Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. ..23


Wordporn-Series : this madness called love .. (chpt.23).
“Won’t you feed me, or you rather me stare at your beautiful face”?..

She smiles shyly as she opens up the food. Exposing a special delicacy of peppersoup that had a few obstacles rearing its head from the darkened water and red warm garri that heat still emanated from.

“Wow. Your mum really went all out. It looks really good.” ..

“It tastes good too. .. ” she arranged the food , placing the utensils by the side.  A bright smile on her face. Her eyes sparkled

“Yeah.. I know what would taste even better ”   .. eyes ran all over her body, appreciating what they saw.

“Oh really.. what would taste better than my mother’s food. ?.. Amara askes shyly. But she moved closer, leaning just just a little. So I could see her cleavage.  From where the eyes peeked.. they were a beauty.

“Well. I can’t tell you. I would have to show you. The taste is better comprehended on the tastebud. . ”  welcoming her every move

“Well.. show me then”.!! Amara teased, fluttering her lashes. Biting her lower lip.

“Damn”!!. Forgetting the food.

She laid beneath, wrapping her legs to the form that had the eyes. And in another few minutes. Cloths discarded.  All that was left was bare skin and the desires burning.

“Taste me “.. she begged. “Taste me now”.

“I will my beautiful Amara. And I would savour every moment.  I would taste and drink untill all your essence is gone and all you feel is spent. Satisfaction and a taste for more in the morning light”..

While penetrating her core. Her moans sounding like music. Her touch digging. Her face with desire. Her being..accepting and taking all of the form could give…

“Amara “.. the form wispers..feeling her tighten,  rising. Her climax reaching. He not far behind.  The form squeezes..Amara holds tighter, eyes rolling into her eyes, feets curling..raspy breaths..then intensity

“Bruno!! Yes ..Yes ..yessssssssss! Bruno!!!!”…
“Oh hell Nah!!” Junior claws into his mind’s vision and flings Bruno from Amara’s body. As he hits the wall he turns into nothingness.

“Like hell that shit is going down on my watch. Not on my watch. Ama hit that before you even think to score a home run Bruno boy. You won’t even get to first base with me screwing up her mind about you. Not while I got two balls and this huge tool. Ama plow my way into her and leave her hole so big you won’t even fit.” Junior spat, speaking into thing air.

“What the Fxxk is with you Junior. Why did you slam your glass to the wall. The Fxxk mehn?”.
Timothy eyes him, he turns hearing the glass shatter just when he was about to leave. Barely a few minutes after Bruno had left saying he was going home. The bartender looked offended.  Shaking his head. His boss was going to have his head.

“Nothing.  Nothing at all. ”  Junior hisses waving Timothy off.

“Go on.  I gat to be at a place anyways.”..  He turns facing the bartender, pulling out his wallet.

” Don’t worry fella. I would pay for that. “.

“You had better “.. the man behind the bar mutters.

‘You say what??” Junior pauses, his jaw flexed.

Timothy senses and comes over. If he didn’t get in the way. The dude would be nursing a broken jaw for the next few days.

“Nothing. He said nothing. Lemme pay the dude. Thought you would said you gat a place to be.”?  He grabs his shoulders and takes out his own wallet and pays the guy. Who nodded a thank you. He was pulling junior away.

“Yes. Right behind  her and infront of him.” He smiles

Timothy felt disgusted. Above all.. He felt pity for Bruno.  He watches as junior flags a taxi and gave them an address. He knew where he was heading. He digs his hands into his pocket picking up his phone. He scrolls to a name. .pauses on it for a few seconds deliberately.  In another second he shoves the the phone back into his pocket and swears .

“Damn Bruno. Am sorry ! Fxxk you Junior.
Fxxk!!” He turns and heads the opposite direction.


I was visibly angry. I know I told him i didn’t  him coming. What the hell junior??”

“Helo.. Helo heloooooo” Junior smiles , taking Nkechi ‘ s hands and brushing her knuckles with a featherlike kiss.

“Oh goodness!!” Nkechi breathed. Obviously not used to it.

“Am junior and you pretty lady ??”

“Am Nkechi . But my friends call me Nk. And this its my friend…Ama-

“Amara , the beautiful “.. Junior cuts her, smiling at Amara.

“Won’t you give me a hug Ama??..” Junior spreads his arms open, inviting.

“Oh you know her??” Nkechi smiles

“She is gold around her. Her name is like rare diamond.  Amara, the beautiful. “..  when Amara didn’t move. He laughs and pinches her jaw.

“Always shy this one”. Amara turns her head away.

I was really pissed. Literally boiling.

“Yes she is.”..

I cleared my throat. They turned.

“Helo Amara,  Helo Nkechi.. Bye Junior”. I step back and allowed the girls to come on. Nkechi quickly steps in, smiling up at me appreciatively as she passed, pulling in the reluctant Amara behind in. Who seemed unsure wether to come in scared of the unknown or stay outside.. fear of knowne. . 
Her behaviour made me be curious . Again the negative vibe. As they passed I made to shut the door, junior blocks it with his hands.

“Hey, watch my face mehn. “.. He says pushing the door open.

“Actually it was the very intention. ” I smiled.

“I said bye Junior”.. I repeated .

Junior looks at me and bursted out laughing .
“Oh Bruno, funny guy. You funny”.. He pushes the door open and steps in .
Amara and Nkechi was standing watching us.
*Let Let it slid bro. Let it slide . Breath * I tried to relax myself. 

“Please sit. Welcome to my simple home Amara.  You haven’t said much. How are you. ? Can I over you girls anything ?” I ask staring at one from the other.  Ignoring junior who decided to help himself despite.

“Smirnoff please ” Nkechi  chirps. I raised an eyebrow. And how did she become friends with Amara again?

I turn to Amara, my eyes warms… but she shakes her head. My heart sinks.

“You know it would be terribly unfair that you came all this way to give me foo from your mother and you refuse my only offer. Something to quench your thirst. The sun is hot. Please,  don’t say no. Atleast take water. Fanta. Malt. ” I pleaded. I saw Nkechi nudge her friend who seemed visibly uncomfortable.  Quiet. Or was that fear hidden  behind that facade.

“Malt. She would take malt.”. Nkechi answers for her. Amara held on to the food tightly . She didn’t look at me but nodded. Atleast that was a win.
I turn to get the drinks. But first….
I hear wispering

”  Whats wrong with your Amara? You just keep quiet like person wei no sabi pronounce A-B-C . Inside the bus you were spewing nonsensical things . What’s with you?”

“Nk, you won’t understand. I just can’t wait to be out of here.”.. Amara replies. Fear griping into her. Fear and anger.  Mostly directed to one  of the men in the room.

“Hain. !! Me Ayam nor understanding oooo”. She says then smiles.

“Oh Amara why didn’t you tell me that your Bruno is a Greek god. I mean  as soon as he opened the door I wanted to faint. See that lean tall body. I bet he got six packs. And that smile and dazzling white teeth. Jezz, those lips. It’s too die for. Did you check out his ass? So taut and fit right into those jeans. I wonder if he is big enough down there and he–

“Oh shut up Nkechi. And he is not My Bruno. He He is just Bruno .”

“Mmmmmm. Ehen if he isn’t your Bruno then why should is shut up. My God babe he is fine. This fine dude wants wants to pay your way through school and you are there like monument. Like a stagnated robot. Me, I would come over one weekend , and tell him. Am all your sire, take me.!!” She pushes both hands infront of her, dreamily

“You read too many miles & bones”. Amara shakes her head. Clearly uncomfortable

“And clearly you don’t read enough if not. You would be twisted enough not to stake a claim on someone who obviously is ready and willing. See the way he looked and smiled at you?”

Yes. The same way Junior looks and band smiles at me. They are thesame. Wanting thesame thing. Probably planning who gets to have me first . Oh gawd!!! Mother. If only I can tell you the torment I feel.

‘Hey, are you listening to me??” Nkechi snaps her fingers.  Amara blinks.

“No.!” She states. Placing the hot food on the table as her palm couldn’t bare it anymore.

Nkechi shakes her head
“Oh my goodness.  Amara, Bruno is hot. And if you don’t want him. I will have him then. Since all you are interested in your education not the man or his money. Which ” she looks around ” apparently has ..little. I can keep him”.

“Whatever. You can keep both of them.not like I would wish either on worst enemy. ” Amara spat.

Nkechi raises an eyebrow..
“What the Fxxk is up your ass mehn. What are you doing here?” I pulled him to the side, staring him square in the face.

“Erm getting myself a drink, apparently since I wasn’t offered and maybe for the ladies. Like the perfect co-host that I am”. He smiles

“Why are you even here?” I was smiling. Was he even looking at me. Was I carrying a placard of an emoji smiling?

“Dude I said I was hungry. Won’t you feed a brother?. Plus am already here. Why so serious? Your guests are waiting and here you are…talking to me. Bad hospitality bro.” He pats my shoulders

“I can’t even deal with this shit right now. I need to speak to amara about something.  So finish your drink and ball out. ” I walk away, taking the cold drinks to the girls.

“Like hell that’s happening”… He chuckles.  He grabs his drink, picks an extra plate and utensils and heads back out.
One of the girls was smiling up at me.
But she wasn’t the one I wanted to see  her eyes sparkle. 

“So here..” I place the drinks down opening it.

“Hmmm. So Mama just wanted to feed me by fire by force today Amara?”  She offered me a weak smile.

“Please thank her for me. I would return the flask when I come visiting another day”. I sit down oposite them.

“No”. Amara states


“She said you should eat now. I tell her you have.”

“Am sorry? “. Why does she avoid looking directly at me. Was she shy?. I mean .. for a guy who have kept her warm throughout that night without trespassing.  Can’t she trust me enough to tell me what’s making making her uncomfortable?

“Well. She meant her mother insisted you eat  it infront of her and call her. “..Nkechi says. Still smiling at me. I didnt like her. Especially the way she stared.  Like a hungry lion.

I laugh… “‘seriously . Oh well. I best begin. So you can give mama good report ”  ..

Amara reaches for the flask, Nkechi beats her to it.

“Oh let me help you Bruno. I know how to serve very well”. Emphasis was on the serve.

“No it’s fine. I can help myself “.  .. forward much? If Amara didn’t want to I had two hands. Why did I want Nkechi far away from me all of a sudden.

“No. I insist!”.. she grabs it, smiling and she opened it, dishing out its contents. I resigned to my fate. Amara sat there quietly, playing with her finger.

“Thank you”! I muttered awkwardly ..

“Please join  me?”… I stated . Waiting for Amara to make a move atleast . Junior who had been watching from the corner suddenly pushes himself from the wall, grabs a stool shifting it to the table , close to me and the food.

Before I could blink.. or anyone for that matter..

Junior empties more than half of the plates contents of my food into his plate.
I repeat…My food. And began eating. Yumming and licking his fingers ..

I grab the near empty bottle of beer he was drinking and..



P.S :
Damn!!! Back to my baby small face 😈. Oh well…Am. Still. #Winning.
Like a seed I keep sprouting up, defying all odds, breaking grounds. Tearing and seeping through the earth, shattering cores. Like life .. I blossom. Standing tall, not wavering but held up . Petals like beauty, scent creating a peaceful ambience.  I refuse to be put down and stay down. I am me. Created for a purpose. Setting a pace. Making a statement. I refuse to be put down and stay down.  I keep breathing.  I keep living.  Doesn’t matter the health challenges,  doesn’t matter the lose of weight or swollen eyes.. I keep sprouting up from the ground and I keep winning. Back and Better.  Thanks for the love.. 😘


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What’s Your Art??


What’s your Art?..

Writing is an art. An unexplainable art. It’s words like magic… It gives life. It heals. It sooths. It slays. It humours. It breaks down. It lifts up. It transcends through time. It sticks. Doesn’t go away. Not like beauty, it dwells.
It runs, climbing up your sleeves, clawing into your heart, keeps you awake, gives you visions..makes you see.


It makes a man laugh to himself. Like the stranger brooding by the corner, eyes rolled up into his head, pen in his mouth,  scribbled notes on his lap, unseeing he stares..at you and through you. You shake your head and pass, hear him murmur obscenities.  Like he is in his own world.


But you see.. to him. You are the one mad. For he sees clearer than you, further even. Far and beyond. Over the seven seas, and the wonders of the world. He can create a whole new world from his mind. Make castles and dragons. Give life and death. Turn babies into man. Give you riches or a poor church rat.


You see, he can be a president and rule on the iron throne. Make you an elf or a mere mortal without eyes. In his world, there are no impossibilities. Impossible isn’t even a word.

So don’t frown at the brooding man by the corner. Or the lady typing a thousand words over her tab. Or the child who makes out nothing from thin air with his pen. Or thar boy who plays with wires and floater and chases canter. For you don’t see what they see. You think they are strange. But in reality ..you are the one who is different.  Because you only see what’s infront of you  but they see what’s behind you and further down and what’s coming…


Writing is an art. The writer an artist.
And every other person whose passion drives him. Their art is beautiful. .
Don’t despise their little beginings. ..

Love your Art. Be Your Art. And let your Art speak.


I am  Stephanie Egberike and i am a Writer. And I love every bit of my Art.
What about you???😈


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INTERMISSION : This Madness Called Love.. : Love Taunts



My waking and sleeping moments are filled with thoughts of her. Her lips I long to kiss. Her skin,my fingers desire to trail. Her lashes , I hope covers mine. My heart longs for her..but she don’t know it yet . Even i dont know why it beats fast and slow at thesame time when i stare at her .
How do I hold her in my arms and not want to sink into her. How do I tame the beast within me when all I desire is to own her,not to seduce but to protect her. Keep her safe and pure, untouch. As beautiful as she was created. How do I love her when I don’t know love myself. How do I stop thinking about her, when my nights are filled with visions of her.
How do I hide the shame I bask in. How do I change me.. how do I not want to touch her and yet want to.
Am running mad, like one intoxicated.  Like one addicted to her scent even without sniffing her.  Like an heroine she runs though my veins. But I desire not a cure. Like a bad habit I hold on to her. Like air I breathe her in on a daily. Like water to a dying man of thirst. Like food to an hungry baby. Like life..to one without a form.
Amara, you would be the death of me. Or the life I long to live.
Save from from this madness I feel.
And yet . If this is what it feels To be inlove.. then I rather dwell in this madness called love.. I don’t want to be sane.
Amara,  my sweet orange seller. Change me from the man I was.  Make me the man you want.
Let Bruno,  my name.. mean more to you than a man who sees a woman and desires what’s underneath her skirt. Let Bruno be a man, who makes you smile and wants to protect and provide for you. Because trully,  that’s what I want. I have no other desires.. despite I long and yearn and want you. I rather die than hurt you..
I love you Amara, even if I don’t know it yet. But my heart can’t stop beating.
Oh cupid!! You sly bastard. Look what you did to me…❤..

Wordporn-Series : this madness called love …..chp 22



I imagined her on her first day, jumping buses , trying to beat time in order to get to her first class.
I imagined her, chewing on her pen butt, trying to solve a statistic equation..
I imagined her, sitting by herself,  staring out of the window as she munches on her snacks .. being shy of the strangers round about her.
I imagined her,  coming back home.. after a quick stop to her mother’s,  she knocks on my door.. smiling when I open and ushers herself in.. maybe give me a hug. Maybe sit down next to me, maybe hold my hands and maybe. .just maybe. .brush her lips to mine.
I imagined her ..with a lot of things.. different sceneries .. but everytime ..with me.

I imagine her, like now.. walking behind me, hand in hand.
I long to hear about her days.. her desires … her dreams and fears.

I long to sit down and run my hands through her hair. I long to place my ears to her chest .. to hear her heart palpitate beneath her breasts.
I long to stare at her beautiful eyes .. touch her skin ..feel it’s softness. I desire not to digress.
I desire not to dent her walls of innocence. .
I desire not to damage her reins of virtueness. .
I desire rather,  to protect her like an egg.
A flower, blossoming in the garden of beauty…
Like a mother hen to her chicks..
Like a lion to his cub
Like a brother to his brother ..
Like the Eagle over its priced trophy…

I desire to keep her as she is..
For her innocence is every indication that there is still beauty in this world.
For her innocence is every indication of my rascalilty in my yonder years..
For her innocence is every indication of me being aware of my past and awareness of my shame..
For her innocence is every indication that I want to be a better man.. not just for her..because I have no idea what I want to be to her. .
But for me.. for I have every reason to be a better version of myself..

Only Amara makes me want to be different.
And I was content in just looking at her far away..
That soiling God’s  perfect creation. .
And if paying her way through school would give me redemption. ..
Then I would do it…
But why does my heart keep catching in my chest..
Why do I yearn ..
Thirst  …
And at thesame time…
Why do I rather want to protect her and keep my raging hormones at bay …

:Oh God! !! .. help me..!!” I mutter to myself, walking back to the bar where I left Timothy.  Lost in thoughts I heard familiar voices wispering..

“……yes yes.. I told Bruno what you wanted me to tell him”…

I hear Timothy say to someone who looked like junior.  He had a drink close to his mouth.

“Tell me what.?” I ask. What were they talking about. What did he ask him to tell me. Was I missing somthing.??

They both turn. Evident shock registered on their faces. I close the distance..

“Hey.. Bruno my nigga. . How you champ! !”

Junior. Ofcos.

He side hugs me Slapping a hand over my shoulder to give me a side hug. Timothy avoids my eyes. .

“Am good. What were-

“What are you drinking. ..? Bartender.. give my boy something to drink.  Can’t leave a brother without a glass. !” Junior cuts me. Timothy seemed to be shifting on his feets. Still avoiding my eyes.

“What were you guys talking about. Tell me what. What did you ask tims to tell me junior??” I turn to Timothy who seemed to like be having difficulty swallowing his beer

“What was that about Timothy ?”

Timothy laughs. ., nervously. . Looking from me to junior. More to junior. I had that negative vibes crawling up my sleeves again.

“Oh it’s nothing… Bru. I had tried calling you and it didn’t go through so I called Timothy to tell you I was on my way down here. Right Timothy? ?

“Erm..yeah yeah” he scratches his jaw. Still very much uneasy.

I shook my head. “I have been with Timothy and he didn’t tell me anything.  Infact he had asked me where you were and I told him you prally went chasing skirts. And I have called you and sent you messages to meet me at the bar. So……. am trying to marry the two. Doesnt make sense. Timothy what did he say you should tell me? ”

“Well…. He had erm…” Timothy began

Junior laughs.., nudging my shoulders  ..
“Yeah Yeah.  I just called him . Just now . Your number wasn’t reachable and he told me you were with him here so I came. Actually , the thing is-

“Let the man talk junior. He got two balls and a large junk. Am sure he can hold down his forte” .. I stated.  Junior began to protest ..but I stayed him with my hands. Why do I feel something else was going on here. Junior gets up.. prally uncomfortable.  He stands behind my back.. but I don’t pay attention to him.  Timothy on the other hand…was still avoiding my eyes  .

He turns and stares at me… a quick glance to junior and he says  ..

” actually he wanted me to tell you something and I told him I had.. but I haven’t actually gotten around to it.  ”
A quick glance to junior. .

“So I will tell you. .” Junior states

“No!!” I interjected 

He raises up his hands  ..” I will do it myself.”

I wait.. Junior paces behind my back. Timothy downs his glass..
“Am going to be a father! !” He blurted out  ..

I turn to junior , and for a strange reason it seemed as though he was as shocked as I was. .I turn back to Timothy.  He runs his hands over his face. . Scratching his jaw..

“For real? ?” I laugh in shock..

“Yea for real bro. .” Junior speaks, coming to stand in our middle, placing his hands on Timothy ‘ s shoulders..

“Yes mehn. But you see i ain’t ready for that responsibility and shit. And I don’t want to marry now. I gat too much going for me right now. Need to enjoy life to the fullest. Can’t be having a baby and baby mama tagging on and raining on my parade you know…”

I nod. …
“I see. Well, first things first.  Congrats!!!.  Cos I don’t know whether to be happy for you or be sad. Because you apparently aren’t happy about it .. so what do you want to do??”

“I told him to ask her to terminate it. Simple”. Sometimes  I wonder how junior thinks… I stare at him

“This is a child we are talking about here. Plus.. you aren’t a kid yourself. You have a job. A home.  I mean,  it’s your child.  Forget those stupid days at school.  I know some would have done a number on you and you didn’t care . But you are no longer a kid. You need to focus on more important things… and I think she should keep it.  You must have liked her to bang her..continuously apparently… so what’s the problem.  It’s a child. . Think about it . I mean…C’mon tims” I look at Timothy now, who seemed indecisive. .

“Mehn. I don’t know. I just don’t think am ready for that responsibility right now..”

“And you aren’t. .so do the needful”

“Oh just up!!” I tell junior.  My phone rings. .

Amara! !

“Excuse me fellas. I need to take this ” I excuse myself  walking away from the noise as my heart began to beat rapidly. . Amara was calling me.

Junior smiles mischievously. …staring at Timothy.  He looks to make sure I was out of ear shoot.

“I swear dude… you are one hell of an actor. That was a bloody nice save.” He slaps his shoulder , pulling him into a hug that Timothy pushes himself out from.

“Don’t junior. Just don’t.  You dey mad. If Bruno finds out I lied to him you know how he can be. He is going to Fxxk me up big time. He isn’t called the Baron those days in school for nothing.  He gonna Fxxk you up too big time. You don’t miss with a brother’s chick. ” Timothy was visibly angry

“Oh come off it. No de fear. Besides Bruno isn’t like that anymore. More level headed..and this chick is making him want to be a priest. ” he laughs .

“Besides, she isn’t his chick. Yet. He hasn’t stated his claim. He is just beating around the bush. Can you believe he offered to pay her school fees through Uni… ” he shakes his head  “that dude sense has been washed off long ago.  So technically,  she ain’t his girl so it’s a fair chase. Let the best man win. Plus… I know am going to get her first, eat her up real nice. Doesn’t matter how many times she refuses me. Am going to take it. You know..violence taketh it by force”  he laughs again..

Timothy eyes him..
“You blind.  Even if he hasn’t stated. It’s pretty obvious he likes her and a guy can’t be doing that kind of stuff for a girl if he doesn’t like her. And from the way he talks about her..She is like the real deal for him. So why Fxxk with that bro. It’s evil.  Wicked. And just fxxked up.  Dragging me into it too is just wrong. You don’t back off now it would blow up in your face and I won’t stand in the middle when the Bad side of Bruno tears his head . Plus it’s apparent from what you say. .she dont like you. So..back off”

“Tah!!! Nothing go happen.  Plus .. she no get choice for the matter. And he doesn’t even stand a chance either. I am poisoning her man against him so she thinks we just want to Fxxk her.. well I want to. No doubt. Am plain like that. He wants to but he isn’t in denial. So I tell her..either ways. It’s gonna happen. But Bruno is the worse from us two. But me… Ama treat her like a queen. So you see. . I got everything covered. And when all is said and done.  Bruno na my boy. I tell him sorry  . Spin a yarn or two. Paint her a slut forcing herself on me. He would believe me. He always believes me. Amara out of the way.. I and Bruno remain friends. Life goes on. Capish!!! Finito! !! All is right in the world . Another drink good man…??”

Timothy shakes his head…
“I swear.. you are worse than the devil. No I don’t.  Lost my zeal to drink. Have to be wide eyed. God knows what you have planned for me…too. ” Timothy declines the drink..  be needed to leave.  He made a mental note to distance himself from junior. He wished he could tell Bruno to be wary of his friend. He really wished.


“Hello..Amara ” ? I  breathed. .

“Helo..my son.. its me Amara’s mother. How are you??” She sounded happy.

“Er oh..mama. good evening oh. I didnt know it was you. I am fine. And you mama??” I smile genuinely..

“I am well. Ama said she has told you the good news oh. We thank God. Even for you. . Because he has used you to open doors for us eh..my son. God bless you”..

“A haha. .mama. its okay. It’s God. ..”

“Ehen.. Biko I have prepared something nice for you to eat. Send me your address. . So I can send Amara with it. No don’t refuse me this time oh. Pleas eh. I have already cooked it. Ama will bring it. Okay..? Text it . Thank you my son.” She cuts the line before I could protest ..

I smile…

Oh well.. what’s the harm there. But I pause … Amara and me..alone in my house?.

I gulp.

I walk back to find them staring at the TV. .as a football match was on..

“Have to head home. Timothy,  think about it. And make the right decision” I shake his hand

“Why ..why you de rush go house. You came out not too long ago..” Junior askes me.

I wondered if I should let him know or not.

“Amara told me she got the admission. They are excited about it. But her mum is sending her over with food for me. ” I shake my head. Not able to hide my smile. Timothy exchanges looks with junior. ..

“The girl you are pining over??” He askes me.

I smile..

“Let just have that talk some other time. I have to bounce”..

“She is sending her over to your place alone? With food? .. hmmmm” he says . But his tone was vexed. I raise an eyebrow.

“No oh. .. i was just asking  na. So after the food…. there would be De-FUUUUD”!!” He demostrated  someone Slapping a butt, while plunging into it. Rolling his waist and making sex faces  ..

I don’t smile. I was tired to telling him I didnt think of Amara like that. It was becoming annoying..

“I will see you guys later ” .. I move away

“Wait!!! Am coming with you. Am actually kinda hungry “.. He made yo get up. There was no way he was going let them them be alone again.  No sir.

“No sir.  You are not. You hungry. But your own damn food. Mama Basira’s shop isn’t far from here”… I wasn’t in the mood for his lewd talks. Especially with Amara around. I exit the building .

“Guy… back off” Timothy warns

“Shut up!!”  Junior fumes.


“Oya Amara. . Shei he has sent the address. Oya Oya come and go. Quick.  Before the food gets cold”.. her mother hurries her.

Nkechi watches Amara.  Her curiosity reaching its peak. A man has offered to pay her fees. Amara should be excited.  If she was the one she would be jumping with joy. But Amara looked sad. Is it that the Bruno person is asking for marriage. Is he an old man. Or very ugly. Why did she paint him out to be the devil.

She walks to her..
“Amara you want me to follow you??”  Amara pauses while packing the food.. as relieves washes all over her. Atleast she won’t be alone. She nods.

“Okay. Let’s go before my mother begins to call me. .” She urges her

“Mama..  I have gone. I will escort Ama  and I will go home from there”

Amara mother agrees.
“Ok dear. Ama, lemme go to the town hall for a meeting eh. Call me as soon as he eats eh. Okay.  Greet him for me okay.  Take care. Look at the road oh. Don’t make him angry eh.. okay.  Oya be going. Quick. It’s getting late. Before night will meet you here.”.. she ushers them away. . Picking her small and only bag and heads to the opposite direction.


“Is this the place??” Amara askes..

“That’s no.24 birabi street. That there is a chemist infront of the gate. You should enter and knock on the door by the second entrance. House 7.” Nkechi reads loud from the text.

Amara nods, holding on to the food. They both walk in following the directions.

“Ok. We are here. Knock now “.. Nkechi tells her, who just stood staring at the door. After a few minutes and seeing that  Amara had no intention of moving her hands. Nkechi sighs and knocks on the door.
Once.  Twice. Thrice.. and waited when she heard movement.

“Someone is coming. I think he is the one.”  .. can’t wait to see this mysterious Bruno who has Amara afraid of her own shadow and speaking in parables…

“Can’t I just drop it and leave.? Why did mama insist I wait till he is done. Lawd!!” Amara mutters under get breath turning away

“Whats that now??” Nkechi turns to her, taking her eyes away from the door..


Knock ..-knock..knock. .-knock knock knock! !

I had gotten home and taken a shower. Put on a clean shirt and arranged my room.
No. It’s not what you think. I don’t want her thinking am unorganised.

I rush to the door .

“That must be Amara. !!” I take a deep breath and let the air out slowly. I open the door . Finding Amara standing there. Beautiful in her simplicity and another girl. Whose eyes suddenly grew bigger out of its sockets staring at me.


Nkechi and Amara turns unpon hearing the door open..

Nkechi didn’t realise when she opened both her eyes and mouth ..nor when she said .

“Holy cow!! You are fine AF!!! Damn!!!..

Amara’s cheeks burned..
She looks away. But I stare at her. I only had eyes for her, ignoring the girl  taken with my looks… a shadow crosses my vision. .

“Helo ladies” the shadow speaks..

They turn. I frown.


To be continued. …

What is that. .that within her thighs?


Disclaimer :  please leave your inhibitions at the door . Not for the weak minds and overly religious .

Ps: You are responsible for whatever you deduce from this. *runs away*

Pss: Don’t ask me questions. Blame my itchy fingers  * whistles while running *


What is that, that within her thighs?

What is that, that within her thighs?
That,  which centers  down below her belly, between her thighs and hidden without eyes
Portrayed as gold, but mortified when told
Like a child which is to be a gift, a blessing like one ascending the thrown,
Or like the hooded man, casted from the lot and sent to oblivion for being what he is , a hooded man different from one without.

Is it  a curse,  a stigma and one for recluse
Or a blessing, a gift and one counted for bliss?

She, born with it, like one with mouth and arms
And yet she hides them from it, like bandits in dams
What is that, that within her thighs?
That brings glory and also water in disguise

Mother cautions one to protect it, keep it hidden and never let anyone take pleasure from it
Society points and stare at the ones who dances in public and everyone have had a taste from it.
Father and brothers  frown, never let’s her open her legs when she sit down with them with it
And strangers, those vile men, lick their lips and wag their tongues, touching their trousers so they can have a snif, a lick and a dip in it

What’s that, that within her thighs
That brings glory and also thick red water in disguise?

A woman, perfect in creation and a hole to birth many generations
For within her legs lies pleasures and pains,
From a lover, a  forceful taker and even the lady in thick cloated waters, all of them comes with the thrusts and games.

For that is what she is meant for, for without it she is made incomplete
And with it sometimes more a curse than more of a cause, for a woman, that which she possesses does so much  chores

What is that, that within her thighs
Which brings glory and sometimes a child in beautiful sunrise??

They say it in wispers,
Behind closed doors and hush-hush whimpers

They cover it with shame
Beneath her tummy and  clad with much protection and aim

They shout and curse
Her, who owns and carries it,
As a way of shaming when defending, when they are at a loss of words ,  a kinda high to their own superior side

But they plan and yearn
Some woo, fight and even beg , To
Taste , tickle and thrusts behind closed doors in a lovers warmth and in the morning light..they act not to have been part of what’s hidden between  her heavenly leg’s delight

What is that, that within my thighs
That brings glory , a child and red thick waters in disguise?

Ain’t I meant to be proud and raise my head up high?
Ain’t I meant to be pampered and cherished for the wonders which it brings to those who ask
Ain’t I meant to be protected from evil preying eyes?
Ain’t I meant to be loved throughout the days of my hole-ly life
Ain’t I meant to be the  actual seventh wonder under the deep blue skies?
Ain’t I meant to be beautiful like the woman who owns me like a goldmine within the high walls of my thighs..
Ain’t i meant to be just..what I am, as created to be useful in beautiful ways and not for ugly shaming traits
Ain’t I meant to be proud?. ..because from within my mouth gives life, flows life and pleasures  under serenading skies

So what is that, that within your  thighs,  that brings glory and sometimes beauty in disguise?
Do you hide it in Shame ? Like you are to be blamed
Or Do you dance in helpless delight
For out of you comes in beauty and then life.!!

I know that, that thing which is within my thighs
It’s my Vagina !!!
Yes it is,  and i said it .
No turning up noses,
No screwed up faces
No pretence. .and later want to tease it,
No half – truths ..
And definitely No shaming.

It is my vagina and it brings glory, a child , red cloated waters in disguise and it is definitely,
Unapologetically  mine.!!


“Woman thou art beautiful and blessed.
You tummy keeps Lil ones for a time, peacefully awake in rest.
You legs a path way to a man’s libido and his  wondering hardened crest
Your opening, a life to so many children at your  breast.
Do not think yourself any less
Those that tease you would later come and rest on your chest
Those that love you won’t let you hide in a pysch’s vest.
They would protect you and give their life if need be,  in a battle’ quest.

Woman, thou art  beautiful and blessed
And what’s between your thighs shouldn’t make you ashamed and feel detest.
For you are a mother , a wife with what’s between your legs
You are a home maker , a lover, a life protector with the heart within your chest.
Woman thou art beautiful,  don’t ever listen to a drunkard ‘ s crazy jest!!!~~~ Stephanie Egberike

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