Bridget takes quick look around before her eyes drops back on him ”What the hell are you doing here? Are you following me, is that it? Do i need to report to the police that i have a stalker?”

Blake sighs, really, sometimes he should really not move on prompts. He had no idea why he didn’t just head home but came all the way here after Bianca told him she was at the beach. Why did she tell hi though, why?

Was there something he was missing? Okay he gets the fact, which is obvious like Bianca was trying to push him to Bridget’s lime light but he is not particularly interested in what Bianca wants him to be interested in even though discreetly. He really isn’t.

But then again, why didn’t he just go home- he isn’t interested right?

He sighs,

Maybe he is just curious, curious about Bridget especially after what Dan told him. She got to this town five years ago, no on knows who the father of her kid was or have ever seen him. The streets doesn’t show love to single mums. Now it makes sense, makes perfect sense.

The scene of her crying in the parking lot of the supermarket is beginning to make a little bit of sense if not out-rightly thought. A woman, trying to keep her head above water, a single mother who has no man to lean on and possibly would have things she has to take care off; bills, kid’s supplies, even to raise a kid all alone is tasking…and the fact she works in a library which may not even pay much. Times can get hard, maybe, maybe that was one of those days things weren’t looking to pretty and it weighed down on he, hence the scene at the parking lot.

Maybe that was the case, and the only way to express herself was to cry away from peering eyes, alone..

It made sense.

He may not like her or have any interest in her and her anger issues, but..he felt sympathy for her, yes, that’s it. Maybe that’s why he came..maybe, to see how she is doing, to try and understand her outburst, to maybe- try to understand her reasons of being icy to men, to him. Maybe he shouldn’t judge her, – a single mother raising a kid, it could be telling hard on her.

Just maybe. he would love to help, for no reason

But knowing the kind of person she was, no matter this little time he has being her neighbor and virtue of her slamming him on the face with his little help gesture, he knows that he stretching his hand to help her would be an insult to her. She was that kind of woman who loved owning to herself, not being dependent on anyone, not wanting people to pity..thinking that she can do it all on her own, on her own terms without having to answer to anyone. She was that kind of woman, who was probably broken with every shit thrown at her and it’s still standing.

He stares at her now, as she had that look on her face, and then he realized what he had been seeing all her long that it was true – when he saw that she was a mess, a broken mess- but she was a bird, broken yes, but strong nevertheless. He didn’t know the reason behind all her hard exterior and he would really want to know how it came about.

Yes, his mother used to tease him that he liked to fix broken things and he was lured to those who seem to want a little push, a little pat on the shoulders, people who need someone to be there for them without questions and he was always that guy friends had in their corner because they knew how he was ” Blake, the guy who never likes to mind his business and turn a blind eye even to his own detriment, as long as it makes another feel good, put a smile on their faces or lift their heart a little. Blake would do that”. He shakes his head

A thing that came naturally, a thing frowned by mainly, accepted by a few, uncontrolled by him, just like now. For reasons he can’t explain, he is here. For reasons he couldn’t explain he went back into that super-mart and got her those things, for reasons he can’t explain, he is worried for her, for her kid..damn, he is here, wondering just why a beautiful woman like her and a cute son like Sean and no man- or why the hell he left. How she was coping with all og that, the job at the library, Sean’s schooling and bringing up- her state of mind..

Damn! He remembered passing by the Teacher’s room one time and her name was mentioned and if felt as though she was being gossiped about but- he didn’t have the time to listen..but now he realized that when she comes to pick Sean and some ladies stare at her an talk, now it makes sense that they are not praising her looks and all that, they are probably talking about the fact that she was a single mother with no husband, no father son can call- a thing most women take pride in, one she has no control over.

And the fact that she hates him, hates any guy who seem to come around, virtue of what Dan said and well what Bianca implies when she said that ”..it’s great to have guys should come around”, it only meant that whoever Sean’s father was did a good number on her, and that must have broken her i more ways than none- so all men are assholes. Possibly, he may be wrong but the puzzles tend to fall into place now-

Yes, it is really not his business, truly yes. But ..maybe, maybe she needs a friend to talk to, one who would be there for her without questions, without judgement an would make sure she is fine even from a distance. Someone who can sit down here and watch the skies with her for as long as she needs.

Hell! What is he even saying

”I asked you a damn question, what the hell are you dong here Blake, i swear to God i would call the police and-”

I really don’t know Bridget, he shakes his head before answering ”So you weren’t in the party”

”Excuse me?” she raises her voice, Sean makes a sound, she looks to find that Sean was sleeping, she turns back to him

”I mean, i know you wouldn’t show but- it’s good you hand around people and stuff”

She raises an eyebrow ”ow did you find me, are you following me?” she reaches for her bag, grabbing her phone ”I am calling the police”

”Please- don’t!” he sighs briefly

She is dialing ”If you don’t leave i would!” , the number is connecting

”Hello, 911, what’s your emergency?” the voice said

”I have a man here who have been-”

Blake sighs again, gets up and is walking away

She pauses, ”Never mind, sorry” she cuts the call and then shoves the phone into the bag, watches his retreating back, then she turns away ”The nerve! How the hell did he find me my God and-” she pauses, ”Bianca!!!! Argh!!!” she pulls out her phone to dial her number, Bianca picks in a few ring ”I swear t God i would find a body bag and- what the” she exclaims as her phone was pulled away from her hand,s she turns quickly to find Blake, he turns off the phone, shoves it int hos pocket, ”How dare you Blake, hand me back my phone” he steps away

”Nope. How about you calm the hell down and stop acting like everyone is out to get you”


He shakes his head, he slips both hands into his pocket, Anger flashes in Bridget’s eyes as she gently and carefully moves Sean head from her thighs and lets it rest on the thick duvet she had spread on the sand, then she gets up staring at Blake ”’I swear to God you don’t want to see me mad!”

”Oh i have, when you slapped me a couple of times and not to forget Dan- by the way, he is weaving a very great sob story for anyone who wants to listen”

”He can go screw himself and anyone else who thinks so too”

”Language Bridget, your son, Sean” he mocks

Bridget turns to watch Sean still sleeping , she turns back to him lowering her voice ”You would not teach me how to speak in the presence of my son and you would hand me back my phone and leave me the hell alone or i swear to God-”

”Leave God alone Bridget, he has alot on his plate, how about we do this hmm”

”We aren’t doing anything” she steps closer and tries to take her phone from his pocket, he grabs her hand

”That would be sexual harassment to slip your hand into a man’s pocket, who knows what you are trying to grab instead”

She gasps slapping his hands away from hers ”You pervert! I would never” she hugs herself, her eyes grew big, he smiles

”Good, keep your hands to your self!” he says, then he steps even closer to her ”I would give you back your phone in one condition”

”You must be out of your mind, i would have my phone back right this meeting and you would get out of my face”

”Wrong, i would give you your phone only one one condition!” he repeats

”What is the matter with you, what do you want? Why do you keep trying to get in my face. Do you realize i don’t like you, do you realize that your presence irritates me, or do you think for a second that we might actually be friends because that’s the biggest joke in the century”

He had a one sided smile ”What’s so wrong in being friends?”

”Nothing other than you are not one person i would be friends with even if you are the last person on planet earth ” she spat

”Ouch!” He rubs his jaw ”But i don’t to be your friend Bridget” he frowns

”Then what the hell do you want from me” she screams at him ”Why the hell are you here, why the hell do you even talk to me or try to be nice to me- what the hell do you want? I don’t like you, i don’t want to talk to you and the fact that you are my neighbor pisses me the hell off, the fact that you coach at my son’s school pisses me off and the fact that my son seem to like you like why the hell did he- pisses me the hell off. I do not want you in my face, in my business and most definitely in my son’s life for any reason- why can’t you just mind your damn business. You don’t know me, i do not want to know you. The least we can do is be civil towards each other and go about our lives and we do not need to be friends- infact if we never get to see ever, or ever get to talk to each other, the better, so i do not know what made you think you can just stroll up to my face, deprive me of my piece of mind and dare to take my phone from me and demand a condition to give me back my property. You Mr coach are crossing boundaries, my personal space, my personal space!!! So i want you out of my face- i want you out of my damn face because i do not know what you want, i don’t even care what you want- i just need to be left alone. What in the heavens name are you even here, why did you come here- why, what do you want my God!!!!” she screams

”Nothing Bri, nothing” Blake says staring at her, at her flash of anger, her outburst within a single breath, what the hell happened to this woman to have such anger steaming that could literally burn anyone trying to come close to her, it was painfully sad.

”Then leave me alone, leave me the hell alone my God!”


”Leave me alone!!!!”

He sighs, what was he thinking , he shoves his hand into his pocket, takes out the phone and hand it to her, she tries to take it, he moves it away ”I don’t know why i came here Bridget, but i do know this, no man is an island, everyone needs people every once in a while,. I do not really know what’s up your ass to have you treat people who try to help you like shit and don’t matter and-”

”Whoever told you i needed help hmmm?”

”You are a mess!!!”

She gasp ”I am not a mess, i am okay and i didn’t ask for you opinion an you are so wrong Mr, i never treat people like they don’t matter, nor do i treat them like shit. There is a saying ”Mind your damn business” a saying you seem to be oblivious off. I happen to be a lovable person and-”

Blake scoffs ”Lovable? You don’t know me but you hate me, you were rude to Dan, physically and God knows how many others”

”I am not rude, and just because i don’t like guys crossing boarders without permission doesn’t mean i am a mad crazy person”

”I swear to God you took it right out of my mouth”

She steps closer to him, there is little space between them now as she pointing him in the face ”You are the most despicable arrogant man i have ever met”

”Why? One who see all this as an exterior and a put up?” he says hovering his hand over her and then brings it down right after he removes her finger from his face

She frowns watching him ”What the hell is that?” she repeats what he did to her with her hands

”This ?” he gestures again ”Is to say you give wrong vibes and that is not great”

”I don’t care about your opinion Blake and you standing her and telling me about what you think about me is not wanted- so leave”

”This is a public place, and you don’t tell me what to do in a public place not owned by you. I don’t see you as the owner of the beach so i can and will stay right here as i damn please” he says folding his arms

”Fine then, i’ll leave” sh reaches for her phone, too quick that he was unable to stop her hand from grabbing, she quickly shoves it into her pocket, he laughs

”Smooth, i would never mistake you for a thief”

she turns to him in a flash, he raises his hand ”Kidding, can’t take a joke”

”Asshole” she grabs her bag and is reaching for her son to lift him up

”Let me help you with him-”

”Don’t touch my son!!!” she screams at him, he steps back

”God Bridget!!!!” he says shaking his head ”You know what, i still don’t even know why i came and i don’t even know why i am arguing with you like this. Look, i may have a soft spot for broken birds but not all birds wants to be fixed”

She scoffs ”I am a bird now, a broken bird? Are you crazy? So you are Mr. Fix me up right?”

”No..i am just someone who happens not to mind his own damn business”

‘Great! At least we have that sorted out”

”Whatever, i am sorry i even bothered”


He shakes his head, this time walking away and not turning back

Bridget already upset decides to leave, she lifts her sleeping son, grabs her bag and the duvet and made her way to her car. She cursed under her breathe till she got to the car, fishing for her keys.

Continue reading here…


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