So here I am thinking about my many failures, sometimes they weighed me down. Sometimes I sank in too deep i felt my life would continuously be sinking sand.
But wait!!
There is a tiny little mustard seed called hope. There is even a tiny peekle feckle thing called faith.. and it is both the absence of what you can hold tangibly in your arms, and something you have never tasted in your mouth.. yet,they say it can move mountains.
And maybe it did. It moved mine. And maybe prayers propelled it even further.
Point is..never give up. Never wallow . Even when you stumble don’t fall.
So what if you did? . You can also rise up.
No..not like one whose life has ended but about to begin.
No don’t walk. Jog!.
Okay,stop jogging. How about you run.?

You see,  life is a race but it is not always about who started first, it’s about who stayed on track even after starting and when they got to the finish line, to the top..they didn’t relax there like they were doing people a favour. They owned the gaddamed top like it was made for them.
So how about you stop crawling with your life  just because it stopped . How about you begin to have hope and faith…or spice it up with prayers.
Oh don’t be silly. It’s not magic. You need to add works to it. Yes..works . (God is God by himself and he would do all that he would do. But in the main time…Work it!).
Faith without works is dead right?
Oh don’t mind that that job ain’t coming. What’s in your hands? Use it. There is gift and talent inside of you. ..harness it and let it speak.
So once you spice it up with works. How about you do something better. Write your visions and plans and stay focus.
Persevere to achieve it. Make it happen the right way.
Even the bible says you should write down your visions and run with it.
How about we do one better?
If you can’t fly because you feel you don’t have wings to.
Maybe then you can touch the skies  and grace the stars too.

#BirthdayGirl #ItchyFingers #January#12th …


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