In Too Deep Slippery Waters – CHP Sixteen



The sky has turned thick dark blue, the moon is hiding behind the cloud.   All that is seen is shadowy.

Lucas stares at his phone vibrating  as he sat in his car.

It was David, then it was Kelvin. A couple missed calls. He ignores it.

All that was going through his mind where three things. Three names




The more he sat around trying to look for clues the more tendency that Anikka and Leister might end up like Tickkle, a bargain he is not willing to risk.

He remembers Tickkle’s face in the morgue, a certain pain seeps through him. Never had he felt this way for a long time, felt this way of being a disappointment to himself. Never had he left someone stranded or not showing up when he needed to show up.

He had always shown up, for people who didn’t matter, much ,less for people who did? He didn’t even give space to not be there. He showed up. That was just the way he was, that was the way he had wired himself, to be there for people who needed him.

But …within the last 24 hours, everything had gone wrong. Everything!!

He wasn’t there when they took his friend and his family, he didn’t have any idea.

He wasn’t there when they took Anikka..,

He closes his eyes briefly as another pain shoots through his heart.

He wasn’t there when they took her, he promised to protect her, yet..he broke it when he wasn’t there to protect her.

And worse of all, Tickkle.

Lucas folds his fist.

All Tickkle wanted was to ensure his family doesn’t get to hurt Anikka much more than they already have. All he wanted was to ensure that their plans of taking her and ruining her never happened. All he wanted was for them to be kept away til Anikka was safe. All Tickkle wanted was to be a brother, to his sister if that was the only good deed he did.

And he died for it. No, he was murdered by it by his own very family.

What sort of heartless woman would run her son to the ground and didn’t care? What sort of brothers would kill their brother and not give a damn. How dysfunctional was their family. How fxxked up was it? How insanely heartless were they to kill a man who wanted nothing other than to do right? How…

Lucas holds onto the Steering-Wheel

The anger in him swelled, thinking of Ticckle’s lifeless body had the anger doubling.

All he wanted was to drive through them and run them to the ground, that was all. To ensure that they do not have a chance at a second chance. People like this didn’t deserve to live, they didn’t. If they could kill their brother, then it was evident that they had everything to do with Anikka’s father’s death.

He couldn’t save Ticckle, but he was not going to sit idle by and let anything happen to Anikka, or Lesiter.

One way or the other he must find her, find them and make sure all of those who had a hand in this pays.

Yes, this shit was personnel now.

This wasn’t a job he was paid to do anymore, this has nothing to do with money, or his client or his job.

He fxxking cares for Anikka, so much so now that she has been kidnapped, the thought of her in fear now or being tortured or …killed is driving him insane. He hadn’t cared for another woman the way he had suddenly begun to care for Anikka..

And, and…

He closes his eyes briefly.

He just needs to find her, and if ..just by God if any harm has been done to her, he swears that he would make the person pay..he would make all of them pay.

He has no idea where she is or who took her, or took his friend and his family, and his best bet was going back to the root and digging up holes from the inside, that’s  the only way he can come up for air.

And the root, where it all started was here.

This family, Tickkle who told her first about her father being killed, the mother Albetta who drugged her, the sons who seem to be on it. This family, same one who killed their son, brother..this family.

He would start from them..he had no intention to be merciful, they messed with the wrong bodyguard..the messed with the wrong man, they fxxking messed with his girl, they killed her brother…

This is fxxking personal.

He only hopes that Teneka Lorde, Anikka’s lawyer was able to contact the Government to hold off on making the drop for Anikka’s father. And then David and Kelvin look through each and everyone on that list and in that  meeting..someone have to have given the other, one or all of them were in on it..

He needs to find Anikka, he needs to save her, protect her, and keep her save..

”Dear God!” He mutters running his hand over his face

Dear God, don’t let them hurt her, don’t! He prays

His phone buzzes again.

It’s David.

It has been going off non-stop since he left them and zoomed off.

He picks, he keeps his eyes on them. They are curiously staring at the car, guns in hand, waiting, waiting to see anything.

”Luke, Dude, don’t do anything stupid, we have to think this through and we don’t know for sure if they were the ones i mean-”

”You saw the footage, four of them came down from the car and went into the pent-house building when we looked it on the security cam. Three of them came out , Tickkle didn’t. Plus his  time of death was specified. There was no in-betweens from the time they arrived there till the time they left. No one entered and no one left. This is obvious as an elephant in a house. They killed him”

”Okay..wait Luke, Anikka is still out there, Leister can’t just get angry and-”

”I am angry! I am about to do some serious damage and if you think i would sit back and wait till i get news about Anikka, you are wrong! We know what they want, everything makes perfect sense. George Benjamin was a fxxking wealthy man this parts of the country, his  Blackcoal enterprise was doing great, his major achievements in this side of the community was close to a fxxking unmeasured assets both in liquid and state. The dude practically brought back to life the business of raw minerals and made it into an empire. It is obvious that jealousy and greed of people who are close to him as you can see by virtue of the meeting we attended had him killed. Now, they may have succeeded in killing him, but they couldn’t get their hands on his wealth because he willed it to his daughter , Anikka. A stumbling block to their greed which was only a breath space from them.  So Anikka  being here already ruined their plans or delayed it as it case may be. What do they do? Plan to grab her, and their plans failed, why? Because i was int he picture as the fxxking bodyguard to protect her and keep her safe right?

Now, they are refusing to be sitting docks waiting till whenever they can have a piece of George’s cake to themselves and share it, but the mere fact that the Government is making due payment to George Benjamin in bonds times to of what he presently has due to his achievements and community service to the people, and his projects and developments he had mounted up,  what happens? they decide to up their game. they know now that what they were hoping to get was little compared to what they would be getting now once the government drops those finances. They would not only be getting George’s wealth that is a tank deep  assets, liquid and state, they would be getting his entire life’s worth in bonds and whatnot, and who is the stumbling block to this..Anikka, still Anikka, because she is the sole heir to her father’s assets and by virtue of blood ad relations, Anikka now gets all that was due her father and all her father left for her. See why she is a heavy target? See why they would do anything to get their hands on her and what she owns as virtue of being her father’s daughter?

Look David, now is not the time to think rationally or carefully, they have Anikka right now, all they need is the original documents her father had transferred to her name and letter of attorney that she needs to sign, blood or Ink they won’t care, and let her transfer all that to them, once they do that and get what they want,. they kill her. But, i have those original documents, thank God.

But, the government bonds to drop in funds, like i said,  they can kill her as soon as it drops, after making her transfer all that money to them. You see how i can’t safe her if they get their hands on either the documents or the funds. The only reason i do believe she is breathing is because they have no idea where the documents are, and the funds is hasn’t  dropped. So i have this tiny window to find her, find them, and bring those who captured them to justice, so don’t tell me to think, i don’t have time to think. I don’t! I am going to get her back, my friend too and his family..and these people i am staring out is my first point of call.  I would come the entire list if i have to ..i will. So David, until you have some concrete information to give me, don’t call me. Follow that list…just find me a goddamned glue where she might be..” he cuts the call before David could say anything.

Luke looks back at the house where the only light is coming from and then sees them, the two men and the woman taking the steps slowly one at a time and is walking towards him as he is parked, he waits.

He knew that now that it’s dark, they can barely see anything because he parked further down and the more they move towards him, the darker it became due to the natural life around them, and the more difficult for them to see clearly in the thick night.

He slowly opens the car and then alights in the dark,  bending low, very low and moving to the back of the car and then crawls into the forest. Knowing that they wouldn’t see him coming down now that he had killed the headlights. He moves into the sides of the bush, going slightly deeper away from them, he pauses and waits for them to pass, then he makes a way through the bushes towards them, coming out from behind them.  He brings out his gun in one hand, his finger caressing the trigger, the other hand he brings a big flour scent handy torch, bright enough for this purpose.

Unknown, whether the occupants of the car was there or not to them, Greg, Brandon and their mother Albetta  continue to make their way towards the car, gun pointed.

”Give me a touch Greg, can’t see” Brandon whispers to Greg, taking one step at a time.

”Sssh, using a touch would give our position away, who ever is in there have no intention of coming down, we need to find get to him before he posses any threat. Mother, go back to the house” Greg orders quietly

”You think i would get scared over some intruder? ”She ignores them making her  through them, then goes ahead stopping right infront of the car.

”You have one second, one out of the car whoever you are with both hands up, i won’t repeat myself, we are all harmed and you are intruding. ” She orders, her hand outstretched with the gun pointed, Greg and Brandon stop behind her, guns at arms length, fingers at the trigger, prepared.

”Come out now!!!” Albetta repeats

No answer.

She wished she had come out with a torch, but whoever was in there was either on a suicide mission or some threat and she had no chances to take. She can shoot first and ask questions later.

”Blast the car, kill whoever is in there” she orders

”I wouldn’t do that if i were you” Came a voice behind them

They all turn.




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