….BEAST! !!”

“Run Run…don’t stop. .. when you fall. Pick yourself up. Don’t look back. Keep running. … promise me”.!! Her voice said to me .

It was midnight.  The eerie sound of the night danced about me. The shadows of the trees swayed as I whooshed past each one. 
“RUNNNNNN !!!” .. I could still hear her scream, behind the wooden door, chained and locked behind walls of steals. Clasped hands back together and an iron holding her feet…

“Runnnn ” she sobbed and then I ran. Falling and tumbling, fear gripping my feet. As the leaves sliced through my flesh and I felt blood on my lips… I didnt stop.  Not to clean the tears…as it’s saltyness spiked my wound.  I didnt stop , not even when I heard a loud owl in the distance.  No…I still didn’t stop. I ran.. for I knew if I didn’t. .. I knew what was coming. What has been a long time coming. 

Walls can’t hold it. Chains can’t stop it. Guns can’t put it down.. nothing. .. nothing can stop the unstoppable. .. not under the full moon.
So I ran and ran… lost for breath. .. dangling from dizzyness. .. sidestepping earth stones, dragging sinking feets through the muddy earth… I ran.. not looking back..

Then I heard it… its breathing.. its loud shrill again tearing  through the night …  the hairs on my body stood like spikes ,  the darkness blinding my vision.. my body shivering like cold ice… I ran.

I ran…and  ran…. to the brink of the thick forest. At the point to where the earth stopped and fountain of water flowed beneath.

Do I jump to my death.. or turn back.? I stood shaking..  undecided… unsure 

*crisp crisps* sounds of broken branches..
Crisps crisps.. I hear the sound behind me..
Crisps crisps. … someone else is here aside me

I touch the cross around my chest. I say the prayer of the saints.. I mumble out my words..  I flinch when I hear more sounds…

I turn. ..
“I command you…. I comman to leave… the saints of the angels are with me…. demon  flee”!!! I point the cross to it.. peeing on myself.. tears choking my voice..

All I see is its red eyes.. and face not humanlike. . As it flared it’s nose.. I felt a chill like breeze kissed my chicks..

Crisps crisps… the broken branches sings. .

“The holy one… the prayer of the saints… protects me. Be gone demon.. i command you to go back from whence you came.. the lord protects me.. burn in hell”…. I whimper.. as I open the bottom of the cross.. holy water spilled out as I fearfully sprinkled on myself and towards it  ..

It shook. Its fingers like claws pulled the earth…its mouth curved revealing long fangs.. its eyes sparkled  a bright red… and the moon blinked a beautiful grey blue. ..

“Angels and saints don’t tease..  holy water doesn’t sting… but know this… heaven and hell  is empty..and all the demons are here”…. it snarled. ..sounding human … but all I see is a monster. …

“I told you not to stop ..”!… I heard her say again.

Was the last thing I heard .. before my flesh was torn from me… and I lie here lifeless… while My entire life flashed infront of me..

And in one of the visions.. . I saw it.. her.. my mother… singing me a lullaby.  And I wondered…

Who would wrap her , Covering her nakedness in the morning, when she is found sleeping on the grass when the morning light comes…

And who would tie her up at night hoping she doesn’t kill another of her sons…

I can’t breath..
I .. can’t. ….. bre…….

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Wordporn-Series : this madness called love…. 20


Wordporn-Series : this madness called love 20.

I laid on my back , with my arms behind my head as I watched her dance . It wasn’t those sexy seductive dances when one takes off each cloth slowly, rolling hips from side to side, biting the lower lip and pout lips at thesame time, with one hand running fingers through the hair and then crawl on fours down to you.
It wasn’t that kinda dance.
This was the one that she had your white longsleeve office shirt on. The kinda shirt that is pure white. With buttons from top to button. But it’s only buttoned to her chest with one or two buttons off. And I have no idea if she has anything underneath.  Not that I care.
She had ear piece on, eyes closed and she did the makarina dance.
Do you know it?
Those kinda dances done in the 80’s. Out of tune.  Hands flying here and there..opposite sides. Head bouncing on her shoulders. Fingers doing scissors over her eyes .. up and down hand movement and then one hand closing her nose and the other drawing invincible zigzag in the air as she draws it down shaking her head like an agama lizard , as she goes down too. Reminded me of “Greece ” that had John Travolta as the lover boy. .. and then “Rags to riches “… movies of my youth.

I laughed. Because she looked silly. But I also smiled, because she looked beautiful even without her trying.
I kept watching her… as she danced in her world. Then she jumped.. legs bending behind her and the lands doing the guitar pose. I believe her song just ended.

“Bravo!!! Bravo!!! Encore ..Encore!!!”… I clapped and whistled.  She turns , looking at me. Her chicks turned pink when she saw me watching her with love in my eyes….

“Why didn’t you tell me you were watching me…??” .. she asked as she knelt on the bed. Her breathing slowing down to normalcy.

“Why should I. .. what’s the fun in that? . If I did I wouldn’t have had a special clown dance for me. I mean where did you learn to dance like that huh?”.. I nudged her with my toes .

“Well it’s a secret. If I tell you I have to kill you. “! She tuck out her tongue. Slapping my toes away..

*penseive *…  ” So that means…. ” I said sitting up.. ” That I am ready to die for you. So “…. I lunge for her, grabbing her by her waist… her warm rich laughter filled my ears. She didnt struggle as i laid her beneath me. She fitted perfectly in the circle of my arms. I stare down at her…

“Kill me already!!!!”

“Aye capt”!! She purrs… Pulling my neck down as she wrapped her arms around it. I smile… knowing kissing her always felt like heaven… I close my eyes and lean in to taste and savour her sweetened lips.
My lips touches the soft pillows instead as my face sinks into its soft folds. I sigh pushing the pillow away as I curse. ..
I turn around , looking at that spot I saw her a second ago. I blinked once and then twice.  All that met my vision was the white rob dancing on the hanger I got for Christmas two years ago .
I curse again.
I needed another drink. But drinking alone was as worse as having a boner. Well….kinda

I grab my phone from the side of the bed. Dailing the first number. . It rang a couple of times but no answer.

“Dude…pick up. Even if you were tearing through a thousand hymen walls. I bet you would have been done by now. It’s been like over 2 hours since you left”…  I sent it via text. Waited for an extra 10 minutes and buzz again.  Still no answer.

“Where is that smiggle when you need him er??”  I say to myself.

“Dude whenever you get this. Might be at the bar later . Incase you want to swing by”..  I toss my phone away. I close my eyes again.
Bad idea.

I needed a distraction.

“Ahhh movies”!!!….

“War, action..anything that doesn’t make me wish things impossible or think of Amara. ” .. I leave my bed and head towards  the screen.

“Junior!!!” Amara exclaims, struggling to remove his hands as it climbs into her inner thighs. She wished she had worn trousers instead.  But how would she had known she would have been tagging a ride with the devil himself.

Junior licks his lips. A bit higher and he would sink into the heavens with his fingers. He was stronger.  When she kept struggling. . He grabs her neck..pulls her head closer and smashes her lips with his lips..forcefully sucking the breath out of her. Her hands fly to his face to push him away. That little distraction,  got his hands higher up to where he wanted it then he tickled her.

“Ouch”!!!  Pain registered as he pulled back sharply from her.

“You bite me Amara??” Shock filled his voice. When he looked back at her. Fear engulfed her countenance . She had curled to the door. Holding unto her self. Tears streaming down her eyes. She wipes her lips with the back of her hands, drawing her legs tighter together.

“Stop the car. ” she wispered

“Don’t be silly Amara. ” Junior licks the blood from his lips. He winced in pain. Then he smiles.

“I knew you are a feisty one. And pleasure and pain your turn on. I don’t mind a little of pain too. You make it harder for me to let you go. I want all of you Amara. And I will get it. Wether you like it or not. Just so you know…. ”

“Stop the CAR! !” Amara screams. Junior pokes his ears.

“Oga. … madam… any problem??” The driver askes. He had seen what happened.  He didnt want to intrude. For all he knew they could be lovers. Or better still.. it was none of his buiness. The love play at the back of his sit gave him ideas. When he drops them off he would go to Madam Basira’s shop. It’s been awhile he buried himself in her bosom and had her soft chicks behind grind into him.

“No driver. Keep going. My gf is just being silly. Never mind her!!” Junior tells the driver. Who nods.

“If you don’t shut up. I would have him drop us somewhere and I would continue what I started.  So be a nice girl okay. And stop crying. I won’t touch you again…. For now!!” His eyes mocked her.

“I hate you. Why … what do you want from me. Why won’t you leave me alone?”  Amara sobbed.

” Well. …I like you. I want you. That’s pretty obvious.  I mean which guy in his sane mind wouldn’t want to take you to the 7th heavens and back. Have your soft skin pressed against him and not feel consumed. See you naked and not want to drive inside you untill you scream out his name eh??? I mean… I wouldn’t pass that up. No one would.”

Vivid images of Bruno and her. Skin against naked skin the night before. And yet… all he did was keep her warm and nothing else.
“Bruno.!!!!*..her inner voice screamed.

He wasn’t done talking …” not even Bruno who is just bidding his time to come collect his own . I mean have you asked yourself why a guy out of the blue …without any ties to you , offers to pay your educational fees ??? You think he works in a bank or he is one oil worker in chevron or something??? Or he is a charity worker and the good samaritian in the bible???  The dude is just cementing the ground so by the time he comes to collect the honey within your legs you have no choice.

….. Atleast am not a pretender. I want you I tell you. And I know you are just pretending not to want me. But that’s fine. A girl is allowed to be shy. It’s part of their biological makeup. Bruno would come for his. I mean I was surprised he didn’t collect that night. I bet he tried and you slapped him down. And he refused to tell me that part .Good girl.
Bruno is as worse as I am. Even worse off. So use your head. Let’s have fun. Let him pay your fees. I mean… He is the only one willing to. Not like you are begging him. But a real man like me would make you feel like a woman. You best believe that. He can have his… but after I have mine. It’s a win-win Ama. Think about it”…. He finished.  Happy with himself.

“You are disgusting. All of you. You..and Bruno. Let me out. !!!! Tell him to keep his money” ….her chest burned.

Junior laughs. “Don’t be stupid Amara. Don’t break your mother’s heart. Enjoy it. All am saying is I like you Alot. And I want us to make use of this opportunity.  But I will have you. So stop fighting me.”… He looks out the window …

“Smile. We are here. ” he rubs his lips. When he remembered where his hands were a few minutes ago he takes it to his nose and breaths in.  The look on his face was relaxing ..

“Oohh Ama. You smell divine. If only I could taste you. In time… due time. “…He winks at her

Amara jumps out of the car as soon as it rolled to a stop. She didn’t look back. She hurried quickly and disappears into the crowd.

Junior smiles dipping his hands into his bucket. The damn phone has been vibrating inside his pocket.

“Where to Oga? ?” The driver askes. For some reason he wished he had interfered. The girl who ran out of his car felt sad and scared. Maybe the boy wasn’t her boyfriend. But what did he know…. ” kids of nowadays….” he mutters under his breath.

“Back to where you picked me” Junior answers absentmindedly. .

“Missed calls from Bruno. .
Messages ” … He chuckles after reading …

“You have no idea the hymen walls I was inches away from literally poking with my fingers Bruno – boy. But my junior would do the honours…. ” he smiles.

“Driver… take me to Kode9 Bar. ”
He continues to rub his lips.

“Isn’t that my main man Bruno the hammer! !!” Huge hands grabs his shoulders tapping his back.

I spilled beer slightly on my chest… i turn hoping to stare down the intruder. ..

“Hey!!!! Timothy. Badt guy…. what’s up mehn???” I laugh, shaking and dude – hugs him as i stands up.

“Oh boy I dey oh. ” Timothy looks me up and down…. ” You still the handsome p***k. Junior didnt lie. What’s up men. Why you drinking alone …by yourself. Where Where is your boy. Or girlssssss??? ” Timothy sits down , flicks his finger so the waiter gives him what i am having.

I shake my head, dropping my bottle on the table…. wiping the beer spill with my hanky. .
“Junior is probably buried inside a lady’s thighs. Not that I care though. The dude habit changed one bit . But we were together earlier. I sent him a message… so I guess he might come by. And for girls???? That’s old school my friend. Bruno here…… is a changed person. I suddenly realise the folly of my ways and that all is vanity. ” I tell him

“Interesting “…  Timothy eyes me.
“Are you sure you okay. How many bottles have you had??? The Bruno I know is a bad gang all by himself. For you to tell me you are done with that. It either means you are now a religious fanatic and soon you would be preaching jesus and the saints . But you smell of two hundred beers so I rule that out. They don’t drink after salvation. Or some chick got you like this and I must say… she got you bad. You have never pinned over a girl before. Which is it ??

“Tsk tsk” I flick my fingers. Doing the *you got it gesture*…..” and the second one has it”…

Timothy laughs . “Damn. This is a sight I never thought I would see. So I don’t know how to react. So where is she..who is she. She like a goddess. A sexy vixen and all that jazz. Does she tastes as good as she looks??”

I turn up my nose in disgust… ” Argh tims. No please not you too. I have junior filling my hears with sex and details. It’s not like that. She isn’t like that. She is is an angel. Beautiful. Calm. Pure and unchaste and I have no intention of ruining God’s perfection even if it kills me. She makes me want to be different. Not for her. I want to be different for me. Damn Timothy.!!! You have no idea.” I run my hands over my face

“Wow”!!!! Who would have taught Bruno would sound like a mad man over some girl. Now am curious to meet her. I have have to shake her hands… this is an am miracle! !!”

“Oh fxxkoff! !” I exclaim . I remember what he said earlier…and what junior told me. I needed to confirm. Because then Tim would have seen Amara  that day too.I didnt know why but needed to be sure.
“Wait you met junior of recent right???”

“Yes. Here at the bar too. I asked about you and shiii.” He answered.

I puzzled expression crossed my face…it didn’t make sense
“He told me you guys met downtown.. at a certain close. A girl was crying on the streets.  You was with some chicks and he had to leave you to meet her…..? ” I trail off

He had his beer to his mouth. He paused. His eyes twitched .Twice. He went ahead to take a gulp. Swallow it slowly . Wipes his mouth with the back of his hands. Faked a belch.

Why did I have a feeling he was buying time  to lie. Or was I just getting wrong vibes of recent.

“Oh yeah that’s right!!!!! We we saw there . Yes . Uptown glove.” .He lied

I raised my right eyebrows …

“No I mean down town. Yes. The girl . But I was too distracted with myself.. I mean my girls so we left and hooked up again in the bar. Had a couple of drinks and shiii.” He drank again. 

“Hey waiter, give my boy another bottle” he ordered.

“No am good. My stomach can’t fit anymore booze ” I eye him. Why do I get the feeling he  is lying. ??? But i shrug the thoughts away. Stop it Bruno. He is your friend . Got no reason  to lie. I smile at him.

“So….tell me. What have you been up to???”

“Amara? ????” Nkechi touches her shoulders
“Why are you sad. Your name is out. You have been admitted. You should be happy. I mean I am. We are going to go to school together and all. Am soo happy!!!” Her mother’s friend’s daughter squealed.

Amara smiles weakly….. “You won’t understand Nkechi. This isn’t a blessing. This might very well be my curse”

“Whatever do you mean Amara? ??” She looks into Amara’s face. The both shared a seat on the ride home.

“There is a man ..clothed in sheep’s clothing  bearing gifts. But underneath a lion. And there is another man…  visibly  shown as the devil. But both of them seek the essence of my life. And if I run. I would would be chased and be caught by the devil. If I stay.. mother hen would be at peace and happy. But unknowingly selling me to the one clothed with sheep to be slaughtered. What do I do??” Amara askes

Nkechi thinks for a minute. “Take the gifts. Don’t run. Afterall if it’s am good gift it’s for your own good. Mother hen and you would be happy.  Plus…am sure both men want thesame thing. Give it. Enjoy your gifts.  Case closed” she smiles. Satisfied with herself.

Amara shakes her head and sighs.
“Like I said. You won’t understand. No one would. “..

Her phone buzzes in her bag… she brings out her phone , checks who the caller was..

Her heart skipped in her chest!





….Baby! !!!.

I blinked once and then twice. Trying to see through scales that fell off my eyes.
I saw four pairs of eyes staring down at me. They blinked as well. I felt hands touching me. I felt sounds buzzing through my ears. I was carried and tossed. Tickled and fed.
I suckled on those breasts. . The perky mauds fitted perfectly into my small mouth as thick-light liquid gushed down my throat as I suckled . Filling my tiny stomach walls. Giving me strenght .. strenght for a few hours at the most. Then I would open my mouth and bellow out in shrill sounds. Never allowing her eyes to close more than its necessary. .
I began to fly before I could run. Grabbing unto tall trees, messing up his buttons . As I braved the walls.. reaching and pulling. Baby spittle trekking down the sides of my mouth..smearing smooth surfaces.
Powerful hands would lift me into the air as I relch out all of my insides, ruining his day’s wears. He would squeeze his face. And push me into softer hands.  Who would “coo” baby babbles.. and shuu the other into changing wears.

“I swear…I never did it on purpose..
I felt dizzy when he lifted me into the air. And all the milk spewed out before I could hold it inside..
I swear I wasn’t laughing… But I couldn’t help my eyes twinkling when I saw his contorted face… “. I think to myself

“You ruined dada’s work cloths.. naughty naughty”… soft voice sang to me as soft hands pulled wool over my eyes. Spanking Johnson ‘ s smooth flour over my tush after using wet silk over it. The cold caused me to giggle.

“You like it don’t you..don’t you… dopobodoblublue blerkkkkybuboooo”   …. she teased.

I giggle. I giggle alot. I had no idea what she was saying. She was more like a clown. A clown I loved to watch. A clown whose warmth keeps me save. A clown whose kisses I long for every morning. ..while I tease her nipples in my mouth. While I play with water. .while I climb the walls of her bed. While I snuggle under her chest.. yes.. This clown I love. 

And the other one.. Him…I looked forward to every evening.  I would wait… sitting between my clown’s thighs.. watching the door as I pull her hair. While she grabs unto the big black controller that makes magic when pointed to the screen…  my spittle treks down the side of my lips always…

I hate that damn thing. Can’t keep my mouth closed.

Oh lawd!!!!

The embarrassing moment…. I close my eyes.
It’s coming…

I go to my clown.  Crawling over her face…

I watch as she turns up her nose. Laughing.

“Oh dear… let’s go clean your tush”

I laugh as she wipes my poop.

One other thing I love about her….no disgust.

I mean I know I can be pretty disgusting.  I mean… *turning up my own nose”… my poop got a million dollar stench. I could literally die. But I won’t.

But she is smiling. Cleaning me up. Playing with me…

“Hey clown…wait don’t tickle…don’t tickle…. oh..i can’t hold it in any longer….oh ah ah ahhhh”…

The little man… who or whatever it is…. just popped…

The water splashed all over …right into her eyes and mouth. ..

“Oh my goodness….ewww…haha hahaha.
Bad pee wee. ..hahahaha”.. she laughed. Dumping a cloth over it. Causing the water fountain to simmer down…

“Oops.. sorry my clown.” I say.

“Donoblubluenlapnalpdadasambooboo” she hears …

“Haaa. .yeah…dododblubluesamdadalababooooo” she replies… I giggle..

“WTF are you even saying ?”. But it doesn’t matter. I love her. I don’t know how but I do.

I hear the door sound. I dance on my knees. I jumb clapping my hands.. my lifter is here!!!!!

I dance around his tall walls.. the trees I love climbing every morning. I watch … as my clown and my lifter… touch faces.. she gives my kisses to him.. a deep throated laughter ensued. They squeeze themselves. I sulk. I wimper. Tiny tears started to build up. I bellow out my jealousy. No one is paying attention to me. I bellow some more. And throw tantrums… Kicking. .and throwing myself on the floor…

“Awww there there”… my lifter says.. strong arms lifts me up.. twirls me around…

“Daddy is here…don’t cry my superman. Here let’s fly!!!” He says..

I don’t know what he means. But I feel safe. I feel loved. I know I belong..and I know he wouldn’t get angry every time I spew my entire insides on him. No matter how many buttons I pull. He would still do piggy rides with me. No matter how much I snuggle between him and my clown. And fight her nipples with him. He would never hate me.

So I wound my tiny arms around him and try to climb his head. Kissing his face with wet kisses. Pull his tie and drop spittle over his hands and that magical thing that buzzes in shrill sound that he puts to his ears. And talks for awhile. I like it. I ruined my clown’s own last night. It doesnt show lights anymore.

I had put it in my mouth. Crawling round the bed. And dumped it inside her glass of hot tea. My clown felt sad. Because she screamed when she saw it. But my lifter came home…as she dangled it infront of him..pointing at me. But my lifter places wet kisses to her forhead and lifted me out of my crib…playing the superman till i fell asleep. By morning… a new bright saucer ones laid on her bed. But my clown didnt let me go an inch close to it…i shrug. My lifter let’s me play with his… I clap my hands.😈😛

Sometimes I wonder how blessed I am.

Today.. while My clown and my lifter slept. I was awake. Punching numbers into the bright light saucers. Then I felt the buzz. It vibrated through me. I giggled.  I put it to my ears as they do.. pressing more multiple buttons

“Who is this…hello….Mr and Mrs clown and lifter residence?”

“Dapo bla bla bla sap didi pop blue weee”   … in reality.

The bright thing kept buzzing. The vibration tickling my small hands…

“Speak … its baby clown’n’lifter here. How may I help you??”…

More ” zhuri mufti blerblarh zyyyyyybludodaaa “..

The buzz don’t stop…

I shake my head.. apparently the fool at the other head doesn’t speak English . I assume. I crawl to the sleeping forms.. over their heads. I sat.

I tap his face. Once. twice. I get up and dance..jumping. I slap his face…
My clown lifts me up..turning me over…and tucks me under her arm..I giggle. And kick. She laughs …lifts me up and kisses my chicks. The thing doesn’t stop buzzing or does it start again.
“Yo!!! Clown focus… don’t you notice am on a mission…??? ” I say.. but you already know what she hears in reality..

Then …out of no where… my baby babbles manages one word…

I felt them pause. He wakes up with a start and she stops tickling me. They sit up and look at me. Their eyes shining.

“Say it again”… she says…. they exchange looks. 

I didnt know what she means but I am glad she had stopped.

I raise the buzzing phone… and repeated..

“Da-da”!!! …

They screamed. Clown dances on her legs. My lifter had pride in his eyes.. his face had spread into a cocoon of smiles. …..

“Say it again. Say it again!!” They chanted.

I looked at the buzzing phone. Don’t they see am trying to give him the bright light saucer in my hands and the fool doesn’t speak English. .. I raise it in the air again. Jumping..

“DaddaaaΓ aa”

Strong arms lifts me …twirls me around and around. Phone drops from my hands. Laughter fills the room.

I look into their eyes and wonder why the excitement.  And for a minute i forgot about the buzzing light saucer… and the fool who don’t speak.

If what I said made them this way…. happy. Joyous. I would say it again….

“DaddaaaΓ aa! !!!!!!” I screamed and i joined in their giggle.

Did I tell you I love My Mr and Mrs Clown’n’Lifter? ???  *snickers *.


PS: Children are a gift from God. Blessed are those who have them round about on their table.



mama stood, backing the horizon as the sun went down in the north. She didn’t move. She just stood there as darkness crawled in. Untill all I saw was the outline of her shadow as i tried to blink a couple of times for my eye to adjust to the darkness .

I don’t know long she had been standing there. But I knew it was a pretty long time. Because my little legs began to hurt from peeping through the hole of my broken wall as I tried to steady my legs on the stool that wobbled because one of its leg had been ripped off when papa slammed it to the wall one of those days. That was two nights ago . He left the house that night and he hasn’t returned.
I must have fallen asleep, resting my head over my hands , on  my knees.  I opened my eyes when I heard footsteps and the sound of the door that made unpleasant sounds opened up.

Mama walked in. Closing the door behind her. I got up from my knees, rubbing them. I sat on the stool , one hand rubbing my eyes while the other covered my mouth as I yawned.

“Mama??”  I called out in a little over a wisper

She tensed. And turns slowly.
“How long have you been awake didi?” She asked. She sounded displeased

“I was sleeping mama. I heard you come in ” I replied.
“Why were you outside mama. ??”

“Go and lay on your matt and sleep. And don’t ask me silly questions. ”  . I couldn’t see her face nor read her expression. I knew asking any more questions would reward me with lashes over my tush. So I swallowed the nagging question  ..and heard it hit the walls of my stomach. I left the stool and walked to the end of the wall where i had spread my mat. There I laid, and closed my eyes tight untill sleep came.

Papa came in the morning. I heard them arguing. Which is what they have been doing of late.
Papa never talks to me. Infact I don’t think he had ever looked at me ever since I turned 4. He doesn’t play toys with me. Or rock me to sleep like mama does. All he does is to drink and sleep. Fight with mama and go out returning days later. And it would continue again.

Mother stays by herself most times. She would humm that song she knew I liked. She would plaite my hair and hold onto my hands.  And let me sleep on her matt when father isn’t around. But as soon as he came, she would tell me..

“Don’t make papa angry. Don’t throw stuffs at him. Don’t pour water in his shoes. Just be quiet . Papa would come around. Give him time. ‘.

But it’s been too long. Too long I had my father look unpon me with love. Too long I had that father and child moment. I missed  it. I missed the happiness between them. The laughter and surge of love stifling the air that we breath. But that felt like forever ago.. just like the frame of our smiling  faces that used to grace the wall. Covered in dusts and broken glass. Papa had punched it. Spilling blood and he stomped out.

“Why is papa always angry mama. ??”

Mama would smile, touching  my face.

“He isn’t.  Give him time…to accept you. Accept all of this “…

“Accept all of what mama.??”

She would look into my eyes, her eyes filling up too…
“Go play didi. You are not yet ready to understand .just give him time. “…

So everytime papa came home. I would go to  my corner, holding onto the only toy I had. He turns away when he looks at me.  Anger flashing in his eyes..

“Take it outside. Take it out and leave it out. I don’t want to see it. I keep telling you. I don’t want to keep seeing it woman. !!!” He would shout . Pointing at me. Hitting the only table we had. Spilling food.

Mother would scurry to my corner. Pulling my toy and me with it… I turn back looking at him. Pleading for his love with my eyes. But he turns away. He always turns away

“Stay here didi. Don’t worry. When papa calms down.. I would bring you back in. And you can play with me later. We would play with your toy later. Please..stay here ” ..

I would sit by myself. Sometimes..i would fall asleep out in the cold. Beaten by the tiny creatures of the earth who rejoiced in my tiny bloods to stay alife.  And when the cold is unbearable. I stand at the door and knock. But no one answers me. No one hears me. My small arms aren’t enough for a cover. But I sit by the door, and let sleep take me. For the choice of warmth is not my own.

When the morning light comes, papa leaves for the day’s hustle. Passing me without a glance.

“Papa… will you play with me when you come back??” I call out.  He doesn’t answer. I get up running to him. I hug his leg. ..He stops . Turning.. I look up into the face . That once smiling face that pasted kisses over mine.
“Papa… I love you”  ….”Please forgive me. Don’t hate me. Whatever I did. I am sorry “….  I hold on to him tight..

He shakes his leg. Kicking me away. Turns looking back at the house. As though mama had called him. And walks away.

I am left crying. Shoulders heaving up and down. Curled on the earth. Pained. Rejected. Abandoned by the man whom I love the most in this world. My father.

“Hush now didi. Hush now. I am here. ” Mama gathers me into her hands. As I held onto the  red toy car papa had bought for me on my 4th birthday. He had saved to be able to get me something. Something worth more than i ever had. She rocked me untill all the tears dried up. She was the only one who loved me.

Tomorrow was my birthday. My 5th birthday. Maybe tomorrow papa would let me hold his hands at least.

Night came. I sat by the door and waited. Untill my eyes began to hurt. Untill my legs gave way and sleep took me. Papa never came.

“Sleep child. ” Mama sang to me. “Sleep my beautiful baby child. ” But I wondered why the tears that trekked down her chicks didn’t stop. But I was too tired to ask..

“Wake me when papa comes”  I yawned. Touching her face. She only nodded.
I heard him crying. I heard the pain and agony in his voice as he wailed into the night.
I got up from my mat..

But all that met me was silence. The noise was coming from outside.  I dragged the stool as it wobbled to the wall. I knew going outside would make mama displeased. I climbed the stool and peeped through the wall of the wall..

From the shadows I saw them.. mama on her knees, holding onto papa. Or restraining him.

Fear gripped me. I braved myself and ran out. Careful to hide in the shadows as I came up behind them. Quietly. I didnt want mama to see me and punish me for disobeying her. I didnt want papa to see me and get angrier. But I also was scared. Scared of what was wrong. The fear felt farmilar but I couldn’t place it.

Papa had a bottle of dark drink. He looked like a man deranged as he continued to hit his chest with the spiked branch. Every motion taking a shred of skin away. Mama’s strenght was no match for his. He wouldn’t stop. No matter how much she pleaded. He wanted to hurt himself. He wailed. He cursed. He Bled.  And he cried. But he didn’t see me. They didn’t.

I fell to my knees. What could I do. A mere child. I felt pain I didnt understand.
“Mama.. papa” I cried.
“Papa stop hurting yourself. Mama please stop him”… but all I heard was the wind.

“Stop it please Peter. .. ” She begged

“No.. let me. It’s my fault. Let me die. Only then would I have peace. Only then will  i stop hating myself. Fighting you. And getting angry when i see her smiling face …let me woman. Let me die. “..

“No!!!! You have blamed yourself too much. We must move on. We have to. You have to accept it. God gives.  God takes. You can’t question him. So you won’t force him to take you. I won’t allow it. I won’t bear the burden of another pain. Not again. Now stop it. You must remember but you must forget. Despite what today is.. remember but forget. That’s all you need to do. Forgive you. Forgive yourself. All she needs is love. Then and now and forever. Don’t waste away like this. Do it for her. Do it for you.  Please stop it. Look…. look at her..” Mama points. His eyes followed.

“She lays out there in the cold everyday. When When it rains. When it shines. She needs to be in warmth with us. But she can’t. So let her live in your heart. It is done. We can’t change it. But we can move on. And remember but forget.”

Mama grabs the branch and flings it away. She wiped his bleeding chest with her scarf and gathers him into her arms as he sobbed. While I watched from the shadows…

“Papa.. I am here. Look at me. I love you” I screamed out. The wind danced again. .carrying it away.

Papa releases himself from mama. And crawled forward.   His eyes filled with flowing tears. He didnt stop untill he reached.
Stretching out his hands..He touched and rubbed.

I felt warmth wash all over me. More importantly I felt love flow through him to me.
I felt my heart contrict.

Papa closed his eyes and opened them, taking a deep breath.
“Didi, forgive me. Forgive me. I have been mad at myself for soo long. I had forgotten to love you despite. My little girl. My princess. It’s been soo long …I couldn’t look at your smiling face on my wall and not feel shame. Regret and anger.  I couldn’t see my gift and not remember my failure. My mistake. My wrong decision.  And knowing I had lost you shattered me. Shattered us. Today, another year gone. I couldn’t bear it i wanted to end it. Forgive me. Forgive me. I love you didi. I will love you forever” …..

Papa struggles up and staggers back in the dark into the house. Mama remains on her knees. Her eyes glistened

“What a coward I am….I tell you to love. Remember, forget and move on. But yet I cannot. For my pain is severe and I cannot let go… no I cannot”… she said touching and rubbing like papa. She followed papa silently

They pass me in the shadows. I don’t turn away from the spot they had left..because something drew me there. As i moved closer.. like a force calling me there.

I found, half buried in the earth. A large stone.
There I saw the picture frame of mama,papa and me. Smiling. The one papa had broken in anger.
I saw my red toy car laid beside it.
The words written “Didi”..Gone too soon”  on the stone.

I felt cold wash over me.
I felt myself choking ..
I saw I and papa.. I saw his smiling face.  I heard his laughter. I heard my happy giggle. Then I saw the truck. Papa wasn’t looking. I ran , chasing the dog. I heard papa scream.
Pain. So much pain. And then nothing.

I turn in the darkness facing the tiny house we lived in.
I knew why papa acted the way he did.
He never saw me. He never heard me. He never felt me holding him. Because I was never there. Not for a year . I have been beneath the cold earth. Cold and alone. Dead.
I am a product of Mama’s imagination as she refused to let me go. Holding on. Believing in things not there.
The fights. The pain.

I was never there.

“I forgive you papa.. I love you
“Mama….its time you also let me go. .. love me in your hearts as I love you both in mine. ” I wispered.

I felt the wind move….
I pray it carries my love to them.

I knelt rubbing the stone as mama and papa did. Then I laid I would to sleep… on the earth which had been my bed for the last one year.. but I don’t feel cold anymore.  All I felt was love. For that’s all I remember as I closed my eyes to forget.

The End.

Ps: Happy new month everyone.!!!

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Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. ..19


Wordporn-Series : this madness called love.  .20
She stared lazily at the sky, as she laid on her back, face upwards as she listened to the music of the night.
The stars blinked shyly severally at different places at thesame time. The cool breeze kissed her cheeks and the tickling of the bed leafs caused her to wiggle her toes, absentmindedly.
The book she had been reading laid flat on her stomach and both her hands spread on opposite sides of her. She didn’t stop staring at the sky, the deep blue sky and it’s twinkling stars.
Then she closed her eyes. Briefly.
Just on cue . She felt him .. felt him even before she saw him. He laid down beside her. She could feel his eyes watching her..taking all of her in. She felt his smile..
“Why are you smiling “? .. she asked.
“What is there not to smile about ??” …He askes her in reply. She felt his finger trace a line over her jaw line. And then to her lips. She smiled.
“What are you doing??” She asked again.
“What is there not to do??”…He says in reply.
Though her eyes were closed. Her dark vision became blurred.  Like a shadow covering her closed eyes. She felt it more than she saw it. As he reached down…covering her face with his.. placing a kiss to her lips. She opened up for him and let him drink from her..

“Why did you do that??” She askes miling. Not opening her eyes still.
“Why not??…just to let you know now and always that you are mine.. the best thing that ever happened to me Amara. And I would tell you words..In actions. ..and in ways only I know.. and we have forever to find beautiful queen. Keeper of my heart. My wife. Mother of my kids. My Amara. My sweet sweet Amara”…
He kisses her again… she returns his kiss as passionately as he gave her. And when he releases her lips… she touches his face as she opens her eyes to stare at the one that made falling in love easy…..She opens her eyes…and

‘Amara??? ”
“Amara??” …

She felt someone shake her out of her reverie…
“Amara??”…I have been calling you for the past few minutes.  Why are you standing at the sink like a monument . Letting the water run over your hands and you are staring into space. Are you alright Ama??”….

Her mother stares at her now. Touching her forehead. Shaking her again… her eyes questioning.

“Am fine mama. Don’t mind me. My mind just drifted “. She turns off the tap and moves away from the sink. Returning the plates they just finished eating with  to the plate sac.

“Hmmm. Okay. Do let’s go to the shop . So you can go from there to school and go and check out the necessary things you need to check. And I pray God as answered our prayers. Chei. .my daughter would go to school ” … she looks up to the heavens. Hands on her chest…

“When I thought all hope was lost. My daughter would go to school all because a stranger .. a godsent ..came out of the blues. Hmm. Bruno God will surely bless your kind heart.”… she prays. Amara winces..

She didn’t say anything to her mother.  She wished she could. Tell her off her fears. Of junior…and of Bruno.  Who knows if they planned together … while Bruno acts like the good guy.. Junior comes off as bad. But it didn’t make any sense. Junior claims that both him and Bruno are alike and want thesame thing. He had to be right.
Then why didn’t Bruno have his way with her last night. Why didn’t he force himself on her the way junior has been trying to do. There was no one at home to save her even if she screamed. It was raining.  It was cold. And they were alone. And she had been ridden of her cloths because it got soaked. And he had just climbed into the bed only to keep her warm. But….
But his thing…his thing…

She shook her head. He stayed like that all night. Not even a kiss did he ask or desire to get. And when he said …”Please don’t move…”… Amara shook her head again.

“An act. All an act to get me to trust him. Are they both trying to play me…”May the best man win.. who gets her first.. An act. Bruno. Junior. They just want thesame thing. To ruin me. Oh God”…. she muttered.

“Amara… did you say something ??”.. her mother comes out of her room carrying the only bag she had had for years.

“No mama. I was wondering where my phone is”…

Her mother stares at her as though she was some strange creature  ….

“You are holding it Ama.!'”

Amara realises that she was holding it. She offered her mother a weak smile…and then nodded when her mother says…
“Oya let’s go.”…

As she followed her mother out the door. The voices in her head didn’t stop talking…

“But why didn’t he have his way. Why didn’t he. Even if I had struggled atleast he would have gotten what he wanted. Payment for my education .is that not why he is helping me.??”
“But he remained calm. He took care of me. Kept me warm. Only wrapped me in his arms until i stopped shaking..
What does he want… why the act and pretense. What do I do..about junior. How do I escape from both their claws.. ?? Oh mama…I wish I could tell you my fears…. Both your happiness of open doors keeps my lips sealed of my predicament.”..
“Where are you going to??”… Bruno askes. Two empty bottles laid at his side. He was unto the third .

“Heh nowhere in particular. Just this chick I wana hook up with. Just because you lost your thunder doesn’t mean the likes of us doesn’t know how to use ours…and I need to get a load off this junk. Sac is filled up. What better way to release other than to plunge into the heavens within a lady’s thighs”… He laughs.

Bruno shakes his head.. ” One day. You would realise that…. not every girl is like that and that you don’t want to keep popping cherries all over the place. One day. This life is going to be a bore and it’s only that one that can cure you “. …. Bruno replies him shaking his head as. . *WTF am I even saying?????* he muttered to himself.

“Heh…Whatever. you haven’t only lost your thunder but Amara sure got you twisted . You tall trash. The sooner you hit that home rub and get her out of your system. The better for you. I need my boy back. The one who enjoys reckless rendezvous over some Faceless skirts and changes them like water. The one that tells me all the juicy stories and whatnot. You need to get laid and laid fast and forget about Amara. She is messing you up big time. “…. Junior states matter-of-factly….  * but I would be the one hitting that home run before you Bruno boy. I can’t possibly let you have that fun without me. Might even let you in on the juicy details one day if am nice*.. Junior mutters under his breath as he chuckles.

“I told you to stop talking shit and it ain’t like that. Get your polluted mind out of my house. Am sure whoever you are going to see won’t mind your foul mouth. I got movies to watch. Bye”…. Bruno dismisses him. Slightly peeved.

“Hey son am leaving…am leaving. Call you later. “… and he was gone.

“Get her out of my system? What is she…Some drug??? ” Bruno talks to himself shaking his head. A vision of her warm body in his arms, the curve of her breast and the fairness of her skin flashes infront of his eyes . He gulps down the liquid in his throat. He felt a tightening at the frontal area of his short…

“Damn” he swore.  He gets up and tosses his cloths and strolls butt naked as he goes to take another cold shower for the day.
“Mama… I am going oh. ” Amara drops the peeled oranges on the table next to her mother as she picks up her bag.

“Okay my daughter. Go well. May God protect you and may you come back with good news. You will need my friend’s daughter Nkechi there. ”

Amara nods…

“Ha… my son. You came??” Her mother greets someone behind her.

Her heart skipped. She hadn’t seen him since that night as she woke up and he was gone . He hadn’t called or stopped by. She didn’t turn. She picked up an orange . She noticed her hands were shaking. Why was she shaking.

‘Yes mama. I did. I was just passing by and wanted to get oranges. Plus Bruno called and asked me to check up on Amara. …and erm you ofcourse”… He winked. Him and her mother shared a laugh.

Amara froze.  Her shaking increased. But this was different. It was fear.

He touched her shoulders …

“Amara… won’t you great me??”

“Goodmorning. ” She said stiffly.

“Mama..let me go”.

“Okay Ama.”

“Go where. Where are you going to? Where is she going to mama??”

Amara looks up at her mother.
“No where””!

“No she is going to the school to check out the list. And meet up my friend’s daughter as well. They applied to thesame school.” Her mother replies.

“Okay. That’s fine. I am even going that way sef. Let me take her down mama. It would help to save her transport”..  Amara hadn’t looked  at him. That was okay. He didnt mind it.

Amara looks at her mother.  Hoping she reads the hidden message in her eyes… isn’t a mother supposed to understand their children’s silence.
But she did see. But she didn’t read. She didn’t understand the pleas behind Amara’s brown eyes…

“Haaa.. really?? Hey that is really good of you my son .. God bless you.
Ama, tell him thank you .
hey thank you my son. Ama Oya come and go”. She touches Amara chicks. Who managed a weak and resigned smile. She opened her mouth to say

*If only you knew mama you were sending me on a trip with the devil. If only you knew*…

Instead she says…
“I pray to come back with good news”…

She turns away. Still without looking at him. She walked ahead and faintly heard junior bid her mother goodbye.
She stood as he flagged down a taxi, and entered inside as a she opened the door wide for her.

He told the driver the directions and tells him he was paying for the entire seats. Amara didn’t look at him still.

“You know you might have to talk to me something Ama”?

“Don’t call me Ama.” She clasped her hands , staring out of the window.  She shifted away from him. His pretence brought a mountain of fear.

He laughs. He looks up at the driver. Sure that he was busy  focusing in on one road..

“That’s fine. Amara.” He says.

Then he places his hand on her knees.. and ran his hands up her thighs . She gasped in shock, placing her hands over his to stop him as fear gripped her like claws.

“Ssshh my sweet Amara.. its a long drive.
Lemme play with her a little.”..  his eyes sparkled. He licked his lips… his hands repeated the motion..

To be continued. …….

The Murder!!!


…..The Murder…..!!!
There are three sides to a story. There is my side. Your(or their) side and “The Truth”. But how you can come to that conclusion is entirely up to you.
Where do I start..
Like they would say.. From the begining.
I had just come back home from work. Tired. Extremly fatigued . Patched and hungry. I had a little accident at work.
I fainted.
Right there in the middle of carrying a ton of iron over my shoulder as my colleague walked infront of me. My vision blurred. I felt light headed. I staggered. Then I slumped. Thankfully I was able to push the iron away from my shoulder as I fell, causing my colleague to be pulled backwards tumbling. The iron rolled off to the side. I laid on my back, my head pounding when I heard Voices ..overhead. then I saw shadows for faces as they loomed over my sight… blurring my visions all the more.
“Is he dead??”…I heard someone say
“Francis.. can you hear me”… I heard someone ask. It should be dave.  It sounded like him.
“Call the hospital.  Get the medic.  Someone help”.. I heard a frantic scream
“Get the car …. someone help me with him”….  I heard someone say as my body was pulled and dragged and lifted from the hard granite floor and carried to something softer….
I felt as though I was floating.. midair, and the voices didn’t stop… neither did the shadows of faces fade.
Then I see the white lights.. and white coats. I felt something to my chest. It’s cold. Really cold. I felt a tiny jab to my skin. I wince, but I couldn’t move. ..
I felt my hand and legs strapped.
“Was I being restrained ??” I spoke. But they don’t hear me. They place the cold thing to my chest. I feel hands touching my wrist… checking for something. Turning it open and close… then  the tiny jab again..
I feel dizzy. Like my life was ebbing away from me…
“I need water”.. I say…  my throat felt as though it was going to tear. But no one hears me. I wonder if my lips are moving or my mind was speaking to it self.
Then i drift. Slowly… into darkness..
I wake up. I am standing over her. She is lying sprawled on the floor. I look down at my hands.. I am holding onto something . It glistens and glows from the reflection of the light and then something else… its dripping. Thick cloated red drops…
I look at her again… my chest contricts. I drop the knife and rush to her.. my eyes pooling I gather her in my arms, brushing her hair out of her face. Blank unseeing eyes stare up at me. Faded. Dead. Gone. Her body was lifeless. Just limps. Her beautiful face smeared by her makeup. She looked as though she had been crying. Then I saw the gaping hole that gushed out blood from her chest…
I didnt realise the sound I heard was coming from me…like an animal deranged.
“What have I done??”
“Forgive me…Forgive isabella “… I cried…
I laid there with her in my arms. Until I heard the serene. .untill I heard them break open my door. I laid there with her.
“I killed her.. I killed the woman I loved”.. I cried.
“Why.. how.. what happened??” The officer in black asked me…
“I-i-i don’t remember” I said.
“They said they heard screaming and someone breaking things and a fight.  ??”

“I don’t remember…”… I cried..staring as they drew a white cloth over her body and lifted her out , rolling her away.

“What do you remember. .. what was the last thing you remember “… He asked, shining his light into my eyes..checking me..making sure I wasn’t in shock. I just stared at that spot she once laid.

“I was at work. I had fainted. Rushed to the hospital. I was hungry.. tired. I drifted off to sleep. And I wake up..standing over..isabella.. dead. I I killed her…. I killed her… I killed her… I killed her.. I killed her”… I kept muttering. Shaking.. while they handcuff me , putting me into the backseat of the car…i turn.. watching the house… where I lived. Where we both lived…isabella was no more.
The judge couldn’t say it was man slaughter.  Yes I was holding onto the knife. Yes a woman was dead. But no motive.
The doctors said I was in shock. While they checked on me …Following my lock up, they say I was suffering from the “mad man” syndrome. I had lost it. I had a family history of “mad men”. So I possibly didn’t know what I was doing. I had “Amnesia ” too.
Colleagues said that I tend to forget things. I tend to fall down and faint and don’t remember my name or what i was doing.
They say. .. Francis, the strange one. Who lost it up there.
My neighbours said.. ” Francis and Isabella were a loving couple. He loved her as she loved him. Peaceful. He adored her. He would never hurt the woman he loved more than his life”….
They said….” They thought they were being robbed and when they heard the screams and fighting… they called the police. If he wanted to kill her… He wouldn’t wait there with her till the police came”
The judge couldn’t convict me. I didnt do it as a sane man. I might as well be a child with a gun who didnt have a glue. The case was dropped. Isabella was buried.
I was sent to the mad people’s home…away from prison. I mopped at the walls. I screamed isabella ‘ name. I called every nurse her name. I cried at night.
A couple of months later…. when they believed I have had better treatment. They let me go.
The doctors said they was no need putting me behind locked doors strapped to myself. I was healed. The losing of a loved one jolted me back to reality.
They packed my little belongings, opened the doors and sent me on my way.
I went back to my life…what was left of it. And they were supportive. Family and friends… and so.. life went on.
I laid on top of my bed one of those nights. Months later. I began to laugh. And laughed and laughed some more.
I remember reading the books of the “mad men” then I wondered…how it would feel to act like one. So if began to practice.  From what became a tiny hobby it became a way of life.
Then … I walked in on isabella and dave. On our bed. She was moaning in ectasy.  Her back turned as she held on  the headboard. While he plunged and thrust deep into her, their naked bodies moving in rhythm.   Her heard her  scream “harder”.. I heard him groan.. ” You like it don’t you…. more than the way Francis gives it to you…say it…say how much you like it..say it”…. then she riles up spewing nonsense. .. and screaming “Yes yes I like it. Like it better than Francis. .. harder baby harder”…

I couldn’t watch anymore.. they didn’t turn. They were too engrossed to notice a shadow looming over them, I wanted to kill them there and then… but I couldn’t.  I walked away. But the fact that I found my best friend and wife together scared me. Made me think of evil things to do to them. And so… I began my plan.
I walked into a bookshop…on the shelve.. I saw “how to get away with murder “… I became obsessed.
First…. I made up a family history of the mad men.
I acted the part.
Even made sure I had hospital records.
Then that night when I got home…. while she made me dinner and forgot to wash off the stench of her lover’s cologne.. I told her I knew…
She screamed at me. She threw things at me. She cursed me and told me she never loved me. That I never satisfied her. She loved dave and would divorce me and marry me and screw him on our bed over and over again and send me a clip. I smiled. Collected. I was calm.
When she saw the knife… I think then she knew…she wouldn’t make it out alife.
I knew that too…
See, because I had planned everything… I knew my parts. I had it all planned out. It’s been brewing for Months. Today…The opera was going live…
As i plunged the knife into her chest and turned and turned unto my hearts content. I felt nothing. No pain. Just the thrilling excitement of adrenaline rush.

I heard the serene.  My time had come.. I entered into my world of denial …when I heard them walk up the stairs… I began to wail like a mad man..
“Isabella. ..I killed her”….
Only a fool would believe.
I laughed at the stupidity. I knew I wouldn’t be charged. Who charges an insane man.

I turn back at the back of the car seat as they drove me away and smiled…staring as they rolled her dead body away . My eyes sparked.
“So long isabella. .. your dave would be joining you soon”…

As I laid on my bed… I read the message dave sends..
“How are you doing brother. Still coming to my crib. ..I got beer, let’s watch our fav game.”

I reply the message ” I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I am coming “… I send it
I smile to my myself, I picked up something different…
I wonder if I should clip his balls first… or pluck out his eyes….or maybe his tongue…
I laugh remembering a line from that book..
“Dead men don’t talk”…

I leave . For it was time to let another opera come to live..

Bhuhahahahaha. ….
The End!!!!

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The Cycle of Life. ..


…… The Cycle of Life…
There was a time, when I first opened my eyes, all I saw was fogged darkness and the shadows that loomed behind it. The distant echoes of voices that one day I would come to recognise and yearn to hear constantly..
The scent of her bosom that would give me life  sustainably , the feel of her hair I would let my fingers tangle into and the endless wetness of her kisses that would make me babble in feeble joy.
There was a time, years later while I carried myself down the stairs and watched her twirl in the arms of the one she loves. The light in her eyes and the sparkle of her smiles, the featherlike steps that courses her through the St.Cloud of Nine. There was a way she spoke and carried her head. There was a way she loved and cared for those in want. There was a way she said “I love you” to the one and “I love you ” to me. There were different albeit thesame. And yet… she was beautiful and more..
There was a time, more years later, while she was old and frail. She had molded me into all that I am and more than I can ever be. The one she loved had walked through the worlds,  the galaxy of no returns, shattering her kindred spirits. .ridding the joy from her eyes. One less love.. and yet even mine wasn’t enough to save her. And while the darkness came, and the moon gloomed underneath the sky..before the rise of the morning light.. she breathed her last, her slender frail hands letting go of mine. And her eyes, void of life. Closed..never to behold mine.
There was a time, when he came to me… hand in hand we walked the aisle.  In sickness and in health, to never forsake to never forget. And amidst my tears, my aching heart wished mine was here to bless. But wishes were never meant to be horses, and so I looked to the heavens and hoped while they looked down below, they would see me and mine, twirling to their favourite song and smile.
There was a time, oh not so long after, I stared down at my tiny bundle of joy. Tears of laughter blinded my sight and I wondered…can she hear me laugh. Can she understand my love coursing through my veins into her mouth as I fed her daily from my bosom. Her baby babbles must be a confirmation because it filled my ears , touching my heart with joy. I hope you can hear me little one.. I hope you can tell my voice even without eyes.. I hope you can follow it through the darkness untill you find the light and gaze unpon the beauty that awaits you on the other side…My beautiful mine .. and her laughter was all I cherished… her joy was all that we lived for… and everything my departed mother had taught me… I vowed to imbibe in her… for that was her legacy..
There was a time..oh I don’t remember how long now. My hair had fallen and my sights aren’t so bright.. the days don’t come to me and I usually can’t tell colours different. The one who used to grace my bed from my youth had visited his maker a year earlier as he went to make a delivery and the drunk driver didn’t see him.  I laid on his side of his bed, drank his coffee and never removed his jacket. For his scent I wanted to remember and his laughter I wanted to dwell in.  For those were the things that kept me when all I had was no one. Untill him, until my sweet little princess whose eyes swell with tears when she rests her head on my sagged bosom and kisses my frail and withered hands…. praying this sadness doesn’t take me.
But she doesn’t understand the power of love.. for there are different dimensions of it…and when the one you are “one” with leaves you on a journey of no return…Soon long to go along…and continue the journey you both had sworn to walk…in life and in death…
Oh I pray life treats you sweetly, and you find the one who would cushion your pain sweet one. .. for I have toiled the earth with mine, blessed with a replica of what we are and were… but my strenght fails me.. my heart is weak… but darlyn do not be feeble.. you must live to the fullest for even in death…The Cycle of Life must go one.. for a death is a birth of another… and you sweet one must remember that we are here even when we arent…but be happy…
I hoped my words would give her strenght. .but all I see is tears like fountain gushing out and coursing through her chicks ..that I had kissed a million times when I first carried her in her fragile state. But I grow weaker. I hear the rain … I hear footsteps. I see his face, smiling. My vision blurs…I don’t hear anything anymore… I managed one last look… and just like I was a tiny little babe wrapped in my mother’s arms, I saw darkness and a shadow of a face…and then nothing. For that was my head.
There was a time..I would hope.. that she lived her life to the fullest.. never forgetting me as I never forgot mine…and others before me.. for ours was a love line that cannot be broken.. But The Cycle of Life must surely and will go on. For that is the mysteries of all that it is.

“A life doesn’t end, for there is a replica born into every generation , albeit different.. but thesame blood ruins through our veins..albeit different skins.. but we fail to forget. .We came from one.. who changes the course of the earth by just a word. “……Stephanie Egberike

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