Nothing Cool ’bout CHEATING!

Its almost midnight and am awake…just so you know am not trying to play cinderella and wait for the clock to chime midnight before i get my night cap on….i was just up watching some movies…and the last one was bloody hilarious…like totally….title was …”What my husband doesn’t know*……
Well its the usuall story one hears about boy meets girl and girl likes boy and boy likes girl too…lotsa dates and all mushy stuff to the walking down the aisle and lil princes arrives and shit and they lived happily ever after. WRONG!!
You see the dude was rich, business was booming and he was anywhere but home majority of the time,always working and too bizy. Now he gave her the world..but not his time….you see a woman got needs doug! Apart from the luxury of life…she still needs body and soul to keep her together…money definitely can’t keep that fire burning….see…PROBLEM!
When a woman can’t get some…*by some i mean attention..don’t be polluting your minds and getting all naughty and shit..*rolls eyes*……and ..em..well…that some too…*straight face*….from her man…eyes tend to go on some search to quench that. But sha…..when a fine ass brother walks in, all six packs and creamy skin…and “tools” that could make the nuns say ‘halleluhiah’….mehn it makes it difficult for a sister to keep it together….she literally said..”That man keeps me alive”…that was after a lotta “somes” have been collected…and she did the whole kelly roland “motivation” practical…mehn she was flying. And the dude was their plumber. Advice * never leave your wife or girl or baby mama, hoochie mama or whatever mami you got..with the plumber man. They know how to work things thangs you got my drift..with the hands and tools *winks* well…not me..that’s what the movie implied.*
But that don’t make it right tho! Yes the hubby was too bisy for her….mehn her honey jar was drying up faster than anything…*shame on him*…but still….well like they say…”Its the person wearing the shoe that knows where it hurts the most”..but come on…still that shit aint right!
Its a marriage breaker.
Infact am going to far sef…..its harder for people to keep it together in relationships because their partners aren’t willing to be faithful..
They say all men are cheats….*thinks*…well…i might have to let that one fly…* no comment*….what? Am entitled to my silent opinion right?…
Ok…some are!!
Well, same way they say all girls are liars…now that aint all true!..some too sha…
Point is…its a two-way thing on all situation tho….do you know why people cheat?…because they can and also they always get away with it.
Some say men are monogamist in nature. Its as though their biological makeup screams get as many girls…beat solomon’s in,how many behinds can a man hit in his life time…? Huh?…ALOT!! Hahaha *private joke*…seriously tho
But a man being a serial monagamist…*rolls eyes*…total turn off! Women these days are participating in the field too tho,…whatever happened to honesty, commitment and faithfullness? Its all about competition and paybacks and stuff…
All am saying..give a lil more time, all work and no play makes all boiz and their hims really boring…and makes big mama sad..
Its universal knowledge that when mama is happy, everyone is happy.
I got no love for lying cheating B’s, same applies to both sexes..
Find that spark to rekindle an old flame…
Don’t just lavish your partner with everything in the world *..or well…i don’t mind getting everything in the world..hehe*#just saying tho#…also give her some good loving…..*Jezz mehn!! Pervs! I meant ‎​love,care and your presence*…
Cheating robs you off your happiness…it doesn’t really centre purely on relationships and marriages….cheating in all sphere of life.
And its so not a man’s world anymore….we should stop praising them and giving them free passes…when they hit that outside their legalized…well somewhat relationship and the girl goes to hell when found out!…
Point is..we settle for convenient…and ya know what convenient is? Its like going into the grocery store and picking whatever you lay your hands on and puchasing everything and then going home, opening the bag and realising that you don’t even need anything from bag…the items are useless to you..
Why don’t we stick with what we love and cherish! It aint hard to sport a beautiful car and maintain it..if it was much less a human being you supposedly care about?
Well….am all out! Said my piece and right now my eyes are closing and yet the struggle to keep it open is like a fight between the strongest forces. So i’ll be a good me and just crash..and we’ll talk lata!….Si?..okay.
Night ya’ll


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