#The Royals: Anna & Williams – Chp Twenty-Eight


Theodore frowns as the light hits his face, he uses his hands to wade it away from his opening eyes.

”Dear Willy-boy, it is rude…cover the shutters will you? A man desires to sleep some”

”You were able to sleep comfortably in a nice room and warmth to cover your body..i was not, and whilst we are under shelter, i dare think to imagine the state of the princess..” Williams throws back as he throws on his shirt.

Theodore sighs getting up ”My apologies dear friend, for being insensitive..it is just that we had galloped all night, searched so many places and only barely had three hours sleep and my body does feel as though covered with sores and i needed some more sleep for energy..”

”I did not wish for you to come with Theodore, i did try to persuade you to return home to your family but you insist..however, there is still time to return, i shall not drag you in my quest to find the Princess, it is my problem not yours..–

”Oh do be quiet for the love of God Willy-boy. Do you think that i..Theodore Nesvile would chicken away from this? Or leave my dear friend alone to battle it out with the bandits and save his lady? Nor, i shall stand by your side. I am only human you see.” he gets up ”We are weak to our feelings but i shall not leave you, no. i Broke you out of the palace..”

”Lady Amerlye did” Williams says picking his booth and wearing it

”She did help” Theodore turns up his nose as he stands up

Williams snorts ”However who the masterminder was, i am grateful but surely you must understand my worry. while you slept i have been unable to. My thoughts have been filled with hers, her state, if she had been tortured beyond anything, if she had had a decent meal in days, if..if..she had been…” he pause, his hands closes into a fist, his eyes closed, his lips unable to finish the words Theodore suspects lingers in his heart

Theodore walks to him , he places a hand on his shoulders and turns Williams to him ”They would not have touched your lady Willy-boy, but the gods forbid they do..for their death would be something they would never wish upon their enemies..let us not think towards that. Let us find her first and bring punishment to those who dared touch the Princess of Worcestershire” he taps William’s shoulders ”Allow me rush a bath..i shall be with you in a few” he leaves Williams and rushes into the connecting wash room and shuts the door.

Williams turns, he grabs his bag  ”I would be downstairs Theodore, i must find out if there are any news i can scrap from”


Williams leaves the room and makes his way down to the In directly below his room.


They were talking about the Princes’s kidnap and that of the Duke.

Williams enters , pushing his hood lower to cover his face and not adorning a cloth to showcase his royal duke blood he made his way to the farthest of seats and sits on it. A lass approaches him

”My Lord, welcome to the in, what shall i serve you with?”

”I shall have anything in the house, for two , also an extra for packing..”

”Very well my lord” she leaves to get his order

Williams turns when a group of men walk in, they were speaking loudly, un-bothered about the people who stare at them, they seemed like frequent visitors to the In.

”What news have you heard?” someone shouted from the back directed at the one who seemed like the leader of the group. They occupy a table, making loud noises as they settle in. The service gals at the in rush to them and empties glass of beer on their trays  on the guest’s table and rushes back to get food. They seemed to know their usual order.

”We have searched the entire town, even houses without a soul..we did come up with nothing”

”Yes! Ever since we got the news and the King gave the order for anyone to join the search party with the royal guards, we have gone from house to house, into the hinterlands too, we have not seen her nor the fools who took her” another of them says

The lass returns back with William’s order, he pays, she turns to them ”But the Duke, he is being kept in the Palace i hear..”

”Yes, he was” the first man speaks ”They were ambushed you see, and he was maimed and left for dead. ”

”Who found him” came another woman, she had her son with her, he was more interested in mulching on the fat thighs of a chicken

”The Royal guards came back and found him bleeding to death and the Princess gone. I hear the Queen is barely sane since the princess’s disappearance , it is a sad thing, a princess of the land kidnapped..those men deserve the axe”

”AYE!” everyone chorused

They are drinking their beer as they continue to talk, Williams says nothing, he listens,

”Some one had said they had heard a gal screaming the night before, and she sounded like the Princess. ”

Williams’s ears picks up as he seats up turning to them

”Another had mentioned that he had seen a gal thrown over the shoulders of a huge man and galloped away into the night”

”What about the night before, we had seen a gal running into the forest and men followed behind her chasing her”

”Or when a house was on lock down and a gal kept screaming to be let out over and over again. Did you all follow those trails to see it either one was the princess?”

”Aye. We did. We are the vigilante of the town, inaugurated by the king for this purpose knowing that the royal guards cannot be able to access all locations, we are the ones tasked to attended to all and find out if all these rumors have truths in them. We did check and none of them was the Princess. The King had  also commanded that every man report to the palace..and we are just returning from there..”

”What news did you bring?” a few people inquire

”The Duke has gone missing too”

There was an uproar

Williams lowers his head

”Yes, he must have stealed away at night..no one knows how he was able to bypass the palace guards and left the grounds without being detected. The palace id in an uproar, the Duke and Duchess are out of their wit’s end. It is a worrisome case”

”But why would he leave the palace, it is for his own good, he barely survived, why be a fool?” the lass who had attended to Williams states shaking  her head ”Of what good would he doe when he can barely stand on his feet. I hear his injurious were almost fatal”

”Aye! Same thoughts on everyone’s mind. Now the King has tripled the award on their heads, if we can find the Princess and the Duke and return them safely, we shall be a thousand gold rich, to last us a life time and that of our children”

”Aye, that is a lot of money. I shall join the search team, how do i sign-up” a few men come to them

”Aye, the more the merrier, we need more men to cover the hinderlands that leads to the north and then the eats, I have men who are already positioned tot he far south. And the others can join the search team within the pubs, In,s Parlous and other houses not labeled under the code law.” The first man  says as their food arrive

”Yes yes! We would join it” the new men who had gathered the group says

”The King would be pleased to see everyone walking together to find the royal Princess and her betrothed. He believes that the Duke had gone out on his own to search for her, but he fears that he is unhealthy to stand against bandits for he is still trying to heal from the stab wounds and almost broken bones. So, he has called upon the good citizens  of Worcestershire to show their love for the crown to bring back glory to the palace and return heir Princes and her Duke safely”

”And the fools who dared to touch such a precious thing?” one of the in guets inquiries, he was more elderly

”It is a crime punishable by the seven laws and they would be treated as such with no mercy. The king wants to pronounce the death sentence to them by himself and thus we must catch them and return them to the palace too..”

”Aye aye!” they all chant

”Come, let us eat, we have no time to waste,. The Princess have been taken for more than a week now, surely, she must be devastated, in shock and God knows what else..come, we need our energy. We shall go in groups..come ,sit, welcome brothers” he encouraged them to join them as their food was brought, they immediately dive in.

Williams hasn’t touched his, instead he requests for them to pack up the entire food, which was done, he leaves it untouched as he stares into space briefly, thinking of the Princess again. His attention is drawn when the door opens, everyone turns.

It is Theodore. He searches for Williams, sees him  and without thinking ”Ah, Willy-boy, there you are, you gave me such a fright, as i delayed  i thought you had left already to search for the Princess-”

Williams grabs the packaged  foods, throws it into his bag and then gets up ”My friend..let us return to our families, it is a good day to go hunting” he cuts Theodore off loudly to drain out what Theodore had said as he goes to him

”But, we must eat, we would not have strength to fight those men if we do not-”

Williams places his hand over Theodore’s mouth  as soon as he neared him”Do shut up fool” he whispers as he nudges Theodore back towards the door.

”What!…Willlams De Beaumonth..do not be a ..what-” Theodore staggers back trying to gain his footing as Williams keeps nudging him out of the door and hushing him up from talking further


They freeze.




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