In Too Deep Slippery Waters – CHP Twenty


Telma makes her way into the hospital. While everyone was distracted with incoming emergencies and attending to sick patients, she finds her way to the nurses station, grabs a nurse’s attire and puts on. Staring at her face in the mirror, she adjusts the nurses cap on her head, places her glasses at the bridge of her nose and then flicks the syringe she brought out of her bag.

She smiles and then makes her way to the nurses corner to find which room Anikka is been placed in.

”Hi, are you new?” A nurse taps her, not seeing her before. They had been informed that new residents nurses would be joining the hospital.

Telma adjusts her glasses ”Yes, new resident. I was just transferred her today.Β  I hope you all would be nice to me?” she says flipping through patients files on the desk

”Ofcourse- i am Betty” she stretches out her hand

”Nice to meet you Betty, i am really parched, do you know where i can get coffee?” Telma touches her throat, shows signs of discomfort

”Oh, i was just about to go get one, i can grab one for you too”

”Thank you Betty, i feel welcomed here already” Telma touches her arm, Betty smiles and then makes her way out of sight. Telma quickly flips through the files, she sees Anikka’s name and the room, she drops it and makes her way to her.


The police officers at the door didn’t stop her, she was a nurse afterall. She enters and closes the door and finds Anikka asleep backing the door. She checks the door to make sure no one as coming, she then takes out the syringe, flips it again and touches Anikka’s hand. It was a sedation drug, would keep her knocked out for a couple of hours, then she can take her out of the hospital to her car waiting for them parked just outside the hospital.

She proceeds to inject her with it.


”Yes, one of them is already here” Betty says to the doctor

He frowns ”One of who?”

”Resident nurses” she says staring at him as though he was okay

”What are you saying nurse Betty?” he drops the pen he was using to write and stares at her ”I said you should inform the other nurses that i would been having a meeting with them when the resident nurses arrives by this evening”

”Yes, and i said one of them is already in the hospital”

His frown deepens ”That’s impossible, they are not supposed to arrive latest 8:00 pm tonight, they have a 18 hours flight and they are currently on-board, i spoke to their management, so how is it that one of them is already here, they do not leave in the country or city that makes it possible for them or anyone of them to be around by 8:00 am this morning”

”But- she told me she is one of the new ones–” Telma is confused

Not liking the sound of it, the doctor brings out his phone to make a call, within minutes he is making a dash towards Anikka’s room and screaming for the security.

”Doctor, what’s going on?” Betty, not understanding anything runs after him as security was alerted, soon a couple of them are running after the doctor.


She wasn’t in the room.

”Where is the patient?” The doctor rushes out to ask the two police men on standby.

They stare at the doctor ”What’s that supposed to mean. Didn’t you request the nurse to take her for a bath?”

”A bath, which nurse? I did no such thing and there is a toilet in her room, convenient enough, so why the hell would i direct a nurse to- find her, whoever that nurse is -is an impostor, alert the security to ensure no one leaves and no one enters- find the patient my God!” he yells as everyone dashes to look for her. He quickly makes a call to the deputy chief of police, district two,Β  ”I think she has been kidnapped again Sir, please do help us find her”

”Oh dear God!” Betty covers her mouth


Telma is smiling staring down at Anikka. She had put her in a wheelchair she stole from the hospital, covered her with a cloth and her face with a face cap as she wheeled her away from her floor, into the elevator and down to the last floor so she can escape with her,

This was simply the easiest job she had been asked to do, she smiled. Poor security system, stupid nurses, police officers as well. See how easy it was for her to walk into the hospital and get out their patient and no one to stop her. She laughs.

Her phone rings, it was Roberto.

”Yes! I have her, we should be heading your way soon.”


Alberto is lying on the floor. She had been tied up all night. But she didn’t fight, she didn’t have the strength to.Β  The news yesterday shattered her. Broke her.

She had lost everything.


Her sons; Brandon and Greg.

She had never regretted anything in her life. Never.


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