”Larkie?” Mrs Grey turns to her husband who is seated  on the bed next to her

”Yes, Larkie, i and Bridget went to school together, you remember me Mrs Grey?”

Mrs Grey is staring at her husband who has a curious look on his face with  a raised questioning eyebrow

”What is it?” he asks her

”I do not quite remember you” she says

”L, you remember calling me that? ”L”. The lanky friend of Grey who wouldn’t stop shadowing her everywhere she went. You loved giving me brownies and those sweet butter-heart pies you make.”

She smiles sadly ”Larkie? What a surprise” she says, excitement wasn’t in her voice, instead she nervously plays with her collar

She could hear him smile, ”Yes it’s me. How have you been, and Mr Grey, we all used to call him pops grey”

”He is well. And you? What do i owe this surprising call?”

”Well…i have been great. I..er..well just wanted to call, it’s been ages and i just thought to- you know find out how you all are doing. ”

”Well thank you Larkie, we are fine.”



”Larkie, well do have a nice day and-”

”Wait Mrs Grey, about Bridget-”’

”She is wonderful!” she blurts out, her husband is behind her now, wondering why she had that face on

”I know, it is Grey afterall, she knows how to pick herself up even when she falls that we are unable to tell when there is an issue.”


”Mrs Grey, how is Bridget Grey?”

”I told you, she is wonderful!”

”I – erm, i am just going to go all out here and ask”

”Ask what?” she was curious

”Bridget..did she loose the baby?”

Mrs Grey’s and flies to her chest ”Excuse me?”

”The baby, Tennisson’s baby, did she loose it?”

”You call me out of the blue to ask me of  child after how many years?”

”Mrs Grey, i know it is out of line but-”

”Yes it is out of line Larkie, it is!” She was raising her voice ”It’s been like what? How many years now and he leaves her at the alter, even when he got the new that she was pregnant and in the hospital, he didn’t sure, even when her life was in danger due to the stress and how she was a nervous wreck, he didn’t show. And you? You used to be her best friend Larkie, maybe Tennisson wasn’t raised properly but you were. One minute you were by her side and then the next you too stopped being there for her”

”And i feel like shit about that and i swear it wasn’t intentional!. I couldn’t just continue looking at her face and not able to give her hope. I couldn’t keep answering those calls when i am unable to tell her what she wanted to hear about Tennison and that he loves her and was coming back for her- i didn’t know what to do to stop her tears or mend her broken heart because it broke me to see her in that state and i swear i haven’t been able to forgive myself-”

”Well, you lost that right to ask any questions as regards to Bridget! Just so you don’t ever call me up again, i would tell you- she lost the baby, it nearly killed her but she pulled through. So you do not ask about her ever, do not call me and if per chance you have her number, do not call her either. She doesn’t need her past sneaking up on her. She, despite it all came up strong and you, or anyone else would rattle her up about her past and bring all those pain back you hear me?”

”Mrs Grey- i am really sorry, it’s just that- i saw -”

She cuts the line and then stares at her husband

”What is it?” he asks

”I have to call Bridget!”


She had a headache.

She felt someone jumping on her bed.

She also felt her cheeks being pulled and lips to her face. The person was speaking to her and trying to get her attention.

She heard her phone ring,

She groans taking her hand to her forehead before running a hand through her hair

The jumping on her bed didn’t stop.

The pounding of her head continued, the ringing continued and the tiny voice trying to get her attention didn’t stop.

”mummy, wake up! Mummy your phone is ringing- mama, wake up wakeup!!!!” Sean jumps on the bed, he knees  and peeks into her face, trying to open her eyelids ”Mummy!!!”

”Stop Sean, i am having a headache!”


Sighing, Bridget rolls to her side and then reaches for her phone.



Bridget sits up rubbing her eyes, ”Mum?” she grabs Sean to stop him from jumping ”Stop!” she points getting off her bed ”mum?”

”Bridget- i got a call from Larkie this morning, has he been in touch with you?”

Bridget sinks back into the bed ”What did he want? Please tell me he didn’t- please tell he he doesn’t suspect a thing and- please tell me you didn’t say anything to give my son away”

”Relax Grey, i wouldn’t do anything of that sort. I was even surprise to receive his call and yes, he did inquire about your baby, Tennison’s baby and i told him what we have been telling others”

Bridget sighs in relief ”Thank God!”

”What’s wrong Bridget, is there something you aren’t telling me? Has Larkie contacted you? You don’t sound so good. What’s wrong Bri, you can tell me you know this”

Bridget rubs her eyes  trying to keep the tears at bay”Mum, he is here, Tennison is here and i don’t know what to do!!!”

”Oh my God! Does he know, does he suspect?”

Bridget shakes her head ”No, not yet but since Larkie is reaching out, i think he suspects.”

‘But how?”

”I- i may have said a little too much as i lashed out on Tennison in the supermarket. Can you imagine he was trying to gift my son money for a broken toy, who the hell does he think he is mama? I raised that boy on my own, i took all the pain, went through the depression and despite the wagging tongues, the abuses every single thing i was able to raise that kid and he shows up and tosses bills to him like i asked him to- oh mama i was so mad i kept screaming and saying things i shouldn’t and- i guess that’s when Larkie thought something is off. You know Larkie, he has always been the curious one of us all, always questioning and inquisitive and when he notices something, he doesn’t stop till he gets to the bottom of it and, maybe i kept emphasising on my son, stay away from my son, we don’t need you now, we never needed you-oh i don’t know!” she  sobs

”Oh Grey, what are you going to do if he keeps poking”

”Well i have to warn him off. I do not what Tennisson to ever know Sean is-” she looks at her son ”Baby, go brush your teeth, then come down for breakfast” Sean nods jumping off the bed and making a dash for his room, Bridget continues ”I don’t want him to know Sean is his son. He lost out on those very early months and he left me at the alter and made me feel like i don’t matter, i don’t deserve happiness, love or everafters, like i was the one who threw myself at him and that’s there to it and all he did was run away from a shitty toxic relationship. I do not want to forgive him,i hate him and he doesn’t deserve to know about who he didn’t stick around to love.”

”But Bridget-”

”I know what you are going to say mum, i know”

”And you won’t listen to me now?”

”No mama, you saw how broken i was, you went out of your mind trying to make sure i didn’t die in delivery. Sean was so fragile i thought he would never survive after that close call of miscarriage. If that doctor wasn’t thorough and well experienced, i would have lost him mum, but where was he? Out there playing the rich kid, ladies man and maybe making another girl a nervous wreck like he did me. No mum, i won’t listen because i know what you are going to say, that Sean deserves to know who his father is, but mum, what if he rejects him again like he did when he was unborn, have you thought of the damage it would do to my son? No! I won’t let him be put in that state. As long as Sean is concerned, his father is in heaven”

”But you can’t not tell him forever Bri”

”When he is old enough i might revisit this topic, but till then, Tennisson isn’t getting to find out. Not him, not Larkie because i know he would tell him. I just want to go back to my peace and quiet, i don’t have to be worried of anything or much less about Tennisson. I want to protect my son from the hurt  felt, the rejection, the pain, all of it. Sean is my life mother, and i would not be able to control myself if anything would shatter him” Bridget says wiping the tear from her eyes when Sean pops back into the room, he frowns seeing her face

”Mummy? Why are you crying?” he touches her cheeks, she smiles kissing his hands, ”Mummy isn’t, you hungry?”

He nods, staring at her swollen eyes

”Mum, i have to go.. say hello to grandma!” she gives him the phone, he excitedly takes it and talks to his grandmother while she washes her face in her bathroom. She comes out to find him gone. She stares at her bed and frowns slightly remembering last night.



”Coming baby” She rushes down to make food for them both.


Larkie is staring at the phone, lost in thoughts. He didn’t hear Tennison enter the living room.

Tennison nudges him ”Dude?”

Larkie turns to him,

”Are you okay? You’ve been like that longer than five minutes you didn’t even see those fresh titties bouncing past you” he smiles, Larkie didn’t

”I just got off the phone with Bridget’s mother”

”Like i want to know who you were on the phone with?” Tennisson cocks his head, then he turns away walking into the kitchen, Larkie follows him

”You don’t want to know what we talked about?”

Tennison opens the fridge to grab a beer, he uncorks it, takes a deep sip , ”Nope!”

”About your child, yours and Bridget”

Tennison’s hands slowly comes down, his face contorts into a frown ”Have you made it a mission to literally piss on my days Larkie?”

”No! But i have to be the sensible one here when you acting a fool!”

”Careful!” Tennison warns ”You may be my friend and i love you but f recent you have been overstepping and all for that bitch Bridget who doesn’t want to let go of some fxxked up past.”

Larkie goes to him, his fist folder ”How dare you? How dare you!!” he was tempted to punch him

”How dare i what call i a bitch? She is! I mean she acts like she was the only girl who got her heart broken in the entire universe i mean that was tons of years ago and you would think some mature woman would have the sense to let go? No! She attacks me in the supermarket and we both know her anger wasn’t just about me wanting to pay for her son’s toy i kinda broke by mistake mind you, it stems from the fact that she hasn’t forgiven me for not showing at our wedding, a wedding that was never gonna happen, a relationship that wasn’t even real, not my fault she was catching feelings when i was only playing a fxxking game. Now you, all of a sudden and out of the blue is talking shit. A kid? You and i know she lost the kid and i m glad she did because i wouldn’t want that bitch to be the mother of my kids and i am lad i dodged that bullet. So don’t come here and talk about a kid- it died, and thankfully so!”

Larkie punches him, the beer hits the ground pouring it’s contents, Tennison had dropped to the ground, he touches his broken lip , painfully he gets up, closing the distance between him and a fumning Larkie ”I’ll let you have this one. The next time Larkie, you would be sorry.”

”I won’t apologise. She loved you”

”Yeah, maybe, you are just burned because she picked me over you. And what did you do when she needed you the most? You ran away like  a fxxking puppy because you couldn’t get me to go back for her and she wouldn’t have been able to love you either so you stayed away to lick  up your wounds, stopped contacting her and remained best friends with the enemy, now seeing her again you feel guilty and shit and trying to make amends? ” Tennison laughs ”What a fxxkng a coward! Help yourself Larkie, stay away from this- she may not hate you as much as she hates me but she does hate you too. And going around digging into the past for a baby who died way before it could form an actually baby isn’t helping the situation because  i don’t want to hear it. Leave Bridget alone to enjoy her life, leave me the hell alone as regards this with shit that happened years ago and we would be cool i promise. If you as much as try to rob me in all this, it won’t end well for both of us. I literally don’t care if she is my next door neighbour, i don’t care if we screwed two ways to Sunday- i also don’t care about how she managed to turn out, no i don’t. Look, she got married, has a kid, living an okay life despite her late husband , i mean the kid did say his father is in heaven- i intend to be less visible to her so she doesn’t ruin my days like that supermarket and i am pretty sure she won’t be inviting me over for dinner to talk of old days so let’s leave sleeping dogs to lie hmm? I just want to enjoy this great city, continue to meet sexy girls, have lots of sex till my dxxk fall off and when we are done here, leave like this place never existing. Oh work, work is important too” he smiles, his lips is bloodied

”Foe once in your lie, stop and think about all this Tennisson”

Tennison folds his fist in frustration, he however lifts both hands and places on Larkie’s shoulders ”For once in your fxxking life, mind your business. Go get laid, jezz. I am trying so hard not to punch your face in but you are testing me badly- so i am gonna go. When you are done having Bridget Grey all over your thoughts, you know where to find me- if not, stay out of my face” Tennison brushes past him and disappears into his room. Within a few minutes he was out, dressed and walking out the door.

Larkie sighs touching his knuckles , staring at the closed door ”You never stop to think Tennisson, that’s your problem, for once you should take responsibility. ” he turns away rubbing his jaw in thoughts ”This gut feeling can’t be wrong can it?” he asks himself ”Yes, her anger that day had a loud undertone only if you were listening Tennison, and you were right, she wasn’t just talking about the toy and the money, it is something else. It felt like she was trying to protect the boy from him, but why? Why would she want to do that and all that i can think about is the fact that her son might be Tennison, and her hatred and anger was trying to keep him from nearing her son, their son whom he has never been there for thus the reason she flared up when he offered the kid money. It makes sense all in my head’ he sighs ”Or am i just been paranoid, hearing things that aren’t said?’ He asks himself

He has to find away to talk to Bridget.

He has to.


Mrs Stevenson, Becky and Veronica where at her door.

”Why are you all here?” she wonders staring at them after she opened the door

Veronica pulls down her glasses a inch ”We wanted to make sure you aren’t dead. See, she is alive,- bye girl!” She turns around to leave, then turn right back to stare at the shocked and curious countenance of Bridget ”Kidding baby, won’t you invite us in?”

The others laugh, Bridget manages a small smile, ”You are already here aren’t you?”

”Oh don’t mind Ver. ” Mrs Stevenson walks in hugging her, so does Becky, Veronica gives her air kisses

”I give the real one to hunks, if you know what i mean – i brought wine by the way and lots of little finger chops for mulching, you are welcome” she says showing Bridget the full bags she had on both hands

”I got home made cookies too and Mrs S. made those delicious pancakes Sean loves.”

Bridget closes the door, ”Thank you -but, really what are you all doing here?”

Mrs Stevenson drops her bag and then pulls Bridget to sit beside her while the others take their seats ”About yesterday, you seemed pretty shaken up and we were super worried”

”I am fine”

”No, you aren’t. Those bags under your eyes suggests otherwise what’s going on Bri? Who were those men?”

”They are no one, i haven’t met them ever in my life” she lies

”You are such a horrible liar” Veronica says popping open a bottle of wine ”I’ll go fetch us some glasses and girl you are gonna spill”

”I am telling you the truth!’ she says

”Look, Sean is in school and you are home instead of being at the library working? Ofcourse we went by and you sweet little lady there said you called in sick and we rushed down here and we know for a certain you aren’t sick, so tell us, we are your friends, we would help you”

”We are literally your only friends so-”

”Quit it Ver, this is not the time to be smart, our friend needs us right now” Becky cuts her

A shocked Veronica has her mouth open for a few nanoseconds, then she sits up ”Bitch!”

”Inconsiderate cunt!” Becky fires back

”Oh no you didn’t just call me-” Veronica was standing up

”I swear to God if you both don’t quit it i would run you both with my car and spit on your graves”

Everyone looks at her, then they bursted out laughing, Bridget shakes her head

”Apparently they both need help”

The laughter dies down, Mrs Stevenson stares at her ”A problem shared is one half solved”

”It’s nothing okay, so stop asking me already”

”Then why are you fighting those tears Bri?”

Her lips shook, her hands too, she was fighting it really hard to not cry,  ”I swear to God Mrs Stevy-”

”No, you are hurting and we won’t be good friends if we accept the fact that you say you are okay and we agree to it. Who hurt you? I swear to God i would make sure he regrets it so much.”

Bridget is shaking her head, biting her lips to keep the tears at bay

”I can’t!”

”It’s okay Bri, if you don’t wanna talk it’s fine” Becky runs her back

”Oh screw it!” Veronica comes to her, bending ”I know i am a nut case and sometimes i don’t think before i say what i say or do what i do, but, there is something i do know for sure is that you are an amazing person, pain in my butt but amazing nonetheless and anyone who dares to hurt you is a fool and i would team up with my girls Mrs Stevy here and run him downtown”

”Wow! Even i am impressed, such nice words could come out of your mouth! Amazing!!” Becky teases

”I do have a heart you know!” Veronica rolls her eyes

”Occasionally!!” Becky and Mr Stevy teases

”Hey- watch it. ! ” Veronica throws back at them ”Don’t mind those hussies okay, so when you are ready to talk, do, not before and don’t let Stevy here box you into a corner when you aren’t really. So whatever it is, it would either sort itself out or we can help sort it out or you want to do it all on your on, either way, it’s fine just know that we are here for you and we care okay?” she reaches out to wipe a tear from Bridget’s face ”So, can we drink and have some girl time before we go pick our kids?”

”Sure- why not!”

”That’s the spirit! Wine wine, play some music bitches!!!!” Veronica was up with an open bottle of wine she was already sipping out from ”Lots of things to snack on-yay!”

Bridget laughs wiping her eyes

”There you go! Positive thoughts, always!”



Blake was lost in thoughts.

Dan knocks on his door, entering ”Hey man, you okay?”

Blake is pulled out of his thoughts, he runs a hand through his hair and closes the open file on his table ‘I am great”

”Sure? You seemed out of here a few seconds ago”

”Nah, just had thoughts on my mind, sorry about that”

”No no fine, You disappeared on us last night, the girls were pretty worried”

”Hmm, had a place to be”

”Oh okay” Dan nods, Blake checks somethings on his computer, i felt Dan had more things to say, he turns to him

”What’s up?”

Dan scratches his head ”So erm, the girls and i were talking, that whole scene with Bridget and those two guys seemed strange like she knew them from before. I mean, the way she went off like a crazy person was–whoa! Like i get the fact parent’s get protective of their kid from stranger but- i mean she seemed a bit too emotional with the whole thing and, i don’t know. You could just easily say don’t talk to my son and that’s it but she went on and on like a broken record and i began to wonder if she was still on about the ruined toy or something else because it did seem like something else. Do you think she knows them? I did hear one of them call her name though, what do you think?”

”I think it’s none of your business Dan”

Dan raises an eyebrow ”Come on, a little gossip wouldn’t hurt!”

”No Dan! Jobless people who can’t mind their business sits around to gossip about others, i have a job, you also do too and seeing a woman having an issue with a stranger she supposedly wanted to protect her son from isn’t a topic of discussion. And please don’t refer to her as a crazy person again, i don’t appreciate that”

”Relax man, you starting to act protective of her like you like her or something” Dan laughs raising both hands in the air

”You are starting to overstep Dan” Blake frowns, Dan wipes the smile off his face

”Was just joking Blake, don’t mean anything like that”

”Don’t joke. Bridget Grey isn’t one you should joke with for any reason, infact no woman should be joked with like that on her low because you have no idea what she or others might have been through. Just because a scene looks that way doesn’t mean we all should seat around and discuss it like it’s some topic we need to teach, we all should be sensitive to others- i expected more from you Dan, this is quite disappointing”

”Okay- nice chat Blake”

Blake says nothing but watches him leave. His frown deepens as Dan’s words comes back to him ”—–you starting to act protective of her like you like her or something’

”Crazy, why would he even say that!!!” Blake says getting up and rubbing his jaw.

It wasn’t the case at all. It just upset him that he was talking about Bridget that way; she wasn’t crazy. No one understands her pain and would judge her wrongly and maybe he did too when he didn’t know about what she went through but now he does so he understands now why she was the way she was and although, it wasn’t a pass for her to be rude to others who wanted to genuinely help and care for her, but it’s just an understandable plight and the thing at the supermarket was just one of those days when she could hardly hold it in. How could she? The man who left her at the alter pregnant and didn’t want have anything to do with her anymore and din’t care about his unborn kid was standing there close to the son he reject yet unborn, ofcourse motherly instincts, she was trying to protect her son from the pain she felt. No one would blame her, but because they have no idea what’s she going through so they judge her.

Fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion doesn’t mean he should sit back and let someone say stuff about her.

This has nothing to do with him liking her, hell where did that come from? He doesn’t like her and Dan saying so is just been an ass. He wouldn’t let him talk about any other person like that, Bridget or not.

He doesn’t like her.

A knock on the door distracts him

”Hey Blake, you got a minute? Principal Tammy needs you to come by his office to talk about the tournament for next season-” One of the staffs pushes his head in

”Yeah, be right behind you”

The man nods and disappears, Blake quickly follows him out.


”Mummy!!!” Sean rushes to her

”Hey kiddo, how is my little man?” she kisses his face and runs her hand through his hair

”Awesome, see what i scored- Teacher Faith said if i keep it up i would be one of the top in class, see mummy” he pushes his score sheet to her

”Oh wow! That’s a big score- gimme five” he jumps to highfive her

She laughs opening the door for him ”Okay, so what do you want to have today? Anything you want and i would give it to you”

”Really? Anything mummy?”

”Yes baby, just say the word”


”Ice scream it is- we have some at home and-”

”No mummy, big cup ice-cream like the one you got for me the other day”

she smiles ”I don’t remember the other day”

He chuckles playing with his bag ”Yes you do mummy, it had chocolates, strawberry and and- vanilla”

”Ah! I definitely wouldn’t get you ice-scream to ruin your tummy” she pulls the seat belt and straps him in, flicking his nose, he giggles ”You would run wild like a maniac- no way it wasn’t me!”

”Is to”

”Was not”

”Is to”

”Was not”

”Is to! Is To. Is Too!”

She laughs ”What in the lord are you saying, is that English or Spanish, i cannot comprehend” she make a confused face slipping out to pick up his bottle he dropped climbing him

”Mummy it’s English!”


He laughs ”Mummy is saying glibberish!”

”Ha, and i just said – i will get you that ice-cream and you didn’t even understand me. Imagine that!” she rises up as his laughter filled her ears, coming face to face with Blake ”Goodness! You startled me”



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