Bridget blinks realizing who is infront of her and staring at her..like she was a crazy person

”Great!” she exclaims

It wasn’t enough that he was her neighbor, it wan’t enough that they had that horrible scene at her son’s school earlier today only to realize that he is the new coach. It wasn’t enough that she felt humiliated for supposedly slapping him for mistaken identity and had to apologize while people look on, eve nthe apology came forcefully… now, they are now shopping in thesame supermarket…worse off at this very moment when the sales rep were being overly rude.

”Just great!” she repeats shaking her head ”If you are done staring at me can you go on with your bill paying, i don’ intent to stand here all day, someone people actually have things to do” she mouths off, pride sometimes get in the way, not that she cared none.

It was his fault anyways, if he had stayed home, if he hadn’t come to her door and tried to talk to her son, she wouldn’t have assumed the worse and had slapped him, there and at the field. 

God the humiliation, the entire school would be talking about her till eternity. Dear Lord!!

Blake scoffs shaking his head ”I was shocked to realize that the disturbance was coming from you, you seem to like the noise, you forget that there are actually sane people breathing thesame air you breathe so tone it down a notch, before everyone think you are a scary person” he shakes his head turning away, and continue to bag his items

”Me, crazy? Do i look crazy to you?” sh raises her voice a pitch

He turns back to her, then to the people behind her, and the sales rep, then he nods looking back at her ”Apparently not only to me.” he chuckles again, shaking his head some more ”Thank you” he tells the cashier, takes his card and then his bag of items and is existing the supermarket

”Crazy woman!” he mutters

”You are the crazy person! My goodness can you believe that man!How dare you” she exclaims, turning to the cashier who is staring at her weirdly, she yells at her ”Stop staring at me and do your job damnit! Please bag my items and swipe my card for payment, you all make me angry. First i cannot window shop just because some customers think i am being suspicious, now i can’t pay in piece because that annoying person thinks i am being   noisy? Me! Oh..he hasn’t see noisy yet …you..coach person!” she spat, folding her arms and boiling in anger ”What?” she flairs up at the cashier

Blake ignores her, he was out of the door, mumbling some incoherent words over his shoulders as he heads to his car.

”Your card has been declined?”

”What does that mean?”

”Declined Ma’am, if you have another card i could try”

”There is money in there, try this, infact try all of this” she opens her wallet and gives her three more cards”

”All declined!!!!”

Bridget frowns now ”I don’t understand, i have money in all these-” her voice suddenly reduces

”It’s been declined, if you have no other card ma’am, i would advice you re-shelve and come back later when you solve your card issues, it might be from your bank and-”

”And yet you are looking at me in such condescending way and speaking to me as such too?” Bridget is staring at her, then she turns to see everyone watching her ”I have money, i think it’s just my card and..i wouldn’t come in here if i don’t…” she trails

Everyone is watching her, she suddenly felt so small.

She didn’t understand, she has money, she knew it..why wasn’t the cards paying?. Now this scene didn’t look good. First she mouthed off at them that she was just doing window shopping and not like she didn’t have money when they claimed she might be some random shoplifter, to prove them wrong she had picked some items to pay, now she cannot even pay for the items she picked, not that she didn’t have money but the stupid cards are being declined.

Was her day going to get any worse?

”Try again..please” she tells the cashier

The customers behind her are muttering

”You can’t pay, don’t come into a shop”

”Lady you are wasting our time, we have places to be” someone says behind her

”She may be a shoplifter, trying to buy time to distract us, kick her out” another person ordered

”See the pile of things she took, she can’t pay, seeking for help, still mouthing off, stupid woman!!” they kept talking

”You are not paying , get out and allow us with money pay” someone else says

”I have money damnit! You are all rude, ” she spat at them over her shoulders

”Your card is being declined Ma’am, it’s not paying, can you please step aside so i attend to others?” the cashier tells her handing her her cards, pushing her item to the corner of her table  to allow room for another customer to drop their items as she turns to the next customer in line ”This way please” then she beckons to one of the sales reps ”You can put these items back on the shelve” she indicates the items Bridget had picked

The sales rep walks forward to take Bridget’s item, Bridget turns her ”I said i want to get this and-”

”You haven  paid, if you do i would help you pack it up again but lady you are causing  a scene here so please can you step away from here so i-”

”Will you all stop treating me like a thief!!” she yells ”I have money, if you could just try again and-” she blinks, tears fills her eyes

”Lady, !” the cashier calls out, she was getting impatient

”Try it again damnit!” Bridget continues to blink, trying not to cry ”Just try…again” she sniffs

The cashier takes her card ”this would be the last time” she swipes the card


Blake curses as he frantically searches for his keys

He remembered holding it, when he left his car , then he walked into the supermarket, he remembered using the convenience, then before he went to the counter to pay, he was holding it and-

Yeah, he dropped it to pick up his wallet to hand the cashier his card to swipe and pay for his items just before he heard that crazy woman’s voice which distracted him. 

He must have dropped his keys at the counter then.

Sighing, he retraces his steps back into the supermarket, opens the door and enters only to meet the scene.

It takes a moment for him to process what was going on.

Why the customers were attacking the crazy woman.  Why she was holding on to the items she had already picked and refusing the sales rep from stacking it back onto the shelves. Why she kept pointing at the cashier holding her card and screaming ”I have money damnit to pay for theses things, i am not a thief!Try my card again..i won’t leave her until i buy my things okay, so ..swipe it!

Blake frowns

Dear Lord, she was crazy! Like she needs help in a mental hospital, she was a straight stray-jacket  material and  place to be her isolated from everybody would be  for the good of humans. She how she was like  an untamed monkey  ina  zoo.  This was’t pretty, it wasn’t pretty at all. why come to shop without money and then making a scene about it? Why not just bow your head and then go home., huh!! Did she like such attention?

He thought

He suddenly felt sorry for her son, Sean, and her husband he..actually haven’t seen.

He wonders how they cope with her craziness. Well her craziness is one a stranger like him wishes to avoid her at all cost.

But how does he search for his car key when they are at the middle of  a struggle?

He scratches his head, he sighs taking steps to them, it was an ugly scene he doesn’t want to be a part off.

”Excuse me, please sorry to interrupt what is going on here but…erm.. i think i dropped my car keys” he raises his voice to get their attention

The sales rep turns away from Bridget and then, so did the cashier and everyone else except Bridget who just stood backing him, her eyes closes briefly, she is rooted to the ground, holding on to the items she picked, refusing the sales rep from taking them back, the sales rep also doesn’t let go of the items.

”Keys?”the Cashier asks

”Yes, it has a brown key holder with a baseball cap  on it, black head, funny signs too”

”Oh, ” she looks around as she searches for it ”Hold on let me check if its under these..” she tries to look under Bridget’s items still on the cashier table ”Please take those items away from the counter so i check for this man’s keys” she tells the sales rep, Bridget was still refusing to leg go, and the Sales rep is determined,

”Ma’am, you are causing a scene here and we would have to call security if you don’t leave at once” The cashier seemed fed up, Blake stood watching

This crazy woman knows no shame!! He shakes his head, he needed his damn keys so he can be out of here, she can continue her crazy when he is gone.

”This is crazy! Twenty minutes i am still on a cue, what is wrong with this woman my God!” some lady mouths off

”She needs to see a doctor, this isn’t normal”

”I know right, a thief refusing to admit it, trying to lie her way to having money, can’t pay for her items and refusing to bow out in shame. Yep, she needs some serious help” another person says shaking her head

”Look i have to get home to my husband and kids, anytime now ?” an impatient mother exclaims to the Cashier

”I am so sorry everyone for the delay, she is leaving. ” she apologizes to all of them

”Please call the security!” the cashier directs another sales rep who nods heading to the front

Bridget stares at them all, her eyes almost dropping ”Look…i just need to pay and i’ll go…” she pauses, swallows ‘It won’t take a minute and….” she swallows again backing Blake,

Blake frowns, it sounded as though, wait was she crying?

God, this woman was a crazy drama queen! Does she likes to be humiliated! He heard one time that it might actually be some kind of disease. Maybe she had that diseases or something. Any normal sane person would just crawl out in shame, she should just leave, if she can’t pay for an item, there is no shame in it,  just leave!

He  shakes his head again,

Mehn! whatever, he just needed his keys. This scene was making his head hurt, the noise, everything. 

”Lady, please, keys?” he repeats

Bridget  still doesn’t she doesn’t turn, humiliation fills her, and then something else.  She is struggling to rein it in but it is threatening to burst out.

If she doesn’t leave now, she wouldn’t be able to stop it when it comes.

”The securities are on their way” the sales girl is back, she tells the cashier who nods,

The other sales girl still holding on to the items with Bridget stares at her ”Guess we would allow the securities deal with you then” she lets go, and shifts

Bridget stares at her hand circling the items, she closes her eyes briefly and then breaths in, sucking her breath, pushing back threatening tears at the brink of falling

”You know what? Give me my cards, i would just come back some other time” she whispers letting go, she drops her hands from the items

The cashier lady quickly pushes her cards to her, Bridget  takes it, turns away from her and the customers who glare at her, without looking at Blake or acknowledging his presence, she walks past him, heads out of the supermarket door and disappears

”Good riddance to bad rubbish. ”

”I thought she would never leave”

”She is a thief, trying to shoplift, thank God we spoke up. Shameless!”

”Imagine the nerve of the woman!!”

The Customers were all talking, Blake frowns and looks back at the door she left, he turns to everyone and then stares at them. The Cashier is still looking for the keys, ”Take these items back” she pushes them to the sales rep who grabs them one by one, Blake stares at him.

He suddenly remembers the just now look on Bridget’s face. It seemed sad, defeated..and something else he couldn’t place.

His frown deepens as he stares back at the sales rep with the Items passing him.

Argh Blake, don’t do it, don’t do it Blake! He tells himself.






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