Mrs Stevenson held on to Bridget in her arms, whispering words of comfort to her while Becky and Veronica had  a hand to her hand or trying to speak to her.

”Oh Bridget, forgive us, i know we must have been part of the shitty people who judged you at some point and we are truly truly sorry” Becky says rubbing Bridget’s hands

”I know i didn’t like you when i first met you, and it had nothing to do with the fact that you had a kid and i never saw the father, i mean i felt sorry for a young woman who had lost her husband, which was the story you told us and i didn’t hate you because of that- i was jealous!”

The others looked at her ”Ver, Jealous?” Mrs Stevenson asked

”Yes, i mean look at Bridget. Like look at you. You are beautiful, strong and you literally own your shit, fending for yourself and your son. You work in boring library and get paid peanuts, yet you try to ensure your son goes to the school suitable for him. You own a little car and a house and despite your challenges, you go by. Not minding that other parents said nasty things about you and called you a widow and excluded you from all their social gatherings except ones they don’t have a choice in. I mean, i have never seen a woman who don’t give a fxxk like you do and that shit is pretty beautiful. You are strong and you know what you want and i was angry that you didn’t have it all but you were confident and didn’t blink to tell others to fxxk off because you wanted to do you. Look at me, divorced and took more than half of what my husband owned, i almost got him bankrupted and i don’t regret it. I am a successful woman, doing pretty good for myself and i always needs others validation to make me feel complete. I mean all the guys who run into you want you, literally, even the duffus Daniel back at our kids school, but you don’t even care. Look at me, i mean, look at me, money, class, i ain’t bad looking but i literally have to flaunt my wealth before i can get a man to look at me. See how i am chasing the coach and he isn’t looking. ”

”Wait, i thought we are talking about Bri- how did we jump to Blake?” Becky and Mrs Stevenson is confused

”Shut up Becks, trying to make a point”

Becky rolls her eyes and chuckles ”Just making sure you aren’t pitching tent where my tent is but okurrrr” They laugh

”Anyways, my point is- i felt intimidated by your person seeing how strong you are an not needing anyone to be you and i felt jealous- so i figured, let me join he badwagons and hate you but, i never knew how to follow the rules so i figured, i might just be your friend and i think i made the right choice”

”But you always go off on her and say mean things to her though” Mrs Stevenson says ”I am confused”

Veronica shrugs rubbing Bridget’s hands and then wipes a tear away ”Because that’s how i man, biologically impaired to hurt people i love but with Bridget, i don’t say those things because i hate her, sometimes i get tired of seeing how strong she acts and i know deep down, she is so fragile and she needs to be hugged and told everything is going to be okay. I mean, she told us hr husband was late and we saw how she went about with her kid acting like she didn’t need no body and no loving, yes i applaud and admire her strengths, i do, i am envious even but Bridget isn’t a rock and i get mad at her sometimes when i see beautiful men come her way and she chases them with her fiery attitude and anger, i am mad because, Sean needs a father and she needs a man to love her, that’s when i say mean things to her- like get a fxxking life! Get laid, be happy and don’t let your life stop just because you are trying to raise a son on your own. But Bridget,” she touches her face ”I am sorry, really sorry if my words and actions did hurt you. Now i understand the reason you are the way you are and i am so sorry you had to meet a man like that man Tennisson and get heart-broken that you had to have a pretend life to lie to your friends, and your son, it’s courageous but it’s also very stupid of you”


”Veronica!!!” the girls exclaim, Bridget says nothing but stares at her, tears running

”Yes, i mean, i know he was an asshole, looking at him now after being told he fathered a son whom he abandoned, he walks away  and only to come back saying he wants to be tested and i bet he is only doing that because he wants to proof that he isn’t the father as he hopes it would be a negative match- then i say to myself, Bridget meeting the fool and falling inlove and all that and all that wasn’t her fault, but putting your life on pause and not moving on after that whole shit is yours. You would have opened your heart again and met someone wonderful you would have had a family with. That’s why i said you were stupid- because you have a beautiful son and any man would have loved to be his father and would have taken you as a wife because you are have the most amazing soul i have ever met and to think you let your years go by because you were nursing a heartbreak over that fool Tennisson or buckethead man, makes me angry like ….” she closed her fist, trying to calm down, ”Look, all i am saying is that, now i really understand your plight and i wish you had opened to us sooner, but i am really sorry if i gave you a had time and said shits to you, it was because i didn’t know half the story and now that i do, i want to tell you that i am here for you and i would try to make up for anytime i made you feel less than you are and cussed you out for crying or trying to get defensive. But, this is what i won’t do as your friend, is to sit here and cry with you, no, the milk has already been spilled and now that the cat is out of the bag, i refuse to let you cower in shame or hide your head in defeat or shame like you did something wrong. You are Sean’s mother and you have done an amazing jobs so far raising that beautiful boy with a beautiful heart and he would grow up to be a replica of you in all your sweetness. But baby, now is the time to let the hurt and pain go and really move on”

”I have moved on, he waltzed back into my life and trying to ruin things and i had to keep my son any from him-” Bridget tried to defend herself

”No baby, he didn’t come into your life, he came into the same city and viola! And no you haven’t moved on, you thought you have but you haven’t. I am not saying you love him, you probably don’t still love him but the hate and pain and the grudge you still hold against him keeps you bond to him like a stain to a white shirt, you need to let go of it all totally. He did you dirty, fxxk him. You were in love with him, that’ s the past. You both had a son, your present. That’s the beginning and that’s the end. You don’t need him , that’s the truth. Now, forget all about that, all that matters is your son. And all that matters is you- you deserve to live. You deserve to be happy, you deserve to love, twirl and be extremely happy that your heart would want to explode. You have been keeping this secret for a while, now he knows he is the father, whether he want to accept Sean as his son or not shouldn’t concern you, all that should concern you is that you can breath freely and walk with your head up high and do you right now and anyone who wants to question you or ask why you lied in the first place, leave them to me, i have screws to hammer their mouths in. No one bitches about my Bridget, i would fxxk them up” she smiles, Bridget sniffs, Becky and Mrs Stevenson ”awwed”

”Aww, miracles do happen, i see one right infront of me” Becky says smiling ”Who would have thought that Veronica can be sweet- i am shocked”


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