Blake stares at Bridget and for a moment and he wondered if she had a hard time growing up or she was just wired differently in a messed up way. Or probably marriage wasn’t so enjoyable to her or most importantly, she was a bitter, angry, fiery woman who doesn’t appreciate nice gestures from changes and bites off anyone’s head who looks at her son.

She was technically a sad unfriendly bittered woman, that was for certain. Why he didn’t mind his damn business was beneath him. Who cares if she was crying at the car park, it was her life.

Who cares if she couldn’t pay for her items and got embarrassed, it wasn’t his business. But why the hell did he even go buy this stuff and possibly think she would be dumb enough not to notice.?

He mentally scratches his head

She was smart, observant, he would give her that, But she still remains embittered over God knows what…

He sighs ”Excuse me?”

He would play innocent. lets see if it works

”Are you deaf or just playing dumb!” she flairs up

Okay, maybe she was a little physic. Weird!

”No i meant, excuse me that..i do not understand the reason why you are by my door and raising your voice at me like a crazy person”

Maybe this angle would be better, match her word for word.

”Me? A crazy person?” she laughs angrily , she then opens the bag , brings out an item after another ”See this, this, this and this..infact all of this? You shopped for them right?” she shoves it at him, he manages to catch them all before it tumbles all to the ground.

”Erm…you are being serious right now right?” he pushes it back to her, she backs away, items fall to the ground, she dumps the back to.

Blake frowns, He hopes nothing break.

What kind of woman was this? Argh! 

”I am damn serious, how dare you? Did i ask for your help? Did i ask you to go shop for me as though i have no  money to pay for my bills? How dare you?”’

He carefully bends, grabs every item on the floor, shoves it back into the bag and then straightens up, staring at her straight in the eye.

”How dare I? How about this Lady..you take a deep breath and be appreciative of a kind gesture from a stranger”

”Ha!!” Now you admit that you did shop for me instead of blaming dump when i ask. Look here Mr..i do not need you to ever do this again” she points at him, her eyes blazing anger ”You will keep your niceties to yourself. it is not needed, neither is is welcomed. How dare you be so sneaky and then you hand it to my friend who is so gullible and feels every stranger is an angel. Stay away from me, my son and my friend. I do not care if you are the new school coach or that you and me may sometimes bump into each other, but don’t you dare cross that line .Don’t!! ” She screams at him

He leans at his door, crosses his arm against his chest and then stares at her, watching how her veins pops out as she throw her anger at him, he suddenly felt not only disturbed about her outburst which he felt was unnecessary, but pity for her. He wasn’t some psychological counselor but he was sure that this woman was highly disturbed, mentally and that was a bad thing for a mother and a wife….

She was still yelling.

Nah! This won’t do.

He leans away from the door, reaches behind himself, turns his door numb, opens the door and then with one quick move he turns, enters into his house and then shuts the door on her face.

He stands behind the door to listen to her sharp gasp.

He counts, mentally, one, two, three

The knocking came, more like banging.

”How dare you Mr. how dare you walk out on me while i was talking and..Argh! my God!”

He leans behind his closed door and lets her scream some more.

He read somewhere that when a woman was angry and balling her lungs at you, sometimes let her. After a while she would calm down , then you can talk to her.

So he was letting her. But he didn’t mean he had to watch her, he frowns, it wasn’t pretty, and plus he wasn’t a man who gets physical with a woman, never but at thesame time, it felt really uncomfortable watching her outburst like that. He could hear her scream, he understood the words coming from her mouth. But, there was something else, the pain behind her eyes and seeped in the emotion of her voice was …off.  Like, there was something else attached to her anger not just because he got her stuff from the shop.

I mean, who wouldn’t be appreciative from a little gesture from a stranger, okay, fine. Maybe she has a right to be angry, but..it was a good harmless deed, she just had to say thank you not come at him as though he has done the forbidden.

He rubs his jaw

He really should have minded his own damn business. 

She was banging at the door.

He sighs.

He steps away from it, goes to his kitchen and grabs a bottle of water to drink. He hears her scream some more inaudible words and then her stomping down the stairs, he walks back to his little room to see her angrily walking away back to her house. He could hear the loud thud of her door closing.

He slowly finishes drinking his water, empties the bottle in the trash can, then he opens his front door and reaches for the bag.

”Next time Blake, mind your own damn business” he tells himself.




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