In Too Deep Slippery Waters – CH Seventeen



He was close to the wall when he came in and saw them standing in the middle of his room with his house un-turned

Anger flashed in his eyes, knowing that they were harmed when he stared at them, guns behind them, easy to pull out.

”’Looking for me?”

They turn, and in one quick move they had their guns in their hands pointed to him

”Wrong move” his hands were quick to, it goes directly behind him and taps the light switch off as he ducks out of their way as soon as darkness blinds them.

Shots where fired, randomly and into the dark. Lucas stayed down, his gun in his hand now and the torchlight he had with him as he left the farm house with Albetta and her two sons tied up.

He counts, five shots, ten, twenty shoots. He stayed down as they continue to shot, hoping that atleast those bullets would have ripped him apart.

He wait,

”Stop shooting, stop, i think we got him, i think he dropped or something”One of them shouts over the gun shots to stop his colleague from shooting any more

”Fxxk! Out of bullets anyways. Sure we got him?” The other asks, they are standing together, trying to see in the dark, one of them reaches for his phone

”Fxxking bastard switching off the light, gatto put on my phone light…i think we got him, the fxxker wouldn’t have survived those random shots into him..fxxk, battery low” he curses as he urges his second to turn on his

”I didn’t come with my phone..just go over there and search for the light switch or something.I can’t hear nothing, those shots almost ruined my ear buds” the first sticks his finger into his ear to clean it out.

Lucas waits, lying patiently on the floor, waiting for them to make their move.

He heard them come towards him, slowly, nosily as they hit a stool, a chair, a lamp trying to make their way back to the entrance so they can flick the light on.

Lucas waits. Then he begins to crawl slowly away from the wall, making no sound as he moves under the chair with high hinges away from their wondering eyes in the dark.

”Can you see the switch?”

”No dude, be quiet” The other makes his way, Lucas could see his feet from under the chair he had slipped into.

”Why you whispering, we got the fool, didn’t we?” the other speaks out, more boldly now as he straightens up, taking strides in the dark, kicking away any obstacle on his way. He reaches the wall first, he spreads his hands flat on the wall, caresses it to find the switch, he does, he turns it on.

They look at each other first, then at the floor.

No body, no blood, just empty bullet shells.

There was evident fear in both their faces as they look around, then their guns come up, pointing at every direction. ”Do you see him, do you? Where did he go.?”

”We shot him,we..we shot him how come he..where ..the fxxk men!” the first fearfully screams out

Drop of a spoon.

They turn to the sound, another shoot rings out. One of them had pressed the trigger towards the sound.

Another sound. They turn, two more gun shoots releases.

Then another sound.

No more bullets, they look at their guns, then themselves

”Fxxk!” they mutter in unison

Then a chuckle

They turn again, this time,  they see him, Lucas, a smile on this face, his gun in his hand, the torch in the other..

”You know, it’s wrong to come into a house uninvited” he drops the gun, then the torch, he takes of his jacket slowly, then rolls of his right sleeve, then his left sleeve

They stare at him, dropping their empty guns, they turn to the door, Lucas presses a button, the door closes, they stand with each other, fear evident

”Now you want to leave? We haven’t had a proper conversation see, because i am nice, i would allow you talk.” he smiles taking slow steps to them ”Mother said it wouldn’t be nice to treat your guests as criminals so…we don’t we talk as grown ups is there anything you might want to tell me like , what the fxxk you are doing in my house, who sent you and why the need to come in here with fxxking guns and mess up my place, and most importantly , where is my girl?”

”Fxxk you!” the first guy curses ”We’ll fxxk you up, guns or not!” he spat

The other, seeing the confidence of the first affirms it ”You are dead asshole”

Lucas laughs silently ”Manner-less! You never listen. I would ask you one more time, who are you,who sent you, what are you here and give me the location of where Anikka George Benjamin is, and i would let you walk out of here with your face on your neck.”

”Fxxk up again!”

”Wrong answer!” Lucas frowns, he hated to be ignored, especially by assholes who should never have messed with him

The first guy charges for him, both fists out, he throws the first punch, Lucas grabs his arms, as he ducks, taking his arm with him he twists it, goes under his outstretched arm and hits him in the rips.  The man backs out in pain, he charges towards Lucas, Lucas turns around, with his legs he swerves him off his feet in a 160 move causing the man to levitate off the ground briefly and then hit the floor with a resounding thud. Lucas backs away and then stares at him, his eyes briefly darts to the other about to come at him

He moves away

”Don’t be a puss, come up, i don’t attack a man when he is down, show your mummy you are bad ass for coming to get a man in his house, fxxking stand up” he shouts at the man on the floor , who struggles up

His colleague who is behind him nudges him forward ”Get him bro, get the fxxker” he encourages

The man nods, stretches himself to relieve the pain. He looks around, all he could find is a vase, he grabs it, empties the floor and tosses it hard to Lucas who smashes it with his heel. Lucas frowns\

”You shouldn’t have done that, that was a gift” his eyes are dark, he takes strides towards them, the first man , out of fear throws a kick and a punch, Lucas dodges the punch and then he catches his legs, he pulls it towards him as he lifts the man off the ground again as he swings him to his see through sliding glass in the palour. The glass shatters with the first assailant drops down in pains in shattered glass piercing his body and leaving figments of glass within him. Lucas stares down at him, then he looks away to see the other standing in shock.

The second comes at him seeing his colleague down as he screams out his anger with an uncoordinated charge at Lucas. Lucas didn’t let him take his five complete steps, instead Lucas reaches for him, grabs his neck and snaps it. The man drops.

Lucas picks him up by the leg and pulls him to  his dining area, he grabs a chair, pushes his legs between the legs of the hair and then turns the chair 360 with the assailant’s legs caught in-between. He reaches for the man’s face, and then slaps him till the man regains consciousness. When he came to, Lucas twists the chair until man yells out in excruciating  pain, Lucas pauses for a moment

”Who are you?”

”Fxxk you ! Fxxk you!”

Lucas removes the chair, grabs his both legs apart and then drops his foot between his thighs, there was a sound of something crushing as the man screams out in pains.

”Who the fxxk sent you?” Lucas repeats

Man turns head from side to side, crying out, wailing, grabbing his balls which was already bleeding, and begging for mercy. Lucas had no intention to show mercy, not when they came for someone he cared about and took her, not when they had his family, Leister, not when they came for him. Whoever these people are, he was done being nice and taking things in strides, they messed with the wrong man, they touched the wrong girl..and he wasn’t going to stop until he had her back, safe..back with him.

”Who sent you?”

”My Boss!” The man cried

”I know your boss sent you-you fxxking dimwit, who is your boss? I need a name damnit or else i would ensure that i bury you with hot  burning coal the colour of a furnace now give me a fxxking name!!”

”Geti, Geti Richards!!!” the man yells in pain

”What?” shock vibrates through Lucas’s body ”The chief of police?”

”Yes yes! He has her , he has her now please let me go!!!” he cries out in pleas turning his head from side to side, reaching out for Lucas’s hands, Lucas hits it away as he lets go off him.

Geti Richards had her? 




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