Nightingale – Chapter Six

Disclaimer : Plus 101 . Not even joking.
It’s been long, too long he had felt this way.
It was a couple of years ago he realized that he had begun to withdraw from women around him. He didn’t know why. Especially when he had always loved women; women to him were like essence of life and he always had one hanging unto his arms at every point in time, and ofcourse..he was rich, so women always wanted to be around him, whether he liked it or not, but he liked it a whole damn lot.

When he was younger, early teens, his father had encouraged it. He didn’t want him to turn out like his elder brother who came out of the closet barely 21. His father had had him call his female friends over to the house one time, and asked if any of them liked him, they all said they did, to Luke’s amazement, his father gave him permission to have them as his girlfriends. That was his initiation to being a complete fxxking womanizer. The ladies didn’t stop coming, he never had enough, he always had a different girl in his bed every other day and as he grew older, they all just became a different face, a different body , same sex, no thrill, no emotion, no love, just plain’ol sex and it was great..not having to commit to anyone, not having to share emotions and all…and it was like every guy’s dream; being a player.
But over 35 now, the games got old, he had had so many girls he became bored, and then he suddenly began to disconnect that even sex didn’t thrill him anymore, not that he didn’t want sex, it was just that..maybe he wanted more from every girl that swooned at the sight of him, not that he blamed them. He is what they call, Tall, Vanilla and handsome, he had the money to go with the looks and the life of luxury and wealth to add bonus to it so he necessary didn’t blame girls for running after him..but it got bored, the many faces of faceless women, the first meet and every girl was running to his bed. There is no chase, no thrill, no desire, no emotion, no nothing.
The life got boring, and soon, his ,mental and physical state of wanting a woman and being sexually aroused by her suddenly waned down to the barest minimum.
He thought it was work stress..Doctor advised he cooled it down for a bit
”Too much sex” the doctor had laughed it off, but it wasn’t funny, it wasn’t especially when one of the girls he had always enjoyed sex with had come on to him hard, grinding him like he was the last perfect dxxk on earth, had her core dripping wet and he couldn’t get his boy hard enough to penetrate her did he realized that this was beyond a normal. He had a problem and he needed to fix it.

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