come on baby!!, it ain’t too late to apologise”‘ i read Brian’s lips as he sings quietly, my eyes threw daggers at him
”I cannot believe this is actually happening?” John says throwing his hands up in the air and turning away and turning again to look at us, one hand on his waist and the other holding his head
“”Me neither!!” Peter echoes shaking his head
”Let her just apologise and we go Abba! It’s already past normal time for meeting”‘ Temi says from the corner folding her hands and unfolding, dancing on her legs..clearly irritated.
Í take a deep breath , this…isn’t happening, this really asn’t happening.
”Shut up!!” i tell him
He dusts his shoulders as though removing my words like dirts, his eyes sparkles
”i am sorry for the miscommunication and misunderstanding at the station that warranted you a few hours in cell..”‘
”And?” he asks
I stare at Mr Emeka, shaking my head.
“‘And?” he asks again ”that is not all”‘
Mr Emeka nods when i stare at him , then back at Brian.
Damn you Brain , Damn you! Damn you! Damn you!!!! I kick him mentally a thousand times.
“”And for the public humiliation and embarrassments you received, that is all. You are not getting an apology from me on anything else” i stare at him, he stares right back at me.
“‘Fine, i can take that, for now…and if i want to press charges that would be-”
”You are not pressing no charges because if you do, so does she, defaming of character surely cannot overstep domestic violence or sexual harassment as John puts it and let’s face it, you overstepped your boundaries, violated your superior by spanking her, and pouring her tea… those are offences Brian, and she has a right to overreact” Mr Emeka states factly
”Fine. Well… ”Brian shrugs
”Well, you also have an apology to make Brian..and you will do that now” Mr Emeka steps closer to him
”WIAT WHAT? “‘ Brian turns to him, this wasn’t part of his plan, only the witch gets to apologise, what the hell!!! Brian’s smile fades.
Then it is me smiling now….
“”Yes Brian, you do and because she is a higher person, more coordinated and organised and chooses to put her title and position aside to apologise, you will do thesame for the whatever you did…and just so you both know, you both would be serving a punishment for this”
We both stare at him
‘WHY?? He started it all, he did all this, why do i have to be punished?”‘ i wanted to know
“‘Because this is past nine, you both brought your personal problems into the office, disrupted our meeting and caused a ruckus..that is punishable and your penalties would be discussed later,….”‘
I am tight lipped…
Brian is staring at Emeka, really, what else would you want to do to me? He shakes his head “”Whatever”‘
”Fine whatever, i am “‘ he coughs “-ry ” he completes
My eyebrow is raised at him.. “‘ what the hell was that? That wasn’t an apology”‘
“‘i am So-“‘ he coughs it again ”’–ry”‘
I look at Mr Emeka “‘Really sir, you see what he is doing?”
”Jezz relax,why so serious? I do apologise for…whatever i did in the conference room”‘
I frown ”And?” i ask,. Surely he must be stupid to think that is all he needs to apologise for.
He chuckles, for the first time it reaches his eyes as he stares at me and shakes his head “‘Tushe!!”‘ he states
“‘What?”‘ i raise another eyebrow
”Nothing! oh yes, also for …the internet thingie..and ..yeah everything else”‘
”’That is not an apology”‘
”that is all that you will get” we are back to staring at each other face to face
”Alright, back to work everyone, back to work..this is a company, show is over…everyone out”
As everyone files out, Mr Emeka points to us both
“‘Both of you stay!!”‘ he says
I catch John’s angry eyes directed at Brian, Brian sees it too.. he laughs..
“‘Buy puppy, master would stay with me now”‘ he chuckles
John made as though he wanted to hit him, Peter steps right in time nudging him away
”Forget the dude John, he isn’t worth it”‘
”You get luck, i swear Brian, you get ,luck”‘ John says stepping away
“‘No bro….you should be counting your stars my fist didn’t kiss your face

“” Brian chuckles, as though he was enjoying it, watching them leave, then he turns to Mr Emeka
Breath Adora, just Breath…
”first off, this..whatever just happened here, i never ever want to see it again if both would be out of here before the end of the day i promise you”
”You can’t fire me!!” Brian states with confidence..i turn to him, such audacity, such authority..
Who the hell was this dude..??
“”Oh, right now Brian, you have no idea what authority i am capable off. This your stunts right now surely will give me the pass to act unpon my freewill…you want t try it?”
Brian frowns,. Was he bluffing?
He stays quiet, he would live to fight another day. 
Mr Emeka continues when Brian says nothing more, he nods ”Again, this.. all this, you both shouldn’t repeat this nonsense ever again..that display of arrogance , undermining of my own authority.. and whatnot would not be tolerated. Instead of me to allow you both to turn this company into some circus party you will leave and there is nothing that can prevent that and i wouldn’t care about your good records with the company…is that clear?”
”Yes sir, i apologise sir” i say
Brian doesn’t answer “‘Can i go now, i really to do”‘ he says stepping away before Mr Emeka could finish
“‘Not quite yet. Miss Adora ,your salary would be cut effective this month for the next two months, a 50% cut, you can only get your basic allowances only when you both complete your project which means the more you both fight over stupid little things, the more further away your basic salary is, and other freebees… the company car would be pulled from you for the next four weeks so which means you have to look for a way to transport yourself to the office,i don’t care how. Plus no access to the gym and other faculties in the company aside your office, the design area and your work profiles unless i say so, and remember, you start that project soon with him, anymore squabbles…the more i increase your punishments and restrictions”
”And him?” i didn’t like what was happening one bit…this was unfair, i wasn’t hearing his own punishments and restrictions.
“‘he…he is hanging by a thread already, but trust that he would be dealt with, you are excused Adora”
I nod stepping away reluctantly, throwing Brian a spiteful glance and leaving the room
Brian turns to Emeka…”‘What ,me by a thread? What a laugh!! By the way, i expected more than a cut of her salary and restrictions…i sat in a bloody cell..and why the hell are you asking me to stay?”
”Oh, nothing. I just need you to listen while i have a talk with your father”‘
”what does that mean?”
He smiles taking out his phone and is dialling..watching Brian’s expression
”You are calling my father, why?”
“Patience!! ” Emeka says
As soon as the dial goes through, he puts it on speaker “‘Emeka?” Jonathan’s voice comes through
”Hello Sir, Good afternoon Sir, how are you?”
”Fine, very well, how is the family and the company in Ph? I hope no more problems, especially with my son? By the way, tell what’s her name, the social Media manager..she did a good job, the company outlook is looking way better, critics are down..our flags are bag up, quite beautiful..atleast we came back up smiling so it’s a great thing..hopefully my son wouldn’t be silly to do something as crazy as that again….”
Brian’s face tightens 
“‘Yes sir, they are well..well yes the company is great sir , and i will tell her but the issue is about your son..sir? Brain has been-“‘
“‘What has he done this time?” Brian grimaces as his father’s tone changes over the phone
”well sir, the thing is, yesterday he and Miss Adora had a bit of a …well the thing is that he slept in a ce-”
Brian drags the phone from him “‘Don’t you dare!!”‘ he cuts it
“‘why? You don’t want me to report you to father?”
The phone is ringing , Brian stares the device in his hands..
If Emeka tells him, his father might demand to know the reason and if not properly explained and the air cleared to state that he really didn’t do it, he might get pissed and being pissed means he would be furious and angry and then he would be disappointed and then probably disgusted and then he would act without having to hear his side of the story and that he just spanked and not rape or anything close to sexual harassment…and if his father acts ..all would be gone and right now, he had nothing to hold on to except the car, the bodyguard and the house he was staying in..if his takes it all..he would be officially fxxked!
”Give me my phone Brian”‘ Mr Emeka stretches his hands towards Brian
”what do you want? You don’t go telling my father nothing. What do you want to tell him hmm?”‘
”’Well…..something small really” he says taking a step away and perching on the desk ” Like peace and quiet, orderliness, cooperation and all that… plus respect, you know…good things. This project with you and Adora had better come out awesome, because i swear if i lose my job for any reason because the one who needs that design is a big client who is a friend to your father and if you both due to your childishness ruin it..and your father calls for my head….i will take you down with me i promise you. You want to be irresponsible and stuff..fine! Do it elsewhere, away from this company and away from my face and that of my staffs. you made me feel incompetent and inefficient, i was unable to talk and address my staffs. You Brian. This should not happen again. All this has to stop… i will tell your father…i will, and i will explain to him how difficult it is to even pretend to work with you…and despite you are his son,i am sure if his company is beginning to go under, he would cut you lose because it is apparent you don’t want all that he has worked hard for so he can take it all…while you wallow in your physical looks and whatnot. 
All i want from you Brain, is for the first time in your life.. is to act like the man you are not the boy you used to be, you are in your late twenties yet…you misbehave? You are pitiful. What is wrong with you Brian, have you no sense of maturity? Look, the next time you undermine my authority infront of anyone, i will damn it all to hell and deal with you as i would my son”‘
Brian scoffs ” your threats don’t scare me in slightest, you want the project right? Done, but i can’t promise not to fling her out the window though, she is a feisty hot tempered witch!!”‘
”And you step on a dog’s tail and you think she won’t bite you? Grow up Brian, if i didn’t know better i would assume you like the lady””
”Like hell i do? What the hell do you have to think of such nonsense??”
”because that is how it begins..the fights and quarrels and before long the tolerance and who knows. But that is not my concern, my concern is the project at hand and that needs to start now..and that means…i do not even want to hear you both playing the cats and dogs game, i do not want to hear a banter or a squabble..infact whenever i pass the office where you both would be working….i want to hear silence so even if i drop a pin no sound, and when you both actually do should be civil, intelligent and work related discussions ..and a little thank you and respect would suffice from your head. Whether you like it or not..she is your boss , you are working under her, you are her PA and for the freaking duties and allow us peace of mind. You are one step away from making your father take everything off from you and i promise you i would be the happiest person but do us..all of us a favour and grow the hell up.”
The phone is still ringing, Brian stares at it, Mr Emeka does too but he continues ” You are a man but you act like a spoilt rotten child who doesn’t realise he is old enough to be someone’s grandfather..yes…my father was already a grandfather when he was your age, in the village. In the city..we are more…reserved and want to chase other things in our lives. Have you ever wondered what could happen if your father drops dead the hell are you going to manage all of his they say ‘Run his empire?”‘
“‘When i have people like you..why do i bother?” he smirks
”there is no hope for you..give me my phone Brian”
”i won’t let you call my father”‘
”i won’t let your childish behaviour continue to run wild and undermine my authority and put my head on the line. Jesus! 10 to 15 years olds should be doing what you are doing, not someone in his late 20s. I am ashamed of you on behalf of your father”‘
”keep your shame to yourself, what the hell do you want from me? I owe you nothing, you work for me”‘
”No, i work for your father, and Jonathan Andrews is the name and owner of this company,…not his spawn..not until he is no more and even if he isn’t, i would rather abandon ship and move on to something else instead of being stuck with you…then let’s see you make name for yourself when you have actually refused to learn jack and stand while he was begging you too…all this luxury,..all of it might last for a couple of years but you being you, irresponsible and immature would spend it on girls, parties, stupid gadgets and travels and keep draining and not investing..then it would be gone, your father’s empire would be run to the ground and you Brain would be left with your pretty face, good body and rack you claim with, your name and your oversized ego..and all that put together cannot be taken to the bank nor open doors for you to keep you alife and breathing with a decent meal for a day” Mr Emeka says ”HAND MY BACK MY DAMN PHONE!!”
Brian does ”WHAT DO YOU WANT? I won’t promise to do it…but state it damnit!!”
“‘this is what will happen, daily feedbacks, reports and live feeds on my desk everyday as she is uploading it for public and clients look….and like i told her, anymore fights nor complain between you both or i hear or preserve it happened because of you both…your own salary would be gone too for the next three months already you have no money, to think you will have sense, maybe you would when you start begging on the streets, any more issues Brian..and i pray everything else goes away too when your father steps in. Now get to an overtime, wherever you both want to work and how you want to do it….house, office..water or land ,,how you both want to work it our i don’t care..i need this project finished ASAP!!”‘ Mr Emeka turn away from him and leaves him, standing there
”whatever!! asshole” Brian throw at his back as the door closes. He is deeply frowning and thinking.
I was having a headache , John has been ranting angrily since he stepped into my office..
“‘i cannot believe” he was saying ”i mean can you imagine how he spoke to you…and -and”‘
”John..please, i am more upset than you are right now…i need some peace and quiet so i can try not to fling something at the door”‘ i say rubbing my temple
John stops pacing and faces me ” There is something about Brain, he wasn’t ever scared off Mr Emeka.. there is something definitely missing here”
“‘Yes. True “‘ i say getting up and working to the window ”but whatever it is got him raising up his shoulders like a dick he is”
”Can i ask you a question ma’ám?” 
I don’t turn, i had a feeling i knew what he wanted to ask, i didn’t want to look at him
”Go ahead, it’s obviously has been eating at you..go ahead”
”okay..why did you tell me or rather why didn’t you say anything when i insinuated that you were raped. I mean i asked you and you nodded your head..why?”
I sigh and shrug ”ofcourse it wasn’t my intent, i mean…what he did was bad enough and that moment maybe i wanted to pay him back, get the smug smile off his face, make him feel humiliated like i was..i mean no one dared to ever put me in that state and within two weeks he had made me angry, mad and then put his hands on me even if it’s to smack me …so i guess it felt only right that he got a bit of punishment, didn’t realise it would escalate like that” i am looking out the window still
”Well i understand you ma’ám, i don’t judge you, if it were my sister or my woman, he would have eaten my fists a couple of times by now”
I smile turning ” i know why i hate him, but why do you hate him John, you seem more concerned in him staying behind bars or get out more than i do..”
He hesitates before answering, scratching his jaw ” well, i don’t know, the guy is bloody annoying, excuse my French ma’ám but he is, like from that moment he walked through the doors he has been flinging wrong vibes here and there, i mean i worked hard to get to where i am…to build the kind of relationship and friendship with the staffs..i mean they respected me not because i am older or their superior which i am not, but they did, i was the Go-To-Guy for everything, i may not be extremely handsome but i pulled my weight, i was a rising somebody here but as soon as he came and he ruins it all..everything, majority of the staffs are flocking to him, guys and women..more of the ladies, they want to be like him, act like him and all that bulshit..and the most annoying is that he .. does nothing and yet still gets preferential treatment ..i mean, the way he speaks and addresses you is evident of his bad manners…even the way he talks down at everyone like he is some God, Mr Emeka couldn’t shut him up..very strange. The thing dey pay me reach my bone marrow Miss Adora “‘ he adds in pidgin dialect then continues
“‘And to think that Mr Emeka is quick to fire or reprimand people when they err.. but Brian,..i don’t know, even those elite children that came last year…well they had preferential treatments too, yes and did wonders too in their nastiness…but….i remember when it got out of hand and then the call came from the Boss of the boss to one of them, the dude straightened up and even apologised ..but Brian, i don’t know..Something is definitely up and he seems untouchable but why..who is he?”
“‘Like you said..maybe he is some elite son “‘
“‘Atleast the others sort of respected Mr Emeka, this one doesn’t…his head is strong””
”Oh well…” i shrug, the more i think about Brian the more my anger returns.. he must have won this battle but not the war. I had to call the station to pull the reports citing we have settled it…ofcourse they asked me if i was pressurized to do so and i told them No…and that he had promised not to do it again..
The lady officer, had spoken to me..telling me to call her if i wanted to talk, that she knows i am afraid of the rapist…but that i should call her..she would come to help me and put the rapist behind bars. I thanked her and told her that she shouldn’t worry.
Well…i did try to tell her that i wasn’t raped, she didn’t want to listen, even if i say it’s all a misunderstanding for the rape part, she wouldn’t believe still, trying to use me to free her conscience of her little niece right??
I sigh turning, i need to put the arrogant fool out of my life ”Going through the reports, we are out of danger, loss of clients and our charts are looking good, i would like to see the team to thank them..maybe ask Mr Emeka to bless you all with some increased incentive..”‘ i say smiling at my computer.. atleast i wouldn’t be getting a call from the Boss of boss to sack me but maybe to tell me i did a good job despite it not being my fault.
Then i frown..because of that fool…my salary gets to be cut by fifty percent, no official car for a the hell am going to cope, i do not even know my way around Port Harcourt yet..what the actual hell was i going to do?
“‘what is it Ma? Can i help you with anything?”
“‘Do they run Uber services in Port Harcourt?”
”Yes they do”‘
‘Okay great, do you have their services number, i need it” then i remember something ”Damnit!!”
”it’s bad enough that i get my salary cut, paying for Uber services would run me down even more..damnit!! i cannot afford to be wasting money until i get back my 10 percent salary. Are there cheaper taxi services i can get to get home and to work on a daily, atleast for a month?”
”Public transport services is cheaper..””
” You never entered public transports in lagos??”‘ 
My expression gave him the answer “‘How much cheaper?”
“‘It depends…50-150 per bus top depending on your area, and your area runs private cabs…soo…..i am calculating it”‘ he thinks for a moment, murmuring to himself and calling out stops and buses ”’technically going and coming to work should be about 2k daily…about 200 naira breaking into 100 bucks takes you from here to the nearest two bus stops, from there you cannot see a public transport to your house because it’s a residential estate, for companies and all…so they cannot even get to the junction, they will drop you a far distance away due to security and stuff, you can only get a private approved cab into your estate and they take nothing less than 800 bucks.. that cab services you can take their number to pick you from the house to the junction out of the estate and then from there you shuttle public transport to the office…”‘
”they can’t come all the way here for a cheaper price, “‘
”Nope, they are cheaper than Ubers’s like a thousand naira less…”
I began to think about my life..Damnit!!
John looks at my worried face “‘Don’t worry ma’ám, i will show you the way till you get used to it. But just so you know, i think Mr Emeka was being unfair to do this to you..he should be punishing him alone, i wouldn’t be surprised if that dick gets to go unpunished”‘
Sadly, i wouldn’t be too. Mr Emeka’s words rings in my ears “‘I can’t fire him, it is out of my hands”. i shake my head..
”I am really sorry ma’ám, if they is anything you need me to do..i will, just call me and i will be here for you, anything at all. For starters, i will follow you home till you get used to the roads, atleast it’s for a month, after that you get back your everything, and look on the bright side, you get to see places and know Ph, it is really a cool place…i can show you exciting places” he smiles at me
”i guess….that is a consolation”
”it is…and ma’ám-”’
We turn to the door as it opens to usher the devil’s spawn himself
”what the hell do you want now? Cause more trouble?” John says stepping towards him
Brian stares at him ”First, move, secondly..move, thirdly…i won’t be repeating myself in another minute”
John doesn’t “”Maybe we can go at it, right here right now, i may get a suspension or a querry but i would be glad you bleed”‘
Brian steps closer with a smile on his face, daring him to take a punch 
”John!!”‘ i call out “”John!!!”‘ 
He turns to me “‘Yes Ma’am?”
I shake my head telling him no, then i look at the He-goat “‘The door was closed, you could atleast knock, you do have manners don’t you since you lack other things?”
”Oh, i didn’t realise that boy wonder was massaging the temple of Virginia city..but hey, my mistake, i will do that next time”‘ he smiles
John nudges him towards the wall hard, Brian pushes him back with his fist raised probably to smash John’s face in as i quickly step away from my desk, running to their middle and pushing them apart “‘You will not fight in my office, i have had it for a day i have.. what the hell do you want Brian, why are you here?”
”We have a project, and the sooner i get that down, the sooner i don’t have to punch this dude’s face and i don’t have to tolerate your presence either…and even as much as i hate this, i have to work with you so…would you be so kind to tell little doggy here to calm the fuxxk down or i can do that for him…my punch is a clam stimulator..shutdown happens in a second, works like magic.”‘ 
”You think you can take me down?” John chests out
Brian laughs staring as John pumps his chest at him “‘Paperlight chest baby…paperlight.. sit the hell down boy!” this gets John riled up 
”I have some other work to be done”‘ i push John who seems to want to get closer to Brain trying to nudge me away, Brian on the other hand stands his i am sandwiched between two men who is bent on possibly throwing punches at each other or bashing up themselves in a fist i place my both hands on both of them, steadying myself not to fall as they charge at each other..i keep pushing them apart as they shout and charge at each other.. both my hands are flattened on either chest of the men..
John’s chest ..was more flesh..and Brian’s..was chiselled, firm, 
In another circumstances…i would have said his chest was really nice to touch, and wonder what the rest of his body would feel like…
I shake my head, get thee behind me satan!! 
“‘Sorry love”‘ Brian says mockingly “‘But Emeka needs us to start Asap, and from what i see…you are free, the internet buzz is down…if you were a nice person i would have told you great job for dousing the fire..but you aren’ are a witch and witches don’t deserve praises”
”i don’t need one from you especially when it’s your fault..” i back John and face the arrogant fool
John was pushing behind my both hands are on Brian’s chest, he looks down..then he smiles
“‘If i didn’t know better i would say you are feeling me up Miss Adora, you like what you touch? but be careful, a little lower would touch my sensitive spot.. those damn nipples gets a man high too”‘ he winks
I drop my hands as soon as he flexes his chest, i felt them flex twice,..i blush red.
“Stop it John!!” i throw at him. Why the hell was he pumping his chest behind me and pushing me ..if i step away..i wouldn’t want to know what would happen and who would happen to who…
”if i leave here, i would blame it on you when Emeka comes querrying..”‘ Brian was happy to add

Dear lord, how do you save me from this ? I ask myself
”Miss Adora, please step away so i can show this guy who is who”‘ John pokes Brian from the side , jabbing him , quick reflexes causes Brian to hit his hands a way, causing John to wince in pain.
That was it, another fuzz and Mr Emeka would have my job.
”John, please, can you leave us alone””
”But madam??”
”Master as commanded, run boy..chap chap!!” Brian uses his fingers to make a running man..
With eyes shooting daggers..John stares at me and then back at Brian, i don’t step away from Brian.. he fakes Brian with a punch, Brian doesn’t blink..i do.
“JOHN!!” i exclaim
“it’s because of Miss Adora you are saved day our time will come”‘ John tells Brian says, adjusting his shirt and going away, shutting the door rather slowly until he does, i turn to stare at Brian
”let me make this clear…as long a you do your job you and i don’t have to have issues..which means-” but he cuts me off
”No..which means…i work the way i work so you have to keep up with me. And if i have to do any design…i like working in peace and quiet and no distractions,..which means..i need a work site..away from the office..because i cannot have people breathing down my neck..that is how i work..which includes you but since i cannot get rid off you so you need to pay attention. If you are there and need to do what you need to do…be as quiet as a mouse and transparent as a white shadow….i do not want a camera in my face, put it far away, don’t make stupid interviews unless it’s very necessary or i do it when i need to and well everything else you will get to know and adjust to. And work starts now”‘
”you do not tell me when it starts ..i tell you when it starts”‘
”fine when do we start….Adora”‘
My eyes turns to slits “‘Miss Adora to you, and it starts ,when i say it does..and …when i check that i do not have pending work”‘
He steps away from me, turns my computer to him “‘What the hell do you think you are doing ?” i say going to stop him “”You have no right “‘ but he is typing and checking
”Too late, and you do not have pending works next week which is Monday, two days from now..they have been faxed to john…i copied and sent to him, good thing about organised techs right?…one click and you send all our work to another…i do that alot since working here, and oh don’t worry, John is eager to lick your toes…do you know that he is hanging around you like a dog on heat?” jhe laughs 
“‘What nonsense is that?”‘
A knock distracts us and the door opens ” i just got your mail Ma’m, “‘ John steps in and eyeing Brian.
”I didn’t-” i began
“‘Yes she did, and we are still talking, do you mind? SHUUU! Bad dog”
”i wasn’t talking to you monkey”‘ John snaps, he turns to me “‘if you want me to attend to some things i can do that Ma’ám”‘ he smiles at me, why didn’t they give me him for a PA right from the start, we would have worked well together
”You see…i told you Adora, Dog on heat”‘ Brian says smiling
”I erm..”’ i stutter
”I am not the one delaying with the project now but you”‘ the fool continues..i close my eyes and will him to shut the hell up!
”Ma’ám, you did send me those mails yes?”
One ,two , three.. the sooner i am done with the project, maybe my life would get back on track.
“”Yes, have one or two of the team members to help you with it, daily reports on my table and i will do the finishing touches and go live with them,thank you John”‘
”Anything for you Ma’ám”‘ he says smiling at me, then with a frown he beats the hell out of Brian and closes the door
”I swear…that should be weary of him…stalker and everything bad alert…you shouldn’t have him so close to you know..”‘
”what do you care, he is a good person, kind and caring..and does his job”‘
”i do not care.. and right, like that is all? The dude is pining for you”
“‘And know that because?”
”i am Zeus!!” he raises his fist then laughs, he has been laughing all too suddenly today, i find it strangely uncomfortable “‘Well i am a guy durh, we know these things, same way we know witches “‘he raises an eyebrow
”i wish i were one, your balls would have being on fire by now, then you would busted into flames like the devil you are”
He throws his head back and laughs hard ”Tushe Adora, Tushe!!” he smiles ”You do like balls don’t you, second time you mentioning it since knowing you…bad naughty witchy…”‘
”You disgust me , nauseate me too” i fume
”Good, that mean you wouldn’t get attracted to me and fall….i must warn you, ladies who come close to me and work with me always do”‘
”Not in your wildest despicable dreams”‘
”Aye!! Not in mine, maybe in yours. Keep your hormones to yourself..that is all i ask..i don’t like you and you don’t like me but we have to work on this stupid project and the sooner we finish it up..the better, one less day away from you is peace and joy to me..” he finishes
I fold my hands. “‘You have no idea how glad i will be”‘
”so..” he says
”so..?”‘ i repeat
He is silent for a while, he is staring at me and i am staring at him too..we regard each other coldly for a brief second..each to his own thoughts..
”Work is at my place”‘ he drops it, my mouth drops open
”I will not under no circumstances be under the same roof with you alone at your place, we work in the office, there is my office, and the conference room-“‘
”i do not work with distractions and the office is crawling with them…and i will not go to yours because i do not want to see girly things scattered around”
”i am neater than all the females you know”
He scoffs “‘ofcourse you would say so, doesn’t mean it is true…my space is bigger, i can move around and do some work..and i can build a miniature design workspace studio so i draw and build and i can do that at mine i am sure you wouldn’t want your place in a supposed disarray, and when the site work begins….we move to the site…but i will not work here nor yours”‘
”i won’t work at yours”
”You will”‘
”i won’t’
”You will, you can’t make me”‘

”i won’t, someone else will”
”who?” I frown
He is smiling.
We are standing infront of Emeka with Brian rubbing his temple.. he is arguing as i am countering him
“‘Enough!! Jesus, can’t you both agree on something?”
”why can’t we work here?” i turn to Mr Emeka
”because i am, the designer and i know how best i work and i get to decide…and i know i work better and my designs come out perfect when i have peace and quiet and no distractions and that would be at home or some secluded place….with my board and tools and my…hands..gifted hands” he flexes them
”Well that is bullshit!!”
Emeka stares at him, Brian was right..a creator would know how best he works and under what conditions, for now..he would have to let him have his way…sort off.
”Actually…it is true, how best do you work Adora?” he asks me
”how is that relevant Sir?”
”Answer! i mean when you need to develop contents and all that best do you work?”‘
I sigh “‘ music on, research documents before hand perused…mostly at night when the world is asleep”
”See!!” Brain states
My frown deepens 
“‘so, since he is the one doing the would have to work the way he does…”‘
”But sir?”
”i am sorry, when the major work is done you can decide to do what you want..for now…no arguments…i have a headache already from you too”‘
”I win again today, Brian 100..Adora- nil. ” he laughs
”You get the supplies you need from the supply department. So that means that you schedule days you meet to work so that it doesn’t affect your work here too. You both can leave”‘ he dismisses us. Brian’s face is a hug heap of smiles, i wanted to wipe it with a slap..but because Emeka, because of my job, because of the Boss the boss, i swallow my anger, and i walk out. He follows behind me as we head to the supplies department, passing staffs and hearing some muttering… i close my eyes and open them, with my head up and shoulders raised i walk pass as i heard some comments..they made me cringe, they made me angry..i wish i could scream at them…Brian was at fault here not me..him him HIM!!! I wouldn’t have had to insinuate nothing, and yet no one is bashing him, no one. 
So much for women rights!!!
Damn you Brain, you have people talking bad about me now..damn you damn you DAMN YOU!! 
”We leave in an hour”‘ he throws at me before disappearing further down the hall, Tomiwa stands up from her desk and rushing to him, Tombra follows.. they are all smiles hugging him , they say something to him and he throws his head back and laughs heartedly
Dear Lord…help me through it all…help me not to kill this man before the month runs out, Amen.
When i get to my office, without saying nothing i enter and shut the door hard, sinking into my chair and placing my head on my desk..banging it slowly…untill it began to hurt, i lean back rubbing it.
God, if i become a murderer, surely you will not punish me right? He deserves it…okay maybe a death is a tad too much..maybe a broken arm..leg..No!!? how about a bloated tummy…or lips, something hideous and painful. 
Today, today wasn’t a good day for me, not in the longest shot.
It’s an hour later when i come out of my office, i see him when i get down to the supply department.
Brian is leaning in to talk to the department head, it’s a lady with an open teeth, she is all smiles as she attends to him, when it gets to me..she gives me a fixed smile. I do not bother to smile..
I told her what and what i needed and waited for her to package it, Brian tells her too…he told her to send his to the car.
I didn’t know a PA had an official car.
Wait, it didn’t make sense..why i get to lose my car and his remains, infact i didn’t get to ask Mr Emeka about his punishments…
I would have to-
”Shall we?” he nudges me out of my thoughts.. he seemed happy, happy to be having the upper hand and ruining my day today. I do not say anything as we step out of outside down to the car park, i had had Betty bring down my bag and laptop..
I turn to see a black car pull up, this didn’t look like one of the official cars listed out to staffs.. this was more sophisticated …how the hell does a PA get this kind of car?
I turn to look at Brian who beckons to the staff carrying some cartoon to put it into the boot of the car..someone comes out of the driver’s side, he is wearing black shades and dressed casually..
”Good afternoon Miss, allow me?” he says opening the door for me. I raise an eyebrow. A sophisticated car, a polished driver… again..who the hell was Brain and how come he gets to get this treatment.. John was right, something didn’t add up..and that should explain his behaviour.
I eye Brian “‘Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite, last time i checked ” he gestures to the driver.. as he slips in from the other side
I reluctantly enter the car, once settled in out of curiosity ”are you a company driver ?” i had to ask, 
”Yes and no” he answers
”what does that mean?”
”It means just that ” Brian cuts him off..”‘Home please..we have work..”‘ 
We drive in silence , for thirty minutes and we drive into an estate much like mine but more..residential, more securities and even..more security with rifles and coms and dark shades. We drive past two security posts, then into the estate, taking a bend and then pulling up beside a house or some hotel.
Ookay…..what the hell!!!
When we stop, the driver gets down and opens the door, he gives me his hands, i eye it suspiciously, he smiles at me…”I really won’t bite Ma’am” he says, i take it and come down, Brian is already at the door, opening it and going inside 
”Ikena, help me with those will you?”
I notice this driver, ikena, frown stepping away from me, he goes to removing the things from the booth and taking them in, i follow him into the apartment and i am blown away..
”i am sorry..i do not understand, you stay here…live here?” 
A common PA who lives in a place that looks like a five star hotel..who the hell is he? No wonder..some things finally makes sense, John really was right..he was an elite’s son
Brian laughs “‘ Don’t worry…it’s not mine, i am..erm” he pauses…wondering if he should say it or shouldn’t
“‘ Actually i am perching, for lack of a proper word. So it’s not mine neither am i renting it, i am a PA am i not? A mere PA..damnit!! how can i afford a place like this right? Because i can’t! I am staying here with a friend…he.. out of the country for a bit” he laughs..”‘ actually i am looking to get my own place soon, for now…perks of perching is that i get to enjoy this amazing house and all within until i leave here…”‘ he says half honestly
..when he gets back his accounts restored and has so much money, he really would buy his own place, no scratch that, He would build him a dream house…yes he will.
”if you do not need anything more..?” Ikena trails off
My tummy sings, i realised that i hadn’t had nothing to eat ”what is the address of this place so i can place an order, i am hungry”‘ i ask bringing out my phone. I notice Brian turn…i wonder why as he has a look on his face. 
The driver brings out his jotter and writes it down and give it to me, there is a look on his face too..but his eyes has a glint, as though he was trying not to laugh
Í place an order for..rice, chicken, salad, juice. then an afterthought had me adding two pies. I didn’t know how long i would be here, and i didn’t want to get hungry inbetween.
“‘how do i get to Golf estate from here please?”
”Your driver would come pick you up Ma’ám”‘ Ikena states
‘No, unfortunately, i will be without that for a month due to some arrogant obnoxious fellow”‘ i state, Brian scoffs from somewhere in the house..
”i will take you home then”‘ he says, but the look he gave me made me feel as though he knew who i was talking about as his mouth curves into smile
”No you won’t, we have someplace to be ..after..remember? “‘ Brian comes to stand close to us
”it’s on the way..surely we can-“‘
”Surely we can’t!..she can find her way, if she gets missing, she has a broom to fly with ” Brian tells Ikena, my lips thins and my fist folds.
Breath girl, just breath.! 
”Thank you, Ikena ” i tell him, turning away and going to open my bag to bring out camera and laptop, and placing my note pads on the table, trying to be comfortable in my anger
”You know it’s your fault she is in this state, dropping her home isn’t a problem, you can’t have her navigating through the dark in a city she doesn’ t have an idea of?” Ikena whispers to Brian
”I don’t care, she put me in jail, she can do with a street life for a bit. You can go Ikena until it’s time to go to that horrible club” then he frowns
”what?” Ikena stares at him
”I am hungry, and i have just five hundred bucks”‘ he says rubbing his jaw, “” And to hear her order food brings back the fact that my entire money is frozen and i can’t do shit..and i can’t see cheap food to buy here..damn..i am hungry”‘ Brian rubs his stomach
”Well, no one died from begging sir”‘ Ikena  says ” You can tuck your ego in and ask her to share”
Brian eyes him “‘Get out!!” he points to the door
”Aye sir”‘ Ikena laughs stepping away and closing the door as he leaves.
Brian comes back.. arranges his tools on the table while i set the camera..we don’t bother to talk or quarrel as we get to placing tools and devices about. I see him making stands, horizontal planks, getting a bulb to make an overhead lamp, he goes about setting a small round table high enough so he doesn’t have to bend. He works at it for 30 minutes.
Done, he seats on the chair he pulls from the dining table and places close to the table he had built for himself, cardboard and blue prints papers dressed out on the desk… he has pen and pencils laid down, drawing files and everything else he would need..he puts on the light overhead.
He technically had built himself a studio in the middle of his living room..
How handle !!! 
But there was no way I was complimenting that. I stuff my hand into my mouth to feign a gag and then role my eyes.
I watch him place the pen and pencil behind his ear, i think it’s their thing..for easy access or because it just makes them look all serious or just dramatic..i roll my eyes again for the second time.
I have my camera ready, one behind him to see what he is doing and another infront..files in place for documentation and lighting to get good picture.. i set the microphone and i wait, standing there , watching him , waiting for him to begin as i video him.
He stares at the board for an hour.. and i felt like screaming..and pulling my hair. But i didn’t want to explode my frustration. I mean, is this what i have to tolerate? His incompetence too. 
Stopping myself from ranting…. i turn away to sit down, away from him.. he can sit there and stare blankly at the board like a fool for all i care, when it’s time i get up and leave and by tomorrow i let Mr Emeka know what a joke Brian is..a lousy incompetent one. 
Ignoring him ,i write my reports, turning the camera off. When my food came,..i sit down and i am eating..ignoring the fool who kept staring at his board as i throw a gaze his way. i notice him watching me…like watching my mouth move and followed my hands..
I frown, turning away, he is also creepily uncomfortable.. 
Brain can’t concentrate.. he can do this, he can..but he was hungry and he never could function with an empty stomach.. he was working slower than ever.
The smell of the food got him salivating, and the witch was eating it making his mouth water.. he follows her hand movement, to the food and then to her mouth, he watches her chew..swallow and then chew, break bone and eat the flesh of the chicken, swallow, drink juice and the worms in his tummy pulls at him.
“‘No one ever died from begging”‘ Ikena had said
Fxxk it!!
The highest thing that would happen is that she would say he begged her, he can always deny it..but who said anything about begging.
He gets up and goes to the kitchen, he gets a bucket of ice..he always didn’t like moving up and down when he works and he likes his beer cold and chilled beside him whenever he needed.
He brings ice to where he works, placing it on the table. He goes back and carries a half carton of beer, six in all and places it on the ground…then he turns and stairs at her..the witch eating, ignoring him.
It’s now or never Brian..
He goes to her, reaching out, he takes the plate of rice as she drops it absentmindedly on the table next to her, lifts it up and quickly puts a spoon in his mouth..
”hmmm”’ he closes his eyes, this was good
I turn at that moment realising that he had stopped and was near me, i look up..then i quickly look at the place where i placed my food. It was gone..wait,, he was holding it and eating it..
I jump up, snatching it away from it forcefully ” how dare you, if you wanted to eat why didn’t you ask?”i scream at him
”i won’t ask you…besides there is love in sharing?” he tries to reach for the food again but i push him away 
“‘Not my food!! Don’t touch it, what is wrong with you, you want to eat order” i am angry. What is wrong with him, taking things that don’t belong to him was an added skill now was it?
If i had the money, i would have ordered you witch, Brian eyes her
”why didn’t you order for two?”
”why would i do that?” I retort
”if a man takes you on a date..doesn’t he order for you both, do you order for yourself and pays for yourself or he handles the bill?”
”Am i a man and is this a date?”
He thinks to himself “‘Good question”‘ he reaches for the food again, i push him
“‘Stop it”‘ i climb the chair to get away from him, he was taller than me.. but now i have the advantage 
”Look i have a rule here in my house ” He lies “‘No one orders alone, you order for whoever that is one eats alone, you eat with whoever is here”
”i didn’t know about that rule and that rule is bullshit”‘
”well now you know”‘ he tries again i slap his hands, he tries again i slap his hands again
”Will you stop that!!”‘ he frowns
”You stop that!”‘ i frown too…i am standing on the chair…i take a spoon of my delicious rice and still frowning at him, he is staring at me, or my mouth or the food, i don’t know which frown deepens as we do a stare-off..sort off.
I take another spoon, and another spoon and another spoon ..then i grab the chicken, slicing up a large junk of flesh and eating…for some reason i am enjoying him staring at me eating.
Why the hell can’t he just go and order his own food? or he was just hell bent on frustrating my life in any way imaginable? was my food and my money and ,yes my food and i am eating it alone , screw his stupid rules that didn’t make sense..
With a reflex action faster than minute i am eating my chicken and my rice, the next thing i see his hand moving and then i see him running away.
Wait !! what the hell just happened??
My chicken and plate of rice had gone….the fool snatches both out of my hand and makes a run for it… eating and running…
Screaming, i jump down and chase him. He is going round and round…there in the living room, biting up my chicken in quick fashion, then shoving a spoon of rice as soon as he dumps the chicken back into the plate, at the same time, running from me.
”Give me back my food”‘ i scream at him “‘Give me back my food”!! i yell , but every time i turn one way, he goes the other way..pauses to eat in a second and moves again when i run the other way to catch him,… we are so far apart because of the all round studio he just created for himself which keeps us at a distance… if only it wasn’t there…
I see my food finishing right infront of my eyes, a sob escapes from my lips…he is eating, he is smiling and it is reaching his eyes as he looks at me….

That mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

That pride of a no..that smug.
I hate that smug!.
There was only one thing left to food was gone, i was tired of running and chasing him…
I grab my juice, thankful i had two pies in the bag but that would be for later , he is leaning on the wall and eatin MY FOOD!!! He knows i have given up…
Or he thinks i have…
I come back to stare at him, i uncork the juice and i drink watching him, we stare at each other.. he is done with my food.. he so smiling…while his mouth continious to move in the chewing-fashion.
I am not angry, i am pissed.
I am still drinking the juice, i am standing right infront of his mini studio drawing table with everything white and blue cardbaord laid out… everything palaced out all nice and neat..not bothering to look at the board not to give myself away.. with a sly smile returning my head back to focus from drinking the juice with my head back..
Our eyes meetm it holds…
There, watch my Brain..
I tip the entire  contents of the juice  pressing it to increase the rush ,i let it pour on the board..turning white to orange and soiling the blueprints he was about to use….. whatever was on the table i made sure i dangled my hand , pressed the juice all out till it was empty. then i let the empty container drop to the floor as i would drop a mic haven dished out my most banging rap shutting the place down..and it was EPIC!!
I watch his eyes grow big, i watch shock fill his face as he slowly pushes himself off the wall..staruing at me, rooted to the spot for a few minutes…
Then he chokes out the word ”My..drawings “‘ he says as his eyes goes to the board ”My Works!!”
Now i am smiling,…now i got him back, i look down to see the damage i had done, …then i fr i screeze!
He didn’t just lay out em ptywhite sheets and blueprints… he laid out some other designs… and the ones for the client wans’t empty as i had originally thought..probably something during my report writing and eating and whatnot..he had been doen with staring at the board and had began to design and i didn’t know… i didn’t see and  i ididnt realise…. and i had  just ruined it ALL…
i swallowed!!
”Ooops!”  i exclaim stepping away, he looks up at me, anger returning..walking round the table..coming for me.. eyes red..
That was the sign of danger.
I did the only thing i know to do….”‘i didn’t mean to…i…well its your fault” i say, i turn and i made to run..
But who ever said short legs could get you far, in one quick strides he grabs me as i scream.. i try to nudge him off but he holds me tight..
”Let me go!!” i scream at him
but he grabs me and brings me back , “‘What the hell have you done, did you see what you have done? i had works there i had done..done abroad, i have works ..prized work that got me awards… i have perfectly designed works there…and…. already started that stupid housing project for the company’s client and you just ruined it all!!”‘ he screams at me
i hit his hands off “‘Let me go, if you had not snatched my food and ran, i wouldnt have. it’s your fault”
”My fault!!! can you imagine how many hours i had to put in to get those doors ,,those other you even know how to draw or design or to think or to act..arghhh look at this “‘ he lets go of me, picks up a board as juice slips to the ground, i back away
”well, no ..but it’s your fault, you stole my food, i was hungry and havent eaten all through, you snatched it and what was i supposed to do , let you have your don’t see or think when you do things and it affects others but you want others to think when it comes to you..selfish and abnoxious!!” 
he turns to me, his eyes flashes in anger ” you just had to share damnit!!”
”you have such a nerve you know that, force me to share what is mine? you are high!!” i through back at him backing away
”Where the hell do you think you are going?”
”Home!! this was a mistake” 
he gets up and grabs my hand ”Home..after this?No Missy, you will sit here and you will make sure all this dry and nothing is ruined and the paints or what ever doesnt wash away or you will use your well manicured nails and you will design all this today…i do not care how you do it but you will”‘
”Like hell i will”‘ i slap his hands away , he grabs me again and forces me to seat on the desk..
”let go off me”‘ he doesn’t
In the midst of struggling to make me seat and me trying to get up i hit the table and his table goes crashing down..
oh oh!!!
”ADORA!!!!”  his voice was loud and i think i have never seen such mask of anger over his face
I jump away moving far away from him..his strides meets me, his nose flaring, his fist folded ..he is heaving heavily.
”Brian, stay away from me…that was reflex action..””
But he comes closer, he grabs my hand trying to push and fling me over his shoulders.
Like hell was i going to let him do that..let me spank me again like a little girl. He is not my father, not my brother…and not my man and neither of them would dare to spank me. Ever!!
i push him, he grabs me again, i push him..he grabs me again…
then i slap him “‘Stop it!!”
He stares at me “‘oh you are really getting it Adora, i swear you are ”!!! 

 he nudges me and lifts me at thesame time, loosing balance i kick and kick, squirming over his shoulders, making it difficult as i try to move my limbs and body away from his shoulders that causes me to slip down.. then he reaches for me again..
I slap him again, this time harder, 
Now he swore, loudly ..
And just like last time, he wraps my hands behind me and nudges me to the wall, he was angry, his chest was rising up and down..i step back now..he closes the distance …i step back more..but there was no more room as my back reaches the wall…he grabs my hand again.. as i struggle it away from him
i wriggle out a free hand to slap him again, hard nose was flaring..but i was surprised to see him control himself not to slam me to the wall. Any other man would, with the way his anger felt like an electric vibe close to me…any other man would. 
But i was in the wrong now, i had ruined his work..he only took my food, that could be replaced in a minute but not his if it is totally ruined…yes i overstepped, i was wrong but ego, but pride..
“‘Apologise”‘ his voice came as a harsh whisper
“‘Apologise damnit!!”” he is pressing me to the wall as i try to pull away ”You ruined it, you collasped my work place and you slapped me…twice…Apologise or i swear Adora”
“‘No, i won’t, you can’t make me and if you just stayed in your lane and never took what is mine i wouldnt have reacted…i will not and you cannot make me apologise”‘
”i can and i will, apologise?”‘
“‘Fine, i warned you..”‘  i see him look around briefly..then he bends grabbing something and placing it on the other table close to us.. which i suddenly see was half of ice and he looks at me..a sly smile on his face.
what now? 
i want to run now, but with all his strenght he nudges me and in one quick fashion he has my hands locked behind me again, i follow his movements and i am staring at him still trying to struggle
“‘What are you doing?”
“‘What are you doing?”
“‘What do you think, i am making you”‘
I stare at him, making me apologise, how would he make me apologise with , that ice..what- 
My eyes grows big
“‘Brian, don’t you dare,” i struggle “‘Brian don’t you dare”‘
”oh i will, i really will”‘ Anger immediately replaces the look in his eyes to something more mischevious and he is smiling, he is actually smiling
He takes his free hands , holding me still with the other hand holding both my hands behind me pressed to the wall, he dips his hands into the bucket of ice and takes a handful..
Before i could blink… his hands disappear behind me, under my skirt to my tush and he presses me to the wall to keep me still..and he has a few cubes off ice pressed to my delicate tush..hard.
I am screaming as soon as i feel it !!! 
i am struggling as the ice chills me, causing first cold, then more cold, then painful cold and then numb…then biting cold…with his large palm pressing the ice to me.. he raises his hands up and takes the ice to my back resting on my waist. the cold-numb-biting pain gets to my brain.
My wail reaches the roof.
But he is laughing, watching me squirm and jump and scream but he is laughing, so hard that he lets go roaring in laughter.
Gaining a bit of self, i push him, he tumbles backwards hitting his head..
Silence, he isn’t moving.
“‘oh dear Lord!!”‘ i rush to him, “‘Brian, Brian??”
”BOOOO!”” he exclaims
I jump, he is back to laughing, i grab the bowl of ice and empty it on his chest..
“‘AHA!! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT NOW?” and start to point and laugh as he begins to jump
“‘Oh, now you are going to get it”‘ he says dancing the cubes away..grabbing two and coming for me..
I Run.
Now, as i run…i notice something had happened…i wasn’t running and angry as i was earlier…i am actually…i am actually..laughing as i see him almost falling from the cubes of ice on the floor…
He staggers,  he  laughs  “‘ wait till i catch wait”‘ with the ice in his hands he runs after me as i go now..running behind the chair…
”Please”‘ i state as i scream to the other side, jumping when he jumps to the other side
‘No” he fakes me, i run to the left thinking he was going to the right..but he wasn’t.. he grabs me and i push him again… but my hands bounces off his chest as he stands his ground, but instead of him falling away from me..i am the wall falling backwards loosing my step…
i see his eyes grow big and then i see his hands reaching out for me..
i was falling over the chair, my back bending and my expression of fear… i grab his arm and we both go tumbling over the chair to the other side and to the floor.
ordinarily i should i have  hit the ground with my bach…i should have…
But, quick reflexes, the second time i notice it about him..
We land, i am not under as i thought i would land and maybe break my waist or sprain my ankle or break a leg, but he manages to turn lainding under instead of me, so i am untop of him, his hands holding me in place round my waist and my hands on his chest.
We stare at each other… he is breathing hard, i am breathing hard and our bodies are glued to each other, me untop with my hands on his chest..
He beneath me with his hands on my waist  pressed to him…our eyes meet.. 
And suddenly, i feel my throat closing.
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