The shot rings out.

Annika screams in her gagged mouth as she sees Lucas fall, then blood.

She kept screaming, watching him lay still on the floor. Watching the blood spread, seeing his eyes closed.


She struggled to get up, to get to him, to reach him, protect him, safe him, anything.


She couldn’t reach him, she couldn’t.

Her heart felt like it was going to explode, her eyes is stung by tears, she feels suffocated , she feels as if the wall was crushing in on her.

No! Lucas! No No No No No!!! LUCASSSSSSSS!!!!!

”I have him, i got the killer!!!” the man who had shot Lucas says into a walking-talkie ”I need an ambulance, the chief of Police is down, he got shot- someone get help” The man sidesteps Lucas and is heading for Geti who has since stopped moving. He places his finger to Geti’s pulse ”Fxxk!” he explains turning to the struggling Anikka, he removes the gag from her mouth,

Her scream deafens him as she cries out for Lucas, wanting to go to him.

”Lucas!!! No No No! Look at me, look at me!!” She cries, struggling, the officer who had shot him lifts her above and takes her out of the room struggling

”It’s fine Ma’am, you are safe, you are safe” he repeats to her, taking her out of the room despite her crying and wanting to go back.

He takes her pass a few un-moving bodies, then down the stairs where it was evident a shooting battle had taken place with casualties. He takes her outside where she could see police cars like a dozen blaring their horns and then a few of them moving into the compound with their guns out.

”Lucas!!!!” she cries as she is put in the back seat of the car, an ambulance is seen driving into the compound. ”Lucas!” she keeps yelling, hysterically ”Take me back to him- take me back to him.”

”I think she is in shock- i need a medic” the officer shouts over his shoulders before bending to his knees and staring at Anikka, he tries to shake her

”You are safe Ma’am, you are safe- it’s fine, he wont hurt you anymore. We got the bad guy- we did. You are okay- Medic here please”’

”No No- he- he – He- you shot him, you shot him – have to–Lucas” she struggles to run past him, he grabs her and keeps her still. ”I need a damn medic” e yells

The ambulance drives to a stop, Medics drop down from the open back, a few of them rush into the compound with their bed wheels while one of them is stopped and directed to the officer who is struggling to keep her still

”What happened to her?” the medic ask as he reaches for a pencil-like torch in his pocket to shine into her eyes, he checks her and then grabs a bag, opening it he bring out a syringe, pops it and then tells him ”Hold her still- she is going into shock”

He does. The Medic injects the syringe in Anikka’s arm ..”Ssssshh , it’s fine i am just putting you to sleep, you would be fine”

”No–Lu-ca–ss” Anikka tries to scream, but her voice comes out like a whisper, slow, drowsy-, Tears leaves her eyes, her struggling subsides

”That’s it. ”The Medic says beckoning to another to bring the bed ”Let’s get her to the hospital”

They lift Anikka unto the bed , while her to the back of the ambulance and then push her in.

The Officer stands up looking back at the compound ”This is a fxxking mess”, he turns around when he sees more cars coming ”Oh scrap not the fxxking press” he say moving towards, beckoning to some of the police officers to set up a barricade ”No one comes through her, i don’t want the medic taking pictures of my fxxking crime scene. It’s a bloodbath and the chief of police is dead-”



David and Kelvin is seated in the car, watching the compound, waiting-

”Come on Lucas, where the fxxk are you man, come-on!!” David says

Kelvin runs a hand through his hair ”He is alright right, i mean he has got to be alright- It’s Lucas, it’s Lucas”

David says nothing watching the house.

They had a plan, go in, get Anikka, fxxk them up and also rescue the doctor and his family

”Once you find away to get to anyone, get them and leave” Lucas had said 

”We came together, we leave together bro” Kelvin had told Lucas with a frown 

”This isn’t one of those Kelvin, you saw the news, the already pegging me to be some fxxking criminal so there is a likely possibilities that they would be sending him some more men- whatever the case we can’t afford to let them get here and ruin this unless we get them and leave, and we can’t do that if we play by the rules.”

”What does that matter Luc”

”It does David” Lucas says staring at the gun in his hand ””These people don’t play clean, they don’t and they don’t care who gets hurt. And like hell i would let them touch who matters to me and get away with it. ”

”Look- i know doc is like a brother to you and you care for this Anikka girl obviously-”

”I more than care for her David, i know meeting her was sudden and all, it began like a job but what i feel hell doesn’t feel like a fling- i really do more than care for her and her being in this situation feels like she is about to be ripped from me and that thought alone scares the fxxk out of me and the fact that i am scared of loosing her fxxking don’t make sense to me. I have met women, had my fair share of it all but- Anikka, all too suddenly don’t feel like one of those things and not knowing if i would have the chance to make sense of what i am feeling scares me even more. Even as much i am all too concerned about the safety of the innocents which is all i am about, family comes first- Leister, but she also is my priority too- i cant bear to think what would happen if i did lose her. I don’t.”

”You love her?”

”I don’t know- what  i feel- i don’t know if i am falling or i have already- but hell it’s a great feeling. And i want to explore that- this feeling, with her, everything . I hear stories of how meeting someone and then falling inlove at first sight- but i never thought i would fall into that category of men falling inlove at such short notices. Fxxked up right?” Lucas asks running a hand though his hair and watching the house.

‘No” David laughs

”Ofcourse not”’ Kelvin joins in ”I mean, fxxk it, who makes the rules anyways?The heart wants what it wants so who fxxking cares how it loves and who it loves and when the love happens. Fxxxk it..let’s go get your girl Lucas. ” Kelvin says smiling ”Proud of you son”

”Fxxk you!”

David and Kelvin laugh at Lucas’ outburst, Lucas smiles turning away, the smile leaves his face

”Don’t wait for me- ”

The smile leaves their faces

”Lucas, we have been in a couple of missions together and you know the code, Never leave a man behind”

He turns to them, his eyes dark, his face set, ”Grab anyone you rescue and leave, you know they wont be keeping Anikka with them- and i probably would be walking into some death trap”

”And that’s okay for us? Fxking kidding me Luc”

”Damnit David, we don’t have time for this, you find the Doc and his family, take them and leave before the cops show up. I would get Anikka”

”And if you don’t make it out? What are we supposed to do- just leave ?” Kelvin asks

”Yes!” Lucas says checking his gun for bullets ”Let’s go”

Kelvin and David where unable to say anything more to him before the show down and bullets and bodies falling.

David had found the family, sustaining a gun shirt to his shoulders he had been able to get the kid out and the other, Kelvin got Leister. They were able to get them out while Lucas cleared the way for them

”Go!!!” Lucas screamed ”GO!!!!!”’ he yelled at them right before he returned back into the compound and disappeared up the stairs

”You can’t let him go back in there- stop him..they are going to kill him” Lesiter had yelled, calling Lucas to come back 

The blaring of police siren cars disrupted them

”Lucas is in there, we can’t leave him” Kelvin said to David ”You need to get them out of here”

David nods, his injured arm is weak from bleeding ”Let’s go!” he tells Leisiter as he adjusts the boy on his good arm.

Leisiter’s wife take a few steps and collapse , he rushes to her.

The police cars are visibly  drawing closer.

Take them to safety– grab them and leave, don’t wait for me ” Lucas’s words rings in Kelvin’s ears.

”Come on baby, wake up-  wake up’ Leister cries over his wife’s limb body ”Wake-up”

”What’s wrong with her?”

”She fainted. Wake up baby!” Leister shakers her, their son Alex is crying now on David’s arms

”Can’t you lift her?” Kelvin asks Leister who tries, he was weak too. He staggers

Kelvin looks back at the compound, then far into the road. If they don’t leave her now, all Lucas’s effort would be for nothing.

‘Damnit Lucas!” Kelvin yells right before he bends to lift Lesiter’s wife, ”Come on David let’s get these family to safety”

”But Lucas…?”

‘I would get back to him but for now we have to do what he wants- come on” they had made their way down the road, entering into the surrounding forest and where their car was hidden, ”Open the doors David- get in, stay low’




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