The Brat And The She-devil $Chapter 6



“Miss Adora?” Mr Emeka says cutting me off
“Yes Sir? ” I say,  I had told him what that that…pig did to me, yes I had no idea that the person who came to pick me up wasn’t my PA but some common mere company driver, it still didn’t give him the right to talk to me that way, he insulted me,infront of the  driver, that was insubordination,  that was down right disrespectful to my person, and my office and he was a mere PA,a PA, an errand office boy for me and he dares to talk down to me the way he wanted.
Ohhhhhhh!!! No way .
No way.
“Please come to my office” he says
“Okay sir”
I  drop the phone and made sure my face matched my cloths and class, with my head held high I exit my office and walked to his own.
Everyone seemed to be busy with work..

Or where they just avoiding to look at me?
Well good, keep your heads down you all,keep it down.
The fool wasn’t in sight.
I reach his office , knock on the door and was ushered in.
“Miss Adora, please sit if you will”
“Thank you sir” I say sitting down.
He looks at me “Coffee?”
I shake my head.
He sips his coffee, his eyes fixed on me.
“Sir, as I was saying -” I began
“Miss Adora, I know you have been told before but let me say it again, not because I like it but because it is out of my hands and I plead for your understanding ”
“Of what sir?”
He sighs ” Mr Brian Andrews cannot be removed from being your PA ”
“But why sir, only for the few minutes he had spent in my presence is enough to deduce that  he is a degenerate,  he is arrogant , his mouth in foul, his tongue unbridled , he has no form of respect for authority, especially if it’s a woman. He insulted me sir, right infront of the driver and he didn’t apologise and he even dared me to report him,that is the height of insult.  I mean,how do you expect me to work with him, I want him fired and removed. Staffs are representatives of a company and if this staff is this way, I already have a not-so-nice perception of the company. Because I am new, just employed to head a unit and the first welcome I get is to have a staff ,my supposed PA be rude to me, it’s just wrong sir and I won’t allow this..not at all. I want him fired”
Mr Emeka chuckles shaking his head ” He can’t be fired either”
“But I dont understand,  he is ….he can’t do what he did and be given a pat on his back, no sir. That is not how things are done. When and if an employee messes up,he deserves to be punished right?”
“Then why is it that he doesn’t get that same treatment ?”
He stares at me, opens and then closes his mouth, he takes his cup and sips
Why did I have a feeling that there was soemthing more to this than meets the eye. 
He heaves heavily  ” Miss Adora, his appointment was made in my absence and it was made by my boss, there are a few persons that have certain privileges here that their appointment and termination is only given permission from my boss. I didn’t employ him, no , my boss did. ”
“So you are saying he is untouchable?”
“No, no one is. I am saying it is out of my hands”
“So I am stuck with him,that absolute-no-manners of a boy ”
“I think someone nearing his 30s is hardly a boy”
“Oh he is a retarded little boy sir, an immature one at that”
“Look Miss Adora, I employ that you are understanding of the situation”
“Understanding is one thing sir, stuck with a lunatic, a cheap excuse for a man is another. I have to come to work everyday , I have to have actual work done and I do need an assistance for that…so what is supposed to happen? I obviously can’t boss him he made it clear I am not the boss of him, so what do I do all the work myself, ? ”
“I am sure you can find away around it and good thing you have other employees at your disposal ”
I raise my eyebrow “I don’t get, what is he? Royalty”
He chuckles “No”
“Then what?”
” You should check out his Cv,very impressive and some projects he had worked on prior to him coming here, I guess he is hot stuff and very useful to the company. We had a couple of kids like that, yes some can be really frustrating to work with but at the end of the day they mean no harm. But in this case as well as others,  I only get a call to  me telling me that they are sending some people to work here and that I should fix them into a working unit”
“Then fix him somewhere else! If you won’t fire him, please fix him somewhere else sir”
“That too is out of my hands. Apparently something about him learning new things”
“Oh for God’s sake, I can’t work like this sir,  I can’t. !! You have to take him off from my unit. Please ”
“I am so sorry Miss Adora,  that requests won’t be granted not because it can’t but because I have no power for that. I know….He can be …difficult ”
“Oh you know,  how long as he been working here,a year?two?”
“A week”
“Wow!! And he is already like this,give  him a month and he would be fighting positions with you”
He chuckles , I wonder if what I said was funny.. but it didn’t reach his eyes 
“A lil patience Miss Adora, please. Just do your job and make him do his. I may not be able to fire him nor take him away from under you, but there is nothing wrong in putting him in his  place and I will talk to him. You are his Boss Miss Adora so be the boss of him, he may not like it but he wouldn’t have a choice in the matter either”
“What are you saying , I should enforce my will on him?”
“I am saying, He is your PA so make him act like one, I am sure he just needs a good sitting down with and talking to. Nothing a good conversation can’t fix”
“Sir? You think talking to him would fix his messed up Brains?”
He laughs “You are…something else Miss Adora but.. who knows. Miracles happens everyday.”
“I have more important things to do than waste my time on lost causes sir,  if he needs a good talking I can recommend a good shrink for him , I am here to work and Mr Brian or whatever his name is won’t be a dent to my good graces , no sir ”
“Please Miss Adora, do take it easy, we don’t want scenes in the office ” he warns
“I don’t promise to make sure he gets served anytime he crosses my part and decides to go all arrogant on me but I will try not to be the one who starts it. Since nothing can be done about his appointment and I get to be stucked with the worst PA in the history of the time PA was invented, I will take my leave sir, have a good day”
“And you take too Miss Adora ,and welcome ”
I scoff .
With a fixed smile on my face I nod and exited his office going back to mine.
The nerve !!!
The suprising revelation.
I can’t screw that asshole over and dance on his dead body doing the merengue and sipping cold ice tea
It was a painful realization.
I mean, what did Mr Emeka mean my request couldn’t be processed, order from Oga at the top.

What did he mean by..”Brian Andrews should remain as a PA… and that he is sorry for any inconveniences he has caused me and that It would be rectified..”
Inconvenience is an understatement, one day here and I was spitting fire, my insides boiling from anger and my well groomed countenance tossled…all because that He-goat walked into my office to have a good laugh at me  for not discerning that the driver wasn’t a PA and what was worse?  he called me slow and dumb and what not. 
Hay God!!! My chest hurts. It hurts .
You know that feeling you get when a bully manhandle you and you can’t do shit because even if you tried doing shit they’re going to make you eat shit, literary? You know that feeling?
This was worse than it.
This was like, not able to beat a cockroach dead knowing you are bigger and stronger and you are of a higher specie but because that roach could fly. .all black-winged-smelling-roach-fly and that big-flesh-bigboned-all-muscle-body you can’t stand but runs out of the door screaming like a three year old not caring if you have on heels and packing dollars into your account. 
You can’t do shit and it hurts..because that cockroach just embarrassed you ..
And Brian Andrews was a cockroach.
But cockroaches gets swamped sometimes ..
It may have wings and seem untouchable but..roaches are nothing more than a disgusting slimy smelling specie that needs to be twarted with a shoe or a folded newspaper.
I was pissed .
Who was Brian Andrews that his behaviour was just brushed under the rug as though it never happened?
I went back to my office, while I came out to drop some work for the secretary to handle I  saw John..he was talking about the he-goat with someone he called Peter.  
They didn’t seem to like him either.

Apparently he seemed to be getting away with being an ass with almost anyone.
And according to the gossip around in the office, no one could do shit to him..
I decided to move around , 
“So who is this Brian Andrews ,any info about how he possibly is a jerk and nothing is being done to reprimand him?”
They say you know a gossip when you see one and Tombra was ozzing with juices to spill…or maybe she wanted to be in my good graces 
“Apparently he is some elite kid..

Some intern elite kid that the Oga at the top wanted to be treated as nicely as possible..”…that was the story I got from Tombra..when I had asked her about the he-goat.
“Does it mean that his behaviour was tolerated?

Well unless his father was an investor or a sponsor or a shareholder…

That’s the only thing that would make sense..” 
She shrugs , ” maybe, it would explain his…behaviour. but who knows?”
Yes, who does know?
I asked Tina to run a background check on him but she had come up with nothing useful.
“Other than he schooled abroad, top of his class plus  he is an archetitect of some sort and was /is good at his chosen field. .Everything about him thats what the company provided for perusal , family and all that was classified”
“You can’t check from things not posted in the company.?”
“There are possibly a thousand Or a million Brian Andrews listed in the country,you want me to spend days or weeks going through them one by one? ”
“No never mind , That will be all Tina”
Well it wasn’t suprisingly. .

For security measures. ..elite families and topnotch people like to keep their families informations private.
I tap my jaw tentatively, I was back to my office.
But the dude obviously seemed bent on leaving..and this was some sort of his rebellious act, wasn’t it? 
I thought to myself.
“I dare you to report me and get me fired, I want that. But if you don’t ..just stay out of my way..” The He-goat has said.
I sigh
I didn’t care about all that..I just needed to do my job and I don’t want no overbearing..pompous and spoilt brat of God knows where to come ruin it just because he can’t handle his shit.
And I was stuck with him..and by God that sucked a thousand deflated balls…
I was hating this predicament.
I sighed .
Trying to get my mind of the fool, I busy myself with settling in, and getting to work.
Work wouldn’t work itself would it?.
It was time to leave the office..
I had to do most of the work myself. ..

I wasn’t in the mood to have another face off with that arrogant fool at the moment..
I did have John  do some office errands for me..and he seemed happy to help. Infact too happy…
At the moment,  I would let it pass.
I called the  floor Secretary to buzz the driver up, it was time to head out and I was hungry and I had no intention of staying home,  I wanted to go to some place nice to relax and have dinner, maybe see some new friendly faces  that would  help me relax my anger..
Another reason why I don’t miss Lagos, here I could possibly be leaving the office by 5pm , go have fun without stress of the traffic, get up in due time, watch a movie if I wanted, worked if I wanted and have a good night’s rest and be refreshed in the morning.
Oh the joy of a new place.
” he should be coming up to the office ma’am”…the secretary tells me
“No, have him wait there, I would meet him out front.

Thank you. 

Er…did you get the mails I sent you??..
“Yes ma’am I did…but your PA is meant to handle them ma, that’s not my jurisdiction” she informs me
“Just take care of that for me will you, 

I can decide to give it to whoever I want, If you have any issues, call John. He would put you through .Then if you both have issues,have him call me if he needs clarity or a pass for certain levels..Please.  Thank you”..
I cut the call before she could protest.
I pick up my bag, and leave the office heading down to the reception area and out front when I noticed he was parked and waiting..
I sigh
I held my head up high again and I  walk to the car.

I saw him get out,  turning around , 
I shake my head beckoning for him to go back  inside, 

I could open the damn door myself.
Why did I feel I was being watched? 

I shrug and enter the car still.
He, Wilson Okon mumbled a good evening and I nod avoiding his eyes.
More than anything i was angry for putting myself into this annoying situation.  Looking at him now from the back of his head I should have known that there was no way he could have been a company PA.
The way he sounded, his constant use of the pidgin language, He tried to dress decently as a company driver should but he didn’t  have that aura of someone learned and we’ll versed and exposed…
Shit!! Adora …you no try oh! 
I scold myself
This was as clear as black and white, night and day, how couldn’t I possibly not know or suspect or even ask questions.
I shake my head.
And  was I gonna apologize to this man now? 
I was fighting a battle within, 

One of pride and stubboness and then the other remorsity. ..
I bite my lips
Flashes of how I had constantly insulted and spoken down at him played back.
I could imagine the state he was in, trying to tell me,trying to make it clear and me not giving him a chance.

If he were me..I would have been so mad I would have eventually had to shout my boss down and damned the consequences.  No amount of money should make you look like shit or treated like shit and I did treat him like that.

I wonder what was going  through his mind now? And God knew that I didn’t want to ask ..
I look around, It’s so quiet, why was it so quiet inside the car? 

Usually he would be chattering nonstop and boring me with disjointed talks, but now,  he was so quiet that I could hear a pin drop if it were dropping. He didnt say anything, he just waited as though  he was waiting for me to say something, 

Like an apology or apologies  because my sins were many.
But me?

I was tightlipped and my lips were hurting from my teeth closing in on it..
I look away and pretend to read a book.
But it wasn’t even a book, it was a  damn calender. I didn’t want to count days .
Wait !!! Why isn’t he driving ?
I sigh and toss it behind the seat of the car
“Pride goes before a fall”

That verse from the bible seeps into my mind
I roll  my eyes at myself,

Really? Really God?  Nice try Big Guy, way to go. Very smooth ,very classic.
I frown looking up to the heavens
You just had to roll that in there didn’t you.. of all things to just had to put that in there.

Really nice G!!
I sigh again shaking my head.
“Madam this one you don sigh reach ten times already, I hope no problem oh??”
“Drive the car brai– ” i paused,  “Er Wilson,  please do well to  mind your business ” I say without thinking
He shuts up immediately. 
“Damnit! ” ..I  mutter under my breath as I noticed the look he gave me
Now or never Adora.
That voice again or was it just my conscience pricking me?
I shrug it off.
Well my prideful side seems to be a badass compared to my remorseful side and it happened to be kicking my ass at the moment.

So what if I was mean and arrogant to him? Aren’t bosses supposed to be that way? 

So what if I mistook him for another,an honest  bloody mistake.

A boss was entitled to one …plus I am human as well, I wasn’t perfect,   no one is,so should I fall flat on my face and beg him for forgiveness?  No sir. 
I look up towards the heavens of the car..
Another time Big Guy,or maybe never.
I look back at Wilson.
Screw the apology!
I squeeze my face, 
He should deal with it, If he was waiting on for an apology he was going to wait a long time
Really long , like-grey-hair-fallen teeths-all -bent-back long.
“Step on it Wilson, I don’t see why we haven’t started moving by now, I  need to get home and go out to have dinner” 
I cross my legs and settled in at the back of the seat, relaxing 
Anyone who didn’t like me should eat a pack of baby dicks, i couldn’t even give a shit.
Besides, I also needed to be apologised to by that he-goat of a PA but I didn’t see him rushing to do so, he is feeling like  some Bruce Almighty. 
That’s fine, i couldn’t get him fired, but i would make sure he doesn’t eat his cake and have it and like i said,i won’t be the one causing him troubles but if he as much as piss me off? Then i’ll  show him I could be a badass as well.
Since i was stuck with him..i was going to make  him have a horrible experience of being a first time PA,he would learn not to mess with me..”
With a renewed energy , i relaxed and even enjoyed the silent quiet ride home.
What did he do at work today?
Nothing. Just like every other day he started here.
He crossed his legs, he watched TV and he passed out works meant for him to others.
He literally strolled out of his office with printed mails and files, dumps them on the desk of others walking away, blocking his ears to protest.
He knew they were going to report him, but to who? Mr Emeka, His father ?
He laughs.
He still didn’t do it. When Mr Emeka gets tired of barking ..he sends another person to handle it .
Since his father wants to play ball, he would set the post for him gladly.
But the worse of it all was that that silly floor secretary called to give him some files to work on from that Adorat 
He laughs
Oh for a pretty woman she was dumb..
Such waste of beauty, and she dared to threaten him??
She may be pretty but, it didn’t mean he wouldn’t burn her if she dares to cross his paths.
He was on a mission, a mission not to let his father have his way totally.
“Give some. Take all ” Was his motto..
That means, pretend to do what he wants but in retrospect …He was doing NADAH! !!
His father  said a year right, after a year of forced PA service he would let him go do what he wanted and maybe allow him manage this company ??
But what can one do in a year??
Well he has a year to think about not doing anything, then parks his bags and leaves. He should get another accountant separate from his father’s eyes, all this talk of freezing accounts was pissy.
Yes, he should open another account and transfer all the funds his father had put into it for him.
Then when he tells his father to not screw himself,that was gay,  he loves his father.
When he tells his father that he wasn’t bending to his rules anymore and he wouldn’t do services like being an effing PA to a feisty little witch of a woman he wouldn’t be able to do anything other than let him go.
That was it, first thing in the morning he would have that sorted out.
Time to get home, go out and…scout the area.
He had just settled himself into the car when he watched her stroll out and majestically entered the car and it speed off  after a couple of minutes  
“There goes the feisty little witch Ikena,  there goes the witch” he chuckles. 
Ikena didn’t say anything.
Brian  had received a call from Mr Emeka earlier trying to caution him about his behaviour with Miss Adora .
The guy didn’t know that he didn’t give a hoot, literally he didn’t. 
“Brian…you do realise that your father is trying to be lenient with you? 

But your constant attitude is a thing of worry..

He says he would do what he has threatened so you shouldn’t play with him and test his patience and that the next time he gets a complain he was going to take away your allawance money and -”
“Bla bla bla blabardash Mr Emeka!!! You whin like a fat old lady. Look, I  have heard that a million times, tell my father that if he wants me to stay he should allow me do what the heck I want. Atleast I am here ain’t I?  I am here, but must i kiss everyone’s butt too?”
“You are here to work,learn service and understand the intricacies of your father’s business,surely you should be happy your father is giving you first hand experience. ”
Brian scoffs “What does your father do or did if he isn’t alife?”
“He was a mechanic but that isn’t the point ”
“Did you go to the shop to look under the bonnet of a car and deeped your hands in black oil?”
“No but that is besides the Point. I didn’t want to be a mechanic I wanted to be -”
“Who cares, but did your daddy force you or he let’s you be what you want to be?”
“My point exactly.  Why did my father want to impose this nonsense on me.  I have a life and I want a different path. Make me the CEO if he wants but he should stare clear of my business ”
“You are arrogant and insufferable Brian, you should be happy your father wants to add to what you are,what is your problem,you like the life of luxury  but you don’t want to feel the earth and see how it’s foundation is laid ?”
” Mr Emeka, stop yarning dust please , atleast it’s  my luxury , It’s my father’s wealth, let me spend it anyhow i want. Infact you work your ass out so i can get things like new cars and gadgets i dont need. That is why you are beneath so don’t think because they gave you the position of Acting Director you think you can ride me ? No sir, stop just stop. You will end up embrassing yourself not me. ”
“Emeka, i will not have you insult me. You even insulted the lady, have a bit of respect and stop shaming your parents. She would think you have no proper upbringing”
“Yeah, like her mother told her it was okay for her to hold a man by his collar? What happens to submission, she is below and beneath me, just like  you  . 

See, stop calling my line and telling me rubbish you hear?

Whatever it is it’s  between me and my father. Butt out of it…Abba!”  Brian was pissed.
“Look at this boy you realise you are talking to me? What nerve?

I don’t blame you sha, It’s because  i am working for your father you feel you can talk to me anyhow. Do you know that my first son is your age mate? 

He wouldn’t dare talk to an elder that way talk less of his father, you obviously have no manners, that abroad you went to have given you misplaced morals and priorities “….Mr Emeka was obviously angry as well
“Er see Mr Emeka or whatever you call yourself, i don’t have beef with you, so don’t take panadol for someone’s headache ok.  Whatever issues you have with me…you should direct it to my father,  he has more patience than I do. And if you both have a problem with me? Feel free to fire me. I would welcome it…okay?

Now do have a good evening…” he snaps.. and drops the call.

He had resisted the temptation to go outside and told Mr Emeka how pissed he had made him but he decided against it.
Some other time.
Now barely a few hours later his father’s call comes  through.
Here we go..
Father’s Banter 10001
“Brian ikechukwu Andrews ….are you mad??” His father thunders as he says an hello  into the phone 
Yes!! When his father went complete name on him, he knew he had touched a chord . He smiles
“No father. Infact  i am quite sane.

What do I owe this call and your sudden outburst  of anger father dear?”…. He was playing with fire and he knew it.
And he didn’t care. He wanted to piss his father so much that he would bundle him out of Ph and send him on his way.. and there was no way he was going to do what he threatened. ..
Well….He was sure he wasn’t going to freeze his accounts and make life miserable for him. Afterall he was his only son.
His love was higher than bis anger and he would never let it go that far.
His father was bluffing and he knew it.
And he was his son, not as though he got another one stashed somewhere  for rainy days…
He just accepted to please his mother..

God bless her soft good heart.

But it didn’t mean he should keep quiet like a mouse and get bossed around by fools he ought to be bossing instead..
If his father had placed him in a stragetic position..He wouldn’t had minded that much..
But to PA for some lady, of  all people?  who was a hot headed girl  feisty woman, it  was like placing fire with fire.

It would burn.
He sighed. 
Why would his father want to degrade him so? 
His reason. .”to learn how to serve others so that when you assume your rightful position you would understand the value of service and appreciate it..”

Such bullshit’!
How he wishes he could tell everyone he was the boss’s son. . and watch as they all run down and kiss his feet, and apologise for thinking shit of him.
Especially that John of a guy. ..

He would kick his ass out of the company like a bird needing a kick start to fly…
The dude obviously hated him.

And the feeling was mutual.
He got kicked out of his reverie as his father was shouting through the phone..
“Calm down pops! He deserved it.

Did he tell you how rudely he was sounding to me? Was it my fault  that that new girl you hired was as daft as a spoon and couldn’t tell the difference between a PA or a driver? 

I felt pity for her and corrected her..

She was a laughing stock already for the staffs..or was it my fault she expected me to kiss her ass and I wasn’t even remotely interested??

Please father be realistic” He was tapping his finger impatiently on the car window.
“If you had been where you were supposed to, done what you were supposed to and being who you were supposed to, did you think that mistake would have happened? ”
“Erm father, that’s besides the point ” 
“Look here son, I  would have none of this. You had better treat Mr Emeka with respect, he is my right hand man there and doing things as ordered by me. You  Brian would give honour to whom honour is due and for the lady who is your boss at the moment. .you would act accordingly which means utmost respect, which means do your duties and then get to work, and make yourself useful not only for the company but for yourself. No more insults, no more complains and no more arrogance.  

I am this close…this close to shutting down your leisure and fun times and close all your accounts, I wonder how you would feel when you actually do have to work for your daily bread..and if you don’t work, you don’t get paid…”
“But father it’s obvious I am not needed here and  I also hate it here why don’t you safe me and them the trouble and let me go? 

I got lots of things I could be doing right now in LA or UK. ..why this bloody country and why here and why do I have to slave myself? Didn’t you slave yourself already and made all your dough so that your children …or child ..because your seed could only produce one after you sowed all your wild oats and wasted them all away. offence big guy, you did all this so that i your son could eventually enjoy the fruits of your labour without stress?

I mean is that not how it’s supposed to work? Or  is someone thinking backwards. .?”
He was going to go head-on with the old man, he wouldn’t take it sitting down like a kid.
No way!!!
He wasn’t a boy anymore and he wouldn’t be tossed here and there anymore. .

He got a huge rod between his legs to know he is a man…

So he should be allowed to be one..
” Be Careful Brian,be very very careful. The way your tongue go running unbridled woulf get you falling flat on your ass and i swear you wouldnt like the outcome. I know you son so I am  telling you, this rebellious act you are pulling isn’t going to get you out of this one, no it wouldn’t.  

And you must be high to think i am  going to leave this in your hands and others when you obviously can’t handle it. 

So you better learn or you go out there and build your own empire all on your own..

I might as well hand it all to your cousin since you don’t desire to be sensible, atleast he seem to be more sensible and responsible than you are now. You are no longer a boy you say? You think you are a man because of your genital organ? No, a man is a man when he can stand on his own two feets and fend for himself instead of waiting on daddy to get him a rolex or a toy car to drive around. 

You want to be called a man and not a boy? Don’t just spew nonsense from your mouth and expect me to catch it.

You want to be a man, act like a man, be the actual man you so gladly talk about.

You see all these I have worked for,this material awesomeness you enjoy? You have to earn it.
Just because you were born into luxury doesn’t mean you would appreciate it when given on a plater of gold.  My father did this to me and by God I thought he was punishing me but today I am grateful. 

You want all that I have? 

Earn the spot light and I will give it to you..
But if you think I would let you go haywire, you are mistaken. This is my last warning to you Brian, there wouldn’t be another . 

 When i set my mind to do what i want to do, even your mother wouldn’t be able to plead on your behalf, so get your act together, and do your job, or the next time you would be hearing from me son, it wouldn’t be pleasant.”
And the line went dead..
“Fuck this!!” Brian exclaims, his mood sour.
Okay,  his father just got on his nerves.
He was pissed as hell..
Can’t the old man just let him be and tell him it’s okay, i am sorry for the stress, you are free to book the first flight out of this dump and I will send you millions of naira to live the life that you want. Finish. 
And he would be as happy as a fox..
Why did he have to refuse to listen to reason? 
Hmmph! !
Things aren’t going as he planned. He thought to himself 
“Well…let’s play father,  today you got points , so well played. ”
“Drive Ike”
“It’s -”
“You don’t want to piss me off. I know your name and I choose to call you whatever the hell I want. You don’t like it,resign, the next loyal dog of my father might not mind the name calling. You are lucky you aren’t getting a shit load of insults,i hear wilson,that feisty old witch’s driver gets a ear full. Just drive”
“Where to?” He didn’t smile 
“First home and then to a cool restaurant or anywhere fancy. Oh I know, that place in GRA,  MetroPark or Cubana. Take me there after home. 

I feel like engaging my eyes, eat a massive dinner and then I scout some soft body to drown my sorrows in…”
He rested his head and closed his eyes and felt the  car moving.
Father , I won’t let you break me.
“Where is this place Wilson?”
“Na Gra” 
“Hmmm” the area seemed remotely nice. A few cars lined up the streets,  loud music and tons of people trouping in and out of the building, while the men dressed casually and a few all suited up,all the ladies dressed to kill.
I wondered who they intended to kill tonight. 
“Is the place safe?”
“Very safe madame, police people full everywhere”
“But I am not a fan of crowd,isn’t there anywhere else?”
“Madam we don go few places,na you talk say e too quiet, e too dry, e too dey open. Now this place get like three to four places wei you fit choose from.
MetroPark dey, Cubana day,GoodFellas dey, go down the road two hotels dey, then the end get  Cassablanca …but me I no go like you reach there.. na dey club girls and ashawo borku, before person think you be one”
“Do I look like one?”
“Dem no dey write am for face”
“What ????” I was ready to slap him 
“No madame no vex,I mean to say person no go won reason  say you no be won because they come in different shapes and sizes so by the time you go there na, person go just assume you be high class prostitute na I dey talk. Dem like to hang around that casablanca well well. So e better you choose between Metro and Cubana. ”
“And here prostitutes don’t frequent? ”
“Erm….Dem fit Dem fit no fit”
“Do you ever try not to use pidgin,  it irritates me ”
“Madame no vex,English no be my mother tongue”
“Well you better make it one,it irks me everytime you open your mouth I want to peel away my ears, surely you went to school?”
“I stop for form six ma”
I sigh.
I look down my cloths, I had slipped into a knee length  yellow dress, and a wedge.
I didn’t want to stay in, I wanted to go out, eat out ,  see the night life of Port Harcourt, nothing fancy.
Wasn’t underdressed? 
I wasn’t here looking for a pickup, but I definitely didn’t want to come off as being….Un-pickable.
“I wasn’t here for a pickup”

I mutter under my breath  again, so who cares if I was underdressed. 
I looked good in this simple yellow knee length dress, I just hated the front part that showed a little much cleavage.  I should have carried a jacket.
I didn’t want people ogling my fine bosom.
It wasn’t healthy .
And there was no way I was going to be dressed as this girls, how come they left their homes looking like that?
I wondered as a girl passes me , a see through net top with a bra halfly covering her nipples,  a short that could be taken for a pant.
I shake my head.
Oh well, I was here to eat, drink a bottle of wine, and relax then go home
Who cares if the girls walked around half naked.
“Make we stay or make we go find another place?”
“It’s fine Wilson, ” I say alighting from the car and heading into the place
“Make I wait for you madam? ”
“Am i supposed to fly home?” I turn to look at him
“Sorry ma, e just na say my wife go dey worry if I no reach house before midnight naim make”
“Well it’s three hours away to midnight, ”
He shuts his mouth,I turn and walk into the building and was enveloped with the sound of beautiful music different song from the one being played outside, an aroma of watering food and had my sights sent on people of all sizes and shapes having a good time.
Someone welcomes me at the door

“Goodevening ma’am what would you like to do? Eat, lounge, party /club or just to relax, we have different halls for all that you want.”
“Erm, okay I would like to eat and just relax”
“Nice choice ma’am, follow me”
She ushers me into a serene place, overlooking the downstairs where I can take in the view of the beautiful place, she hands me a menu
“What would you like to order?”
“Erm…give me a few minutes”
“Okay ma’am ”
She leaves me.
It takes a few minutes for me to order, she returns with my order, and a bottle of a blue-lady wine..
“Thank you so much. ” I say smiling.
I begin to dig into my food and it was magnificent. 
Brian a lights from the car but pauses when he hears the driver side door open and close and he following him
“You don’t need to follow me in Ike”
“I won’t let you out of my sight sir, it’s late and who knows what could happen ”
“Nothing Ike,nothing. Look let me have a good time,you wait in the car”
“I would punch  you in the face if you try to shadow me and mess up my game for tonight man” Brian says
“I will not interrupt your flirtation with the women or stop you from taking them home,  I am just doing my job”
“You can do your job from the car or better still far away from me ”
“I will be across the room”
“Whatever ”
Brian walks into Cubana next to Metro park.
“welcome Sir,  nice to  have you back sir, where would you like to be tonight?”
“Oh where I can take a good look at a few of the beautiful ladies like yourself . But…first what’s your best meal for tonight? ”
She blushes ” Well I’ll take you to the top, and I am sure you would love the food prepared tonight ”
Brian follows her and gets settled in, he was done with his food and was on his second glass and talking to the fourth random chick for the night when he spotted a girl in a yellow dress seated below him, legs crossed, wine in hand and an impeccable body from the side and when she gets up to look below her when a loud mouthed couple was making a scene did he smile.
Her ass made the love shape..

“Dear Lord, such nice nice piece of creation”
“Sorry?” The lady who was standing infront of him asks,  she was smiling from ear to ear.. 
“No Darlyne,  sorry I wasn’t talking to you”
“Oh it’s fine, so what do you say we take this back to your place? ”
There was no way he was going away with this girl when he was seeing that yellow loved shapes ass from all the way up here.
No Devil, not today! .
“Actually, I am married”
“But you aren’t wearing a ring ?”
“Oh ring, it’s with my wife”
“And your wife is at home waiting on you and you are here flirting with a girl?”
“Actually you were flirting with me and I was just indulging you..and no my wife is down there”
“Down where?”
“There” Brian points to the lady below dressed in a yellow dress, her back to them, she turns to look
“So if you would excuse me I need to get back to the wife”
“Asshole” she says
“Erm? No.. I think that would be painful but I don’t do girls from there but thank you” he says sidestepping her and takes the stairs two at a time  downst to get to the girl before she leaves
She was still there. 
Thank you Jesus!!!
He puts on his best smile and approaches her from behind 
“So I wonder what a pretty lady like yourself is doing here seated alone and drinking a bottle of wine, I wonder if I may join you, I promise I am.a good company and you might not be eager to leave me in a hurry” he says
The girl turns and his smile freezes on his face..
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Sean O’connor was drunk that night for the graduation party so drunk that he didn’t remember half of what happened when he went out with his friends. 

 A month later a girl showed up saying she was pregnant with his kid.

He denied ..because he didn’t remember.  
Meg Philips a single mum had managed to build up her life since that day till now, her daughter is three years old and just went she had forgotten that incidence… the man who denied her pregnancy comes back into town…and she was determined to keep Kiki away from him..and him away from her.
But there was a problem. .Sean O’connor seemed to like the little girl’s mother Meg..and was determined to win her over and find out the reason he is so connected and drawn to her child.
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“Featherlight Heart”
Emeka’s father had always been the man he was, a serial womaniser amongst other things, an occasional beater when his mother did wrong and a strict man.

It became worse when his father began to roll in bucks.  He didnt care about his wife nor his son anymore. .and by the time he was in his third year in school…his father had kicked him and his mother out and carried other women to enjoy the wealth his mother had suffered with him for.
Emeka and his mother survived the streets for years, eating from hand to mouth and sleeping under the bridge.  He drops out of school.
Amongst other pains was the fact that the girl he loved broke up with him because she felt he won’t amount to nothing .
Years later,Emeka is 32 now,  running his own company when a man is ushered into his office for a partnership.  It was his father..and his father had no idea who the young man was. He was determined to punish him for all he had done..especially for the pain his mother went through.
As though his luck didn’t stop shinning. He ran into Diana,  his ex and she  couldn’t believe her eyes..and she decides to come chasing him back.
He was determined to make his father pay. .and make Diana feel the pain he felt when she broke his heart.
Will he be able to give tit for tat…or be swayed by his mother’s love for her husband and his featherlight heart for the girl he once loved
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The Brat And The She-devil $Chapter 5

The Brat and the She – devil! #TheBratAndTheSheDevil 

The girl beside him was still talking , he looks away from her to his pocket as he felt the vibration of his phone a second before it began to ring, 
He sighs  when he checked who the caller was.
“Not in the mood for some father and son talk at the moment, sorry pops, ama  have to buzz you later big guy …or not” He smiles putting the phone back to his pocket and  lets the call ring for a couple of times, realizing that his father wouldn’t stop calling ,he puts his phone on silence and strolled towards her office 
He was told by his father earlier that he was supposed to he sharing an office with the new employee -boss  , ofcourse that  has got to be a  joke.
There was no way he was going to share his personal space with some random stranger he didn’t know and didn’t care to know…

Not knowing whether he or she was a troll dragged out from the bin to head him,  he had demanded for a separate office .
“I won’t do that Brian ” his father had screamed over the phone. 
“Unless you want me to kick your director in charge out of his  position and if you don’t want me to make a scene you will give me an office father , I ain’t asking for much but I won’t be sharing an office with a pig or a dog”
“You don’t call people that, I raised you better Brian”
“Father please , you are already bending me to your will,I am in Nigeria am I not? I am in PH and even accepting to be a PA when I could be the head of everyone here aren’t I?  Why can’t I have a little peace ? A tiny office I ain’t asking for the oval office ..” Brian snickers
“That is in the white house ”
“I was being sarcastic father ”
“Well it was lost on me.”
“The office Father, just get your loyal dog erm sorry you spies to get the director to do the arrangements. ”
“Brian !!!!” 
“Come on big guy, ”
“Fine ” his father says “but don’t think I won’t still keep an eye on you young man”
“You can have a camera installed if you want just don’t …watch when I have a woman in there” 
“You will not -”
“Bye father !!” He had cut the call
He knew his father wasn’t happy about it but let him have his way,this time. 
When he got to the office this morning, he had sat in his office and entertained the ladies who were staffs in the company.
Like curious cats they had trouped in seeing a sappy sexy dude like him come in and went straight to his office.
Ofcourse being here for almost a week,they couldn’t get enough of his fine face and bombarded him with questions.
He would have love nothing more than to tell them who he was and why he was here and how he can turn water to wine…metaphorically..
But he smiled and said nothing other than.. he applied for  the job and maybe with his good grades and excellent Cv he got it and maybe that was why he was given an office and made to PA for the new Social Media Manager flying in from Lagos. 
That was good enough information for them, some of them. 
The ladies didn’t necessarily care, they were just happy to have a breath of fresh air in the office in place of a fine stud too sexy for their eyes.
He smiles .
After the meeting he had strolled out not caring what was said and didn’t even look to see who the new manager was .. He was busy pressing his phone there, shit they said he didn’t hear. He didnt need to hear. 
Coming out he had been cornered by the girl who was engaging him in small talk,but he knew what she wanted. .
So he flirted with her .
That moment his phone had rang,the floor secretary had called him to inform him that  his ‘Boss” needed him to bring her file and bag,
“I don’t have anyone’s file or bag”
“But madame said -”
“Erm…who is madame? Do I look like someone who would be crying files and bag for a supposed madame?”
“Mr Brian,you do release that your Boss has directed me to call you?”
“Well direct yourself to tell her that I don’t know crap of what she is saying, if she needs her whatever she should go get it herself,i am not with it and I wouldn’t even be with it. Stop bugging me lady?”  He cuts the call, he was pissed
Him? So not only has his father reduced him to a PA, now these fools here assume he was an errand boy for bag and files.,they we high on cheap crack. 
His phone kept buzzing,

He ignored it, but the stupid ass of a secretary kept calling and then eventually stopped.
“Who is disturbing you handsome ?” The girl beside him asked
“No one important apparently ”
“Good, so ,I was wondering when we are going to have that drink you promised me?” She says tentatively touching his shirt
He smiles. ..
Women, very predictable.
Maybe tonight his bed wouldn’t be empty. 
“I’ll let you know, who knows we might fulfill that today,”
“Well that would be nice. So tell me Brian,  -” she was saying. 
But the sudden noise and someone screaming distracted him.
“What in the world !!” He frowns stepping forward .
He watched as she stormed out of her office  and went looking for her supposed PA and screamed his head off.
He held back a laughter,  He liked the drama that was unfolding. 

And pitied the man she got him confused with.

It was a laughable scene..
Watching how she was roaring and he was wimpering trying to get her to listen to him.
She stormed into her office  and he could swear the ground shake with her outburst and the slamming of the door.
Such feisty hot tempered lady!! He had mused
The girl beside him was still talking,and he wasn’t  paying attention anymore.
So that was the Social Media Manager right? stroke Consultant?.
Yes, he was definitely going to pay her a visit and maybe laugh at her face.
He watched as the man who was being shouted on leaves the crowd of people and stood apart , 
The feisty fox walks out of her office again  , storming out to the area.. everyone freezes, Brian is holding back a laughter.
Dear Lord who is this witch!!!!
“Hey,Mr Brian, if you have a good working faculty in that brain of yours  you would follow me into my office , you ignorance is pitiful!!” She spat , she turns around and goes back to her office.
He and as well everyone else watched as the man,head bowed, shoulder  slouched , still not understanding anything followed the witch back to the office murmuring inaudible words under his breath..
“AHA! !! Hey God, but why isn’t anyone telling her that that isn’t Mr Brian na” someone says placing her hand on akimbo as the door shuts behind the driver stroke assumed PA.
“You wei dey talk,why you no tell am?” someone threw at her
“Ehen so she would use me and do scape goat abi,didn’t you see the fire and daggers coming out through that mouth,you want me to burn abi?”
“Ehen but you want another person to get in the cross fire” they said
Most people were still confused..

John who happened to be in the know strolled back and sees them bickering between themselves,  he decided to use the privilege to clear the air for them..
“Una no sabi anything , i swear” 
“You that is CNN na, omo aljeezra,  Nta-Rstv and silver bird , even reporter in white house, tell us all Mr-know-it-all  John,  what you think we don’t know”  a girl clasps her hands and her breast shook more than her hands slapping together 
“Look okay, I was the one who went to her house to give her files okay. She was waiting for her PA at the airport and me I did not know why he didn’t show , it was oga that called me to go and give her the papers. So as I went there now she was complaining bitterly about her PA this and PA that.  Then she called him old and all that and me I was shocked because. ..we know Brian isn’t old,he is annoying but not old”
“Ehen.. we know you don’t like him,we don’t care,  continue the jist jor” someone throws at him
“Who says  anything about hating him, that guy doesn’t reach half of what I am?” John retorted
“That guy is cute, handsome,sexy hot and his body is amazing, I can rock that all night long ” a girl says demonstrating 
Everyone laughs. 
John rolls his eyes ,clears his throat ” Ehen as I was saying na, I tried to tell her that Brian isn’t old oh but she refused. Then she then offered me his job,  because she felt I would do better  and you know I can do better”
“Oh really? What did you say?”
“Well,I turned it down because …I turned it down because I am proud man, I told her I didn’t want it”
“Hmmm,are you sure ?”
“Why, I lie?”
“Sometimes ” a girl says behind him
He turns, shaking his head,  he had no time for her.. she was a busy  body
“Look, should i continue  the story? ”
“Oya na ,”
“Okay so, I left and I called her to make sure she was okay and she thanked me. So this morning now I now called her  PA to go and pick her as instructed by the director in charge so I didnt know that he didn’t go else I would have told her myself. Because we spoke this morning and I tod her the PA was on his way, and I had seen the so called Brian , and I told him and he was acting all bossy but I told him sha. Sometimes I wonder who dey give the guy mind. I mean he is just here for what a couple of days raising shoulders.  Now  …he is seeing the confusion oh instead for him to go and clear it up he is there standing and watching like a hawk” John shakes his head 


“I see” they said and then laughter 
“But someone should tell her now? 

Poor man.No wonder she was pissed and calling him retarded and slow…” Some girl was saying
“Ofcourse he doesn’t know firsthand what a PA ought to do because he is nothing more than the company’s driver assigned to her , she should calm down jor,  this kind women are too hot tempered. Na person need pour her cold water for her to calm down”.
“Chei ya i just dey sorry the guy. But she is too bad tempered and mean, I don’t want to be assigned to her for anything, I’ll just stay clear off her. Me I don’t want trouble” Another redhead girl mentioned. She had  a large bosom and thin legs
“Don’t forget arrogant” the girls were taking the lead in the gossip now as though they directed it
“Na wah for una oh, just now now you already say she is arrogant. You don’t know wether the dude sef warranted her to burst out , plus you must understand that she isn’t at fault, I was with her na, she spoke to me well,even smiled and said she liked my person and all that. She isn’t bad” John says
“Hmmm mm John John!!! ” someone taps his shoulders
“Ehen weitin? I am being honest stating facts.  You have to stand and talk to her one on one to understand . You people are just jealous. That woman fine die, check out her class now,whether you all work from now till tomorrow you all can’t reach her. Forget all this things you all are doing,first hand jealousy groupies” he says pointing at the girls one by one
“if I hear”
“Please abeg see how you are talking like a man on heat, go hug transformer. That woman is arrogant” the big breasted girl says
” hmmm, if you are saying so,you are forgetting we have another arrogant person in our midst…

Who walks on water and acts like he is better than us ” John  says as he sits halfly on the desk..
Soon the area was crowded with Co – workers who loved a good office gossip
“Who is that??” a guy with a minty breath and geeky – glasses asked, he just came hearing the last statement.
John seeing more avenue to spill gossip says for his enlightenment  “The original PA na, Mr I-Am-Fine-Boy Brian. 

He just watched everything and was laughing by the corner and enjoying the whole shebang “… John had the whole “durh” expression going on
“Yeah!  I wonder why he acts like royal.  Have you all noticed he doesn’t do his duties  when asked to, He comes to work whenever he wants, 

Leaves whenever he wants to? ” John’s right hand man Peter joined in resting on Tombra’s desk trying to get her to give him her number for the upteenth time. 

She stuck her tongue out at him…
Most people nodded in agreement
“Omo na true oh, I dey reason that thing ” 
“Even the acting Director can’t really shout him down ” the redhead girl said thinking
“Maybe he is from an elite background so Oga is treating him like one. You remember those twins that came to do a one year internship here about a year ago?” Tombra asked hitting away Peter ‘ s hand from trying to touch her face..
“Well their parents were close friends with Oga, so they were treated like celebrities and royals around here, 

I believe he is one of those sort of kids, that’s why he acts the way he does..” She concluded, picking up a mirror from her bag , checking her makeup if it was still in place  and that Peter didn’t clean anything 
“Ehen but they have assigned him to be a PA na, he should atleast do his job instead of passing it to others”  John was adamant to paint the pot as black as it should be
“But let’s admit it, the guy is finnnnnnnnneeee!!!!” the redhead girl began to fan herself putting both her hands to her bosom and exaggerated her bustyness
“Yes sister….fine AF!! Do you see how cute he looks in everything he wears? 

That slow smile of his, the way his eyes sparkles when he laughs, his taut ass, his biceps….” Tombra was literally dreamily
John looks at all of them “So na weitin una come here come do baa,to slut with guys?”
“You are just pissed that all the girls are tripping for him and not for you,oga swerve,you expect us to see hot chocolate and creamy caramel and pick…erm..which word fit you sef?” The girl puts her index finger to her jaw and taps
“Abalumo!!!” The redhead girl offered 
Everyone laughs “Abalumo sweet. Na Alomo na  kolanut him be! !!”
Another burst of laughter
“I don’t have word for you people, one day you all would come begging me,  the novelty of this fine boy fine body go soon wear off, I am here waiting when it does. Carry on” he says frowning 
“Omo die that matter,  it won’t,  and when he is talking to you and looking at you you want to melt into him..chai God Oluwa!!! ” the girl held her breast as she jumped on her toes , another bust of laughter 
Peter wasn’t happy that  Tombra was thinking about some other guy when he was standing right there hoping she gives him green light…
He had been after her for over a year..

Now some new guy comes in and she is just dying to get her hands on him.

If only he could be half of what Brain is he would get any girl he wanted without breaking any sweat. 

He sighed and turned back to the conversation. 
“Are you sure you aren’t already wet just calling his name” John spat, he was irritated and upset
“You are just jealous that he is way hotter than you would ever be and that all the girls are drooling over him and all the guys here wishing to be him…and people like you are hating because you can never be him” she folded her arms across her bosom and eyed him “Deal with it John, we will understand . ” 
“You wish! I don’t need to be him, 

That dude got nothing on me, he is like bobrisky and I am denzel baby  ”
“Are you sure? ”  he was scrolling through  his phone resting on the side of the door from where he was paused from entering her office and listening in on the conversation right from start
Everyone turned.
The girls adjusted themselves, some gave a pose, others drew their top down to show some cleavage and others just gaped with mouths drooling at him.
John stared at him, undeterred .
Brian laughs, ridiculous,  that was what this John guy was. He leaves the wall and walks towards him, close to him
“Don’t play the games of men , you are just a little boy…”
He patted John’s  shoulders when he got close to him, then he walks away from him turning to the ladies
“Helo lovies!! ” 

He winks to the ladies , 
He could swear they’ll  literally fall over each other just to get a sniff of his perfume
“Sup dudes?”

He hails the dudes who wished that he could take them under his wings and magically make them him…
He walked past them and straight down to her door, 
He said over his shoulders  as he paused,he knew all eyes were on him, 
“I can understand why the ladies gape after me, but you John and the others , i am sorry.. but i am not planning to be the next Bruce Jenner turned Caithlyn jenner. .or some Bobrisky right John? 

I like them soft and sensual. .and wet, 

Not hard like granite, so don’t be a perv guys, especially you John and get back to work,the ass is for the ladies to ogle. .thank you”
He laughed , there were another burst of laughter from the ladies when he heard John snort…
How is that John!!!!
He smiles .
He leans close to the door, he could hear her shouting  or scolding or whatever it was she was doing .
He knocked on the door briefly and he heard her , not that he wanted to, he just felt like. he had a mischieveous  smile on his face,  he was waiting to hear her reaction. And he did
“WHAT???” He heard her scream behind the door.
He snickers wickedly..
He didnt bother replying and ventured in 
She had her both hands resting on her desk , eyes blazing  and leaning, obviously ready to tear the man infront of her into pieces  like a feisty fox that she was
Brian smiles .
The poor man  looked visibly scared and shaken
Without a word he walked around the poor man,  without permission he sat down and crossed his legs as both their eyes followed him.
Yes Brian, wait for it…it’s coming. That look of curiosity on her face was playing out nicely..
Oh this was going to be fun,  he claps his hands over this crossed leg and waited for the obvious question she was going to ask him.
“I am sorry who are you?” I  ask as i straightened up and had my  hands folded 
Who the hell was this stranger who came in without my permission to come come?  who sat without me asking him to  do so and he is looking at me like he knew something I didn’t know, who the hell was this  stranger who felt like home in my immaculate sparkling office
“I am your worst nightmare ‘….the  stranger replied with a smile
Raised eyebrows 
“Excuse me??”  I ask  again 
Who the hell was this guy…the godfather?
He laughs
“Oh you should see the look on your face right now, its quite epic” he winks
“Excuse me ??” I blinked “Are you kidding me right now? How dare you come into my office ??” 
“Oh don’t get it over your head, 

I always wanted to say that.. Anyhow, “The Godfather” have you seen it though,that movie,  MARIO PUZIO? The godfather and his son Christain. ..that mafia flick is really good, are you a mafian movie kinda chick or the chick-flicks kinda girl?” He asks me tapping his jaw tentatively. 
“Look Mr” I was losing my patience at every second.
“Nope, I would go for the drag queen kinda look boring, ” he points to me, and nods his head
What the hell!!! 

Want the actual F…
“First off you come into my office uninvited,  You sat down equally uninvited, and I politely ask who you are and you play the villain off some crazy flick. You watch too many movies I presume ..and you don’t know when to separate reality from fiction, is that right? How old are you? twelve??”
Oh you have no idea missy,  Brian  thought to himself, but instead he smiles
“Actually I do. But that’s a story for another day, how old I am? Well, old enough to different between black from white which apparently you can’t.  And I am not the one who seems obviously confused,clueless and slow to catch up on the joke that obviously got everyone laughing at the moment.

You are just a feisty one what’s your name?” He asks me flexing his fingers 
“Get out !!!” I snap pointing to the door
On second’s thought, he checks my name tag on my desk
“Never mind, here it is, Miss Adora Chime, Social Media Manager stroke feisty fox stroke clueless stroke daft and here she is calling this man dumb. Tsk Tsk Tsk !!!  “…He shakes his head and dangling his finger index finger at me from side to side  
I blink
“ARE YOU MAD? HOW DARE YOU!!” I point at him,my PA shifts back as though I threw a bomb , who was this ..this..this…who the hell!!!!
I need to call security.
“You don’t mind if I call you Adora do you or A.D.C…” He laughs still talking 
“It does have a ring to it, 

AD.C!!!” He laughs harder holding his stomach , he turns and notices  my PA  standing beside him trying to hide a laugh too, my expression became dark as I squeezed my hands tight.
The asshole dares to  turn back to  me, spreading his hands 
“You see, even the poor dude here thinks it’s funny, you should relax , smile at least . Laughter is good for the soul they say, I agree, wouldn’t you agree?” He points to me ,a mischievous glint in his eyes, I wish I had a shoe close by,the only thing I saw on my desk was the phone and the files and my bag.
I should fling everything at him at once, remove my shoes and hit him on the face then I would get the security and get him arrested.
How dare him, who dared to let him enter into my office?
Who he hell was he ,how dare he,how dare he !!!!
I fume.
I walk around my desk and go to him, pulling him up by his collar
“What nerve!!

What audacity does this arrogant fool have to talk to me that way? Who are you? Get out from my office. Infact what’s your name? Do you work here? I would have you not only removed from here, but fired. You obviously aren’t a customer but a staff here, you would wish you never stepped into my office you will pray to God for forgiveness by the time I am down with you.  I will end your career, do you know who I am,I will call the MD and you are finished, finished !!!! What arrant nonsense ”
I was spitting fire, still holding onto him, he looks at me and then bursted  out laughing, he carefully peels my hand from his collar and nudges me away gently  then  he steps back and adjusts his shirt, 
“, infact !!!” With my eyes open and anger filling me, pointing at him I reach for my phone, not to call the secretary but to call the acting MD

“Mr Emeka”
Whoever this mad man was, I wanted the goat out of my office,and fired. The nerve !! The insult !! The arrogance. Did they  breed fools here.
What Nonsense !!!

What nonsense!!!! 

How dare he speak to me like that. 

Me ?  Adora Chime in such degrading manner…hey!!! He would regret the minute he decided to walk into my office and insult me.
I didnt care if he was the best staff they got. I didn’t care, I will not take it.
I will not. !!
Infront of my PA for that matter and the fool of a PA was laughing with this Goat sitting on my chair and and….
Oh my anger doubled.
I was dailing Mr Emeka’s office. 
“You will be finished. Finished !!!” I yell at him


He looks at me and then he says, 
” You were asking what my name was right? Well allow me introduce myself, so pay attention because this is one of those epic moments of your life and trust me, its going to be legendary.  My name  ..” He says as he gets up, my eyes followed him, the phone is to my ear as I heard the dail tone go off waiting for the Director to pick, I had dailed his number from the list of numbers placed on my desk,my anger evident,my noses flaring I was thinking what to use to fling at him to get him to shut up and I was wondering whether I shouldn’t get the securities up here first and watch him bundled away…
He even had the audicity to walk to where the books were , taking one and flipping one open and closing another 
“Oh Mr , you have no idea what you have just done, me? ADORA CHIME??”  
Pick up Man, Pick up!!
The fool was still talking ..

” My name  Adora aka A.D.C… Is Brain Andrews, your supposed PA  ”

He says  
“Yes Mr Emeka” i was speaking but i pause when what he said registered ..
“I am Brian Andrews,your PA woman” 
He turns fully, folding his arm and smiling wicked , he turns to my PA and then he says 
“And this right here, this poor poor man is erm. ..what’s your name sir? ”
“Wilson, okon Wilson be my name ” 

The man who is my PA says…wait…
I don’t get it.
“What ?” I repeat
“This man whom you have been raoring thunder for is none other than Mr Wilson okon, a  driver…not your PA  , not your errand boy,not your punching bag and definitely not your shouting partner. if you weren’t so  daft and slow yourself you would have listened to him and by God you look too intelligent to be confused. 

Now do you get the joke? AHA!! Thank you, you are welcome ”  he claps his hands together. ..
“Epic baby!!” He looks at me and smiles 
Now i am standing there, phone in hand and Mr Emeka’s voice calling my name through the phone, shock washes over me as realization dawns on me.
I replayed the entire scene from the first day i met him uptill this very moment in my head
The lopeholes began to show and the lapses like a gaping mouth.
I look  from this person “Brian ” and to the other person  “Wilson”  and then back to him.
I  look  again at Wilson, my eyes conveying the message  “Tell me this isn’t true,tell me that he is lying and that you are not wilson but Brian? ” 
He looks at me,as though he read me and then he  nods his head as though affirming 
“Madam, na weitin I been dey try to tell you since that day, I be driver no be your PA, ” he says
Fxxk Me!!!
I slowly  put the phone back to my ears “Sorry Sir,and honest mistake. ”  I drop  the phone back and then folded my arms, tapping my feet impatiently,

Tightlipped .
I won’t let this Dude succeed in humiliating me  any further.
Crap Adora!!
You just messed up,  how couldn’t you tell ..

Dammit !!!
I chided myself.
But if I give in and apologise , there would be no respect.
I will not apologise to a common driver,  it wasn’t my fault,  no I wouldn’t. 
“Yep,  you is a feisty unrepentant woman, and stubbone” Brian says observing me
I ignore him.
“You can leave mr Wilson, I obviously have no more use for you ” I say with my  teeths clenched 
“Thank you ma’am!! See you after work, my number na number 5 on the list..when you won go house just call I go come carry your things  and- ” 
“I said leave  Mr Wilson” I snap , I watch him bolt out of the door.
Now, First off, 

I was beyond embarrassed , like beyond. … Secondly I was mad AF.
Mad at myself for not able to discern and avoid this embrassment and the fact that I would have to apologize to the driver? A driver for my behaviour?
And I hate apologising to men, but  since I was wrong,  I must, right?
But like hell was I going to do it infront of his asshole.
Wait first !! 

Speaking of asshole, he is a common PA.

Not even close to being in my level, he is  my errand  boy, office boy, deal-with-personal-details-boy and he dared to talk to me the way he did.
Ahbaa father !!!
I was going to  mess him up  big time and he wouldn’t know what hit him. 
I still was going to make sure he was fired.
How dare he talk to his boss in such condecerning manner?
My God!!..

I was beyond pissed…angry. Mad.

I was like chilly pepper mad at him this moment, like a viper I could sting, like a bee I could do much worse.
He had no idea the kind of woman I was, no he didn’t. 
“Ok, I know  i am extremely cute but you don’t have to stare at me that way.

I was doing you a favour, you were embarrassing yourself all over the place and making a scene. I expected more from a pretty girl such as yourself…”
He got back to sitting, putting his legs and crossing it on my table.
Wtf! !!
My head sparked
“Are you seriously out of your mind Mr Brain Andrews? How dare you relate to me that way ? 

You do realise I am your boss and I can cost you your job. .?

Have you no fear?” I pushed his feets off  my desk with a force.
Ebi-like say this  Bobo won die finally oh!!! Hay Gawd! !!
He laughs,he obviously  loves to laugh.

He did this heartfelt throaty laughter
” Hate to break it to you Darlyne, You are not my boss neither are you the boss of me missy , and quite frankly, I  implore you, I insist you get me fired, i think you should do just that..i am dying to be out of here you have no idea but ..but ” he raises up his index finger, “just incase you don’t succeed, make no mistake, I don’t plan on being your errand boy.
I may not have a choice being here, doesn’t mean I should like it and play by the rules. So I plan to make my stay here extremely excruciating. ..for anyone …and most especially you..If you dare cross me.

So you should be the one to watch your back…”
He gets up and walks to the door
“Oh by the way, If you have things to be done i am sure God gave you two hands for a purpose right? you do them. If you have  more things you may need done still,get it across to the floor secretary  or better yet fax it to John, he seemed all ready to work for you so why wait.  I am sure he can handle it…” he smiles continuing as I look at him dumbfounded
“If you have any use for me other than business, my office is across the hall. 

You can come check in and say hi, 

And one more thing, don’t forget to report this.
I actually do welcome whatever supposed punishment they would want to mete out to me”…
He winked…and slammed the door before i could say another word.
I stare at the door, my mouth opens and then closes, ..
I sit down,  I get up. I pick my phone, I slam it down.
“Oh Brian,  you pick the wrong lady to mess with. You picked the wrong lady.  !!” I squeezed my fist in anger ” And I’ll show you why ”  I say staring at the closed door

Behind the closed door  Brian smiled..
“Please father, listen to her.

I can’t wait to get back to my sweet life and out of this dump” he says to himself 
He blew the redhead and Tombra a kiss, winked at John and walked to his office
I  am still staring at the closed door as I sink into my seat
I reach for my phone and  dails Mr Emeka ‘ s number again.
I was literally shaking with anger.
I know how I was going to start dealing with him. 
For starters 

“Ama get that prick fired..”
Then I would make sure he never gets a job anywhere else again.
I know people who know people.
Brian Andrews is going down.
I mean all the way down.
That would teach him.
I nod waiting for Mr Emeka to answer. .
“Yes Sir, I wonder if I can speak to you concerning –
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Meg Philips a single mum had managed to build up her life since that day till now, her daughter is three years old and just went she had forgotten that incidence… the man who denied her pregnancy comes back into town…and she was determined to keep Kiki away from him..and him away from her.
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I want to know what love is, I want to fly on eagle wings, I want to soar high up the heavens , I want to be a princess and leave in the castle, I want to be inlove, bask in the bliss of love and have someone who loves me back as much as I love him.
I just want to know what love is and not just think it, see it and wish it.

I want to know what love is.
But all I have come close to love, is only love in photographs .
You see, I have never been inlove, not  once, but I have seen the love people shared, I have seen the love my parents had, it was heaven,  it was beautiful,  it was bliss.
They smiled into each others eyes,  they laughed with genuine happiness in their eyes, they kissed each other with such pure love and they loved each other till the other breathed their last and the other followed.
And all I have left of them are these pictures, this love they had as I stare at them in the photographs in which they took, the only evidence of their love, their undying love towards each other.
And I wanted a love as beautiful as this, I wanted a love as strong as this, I wanted a love that I could capture in a photograph that the lenses of my camera can pick out, I wanted a love that even when I wasn’t here , or alife walking the earth, someone can take up our pictures and smile at our loving faces and say this….”I want a love like this, I want a love as beautiful as this.”
You see, I wanted to know what love is,but all the love I came close to was just in the photographs . But I want to love and be loved.
I wanted it all.
I wanted it all.
So when I ran into him,  that beautiful stranger that whisked me off my feet, I felt that this was it, this was the love I wanted , needed,desired. This was the love I have been waiting for .
And I fell hard for him,i fell for his words,i  fell for this body,and I fell for his soul ..and I was happy, yes I was happy.
But sometimes the euphoria of happiness can be an illusion 
Because I never saw the writings on the wall,I never felt the ground shaking when the earthquake began, I never felt the rain on my face when the heavens opened up and poured. I never felt the cracks on the wall and I didn’t see the building coming down, but at the end of the day,before it was too late, all I saw was just debris on the ground..and my heart broken to pieces underneath the rumbles of the earth.
No, I never realised that what he felt was just infatuation  while I basked in the bliss of the love I had for him.
And so, that ship sailed.
As I stood by my window, watching him go away, I wondered if this was what love was supposed to be, I wondered why love made me cry on most nights, I wonder why loving was hard and that why wasn’t love as easy as everyone had said,I wondered how my parents were able to do it, for long thirty-five years,  I wondered if all I saw in those photographs were all a lie, the smiles,  the happiness, the joy and the profound love that I felt from them being with them till they died.
I wonder, was any of that real? Because as I stood there by my window watching him leave, I wondered why love was hard.
Yes, loving can hurt, it can hurt . But you see I wanted love so bad that all I thought about was falling inlove ,being inlove and dying  inlove, but…This love, this pain I felt within my chest wasn’t the way I envisioned about love .
I didn’t understand why he had to leave, I didn’t understand why he said it was all over , I didn’t understand what he meant when he said he was just passing time and that it was fun. 
I didn’t understand that,  that was why when my chests constricted and I felt the tears, I didn’t stop it. while the tears followed and I watched him leave …I wondered why love was hard, why love hurt so bad.
I stare at the empty photographs on my table,  we never had our love in the photographs taken , he never wanted it, he said it was too cliché and wanted to know why it was important to me…
I told him…it means so much to my parents ,to capture beautiful moments , those memories that can’t be relived and keep them safe not only in your hearts but in a state of art that others might see and be inspired by our love, It was memories we made for ourselves,  where our eyes were never closing and where the memories can be freezed in time and where even our deaths can’t take away..  that that Love in Photographs  was perfect even in our deaths .
But he had laughed , shaking his head telling me we didn’t need those, that our love was as real as it gets. 
But I guess there was a reason why he never wanted our photographs taken, he didn’t want us, he never wanted us 
So he took the lid off from us as you would pull the wig from a burning flame and put it out , then he walked out the door and never returned .
I stood there watching him go, I stood there wondering why he let  me go, I stood there hoping that he would turn back and tell me he was coming right back home, but I stood there, he never turned…he never did return.
And all i was left where memories of the moments we shared,how he kissed me and how he laughed when he was happy and how I felt so safe in his arms and how I felt this was it.
But loving is hard. It is.
So I turned away from the window and shut the door to that pain forever because holding on never brought me peace but misery.
I am back home, staring at the walls ,wishing for that love that would break through walls,that love that would hold my hands and not let go because staying is all that matters. 
But ..maybe those kind of love never existed, maybe mother and father were the last of true loves, maybe love like that never existed. 
Or maybe I should let my heart love again and see if maybe this time, this time would be different .
And so I fell inlove again, a familiar  stranger he was , someone I had seen one time too many, who smiled when he saw me, who seemed to even like me.
He was sweet,he was gentle ,he was amazing and I knew that…Loving again was the best thing  that could have happened to me, because this felt different.  It did.
But I guess the difference was the fact that it was a different face,a different heart and a different name .
But it all ended thesame way with him walking away and leaving my in hurts and in dismay.
I thought finally, a love that is real .
But the novelty of such bliss wears off eventually, because just like the first,  he leaves , he says my love chokes him,he says my love makes him unable to breath,he says he isn’t ready for a commitment,  he says we could be friends , he says he wanted to see other people,see his chances and maybe we could come back together if he doesn’t find what he was looking for.
I held the door open for him when he left, because I had hoped that by standing close to the door he would see that I was  holding my heart open for him still, not for him to leave but for him to stay.
But, this love didn’t , this love places a kiss to my cheeks,tells me to take care of myself and leaves. This love leaves, and he didn’t come back.
I stood by my door watching him go, and i couldn’t hold back the tears that flowed,I let it flow  and I let it flow.
Why was love so hard,why was it so painful, why was love  not all about love, why was love hurting me so bad?
This wasn’t the love I envision , this wasn’t the love I wished for,this wasn’t the love I wanted in those photographs. . This was pain, and I didn’t want it anymore. 
Love wasn’t real, love was all an illusion, it was.
I was done. 
But I lied to myself. I lied 
Because when I saw another walk through the door a year later, and swept me off my feet i flew in the bliss I hoped he would bring,  i did.
But the saddest thing was that,  just like the first ,the second …they all started beautifully only to end in a bag of chaos, and just like the others,  they left.
There was something wrong with my love stories, because it never worked out, because they never stayed.

There was something wrong with my love story because  there was something  wrong with me,  I concluded.
That was the only reason why,  no one was able to love me,  that no one had ever loved me.
“It wasn’t you, it was me” they told me.
But why did I feel pain,  so much pain? Why did my heart break every time they left and why did I feel as though their eyes never conveyed the truths their mouths speaks.
It was  because they lied, they lied.

it was me.

There was something wrong with me and I was the reason why no one could love me.
I was someone no one could love, no one could stay  for,  someone no one had ever fought for, I was someone who couldn’t be loved.
I was the Unloved and it was ironic because all I wanted and breathed was love. All I wanted was to love and be loved in return .
But all I got was back turned against me,doors opened and closed in my face and my heart’s leaving with them but dropped along the way when they forget me.
And so the fourth ,the fifth and the last left me standing by the door.
Soon, I forgot about what I wanted, soon I forgot about the dreams and wishes and desires I had. Soon I forgot all about the love I always wanted and gave up trying.
Soon I went back home, grabs the empty photographs and tossed them into the dustbin, I grabbed the photographs of my parents, that love that had disillusioned me and kept it under lock and key? Yes,i kept it far as from me, where my mind and heart and eyes never sees.
Love was deceptive.

Love was unreal.

Love was pain.

Love wasn’t all they said it was 

Love was a lie,a mirage, love was nothing and I wanted nothing to do with it .
Loving can hurt,  but it was the only thing I wanted,loved for ,desired and  wished for . It was the only thing I lived for and made me feel alife 
And I wanted to keep the love, my love , our love in photographs and make memories for ourselves and that the lives we shared together  will be forever frozen , I wanted this love so bad that when I thought I had it, all I felt was pain and pain and more pain.
I didn’t want it.

Not anymore
I was done with love.
I was.
so when I saw that stranger, when I saw that beautiful stranger , I looked away. 
Because there was nothing there. Never will there be anything there other than empty words and promises , empty emotions and turned backs and more walking out of the door.. 
No. !!
Love wasn’t for me.
You see, 
As a little girl growing up,  thinking of princes and castles,I had thought it was going to be easy, falling inlove ,loving every afterevers,  falling over and over again with the one you love, staying and growing old together in each others love …and letting the memory of your love with each other touch another to love too.
But I have since woken up from that dream.

I no longer wanted love in photographs  

I no longer wanted to dream and wish and hope and desire.
I no longer wanted to know.
I never wanted to love again so I shut my heart , my eyes, my ears to love.
And I closed my thoughts of it like borders  being closed off two connecting countries. 
I wanted to protect  my heart from it all.

And I wanted to wake up from that slumber I had been deceived into for so long. And I did.
I did.
There was no love , no love of mine worthy of being in photographs .
There was none.  I gave up on love a long time ago.
That is why when he came into my life, I didn’t realise that he would be the most important person …
I didn’t realise when it all happened,I didn’t realise when the butterflies came because I had long since kept them at bay 
I didn’t realise when my heart began to beat fast and slow because I had long since forgotten the tune.
I didn’t realise what love felt because I had long since forgotten what love is.
Or maybe , just maybe I never knew what  love  really is, ..
And when he came ,he showed me what love was , what love is…What love was love.
But you see , I never realised all this, I never knew it..
Indulge while I tell you how it all began 
How we met, and how the story ends.
You see it was a funny story actually. 
It was my best friend’s birthday, and she had wanted to go out into the city, have fun, drink and scream at the top of her voice . 
It was one of those days I wouldn’t dare refuse her .
“What I just want to do is go out. Take a few selfies. Look pretty, smile and cut my cute cake ”  she had told me as she applied mascara to her lashes. She was dressed in a lovely flowery short gown. Her face a prefect beat. Her smile engaging. She looked pretty. She looked happy. She looked another year older.
“And would that make you happy??” i asked as i sat on the bed and watched her .
You see I didn’t understand the whole excitement about birthdays and cakes and parties. I was the kind of girl who just liked to stay in,and cross another year off my calender and not scream about the fact that was a year older but not everyone was like me.
“Yes! ! Yes it will. ” fiona, my best friend  replies me.
I watched her as she continued to touch up her face.
She was a drama queen , a perfectionist and if it wasn’t good …it wasn’t good and she went about it making sure she looked perfect and I wondered if she was just going out to have fun or she had some other interior motive behind her birthday outing.
We turn as the door opened ushering the two  more of our friends.  I  blinked a couple of times because, I was here thinking my friend was over dressed but I guess her friends beat her to the game.. Fiona whistles,  the girls laugh, twirl  around and takes a pose
“Yeah we know…we look good” they said in unison praising themselves
“Yes good. Too good infact.  Are you both trying to make the poor guys wag their tongues at you and pop their eyes out of their sockets? Surely you have a heart..””?  I shake my  head. The two girls had on little to nothing to cover their body. Cleavages in perfect view. .a dress revealing beautiful thighs and too tight. I even  wondered if they could breath or take in water, atleast.
“Its a free world”

“They are allowed to drool ”

“And we don’t mind the eyes popping out. ”  They both replied as they go to take turns hugging the birthday girl and blowing kisses into air
I sigh getting up “just don’t steal the day for the birthday girl though, it’s her day so try not to dampen her good looks okay with your all too slutty ones” I smile, they stick their tongue out at me.
I laugh staring at myself in the mirror. Barely a few months ago,  one could find me in a dress, literally. 
Too slim, less womanly. But in less that three weeks my chicks grew some flesh, my  too slim features gave way for a more curvey figure. Slim and curvey . Even my eyes shone in appreciation when my cloths sitted perfectly on my  body. 
Its been a while i felt this peace, its been awhile i was living for me. It’s been so long , so long i had been sad and unhappy, and after a long time in a long while i was me, content with being me.
I had a good job,i had a friend who loved me as a sister and i loved her back, and i had a home to go back to and i has moments like this to share with someone i cared about.
I didn’t concern myself with things i never had, that i wished i had but that dream of love  and forever afters was long gone.
I was content in what i had..and that was me.
Unlike them, i had on a black knee length dress, i wasn’t one to show too much flesh, i was shy like that. 
I turn back and took in Monica ‘ s and Sabella’s look. Even the devil wouldn’t be able to hide his blush and stop his jaws from touching the ground.
“I am ready! !! Shall we??” Fiona called out breaking me from my reverie .
“LawReaTaa? You should you don’t want to wear something more…erm you know…revealing, you know you have been stuck up in this singlehood  thing for so long I begin to wondering you want to go into the ministry of the Nun or are you into girls now ?” This was Monica speaking 
I smile “Nope, this is fine. I ain’t looking for a man unlike you three and non ain’t thinking of joining the ministry and no I don’t like girls but if that’s your thing,  I am sure you might meet someone that ruffles your feather” 
They laugh
“Leave my friend Monica , if she is content in  being single, let her.”
“Aye!!” I nod my head
“Okay, but who knows she might just meet someone tonight ” Sabella says 
I smile but it doesn’t reach my eyes. 
You see, I gave up on meeting people a long time ago, I gave up on being in places that would make me meet anyone becuase there was no use. 
They would leave.
Why torture myself more.
I was done.
So no, no more.
“Let’s go girls ” Fiona says walking out of the room, 
I nod , taking my bag and joining the three girls as they chat excitedly , walking out of the house.
It was small gathering of friends and family out in a bar. We walked in to cheers and hugging and happy birthday Fiona filling the room .
It’s been an hour, the chatting of friends surrounding  the table. The wine uncorked, ice in glasses, and a few birthday songs that ushered the cutting of the cake cut, we had laughter, we had flashes of camera blinding one’s eyes..and Fiona was happy and i was happy to share in her own happiness.
But it was bittersweet because, 
I had hoped that one day, someone will share in my own happiness with me.
May not be just birthdays or promotions and lunching new careers , maybe something that concerned the heart and the strings that pull it together. 
I sigh turning away to fiona..
“Here,happy birthday precious sombody” I tell her giving her the gift I carried in a small box
“Aww LawReaTaa,  you didn’t get me a present did you ?” 
“No, it’s not a present , it’s a tooth I got from tooth fairy while he dropped his stash of stolen baby teeths  flying away when I chased him or her or it,whatever ” I grinned
Fiona laughs shaking her head “You are  crazy,  that is why  I love you”
“Yeah, I knew that was the reason, i was the crazy to your crazy,  perfect crazy  mix you and i” I smile.
She smiles opening the box to reveal a bracelet with her name initialled on it.
“Happy Birthday Fiona, you are the only constant thing in my life and i love you”
She pulls me into a hug , putting it on “and I love you, gosh now I have to top up my gift to you on your birthday right ?”
“You betcha” I pull her cheeks
“FIONA!!!!” Her friends call her
“Coming ” she hell back turning to me…
“I pray you find the happiness you seek,one day, all this would make sense ” she says kissing my cheeks.
I watch her climb the stage to sing.
It was a small crowded room, and lyrics on screens as a few people graced the center and sang along, one after the other. Everyone having a good time, fiona was happy. Monica was up and about . Sabella was interested in catching a few eyes, crossing and uncrossing her legs and pushing up her chest.  I  occasionally caught her eyes and mouthed. ..”Bella,  really??’ Bella would shrug and then smile broadly at a brother who choose to linger.
Laughing I shake my head and turn away, as my attention was caught my the duo who graced my ears with their melody,  a song i loved. 
But a song the girl who sang with the boy seemed to be messing up, so as she shakes her head feeling defeated and stepped down to the claps of the crowd ,in turn to see her empty seat.
I loved the song.

I wanted to sing…to be free.i just wanted to close my eyes and do something I had never done before.
so i get up, my  shyness dropping a little and only mounted when the girls began to cheer me.
Oh nice way of allowing me sneak to the mic and they were making an issue of it.
‘Are you serious!”

“She going to take a mic??

“LawReaTaa!  LawReaTaa!  LawReaTaa  !!!!!’ ” they chanted with had other people chanting with them
I shake my head, praying the ground doesn’t open ..and mouthed ‘crazy girls ” to them and then turned to the other
“Can I join you ??” i asked,avoiding his eyes, i never could stare someone in the eyes.
“Yes sure’ He replied handing me the other mic.  Not paying much atrention to him i settled in , 
“You ready?” He asked for the next song coming up
“Sure” I said squinting my eyes , I was always crowd shy.
“Okay” he replies .
The music shows on the screen, I close my eyes, and  because i knew the words by heart i began to hum to the tone of it… when we  opened our mouth to sing the words, i felt the room grow  quiet and a few couple of eyes rested on us. 
But we sang,oblivious of all this.
It was when we heard the whistle and cheers did we realise our effect. 
But then something happened next.
He turns on his left side facing me slightly as the applause calmed down and everyone back to their distraction 
‘This one’s for you” he said  causing me to turn. Then when the lyrics of Bryan Adams pops up, he sings me a love song . 
I blushed.  
Then i blinked and then wished for an escape , but i couldn’t move my legs .
You see I didn’t look at him before mounting the stage and sitting down to sit , I didn’t pay attention to him while we sang, I didn’t exactly notice him untill now.
But when I looked at him, heard him sing …staring at me, my heart skipped and I didn’t know why.
The ‘Awws” from the crowd didn’t help either.
“Future mental note to self . Never ever volunteer to partner up for a duel  with a random stranger ” i mutter under my  breath, while his reach bariton voice fills my ears and the room, while his lips curls into a smile and the smiles reaches his eyes, i bite my lower lip, and when he reached a part that always made me smile… we smiled together . 
I saw the flashes of camera light go off,  and moments captured. 
He continue to sing , he continued to sing and  smile at me as he sang, and i laughed…
I could hear the girls constantly “Awwwing ” at the background and I knew beyound reasonable  doubts that there was going to be quite a number of  tease and taunts lined up for tonight and i knew i won’t be getting any sleep with the girls around. 
“Oohhhhm LawReaTaa  got some dude singing his heart out to her.  LawReaTaa  this. LawReaTaa  that ”
I sigh , another mental note to self.
“Mayday operation one…destroy Fiona’s camera.i repeat  destroy Fiona ’s camera ” 
I look to see them drawing love signs with their fingers and placing to their chests, i facepalm shaking my head, wishing  that they could choke on their  giggling .
He finishes singing, yes he had a beautiful voice , but that wasn’t the only thing I noticed.
I noticed his eyes and that the smile hadn’t left.
There was  applause,a standing ovation too., I clapped as well..
I didn’t know what else to say other than …
“Thank you for that ” 
This was the point where I return back to my seat  right.?
I made to get up but He stays me by the touch of his hands to mine..
“Hi, i am Dave ” he stretches his hands to me with one hand and covers the mike with the other.
“Hi Dave,  I am LawReaTaa ” i take the hands in mine and shook it, I  look up again,  He was smiling and i noticed something else, he had dimpled smile, and yes I was right about his eyes, there were  soft eyes  and it seemed the smile liked touching them.  He was dark skinned but handsome and his hands were really soft for a guy with his built.
I take him all in, not in purpose,  I was just good at observing little details , but my thoughts were cut short when he asked me a question I wasn’t expecting. 
“Are you single?’’ He didn’t blink. His smile didn’t waver. I  swallowed and blushed.
“Yes she is extremely single and available. Apply in person . ”  Aghast , I  and  Dave turn to the direction of the voice and a few other eyes followed as well.
‘Sabella!!!!!!!”??? Fiona and Monica called out to the girl who screamed my answer before I could answer. 
Everyone laughed .
My God, the Mic was on.
The expression on my  face was epic and Dave laughed shaking his head,   my cheeks grew redder and yes I felt slightly embarrassed. 
“SABELLA, REALLY? ?” I turn to her
‘What? I helped her to answer ‘ ” she shrugged  in her defence when Fiona poke her
‘So??” He asked  drawing my attention back to him..
“So it’s nice to meet you Dave.  ” I tell him getting up and go back to my table where the craziest girls sat. I was going to kill Sabella later. 
“Oh okay.” He watched her leave then heads back to his seat holding a drink  in his hands, he had dropped before he started to sing. 
“How the hell where you able to hear what he asked. ??’’ I asked Sabella 
I knew he covered the Mic, yes it was on but he covered the Mic with his hand
“I was listening ” Sabella replied.
“Mind your biz girly ” Monica chided her
“Hey, the dude wanted to know and we know LawReaTaa would never ever give a guy a chance, I mean well, I just want her to let go of her reservation and get back to the game. ”
“It’s  not your decision to make Sabella, it’s mine ” I tell her
“Fine, forgive me. But he is hella hot, he sang you a love song, he asked if you were single, it should count for something ” she says
“No, it never counts for anything. ” 
“Okay” she shrugs 
Fiona came sitting besides me  ‘You have been quiet , .. is all well. Or still feeling shy or slightly embarrassed? ?”
A laugh. “No ofcourse not. ” i played with her drink. Ice ,  sprit and lemon seems to be my high this days. .i looked over my shoulders and observed Dave sitting alone. Fiona followed my  eyes…
“Spill. ..what is it. It’s my birthday so I am queen genie and I will grant your every wish”
“Well, do you think I could invite him over…I kinda feel I walked out on him and all. And he is all by himself and we have free sits and the party at our table”
“Why not if not. You should ” fiona nudges ms .  Maybe Happy that i was coming out of my shell.  Suprised even. 
I hadn’t given a listening ear to anyone having a third leg in ages. And she respected my reasons but if she thought that it was time.  It was that . She watched as i bite her lip. A puzzled expression on her face.
“Whats the problem now LawReaTaa ? ” She drew close,
“Well I want to but am kinda shy and a chicken  , not that I want anything I just don’t want him to think me a snub ” I tell her
“Right.  Ofcourse, want me to help you?” Fiona offered getting up. ‘It’s no big deal. I will go and bring him here ….for you.”
“Can you? Would you? Should you??” my brows furrowed as I  stared at her and the dude sitting alone bending over his laptop and then back at her  and then into my glass and finally biting my lips.
“No never mind ”
“Oh don’t be silly.  I can, I would and I should ” and before I could stop her,she  heads to Dave‘ s table before i would protest or change her mind.
I hid my face in her palm and sank lower into my seat,  my lower lip bore the burnt of my  nervousness.
I  couldn’t watch.  i didn’t dare to.  so i held my breath and ounted to a 100 slower and waited. In less than 3 minutes I  heard Fiona come back…I   let out a heavy breath and turns , expectant .
But Fiona leans into me, “excuse me LawReaTaa,  i will be back girls. ” and  reaches for her drink . 
Dave wasnt behind or beside her. I risked a look. He was still seated but relaxed resting on his chair.

And just like that without a word of the mission, fiona walks back to the table with her drink and slices of cake in a saucer as Dave gets up and pulls out a seat for her. 
And in no minute they began to laugh and smile.
I  turns away. A sad smile in my eyes.
I stopped counting, i stopped thinking and i blanked away the image of a dimpled smile and a voiced that tucked down her sleeves and soft palms and soft eyes and dark skinned person with a cute build and the stranger who made my heart skip and I didn’t know why.
Thirty minutes later,  fiona and Dave leave their seats and exit the buuidlign . Fiona comes back in alone.
I smile at her.
“Where is our friend. Has he gone ?? Sabella and Monica asks . She nods then leans into me
“Sorry babes, he wasn’t erm..!”
“No don’t worry about it ” i reply. 
Really it didn’t matter if he preferred her company to mine. She was my best friend, I would be upset with he rover a guy.
A guy that I didn’t know.
Guys that i have given up ages ago to think about.
No, I wasn’t made not anything if he liked that, I wasn’t. 
But I didn’t understand the warmth in her chest. A slight pain. Then it vanished.
It wasn’t anger.
It was that feeling of rejection,  it follows arounf me like shadow.
That was why it didn’t matter to me..boys , love..anything. 
So this didn’t. .this shouldn’t. 
He was a stranger nothing more and whatever it didn’t tmeant nothing.  It never means anything. 
“Let’s dance” they pulled me up . And everything was forgotten.
Fiona phone rings and she heads outside.
But I couldn’t deny it, I  felt bad. But i knew a smile hides alot of hurts.  So i smiled and i laughed and i treird to foeget.
And maybe i did as i held Monica and  Sabella’s  hands and danced .
I felt someone tap me,i turn to find Fiona with her phone in her hand.
“What?” I ask her
“Phone for you” she says with a mischievous glint in her eyes
“Who is it??” I asked, taking the phone from her 
“D.A.V.E !!” She  says nudging me out  of the door with a tiny laugh.
Alone and  outside, it was quiet and my chest beating. .
It didn’t make sense.
I feared he would hear it from the other end of the line. So i sucked in my breath and released it slowly holding the phone to my ears
When all I hear was silence I repeated.
“Hello”?? …my  was barely audible as i pressed the phone to my right ear. I wondered if he could  hear the beating of my heart or sense my nervously from the other end of the line. I took a deep breath  again
“Hey , i am sorry. It was really quite rude for me to leave without saying as much as a goodbye ” his deep rich voice, crafted with a finesse vibrated through the phone. I  wondered if he was seating or standing or counting the intake of breaths like she was.
“No it’s fine . It’s no problem. You don’t need to apologise ” i lied.
Ofcourse it wasn’t fine. But i couldn’t tell him that.
“No it isn’t fine and I like to apologise for my wrongs. And erm….plus your girls were busy and your table was crowded with all the fun and what not and I didn’t want to intrude ”
“Oh I see??” I  say, resting on the stair – rail.  i bite my lower lip.
well that’s what I wanted you to do. Intrude. Durhhh! !
but i thinned my lips instead and waited for him to continue.
“Yeah. Anyhow, I hope you don’t mind me calling your friend  to talk to you?  I would have loved to take your number but you were a couple of strides and seats away , so I took your friend’s instead.’
“Why didn’t you take mine instead from her. i am sure she would have given it to you ” I  shook her head and  roll my eyes.
It was simple mathematics.  That’s just pure  basic i mutter under my breath.
“What’s that..did you say something?”
Oh shit!!!
“Er no. No I didn’t ” I  moved away from the stairs and walked down to the other more quiet corner.  My only company was the parrot in its cage who seemed to be following my every move. I  stuck out a tongue to it, it didn’t blink,  i backed it and i heard it move closer to the end of its cage..

Maybe for better hearing.  i covered the phone and slouched.
That ” Let’s see how you gonna eaves drop parrot” posture.
No I wasn’t paranoid. 
“Ok. But I rather ask the lady for her number instead of getting from a third party, wether the person is family or not. Force of habit if you will.”
I could tell he was smiling. Well he should . He just got a good pointer in my books.
Smooth. Really smooth.
“So, would you do me the honour of granting me your digits? ? It would be deeply appreciated. Then we can give fiona back her phone and erm……..” he let’s it trail off.
I smiled, my digits already at the tips of my tongue.

It’s only normal to act …reluctant and unsure right? ??
So i  paused and lets a full minute pass. I knew he was still there. ..waiting. .
Well let him wait. He did leave without a goodbye.  Took a few minutes to call.  So if he waits another couple of minutes it shouldn’t hurt right?
I rolled her eyes and shifted on my weight from one foot to the other.  Did the marcarina dance in the shadows. Poked the parrot. Played with my hair. The silence was closing in on me , but then again i paused and wondered if he was still there. Or maybe he had already cut the call.
I quickly looked at the phone, his minutes was still running.
I placed it in her ears, silence. But all i heard was the drum sounds of my beating heart. I placed my hands to my chest, hoping it would stay it .  Bitingy lower lips,  If phones could sink into skins. ..i and the phone would have been one ny now. .
“Ready whenever you are”” his deep voice sounded as though he was standing next to me.
I yelped.
Struggling to catch the falling phone.  i could hear him laughing.
“Nice try Dave! !!” i recollected my composure
“Me? I didn’t do anything. I am the guy at the other end of the line waiting for this pretty girl ,who did a sweet duet with me barely an hour or so ago,  to give me her number so I can have the pleasure to atleast hear her sweet voice again after tonight.  But erm…….who knows what she is doing .” A silent laugh.
“She is calling it out for him. Got a pen??”
“I gat one better… a retentive memory.’
‘Really now??. I  ached an eyebrow.
“Try me” confidence seeped through his voice.

Let’s see how “retentive ” he is. I flexed her fingers, rolled my head anti clockwise and flexed my  shoulders. A wicked grin on my face.
Even the parrot was confused.  So were the new couple strolling into the place. They stared at me like “What gibberish was that??” .
Yes i was fast.
There was silence at the other end for a second. Then,
“Pick up”
“What???” i asked. 
“Pick up your phone ”
Well there was no way he could have caugth that. I was fast.
But i felt her phone vibrate in my pocket before the song ” Never Had” by Oscar isaac  as my ring tone disrupted the peace of the night. Even the parrot was impressed.  It danced in its cage.
That “in-your-face” move.
I  smiled. 

“Two pointers already. Cute. Really cute’
I cuts her the call from Fiona’s ’s phone and pick mine.
“So where were we”?? He asked.
“Well….it depends ”  i eplied.
It was getting dark. The music from the small crowded room was dwindling down. The cheers and chants of the partymongers was cheery. The cold night air caused the hairs on her hand to stand. Yet it didn’t wipe the smile off my face .
Today was a good day.

Tomorrow was one i looked forward to.
You see, we talked for hours and hours and soon hours turned into days ,days into weeks and weeks into years..Two year exact of pure undiluted friendship.
You see, he became my friend,the second best person in my life,the second constant thing in my life aside Fiona. 
He knew my weakness and my strengths, he knew my highs and my lows, he knew my sadness and my happiness.
That was what a friend should know right..all that you are, imperfections and what not and cared for you despite

So we were friends.
And I was glad that I met him.
But you see the strangest thing happened..
I didn’t realise it was more than that. I didn’t want to.
Because for the first time in my life I had a man who had stayed more than a few weeks or month,who was neither lover or family but a man who was my friend.
I knew love was my curse , I know loving anyone would make me spoil the relationship we hard so …

I never thought about love with him.
Not once.
But you see , life had planned for me.
One day, it all changed.
It was a Valentine and there was nothing wrong for two single friends to go out on that day and just be with friends and family and enjoy the moments of such a day could bring.
We enjoyed the jazz ,we enjoyed the taste of dinner on our tongue we laughed at jokes thrown off stage we smile at the couple who was asked to kiss as the camera fell on them,we clapped when people danced and we dance when it got to put turn to dance, 
See,there was something beautiful about this our friendship. 
But I nothing during the course of it all, he was looking at me, a look I hadn’t seen before.
“What if LawReaTaa, what if we were perfect strangers out on  a date and you like me and I like you and see share a certain feeling towards each other, what would you say to me if I asked you how you felt and if you could tell me what you think about me”
“Erm I don’t know,” I frown with a smile
“What if”?
“But we aren’t ,”
“I know LawReaTaa but what if,what would you say to me, what would you tell you you felt or want or desire,what if LawReaTaa,  you cared for me more than you do,what would you say?” He says looking at me
“I don’t know”
“Come on, !!” He pushed
“Anything anything, ?”
“Anything at all LawReaTaa, just say it” 
I close my eyes ,I stare at him and I began to speak
“There is something quite sexy about  you when you roll up your shirt sleeves. . Seemingly unperturbed about the wind coursing through your hair..

Or the fact that your arms seems full through those rolled up folds of your shirt..

Or the fact that your slim flat stomach disappears after your belt…tucked in beneath that shirt.

It’s the shirt.. perfectly showcasing that look…that perfect body hidden beneath those fabrics.. that when you moves ,i all of a sudden  become intoxicated..

Enchanted lost…dreamily lost. In the ocean of deap blue eyes..

And that smile.. that roguish boyish smile…pulls me in.. and I find myself drowning.

But I don’t want to come up for air.

Rather…I have a million things I rather do..

Can I. ..?

Lay me down by your side..

And let you run your fingers through the knots of my soul..Kneading !
Can I ?

Listen to the sounds of your heart beat..and dance to the tune of our melody..?
Can I. .?

Forget yesterday. .

Live in the moment of today..

And hope the joys of tomorrow. .with you..

Only with you?
Can I ..

Stand by the sink and feel your arms wound about me..

Kisses to my cheeks.. beards of your chin caressing my shoulders…

And the entwin of our lover’s dance..

Cresending to the top and tipping over. .  falling over and over again?
Can I. .?

Dream of ever afters?

Flowers in winters

Sunlight in my eyes and your shoulder blades touching mine
Can I?

Wait for ever..staring into those eyes

Wishing for never…hoping for longer
Can I?

Be the picture in your photograph

Be inside the pocket of your ripped jeans..

Be the spark in your bonfire heart

Be the place you call home
Can I?
Be yours as you are mine

Be the pages in your book that you hug me through

Be the reason for your sweet smiles

Be  your love….your all and your one
Can I. .

Be the reason you come home

Be the one you run to and twirl in crazy feats of laughter

Be the one you kiss under the lampost on sixth street

Be the one you fall asleep beside every dark night and wake up to every ray of the sunlight
Can I ?

Be Your princes as you are my king

Be standing next to you right now  with your rolled up sleeves instead of wishing from the coffee stand..

Hoping you would turn and see through my soul.. that I have been loving you since the first day ..
Can I ?

Can I be the one you stay forever with

the one you call lover

The one one day your child would call mother

The one you go on your knees and make you my husband. 
Can I live for today and forget the pains of yesterday and be the one you love and the one you die in love too
Can I. .” I told him
Then all too suddenly I released something.
That these weren’t mere words spoken random emotions

That these words were words coming from somewhere deep, real.
Oh my GOD. 
I turn away from him,blinking back tears.
No ,no it cannot be.
I love him,I love him but I didn’t want to love him.
Those i lived always left ,they left me.
My love was curse ,and I didn’t want to love him becuase I didn’t want to lose him,he was th next best thing to me after Fiona. And losing him would shatter me.
He was my friend.

He was.
And I had fallen inlove with him and I didn’t want to. 
“Look at me LawReaTaa ”
“No” I shook my head
“Look at me LawReaTaa ”
“Because I want to ask you some things ”
“What things ”
“Please look at me” he says turning my face to his,I wipe my eyes
“Do you care about me?”
“Do you like me ?”
“I don’t hate you Dave, you are my friend and I like you”
“No do you like me LawReaTaa and I don’t me as you like the nail Polish on your nails or the gucci shoes in your closet,do you like me,like me ”
“Dave ,why are you asking me that. I you,you are my closet friend”
He smiles “Okay.  Then do you love me”
“Ofcourse I do,I live Fiona too and -‘
“No LawReaTaa, do you love me , as you would love a man ,as a woman would love a man not as a brother, a friend or fathe”
“Do you love me?”
“Do. You. Love . Me” his voice came as a whisper and his eyes bore into my head
I choked, my cheeks grew warm
“Please don’t ask me that ” I close my eyes , fighting the tears, willing the feeling to go away. 
Why is he trying to bring it , I didn’t want to love him.
“Because they always love,the ones I love always live,they always live and I don’t want you to leave I don’t want to lose you.” I cried
I felt him smile, he raises his hands and wipes my tears
“Oh LawReaTaa,  you don’t know do you, you never knew ?”
“Knew what?” I raise up my head
“How I felt,  but wait let me tell you a story..
You see, two years ago I met this girl, and for some reasons she had her walls high up and I knew I wouldn’t be able to cross let alone peek. I liked her,right from the very start but something kept me a bay, it was the sadness I saw in those eyes and the fact that you guarded that wall in your heart like a hawk and I knew if I had told you my intension you would have ran away hitting the roof and I would never see you again, and I didn’t want that ”
“I don’t understand what you are saying Dave” I tell him
“You will. You see LawReaTaa,  I love you, not just as a friend,as good person but as a woman. No,I am inlove with you and I have been for a long time but I knew telling you this at that time you wouldn’t have wanted to listen so I waited. And I told my mother about it..I told her I was scared to lose you ..I didn’t want to. 

She told me one thing, if you think you love will scare her away, why not be her friend and see where it leads.
So I took that step,I belted my feelings, I kept it aside and I gave you the side of me you desired. Friendship. 100 percent of myself. And then I realised how the walls came crumpling down because you weren’t looking for love,you were looking for that peace and contentment and I gave it too you. And little by little you opened up to me, you showed me your flaws and scars and imperfections and all that you are becsuse you weren’t scared of me,you weren’t obligated to me and you didn’t need no push. You were yourself as I was myself and for two long years LawReaTaa we laughed, we cared,we protected and we were safe in each others company and you could sleep in my arms as we go out on friendship’dates and not be scared.
You see, today, I realised that the walls had come down and not only that I could peep I was able to climb it and come and knock at the walls of your heart.
I am with you LawReaTaa and I had to wait for you to accept the fact that I am here and I won’t leave. I know it’s just cliché but it’s the truth, I gave two years of my life to prove my friendship to you to show you that I can be anything you want for you.
I love you LawReaTaa and I will tell you now much…
You don’t need to ask if you can?
You just need to know that you can.
Let me tell you about how you make me feel, about how your eyes lights up the smiles in your face ,and how your heart beating close to my chest make sme want to wake you up and tell you just how happy you make me feel.
Let me tell you of how you are beautiful inside and out and that your beauty isn’t in the cloths that  you were and the makeup you have on,it’s the beauty that resides in your heart 
Let me tell you how I have loved you every single day even today and how I have loved you for tomorrow and the days to come.
I want to tell you how your eyes intoxicats me,enchants me and keep me spellbound when I look at you.
I want to tell you how perfect you are,how amazing you are and how beautiful you are and how you bring colours to my would even without longing it.
Babe,there are so many things I want to tell you and show you…i just want you to know that. ..

I love you and no I won’t leave,I won’t. 
No I won’t hide away. No.
Yes you can lay by my side and I’ll run my hands through your hair and knead your soul with your words.
Yes you can 

Listen to the sounds of my heart beat..and dance to the tune of our melody becuase that is the music we both sing
Yes you can if you only let me to help you forget the pain of yesterday and teach you how to live in the spur of the moments of today and usher you into hope the joys of tomorrow and never leaving yourside.  
Yes ,let me 

Stand by the sink with you infront of me and I wrap my hands around you and kiss your cheeks and let my beards caress your shoulders and  I lift you up ,basking in your scent as we make love entwined in our lover’s embrace as we dance our lover’s, cresending to the top and tipping over. .  falling over and over again while I continually fall inlove with you, your  body,your soul, your all and your everything. 
Yes,let me show you that you can dream of everafters with me by your side

Let me buy you flowers in winter

Let me show you sunlight in you eyes as mine lips touches yours and your hands in mine
YES, you don’t have to wait forever staring into my eyes Wishing for never and hoping for longer because I will be the one making your dreams come through for ever afters and making put love also longer and we don’t have to wish for never because we got us and that is forever .
Yes, you can

Be the picture in your photograph but it won’t be just you in there. , you see I want our love to transcend through time,last forever even in put goodbyes so I’ll make our love in a photographs so whenever I am away ,it would be inside the pocket of your ripped jeans.. holding me close to wherever you are .

I want to be the spark in your bonfire heart

Be the place you call home and when the compass is bad I want to call you and know that I am home.

Yes, you can be mine becaus I want to be yours ,i want to be stories you read through from you book and tug at the corner snog your mouth, I want to be the reason for your smiles and the reason for mine.

I want to be your one , your only  your yes you can be my everything,my minutes, my seconds days and years, baby take it all.
Yes, I want you to be the reason I run home to,to pull you to your feet and carry you and twirl you around and drink the sweetness from your lips as we kiss under the lampost on sixth  seventh and eighthed streets. I want to be the one you fall asleep in my arms every night and wake up to every morning and make baits with and die growing old with.
Yes baby, you can be my princess, my queen, the anchor of my heart and everything here and the other side of the divide.

I want to be the one who goes on one knee and ask you to me mine,make all your dreams come through and love you as you should.
LawReaTaa, no you can’t ask me if you can,because before you ask me all these I have already given you my all I was just wanted for the right moment to tell you just how much you make me feel.
So no,i won’t go..i won’t leave.
I have loved you since day one, loved you everyday ever since day one and I love you still since that day, even today and even tomorrow. 
I don’t care if the others left…I don’t care if you felt no one will love you.
You see….I am not them.

And I do believe that one finds us and I found you. 
LawReaTaa I found you and I waited two years to allow you bring down your walls to tell you I am insanely inlove with you…and I am all in,all in to prove that to you ..”
“Oh my God Dave ” I cried. ..

“I am cursed ,i will lose you”
“Sshhh,  you won’t. .and I would prove to you thay when the love that is right for you comes, nothing can take it away”
He says going on his knees
“We have been friends,we have been everything to each other and there is nothing left to know other than to know I love you. And we have the rest of out lives to figure out who loves each other more ”
I laughed gasping for breath,…
“LawReaTaa will you marry me. ?”
“Do you know love, that Is all I need to know”
I did  I did…my God I did and I didn’t realise it .
“Yes ..”
“Then say yes,say yes and let me show you the reason why those ones never worked out with you…you know why because God made you for me,and I am glad I found you,that night …as soon as you walked in I told myself. .it was going to are this girl and I told my mum and I was glad I listened to you. I loved you as a friend. As a sister and as a wife and a lover long before you realised what hit you. So say yes baby,say yes”
“Yes yes yes ”
I watched him slip the ring into my finger and whisk me off my seat  
“I love you Dave,i ..i didn’t know untill today”
“Love is a strange thing ,it comes when it least expects it but … LawReaTaa, you are the reason why I believe in love, you are the reason why I love love because loving you as taught me patience,understanding and  a whole lot more. Thank you for loving me even if you didn’t realise it. Thank you for agreeing to be the queen of my heart. I love you..Happy Birthday!!!!”
Oh my God.
I…it was my birthday. 
It was my birthday! !!!!
He leans in,placing me too the ground and he kisses me in a kiss that weakens my knees. .
I held on to him tight and I tell you this moment felt right. 
And then just then I heard the camera flash go
I turn to see Fiona, Sabella and Monica smiling..
“It told you I was going to too up your birthday present babes, I hope you like your present ” Fiona came to me…
“I love it. I love him..I love him…” I showed her my ring….”I said yes!!!” I screamed hugging her and hugging them and kissing him
You see, 
I had gone about looking for love in the wrongest of places,finding the ones I thought I loved and when I didn’t get what I wanted I gave up because maybe I was loving wrong.
But you see..

Those wasn’t love.
This right here was love.
Love found me, Dave found me and I didn’t even realise how much I love  him untill today.
This was my best birthday gift …falling inlove with someone who loves me right  back.
I smile looking at my table..
There ,there was that moment captured in camera and I didn’t realise how how eyes sparked right from the start staring at each other.
And all this while I was looking to just take a picture with the boy I was with 
I didn’t realise that my own Love In Photographs would be captured in moments I would least expect it and those moments would be frozen in time,memories intact and a love that never dies.
This was my love..

This is my love..
And this is my love in Photographs and I hope it inspires others who see it to fall inlove and know that love finds you in the most unexpected places and when it does…you will know. 
Happy Birthday LawReaTaa! !!

Live long, soar,be beautiful and be Amazing.
       ~Stephanie Egberike 

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The Brat And The She-Devil $Chapter 4

The Brat and the She-devil 




The stupid fool is smiling at me..
“Hain, madam you no won answer my greetings abi? person vex you for night? na beautiful Monday morning oh, no shelle,  nothing dey happen, ” he laughs swinging his hands together. 
If he thought this was in anyway going to make me keep him as my PA? He has another think coming.
The good-for-nothing PA.
I fumed.
Just imagine!

I already have  dent to my perfect day!!
I sigh
I didn’t bother replying him, with a straight face I gave him a curt nod  when he greets a goodmornig again.
God knows that I was  so going to have him replaced , I really can’t deal with such a person as my PA.The more I see him the more I got annoyed.
“Madam I hope say you enjoy your weekend and you don sleep well well.

Plus you  no gree answer me make i know wether you don chop breakfast this morning so hungry no go catch you, you know break na around 11 abi 12 noon and person like you no suppose starve yourself.” 
He asked as he stared at me from the front mirror  as we both entered the car
Obviously trying to make small conversation  
“Drive the car Mr Andrews.  i am not in the mood for small talks”.
I took my files from my bag and perused through. 
I felt him stare at me for a few more seconds before he mumbled a ..
“Er sorry ma!!” He says, his enthusiastic cheer level dropped from a 100 to a zero.
Good, I wasn’t his playing partner, he should know that.
I roll my eyes.
I miss Tina, why on earth can’t I have my PA from lagos brought to me? 
And what’s this thing about order from higher superior ?
It didn’t make sense , I need to get that sorted out as soon as I get the office.
I assure myself.
I turn away from my files and stare out the window taking the envionment into sight. 
I realise that  it isn’t an exactly long drive from my apartment to the office, tops 15 minutes and we were pulling infront of a giant building. 
It had the ” J.K Andrews  Constuction  And Housing Design Company” boldly written on it. 
It wasn’t your usual construction company that  always looked a mess, with  lot of blocks, and planks and all other constuction tools lying about.
From the outside it looked like a corporate office firm. ..which indeed it was, people dressed as officelike as possible..
Even the contruction workers had a cute overall. ..and an helmet but within it they dressed as decently as possible. .
The architects weren’t different from the people who stayed behind the computers and had a desk infront of them..

The only difference was that they either had a pencil in their hair or behind their ear..So cliché of them.
But there was something cute about a guy with a rolled up sleeves..tucked in shirt and tie..looking all delicious being serious .
I smile
Atleast this is a less stucked-up place than my previous environs with a little of everything in one place; diverse culture and people.
Different fields of specialisation trying to make up on unit..what’s there not to love?
I mutter to myself as I highlighted from the car and followed the annoying person infront of me as he led the way.
Atleast he had a good enough sense to carry my bag and files without me telling him.
“I’m still replacing your ass”… I mutter to myself
It was 10 minutes to 8am.
I was told introductions and briefing starts by 8am.
I walked into the reception area, sat down and waited.


     *** Earlier ****
Brian wakes up, turning on his side , he groans when he sees that it is 7am already.
Sighing he gets up and heads to the shower, good thing the girl had left already, a nice tip gave her face a pretty smile when she woke up this morning.
He wished the weekend didn’t come to an end.
Yes .
He had a swell weekend.

Lots of booze and warm body or bodies… and the sex was……Hmmm
He laughs to himself.
One would think he would be totally wasted and sprawled on his sofa till sunrise a million years later.
But no.

He had a lot of energy to last a life time…
Well it doesn’t matter, today was Monday, nothing stops him from having fun anytime of the day whenever he wanted.
He strolls to the shower to bath, and then wiping his body dry he comes out,  flinging the towel to the chair.
Good thing room service was still a thing, he wouldn’t be picking after himself.  He never picks after himself..

When there were maids and things like room service??
He shakes his head, then he stops infront of the mirror and  stares at his naked body .
He smiles.
He loved his body.

He always thanked the stars for such perfectness.   

And most especially for the fact that despite his abs and sweet biceps..killer body and taut butts, 

He was well endowed..
And he never let’s an opportunity pass to flaunt it to the chicks who were privelleged to view it. 

He calls it.
“His Gift to women”
Especially when it was on full alert. 

He liked that their eyes pops out of their socket when they stare at him.

It wasn’t that it was gigantic…lord that would be. ..Terrifying.  if he were a girl he would run far away.
But No, it was that it was…above the average big and it was perfect and it was beautiful. 
And he loved it. The ladies loved it.

He wiggled it as he danced to the music playing in the background..and laughed at his silliness.
He looks at the time ..7:15
He shrugs.
He picks out a black shirt and a brown chinos pants, He didnt bother with a tie.

He carried a brown jacket, wearing a brown loafers , picks up his Rolex, dapped a little male cologne , brushed his hair, Looked at his teeth and gave himself a thumbs up and smiled
“Gosh I love me”
He strolled out of the house..

The driver had been on standby since 7am
He was nearing the car when the call came in,  he ignores the call.
“Goodmorning Sir !”  The dude standing and opening the door wide for him greets him.

“Goodmorning  Ikena, driver stroke personal bodyguard stroke  my father’s spy , stroke buddy patrol stroke whatever else my father have you doing. I am sure if he pays you to spy on me boning some chick or pooping you wouldn’t mind right?”
 The dude didn’t answer that question…but smiled,  the dude probably figured  he was being cynical. 
“It is Ikechukwu sir”  the man says 
“Whatever , there is Ike in both so…what gives? ” Brian smiles standing close to the car
“Enjoyed your weekend? ”
“Oh most definitely Ike, most definitely ” Brian  says looking at the phone  as it rings again
It’s from the office. , the 10th call within 5 minutes .
He slips it back into his pocket ..
Whatever it is and whoever it is has to wait. 
He was going to the office baa? What’s the piss about. 
He should tell them never to call his personal line anymore. 
More respect !!!
“Your fault father ” he sighs
Ikechukwu stares at his boss’s son from the mirror
Atleast today he was in a good mood, other days he throws  insults  at the him as though every word he knew was of them.
The Boss’s  son tries to get away from him during crowded places but ofcourse he doesn’t get that  far.
He was smart but they were trained smarter.
They were about five bodyguards who were put in his detail when he came into Port harcourt and everyone was tasked to giving the Boss  detailed reports on his son on a daily..
What he does and what he doesn’t do.
Personally their Boss  knew his son was a womaniser ..whenever they told him about the girls he waves it away
“I don’t need to know about my son’s sexual innuendos , all I am comcerned about  is his safety,  his whereabouts, his company and his office activities to make sure he does what I ask him to and if he errs or goes against me is to inform me so I take the necessary action”  The Boss had told them.
But his son Brian didn’t want bodyguards. 
He  told his father that he felt like a kid with nannies , well  they all knew that he didn’t want them overcrowding his space or rather spilling to his father .
He heard him telling his Boss over the phone
“Pops, you alone said you don’t want anyone to know I am your son and bla bla bla, and that I must live a life of service bla bla bla and yet you give me five bodyguards? I don’t mind them but c’mon I’ll rather pick my own bodyguards so I know that they are loyal to me not your own loyal dogs you kept on my tail. Pull them back..i can drive myself.”
He could hear his Boss’s reach laughter through the phone 
“Do you know your way around Port harcourt?  Have you ever been there before?”
“No to both questions but still”
“But still you want to be on your own so that you can do all manner of things and I wouldn’t be able to keep a tab on you like say not show up at the office, go partying and God knows what other things young men your age do”
“Father we have fun, I think you need a lil bit of that”
“Stop it Brian,this is no time for jokes. I am not pulling them away, plus yes I don’t want people to know about you there because it would get into your head and I will not leave my wealth to some playboy, or an incompetent fool!!”
“Ouch father, that is harsh and low, even for you,you do know that I am neither of the two and I am your son, if I am these way maybe you were worse when you were younger. The able doesn’t fall far from the tree you know”
“With the way you are behaving I think you are much worse and I was never as bad, reckless and  irresponsible as you”
“I don’t need your dogs father”  Brian sighs 
“You have no choice.  Good thing that they won’t be on uniform and be very obvious.  You can pretend to be friends with them,i am sure one or two of them can talk your language”
“Which is what father?”
“Girls,drink,parties ecetera” his father laughs
“Hahaha very funny father. Take them away”
“Five is two much”
“Fine, I’ll remove two, I’ll leave three, and there would take turns keeping you safe ”
“Don’t  you mean spying on me and giving you reports”?
“Hmmm,  that too.” 
“Goodbye son”
“I guess you have eyes everywhere father so saying goodbye would be ironic”
His father laughs .
After Brian cuts the call, they had a call,two  of them were taken away from his security detail…and the driver was removed as well so a bodyguard assumed the responsibility instead.
Ikechukwu  knew that it sucked, working for his Boss wasn’t so bad but working for his Boss’s son was crazy. 
He was a dickhead and a brat.

A huge one.
If he were his son he would have kicked him out to the streets to have some manners ..
But here he was taking bullshit from this young man.

Some days he would have loved to punch his face in and then walk away but the pay was good if not he wouldn’t mind making Brian eat  the dirt, but he kept his cool.
Such dudes born with a silver spoon don’t know the first thing of responsibility,  obedience and how to treat other lesser beings…

And Brian here was the worst of them .
All he knew how to do was, party, women..booze and it went on and on like a vicious circle…
Ikechukwu   shook his head.
This Brian was lucky he got a father who gave a shit about him.
If it were his father , his father will kick his ass to the curb and tell him “Go learn how to be a man..fend for yourself and put food on the table…then we can talk about how well of a man you are”
That would put the fear of God into him or any young man.
But here they  have  someone who just gets plastered with money and don’t really have to work shit to get it.

And the only condition here is just to PA and yet he don’t give a shit and acks like a boss around here? 
He shook his head again but stopped.
Well technically, Brian is the boss’s son soo. .but no one is supposed to know that.
And their duty is to help Brian to keep a low profile.
But the fool of a boy, that’s not exactly what he is doing by being an asshole at work and practically getting away with everything.
The buzz around the office of who is he and the link to Mr Andrews is still uncertain and they intend to keep it that way.
Everyone pegs  Brian  for high profile person  and the curiousity is over the roof
His  own phone has being buzzing all weekend from Mr Andrews
“Why in the world didn’t you make him go to the airport? 
Why didn’t you make sure he had the files printed and sent to the new employer?
Ikechukwu,  what is this  i am hearing about the new employee wanting the PA replaced?
“If he doesn’t do his job I will have yours!!!
“I am paying you to guard my son and make sure he doesn’t run wild yet …

I see pictures of him having one to many naked women, too many drinks, 

And what’s worse , people asking questions of who he is and all that.

Make it stop unless I will need your resignation letter”.
Mr J.K Andrews  went on and on and on, and ofcourse not even wanting to listen to him speak. 
Ikechukwu  was angry. 
“I am not his fucking nanny!! I am a security detail, not to wash his ass and make sure he eats and gets to work early. Who does that shit…..” he wanted to scream at his Boss .
but He sighs as his subconscious kicks him.
“But the pay is good. For the money bro, Just for the money.

Suck it up.


This dude don’t gat shit on you”…
“Er Ikechukwu ” Brian interrupts his thoughts.
” I know you would love to stand and admire how handsome I look but can you get to your driver duties? 

I have a PA thingie to go to and make papa proud…”
Brian snickers mischievously as he wears his shades,  closes his eyes and relaxes his head..
“Right away Sir!!”
Ikechukwu  enters into the car puts it on drive and they were off..
He watches as Brian ignores the call again.

As they arrive, Brian alights from the car, enters into the building,  and takes the elevator up to his floor, alighting he runs into John
The dude seem to not like him, he sensed the way he raises up his shoulders and turns up his nose at him.
It only meant one thing, the guy felt intimidated by him.
This small toad,what did he have that he could think he could rub shoulders with him? 
Brian laughs as he eyes him.
Ever since he came here,while the ladies throw themselves at him and some of the guys wanted to be his friend., this John guy seemed to be forming a click of his own to tell everyone why they shouldn’t be mesmerised by a fine face and good body, that boys like him were bad.
He was bad alright, bad for John’s ego which seemed to be a deflated sag of balls.
Brain laughs..
“Didn’t you see my missed calls?” John stops  infront of  him
Brian raises an eyebrow “So you were the fool calling me??”
“Who are you calling a fool?”
“If the name fits why deny” Brian says.
“You are the one who looks more like a fool ” John sneers back
Brian stares at him, a slight anger rising.
No one would dare talk to him this way no one,  but because his father had said….”Don’t tell anyone who you are until I make the announcement myself ” he is now making him have to see people like these and not slap them “shut up”  and  bring them to their kneels to beg for his forgiveness 
Breath Brian breath. 
He tells himself. 
“Do you mind getting out of my face Er John!”
John eyes him “if you think I am going to be like others falling on their feets for you you are mistaken.  You are nothing but bad news Brian or whatever your name is,”
“Yes,  i seem to ruffle your feathers”

John squints his eyes “Infact I don’t have time for this,  the  acting Director has  asked me to inform you to go pick up the new Boss for your department, meeting starts by 8am” he says walking away

Brian stares at him..
Father if not because of you I probably would have had that guy licking my shoes with tears in his eyes.
But, your time will come John. 
Your time will come and I would be the one laughing when you come to realise who ypu talking to.
But for now,  he’ll let the puppies play.
Sighing , he looks away.
So they want him to go pick the PA eh?
He will go pick her up alright, in their dreams.
He goes back down ..
“Ikechukwu sir” the driver stroke everything else says stepping out of reception area 
“Whatever , where can I find an amazing breakfast this morning, I am starving” Brian says

“I was told we are going to pick up the Madame and bring her to the office for the meeting”
“Who gave you that information? ”
“It came from her office ,your office I mean,  the office in which you would be working from”
“Who gave you that order Ikena?” Brian repeats
Ikechukwu  winces , 
“What is my order Ikena?”
Brian smiles entering into the car “Then Breakfast it is” 
“I know a nice place for your treat, and where to from there sir ?” 
“Back here to the office”
“And the Boss madame?” Ikechukwu frowns
“What is my order Ikena? ?” 
“Very well sir”
“Good boy Ikechukwu,  good doggy” Brian smiles. 

Ikechukwu shakes his head,enters into the car and drives into a five star hotel for him to have breakfast.
Done, he brings him back into the office.
Brian climbs out, and disappears into the building, he threw something over his shoulders saying he was going to find some chick to while away time and wouldn’t care less about the meeting, that he was going to go there in his own time.
Ikechukwu shakes his head staring at Brian retreating form.
“Hello??” He says into the phone as it brings
“Where are you , aren’t you supposed to go pick the Madame from her house with the PA?”
“Sir, He had other plans ” he says “I could not force him sir”
“Incompetent!!!  you don’t want your Boss to fire you do you?”
“No sir but I can’t force a grown man unless you want me to cuff him and pull him by his balls,excuse my french”
The person at the other side of the call sighs ” where is he?”
‘”He just entered the building.”
“Fine, I would send the driver to go get her, but do your job” the line cuts
Ikechukwu sighs
Think about the money, think about the morning. 
He squeezes his fist, takes a deep breath and releases it.

 * 8am*
Mr Emeka, whom I was introduced to be the Superior Departmental Lead to the company  was addressing the team of crowded people.

I was standing not so far away from him pretending to look through some files while he barbed about work ethics and all that and all that. 
Then I heard him say…
“Finally before we  go about our day’s duties, i would like to introduce the newest addition to the company, all the way from lagos, Nigeria ofcourse”
Which got everyone smiling, even me
“Miss Adora chime.

She is the Social Media Manager and a consultant , she would be incharge of everything worth anything about the social media for the company , which her basic duties are all about reconstructing the company and putting it in the limelight, give it the appropriate spunk it needs which includes recognisition and attractiveness and also to sell the company and bring in more customers. She will be our consultant to other companies and also to our sister company’s around the country, that is her department.
She is good at what she does, best in her field and don’t think she is all about the social media, She is good with figures as well and she is equally smart, having a degree in Economics and a masters in Accounting , she has worked in  a bank and an Accounting firm as well. So she knows her onions.
So be rest assured if you see her hovering over you, asking questions, taking snapshots or interviews etc, 

Holding meetings and giving out needed budgets…don’t feel agitated ..she is just doing her thing.
I implore you to be corporative and help her if needed.
Ladies and gentlemen,  make  a warm welcome to Miss Adora Chime”
I look up smiling at him , I give him a nod walking towards him and smiling at the crowd of people.
Look at him introducing me as though i am supposed to have an award or something
I said to myself before dazzling them with my killer smile.
“Hello everyone, goodmornig. 

Well Mr Emeka has said it all, so there is no need to re-emphasis.
I am here to help put the company on the spotlight it deserves. It’s the new age, everyone needs their company not only at work, but also for the world to see and to have that and make it sparkle, you would need someone who knows the inner workings of social media, how to get the target market well enough to bring the  needed customers and sponsors to your door, and I can say that is what I would give to you.
So please fill free to go about your duties and don’t let my presence make you uncomfortable. 

I will just do my thing and try not to damper on yours.
I am here for abit, i hope you will tolerant my lil tantrums if I happen to throw them…”
Smiles, laughter  and applause as they cheered me a warm welcome.
I wonder if they thought I was joking.
I do throw a mean tantrum. 
But I don’t bother , in time they would understand .
I step back to my position but I could still feel all eyes were on me.
I even heard a side comment.
“She is a sexy vixen, that body is just amazing, shit!”
I smile
Men!! So typical.
I hope that fool doesn’t dare come to my front and tell me that.

I would surely  put him in  his place.
“So, department heads, any  more briefing? Announcements etc before we we go back to work?” Mr Emeka looks at a group of five people standing together 
“Oh yes!” 

The one named Bola stepped out, adjusting his tie trying to impress me. maybe…
Because everyone  i assumed who needed to be there  was there, the door was closed and the hall was calm, it took everyone’s eyes to the door when it opened and someone walks  in.
From where I stood, I could see that it was a guy, with dark shades on and a straight face,  a face I couldn’t very well make out.
I frown 
I wonder who walked in as though he owned the place,  with dark shades on in a non – sunlight room? 
I looked around, trying to catch the eye of Mr Emeka.
Shouldn’t he be reprimanded?
My eyes conveyed the message , but he doesn’t answer but looks away.
I look at my watch , it was 9:10 am,  I look up at him again,he was close to the door and people standing blocked my view from him,but then I notice a movements and then I see him raise his hands up, tip his head back and pours liquid into his mouth as people begin to murmur. 
And he was drinking a coke!!!!!!!!
I couldn’t believe the nerve of who ever the person was, wasn’t this Mr Emeka seeing this person ??
I would walk him out  if I was in charge here.
I notice the person leans to the door, and turns away from the crowd.., I could swear he was pressing his phone.
The nerve!!!
I shake my head, whoever employs this people needs to be fired.  
Everyone was muttering.
Bola had to raise his voice a notch to be heard.
When it doesn’t still allow him to be heard ,  Mr Emeka had to pull the hush on them…
“Calm please, everyone he calm and be attentive”!! He cautions, suddenly the room grows still again. 
I scan the room quickly as something occurs to me,  and I wondered why my stupid  good-for-nothing PA wasn’t even in the room.
After I entered the conference hall, 

I thought he was behind me but apparently he didn’t follow me in.

Shouldn’t he be here taking notes? 

Or i’m supposed to do everything myself?
I felt the anger rising again.
I need to talk to Mr Emeka..
He was the acting  Director, according to Tina.
As the meeting ended, Mr Emeka comes to me
“Nice to have you here Miss Adora, i hope the city is doing you well?”
“Thank you Sir,  it’s good to he here , Port Harcourt seem like a nice city ”

“Yes indeed it is”
“Thank you for having me here.”
“Good! I will walk you to your office. .

You have a  departmental secretary stationed at your departmental floor, 

But your PA will handle every other thing you need within and outside the office.
I am sorry for any inconvenience he must have caused you…”  he was saying..
“Yes about that sir…

I spoke to the HR but was told he can’t be changed.

Since you are the director I feel you can override that..

He is clueless and awkward and would be a dent to my work and I can’t have a slow poke in my everyday work…

So I would like very much to change him if you don’t mind…”
He smiles and pats me on the back..
“My dear, bear with him a little while..I know he can be insufferable and spoilt but he is a good lad…well I would like to think so, Besides he is new at this PA thing   but he has other impressive skills i assure you are worthy of thoughts, but the refusal is order from above .”
“Why do you call him a lad, that is a full blown elderly man, whose place shouldn’t be running errands and mine would be pretty tasking.

I need someone with a little energy and not entirely daft” I say to him
He looks at my obviously puzzled.
“I am sure  Brian could be anything. …but daft isn’t one of them.

He is just being difficult and I will do well to talk to him”..
We have walked to a door and stopped..
On it had my office  and name..
“Social Media Manager/Consultant

    Miss Adora Chime”..
He opens  the office and motioned me to follow him.
It was immaculately clean and arranged. A desk,  a table and two guest chairs, cabinet for files and books and a window to overlook the city .
Everything had a touch of  red and  vast enmass of black and dots of brown. I loved the combination. 
A round table at the center with two sofas and a TV. .
I was liking my office the more I looked at it and temporarily forgot about the PA.
“I hope you find everything to your satisfaction yes?”
“Yes indeed. “I reply  in admiration, strolling around my office taking note of every detail.
My name tag was placed on the desk…with a “Miss Adora C.”. Initialled on it .
I sat down behind my desk and ran my hand over the desk.. it was made of mahogamy. I like.
“If you need anything,  anything at all, please feel free to call or come to my office, it’s the 28th door at the end of the hall, “Directors office ” name on it. Let me leave you to it , i am sure you are itching to get to it , to settle and get to work?”
Are you kidding ?? 
This was beautiful. 

“Thank you sir”.. my smile was broad 
He was out of the door in another few minutes 

Crap!!!!  I almost forgot.
“My bag and files”
Mtcheww, that PA!!!
I pick up the telephone.
There was no where I was going to go out there looking for that fool.Shouldn’t he have been here waiting atleast since he wasn’t in the meeting? 
“This guy was going to be the death of me..” I mutter 
Thankfully all the office numbers and heads of departments were typed and placed on my table…
I dialed the  floor secretary’s number…
“Yes please, who am i speaking with?” 
“Ruth ma’am, how can I help you?”
“My name is Miss Adora Chime and I am-
“I know who you are Madame, how may I help you ma’am, please tell me ma’am, I am happy to help you  ”
Oh,   okay! 
“Yes please I need to get in touch with my PA, ask him to come to my office with my files and bag, 

I need to get started with immediately ”
“Okay madame ”

“Good thanks.”

Line went dead.
I get  up and pick out a book from from the shelve. ..
It was about the company. …written by one of the prestigious writers in the country. The book sold a ton.
It’s a good place to start, by getting extra information about the company’s little beginings.
The phone rings from the desk, i pick it up at the third ring.
“Er ma’am, he said he is busy at the moment and he isn’t with your files and bag”
I frown , holding the  phone tight.
“What nonsense is that? He carried it for me from the car, did he fling it somewhere? Where is he?”
“Downstairs ma’am”
“Tell him to come right this minute. No, Infact never mind”
I slam the receiver  down and storm out, retracing my steps to the reception area.
I saw the big fool seated , making small conversation with someone else.
I didnt bother to notice a few people along the passage way…passing the cubicles and nor did i see a guy  leaned in to talk to a flashy girl 
“Mr Brian Andrews!!” I bellowed as soon as I got to the reception area, i swear my voice could be heard to the high heavens

“Do you find it satisfying to make me get constantly upset with your lack of common sense? Look I have not the time or patience, I didn’t bring those out of the house to decorate your outside but to be used in the office.. why would you say you don’t have it when you obviously do” I say pointing to my bag and flies in his hands

“Are  you quite stupid? ” I add
I didn’t get his shocked expression.. he looks at me and then everyone else opening his palm and showing me, as though he was really confused. 
Dear lord !!!
“But madam nobody tell me say you dey  look for me naw? I been dey here dey wait you as you enter the meeting because I no fit enter the meeting with you,  i never know wether una don finish una meeting naim make I dey here , and lady here no allow me go your office  say i am not allowed unless madam dey inside , so naim make me sitdon here since”

He replies me
I swear he even looks and sounds as though he was serious telling me the truth
“Oh cut the Crap Mr Andrews, 

You must think I am stupid when you are obviously the one in need of a re-orientation. You are a sorry excuse for a PA. …I don’t even know what to do with you”
I hadn’t realise people were staring and someone had also left his initial position and the flashy girl by his side  and slowly walked to where I was and was staring at me with a laughing expression  on his face at the corner of the room..
Obviously enjoying my outburst.
” Give me my bag and files, give them to me!!!  You are useless and incompetent  Mr Andrews….”I order with my outstretched  hand.
He awkwardly gets up and rushes to my with my items..
“Sorry ma’am, no vex. But madam de confuse me for another——-” He tried to explain
“Oh shut up!!”
I take it and storm back to my office.
My eyes red.
I didn’t want this PA.
I didn’t .i didn’t ..I DIDN’T !!!
They would have to do soemthing about him.
God forbid.!!!
I find my way back to my office and slammed the door shut.

Everyone silently watched the showdown. 

Confused and puzzled expression playing on their faces..
John had walked in right as I was leaving. ..
As he greets me I snub him and walk pass waving my hand dismissively at him.
“Hain what is making her upset this first day at work…? It’s a beautiful morning oh…abeg oh madame take it easy, what happened to her? Why is she upset?” John turns asking anyone randomly
“She was shouting  her driver calling him Mr Brian Andrews “..someone offered.
“But Mr Andrews was just there staring at her. …she didn’t even look at him, she was shouting on the poor man, kia i felt for him oh. 

I don’t want to be in his shoes,see the way she screamed at him and Brian was just there looking at her and he too didn’t say anything  “… Another interjected
Realisation dawns  on him as he thought of it..
“She probably have got him confused .

No wonder she said he was old and retarded the other day”

John says more to himself nodding bis head and touching his temple “No wonder I understand now, and I thought she was high on crack that day,  she didn’t know that the driver isn’t her PA,hmmm” 
“John,  what was that?”

The first person asked etching closer to him
“Una too like gossip. 

Shift abeg, I have work to do” he throws off his shoulders and strolled away to his spot, 
“John, what do you mean na?” They call at him, he doesn’t answer. “John, hoarding gossip is against the federal law of Nigeria ” another person says
They laugh
“I hear you ” John throws back
The girl who was standing close to the 

 other person smiling looks at him..
“Brian?” She calls his name to get his attention
“That’s your Boss right, the one whom you are to PA for ?”
“She looks mean” she says 
 But Brian is smiling , rubbing his jaw
He looks towards the elderly man who is complaining to a few people who gather him to console him.
He laughs..
Oh,that is the Boss eh, such anger, such outburst of energy . And she mistook the poor man for him.
He laughs again..
Oh how pitiful. 
“Brian, I am talking about your Boss, I hope she wouldn’t make you a laughing stock, see the way she treated that poor man, why didn’t you tell her that you are Brian Andrews and that he is but a replacement driver? She is too …Argh I don’t know. Just today she has caused tension. I don’t like her” the girl crosses her arms over her large breast.
“She is a feisty one…” Brian stares at the door she went into  “I like!!”
 He smiles. 
This should be fun.
Maybe he should go toss her some stones and see if she would bark.
No maybe a bone,  dogs likes bones.
He smiles broadly.
A clueless hot tempered “supposed ” Boss eh.
This should be  fun.

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I have come to realise that troubled waters don’t stay still.
How could they? When someone picks up the pebble stone and tosses it into the water, it would dance in its wave and keep going, more like a ripple effect only calming down back to stillness when the pebble stone had sunk deep into the waterbeds. 
Well that is how my heart feels now. 
You see, 

I thought I had stopped feeling. I thought I pushed all those feelings of hurt and pain away, locked it into my box of bent up emotions and threw away the key.
 Forgotten, lost at the sea , never to be remembered. 

Never again to shed a tear, never again to long.. to yearn.. to feel .
But life had a different twist to that atmosphere. 
It’s wasn’t love at first sight,  No!

It was attraction then it knocked me off my feet when I least expected it. 
I had swooned a thousand times just staring at his beautiful face and then fell inlove with his heart that ozzed all that made me tingle from my insides all the way to my feet.
I had butterflies that sang and danced,   mehn I never could stay still . 
I lived for what we had, I fell hard and long. I was happy. We were happy. Or so the facade led me to believe.
Trully things aren’t what it always seems to be.

We had laughter, we had love, we had fun and we had us, we had peace and then he had HER and  then everything went to shits.
All our years of tranquillity and togetherness crumbled to that little piece., that three lettered word “HER”
I had waited too long, given too long,  wanted too long, loved too and worked too long to let go what I had thought was mine. 
But the wrongest battle to the one you fight alone..and the one who you are fighting for..leaves you utterly  and all alone.
I read a story once ….
About a girl who fell inlove like me once..
You see the person she loved? 
He was wild and free

She was soft and gentle

They fitted in their imperfections

They glowed in their glee of togetherness

Their path crossed when they least expected it..

He was crazy as she was beautiful

Their infatuation  was chaotic as their love was rare
He had the flair and spunk of someone supreme

She was the shy girl who adored him off the streets

He was the king..

As though of the jungle

As she was his lady in waiting. .
There was something wrong with their love story..

But none of them could see.
He wanted to travel the world and cross the seven seas

She wanted a home and a man to wake up to every morning and be a father to her kids.
Their focus were different

Their dreams even more idealistic from where they stood…
He hated to be tied down..

To anything. ..much less to anyone..

He wanted her by his side, when he did, 

And he loved his space. .when he did.
She was his woman…

Only as the word signifies. .

But he was a man..

And his own boss..

No one on earth could change that..
She hated to be anyone when she could be the only one

She needed to be called a bride..

His bride..

Not just to nurse the thought if it forever

And only see him on his knees when she closes her eyes to dream

She loved being in his world than being alone in hers

She wanted to be his everything other than just his woman…

Which he seemed to have at every corner.
She was a lady..

Prime and proper

But a man needs a queen by his side. .

And for him she would gladly lay down her crown just because he asked.
Soon the fights began

The uncertainty set in

The insecurities was a thing of constant banter
He wanted to fly

She wanted to stay in and close the gate of the cage and hide herself in the warmth of his wings..

He hated being told what to do

She hated that he didn’t listen to reason.
He felt she was crowding his space.

She felt he wasn’t even giving her a chance to allow his world revolve around her
The late nights and disappearances were more frequent than the blinking of her lashes

The unanswered and unread messages caused more tears than she could scoop on a daily.
Why would you want to hold on to someone who wanted to run far away as though he had fire burning it’s tail?
Just because your heart beats fast and slow for someone at the same time didnt mean they are meant to remain in your life? She was asked.
But you see,she was inlove. They were inlove or so she thought.

He was young…

He was a man

And he wanted to be wild and free

A specie that didn’t want to be tamed, 

Who had his whole life infront of him.
How does loving that person stop him from living  a life he dares to live..?  A question he oftened asked himself. 

He may love her..

Or just the idea of her ..

But he loved his adventures more..

To dance with the ambience of nature

To jubilate with the drums of freedom

To bask under the disguise of youth

To be who he wanted to be..

Wild as lion with furs and skin

free as a bird delicate with wings.


Unbridled with enthusiasm for all that he deems fit..
And so..

After waiting on for what seemed like ages

After mending all what he ended up breaking. .

After clasping the ropes of hope but having it been cut off.

After loving but having such love only when needed..

She decided to let go..

And let him be him..
Because no matter how much she loved, he didn’t love back.

No matter how much she loved,  he loved the life and freedom more. 
No matter how much she loved and loved,  forgave and loved, he sunk into the warmth of others more and never did apologise for his wrongs.

So one day, when the fights became more than the breaths she had, when the tears wouldn’t stop filling up the buckets , when her bed was void of warmth and her heart of his love, and when she saw him leave more than he stayed and when he told her he needed to go away….
She lets him go. .. 

Hoping that that saying ” If he loves you, he would come back for you ”  would come true, but she realised too late that those words aren’t always true. 
She let’s him go..
And without a second ‘ s thought..

He flew, just like a bed caged happily to be set free, he flew, 

Far away..

High to the mountain top
He walked like a king..

Out the door, a perfect smile to his face and a gait to his steps and not a word saying “Goodbye” and “I’ll see you soon”.
He walked out of the door and out of her life , as though the master of the wild life..
When she had waited a year and then some, nothing but silence hitting the door, she realised that he was not coming back..
Because people like that never liked to be anything they were not

Changing was a thing as alien as it should be..

And she knew..

This love was lost..

And she decided never again..

Would she ever..

Dare to love a wild thing!!
But you see, I thought her story to be pathetic and sad, I even shed a tear listening to it and I had wondered why she would want to love someone who didn’t want to be loved.
I wondered why she was willing to give her all to someone who had numerous others and didn’t really give her what she was worth.
I wondered why she loved someone who wanted to be set free and why it took her so long to let go of the love she had for him and all he did was watch her burn..
I wondered and I wondered, feeling pity for her and scorn for him..

And I was glad he flew away as a bird would and that with good sense she swore never again to love a wild thing.
And I told myself that I was thankful it wasn’t me becuase I would see a wild thing from afar off and I would be smarter not to let it close and even smarter to let it go .
But you see, no one trully understands the dynamics of the heart until you are the one on the other side of the divide and you are loving someone so utterly true that without that love you feel incomplete. 
I never realised that I could be that girl in the story till i met him .
At first he was beautiful and he was great. 

Loving him felt like heaven and there was nowhere I wanted to be other than in his arms.
But when the novelty of fit wore off and when I began to see the cracks on the wall I held on , day after day I cemented the cracks on the wall with my love and I hoped for better days…and some days he got better and then other days it got so bad that all I did was lay down and cried.
But every single day when he walked through that door he came back home with a lie.
And after five years of giving my all and all i was ever worth,  he leaves a message on the table telling me he was done..
“Its not you ” he says ” it’s me”
But i knew that was all a lie
“You suffocate me , I need to breath,  I can’t do this anymore” he said while i sank to the floor

“I want to be alone, I am not seeing anyone,  I want to be alone” he says

But last night while i went into town with my friends, i had seen them both , my boyfriend and my best friend making out , right before they entered into the apartment with a red door and i know that place well.
It was the hotel he had proposed to me when we both want away for our third year anniversary together.
I had been so broken and shaken that. .i stagger falling to the ground unable to speak when spoken to and crying loudly .
Going back home I sat in the dark and waited for him.
We had a fight , yeah we did and he never for once admitted that it was him.
‘How dare you follow me??’ He screamed
“You nag too much. Yes you do!!!”
“It wasn’t me , I never cheated on you” he screamed
And yet i was holding his shirt and her lipstick was smeared on his collar and her perfume filled the room
“It wasn’t me ” he screamed again

We slept on separate ends of the bed and by morning, he was gone leaving me the note..and all that was written was “it’s your fault Christine … you make it hard loving you, you make it hard. It wasn’t me but I guess if you don’t believe me it’s fine.. I am done trying ”

So I cried and I cried, I picked up the phone and I begged because I loved him too pieces and I didn’t care, i forgave him
“Baby i forgive you, please okay,  I am sorry , just come home ” I cried into the phone.
It took a month to get him back…
And I felt okay, I wouldn’t bring anything up,i would be the best girlfriend I wouldn’t even nag.
And by God I did all that.

But now it wasn’t just me seeing him around town with my best friend,  it was others seeing him around town with other women too.
“Why are you still with him”? They wanted to know
“Why are you friends with her still? ”  they didn’t understand it
“I need to look past his faults and wrongs and weaknesses,  I need to. It wasn’t him, he would never hurt me like this ” I told them,watching the disbelieve in their eyes
And my voice wouldn’t shake and my smile thick.
But as soon as they leave I would put on the shower, sit under it and cry to my heart’s content and when he comes home,  going to sleep I would smell her all over him …and I wouldn’t be able to do anything. 

And for another year he went from bad to worse till the extent that he didn’t care about my feelings, and he didn’t bother hiding it at all.
And we had another fight,  
“I can’t ,i can’t keep doing this ” I cried
“I  was done a long time ago Christine,  I only stayed because I felt sorry for you” he says
“What are you saying ?” 
“I am saying that I don’t love you, never did. We had fun,we had crazy fun while it lasted but…i don’t love you, if I did before its all gone”
“You don’t mean it David, you don’t ” I reach for him,he pulls away
“I do, I do. There is someone else, there have always  been someone else for awhile now Christine and I think I love her ”
My heart broke
“Georgina, ”
“She is my best friend…how could you, you told me nothing was up with you too”
”Well I lied Christine, I proposed to her last night”
I couldn’t stand , I sink to the ground. .looking to my hand, I still wore the diamond ring he had slipped  through  my fingers over two years ago promising me his love and ever-afters

“But you are engaged to me” I breathed 
“No, not anymore ” he came to me, taking my finger he slips it out and I couldn’t stop him,every inch of my body felt weak.
“Please don’t , please don’t , I love you, I love you ” I cried

” but I dont, I can’t and I won’t.  Goodbye” he says leaving with his bag he must have packed while I slept.
You see, the pain and anguish that followed was enough to send me to the sick bay. 

I couldn’t eat , work or live .
I was hopelessly distraught and everytime I tried to get back up,the pain like arms weighed me down

Everytime I try to live I see myself falling.
So I reached out and kept reaching out and all I felt was a hard wall.
I never confronted her, I wanted to, I wished i had…but mama used to say

If you had to fight over a girl to keep a  man, you already lost him becuase a man who wants to be kept wouldn’t let another woman ruin the special love he had with you.
So if he wants to go. Let him go.
“Never love a wild thing ” remember  ?
So after months and months of crying through my pain and letting to live without his love. 
I had begun trying to live, I had begun trying to let it all go and soon I did.
All of it.
Like a bad box of Pandora I threw it into the ocean  and tossed the key into the burning furnace and watched it melt

It’s being awhile i shut that door of pain and hurts. 
Of David .
I sank, i lost , i gave up when he was the one who first let go of me  without a thought , and by God I  held on only as much as I  could.
But like a bird he wanted to be let free and so I had to let go.
 Eventually letting go was the only option that would make me survive, and i gathered the pieces of my heart and locked them in a jar of broken hearts and let it flow away to the sea. 

Or so i believe.
But you see, 

Love in itself is a force one can’t truly really  leave

Just when I had thought that chapter of David had closed and I had moved on.

Now i stare at the message begging me for a chance.
“Hey baby,  it’s me. I know I messed up, and I know you hate me and I know I have hurt you so bad, so bad thinking about it brings me nothing but shame and unrestless-ness. But I need you to forgive me. I can’t justify all I have done, I can’t begin to understand the pain I have caused you or the suffering I put you through,  I  know you never want to hear from again and I wouldn’t want to hear from me again too but Christine I am sorry, I am so so sorry.
I thought I had it all,i thought with you all you felt for me was wrong. I am sorry. now I know, that you have been the only one who loved me for me , you saw through my flaws, my mistakes, my scars and imperfections and baby you loved me still and I am sorry I gave you up, I am sorry. Give me a chance to prove to you I can be a better man, I can love you wholeheartedly and trully. 
I miss you.
I miss you so damn much and I had to trully understand that true love exists. .and I had it and let it go.

I am sorry ,please give me a chance to love you as you want to…please. To love you as you ever wanted to be loved. Let me love you Christine , give me a chance to love you right back.  
David ”

I read the message, and all that comes to  my mind is the hours and weeks and days i spent crying from a broken heart every single day.
 I remember all the chances i have given  him that he still let go to waste.
 I know i deserve better. But the heart wants what it wants. But the hurts never stops.

Where will it go from here.?
Every single day for the past three months his messages came and when I didn’t answer he calls getting my voice mail dropping messages

You see, after him, being with another was just too much.
I had forgotten him..Yes I have.
I think I have.
But I couldn’t move on because..I couldn’t allow another person to hold that much power over my heart and then break it to pieces anymore so I guarded it….

And I guarded it well.
And I told myself. …

David,there was nothing he was going to say or do that would make me change my mind.

No way.
That chapter closed months ago..
And I have moved on.

But there is a trickish thing about love,
It messes you up so much that…

Your Yes would be No and your No would be Yes and your hate isn’t exactly hate and your love is a big mountain of love.
And so I ignored those messages, I did.

But all the while as i laid on my bed at night I wonder…

How do one give another chance  to someone who had had one too many chances and always shows you why you shouldn’t have listened  to his crocodile tears from the begining, and then he still hits you back in the face.
 Or do i keep walking away till he fades, with the voice in my head and the beating drum within my chest?

You see, i thought i have stopped loving. 
Claiming hate to overshadow the love I still felt..
But everyday I read another message from him, everyday I hear his voice from my message, every day I hear the door ring and I know it’s him.but I don’t open..
I let the tears roll down my eyes and I  wonder why my chest feel congested and I can hardly breath  and why my heart won’t stop beating ..and my  feelings won’t calm down.
Just like…just like trouble waters don’t stay still.
But you see, that is where the problem lies…

It’s that I love him still. I love my lover still. 

You still don’t understand ?
Well indulge me while I explain.
It all started in my senior year, he was my  crush,   and then he became my only crush.
And by college we had begun dating.
He was sweet, yes my David was sweet and caring and loving  and by God I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. 

And for a while I was.
We did everything together , we went to classes , and I loved him.
He was my first…
No. I love him insanely.
But as all love story goes, the Prince isn’t the way in the fairytale stories…
My prince was anything but perfect , and it was when I introduced him to Anita,  my best friend did i realise that

“Not all friends were happy for your happy”.
And as we begun to build our relationship,  one year at a time, while we loved up and professed to another
Anita, Anita was everywhere with us.
At first I thought….she was being such a good friend..
Offering to do this for David,  offering to do that for David,  offering to stop by his house to check on David when I wasn’t around..

Offering to do so many stuffs and I swear I didn’t know that all she was doing was making herself very available for my David .
The calls,  the texts messages and then seeing him leave his house and i was too stupid to realise that all they did was lie to me striaght in the eyes .
But you see..
David never gave me a reason to doubt him.
He loved me and made me feel special,  my parents loved him, my friends loved him and by God we wee perfect.
But perfect was just another word.
And because of Her and so many others , what we had went down the drown, every “I love you” was just mere words, every “I miss you ” was just a cover for his many faults  and every “You nag too much” was just a way of pushing blame off his shoulders and back to me
And every “I am done ” was actually his way of  telling me that trully he could give me up in a second and I didn’t see it..I didn’t. 
But…soon it became clear, that Her, my best friend had taken the only thing that trully mattered to me.
My heart and It broke me.
Because when I couldn’t avoid not seeing the cracks and trying to cement something already broken  I began to see the tiny little details that was obvious signs as large as an elephant in the middle of the road.
But you see that was all over.
I had loved him too much and waited too long and he had left..he left..
And I didn’t want him coming back to break me anymore. 
So I let his messages  and calls go un-replied.
I left the knocks to the door unanswered. .
David was my past and staying in my past was good for me.
But you see the heart loves and wants who it love and wants.

That is my problem…my restlessness. ..

My trouble waters that refused to stay still…
Because today I am sitting in my favourite spot, listening to the water hit the rocks and splash away to different corners and sink back to the waters and then hit the ocean
I am here, legs raised up to my chest staring at the sea and letting the cold white sank hide toes when I hear his voice…

As though he was sitting next to me

“Christine !!” It said
I close my eyes,willing it away
Go away David. Please. ..Go away I begged
“Christine ” he calls away
I need to leave, I was thinking about him calling my name and I needed to be far away from anything that would make me remember him.
This used to be our spot to..
But not anymore.
I made to get up, untill I felt the hand pulling me back..
I turn sharply to see the hand,recognising it before I  see his face…
“DAVID !!!” shock  vibrated through my body

“Christine , please ” 
I snatch my hand away but he grabs it back
“Let me go David, leave me alone please ‘
“I can’t , not untill you listen to me’
“There is nothing you need to say to me”
“There is plenty ”
“Let me go” I push him away dragging my hands  but he wouldn’t let go

“I am sorry Christine. ..I am so so sorry”
“I don’t care. I don’t care. ..its fine you can go ahead with your life I feel no more pain, no more pain I don’t even hold a grudge against you or Anita, it’s okay just leave me alone please ”
“No I can’t !!!”
“You can’t just walk back into my life just because you suddenly remember I have been good to you and I loved you.  No you can’t David. Please I beg you in the name of everything you hold dare,leave me”
He shake his head, holding my hand still and doing on his knees
“I have pleading for months Christine months. I have been begging God to allow me have a second chance with you and he has been silent. I did you wrong.  I did you so much wrong and I am sorry Christine and I know by everything right you shool don’t forgive me , but Christine I can’t live without you. I know it sounds stupid but I can’t.  For a while I thought I was living the life but I realise that there comes a point in your life when you realise the real truth. And this is my truth Christine ”
“I love you Christine ”
“No you don’t . No you don’t ” 
“I didn’t before.  Yes I didn’t.  But I do now and I didn’t realise it today. I realised it when I left with her and then others.  They gave me all I thought I needed and wanted but it came to a point that all I felt was empty being with them, and soon I grew tired, bored,  and I left going from one to another finding that thing to feel the void in my chest but I couldn’t.  I became miserable because I expected a level of love from them from what I am used to having from you but none came close enough.  And soon after every smile reminded me of you,every laughter, every face and I think of you and for months I fought it.  For months I tried to understand it but I couldn’t. 
 I drowned myself in alcohol,  I stayed out nights not to be with another woman but to listen to the water hitting the rocks like you do trying to make sense of things , I close my eyes and sometimes call your name thinking you are the one sitting next or lying next to me and when I wake up i feel an overwhelming shame wash over me…
Christine I wrong you on so many levels, I and Anita and I wish I could say something to make all your pain go away but I can’t. 
All I have is me, on my knees begging for you to forgive me. Begging for another chance.
For months I let it all go, the women , HER,  I couldn’t lie to myself anymore. I couldn’t. 
I couldn’t stop myself from wishing I never walked away from you.
There were fine stones and I got distracted thing becsuse you were plain you were nothing , I didn’t realise that your plainness was the reason I was attracted to you in the first place”
“David I don’t want to hear it, it’s over”
“No.. you have to because I feel like shit.  I do. Christ Christine all the thoughts I have make no sense, all the joy I felt leaving felt stale, all the freedom I thought I had when you let me go is now a cage, my own hell. I want you back , i want to hide within your arms, I want to be the one to fight for you now, I want to be the one to beg and crawl on my knees for you now as you did me.
Christine I am nothing without you… I am not” he begged

” I can’t ..I can’t I am done.  You can’t leave and come back anything time you want and expect me to accept you back. It’s over…David just go”

“I know that babe I know. And I swear if you want me to wait till forever I will.”
“You won’t .. stop saying this David and-”
” I have spent months being stupid and a couple others retracing my steps and here I am , on my bloody knees babe I would wait. Because living without you already is my hell. Being with someone else is torture yes I will wait ”
‘I can’t David ” I let the tears flow ” I don’t love you anymore”
He sniffs
” that’s fine . You loved me when I didn’t love you.

You loved me when I didn’t understand what love meant.

You loved me when I chased other skirts and even when I and your best friend skipped the fence.

You loved me when you knew I was cheating , and I came home drunk with a other woman’s love and perfume. Christine you loved me in weakness and in my strengths and especially when I was at my worst you loved me ”
‘Stop it David. Please ” I begged, trying to pull away

“No, you loved me in my imperfections and my flaws and my really really messed up crappyness. You loved me when you knew I didn’t love you but you stayed.
Let me love you right back Christine. Let me love you the way you loved me and even more. I can’t live without you and I don’t want another day to go by with me wondering what if.  
Give me a chance…please ‘” he begged, tears leaving his eyes

“No…sorry I can’t ”
He grabs my legs, crying holding me tight

“This is my truth Chistine..I love you..I love you and I pray you forgive me, but even if you can’t ..even if you never, just know that I love you and I am sorry for all that I did.”
I push him running away , far away from him
But I don’t make it far because I fall on the ground and let my tears flow
I thought I had closed it all up.
I though it had forgotten the love so deep I felt for him
I thought it all gone.
But I was wrong.
I loved him still, I loved him so much and it was  breaking me seeing him all  bare like that baring it all to me.
I cried and I cried untill I felt his arms around me, pulling me to himself and crying with me
“Forgive me, forgive me..forgive me” he cried kissing my face, his tears mixing with mine and I holding him tight hitting his chest and slapping bis face and wailing and crying calling him all sort of names and letting all my emotions comes to bare
“I hate you I hate you i hate you!!” I screamed. 
“Forgive me . Forgive me..Christine forgive me ” he cried  not stopping me, he hits himself too,harder than I hit him, he hits himself more,tears turning to blood them when I realise that he had held a rock hitting his head
“For all the pain I cause you,for all the pain…forgive me. Forgive me. Let me feel it too even if it’s a little.. Christine ” he cried
I grab the rock and threw it away , wiping  his blood away.  It was a crack to his head, something a first aid would clean
“No please…no more more ” I grab him and hug him to myself
“forgive me…forgive me”

 He shook in my arms like a man broken who has lost all that he loved and my heart bursts with love for this man
I know he had hurt me so much

I know I had cried tears of river for him for so long..
But love was a funny thing actually..
You don’t leave it can’t trully leave it  unless it leaves you
And I guess love wasn’t done with me yet.
You see, as I held him there and cried with him…I realised something

The greatest thing about love…

Is forgiveness! !!
Love forgives all wrongs, all faults and wipes the slate clean

And I loved him, I love my David

And I knew not giving him a chance was me not giving me a chance to happiness

“I forgive you David I do” I held him tight rocking him “I never stopped loving you… God I never stopped loving you”
“I love you Chistine,  I ‘ll love you alway and I won’t ever ever make you hurt again ” he cried in my arms like a baby

That was the first time I had ever seen him like this

I don’t know what love has in store for me but I knew this

Right now,  this moment. ..

This was my peace…
Having the one I love return back to me.
Maybe the saying wasn’t wrong afterall..
“If someone trully loves you, he would come back for you”

My David did, he came back
He came back for me.
My Lover did and my troubled heart became still. 
Soon.. the wedding bells sings .

Soon..years later i am holding my lover still and the love radiating from him is warming my heart beautifully.
My Lover came back…

Sometimes,  true love isn’t magic, it is real.


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