ROSE- Chapter Seven




” Deception they say, is an act or statement which misleads, hides the truth, or promotes a belief, concept, or idea that is not true. They say deception is often done for personal gain or advantage. They say it can involve dissimulation, propaganda, and sleight of hand, as well as distraction, camouflage, or concealment.” or so the media says..maybe the media is right.

For deception is what you make it to be..deception is who you are when you want others to believe that what they see isn’t what it is. Deception, is the power one wields over another, to cause them to feel as though the real is an illusion and the illusion is real. Deception, is staring into the black and seeing white, it’s making someone realize that..there is rainbow in the dark whilst the skies is void of rain. an illusion me’ and until one understands the dynamics of using can not truly deceive…

And for a woman, whose mission is soaked in her like blood to skin, deception is a tool one must use wisely, like staring into the mirror and making it believe you are different from what you are..but in truth, illusion is real, real is illusion, all is confusion…but everything is deception..that in itself is power..”


-Stephanie Egberike ( Itchyfingers)

-April. 06th. Saturday 12:05 am, Nigeria, Africa


Rose quickly turns away..

What was that fool doing here? What was he doing here…what..what what

Rose thinks to herself for a moment backing him.

Wait! Did he recognize her? Did he?

Rose closes her eyes briefly, taking in a deep breath, ..then she opens her eyes, then turns back around, their eyes meet again. She holds it , a waiter passes just then, drinks on tray, Rose stops the waiter, took a glass of his tray, and lets the waiter continue on his way. She takes the glass of wine to lips, she sips it slowly, holding his gaze, she lets her lips curve into a smile.

There you are, take me all in, what do you believe, who do you see, what does your mind tells you Mr. security man James..

Rose lets her smile widen, even more, letting him get lost in those smiles across the room to his. She continues to drink her wine slowly, tipping her head slightly back to drain the contents into her mouth. She slowly drops the glass to her table, still staring at him.

Another waiter is passing between her and James from across the room. By the time he was done passing, she was gone.


James blinks as she disappears from the room. It takes another moment for him to realize that he had been standing and staring into space.

”Hello! Down to earth Mr Handsome” the woman who had been sitting next to him trying to indulge him in small talk and hoping to seduce him to her room for the night tries to get his attention ”Hello?” she nudges him, looking behind her trying to follow his gaze, she sees other occupants of the room, indulging in small talks, drinks, enjoying the evening..then there was a group of men surrounding a table, seemed like a top notch businessman was in the club. she turns away from them and then back to James, she taps him ”Dude really?”

Where did she go? Where..she was standing there just now..where..who..she looked like…no it can’t be, where did she go? She was just here just now…but..

He looks around, where…

He looks down at the woman who keeps tapping him,

”Hey, talking to you handsome, you don’t find me interesting that it?”

James looks one more time at the spot she was just standing, he sighs and sinks back into his seat, he smiles at the woman, taking his beer to his lips, he takes a sip ”Not, not that beautiful, just thought i saw someone i knew”

”Who? Some chick? I am hurt” she leans closes to him

He smiles ”Never mind, so erm…” he changes the topic, his eyes goes back to his mission, Mr. Alan seems to be having an un-bothered evening. He would stay and watch him, then he would go to bed..

He felt her hand to his thighs, and felt it snake it’s way to his member, he smiles

Women these days were forward, plus, 

he looks at her again,

she was pretty, but then again, he hates to mix pleasure when he is on a mission, plus…he probably wasn’t attracted to her.

He places his own hand on hers, squeezes it before he removes it from his member and places it back to hers

”Why? You gay?”

He chuckles ”No darlyne, i am not even close, i am simply not in the mood. ”

She raises an eyebrow ”I can make you get into the mood, really..know how to make a man forget his life” she smiles proudly

Last thing he wants is to forget his life, much less when he was on a job.

He smiles, she smiles, ”Wanna go back to my room”

”Why not”

They get up, she leans into him so he had to hold her by his side, instead of taking the part that leads to the staircase, he diverts her through the table of the VIP, laughing and speaking to her as they make their way through them.

One of the men seated quickly gets up to stop them

”Go back that way” he says

James stops , he stares at him ”Sorry? just going through Sir”

”Go back that way” the man insists

”Hey Mr, we just passing through okay, do you mind please?” the lady tells the man who didn’t seem friendly, nor was willing to bulge

” I said go back that way” he points behind them, James frowns

”Look, my room is that way through the elevator, and i am tipsy, horny and i can’t start climbing the staircase with a boner as hard as a rock with a woman who is willing to ease all of my pain, if you don’t mind..” he trails off, the lady smiles looking up at him

”Oh yes baby, i would ease all your pent up pains” she tiptoes to kiss his jaw, James laughs touching and pulling her cheeks

”You are so beautiful, can’t wait to sink into you..hmmmm” he kisses her nose, she giggles

The man takes  a dance ”I won’t repeat myself”, another one gets up, then a third..

”Is there an issue here?”

James lets go of the lady, looks at them and then rubs his jaw ”Look i don’t want any problem..i just want to get to my room with my lady..please”

”You can see that this is a VIP entrance, and our Boss wouldn’t like people taking here as a path to their rooms. You can turn around and follow the other entrance..this place is restricted”

”What are you, room guards or something?”

The men suddenly push their jackets to the side, showing their guns..

”Fxxk!” the lady beside him mutters

James backs away with both hands in the air, ”I would just take the other side” he bumps into hard chest, he turns to find the others , now all of them seemed to be on an alert, he counted 8 guns in all of their jackets, his gaze shifts to his target, Mr Alan, whose attention is drawn to them.

”What’s going on there?” Mr Alan asks, he has a girl in his arms, and another busy mulching on her food to be bothered about the scene.

”Some fool who don’t want to listen to simple instructions.” one of the men says over his shoulders ”Don’t worry Boss we would handle it”

”Do that and stop standing there like he is some criminal, i don’t need any form of scene tonight gentlemen…be quick about that.” Mr Alan says, then he turns away from them, smiling at the girl in his arms , speaking softly to her

”Look, i am just going to erm…leave, sorry about that gentlemen” he made to sidestep them, staggers and tumbles on Alan’s table with his hand slamming hard on Alan’s phone and the other flapping over his shoulders,  the lady who was holding on to James looses her grip on him as James nearly crushed into Alan who reaches his hand to stop James from suffocating him with his weight, the girls lets out a tiny yelp and then the guards reach for James, pulling him up and away from Alan who is furious pushing James away from his body.

”Take this fool away from my body!!” Mr Alan raises his voice,

”I am so sorry..i..forgive my clumsiness..i must have had too much to drink” he pushes himself from Alan, then falls back down on him as he looses his footing, causing the men pull him up again this time aggressively, James also struggles to push himself up as he places his both hands on Alan’s body to ease himself up.. ”I am so so sorry..forgive me , damn drink too strong for my system..forgive me ..please”

James was lifted and pulled to the corner, he looked remorseful, the lady who he had walked with reaches for him ”Are you okay?”’

”Maybe we should fxxk him up” One of the furious guards insists, they grab James by the corner and then his trousers

”Please” James begs…

Alan, with his anger visible is irritated, his lady friends are trying to rearrange his shirt ”Poor baby, look at you almost soiled…tell your guards to ensure he is sorry” the one who seemed younger than eighteen insists

”He just had too much drink, please” she begged

Alan stares at James who looked even more remorseful ”I just want to go up and have a good time with my woman, i am sorry..please”

”Get the asshole out of my face before he ruins my evening”

”Yes Boss” they nudge him towards the door

”No, let him go. The fool is drunk..wasn’t intentional. I am in a good mood tonight” Alan smiles and then waves them away

”Thank you”James appreciates him happily, he grabs the lady’s hands and then turns back to leave

”That way, make sure we don’t see your face again” The first bodyguard who is disappointed that he couldn’t get to have some blood and fist fun with this annoying stranger

James quickly leaves with the lady.

”You okay Boss?”

Alan nods ”Wine, i need more wine”

”Wine here” they beckon to the waitress


They are on her floor, she searches through her bag for her card ”What was that, you almost got us drilled by those mean looking thugs” she grimaces ”Where is my damn card? Plus, you only had a beer, how come you suddenly were drunk and you seemed lucid to me”

He chuckles leaning against her door ”That was my fifth, guess my head isn’t strong enough” he chuckles ..he watches her find her card and tries to open the door, it was stuck

”Let me help you with that” he takes the card and then opens the door,

Her mood brightens ”So, can’t wait to get this night started” she enters into her room and begins to pull him inside, he smiles, takes a foot in, then another, then a third, her room card still in his hand, he takes a forth step, she moves further away from the door, dropping her back and going to lie on the bed, he pauses

”Allow me blow your mind, literally baby”

”Not in the least interested. Sorry” He takes a step back, grabs the door nobe and pulls it back close as he takes several steps back. He shuts the door just as he sees her jump off the bed rushing the door. He locks her in and then flips the card on the ground and began walking away just as he heard her banging  on her door to be let out, he heard her cursing and calling him an asshole too. He didn’t stop. Room service would find the key lying at the foot of her door once she calls them up.

He chuckles till he gets to his room and heads straight to his laptop and switches it on, punching in several codes he hits the activation button and sinks into the chair.

Voices come on, he increases the volume and presses record as people begin to talk. Voices heard were that of Alan, his lady companions, his guards, music and other inaudible voices in the background. James smiles

He gets up heading into his bathroom to take a quick shower, orders dinner and then sinks into his bed.

He was going to get an early night. First days of missions were very un-eventful. Nothing really happens. First days were just ‘Feeler-days”, to observe the environment, see the risk and notice the advantages, the pros and cons mostly.

He had a few days, two max to get concrete evidence to put this corrupt senator behind bars before the elections, and he would do just that.

He turns on his side and stares up to the ceiling, 

…speaking of observing the environment, who was that girl who seemed to have a slight resemblance to…to..

He seats up frowning,

To who? Who did she remind him off, why did she look somewhat familiar, who comes to mind?

He rubs his jaw trying to remember whom she reminds him off. He sinks back to the bed. Maybe he was just seeing things, maybe he thought he saw someone he knew.

But, how come she suddenly disappeared, where did she go to..who was she with?

Focus James, you have a mission at hand not to be thinking of some random chick you saw across the room of a private hotel club room,

He sighs, turning on his side again. He needs to sleep.


Rose is staring at pictures of Alan ad the girls he had with tonight.

Before she left, while scanning the area she had had a camera in her bag, with it’s own cut within where she could have her camera visibly enough to take pictures without hem knowing, which she had placed on her table. facing them.  So while she drank her wine and busied herself with the activities of the night , her camera took pictures of Alan, his lady companions and this league of bodyguards who seem too visible to be disguised.

She smiles, fool!

She counts eight bodyguards in today. She noticed that there was one particular bodyguard who didn’t seem to leave Alan’s side, he seemed to be the one who gave the orders and the rest follows. He would be handled first if she needs to get to Alan.

The others were alert too and they seem to follow every object they see. So being obvious would not do the trick.

Then she thought about the girls who seemed too young to be with a man like that. Whenever she sees older men with younger women, it made her blood boil, it keeps reminding her of how her virtue were ripped from her by Malad, the men with him and the clients they gave her too on a table without she having any choice in the matter, whether she liked it or didn’t matter to them. Henry used them the way he wanted by instructing the men to do what they desired to the little girls. In Boss Henry’s words…

Rape them till you break every reserve in their body, show them that their bodies do not belong to anyone but ours and we use it the way we want” Boss Henry told his boys whenever new girls were abducted and brought into the camp ”We shall use their bodies as our weapons to tame our enemies, and until they realize that their bodies are not their own but ours to be used, they won’t be able to use it to carry out missions we desire for them. These girls are our tools, they are our weapons, and in other to get targets and eliminate them, we must use them, to seduce these men with their bodies while they kill them with their hands or what ever weapons we desire…so take no mercy with them, do not be gentle, by the time you lot are done. They would not be ashamed of their bodies, they would not cringe when the dirtiest of men reach for them. they would not  bat an eye when we need them to go on their knees, take trunks in their mouth just to confuse the men we intend to cripple. So rape them all, till they have no more value for their body and life and they would depend on us entirely for their well being, and we shall make them into our weapons who value no life since they have nothing else within themselves to value..”

Those words made her hate all of men, all of them; Henry, Malad, every man that had forced himself on her and made her cringe. Every man she had to give herself up to to fulfill a mission for the syndicate, every man whose desire was a little girl and didn’t care about the pain she suffered just to satisfy their very urge.

Since then, every man she had seen, with girls as young as a child, she wanted to inflict pain on them, because she knew what those men wanted, to ruin these girls have sex with them till they could no longer feel their legs, then pump them with drugs till they overdose, then eventually kill them off all to satisfy their sexual fetish …so she had made it a decision, that whenever she was given a mission, and her targets, the  men one she realizes that they were pedophiles, she ensures to make their deaths even more painful than was intended, all in the bid to punish them from trying to take advantage of little girls who don’t know better than to stay away from them.

Boss Henry said they needed him dead, he had too much information about some top syndicate groups and if the police gets a hold of him first, all that he had worked for would be ruined as well as every other business associate who were in thesame line of business. Plus, they had paid Boss Henry so much money to get him out of the way.  In a as much as she really didn’t care about Henry’s business being ruined,for that was her plan.. a plan she has been concocting for hers, it was the entirety of her revenge in due time..anything before then was distractions she didn’t need. Her plan involved taking down the entire syndicate, together with all their associates…but whilst that plan was in hibernation, it didn’t mean she should allow them notice her..and that meant that she carries out her jobs and missions given to her, such as this, such as terminating Mr. Alan, a big mouth and a dick who liked little girl’s pussies, her personal favorite hatred.

She stares at his picture again,

The syndicate didn’t care about morals, about family, about nothing. If they wanted anyone dead, they killed you. It didn’t matter how high up you were, how powerful, how guarded, the syndicate sends their best, such as Becca, such as Latonya, now..such as her to get the jobs done.

And she always got the jobs done, even more skillfully , more deadlier than the best, Latonya, fallen from glory.

She smiled tossing the pictures to the table as she gets up, taking a glass of wine and walking to her balcony, wearing nothing but a see through lingerie.

She closes her eyes as she leans over the rails, taking in the night breeze. Being out , away from the camp gave her a sense of belonging, to the outside world, away from the camp, a time to think clearly, to put her plans in place, put everything in perspective.

Years in that camp ruined her, crippled her, made her want to die, but every pain gave her a reason to want to revenge, any day she was opportune to wake up to another dawn made her believe that she was alive for a reason, to cause havoc to those men who had taken  girls like her and made her and them into what they wanted..their weapon

But they didn’t realize, that as they turned these girls into monsters for their enemies, they were breeding an even deadlier weapon whose mission is to turn all those trained on them, and make them wish they had never lived. She won’t take down only Henry, she would take down all of them, all, and free the girls shaggled by their evil intentions.

She sips her wine

Mother, father, your deaths won’t go unpunished, neither with all the girls she had watched being tossed into the sea and buried beneath the earth or beaten to death. All their deaths won’t go unpunished…they would all pay.

And men like Alan Fisherman was one of the many men who deserves no mercy. Men like him deserved to die, for killing women and children , for molesting girls, for being a fxxked up corrupt official emptying the coffers of the underprivileged just to amass wealth for his never filling vault. Men like him desired to while she completes their own mission to terminate the man, she would be fulfilling hers to…bring men to their deaths who as much as ruin a child for their sexual needs.

She wondered how she should kill him

Cut off his dxxk and feed it to him? Pluck out his eyes and make him eat it? Push him over the building, run a car over him or use a fork to fxkk him up? 

She laughs quietly..

There is no peace for the wicked, she would be their worst nightmare. Tomorrow, she shall introduce herself, she wonders if he would like the introduction.

She smiles more, finishes her wine and then crawls to bed.

It would be an eventful day tomorrow.

She frowns as she lays in bed, remembering James,..

What was he doing out of the camp? Was he on a trip or something, …

It didn’t matter if he was here of not, he wouldn’t recognize her anyways, not with the boldness she stared at him. He had no idea who she was an even if he sort of thinks she looks familiar, he still won’t be able to convince himself that she was one and thesame person, that is what deception makes you believe what is to what is not and what is not to what is and then confuses you all over again.

She smiles, the look on his face was..refreshingly nice, a fool he was.

She turns on her side, closes her eyes and goes to sleep.


Alan fisherman rouses from sleep to see the girls asleep on his bed, he rolls of his bed with a loud yawn, stretching, grabbing a rope and wrapping it around himself to cover his dropping stomach..

There was a knock on his door, he opens it, ”They would be here by 10 am boss, where would you like to have the meeting?”

”Inform the manager that we would be using the entire top section of the VIP lounge”

”Not your room, it is more private”

”I don’t want blood on my bed Drake..”

”But there would be people in the lounge,”

”Don’t be a fool, we would have the meeting by the lounge, a quiet talk, they would see him leave, you would escort him to his car, have someone tail them, then bring me pictures of his dead self, that is all. ”

”Yes boss”

”Besides, i am running for my second term in the senatorial office, i do not need people who refuses to be in my corner or bend to my rules, plus he says he could blackmail me,” Alan laughs ”He has no idea that i have friends in high places, he has no idea that i intend to bury his boss once i get that office set and besides, we need to make this meeting as innocent as possible..else, this would end up backfiring for me. ”

”Okay Boss” Drake nods and then looks over his shoulders

Alan follows his eyes ”Get them off my bed. I need fresh girls tonight. Plus the one sprawled heads down seem to have taken something too heavy. Don’t know if she is breathing or not.”

Drake nods   as he begins to people down the hall, two guys walk to him, greeting their boss ”Get rid of them”

Alan walks back into his room ”Order room service for me. When my guest comes, order him the special. It is import that you feed a man you are about to kill.”’ he snickers

Drake shares in his smile.


James sees her before she sees him, he smiles into his tea cup.

”That was very rude of you Mr. i you didn’t want to have sex with me,you should have said so instead of locking me in there. I had to get room service up to open the door for me and no one would give me your room details” the lady slips beside him as she takes orders for her breakfast

James leans away ”Oh, my bad, must have been too high i didn’t realize what i was doing. Coffee?”

She shakes her head ”Ice tea” , she leans forward ”So are we on for tonight”

”Are you here to fish out guys to have random sex with?”





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