Nightingale -Chp 1

The bedside clock chimes a lazy 7:00 am. The alarm goes out in a shrill cry.

Nightingale by Stephanie Egberike -Paid Ad (Spiritual Vodka Ng)


Rogue groans as she rolled to the other side of the bed to slap it off. She had barely had a good night’s sleep and now it was already morning. She wished she could stay in bed all day through the entire day, maybe even sleep for a week.


She wished.


Sobbing out of frustration she pushes herself of the bed and stamps her feet to the ground. She opens her eyes lazily to see that the morning light is seeping through hr dark room.


”I hate Mondays. i infact hate all the days of the week. Including any weekend i have to work” she sobs as she pads naked to the bathroom. 


It takes her thirty minutes to be done, she strolls out of the toilet with a white towel wrapped around her waist and stands infront of the mirror.


”Hi you, you look like shit. ” she tells herself ”Despite that, you need to go to work, shitty work with a shitty boss and even shittier colleagues. Thanks dad for fxxking my life up and dying without leaving me a penny, gave mum a heart attack, paying bills that sent her to the grave and made me an orphan who has to work her way through college. Now after college i am still trying to survive in this shit hole of a’s that for a life huh?” she blurts out pulling a chair and taking a seat. She blows out thin air. 


She risks a look at the clock on the all . It was 7: 25.


”Fxxk” she exclaims in horror


She rushes to get dressed. 


Twenty minutes later she is trying to catch the train and heading across time to work.




Rogue rushes across the intersect, skips through the car park, jumps climbing the staircase and then rushes breathless into her office meeting the first person at the door who shakes her head in disappointment.


”You are late, again!” The lady points out to her as she follows Rogue to her desk.


”Just one time” Rogue says as she pushes her bag underneath her and shoves it to the corner, she sinks into her seat. 


”That’s like the 1001th time Rogue!!”


”That’s over dramatic Lisa, its not that serious” Rogue chuckles


”It is. Boss wants to see you” Lisa tells her before walking away from her desk


Rogue bites her lips and then rests her head on her table, she raises her head to look around. Everyone but her must have gotten to work latest 7:00 am while she was home still sleeping. They were already knee deep in work while she is about to..


This was not good, it wasn’t.


She groans as she pushes the chair away and makes her way to her bosses office.


She knocks, waits for a few seconds before she ventures in. Her boss was on the phone, Rogue waits.


She takes in her boss’s office and wondered if she would ever in her life time get to achieve much. It smelt and looked rich, as rich as her boss.


Her boss was in her mid forties, she didn’t look it.  Trim and slender for her age, dresses like the way she looks, but her attitude was as shitty as a dark patch on a beautiful pristine dress on a sunny afternoon.


She treats her workers as dirt and treats her even worse. But what was she to do, she needed the job. For all her riches one would think she would pay them better, she didn’t plus she made them work twice as much while she does nothing but sit around and make calls.


People whispered that she was a cougar,- a lady who liked younger men. She wouldn’t doubt that, all the time her boss had had visitors, they were all between 20-34 years.











Ningtingale -CHP


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