”So tell me lady Sissie, what your story is” he says twirling her around and then brings her back to his fold as they danced

”I do not quite understand you good Sir”

”You know, daughter of a Baroness, bosom friend to the Princess, you do seem to have a story about you, i am curious to know”

”Be quite specific my lord, i do not join the wagon of beating around the bush when i can simply light the fire”

He nods with a slight smile ”Very well, do you not feel perturbed about the colour of your hair, i do mean- you walk into a room and everyone stares”

”There are meant to, red isn’t a colour for the dullards”

He snickers, ”I do like your sense of humour my lady, however, i do think it strange that a girl of your status and class would play around with colours like children loitering household gardens”

”You do think my hair is as a result of childish whims?” she stares at him as though he was silly

He bites his lips ”Well, is it not to be so?”

”No, my lord, i was simply trying to be rebellious to the Baroness, and it worked”

”Honesty- pray tell what you did rebellious one”

She smiled wondering if she should tell him as they continued to dance ”Oh, it is quite funny. You see mama wanted-”

Theodore was staring at her until his eyes catches a movement, a disturbing one. Williams had swept past the room, ignoring everyone and quick on his feet to leave. Theodore frowns..

”—-So mama was insisting you see, but for the life of me i wouldn’t dare let her have her way so, whilst mama waited on me at home, i did strolled in with a maze of red hair replacing my wavy black and the baroness did have a heart attack!!” Sissie Veronese continued, but Theodore wasn’t listening

The Princess came through the doors, startling everyone


”Your highness, is all well?”

Curious stares, Annalisa pauses, then slows her steps with a smile ”Oh surely all is well, do not mind me and carry on- i did forget to hand my lord his handkerchief he did drop” she suddenly folds her hands, ”Carry on royal band, play music and enjoy the food” she says walking away, Amerlye and her handmaidens follow her to the door in which Williams had exited through, she stops and then turns with a smile , saying a few words to them and then walks way. They do not follow her.

”Strange” Theodore says as the music continues and the guest go back to their talking , dancing and feasting.

”What is strange?”

”This scene- pardon me my lady , i must seek my brother out” he excuses himself and exits the hall.

Sissie Veronese turns to watch him leave, she beckons to Amerlye who rushes to her

”Pray tell, is all well?’

”I do not know my lady, but the Princess does have sadness in her eyes a moment ago and did stop us from going with her as per our duties. She says she seeks a private audience with her Lord.”

”Is that all?”

”Yes my Lady”

”Very well” Sissie Veronese lets her go, she wonders what Theodore meant. She goes after them.


Williams is furious, blindly he walks through the halls, away from curious stares and seeing that guest loitered the other room, he makes his way through the doors, ignoring the guards and servants bowing and greeting him.

He was angry, and if he didn’t find a quiet place in the palace soon, he would not be able to stop himself from doing the unthinkable he would surely not regret.

The palace garden was empty, knowing that it was away from curious eyes from the section of the palace, he made his way there.

”My Lord!” the guards greet him

”I would be glad if you let me be by myself- ” He says, there stare at him then at each other

”Yes my lord” they bow, signalling to themselves and leaves him be. Williams begins to pace the length of the small love garden , back and forth, anger was visible as he folds his fist.

”No!.. No this is not something i let go- no, i shall treat that fool i would” he turns deciding to damn all the consequences and go back when he meets her standing there

”Williams?” came her voice, it came as one uncertain of her fate

Williams closes his eyes for a moment, but all he can see is Philip kissing her, his fingers sink into his folded fist , he turns away, she runs to him

”Williams!!” he could hear the tears in her voice, he stands still. ”Would you not look upon me?”

”I can’t!”

”But i did nothing!”

”I did see the kiss- and my heart feels like it is about ti rip out from my chest” he says rubbing it, the sudden pain is suffocating

She grabs him to turn him ”I did nothing, that was his doing, Sir Philip- all his and i was taken unawares and-”

”But -” he looks away, pained.

”Look upon me my love-” she turns him to face her, forcing him to stare at her, touching his face ”I did nothing i swear to you in the name of the gods. Sir Philip did that on his own accord, without my permission in my utter surprise he took me unawares. I was shocked and dare God i enslaved his face with my palms…i would never let another man kiss my lips, not when they belong to you”

He stares at him ”I belong to lips, my heart, all of me belongs to you. I do love you more than life itself my lord. I would not be foolish to let that happen willingly. We may have been brought together by will not our own but this love we have confessed to each other is all i breath for and want. I have never felt the way i do now for any man, you are my first; the one to own my heart and i would never dare to think of another man in the way i think of you much less kiss another”

”But you fancied him” he says staring into her eyes

‘Never! ”

”You called him blue eyes my lady- at some point in time you did” he says wanting to pull away, trying to still his anger. He was calm, exceptionally calm, but he was trying to rein it in.


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