They ride deep into the hinderlands, passing the abandoned INN ..and then the forest where there were no live about.

”Do you think we are lost?” Theodore asks behind Williams who held the reins of the horse to slow down

He grimaces ”I do not know, maybe” he looks around

”Do you think we should go further north or south?” Theodore looks around the thick forest?”

Williams sighs, wiping his brow ”I do not know, do you think they would be here…?”

Theodore frowns ”When you mean they, i presume you are assuming the Princess and whomever took her?”

Williams sighs pausing, looking left and then right, and then back the way they came ”I do not see any life here Theodore, all i see is vast land of thick forest, aside that IN we passed that had a semblance of recent life, nothing else is here…”

”Should we go further, surely we can find something, anything..?”

William’s nods ”Let us go further” he kicks the horse and they continue on their way searching for any sign of anything that would lead them to the Princess.


Locki is walking to them, knife in hand, fire in his eyes , he reaches them as the father pulls his daughter and then wife behind him

”Please, do not hurt my family good Sir, i beg of you?”

Locki grabs him by the collar and pulls him to him ”I would do just that!” he pushes the man away and then grabs his daughter,

”No Please” Her father screams

”Odella!” Olize reaches for her daughter but is slapped to the ground, her husband grabs her pulling her to him, tears in his eyes

”Please, we do not have money..we are poor people trying to make a living good Sir, we plead you, do not harm us, do not harm our child..” he begs

Locki has the shaking Odella with him ”Aye! You plead now? Yet you lied to think of fools you old bat?” Locki spat

Olize is crying heavily now, shaking her head ”No good Sir, we think you not fools, but my child, please let her come to me i beg you”

Locki chuckles, ”No..not untill i am done with her” he turns her to face him, licking her face as the girl tries to struggle away from him, she receives a hard slap which sends her to the ground crying out in pain, her father rushes to her, he was kicked away by Locki who grabs Odella again, this time placing the knife to her throat

”Oh merciful God!” Olize cries out

”You see..i do not suffer those who lie to be to live, surely, i would be a coward”

Odella’s parents hold on to themselves, crying

”You lied, a lie that is too much ..weightier than gold, weightier than morals you see…”

”Please” they begged

”I did ask if you did see my sister…but you lied!” he lets the knife give Odella a slight cut which she winces in pain, whimpering in fear as she is held still by Locki..

”You have found her…take her and let my daughter be returned, please” Olize cries out, her husband holds on to her

”She is not your sister, she is the Princess..and the entire kindgom is in chaos searching for her but all have taken her and-”

Locki squeezes Odella’s neck till she is choking, her parent’s scream





  1. Hey Steph, not to complain or anything but I really like your stories and all yeah but you have to at least post more. I feel I shouldn’t have to wait this long to get the other episodes since I have paid for membership. Like last month you only posted 6times. Please try and post more cus it’s quite tiring to keep refreshing the page.

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    1. So sorry dear. I would. Please you can always contact me via whatsapp just in case you want to each me on time. Plus I extended everyone that paid membership validitory period to make up for lost time. Here is my number 08101547774


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