”The element of surprise is…surprise!!!

—Stephanie Egberike , (ItchyFingers)

February . 2020, 9: 37 PM, Nigeria, Africa


”I do not understand” James breaths , how was this possible.  He runs a hand over his face shaking his head ”—It’s actually you…Rose! Oh..i can’t believe this” he shakes his head again, stepping back

This was the same — teacher back at the school who didn’t speak , literally but uses sign language. The one who looked fragile teaching those kids who seem to be comfortable with her, the one who seemed the teacher who seemed terrified at the market that day both of them was attacked. The one who absolutely looked as though she could not hurt a fly.

How then did she all of a sudden be this woman…. who looked different from the one portrayed. She was an expert at shooting people down and getting them one at a time without blinking. It was clean, too clean they way she took out those guys, and if he wasn’t in the equation he would swear she wouldn’t have gotten hurt in the process but that’s not the point.

This is Rose, the one who acted different at the school, but this was the real person she was.

An assassin? A murderer? Who does she work for? She killed his package carrier, Achie aka Filip. Remembering what his body looked like in the dumpster, he covers his mouth momentarily as though a bile was rising.

This was Rose, the real refection of her, not the fake persona she presented to everyone else at the school.

The market scene comes up again in his mind’s eyes. Now everything was starting to make sense, falling into places like pieces to the puzzle.

He had gone looking for her, thinking that a Teacher who didn’t speak left alone in the market would be dangerous for her. The men had attacked them and he had tried to protect her, he was a cop, that was his duty to protect the innocent. She had been there, while he fought she seemed scared and even took some rough handling from those men, in the process he had been knocked out cold.

He had seen pictures of the men, the way they were killed, was like nothing he had ever seen, even the most dangerous criminal’s kills wasn’t that smooth, precise, heartless. He had wondered how that had happened, who was the one who did that.

When his Boss Kurk had thought he had to be the Teacher out of mere speculation James had thrown his hunch out the window- how could a fragile teacher do that. She didn’t fit the profile, her file was clean as a baby’s bottom. His boss was reaching, he had nothing or anyone to hold accountable for their deaths so he was grasping at straws, afterall he was knocked out, what happened to the Teacher doing that time. She wasn’t killed, then she must have seen the killer or is the killer

It made sense to his boss, it didn’t make sense to him.

He remembered Alan  Fisherman , the ex-Senator, how he and his men were killed. He swore the girl who had walked into the VIP room reminded him of someone, he couldn’t place the face then, but now…staring at Rose and remembering her disguise, it made sense to him.

It was in that hotel, when they first gave the killer a name – ”The Ghost”- The one who came in, killed and you would never see it coming, know when it’ happens until it does and you would never find a trace.

He would never had figured this out, that the Ghost could be a woman, a woman he knew- the teacher who couldn’t speak and he could swear couldn’t hurt a fly.

Now everything made sense. He needed to be sure. It wasn’t enough that he just figured it out, she needed to confess who she is, who she works for and why she does what she does.

If he needs to force it out from her he would. Rose was no longer the Teacher who couldn’t speak that he knew- she was an enemy, officially to the government and she would be treated as a criminal.

”I am trying to make sense of this and i have, who the hell are you, atleast you can give me a clearer picture so i can make a better statement when i eventually drag your ass to jail. So you file says you are Rose Gillard, but now that the scales have fallen, i assume that’s a code name, so mind to expantiate on who the fxxk you are” he says with clenched teeth

”I figured you were one of the smart cops, didn’t peg you for dumb James Marklurve” she raises an eyebrow

”Who are you?” he asks,when he got her into the car, he had found a gun in the compartment, he took it, now the gun was fitted behind his shirt tugged in his jean, he takes it out, holding it where she can see it, Rose smiles ,

”Really?” she raises the other eyebrow ”Think that scares me?”

”Who are you? I won’t be asking again” His surprise had worn off, the gun is before him now, his middle finger caresses thee trigger.

”If i tell you, i would have to kill you” then she laughs ”Ironically, i am still going to kill you, go right ahead priest, i would like to undergo my confessions now, but you aren’t probably adorned as a priest- but we would make do” She laughs

James nods, pulling a chair closer, he takes a seat ”I got all night Rose, or should i say the Ghost?

”Easy James, relationships takes slow works, but we are already on code name basis? Wow! easy tiger, i like foreplay too” she winks

”Hmm” he takes his gun, allowing it caress his jaw, Rose stares at him ”Here is the thing Rose, i am not just a cop, i am-

”FBI, Black ops, under the jurisdiction of Kurk Linderman, Chief of District 109, FBI, – you are part of the lead on the case of missing girls and thus you and your team were sent to guard the St Maria’s school hoping that if any of the syndicates  shows up, you would be ten steps ahead of them to take them out. Your mission was given a go ahead by the government under books, off the police radar in the person of senator Mark, and the reason you and your team have any supposed inkling of the syndicate is because they was a loose cannon in the person of one Martha, but she checked out before you could get information 100% so all you have as a team is hunches of where and how the syndicates would strike. Did i leave anything out James Marklurve…and before you asks, all this information isn’t in your file, i checked, but i also have my ways of getting the information i want.” she smiles

James, shocked tries not to show it . He rubs his jaw  ” So you checked me out, why?”

”As a cop, sent for a mission, do you go into any place blinded?”


”Then stop asking me stupid questions James Marklurve” she cocks her head to the side, impatient ”Uncuff me”

He smiles ”Who are you, what’s your real name?”

”Rose, Rose” she smiles again

”Are you the one they call the Ghost?”

”Again on the stupid questions, if you have a hunch, i won’t dissuade you. Uncuff me!”

”Right, let’s move on to other things then. Why did you kill Archie aka Filip, where is the package you took?”

Rose sighs

”Who do you work for? I can assume you are part of the syndicate then, one of it’s many assassins, who is your boss, how many of you are in St, Maria’s  Community school for the kids, i need names and i need debriefing of your mission”

”Since we are going to have a long night, why don’t you buy us dinner-”

He leans close to her, ”I will shoot you Rose, and i would be right to. You killed a witness who had reached out to the government for protection in exchange of giving us not only vital information but with concrete evidence. But you killed him, in the most gruesome and heartless way, you also took crucial evidence and-”

”Your government is fxxking the enemy- how patriotic”

”What is that supposed to mean?”

”I did you all a favour, one you don’t have the balls to”


She leans back ” I would not say anything to you, on the flip side , you die today, doesn’t mean i would give you information though to take to hell with you” she snickers

Everything about her was a wide difference to Rose the teacher.

Who the hell was she.

He leans closer ”Say, i would die, obviously by your hands as you so threaten,  i do wonder if you think you would leave here alive. Right now, the cops must have swept that motel and gotten all the evidence they need”

”If you think they got anything on me then you must be pretty dumb for a smart cop, i leave no traces- literally, reason why you would soon be in that equation”

”Yet here i am , with a gun and you cuffed to the bed, do i begin again, Rose?”

”A fat ass chicken, chips and a bottle of gingerale would be fine, also i like to lick a lollipop to relax my thoughts. ” she closes her eyes

”You think this is a joke, you think i wont torture you if i want? I need information damnit, i would do anything to get it out of you, drill you, whatever and when i am done, i swear to God i would drag your ass to jail tonight”

”Drill me?” she chuckles ”Like torture me James, you wouldn’t! You wouldn’t even dare”

”You assume so why?”

”I lietrally don’t have a weapon on me, that means you are not in harm’s way supposedly, which means that touching me would go against your code of conduct”

”You think that stops us?” he frowns

‘Nope, not everyone, it stops you. I think you are deaf, i said i read your file- i already profiled you fool!!!”

Anger flashes in his eyes, he stares into her face ”You should be scared of me Rose, you may think you profiled me but you are wrong, you are a criminal, a dangerous one at that, i would be in the right to drill you to get information to put bad men behind bars and protect innocent citizens, i would drill and torture you till you beg me to stop”

‘I dare you!” she smiles in her closed eyes, gut feeling that it was just a bluff and her instincts hardly failed her. A man who wanted to do what he wanted to do spoke less and acted more, for James, he only spoke, that meant one thing, his breed of FBI cops were slightly impaired from the rest- they acted on rule and regulations and were guided by the code of conducts of their jurisdiction which also means, if he is convinced rightly, she could use him if she wanted- but that depends if he is usable or he might just be a loose cannon  ”While we are on the topic, should i tell you how this would go?”

”Intimate me”

”You have limited options here- you either uncuff me and maybe i would think about not killing you even though i would kill you.”

He scoffs ”And the other?”

”When i do get off this cuffs, you would die a gruesome death”

”Oh! So maybe i should do the honours then of shooting you” he threatens

Rose laughs with her eyes closed ”That’s the thing, that’s not your MO. Damn James, you are lousy at comprehending info- our relationship won’t last”

He raises an eyebrow ignoring her tease ”How so, what do you mean my MO?”

She opens her eyes ”I said i read your file James Marklurve, I keep repeating that fact but you don’t listen. I know what there is to know about you from when you and all your missions etcetera etcetera. One of my special skills is to see beyond what is obvious. I analysed you already, i can practically predict you if i want, too obvious for an FBI..but don’t get sad, it’s not a bad thing, i am just good at what i do. But that is by the way, my point this very moment is the funniest shit,  you see, after seeing your impressive file ,  i didn’t figure you to be both dumb and stupid – you should ask the right questions, then maybe i would indulge you”

”And the right question would be what?” he rubs his brow, why was he indulging, He needed to get information from her, then he can call in to Kurk so he can send a pickup for them.

”Let me give you an illustration – Scene 1, Suit 109, Ex Senator Alan Fisherman, everyone dead but you survived. Scene two, Market, everyone dies but you. Scene 3 – i throw a knife at someone behind you and then shot the other, not you. If you are any less dumb , you would see a pattern here”

He raises an eyebrow, ”Are you trying to say you didn’t kill me for a reason, all those near encounters? ” he leans forward, lowering the gun on the bed, distracted as he tries to make sense of what she as trying to say.

She smiles, if this fool falls for this analogy she was using then he was an idiot as well as a a dumbfxxxk! ”Bingo James, now ask the right question” she leans towards him, her finger inches away from the gun. He didn’t notice, she keeps him engaged in talk, making sure he stares at her face while she throws him the right conversations to pique his interest.

Yes Rose, keep him distracted.

”Why didn’t you kill me?’ he asks, curious for it did plague him. Same question Kurk seemed to be bothered about to and a few others, how was it that the two times, everyone had wound up dead and he hasn’t. It didn’t make sense, maybe he needed to know.

That’s it James, just  play right into where i want you to.

She is staring at him ”Because i figure you are one of the good ones” that wasn’t exactly a lie, ”But you lack balls to do the right thing, for instance – the government prides itself not to negotiate with terrorist, yes?”

Where was she going with this , he frowns slightly again, ”I am not here to have a discourse with you, i am the one in charge here and-”

”Answer the damn question James”



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