The Royals: CHP Twenty-Seven

Theodore helps Lady Sissie Veronese down the coach and then walks her to the entrance of her abodes.
”Thank you my lord, i would not think you had any gentlemanliness within that hard exterior of yours”
”I do not, but what would you think of me if i were just a lad who dropped you off by the street and whisked myself home without walking a lass such as yourself to her door. I may still think you dare look like a witch with the red maze of overflowing hair but still…i am not as heartless as you think i am”
Sissie smiles ”And a fool, you did forget to mention that my Lord”
‘Aaah Yes” he raises his index finger ”I am not entirely one. See, we make a good team, as regards those fools-”
”The Princess is no fool, your Duke is” She corrects jabbing him with her finger which he brushes away as though wondering fly perched on his fine silk clothe, he continues to talk
”When a man cannot claim what is his and a woman cannot speak out what she feels, and both of them act out rebelliously just because, they are fools, however, he is my friend and my brother and i love him as he is…i just hope he is able to sort out that which bother’s them. In felt helpless at a moment, unsure of what to do while he was downcast but thank God he took my advice and made his move, i am mighty proud of him..although” Theodore rubs his jaw ”The Princess being a stubborn streak might surely make the task difficult but i do trust my Willy-Boy, he wouldn’t entirely be a pussy” he snickers

Sissie stares at him ” Surely this is just purely an assumption..”
”You saw it, i saw it..those two surely feel a thing for each other, you did see how he looked at her and how she did look at him, you did he how he whisks her out of the ballroom without a care in the world and didn’t protest when we offered to take this coach so they ride in the other. You did tell me that by virtue of what the Princess told you-”
”Which was merely nothing other than he hurt and humiliated her-”
”Which-” Theodore cuts her ”could be by virtue of the matters of the heart”
”We do not know that”
‘Surely you are wiser than you let on, but nevertheless, i shall get the truth out of Willy-boy, one way or the other, and you would do thesame with the Princess”
She taps her jaw and then raises an eyebrow ”I am trying to understand how i did tell you i would take orders from you my lord”
He smiles ”Ladies do prefer us giving the orders, don’t they”
”I am not a lady!” she frowns
”I didn’t think so, you did look more like a witch with your ready fluffy hair” he roars with laughter, she stomps her feet, eyes blazing, she folds her fist
”How dare you mock me my Lord”
He slowly calms himself ”Forgive me my Lady but i could not help myself, it was tempting and plus you said you weren’t a lady, your words not mine”
”I merely referred to the kind of ladies you were referring to, i am a lady, all shades and possessions”
”Indeed” he snorts ”But if i did offend you, do accept my apology”
She turns and then made to leave, he stops her
”Surely you mustn’t be angry so…see, we have recently become comrades-”
”We are not at war my lord, surely you should clearly pick your tenses in addressing” she hits his hands away and then turns to him
”I mean Lady Sissie that we must work together for the good of those who matter to us , me, the Duke and you the Princess..we want thesame thing do we not?”
”Exactly what do ”we” want?”
He sighs, ”Their happiness”
”A fact that we cannot ascertain , a fact that is clearly not open for discussion, you do realize that this conversation, we shouldn’t be having it”
”Why not?” Theodore is confused
”Because the walls have hears”
”Let them hear then!” he frowns
Sissie Veronese shakes her head ” And he is nothing but a dimwitted fool.’
”I would appreciate dear Lady Sissie that you do not insult my intelligence”
”As little as a child’s” She smirks
He stares at her hard ”I do wonder if you and the Princess are not cut out from thesame feathers” he frowns, she smiles
”Atleast we are ladies who cannot be tamed to do what men dare wants, when and how and how it does please them my lord”
”Possibly the reason why the parents are thus tired of you both…see, the Princess they force her to be married and you..” he looks her up and down ”I dare say of your parents have made you a forgotten case”
She gasps ”How dare you! My parents show knows not to force me to be married to fools such as you and the Duke , they do understand that the ladies desires to be married to whom they be married to”
”Ah, and you think a man would dare fall for a woman who looks like the grim of the stock and a red mass of hair like the red earth forgotten by would scare the suitors way, surely, not one have come, not one ..for your..”he stares at her hand ”quite remarkable slender hand” he takes it in his, she pulls it away
”Touch me not! I also would not have you insult me. You have overstayed your time Viscount Theodore Nesvile” she held her hand, turning up her nose ”I would have you know that tens of thousands have come and i have turned them away”
”Liar” he smiles
She sneers at him ”You are the scum of the earth, no wonder the duke is your friend, both men are vile”
He laughs, liking her discomfort, when she was mad, she didn’t look so scary..infact..
”But you know my lady, the Princess may be having a different thought about our duke”
”Your Duke”
”Our!” he winks at her ”If..just if they are feeling towards each other what we suspect they are..surely, do you not think that…they would be having a different conversation right now”
”And what kind of conversation might that be..oh wise Theodore”
He snickers ”Say that again!”
She scowls at him, he laughs
”I dare say i like you little red witch! You make me laugh” he laughs,
”Little red witch, is that how i would be called from now on my lord?” she frowns, why was she not shouting his head off, she would surely be doing that if it were another fellow, she was sure of it. Her frown deepens
”Possibly, but stay with me on this….the Princess and the Duke, which we suspects like each other, whatever did happen as they did travel must caused a tension…i may not nothing of the depth of it-”
”I do, she did note that he humiliated her and made her a laughing stock and caused a Lady Gracey to insult her presence further”
”But how…? How ? do you know how she was humiliated, or she did feel so? did you know the depth of what transpired? did she really tell you my lady of what the said Lady Gracey did…did she tell you why she is red angry with my friend…the Duke? No..yes?”
”Well…the depth is what i do not know, but hurt she was for she cried” she taps her jaw
”Matters of the heart cannot be explained my lady, it is un-comprehend-able”
”No word such as that”
”Made up, i am a scholar!” he smiles, she rolls her eyes
”But..i dare say, all should be settled. It would. i hope” he thinks for a moment rubbing his jaw ”But, it would be damn wonderful wouldn’t you think so, a fairytale to tell kids one day..that the Princess who loved no man, witty as they come, royalty as she is was forced to marry a ruthless Duke who hated her as she did him…and one thing led to another and before long they fell inlove and soon the once forced alliance became a fairy tale wedding to last the test of time”
She raises an eyebrow ”I would think bed time stories are for little lads and lasses alone my lord, apparently that notion has been debased as of tonight”
He smiles , steps back and then bows ”Indeed, we are young at hearts, but it is not a crime to think of wonderful things, i would be infact be thrilled, a story i would tease him with when they have little Williams and Annas”
”If only..” she watches him rise
”If only..that is why we must ensure that they remain, why let young loves bash over nothing, i love fairytales and the Duke and Princess are lovely cast.” He straightens up, she wonders why he bows
”I suppose, it this is as real as you say..pray, tell me why you bow?”
He frowns ”I not quite know. ‘ he curves his lips in one sided smile, ”I beg to take my leave, i shall head to Willy-boy’s abode and wait on him”
”Do you not have a home..i see you spend all of you time with the Duke”
”He is my brother, why stay away from him, go one fair red lady, i bide you good night. A team, a team we are, remember, we shall ensure their love is not tainted” he laughs backing away
”Oh my Lord!!!” she calls out to stop him from bumping into the person behind him
”Oh my goodness, my apologies Sir” Theodore bumps into the person behind him, he turns steadying himself and apologizing , then he frowns seeing who it is ..”You!!”
”Surely, it is not hard for a man to see where he is going..” Philip nudges him away from him and adjusts his cloths
Theodore smiles, staring at him ”My apologies, i didn’t see the dark shadowed figure less of a man standing behind me. ”
Philip nods, a nod of his head ”I dare say you have overstayed your welcome here”
”I am taking my leave, however, this is not your abode, it is Lady’s Sissies, though you may be her cousin but a cousin you are and nothing more and allow me to advise you…stay away from the Princess, she is being spoken for..”
”And if i do not!”
Theodore smiles, then he turns away from him ”Lady Sissie, i bide you farewell” he nods to her, and without a word to Philip, he goes to his coach, climbs it and waves as he begin to move away from their presence and disappear into the night
Philip turns to Sissie, she is looking at him
”Pray tell me cousin, are we not family?”
”We are dear Philip, ” she made to turn, he stops her taking her by the arm
”Philip, what is this?” surprise appears on her face
He has no smile on, his eyes is full of anger ”Why do you let another whisk away what i do desire”
”Let go off me Philip, you are hurting me” His nails are digging into her arm, she winces, he frowns and then lets her go
”My apologies my cousin, do forgive me hurts me so…it..”he drops his hand ”How dare he whisk her away from my presence, how dare both of you, you and that fool who just departed here stop me..oh i did swear to God i desire to hit him in the face and do much worse to the Duke and-”
”Be quiet Philip, dear Lord me. The Princess is betrothed to the Duke, they be married soon, he has every right to come for his lady when he desires and needs not take permission from anyone much less you”
”But she doesn’t love him or desire him, much less fancy him!!!”
”You know nothing of a woman’s feelings and has she spoken this words to you?”
”Her words sometimes means so, her body language, they way she talks about him makes me believe so..i believe all this things they are is nothing but a sham, a sham! I do think so…i do think that given a chance the Princess would let her emotions show..she would tell me that she does fancy me. I do deeply care for her and would want to marry dear cousin, would you not help your cousin to achieve this?”
”I would do no such thing as come between a man and a woman whom is to be married because my cousin has an itch he desires to be scratched. They are a thousand lasses you can bed if you so desire, you are a fine man my dear cousin, ladies would soon for you as they already do..but pray, do not tell me to let you indulge in a quest for fruitless, i will not. The Princess would be married to the Duke, you will accept that and let her be.” she tells him, and before he could protest, she was gone
Philip rubs his jaw in anger ”I shall not, of whatever means i shall ensure that they cannot be. I will ensure it” he turns to watch the darken skies ”I will not”.
Annalisa screams, seeing the hand reaching for her, while the man stare into the coach, their faces all of evil intent.
Williams grabs the arm, pulling it in, his heel connects to the man’s head and then kicks him away.
They saw the first man stumble backwards in agony and pain holding his head, the first and second stare at their colleague grunting, they look back into the coach, one reaches for his knife, the other for an iron steel he held.
Williams knew being in the coach was a difficult position, he needed to be out, that was the only way
The second one reaches inside the coach with his knife, holding to hook William’s it it, he pushes back, with Annalisa screaming behind him.
”You will not get out of this alive Lad, you rotten maggot, i dare cut you alive and feed you to my dogs, and we shall take the Princess..we shall rape her and sell her for gold you rotten mucus” the second man spat in anger, reaching inside , darting here and there to get Williams it.
Williams grabs his arm, struggling to keep it steady, pulling the man in to make him lose his balance, it didn’t work.
Instead he drags Williams out, the third man reaching for his William’s hand, getting it he holds it firm, grabbing both of William’s and then pulling him out with one quick motion.
Annalisa screams again, reaching for Williams, but her strength was no use for both men, stronger and bigger than the first grunting in pain, his nose a mess of blood dripping down, his hand on his head.
Together, the second and third man drags William’s out, and then flings him to the floor, causing Williams to hit the hard earth a thud, he groans out releasing the hand and the knife it held.
They grab Williams, releasing their fist all over his body as they gather him, leaving no room for him to gain his balance, stand up and defend himself.
Annalisa jumps down , she hits the first man she could, he turns and then nudges her away with a slap. Annalisa hits the floor, covering her face, she sobs screaming at them ”I order you to store, i order you to-”
”Shut up your Royalty!” the third man spits, looking down at Williams as he and the second man step away. Annalisa saw the knife, and noticed blood dripping from it’s edge
”Dear God no!!!” she looks to find William’s gritting in pain, holding his stomach in a curved position, she gasps trying to go to him
They grab her, ”You my Lady is coming with us!”, helping their friend up, they disappear into the night.
Williams lays there trying to catch his breath, hearing Annalisa scream into the night.
The guards, where are the guards. He felt weak, he felt really weak.
Fighting to keep his eyes open, he blacks out.
Williams opens his eyes, slowly trying to adjust to the blinding light over head.
He felt a presence beside him, he turns to find him, a face he had too often seen in his growing years there, but his eyes were worried, sad, worried, sacred.
”Thank the heavens, he is awake, awake!” Theodore jumps up coming to him, taking his hand ”Pray tell me Williams, are you okay, do you feel better? Does anywhere else hurt..?” Theodore asks, He turns to the servant ”He is awake, inform the others quickly”
Williams is confused ”Pray..tell me where i am?”
”You are in the palace, the royal sick bay…you were found almost dead by the royal guards”
Williams tries to seat up ”The Princess?”
Theodore doesn’t answer ”They said you lost alot of blood, you were donated to by your lord and brother Adrian. Fool, he has been crying his eyes out thinking you would be dead, he would think he has a strong heart but a pile of emotional cloth is he” Theodore sniffs
”The Princess, where is she?”
”…You scared me, dear Willy-Boy you did. How dare you almost die? How dare you think to leave me, does our friendship mean none to you? Does anyone you care about mean nothing more to you? I…i was out of my mind, seeing you in this state and i-”
Williams grabs him, pulling him to him in an unceremonious way ”Annalisa, where is she?”
”Missing my Lord!!!” Amerlye comes into the room, a tray of food before her as she strolls in
William’s eyes widens ”No!” he breaths releasing Theodore who dares at him sadly
Amerlye, the Princess’s handmaiden is sad ”Indeed my Lord, you were found alone, barely alive i the pared forest, possibly left for dead. She have bot been found, a week now my lord!”
William’s heart felt as though something heavy has been dropped in his chest
”A week?” his voice is filled with emotion. ”A week long my lady has been un-found and here i lay?”
Theodore grabs his shoulders ”Williams”
”Here i lay? in the comfort of a bed, in the four walls of a palace, a care i lay?” the tears gathers at the brink of his eyes ”Here i lay!!!!!” he grabs Williams
”Williams, get a hold of yourself, the King has sent out his finest guards for days, word would come, she would be returned”
”HERE I LAY!!” He yells, a tear drops, Theodore grabs him
They heard footsteps, Amerlye takes a bow as soon as the chamber is opened and the royal family walks in.
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