Nightingale -Chapter Four

Nightingale by Stephanie Egberike (Paid As with Spiritual Vodka, NG

PS (+18😊)



Rogue pauses

Their eyes met.

It lingers.

For a moment. She felt suddenly warm, seated on his hardened member with his hands gently squeezing her breasts.

Heat rising between her legs, warming her entire insides as sensations tickled her toes.

Their stare lingers even more.

She began to move again, letting her waist grind him, pushing his hands and urging him to squeeze her more and caress the folds of her breasts.

She intensifies her movement, leaning closer to him, pushing her bosom to him and ensuring her full folds is close to his face. Her waist making rhythmic movements, she throws her head backwards and then allows a moan escape her lips.

Realizing that every movement, she felt him harden even more till it felt like hardened wood between her legs, causing her core to vibrate in sensations shooting to her head.

She has to stop.

She pulls her head backward to stare at him, he was watching her with intensity, such intensity that she burned.

Rogue wanted to stare away, instead she was drawn into the depths of his deep blue sea eyes.

Watching her watching him,his hands still slowly caressing and squeezing her breast, he removes one hand, slowing finding it’s way around her and caressing her back, he finds the strap that holds her bra in place and with a flick of his finger he unhooks it.

She should stop him. She thought

The idea was to take up his offer of helping him return to those moments in his life where he was attracted to a woman and want to get physical with them.

The deal didn’t involve sex.

She didn’t come here for sex. She had to remind herself.

Hell, what did she come here for anyways?


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