”The fxxk!!!” David exclaims as his hand goes to his mouth and the other one rests on his waist,

”You fxxking asshole!”  Kelvin shakes his head in disbelief as he goes to Lucas and then grabs him in a tight hug

Lucas smiles touching his head to Kelvin ”If i didn’t know better, i would say you missed me, maybe even loved me”

”Fxxk you!” Kelvin laughs hugging him some more before pulling away and then staring at his face, then his body ”Luc?” He calls his name in disbelief as though his eyes were seeing things.

”In the flesh!” he says

David comes to him, grabbing his face and without warning he gives him a loud kiss on his forehead , then they hug ”You scared us man- we thought you were dead,  it fxxked us up , legit it did. Damn Lucas, how the hell are you still alive? They said they shot you to your death and you bled out. How did you survive, how did you get away from them- what happened?” David turns Lucas to him, scantily runs a hand over his chest, waist, side..

Lucas grimaces in pain as he moves away..

A gap escapes from Anikka’s lips, she still stood, having backed away from the door in disbelief and shock, she stood with her hand covering her mouth as silent tears leave her eyes.

”Shit! Do you need to go to the hospital, is it that bad? You shouldn’t be walking around, here come sit-” David tries to pull him to a chair, he shakes his head

”I am fine, it would heal- hopefully” he smiles quietly

”Glad you are alive man, really!” Kelvin nods as they shake hands

Lucas turns to Anikka, David and Kelvin follow his eyes, they go quiet

”Hey!” Lucas takes a step closer to her, his chest suddenly felt tight for no reason, his voice catches in his chest, ”Ani-”

”Lucas, oh my God you- you are alive!” she sobs as her body gives way to tears

”Fxxk! Come here princess?” he made for her

She half-runs into his arms, Lucas ignores his pain and injuries and then lifts her, grabbing her tight and lets her squeeze him back.

He lets her cry as he held her, cooing softly to her to calm her down.

”I thought i lost you!” She cried, her entire body shook with the tears, it vibrated as each sob left her body

”I am stuck on you like glue babe, that would be pretty hard though, considering my glue is fxxking hard proof..” he chuckles

”Making a joke right now? Really!” she continues to cry in his arms, squeezing him tight that he could hardly breathe, he didn’t let go of her still

He chuckles ”I am sorry babe- ” he releases her and then stares at her,  he wipes her eyes with both hands, then he smiles sweetly ”You know, i never knew i could make a girl cry over me like this though like..did i do something right in my life cause nothing makes sense”

Puzzled, she sniffs ”What are you saying?”

”I am saying that – you – crying, and stuff about me, its because you care about me and i cannot imagine what you must be going through thinking i was dead. You know when i got shot, the fading thoughts in my head was – who is going to protect you now that i am dying because i legit thought i was dying. I mean i knew my guys would protect you with all that they have and that is because they know you mean the world to me but yet, in that moment i felt helpless and seeing you screaming and crying and trying to reach out to me and you couldn’t broke my heart . And i prayed to God, silently that if i die- he should position people there for you to help you. I never prayed a day in my life but i did for you- in that few seconds before i blanked out not knowing what could happen. How i survived it? I have no idea, how i had the strength to keep going i have no idea but what i woke up it was a refuelled desire to protect you with all that i have and bring those who are out to hurt you to book and i would do it even if it kills me.  ” Anikka’s tears didn’t stop, he wipes them again ”Anikka, i never want to see you this devastated over me, ever. I don’t want to ever see you get hurt or harmed, ever, not while i still breathe. I have never really fought for anything in my life but right here, right now i am telling you i would fight for your happiness, your safety and your peace of mind and if i have to take down bad guys who are all out to hurt you and those you love,  i would do that without a heart beat- this i promise you” he says looking into her eyes with both hands on her face ”Everything is going to be okay, i promise you. I probably didn’t die for a reason, so i would be breaking down doors to ensure no one is going to hurt you again and plus, i would be ridding the city of some scum off the earth so it’s a win-win.” he wipes her tears ”But these tears?” he shakes his head ”I only want you to share them when you are happy, it should always always be happy tears, not of sadness, not of pain, not of any other thing but happiness, okay?”

She nods

”Come here” he hugs her to himself. she hugs him back

”I don’t want to ever loose you-” she sniff into his arms ”I don’t want to ever loose you, ever!!”


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