When they tell me..

“Don’t bother trying, nothing would work out. Don’t bother praying,God doesn’t listen nor have a reason to answer or maybe …just maybe there is no God.” 
When they tell me..

 “Forget it,those doors have been shut against you because you aren’t worth it.Can’t you see just how amazingly good the others are whom you are competing against?Don’t you see why you should just assume you are a failure because you will never win…don’t you see…don’t you see that being at the top is a far away dream like turning black to white and black and white to grey?”
 When they tell me….

“Give up! No one would raise an eye.They would understand that you are nothing”
When they tell me..

“It’s okay to cry, others are crying. It’s fine, it would pass. Go on, stop dreaming of the big leagues, because that’s not for you.But it’s okay to stand and view, as one who would go for sight-shopping.You see and wish, but you can’t touch,step in and assume position.That would never be you”
When they tell me…Bleh!
 If you listen to them,you would watch your dreams fade away like stars after the night is over. You would see how your hopes dashed would whither and die like a once blossomed rose now dead.You will never even succeed because you were told not to try and because trying is as good as a backhole were you are told you would sink into,you refuse to still try and take a flashlight because you forget that there is light,Yes light at the end of the tunnel where everything ,every sweat and broken knees and dirt under nails would pay off. 
You forget that no one succeeded without failing..no one soared without breaking their wings once or twice.. no one made it without having to go through the struggles and challenges and moving past obstacles.
See,there would be people..a lot of them trying to bring you down..talk you down and make you feel like you can’t be anything, and sometimes even you feel inadequate. 
Stop it!
Tell them all you are going to be just fine and you are okay trying and failing and trying again.
Tell them..
You are enough!
Tell them 
You will win!. 
And when they laugh at you and curse you and say..”You are going to fail”
Show them how you walk into your Victory like my Niece😍.
Tell them  “You Lie,”
Why?” They ask.
Tell them.. “Because God is showing me that it is only What He says that matters, and His banner over me is love and that means I am going to win,Soar , Succeed. I don’t care what people say, I don’t get scared about the challenges and delays and denial …No.

I don’t even bother because when God says he is ready for me…nothing would stop him from making everything pleasant in His time.”
Then declare and prophesy and believe and shout it out.
“Yes! I am walking into my Victory like one who got a Big God on her side and who knows that She is nothing other than a Boss.😎 Yes!!! I will win and win and Win some more and if the ground can’t take my shine …I would spread my wings and Soar…!!!!”
~Stephanie Egberike 
Model : My beautiful Niece #AyanateBob 
Walk it baby.. 😄
PS:  that moment she knows she is all shades of beautiful and extremely loved.😍


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