Locki is frowning as he gets to the serving girl’s table after pushing his way through the crowd of men in the IN ”Girl, we are looking for someone” he says looking up at the serving girl who is standing on the table and watching the commotion that is happening in the middle of the room.

 The men who had come in this morning have been all shades of loud, fighting over the status of the Princess; whether she was alive or dead and who has been searching for her and who isn’t. Their loud voices and bantering could bring the IN down and what’s more, the girl, her lady’s daughter had said needed food from the Lady of the palour’s had somehow almost fallen flat on her face and being caught by one of the poorly dressed lads who had suddenly made a scene upon hearing that the Princess is supposedly dead. Only just now the girl had equally made a scene for lack of food, surely, the girl was a walking corpse, not that she cared but, why is the fool holding unto the lad’s face is a wonder? she wondered.

”Girl, do get down from the table and attend to us”

The serving girl frowns a the man yelling at her but ignores him.

 Locki is tempted to drag the girl down by her legs not minding if she hits the table and break all of her bones. The noise in the room was making him irritated. There were so many people and so little ventilation that he could smell the sweat mixed with stale breathes from the farmers who littered the room. He nudges one away who leaned close to him ”Get down here girl” he orders raising his voice again for the forth time. Celtric and Sibly are behind him, ignoring the commotion happening not so far from where they stood. Everyone seemed to be facing the other end of the room and speaking loudly.

The serving girl deepens are frown as she stares at the man below her, sighing she climbs down with her face screwed up ”Pray, tell me what i must serve you my lord, you need not shout, i can hear you perfectly-surely i am not deaf” she places her hands on her waist and looks him over disdainfully. She hadn’t seen him before, goodness she hadn’t seen half the men in these room today before. Since the news of the Princes’s kidnap, strange faces swooped into town to join search parties for her..but was it for the gold the king has promised on her head or because they did love her, that was a thing of mystery to her.

”Your mouth isn’t as bright as your face girl” Locki sneers, the girl is booted out of her thought ”Didn’t your mother teach you how to behave towards men?”

”My lord, she would have if she had the chance but i didn’t get to see her much less sit by her legs and have her pamper me and teach me prim and proper- forgive her, whoever she is. Now, pray tell what i must serve you, as you can see, the men are a lot and i must attend to them all”

Locki leans close ”For a girl, your boldness is rare- but it would remain least with you if i dare make do of the thoughts i am thinking” he grabs her hand, the serving girl gasps , Locki smiles

”Good sir, do let go of me” she says with a grimace, trying to remove his hand from hers

”Apologise girl, that is no way to speak to a guest” he says into her face, his breathe smelled like stale piss, the serving girl tries to pull away, he holds her still

Celtric nudges him looking around seeing that everyone is distracted with whatever commotion happening ”Ask her and we leave, we don’t want no one noticing us right now”

Locki frowns ”we are looking for  a girl-” he says close to the serving girl’s face

”Our niece, wild on the eyes- erm..bright skin not blemished by the sun..she may be speaking of things not true and acting strange. Did you see her? ” Sibly cuts in

The serving girl shakes her head ”I pray you good Sir to let go of my fragile hand”

”I might break it girl if you do not speak and if you think to scream, it would be your last- come on, do answer the question been thrown to you and we shall take our leave. Did you see the girl my brother did describe?

 ”I did not see anyone of such description please let me go”

”Think fool, think- we have searched everywhere for our little cousin, she refused to be joined with her beloved you see and wandered of with some group of friends, but mama, our mama is worried of her safety, you know how little girls can be- wilding and wanting their future not understanding that the one we have planned for her is much more better than what she envisioned in her thoughts, so it is important that we find her and return her home and make our parent’s heart merry you see-”

”I tell you good Sir, i do not know”

”Then tell me where else to look for a young girl- surely there may be a place, a palour, anywhere- a girl new in town cannot just disappear” he was angry

Sibly turns away them, curious he squeezes himself through the crowd and makes his way to the front so he can see whats going on and causing the commotion.

”There are various palours with serving girls all around” the serving girl says in fear trying to loosen his grip on her ”Surely you must have passed all of them on your way- infact, there is a serving girl here at the moment, you can start with her madam’s palour, she had come in here seeking a fill for her tummy and she can lead you to her madam and you can search theirs for your cousin.”

”Aye, show us to her then” Celtric says above Locki’s shoulders

”She is there , amongst the men, holding unto one in a slight faint i presume” Let them go and harass another,  she hopes

Locki lets go of her,  the serving girl rubs her arms and backs away in fear, whoever these men , surely they did seem dangerous. Should she alert the men herein, or would the fools make do of their promise of harming her? She best keeps quiet then.

”Pray tell me what this girl looks like?”

”Like all service girls good Sir, unkempt, unfed and cloths too big for little frame and the world on their shoulders”

”Ahh, you would know now would you not girl?”

”I may be a serving girl but i am way ahead of such girls, for while they serve in the palour and be treated as slaves, i be here serving men and being treated as one of the hands.”

”It is of no concern to me- of what direction did you point that that serving girl may be- i have no time to waste, come, point me to her”

The serving girl raises her hands and points at the backs of the crowded men ”She made her way to the root of the matter between the men and disappeared within their fold there, and she may have been light on her feet for she did faint, just incase you intend to get a word out of her as regards her madame’s palour, you might very well wait till she comes to. ”

”I see- no matter, she may help to find the princ- erm our cousin. ” he smiles at the serving girl as he stops himself from saying the ”Princess” . He turns to Celtric and whispers”Find that one Celtric whom the girl speaks off, she would lead us to her madame’s palour and maybe the heavens would help us find where the princess has been hidden.  We must find her before the sun goes down. For a princess she does know how to hide and not be found. You heard what those farmers said- there was a lad who had informed them of the family who had strange men and when they got there the family was dead and no one else”

”What are you saying?”

”We didn’t see a lad when we found that family, we only saw the Princess’s attire lying on the bed, it is obvious that the princess discarded her cloths to look  more commonly amongts these people. Maybe- just maybe she saw her and then dressed as a lad and ran for her life you see, ran into the village and informed them and disappeared. Surely- the princess is a lad in disguise and we must find her as quickly as possible”

Celtric’s face is screwed up, he rubs his jaw leaning towards Locki ”So we fetch all the lads in the area and make them strip to their bare button?”

”Don’t be a fool, you would notice a lad with his hard features but a girl’s would be soft, surely you can tell the difference- we just have to pay attention, look them directly in the eye.” Locki says looking round the room with the crowd of men leaving little to no space, he frowns ”the entire town, beyond and more is out and about searching for the princess, whether for goodwill or to fill their pockets with gold- surely this is why this place is filled to a tit and men as loud as fools occupying the space” he rubs his arms ”Go, you and Sibly go find the serving girl within the crowd while i scout around, surely one of this men in this room  must have seen a strange lad lurking around in this town”

Celtric nods and then looks around ”Locki, where is Sibly?”

Locki follows his eyes, then they both turn around in semi circle at opposite sides to search for him

”There is the fool making his way into the midst of men -” Celtric points

”Follow the fool, of what need did he need to leave us and wonder off on his own, follow him and find the girl while you are at it”


Locki turns back to the table and searches for the serving girl whose back is against the wall and she is staring at him in fear ”Give me a fill quick, i am thirsty and i demand a fill as well for my stomach”

She didn’t move, he leans closer, seeing that no one was paying attention ”Give me a fill girl or i swear to the gods i will make you regret it”

The serving girl pushes herself away from the wall and fetches a bowl and spoon to give him food. She wonders if she should raise and alarm and scream that a strange man was harassing her, but no one was paying attention , their were engrossed in whatever was going on and might not come to her aid. Where was madam’s daughter Louisa? Surely she would help her- if only she was nearby she would see that this man was dangerous, he and his companions. She would scream, she should -maybe she should and damn the fear he did put in her body.

Locki drops his hand on the table, there is a small knife attached to his arm, he caresses it and then smiles at her ”Hurry now little girl, i pray you not to be stupid”

Her hands shook, she nods and continues putting food for him, her eyes quickly scans the room, she finds Louisa, it looked as though she was worried as she makes her way through the men, searching for someone

Come here my lady, i pray you to come close. The serving girl wills.

”Hurry girl, hurry, i have not the time of the day” Locki leans closer to her, she fills up his plate and then passes it to him quickly as he shows her the knife again.

”A drink of water, hasten girl!”

”Yes my lord”


Philip who manages to steady himself from falling after being bumped by the girl steps forward, he adjusts his clothing and then frowns deeply ”These serving girl who do not know their place and bumps right into me, she was indeed lucky not to have found her face on the floor but being caught by a fool” he rubs his arms and dusts his clothing, then he stares at Williams whose arms is still around her and the girl, who had quickly touched his face seemed to have been light on the head for she had fainted, and clearly so.

”Toss the girl to her corner, and let us finish what i have begun” Philip says to Williams

Williams didn’t move, he still held on to the girl, shock fills his face, he is suddenly speechless, his arms shook, he staggers with the girl, Theodore quickly grabs them both

”Dear brother, what is the matter?” Worry creases his face as he stares at Williams

Williams stares at Theodore, his eyes glistens, his lips moves, but it is inaudible

Theodore is unable to understand ”Speak brother, come let go of the girl, i shall hand her to someone, come, you do not look well” He says with worry, surely, the kidnap of the princess is telling bad on his friend. Theodore tries to take away the girl in William’s arms so William’s can straighten up, William tenses, he holds her still with one hand and then grabs Theodore’s neck with the other, pulling his face closer to his

”Annalisa!!!” he chokes

At first Theodore didn’t understand the word from his mouth , nor what he meant , he places both of his hands to Williams’s face ”We would find her brother, but let go of the damsel so we can leave here, you look unwell and you need to be tended to so that-”

William’s grip tighten, his eyes moves from Theodore’s face and down at the girl who has fainted in his arms and then back to Theodore whose curious eyes searches his own  ”Annalisa, the princess”

Theodore follows his eyes, stares at the girl’s face and then frowns, then back to Williams ”Surely you are not saying- this cannot be the Princess, surely this has taken a toll on you and you seem to see her face in others but she- no this cannot be–”

”I will know my Annalisa even i be in the dream” he says, his voice thick with emotion, his eyes glistened to the brim of letting go, Theodore stares at him

”Williams, this is a serving girl judging by her looks, she cannot be-”

”She is, and if you are not blind you would stare on her face and see that she is of fairest of skin. As soon as i looked in her eyes i did know who she is- she is the Annalisa. I would recognise her if she were adorned in rags- my heart will no matter what”

Theodore is staring at the girl now, her eyes are closed, she looked- simple, too simple and the way her head fell to the side he couldn’t tell whether his friend Williams is going crazy or if she did look like the Princes and he is mistaken. She looked poorly dressed and not a slight aura of royal-ness did he perceive.  But what must he do, he must indulge him for Williams is firm in his willingness to have his way and right now was not the time to doubt his thoughts, not for a man who is pained and searching for the love of his life he knows is in danger, a man like that cannot and shouldn’t be doubted in his thoughts. Theodore nods

”Yes, yes Willy-boy, we shall take her and return her home, come, let go of her now”

”No!” Williams nudges Theodore gently away and then gathers the girl in his arms, lifting her and rises. He has found her, he wasn’t letting her leave his sight, neverIf he does tell them all this is the Princess, no one would believe him for they would think him be mad just like the way Theodore be doubting him. It didn’t matter, he was taking her home save,. Thank the gods he found her. He found her.”Let us go!” He says to Theodore making his way past Philip who stops him

”Hold on Sir, where do you think you are going ?”

Theodore is behind Williams ”None of your business , we shall be on our way then”

Philip frowns at them ”I am not done here,  i have an announcement to make to my fellow country men”

”Do it in our absence then” Williams says over his shoulders and then nudges Philip away, Philip grabs Williams, he is angry now

‘My fellow men , allow me fill your pockets with gold, this good Sirs are none other than Duke Williams De Beaumont, future son in-law of the crown and Sir Theodore Nesville, his partner in crime who helped him escape the palace in search of the princess. Do we not do what the King has ordered that we return the duke back to safety? For he isn’t well you see, he was wounded that night and surely you can see how he seemed light on his feet and almost fell twice. Help me take him back to the palace for the King and his father is worried and we all would be at peace knowing that he is safe, although the king would reward you all greatly and i would be pleased to have found the Duke”

Williams closes his eyes briefly, Theodore curses underneath is breath and the whole room break out in loud gasps.

”No, it cannot be. They cannot be royals dressed in attires meant for common men and servants” someone yells

”Indeed,  a Duke and a Viscount should know better but sadly these fools do not and they disgrace their lineage. But i tell you the truth, they be them, in flesh and a reward awaits the men who take them back to the palace” Philip looks around to see doubts in the men’s faces as no one steps forward

”Oh men of little faith, i shall proof it to you for a nobleman should never deny his birth ” He goes to Williams ”Speak the truth, are you not the son of Duke Alan De Beaumont, the third, the one arranged by both families to be married to the Princess and soon to be groom?”

”Dear Sir, i pray that you be moved for i intend to go on my way”

”I shan’t let you leave until ye answer me” Philip blocks his way, Sir Jude and four others stand behind Philip

”You make fools look sane good Sir” Theodore stares hard at Philip, ”You are in luck good sir, the atmosphere is forcing me to be a good son of my parents else i shall show you what fools look like when they beg for sleeping dogs who have moved to slumber of their own accord”

Philip scoffs ”He bleats, like a goat he bleats” he laughs, everyone joins in

”Oh you have had it-”’

Williams stops Theodore from moving at Philip to attack him ”No”, Theodore stops and then curses under his breath

Philip laughs ”Stay – he listens to his master, pray, remind me to throw you a bone when we finally do sit down under thesame roof for we surely will.” he turns his attention to Williams ”Good Sir, your audience is rather curious to hear the son of a noble man lie”

”Would it please you?”

”Indeed! ”

Williams smiles ” Very well,-”

”Dear Brother, indulge the fool not, our time is well spent and we shall be on our way” he says to him loud enough for everyone to hear, then he leans closer ”You cannot let this fool get anything out from you, we are on a mission to find and return home your beloved so letting the fool have his way with your identity is so that he can cause these fools who stare upon us with hungry eyes to take you by force back to the palace while they cash on the gold the kings speaks of in rewards. But surely you can see that this fool Philip has an interior motive and i do believe that he does want the Princess for himself and this is a way he can take you off the trail of the princess- surely Willy-boy, you must not let him. We must find her and return her home” he whispers to Williams who wasn’t listening

”I shall give you what you seek” William says, Philip smiles, Theodore nudges Williams

”Do not be a fool!” he begged

”Go on, speak then, are you of nobleblood?” the men ask Williams ”Are you the Duke to be married to the Princess?”

Theodore shakes his head, Philip’s face is breaking out in deeper smiles as Williams nods. Theodore sighs

”Indeed i am he!”

Loud gasps in the room again, Philip couldn’t stop smiling ”See i speak only the truth. Come on now my Lord” Philip gives him a  mock bow ”Allow me lead you and show you to your escort. They shall take you back to the palace where you shall be tended to to your better health, and i shall lead a team of men, willing men who shall find the Princess and return her back to your side, this i promise my lord” He smiles wickedly, surely you must not believe a word i say Williams De Beaumont, i shall send you back to the palace to be kept under lock and key, then i shall find the Princess and return her to the king myself- then i shall tell the King and the Queen what my sweet naive cousin did spill in her feat that the princess and her duke have been deceiving them all, that infact, the Duke had being the one to make such devious plan to break off the alliance with the princes after they must have ran away- and the poor poor Princess is unaware that the Duke has such devious mind to put her in the family way, use her to his heart content and leave her by herself within the forest  and he be gone in his way. 

Oh, he would be sure to emphasis that the Duke desires to bed her in the most unmanly of ways and pass her between friends and let her to by herself in the cold forest where she shall fend for herself and be eaten by the animals of the forest.  He must be dramatic in his approach to the king so he sees how dire the situation is.

He smiles, oh he has so many things he would say to the king and the king in his anger would either ask for the Duke’s head or banish him to a life of exile. Yes, this was his plan and the only way it would work is if the Duke is not the one to find the Princess. He has to be the the hero, he has to be the one the King appreciates and awards, he has to be the one seen as the protector of the Princess, he has to be seen as a good match, seen as a good suitor- that when he is to come for her hand, he would be given to the princess as a groom and she as his bride.

He would marry the Princess, he will, and he would do anything to ensure that happens and anyone who stands in his way would suffer for it.

”He cannot be the duke, surely the Duke is dressed in fine attires, and is guarded by royal guards as he is to be the groom of the Princess–this men seem roughly dressed as one dragged in by a wayward cat ” the men disbelieves

Philip laughs, Sir Jude hides a smile

 Philip had no intention of letting a good opportunity like this pass , he lets go of Williams and turns to them ”Aye, but believe me good Sirs, i do know the Duke and the Viscount personally, you see i have been opportune to come and go from the palace – the Duke is noble you see, hiding in disguise so that he can find the princess, very noble i must say , but he doesn’t think of his safety as he should, and we as obedient subjects ought and we must do the king’s bidding you see, which is to return him back to safety before he be hurt. Believe me, he is the Duke De Beaumont’s and he the Viscount of Nesville” He points to Williams and Theodore ”And for your good deed,  your rewards wait you brothers, do not be a doubting Thomas and go ahead and escort the good lords to the palace and only thank me later”

Everyone is staring at William and then  Theodore.

”Is he really the Duke?” they ask amongst themselves

Theodore steps closer to Williams ”Now we be doomed, if they take us back to the palace, we shan’t be able to find the Princess, oh dear brother, its my fault, i shouldn’t have picked here for a morning fill, forgive me. Come on now, drop the girl and we shall fight our way out of here and be gone before they know it, we shall find the princes and you both shall return back to safety- i promise but we must hurry. This fool Philip seems to have an interior motive and it is not for your best interest i can feel it, whatever his plans, we must not let him, later, later we shall deal with him but for now we must leave as soon as possible, leave the girl and we can make our way-”

Williams turns to Philip ignoring Theodore whispering to him , he smiles . ”You have found me good Sir, do you not want to accompany me to the palace yourself? Surely the king would want to appreciate your keen eyes to details”

”What are you doing Willy-boy, we must leave, if we don’t we can’t find the Princess!!!” Theodore tugs him and wonders why he was refusing to listen to him, the girl he held in his arms wasn’t the princess but a town’s girl. They needed a sort of distraction to get out of here, what the hell was Williams doing, and admitting to Philip Venedor that he is indeed the Duke, surely that is not wise ”Williams!!” Theodore tugs at his sleeve, everyone was looking hungrily at them.

”You see, i told you all he is the one” Philip smiles broadly turning around at a full 360 and comes back to stare at Williams.

”Are you really Duke De Beaumont?” they ask Williams again as though his answer removes all doubt.

Williams nods ”Indeed, i am, i shall not deny my noblebirth and my disguise this day is also for a noble purpose- but it is completed and i shall gladly be escorted back”

Another gasps , Williams smiles and continues  ”I would be delighted to be escorted back to the palace – thank you Sir Philip for gifting me with such company of men, i am indeed pleased.”

Philip frowns, not understanding why Williams seemed pleased

”Why is he smiling my lord?” Sir Jude asks Philip who isn’t sure

”I shall find the princess in your stead and return her-” Philip says  to Williams firmly, trying to elicit an emotion from Williams

”Safely to the palace? Yes you did mention that.  I bid you good luck dear Philip, surely you are a fine man with good principles and can achieve alot. I shall take my leave now- and these escorts would be very much appreciated”

”Williams, don’t be stupid, what are you doing? You can’t return back to the palace without your beloved, if you leave i  believe Philip the-vain-foolish-fool would win, we must find the Princess and we can only do that when we are here-”

Williams sighs at his whispering friend.

”You do not possibly think the girl you carry is the Princess?”Theodore whispers into his ears as he sees Williams hold on to her firmly like she meant the world to him.

”She is!” Williams whispers back ”Now do be quiet Theo, i do know what i am doing and i do see his motive behind his words, so i am not a fool and i would not let him go near my beloved. Surely i see all. Be quiet now! I have found her and she is safe- i shall take her home myself, only then can i be rest assured”

”Dear God, my friend has gone quite mad!!!!” Theodore mutters running a hand through his hair, it seemed the room became smaller as people step closer. It was obvious that despite doing their goodwill to the crown, they each are desirous of the award of gold that would weigh in their pockets and for the greed of money, they would fight themselves so that they can be the sole owner of the gold expected to be showered on them by the King. Yea! for gold, good men can be turned and this could happen quickly, too quickly. They need to leave. Theodore thinks to himself as he also thinks of possible means of escape.


”Go on then, be in the lead Sir Philip, surely you must give the King good news yourself as you found me out. I believe you must have so much to tell him of how his future son-in-law is disguised as a pauper in a town’s square un-befitting his noble blood. How dreadfully appalling” Williams mocked

”No, i shall stay and carry on search for the Princess” Philip says dismissing him with a wave of his hand, then he pauses ”Are you mocking me good Sir?”

”Oh- i wouldn’t there. It that be all, i best be on my way. Very well then,” Williams turn to everyone else ”Shall we then – or you do not still believe that i am the Duke?”

”No, i believe and i shall take you to the King my Lord”  a man steps forward with a bow, he rises, another one steps before him

”No, i shall take you, i have a horse”

”No- it is I who saw them walk in first, i shall take them to the King”

Philip is smiling ”You all can take him- time is of essence you see”

”No i shall take him”

”It is i who will take them”

”It is I!”

”No it is I!”

Soon the men are crowding Williams and Theodore, pushing each other and trying to grab unto them. Williams frowns holding Annalisa in his arm firmly.

Philip and Sir Jude with his men back away. Philip smiles, ”Surely this is turning into a mob of some sort and if by chance they rid him of his flesh, i shall indeed be glad”

”Do not lay a hand on him good sirs i pray you for you shall offend him – lead the way and we would follow- do not act like greedy fools” Theodore nudges them away from William who frown deepens as the men come closer to him, struggling to be the one to lead him away. All for gold they desire to fight themselves to be the only one who takes him to the king. The men slowly begin to act like uncultured animals and causing a chaos in the IN.

”Come my Lord, this way!” one reaches for Williams, another hits him away

”Mind him not my Lord, come- i have two men who would accompany us tot he King- this way”

”No, he desires to come with me” they put at Williams

”No, he shall come with us for we are the owners of this town and we keep it safe, it is only right that we take the award” they grab Williams who shrugs them off, Theodore pushes another hard who nearly topples offer a stool, he staggers, Theodore shakes his head as a warning and tells him to back away.

”Surely you all must be greedy fools!” Williams is disappointed as his voice causes a little quiet ”For men are fighting for a few pieces of gold forgetting that the Princess hasn’t been seen for days and all what you desire is gold??”

”Do we not feed ourselves just because the Princess is no where to be seen?”

”Indeed, tummies must be filled as it is important, but it is sad to see how our countrymen and subjects cares for her state. It is shameful to say the least and i be terribly disappointed.”

”But…men are out there, and we shall join them ”

”After ye fill your pockets with heavy gold” Williams points out ”ye, such great men you lots are”


Philip frowns, why was the fool talking and why did everyone quiet down to listen to him?

”Come good noble man, there is no need for much talk- time is well spent and we gave work to do- the princess is yet to be found and you good sir are delaying our mission. Go on and be safely guarded in the palace and allow us do what is needed as great men..surely you are eager to be again clothed with royal ropes befitting a duke and dine in luxurious. Do not deprive yourself any further and be gone. Lead him men- let us gladden the heart of the Dukes family and return him back to his haven”

Williams shakes his head and smiles sadly ”Indeed, if i did not know better i would think you to be one of good sense but- surely it is low in your family but, thank you for being thoughtful. ” Williams looks at all the men in the room ”Do not crowd me good men of Worcestershire- your rewards which ye seek would surely be given”

”But it is i who offered first”

”No, it is I for i am well trusted to be a travel companion.”

”You fool! You could not even guard an insect much less a grown man, be gone and allow me lead the duke to the palace”

”No! I shall be the one who takes him-”

Their banter started again. Williams sighs backing away so no one is tempted to pull the girl in his arms away.

”Oh you greedy fools! Get back!” Theodore tries his best to keep them away from Williams as they plead and struggle to be his companion back to the palace.

Locki and Celtric find their way to the front just then, seeing Sibly they grab him ”What’s the ruckus about?”

Sibly is smiling from ear to ear ”Locki- Locki , you won’t believe it- the Duke wondered in here, surely we can grab him for ourselves, and double our gold. I hear the King put a bounty for his safety on his head, how about it huh? He and his friend are gathered by the gluttons wishing to take him to the palace themselves- we should volunteer you see, more gold for us” he smiles happily ”More gold i say , more” he rubs his hands together

”Ssssh! Shut up you loud fool and don’t get us be caught” Locki nudges him, ”We are  not here for the Duke but the Princess”

”But we have lost her, surely we mustn’t lose an opportunity, come Locki, look at it surely you must be able to enjoy from a source if the first be lost”’ Celtric says to Locki after pulling his hand away from his lips to keep him from talking

”Indeed, we shall take him then, and still find the Princess” Locki decides seeing that Sibly made alot of sense.

”Aye!” Sibly grabs Celtric and then make their way to the front, pushing through the crowd to Williams and Theodore ”My Lords, we shall be of service to you both” they bow ”I and my brother can grant you save passage from here and to the palace, come-”

”We found him first, who are you lots!!!” one of the men yell at Sibly and Celtric

”Royal guards disguised to find the Duke and the Viscount, we have been on search for days, but now we have found them- the King orders their immediate return” Sibly offers

”But how do we know this is true?”

”And royal guards looks nothing like you”

The men mutter to themselves.

”We are so, our words are true- or you can send a party to the palace and enquiry for certain who we are” Celtric tells them

‘You fools, take them to the King at once, do you lots not want to have your gold as rewards? Do not stay about bantering words till no end, the Princess needs to be found and now that we have found the Duke, we send him to safety and then go in search of the Princess, surely you would not let your reward slip away from you all would you?” Philip says not understanding why the men in the room was hesitating . ”You, move and let the men take them, and someone take away the girl from his arms, a weak man cannot attend to another light headed and fainted.”

”Oh, let me help you with her” Celtric reaches for her, Williams stares at him hard

”You would stay where you are good sir, she stays with me”

”But we just want to help you get to the palace my lord the Duke” Celtric smiles

”Yes my lord, allow the girl be laid to the floor for whoever to attend to her, our horses are outside we shall take you now- we hear you are wounded”

Theodore frowns, there was something off about this one, and they hear he is wounded? If they were from the palace they would know he was indeed wounded and didn’t have to hear about it.

”Come-” Sibly reaches for the girl now, trying to lift her off William’s arms, Williams kicks him down, causing him to stumble to the floor with a groan ”You fool!!” he yells


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