Don’t hide your Talents..

Let the world know what God has deposited into you. 

Make it known..let it speak. .

Let it  introduce you when words fail you. .

And when it’s time,  relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour ..

And never forget to thank Him, who made it so,  creating you in His beauty, crafting you in His image..

And making all things perfect.
“For the thoughts I have of you are of  good and not of evil to give you an expected end” He says
So be rest assured..that when God your plans drafted into His own plans…
Everything would fall into pleasant places for you.
Sometimes , all you need to believe. ..and know that faith would move mountains.

But remember,   faith without works is dead.
So just don’t work the the talk..and study to show yourself approved…
So use those talents, make it count..
And when it’s time…

Soar Baby😘😘😘
GOD got you. 

You got you.

Others will follow. 
In time…all things would be as beautiful as the rainbow stretched lazily across the sky. 
Stay Woke.😎

Stay you.

Be motivated.
~Stephanie Egberike 


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