That face I make when they tell me…”You are not enough to be anything you want and get to anywhere you want and achieve all that you want. ”
I look at them like this 🤔 and I say to them.. “You are not God, and you know nothing as to what  cerncerns me nor what He has planned for me. You don’t know who I am nor what I am about or the thoughts God has already of me. So sit your butt down and watch God do the work He has already begun in my life and watch him Work me to Victory😎” 
And when they keep bringing me down… 
I stare down at them even more…

“Just because of setbacks didn’t mean the road ended. Just because there were obstacles didn’t mean I didn’t carry my gears to climb over the mountain. Just because the rain fell and flooded my path didn’t mean the sun won’t shine again and dry it all up and enable me place my feet on solid earth. Just because of what you think you see about me and that my journey had ended you refuse to see that it has only just begun and just because of your negativity you think I do not see that when you remove “Nega” which stands for “No” I cannot replace it to “Posi” to create my own “Yes to Posivitiy ”

I don’t care what you think or what the world has fashioned my progress to be a stunted growth ”
I only care for this… and that is what God says.. and I am who God says I am. He has placed my feet like a solid plant to grow and blossom with fruits. So stop trying to play god in my life and act like you know all about me and how I would be. You don’t.  And because I am all about what God says about me…I choose to let go and let Him, so….take a back seat and see how He would make me Soar ….
And when I get there.. I would look down as the surprises lits up in their faces …I would put on my game face and it would be saying…

“You know who did it? Jesus, oh my God!! Wow!!”
Until then,  take a back seat and watch me….rise above the Ashes like a phoenix and soar..

Watch your eyes,my shine might blind you.😃”
When they tell you anything that doesn’t make sense…
You tell them too….”You are enough to be anything you want…I MEAN EVERYTHING.”
~Stephanie Egberike  




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