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Finding God Series #2 – Dead, Alive, Saved!CHAP 1


I cried, i cried so much, i felt shame, i felt like a monster, i felt sinful.

“‘Stop it Ijeke, you are a man now. You should be thankful”‘ The Priest, the one who should be turning people away from Sin but was instead indulging and making others join him says to me.

“‘But you..Father you will ask everyone in the name of God to come for their salvation, you the shepherd should lead the sheep, you God has kept like a head over us stray humans..and yet you do this things, why have you made me commit this grievous sin?”‘ i cried as a bible verse comes to mind, i say to him

“‘Proverbs 27:3 – be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks and look well to their herds“‘ you, God has given you the mandate to care for us, and yet you lead us astray ..why?”‘

He laughed “‘i am a man first before i am a Priest Ijeke, i can’t very well do what i want in public, i do them in secret, i didn’t force this boys to follow me, they did on their own”

“‘And me?Me?”

He laughs “‘You are a necessary collateral damage .Two options, to join us or to report us. But what better way to have leverage over you if not to make you indulge”‘ he laughs “‘Trust me Ijeke, all this shame you feel will wash away in a day or two, then you will come looking for us” he says to me matter-of-factly.

“‘So all you speak about God and sin and death is a lie, you don’t believe in God?”‘

He laughs again “”Oh, i choose to believe there is a God or gods, my father was a traditionalist, i didn’t want to end up in the shrine, i choose Christianity..but between you and me, i haven’t ever met this God i preach about, maybe he is just a figment of our imaginations, just like you i was brought here, and i rose and became a Priest, i pray,i listen to confessions and i realize one thing..people sin and sin and ask for forgiveness but no one truly repents. None. I am much older than you Ijeke,so believe me when i say this..There is no God, church is good business for me, good covering.. i gave you back your life, live it, hide under the clothing of the ministry,no one will know” He says to me, he had been doing this for years, what better way if not under the cloak of Christianity.

“What if you are wrong, what if there is really a God..mama and papa won’t lie”‘ there has to be a God, all the things i have heard and being taught wasn’t a lie, it cannot be a lie. Mama wouldn’t like, Papa too. There were devoted Christians, they lived and breathed God, well..or so i think. But, they cannot be chasing shadows now can they?

“‘When you find God Ijeke, bring him to me, until then, i am my own God, and here,..everyone bows to me. Stop crying, go to bed. “‘ he says leaving me.

But you see what that conversation did to me? It told me one thing..if the people we look up to don’t believe what they preached, then why should i.. a 19 years old believe there is a God.

So against my better judgement, i joined them. And as days turned into weeks, and weeks into months and years, i became one with the flesh, enjoying everything worth enjoying.

There was nothing like Sin or Good or evil. There was just feelings and cravings and indulging and i did not give a care in the world who was watching me or wasn’t. Infact, i believed in nothing anymore. I did what the Priest did, and come Sunday, i would bow my head in mock prayer, listen while confessions were made and touch the rosary, walk around with incensed candle and by the time the church was empty and the night dark..i would be light in my steps, with longing in my loins ..i would do all..all that pleases me.

Mama and Papa lied, there was no God and all they taught me were lies.

But i had no idea that i was wrong, and that something fundamental in my life was missing.

And i was yet to find out…

Wait, i will tell you..



#The Royals: Anna & Williams – CHP Eight



”My Lord” Adrian stops his father from going to his chambers ”Permit me if i may but, do you not think this a bad idea, leaving them on their own?”

”No i do not”


”You worry for your brother, that is admirable”

”No, he worries for the despicable behavior our dear Willy boy might exhibit towards the Princess and cause the King to off his head” Theodore who comes behind Adrian says

”Shouldn’t you be on your way home Viscount Theodore, surely the Count and Countess would be worried of your absence?” Duke Alan De Beaumont says to him

”I have sent word, they be happy knowing that i am in safe hands under De Beaumonts and besides, i rather be here to make sure my good ol’ Willy boy returns home un-scarred, there is no telling what she would do to him, ooh poor Lad”

Adrian sighs ”Maybe, i should take a coach down Father, just to make sure”

”Nonsense!! You would do no such thing”

”But how would they fair?”

”They would manage, it is just for a night, they cannot kill themselves in a night.” Alan frowns slightly.

Theodore chuckles rubbing his jaw ”If she be one he fancies, there would be a different conversation going on at this moment and maybe they be asking for a week , but…she isn’t one he fancies and he would be furious, and when Willy is furious, his mood is doubled foul. Yes, i think we should take a coach down to see that all is well my lord”

Duke De Beaumont is shaking his head ”If the Royal family sends their daughter there considering all this and have no worries, why should i worry about my son? I hope and pray that they behave respectfully towards each other and if they be back with scars and more hatred for each other, i would personally suggest to the King to send them off for a long week.”

”Forgive me Father, i do know that this alliance be good for us but, why insist on it? I didn’t want to say anything infront of Williams but tell me, why the Princess?”

”Good alliance, we need that”

”Yes, aside that?”

”He is my friend and i have watched her grow, she is a good lass just needs directing”

”Aye, still?”

Alan sighs ”I want the best for my son, you, you are settled Adrian, a good family, a strong leg rooted in the earth, i be gone and i know you are well adjusted and can carry on. For Williams, he is a dreamer, chasing his dreams and want to travel the world, but there would come a time when he is tire of all that, and he come back to his root, what happens? He has nothing to his name other than books and science projects and women on his trail, nothing fundamental..not tangible”

”And an alliance with the kingdom would be tangible?”

”She is royalty, that is tangible enough and their seed would be rooted deep into Worcestershire and he would have something to call his own, settled, rooted, powerful someday..and when i lay on my death bed, i would be fulfilled, knowing that both my sons would be here for a long long time and make history.”


”Go to bed Adrian, this is a good match, they would be okay, one night, that is all”

”Food, cloths?”

”Well, i do not know”

”They are going to starve?” Adrian shrieks… ” An hungry man is an angry man father. Surely you know that ”

”They had sumptuous dinner Adrian” Duke Alan laughs

”Which they didn’t even have the time touch let alone sit down and perceive the aroma” Theodore is shaking his head.

”I suppose it was packed” Alan rubs his jaw in thoughts. Theodore mimics him. Alan is shaking his head he nudges his son away “Oh go to your Missy, kiss my daughters for me, you Theo, go off to bed too, and do not stroll the walls looking for my maidens, i would cut off your waggling tail and feed it to my animals”

Theodore covers his nuts as he drops his hands in horror ”Dear Lord, i would never!!”

”I know you Theo, i see your roving eyes” Alan De Beaumont laughs and walks away.

”Is your father, your lord a wizard?” Theodore cocks his head to the side in wonder.

”Sometimes” Adrian smiles mischievously ”He is a wise man, knows alot, even when you think he doesn’t. Do not touch any of the maidens though, he means what he says” Adrian warns him as he turns away .

Theodore falls in steps with him ”So , about our owe me, i won. Willy boy didn’t want her, she doesn’t want him.”

Adrian shakes his head ”Aye, here” He takes off his wrist locket and gave it to him ”By the morrow, you shall accompany me to the palace, but..whatever happens in there and you get caught bedding a lass, i would deny your existence”

Theodore wears it happily ”Aye, worry not, i am like an invincible shadow, be in and out before you blink an eye my lord” then he smiles ”And i mean that literally, hehehee”

”Oh Good heavens Theodore, your mind is rotten”

”Oh, you were worse at my age” Theodore admires in on his wrist.

”No, i was responsible” Adrian nods his head stating. He raises his shoulders

”Not the way i remember it, one time, i and Willy boy was playing in your room, wee years ago and you had come home, after midnight with a lass. We heard you sneak into the room, in hush hush sounds”

”What are you saying Theodore?” Adrian stops and looks at him, his brows knots into a frown

”Aye, i am saying that we were under your bed as it made cringing sounds, i believe it was hour..she had long curling brown hair, her mother used to be one of the queen’s handmaidens before she passed. She had the fairest skin and the round bosom ”Theodore curls his hands and takes them to his chest and stares down, weighing them ”Whoof!” he exclaims “Such voluptuous beauties. And she sang my lord, she sang like a lady bird as you-”

Adrian knocks his head

”Owwwwww!!!!” Theodore exclaims rubbing it as a look of surprise appeared on his face

”You rotten children!!!” He pushes Theodore playfully.

Theodore is laughing as he rubs his head still in pain, but he still manages a mock expression ”No my lord, you rotten man, you made her sing in seven languages and even in our native tongue that she was passed out for a whole wonder she called you the man..the man’s man all day every day” He laughs nudging Adrian who chases him down the hall until Theodore reaches his chamber, rushes in and shuts it laughing using his back to wedge it close as Adrian tries to push it in.

”Oh my lord Adrian, ”give it to me hard” .. ”Donne-moi dur” Theodore speaks in a foreign tongue and laughs some more as he continues.

” I like it, so big! Mi piace , così grande!!” ”Si Si Si SSSSSSSSSIIII!!!! Theodore is laughing hard , Adrian joins him laughing.

”I swear Theodore, i would pluck out your eyes when you do leave your chamber by the morrow”

”Nay, i be here till i am old and grey my lord, old and grey”

“I deny all you just said ” Adrian was chuckling

“Aye! ”

“I will not indulge in this absurd talk threatening my saintly person” Adrian says taking his hand to his chest ”I am a saintly and noble man Viscount Theodore, i would have you know.”

“Aye says the original male slut in his younger years. Now he be a man and spewing wisdom and you would not even imagine how he used to carry them in twos and heading up Madame Roise’s secrets when they can’t come home. Letting young wee ones like myself and little Willy imagine how deep the hole is and how large your manly organ is to have her screaming the lord’s name in profanities!!!”

Adrian roars in laughter as he tries to defend himself “I believe that is my twin who was up to no good”

Theodore is ripping in equal laughter “Pray.. Do I look like a two year old my lord?”

”Nay, but a little liar”

”Nay, i can visualize what she wore those few nights, if you let me i may even conjure the scene and replicate it in drawings. You know the gods did bless me with fine hands to scraft”

”Nay, i refuse, i refuse to be soiled with your imaginations”

Theodore chuckles ”Willy boy learnt from the best, sadly he wouldn’t be using his skills tonight, leaving me the desire to ask how it feels like to bed a Princess of our noble kingdom”

Adrian sighs walking away from the door ”Good night Theodore,pray Williams behaves, she is the Princess after all” his voice fades ”We cannot afford for him to be ruthless in his behavior, he should open his heart and mind and stop being rebellious, maybe, father might be right…this would be good for him. To your slumber Theo, to you slumber” His feet fades away.

”Oh Willy boy, i wonder what is going on?” Theodore thinks to himself as he goes to lay on the bed ”Only the gods know if they be alive or probably choking themselves to death”


”I will not stay here, i will not stay here, it is all your fault you disgusting horrid fellow, all your fault” She screams at him and shaking her fist in the air at him.

”Not, it is yours. I did not ask of it, i do not even want this stupid alliances to be tied to a spoilt brat like you” Williams flares up.

”Me a spoilt brat? i am the Princess of Worcestershire you blawdy fellow and you will respect me you ingrate lowlife -you…low caste of a man who is privilege to stand before me yet running his fowl mouth like a scalawag!!”

”A lady who beholds no manners is not fit to call herself a princess..and me lowlife and ingrate? I would have you know that even if i may be not a Prince, i have Royal lineage. My great great great great grand father was married into the royal family, it was my great great grandmother who broke the line to marry outside the circle. it doesn’t not mean i am less royalty..i am Duke Williams De Beaumont, a little lower than the Royal throne but i am no lowlife, no scalawag…i deserves respect!!!” He stomps his feet pointing his finger downwards as he makes his point

She scoffs ” You are way way lower than the royal line and like my royal tush you do. I will give you no respect. Infact, you are nothing but my subject, nothing more. You will respect me and talk to me as your leader”

Williams throws his head back in laughter ”You have clearly gone insane, you can only be a leader of lassies who have no proper upbringing and who loiters Madam’s Rosie’s secrets and have no table manners much less be fit to be married!”

She gasps, ”How dare you degrade me to such life, argh!!” She looks around her and finding an empty vase, she flings it at him, he jumps away before it smashes on his head , he exclaims in surprise

”You evil royal witch!! That could have landed on my head, worse my leg and caused it to broken or pieces of the china smeared into my skin” he looks at her in horror

”Good, that was my intent” She grabs another one and throws it at him, he jumps away

”Stop it!!” He warns her as he watches her dart her eyes towards another

She grabs a third and throws it at him, then another one, and then another one, he keeps jumping away and screaming at her to stop it.

”Dammnit , stop it you demonic woman!!”

”Aye, me demonic? I would give you more of those ” she then rushes into the next room seeing piled saucers, she grabs a few and rushes out, throwing them at him, two hits him that causes him to groan in pain.

”My Goodness! Stop it or i swear to God”

”You. Swear. to. God” she throws two ”I would. make. sure. you” she throws another ”Get. fool wagging. me”she stones him another ”Princess. of. Worcestershire!!” she keeps throwing saucers.

”Oww!!” Owww!! Owww!!!!” he gets hit, as he tries to block his face, the saucers shatter as they touch the ground ”Stop it, damnit stop it you crazy lady”

” no. lady” she rushes out to get more,flinging them at him ” you will respect me”She throws the last one which he jumps from.

”That’s it, you think you can fight dirty is it my lady? Very well” His eyes full of anger, he storms into the next room and comes out with mugs..

”What is it you think you are doing subject?” She eyes him, breathing hard from throwing saucers at him.

”Showing you that when a lady refuses to act her place and becomes crazy, one should behave like her and cause her to get back tit for tat”

”Put that down, i order you” She points at the mugs which he settle in his arms as he would carry a tiny baby.

”Oh, why?” He raises an eyebrow mockingly.

”You will not stone your princess, i order you to put those mugs down or else” She turns up her nose ” You are not quite stupid to dare it, put it down or else-”

”Or else what, call your father the king i presume to flung my unruly tush whilst i be tied to the royal north wall yes?”

”Yes i would inform the King of your behavior, and this time, he would not let you go if i have as much as a tiny scratch to my body”

”I see!” he touches his forehead where one of the saucers had hit looking at it ”You see this streak of blood ”

She gasp seeing a tiny scratch on his head where a tread of blood was crawling rather slowly down. ”You are bleeding”

”Aye, and i would draw my own pound of flesh”

”I did not mean to..–”

”Nay , you meant to..” he holds the mug, pointing it to her ”I wonder how many you can dodge, seeming that my reflexes may be faster that your limp hands”

”Put those down ” She points to him


”I order you to put it down right this moment, your princess orders” she says rather firmly.

”Nay , you are no Princess of mine, a princess would not exhibit evil tendencies and hurt another, see my red liquid streaking down my face, it excites you”

”I did not mean to but if you had chosen to-”

”Ready?” He cuts her moving forward

She swallows stepping back

”I would tell the King, surely you fear him do you not? He would not take this lightly i swear to you”

”I do not see the king here my lady, i do not see a Princess either, i see woman who needs to be given tit for tat and that i would be too happy to indulge, ready?”

”I swear to God ahhhhhhh!!” she screams as the mug crushes beside her on the wall. He holds another,


”Williams De Beaumont i order you-‘

”Ahhh she speaks my name, unfortunately,. it would do nothing to still my hands for they are rather happy for this exercise” He flings another mug her way.

”Stop i-Ahhh!!”‘ she jumps

He throws another, she screams running to the other side of the room as the mugs comes crashing at the wall beside, behind and above her.

”Stop it, stop it!!” She crunches low to the floor, covering her ears and covering her eyes

He throws two more and watches it crush to the wall on either side of her, and grabbing the last mug ”You know, i have merely being missing you on purpose”

She drops her hands, looking at him as she rises , regaining he composure ”Only a fool would dare hit a Princess!”

He squints his eyes ”Aye, then i be a fool this once, and this is for But my head”

”STOP IT!!” She screams jumping seeing him release the mug from his gasp and watching it head for her, but she didn’t jump quick enough, it flew right to her nudging her a little and throwing her off balance as she falls back falling and hitting her bottom hard. She groans in pain as the mug crashes to pieces hitting the ground.

Williams had intended to hit her light, and thus he had only merely tossed the mug towards her, in an attempt to jump away from it, she had merely jumped into it. When he sees her writhing in pain for more than 50 seconds, he rushes to her, staring down at her .

Okay maybe he shouldn’t have done that, now the King would definitely have his head, no doubt.

”Where does it hurt?” He stares down at her, a line of worry crosses his face.

He hopes he didn’t break anything girly. Women were so fragile even though they appeared strong. He wasn’t a bad person and he wouldn’t hurt a woman, but she was just spitefully annoying. How a Princess exhibit such annoying behavior stuns him.

She was curled to the other side facing the wall and sobbing.

”Where does it hurt?” He repeats.

She was not answering him.

He tries to touch her , she hits his hands away as she screams ”Don’t touch me! Don’t you dare lay your filthy hands on me” She spat,

”Fine, whatever you say, you started it, i merely gave you a tip if your own medicine and you are whining like a little lass for a little mug nudge”

”Little?” She flares up as she turns, holding her stomach a she groans in pain ”You may have ripped my entire insides out, i swear to God, he would have your head, my father would not let this go, by God he would raise hell”

”Can you not threaten without calling on your father as though he is some God”

”He is your lord, have you no fear” She turns seating halfway and staring at him, her eyes glistened with tears.

”Aye, but men shouldn’t be feared but respected, he is loved and respected, but what say you of you? You are nothing but a lass who deserves more smacking for the horrible things you do, now you act the victim? I pray thee, look at my forehead ” he points to it a tiny streak of blood treks down his face ”You did that because of your silly tantrums, you do no see me calling my father, even though you have very well scarred my looks for life, and i merely tossed the mug, you didn’t have to jump right into it”

”Oh that was not merely a toss, that was an aggravated force force that knocked me to the ground and then allowed my to fall hard on my behind, is that you did a trait for a sane man?”

”I am way more sane that you, you are a different kind of specie that needs to be locked away and given her tiara for comfort”

She gasps truing to seat up, wiping the tears off her eyes, reaching out for a broken mug to stone him with, he stops her ”And there she goes about to be as silly as a silly lass, stop it!!’

He grabs it from her hand, ”Let go unless you are going to cause more injuries to your royal hand” He forces her hand open and tosses the broken pieces away.

”I despise you!!” she spat

”Aye, the feeling is mutual”

”You are not in the least of men who have any sane capabilities, you are a disgrace to the De Beaumount’s family”

”And you my lady shouldn’t have been born a Princess, Princesses are too be sweet, caring, carrying themselves with an air of pristine alluring nature and when they speak, everyone wants to listen and they dare not think it in their heart to hurt a fly, but you my sour lady is nothing like a Princess, needless i say you are a disgrace to the royal family of all royal families”

She drops her mouth blinking rapidly ”My lord you insult me so without any decorum”

”I say i would give back same doses as you mett out to me,i will treat you as you dare to treat me, ” he says getting up and walking away ”And if you continue with this your attitude i can assure you that i would not back down, so my lady, i would make this clear …i do not want this marriage and i do not and would not tolerate an insensitive, uncaring, spiteful lass for a wife, the gods forbade i take on such atrocity and live my life for ever, there a few things that kill a man, a hateful wife is one of them i have been told and i would not let my eyes be open and walk into this..the gods forbid!!” he spat over his shoulders.

”I do hate you, you are slothful!” she screams at him, wincing in pain as she pushes herself off the hard earth and holding onto the table to stand up.

”The feeling is mutual and while you are whining like a child, i am going home, i rather brace the night and what lurks in the dark than remain under thesame roof with you…” he says making his way outside and looking around . It was dark, the sun had retired for the night and only the trees moved in simi-side dances as their shadows reflects on the hardened earth. Williams frowns.

They had taken less than an hour to get here via coach,surely it wouldn’t take more to get to familiar grounds and then head back to his province. But on foot and in the dark with no idea which path to take, God knows how and when he would get home.

He hears her behind him, he didn’t turn. He begins to walk down the steps ..

”You are leaving me here?” She holds her tummy and making her way down the stairs,

”I should think you be happy about my absence”

”But, surely you cannot leave me here, alone?” She is aghast as she winces again ”Oh blood hell, my tummy hurts”

He turns and looks at her ”Then go back and lay on a soft bed or something, if you hadn’t been like a little misguided devil you would be strong and hearty like me” he wipes his head again. Surely the bleeding should have stopped, it was just a tiny wound. He uses his handkerchief and wipes again. Turning away from her he makes his way further away from her, walking away in the dark.

”Williams De Beaumont, you cannot leave me here. Come back right this minute!!” She bellows

”Aye my lady, i would do well to stop by the palace and notify your father the king of your discomfort, surely he shall send the guards and a host of chariot to come fetch you before the shadows of the night come for you” he chuckles

She hears his faded voice as he disappears from her sight. Squinting her eyes in the dark, all she can see is shadows of trees.

”Go, i do not need your wretched presence anyways, you are an eyesore Williams De Beaumont and i would be glad that you ride yourself off my presence” She screams at him ”I would have peace and serenity alone here, and i would not even be bothered about the night..go, run along to your hide you fool! You think i cannot stay here and i would be scared? Princess Annalise-jane Jacobs fears nothing, you are a whim!!!”

”Gladly i am as you say my lady, that i am doing. So long!” he screams back

”Williams De Beaumont? Williams!!!!!!!!!” She screams.

No answer.

She looks around, should she go back to the house..but..there was no one there, how would be be alone, far away from the palace and God knows what lurks behind the trees.

Though she hates him, she rather have an enemy in close sight than unaware of the strange ones lurking somewhere. she had heard stories of how men of the night had come out of the shadows and devoured an unsuspecting lass who had lost her way wondering in the forest, she did not want hers to be a story to tell in the near future.

”Williams De Beaumont?” Bracing herself she runs after him, or rather she limped after him wincing in slight pain and disappearing into the thick tree-ed part.


Which way now?

Williams thinks to himself. He heard her call his name, he ignores her.

It was her fault he was left here, God knows what prank the royal family and his family were trying to play on them by leaving them here. It was not an oversight, surely they had intended, but it wasn’t remotely funny, infact it was annoying.

Oh wait till i get back to the province, his father would hear him and he wouldn’t like it one bit.

”Williams” He hears his name again, it was closer.

Oh, thought she was not scared, now she comes looking for him, she was such a little lass.

He chuckles.

He continues to walk deep into the path.

Let her find him for a little while, it would teach her.

He smiles.


”She be fat like a meat, round like a muffin, soft like the cheese made my mother’s hands, and when she would howl , like a new born babe, when i sink in too deep and let her get acquainted with my rod…she be my lady, my lass and my Missy even though she be fat like a meat, round like muffin , soft like the good’ol cheese” He and the others laugh as he was done singing.

They were walking through the thick forest, three of them.

”What would you have sang if she be a thin oxen?”

”She be a tiny babe, hard skin like ah…i don’t like thin lasses, i need some fair ol’ cushion to hold on to good sir” he scratches his head

They all laugh again

”You always have something to sing about do you not?” The one standing close to him and jumping over a huge fallen tree before their path asks.

”Aye my friend, i do. The world is full of chaos, a little happiness should be fine and a merry heart lives longer have you not been told?’ ” He jumps after him, grabbing the rug sack he had laid on the grass and flings it over his shoulders, he squints his eyes in the dark.

”Aye i have been told. ” The first man straightens up and then looks ahead ”Do you remember the way or we are lost?”

”I do, i think i do…” The second man scratches his head

”I did say we should have taken the other path, with the green branches that leads to the north river, but no, he says right and we all follow right, now…i see nothing but darkness and almost fallen a few we are here, lost” The third man says frowning.

”Aye, we may have been lost but..we can go back the way we came ” The second man says screwing up his face

”Nay, what if the solders are still looking for us? We sure cannot go back that trail man, most definitely not with this bags over our shoulders, it would be evidence of our crime old fart, i say we go ahead, we must come across an abandoned house or a place to rest our hard behind till the morrow, then we go ahead and cross the province border and we would be free.”

”Aye, i do like the sound of that but how do we get to safety when all we can see is our large heads and and dancing trees?” The third man says squinting through the darkness.

”Oh you complain too much, let’s just keep going, where our strength fail us, we fall for the night, I am tired, my legs hurt and i would like nothing than to be in a different place, sinking into a missus and howling to the gods at night..”

The others chuckle ”By the way, i hope you buried the body of the guard you smashed his head in with a hammer? ”

”Aye, i did” The third man nods

”Good, it would give them something to look for” The first man, who is the leader of the gang nods.

”Aye, he was feeling like god wedging a hammer and hitting the old fool with no mercy”

”I am a god!!” The third man proudly says swinging his arm to the side ”You know the fun part, i may have cum rather happily inside his missus, i wonder if she bares my lookalike..hehehe”

”Oh you fool” The gang leader shakes his head

”What? I like to leave a souvenir in my wake, do you not fancy going through towns and seeing your face in some child’s, i fancy is thrilling i assure you”

”How many spawns do you think you have seeded into this women you keep cuming into my lord”

He laughs ”By god, i have lost count..”

”And you think this Missus would keep a seed of a miscreant?”

He frowns ”I pray they do. When i make alot of money, maybe one day i become as rich as a king”

”You cannot be as rich as a ring you rotten fool!!” The gang leader hits his head

He rubs it with a smile ”Aye, i may..if i bed a queen and force her to sign all that she owns to me” he laughs, the others shake their heads

”You are i fool i say” The first points to him

”A fool with a dream i dare say!”‘ he winks.

”Sssshhhh” The first man stops, putting his index finger to his lips ”Ssssh shut your old fart mouths up, i hear something”

Everyone pauses ”What? You think they found us?” The third looks around

”Aye, they found us…we best make a run for it or fight to the end, i would rather die than be dragged back to that dungeon and having the King pass a judgement over us…i told you we shouldn’t have gone for this but ye sons of asses refused…now see and-”

”Shut your howling mouth, i said i heard something…” he crouches low. The others join in

”The guards?”

He shakes his head ”Ssssshh, listen”

They do..

”My lord, is it just me or we are hearing a damsel in distress?”

”Aye, one who needs rescuing” they smile


”Williams ? Williams by god i swear if you don’t answer me…Williams, where are you?” Annalise calls out.

Annalise is walking slowly, squinting through the darkness, trying not to hit anthing and fall.

”Williams…Will-” She turns around when she hears it , a branch tweak.

”You fool. i know you heard me but you were just being annoyingly quiet..look i didn’t follow you because i was scared i just didn’t want you to get missing, it is a large land, in the dark and i best-”

”Lost Missy?” The gang leader asks

Annalise frowns, ”Excuse me ?” She may have known Williams barely a few hours now but she was sure that he didn’t sound like that.

”Lost, the good sir asked if you were lost? We love to help damsels in distress good lady..are you one my lady?” The third has a huge smile on his face. ”Give us Light man, let us behold the damsel” he nudges the second.

The second dips his hands into his bag and grabs a torch, ”Come, we love to see your face ” He shines it to her face, she wades her eyes away from it.

”Argh!!! Who are you?” Her heart catches in her chest.

”Me, or us?” The first man wonders, as he points to himself and then the others.

”Who are you?” She repeats, She could feel her heart beating rapidly in mock fear.

”Oh my lady, we are men of the night, wondering in the dark, looking for who to devour , pray tell, would you be our meat for the night, round like a muffin and soft within those cores” he takes the torch to his face and lets the darkness less visible as he shines it to his smiling teeth..

She gasps ”What..what do you mean?”

”He means my lady, have you been touched by three hungry men before…you see, only a while ago we are running from the guards,..tired, hungry and the gods decides to bless us with your presence..a damsel in distress..and we would love to oblige, come my lady..come! ” the gang leader beckons.

She steps away ”No, stay back”

They are coming closer to her

”Do not be afraid my lay, with would be ..quick and pleasurable..”

Fear creeps up her sleeves ”I order you to stay back”

They laugh ”Order you, order us? Who are you to order us?”

”I am Annalise-Jane Jacobs, the Royal Princess of Worcestershire , i order you to stay back!!!!”

They pause, stare at each other ”The Princess?”


Silence, as they do a quick scan with their eyes, no shadows, no lurking guards..nothing. Just a lonely lass in the forest in the thick of the night, ofcourse she was no princess..

They begin to laugh ”Oh, good one my lady, you almost got us there. Princess my very hard nuts!!” The third says shaking his head and rubbing his bearded jaw.

They laugh again

”I am the Princess, and i order you to stay away from me or i ..not my father, i will have your heads!!””

”Aye, you even sound authoritative, so scared my lady, so so scared” The first says coming closer

She steps backwards ”Stay away”

”Nay my lady, i am as hard as a nut, seeing your well packed bosom in that corset, your fair skin…i hope to wonder the honey to drip from your legs..and in the is the sweetest adventure ever to befall man, pray come..let us do this amicably or they would hold you down while i take a few rounds and they take turns…”

She steps back again, but her back hits the huge tree ”No, stay away from me…i swear to God i am the Princess and the King will..he would…stay away from me”

”Aye, the Princess is in the castle, guarded by a thousand guards, a chamber in the tower and all nice things, she wouldn’t be in the thick forest walking the night like she was taking a stroll…you are no princess but a lass who must have wondered too far into the night, but not to worry, once we are done…we can point you to the right way, when we find it” He laughs,the others join in.

”You wouldn’t dare touch your Princess!!” She chokes

”Aye, we wouldn’t dare, we would just do that. Grab her, and put her down” the first orders the other two..they make for her and grabbing her.

Annalise lets out a loud scream.


Her screams pierces through he night, searing through his head and causing his to cover his ears.

He stops on his tracks… and turns .

That wasn’t a normal scream, it sounded as though she was in danger.

When her screaming continued.

He begins to run back to her.


”Hold her down you fools, and shut her up” He struggles to zip down his pants.

”She is strong for a lass, and she bite my hand” The second is struggling to hold her down, same as the third, she keeps hitting and kicking them, screaming whenever she has the chance.

”Hold her down you whims, i just need to get this..stupid zip to come down..argh i can feel myself glistening..ahhhh can’t wait to slip my rod into her very core…such fair skin, and suckle those round bosom on her chest…hold her down..ah yes like that, stuff a cloth into her mouth…hold her down dammit” He exclaims

”Let her go!!!!” His voice was firm, filled with anger.

They turn swiftly..

Annalise who had been screaming and crying is sobbing as they men let her go, turning around to face Williams who is standing a little far behind them..

Their eyes meet, his features harden as he saw her shaking and crying, pulling her cloths to cover her almost naked body, his hands fold into a fist.

”Good sire, i would gibe you two options, turn around and be gone…or..stay and get your eyes ripped out by my men here..while i be over here mulching on some soft lasses behind” He points to Annalise

Williams stares at them, they were huge, ..had every stance of a violent men, his eyes darts to the Princess, she curls herself to the corner and is crying.

She was staring at him, maybe even blaming him for leaving her alone, and for this, he would blame himself..he may not like her, and she may share thesame feeling but…she was a lady, and men like these has no right to want to indulge in this devious act against any woman and maybe if he hand’t left her , they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to dare manhandle her,…

He frowns..

How far did they go? No woman annoying or not deserves to be manhandled by men, none.

”I would give you mine, apologize to the lady you were about to commit an abominable act with and then tie yourselves to the tree and wait further punishment”

They laugh ” I think the good sire would prefer option two my lord ” says the second to the first.

”AyeE, i believe so ” The first replies, he smiles at Williams ”Pray tell, where do you feel you need less from your body, your eyes, hands or your fickle deflated rod” he points between William’s legs.

Williams eyes the stick he picks from the earth ”I wonder …do you know what is being said of Miscreants?” he cocks his head to the side and staring at all three of them.


”Neither do i, the end…there is a saying that one should have picked the better option, of giving in that playing the stupid card..and it seems that you lot rather be fools than giving in..”

”The fool be breathing nonsensical and spewing insults to my person? Take him and break his legs first and i would dismember the rest of his body!!”‘ he orders

The other two come for Williams..

He doesn’t move, not even when they swing the large tree chunk at him.

Annalise screams again.



#The Royals: Anna & Willaims CHP Seven



The guards that were stationed at the door ushering one to the balcony only a moment ago had left it, orders from the king to leave them be a moment to talk between themselves, get to know each other without them lurking at the corners.

Sissie Veronese ventures into the hall were the tiny banquet is being served and the handmaidens going to their respectful corners.

”Come sit Sissie, surely you must be excited about this alliances for the Princess as we all are?”

”Aye my Lady, very” she smiled. What is she to say? She isn’t? It wasn’t her place. Just because they asked for an opinion does not mean that they actually do want to hear it.

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Finding God Series #STRY3 – Finding God -CHP1

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Finding God Series #2 – Dead, Alive, Saved!


I was taught, from a very young age that God was this supernatural being, seated in the high heavens, with his host of angels round about him ready to do his bidding and those who love and serve him won’t lack, won’t suffer and will live forever .

Mama and Papa taught me how to pray, how to sing and how to fast. You see, i was young but i understood all they said and even believed in the words in the bible.
By the age of fifteen, Papa had sent me to a seminary school, where little boys like myself learnt the art of service to God and to men,we wore long white cloths, we carried the burning candles, we prayed at the alter, we recited bible passages.

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Finding God Series #STRY2 -Dead, Alive,Saved!- Finale



There was something about the way he spoke .

“No!!! You dare to preach to me even staring at the face of your death” I stand up walking to him, not understanding his fearlessness, I had the power to end him..yet he wasn’t afraid, he wasn’t. What manner of man was he,who dared to give him such power. I wanted to know.

“I will preach , if I can save a soul even in my death I will count it all joy ” he spoke

“You are not afraid ,afraid to die?” I asked again

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Happy Easter!!!






”The Tomb is empty, he is risen!!!!”

They chanted, they jubilated and they praised God when they realized that Jesus Christ had indeed risen from the dead. Which meant that; he had conquered death, broken the chains of captivity, gone where no man had ever gone and then came back breaking us free from any bondage and giving us a new beginning, that is life.

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There was a Man Who Died!!

There was a man, a man who died..died a long time ago before you and i even knew him. A few people were privileged to see him, speak with him and walk with them.

A few others despised him, others loved him and a minor few were called specially to go the journey with him.

There was a man who died, flesh of our flesh, blood of our blood..and yet and yet..he was beloved, and only son. Yet, he was of spirit, conceived in the inconceivable way..birthed in a place not fit for babies, searched for by those who wanted to harm, even worshiped by the men who were called wise and gifted with such rare things.


There was a man who died..but before he did; he walked the earth, he did such wonderful and miraculous things, things un-thought off, things that provoked those who felt he was all but a fallacy..things that others wondered about, things those who understood believed.

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