Nightingale – Chapter Five



Sisi had walked in with a few others  just a little while ago.

“TF is going on in there? ” She frowns coming close to Lulu who turns in shock to find about six others there,  including the three bar guys and ladies.

“Eh,  nothing. Don’t you guys have work to do or something. Go.. Shuu!”She tries to shuu all of them away

“Yeah.. Yeah.. Awe aww awww fxxk yeah. Hmm hmm hmm oh yeah.. Come on come on yeah.. Come on.. Awwww! ” The moans continues

Everyone stares at the toilet door

“Whatever she is doing in there is a lot of stroking to have her moan like that as though she hasn’t had it in a long time. Damn! ” Sisi exclaims,  everyone laughs

“Ah Ahhh Yeah yes yeasssh”

One of the guys grabs his crotch, “Her sounds be turning me the fxxk on menu!”

Lulu slaps the back of his head “That’s my cousin,  go masturbate elsewhere ” She tires to nudge him out of the door,  he refuses

“No way Lulu,  I like it right here while I envision her fingers doing all the work..i wish I was doing all that” he bites his lips staring at the door, openly rubbing the front area of his jeans.

Kpas!  The sound of flat palm to skin cut head.

The guy exclaims holding his head

“Talk about fxxking my cousin again and I would cut of your dxxk and feed it to the worms. She is off limits ” she point  to him and the other two guys who raise their hands in mock surrender.

“Yes yes yessssssss” Rogue moans out

Everyone’s eyes are glued to the toilet door.

“Damn!” Another of the guys exclaims

“I wish I was that finger ” The third guy states

“I know right! ” the other two join in

“Who says she is using the finger?” Lulu folds her hands

They guys faces falls in

Lulu smiles, Sisi smiles,  the other girls smile

“The gift?” The first guy frowns

Lulu nods “A fxxking good value for it’s money. It’s a vibrator with a clit stimulator.  It’s as fat as a thick fxxk,  long enough to reach your core,  it’s fleshy yet stiff,  it sprouts to live when you turn it on and when it’s inside of you dear dear dear ” She smiles shaking her head “You would forget that a real man existed.  That shit is the realest,  she is moaning out loud because of its fxxking feel good effect.  You just don’t come when it hits your g-spot. You explode literally. “

The  guys  are slightly upset.

“We have good capable feel good dxxks here waiting to be used,  yet you got her a dildo . “

“My cousin. My gift. Her feel good. “She smiles “Plus you all was cheering  her on her birthday and laughing out loud when I gifted it to her. You didn’t have a problem.. now you are crying as though your dxxk has been ripped.”

“The innovation of Dildos and vibrators was the beginning of causing men to be extinct.”

“Ah,  a cry for dxxk pleas ” Sis laughs

“No.. It’s not,  its-“

“Huh huh huh..yea yes yes YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! “

“TF girl! ” Lulu laughs wondering how her cousin was doing in there stroking herself to the depth.

”Wow!” everyone else exclaims

”That was some large explosiveness cum” Sisi states with a smile on her face

A few minutes later,  the door to the toilet  opens.Rogue comes out and then is shocked to find them all there.

”How long have you all been standing there?”’ she asks in her quiet innocent voice

”Long enough baby girl, lone enough!”

Rogue covers her face in embarrassment

Everyone laughs, Lulu goes to her ”Don’t mind them, you were horny, you freed yourself, they are just jealous that none of them is getting some like you just did” Lulu bursts out in laugh which only increased Rogue’s embarrassment

”Don’t worry girlfriend, we girls need that release all the time..your moaning is safe with us” the girls laugh, turning around one by one and heading out, followed by the guys who stare at her lustfully and without shame

Rogue covers her face till she was sure that everyone had  left the room. She drops her hands to find Lulu and Sisi’s staring at her.

”Oh i am so embarrassed” Rogue goes to a chair and then sinks i, Lulu and Sisi comes to her, sinking down beside her

”You’ll live.” they tap her

Rogue pouts in more sobs of embarrassment.


Hours later, Rogue is stripping down to her undies and then she is climbing her bed so she could have a good sleep.

The night life wasn’t her thing yet, but the club didn’t leave her any choice. She needed the job, she needed the money, life night it is.

She groans turning to her side on the bed,

Thoughts of Luke crosses her mind, she kicks it away immediately as she is consumed with sleep.

Few minutes later she is snoring.


The Next day…

Rogue is locking up her door and walking down to take a cab when her phone rings

It’s Lulu

”Hi Lulu” Rogue smiles answering, she checks her watch, she still had enough time before showing up at work, she wasn’t in a hurry

”Hi Rogue, so erm…”


”Luke Chandler!”

Rogue’s heart skips abit ”Yeah, what about him?”

”Well erm, moments ago he came looking for you like, he came straight to me looking for you”

”What did he want?” Rogue asks

”You are asking me? You are the one who was grinding him..maybe he wants some ass, who knows.”


”I see.” Rogue could sense Lulu smiling ”So?”

”I kinda gave him your address, and your phone number!”

”LULU!!!!” Rogue exclaimed, Lulu roars with laughter



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