Well……hello there my luvlies……* flashes white teeth*, am sure ya’all are doing just wonderful huh?

looking all smashing and dashing and whatever keeps you going everyday…..am sure its just luvly hmmm.? ……*barting eye lashes  and doing the hand gesture….*oh dont  be silly!*

Argggh ok …..heres me totally fessing up……ya wanna know what spectives about?

Am sure you do.

well so do i. i aint got the darnest idea whats going on……i swear! so when you do, ya might wanna be a darl  and run it by me too ok?

P.S….heres to general  random thoughts, flicks of emotion, my spectives of anything worth anything, the good,bad and the ugly experiences……or mostly whats bugging my lil mind at the moment…..i dont know. it just depends. *innocent smile*

Am done. what you still stalling around here for huh?

come on…….GET!!!


Lolz ya know am just messng with you right? Sweetaces got nuffin but love for ya’all.  so feel free, stay awhile…afterall…this is all about and for you baby!! PEACE!!


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37 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the like on ‘Lest we forget’ – appreciate it! Read the first line of About and thought; ‘She’s from the UK’ – kept reading the first line and figured you were from the Southern States of the US – Louisiana, perhaps? Nevermind, thanks anyway and I love the sense of humor x

    • Lmao. I liked your post. Am glad i stopped by. No am from Africa. Am Nigerian to be precise .hehe. and thank you for breezing by. I do appreciate it. Plz do come again

      • Will do – have a great Christmas and New Year – will be taking a break to spend time with family but still writing and reading. All the best!

      • Thank you owen-t. I wish you a merry Christmas and a wonderfully joy filled new year as well. Sure family is important. Spend time with them it’s very essential. You do take care and enjoy as well. Cheers

  2. ah luv ur blog n d posts ..u av gat a talented way of putting words 2geda wid all d sense of humour…ah guess cupid decided 2 narrow me down 2 ur blog #lol keep up d work dear, d lord s ur muscle

    • Hahahaha. Maybe he did . And thank you Mady for stopping by and enjoying my work. I appreciate it and thanks for the encouragement. And please do keep reading and I pray it keeps you as engaged as you want . Thanks again

    • Hello Goodevening, thank you so much. Glad you love them.

      Oh well, Yes you can.

      Would love to have my works shared . Lol ofcourse the credit and if you will, links to my blog and my page on Facebook would be appreciated so that people can find it.

      Here is my page on Facebook, they can follow and like the page as well.
      “The Sweet Perspectives” Is my Facebook page

      And please give me a link to your website .

      Thank you so much

    • Thank you so much Prince, sure you can share it but please aside giving me credits,I wouldn’t mind if you share links to my blog on your your website and my Facebook page..
      “The Sweet Perspectives ” so that people can reach me as well.

      And please ,can I have the link to your website as well?

      Thank you so much.

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