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We drive in silence for awhile, we had another fight in the car, i wanted to know why the hell didn’t he allow John follow us, atleast even though they won’t drop him home but at the gate so it’s easy For him to get a cab, Brian wouldn’t hear of it..
So we argued, i told them to drop me, he told the driver to go on.
It was when Ikena told me not to worry that he had a call from the securities at the gate that the man who came had left did i shut up.
‘’See, you keep worrying over a grown ass man who is very liable to take care of himself.’’
‘’atleast that grown ass man spent his money and exerted himself to come pick me up,. You on the other hand who is a grown ass man put me in this situation, see that there are men and there are men..”’ i say.
He is seated next to me, i wonder why he didn’t go to the front seat where i can comfortable look at his big rather cute head, now, the whole “’Please”’ he said earlier is washed off and i am back to despising him.
‘’i am a man, and John isn’t classified to be one’’
‘’You wish you are a man, a man wouldn’t –
‘’A man would-‘’
‘’Oh you wish, you are nothing but-‘’
‘’If i am that then you lack proper home tr-“’
‘’Oh my Goodness gracious, you are-‘’
‘’Thank you Ado-rat, and you are-‘’
Ikena bits the inside of his mouth and wishes God would come down and shut both of them up, they keep bickering like kids, like two over sized grown up adults who cannot understand their ranging hormones, being one day with them he could see it as clear as day, they say they hate each other and can’t stand each other, but yet, Brian acts like one who is jealous seeing her talking about John…and she, she?
Well, one minute she is spitting fire and the next, the way she sometimes stares at Brian begs the question, doesn’t she like him just a little, but yet he had caught her a few times staring at Brian in some longing kind of way and he bets she doesn’t know she is doing it.
What he would love to do is put them in a room together and lock them up for a couple of days, maybe a week, all this nonsense would die down, he can bet his left balls on it.
Either this two like each other but ego and whatnot is stopping them. Or they don’t like each other but the tendency would be there and would resurface soon. Or they really don’t like each other and before this project is over, they would kill themselves..
But either ways, there was some steaming fire coming off both of them and it wasn’t all anger and hate…there was something more.
He sighs as their noises increased, he wished he could tell them both to shut up, but he can’t, he sighs in relief as he sees the club coming in full view..
He enters the club and then he parks “’And we are here!!’’ he says happy to get rid of one of the noise makers in his car.
‘’Don’t talk to me”’ I told him, God shut him up.
‘’Well i wouldn’t if you stop concerning yourself about that dog you call John”’
‘’Stop that, that is rude and why does it concern you?”’
‘It doesn’t plus he is rude, he deserves that name”’
‘’And you are too, yet i don’t call you a dog’’
‘’But you call me an He-goat”’ He state staring at me like i was delusional
‘’Because you are and you call me a Witch, “’ i point at him
He laughs ‘’Well you do look like one, you just need a wand and a hat and your broom ofcourse, very important”’
‘’Ánd you just need a field of green leaves to mulch on and go Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!’’ i throw back bleating like a goat to show him what he was and what he should be doing.
We stare at each other as i make that sound of the goat bleating , he has this shock look on his face, and mine has my tongue coming out, my face looking like a hideous animal as i have both hands attached to my face as i make the bleating more dramatic for effect.. then i stop as his face is aghast, more like one stunned. Then without warning, without prior notice, he bursts out laughing , holding his tummy and laughing , then he mimics me doing the bleating sound of a goat, all facial expression and drama “’Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!’’ then he laughs again
He was so stupid, so so stupid and funny and annoying and so damn irritable and yet funny , that i didn’t realise when my lips curl into a smile that refuses to go back into a frown and it keeps spreading and distorting my face until i am smiling and laughing at him for being stupid and with him for daring to mimic him…
I throw my bag at him “’Stupid!!”’ i shake my head laughing, willing my smile to stop and my mouth to close but we are still laughing, he catches my bag and tries to control his laughter as he dumps it on his chair.
‘’You Adora , you are a character, Mehhhhhhhh?!! So hilarious!!’’ he opens the car and then alights, shutting the door and walking away, he comes back to my window and pokes his head inside the car close to my face, and bleats again ‘’Mehhhhhhhhhhhh!!’’ he laughs as i push his head away from the window shaking my head and trying not to choke from laughter
I hate him, i swear i hate him.
He staggers from my push but comes back smiling, but he turns around and goes to Ikena “’Take the lady home and pick me up will you?”’
when he turns to leave, he pokes his head in and bleats “’Mehhhhhhhhhh!!’’
“’Screw you!!’’ i throw at him
i see him walking away, shaking his head and bleating still and laughing, really laughing from the window and i laugh again, unable to stop myself i smile in my laughter shaking my head.
‘’Stupid!”’ i repeat
I catch Ikena looking at him from his mirror, then i adjust myself and say “’ Please take me home, glad that annoying fool isn’t here to irritate me any further”’ i frown, but my stupid face curves upwards as i remember the way he looks mimic me as he bleats, and my smile broadens.
‘’Hmmmhmm, i hear you ma’am’’
‘’What does that mean, Hmmmhum i hear you ma’ám”’
‘’Nothing Miss Adora, nothing at all”’ but i swear i could see him smiling as he turns away
‘’Mind explaining to us why you are late today, it’s almost an hour late”’ it was Gesto that stops him at the entrance, he could see Telema coming towards them
‘’Better late than sorry, isn’t that what they teach bus in school? But i am here now…can i begin or you want to delay me further here and then when madam comes to query me i would tell her that you contributed in my delay aswell”’
Gesto looks at him “’That sharp mouth of yours would get you nowhere but trouble, you know that right?’’
‘’Yes i do, but tonight i am not looking for one”’
‘’Who brush you, see how your lips swell?’’ it was Telema, he tries to touch his face “’You must have got a mean punch to tear your lip like that’’
Brian laughs licking his lips, he had almost forget about that, ‘’well, you should see the other guy’s face”’
‘’hmm, so you were in a fight, that is why you late, hope say no be woman matter, because na so guys be, they fight over a woman, i hope say the babe fresh sef, round thick like real African woman wei go make man kolo because if na those kind of chewing-stick girls were orange sef no dey for chest and bread no de for yansh, me i go follow beat you, i go help you burst your eyes, you cannot go and embarrass us men like that”’ Gesto nudges him
Brian smiles , Adora? She is …..Beautiful, shape to die for, she got the whole Cinderella thing going, firm perky breast, he remembers it resting on his chest as they fell, enough bread on her buttocks, really soft molds..she smells of sweet vanilla and chocolates and spring and flowers, resting on him, her eyes are sultry, they pull you in, her lips are generous with that red lipstick that is tempting, and her hands…small, and could fit into his….yes, Adora was and is a beautiful woman.
Hey hey heyyyy Brian hold the hell up.
He wasn’t fighting over a woman, he was he was beating up a dog who has no manners, he is frowning now.
‘’Dude, you were smiling one minute just now thinking to yourself now you are frowning , you don kolo? Abi the girl dey give you jogodo juice? Or na so her kpamla sweet,you know her punani, her vijayjay all tight and you roaring like a mad man, wei you angry because she was giving it to another man, she a slut right ?’’ he laughs nudging Brian playfully “’Brian Brian, we love to share good things too oh, you fit pass her come our side na, this one you and guy they fight for her, she must be sweet like honey, make a guy go crazy, oh baby bring her lets us do fresh tasting “’ him and Telema laughs as he sings the last part ‘’Boy you dey feel my rhymes?’’
Brian didn’t think, or didn’t realise what he was doing untill he held Gesto by the throat and drags him up to the wall and with his free hand he folds it into a fist almost kissing Gesto’s face. His nose flares in renewed anger as he speaks, his eyes turns to slits.
‘’Don’t you dare talk about her that way you maggot!! She is not a play thing for you or for any other person, you do not talk about a lady with such derogatory manner, she is classy, she is a beauty, she is polish and she is a woman in an dimension and a lady…and you and your maggot mind cannot even kiss her toes because she doesn’t give frogs her feets to even dream to kiss, next time you talk about her, i would smash your face in”’
Gesto was too shocked to say or do anything, so was Telema,..
Brian quickly realizes who he has by the shit and almost lifted off the ground, he puts him back down, adjusts his collar and his shirt, then he smiles making a half apology and then walks in quickly, too quickly and disappears through the door and into the club, he goes straight into the kitchen and prays to all the gods he knows and the ones he didn’t know that Gesto and Telema doesn’t come in there ..because it would be his obituary his parents will read about..
Suddenly as the kitchen door bursts open, Brian quickly goes on his knees, placing his hands together as though he was to pray, his eyes are shut tight.
‘’I am sorry, it was the devil!!’’ he exclaims
But when he didn’t receive any slap or kick, he opens his eyes to see Vicky frowning down at him “’What is doing this one, what did the devil make you do?’’
He sighs in relief getting up from his knees ‘’None of your Business, did you see the big dudes, are they looking for me?’’
‘’Why Brian? You don shit for church?’’
‘’Meaning have you done something wrong to them that you are scared?’’
‘’And if i have?’’
‘’Then you should write your last will, “’ she says laughing and working away,
For the rest of the night. Brian keeps watching his back, hoping that Gesto or Telama doesn’t jack him anytime.
When it was four am and everyone had begun to leave, he grabs his things he dashes through to the kitchen, gives account of his sales and before Vicky could ask him if he wanted to eat from the leftovers, he was out the door and running.
“’Brian!! Brian?’’ he hears Gesto calling him
He doesn’t stop , he runs outside the gate to slap a sleeping Ikena awake resting on his steerwheel.
“’Get up fool, open the door and drive!””
‘’Why..what happened, why ..what happened?’’Ikena is looking around alert but sleepy.
‘’Don’t ask question just drive damnit”’ he jumps into the car and Ikena zooms off with sleepy eyes
Gesto turns to Telema as he asks him “”You see am?’’
He nods “’Yes! the fool was running out of fear, i didn’t want to beat him, not yet anyways besides, he was right, i shouldn’t have spoken about his woman like that, that is the only reason i no fxxk am up yesterday”’
‘’How you take know say na him woman?”’
“’ No be him they fight with another person for am”’
‘’We don’t know that, we just assumed that the cut to his lips is due to a fight with a man over a woman, it could be something entirely different “’
‘’Na woman matter bro”’
Telema thinks‘’it might be so sha, because if it weren’t the case, he wouldn’t have lifted you off ground with quick reflexes and told you how beautiful the girl is and how you shouldn’t talk trash about her, i believe that maybe he had a fight due to this too and if he didn’t hit you he must have disfigured the guy, my take”’
‘’hmm, maybe, not my business sha, is sha just wanted to tell him i was sorry but if he dares to hold me like that, i will break his balls first then i will feed it to him”’ they laugh walking away.
Brian turns to pick up the phone that has been ringing nonstop since an hour ago, he opens his eyes to see the time, it was almost 8am. He sighs reaching for it and answers
‘’Hello?’’ he didn’t see the caller,
He opens his eyes and seats up ‘’Mum?’’
‘’Yes baby, how are you? Don’t tell me you are still in bed, you should be on your way to work
‘’Me? Noh!!’’ he yawns “’I am, in the car, all nice and clean already close to the office, how are you pretty, and how is grumpy?’’
His mother laughs ‘’Grumpy is ….you know, he is great, stubborn like you, but great, me i am worried about my baby, how are you?’’
‘’I am super awesome mother, no sweat’’
‘’Are you lying to me?’’
‘’No mother i am not lying to you , i am not just telling you the truth, there is a difference”’ he rubs his eyes
‘’You need money, should i send you some money to go by just for a few days atleast, or a few months? Your father must not know, and since i can’t send it to your accounts you will need to get a friend’s account i can send it to”’
He scratches his jaw “’You know i love you mum, you know that right?’’
‘’Yes i know, but you have to listen to me son, i know you think we are punishing you but we aren’t, we love you and no matter how strict your father is, he loves you more, he just wants you to be responsible enough to take care of you-‘’
‘’Yeah mother i know, i know, father knows it all and i have to just accept it right?’’
‘’Don’t be sarcastic”’
‘’I am, not, i am pained about it, pissed and frustrated, i didn’t eat yesterday, even the maid doesn’t show up anymore, i have to clean my home too? Mum, it is not fair?’’
‘’You sound like a child, you are almost 30”’
‘’No i sound like a man who is cut off from his means of survival”’
‘’Then find yours, make yours!“’
‘’Now you sound like father’’
‘’I am his wife”’
‘’Well i am his son and his is being unfair to me’”
‘’No son, you are being unfair to you, even though he gives everything back to you if you don’t learn a valuable lesson all that you have now would go to waste, one day and you would be left with nothing, how do you plan to train you children , how do you correct them how would you get them to listen to you , how do you educate them , how do you teach them and imbibe good moral values in them when you constantly reject our counsels to you”’
‘’This is teaching me? This is not, it would only make me rebellious mama”’ he stretches
‘’No Baby, if you become rebellious, it only shows that i have failed as a mother, “’
He sighs , hearing the pain in her voice, ‘’Mummy don’t sound like that, you taught me how to be good and all, but children grow up, we make our decisions, you can’t force me to do what you both want”’
‘’Well, how about you do what you want, you are free, but your father just doesn’t want you to do it with his money…you see why it hurts you? Let me break it down for you, if you had your own job or your own money and do your own thing, do you think when you father threatened you with his own money it would bother you? The answer is no because you will tell him that with or without him you can stand with and on your own two feets and he wouldn’t have a say. But because my husband, your father, Mr Grumpy you say with his money cloths and feeds you and houses you and pays for your luxuries within and outside the office, even with those ladies you treat with to your father’s yatch and the houses in Dubai and overseas and those money you used in buying gifts for ladies and those cars you keep changing up and down and the millions frozen in your accounts…because it’s your father money he could and has taken it away from you, that is why right now you think he hates you for not giving you access, without that you can’t eat, feed and have the pleasure and leisure of life you always had and you are frustrated. You father keeps proving his point, how about you prove a point to him for once”
‘’What point do i need t prove to him?”’
‘’That you can be better, that you can do good all by yourself”’
He sighs ‘’Mama…’’ he trails off thinking hard his head hurts
‘’It’s fine, i know you don’t want to listen to me, but i am your mother so i will tell you what is right, despite that i agree and disagree with your father on this, a mother’s love is strong and i will not let my son go hungry because i won’t sleep, but yet i do not wish to continue spoiling you but i will help you find your way to self ..i won’t give you much, just little, to last for a few days, i do not want your father finding out and getting angry with me., ask a friend to give you their account number so i can send the money to you, or better yet i will tell Ikena to-‘’
‘’No mother?”’
‘’No? Not Ikena, maybne your friend then-“’
‘’No mother, don’t worry, i will be fine”
‘’Don’t worry love, i will be fine, i love you… maybe i do need to prove something to myself not only to my father, because quite frankly i am sick and tired of it being rubbed in my face”’
‘’You sound angry Son, angry at us”
‘’No mother, i am angry at me, maybe i should have started finding self a long time ago instead of resting and depending on you, i may not like father’s tactics but maybe he is right , and maybe i also want to throw his money back to his face and say, i don’t need it”’
‘’be careful son, you seem to be derailing from our point’’
‘’No mother, i am not, he wants me to be responsible right, do my own things and be able to stand and achieve my own things and not depend on him right?’’
‘’Yes but-’’
‘’so that is what i will do, i am good at what i do mum, so i will show him, i will make a name for me mum, tell Mr Grumpy that, so don’t worry mum, hunger never killed anyone, not yet anyways, i will be fine”’ His tummy grumbled “’I think’’
“”You aren’t sure, let me send it still—‘’
Shut up Brian and take the money
“’No mum, i have to go, we almost at the office, i love you, kisses”” he cuts the line before he changes his mind
Do me right?’’
Well i will father, i will do it not for you but for me….
He rushes into the toilet and takes a bath, and gets dressed, he was about to leave his house when he turns and looks around… he drops his bag and begins to arrange it, it wasn’t perfect but it was neat.
Ikena was waiting for him outside “’Late morning sir!!’’
‘’late night Ikena, you should know that, you had enough sleep and i have had just what three or less, but it’s okay, sleep is for the weak”’
‘’so they say when they have no choice’’
They enter the car and Ikena begins to drive.
“’Where does she stay?’’
‘’Don’t be stupid!!’’
‘’Does he like her?’’
‘’i asked a simple question, not for you to act smart?’’
‘’on the other side of the suburbs, 40 minutes away from here, why?’’
‘’She doesn’t have a driver…”’ Brian states picking out his phone and he calls the office
‘’Hi, it’s me, i wonder do you know if Adora…Miss Adora is already in the office?’’
‘’Oh, okay, thanks “’
Ikena raises an eyebrow and looks at him ‘’Who did you call and why are you asking for her’?’’
Brian raises his hands to tell ikena to be quiet as he dials again, Ikena rolls his eyes.
‘’So sorry for the disturbance but do you know if the dog..erm sorry John is in the office? Oh he just got there, oh he wants to leave? Do you know where to..or sorry, i was just curious, never mind, thank you sweetheart”’
He turns to Ikena, “’Let’s go pick her up!!’’
‘’Pick who up?’’
‘’The witch!!’’
‘’Because i don’t want him to go pick her up”’
‘’and it bothers you why?’’
‘’Asking your boss questions?’’
‘’No, i am asking the one who isn’t paying me a dime questions and ,my duty is to protect you even from making stupid decisions so why are we going to pick her up?”’
‘’Because i want to”’
‘’Because you like her?”’
‘’Because you like her?”’
‘’Because Brian likes the fine Miss Adora?”’
‘’Shut up Ikena and drive, i don’t like her and i just want to go pick her up because i can and you do what the hell i say”’
Ikena keeps quiet and takes a turn, he is smiling.’‘Stop smilingyou fool’’!! Brian warns him
Ikena roars in laughter, Brian had to smile shaking his head.
‘’I hate you Ikena, when all this is done, me and you’’
‘’Oh you wish Sir, But,…”’ he laughs.
I was standing outside my house and waiting, John had called me this morning to tell me he wants to get to the office to drop somethings and would be on his way here, i told him not to worry that he should just give me directions, i told him i was sorry for Brian‘s behaviour yesterday and that i was sorry for leaving , i just hope he was okay and he was feeling better.
He said he was, and i shouldn’t ,move an inch he was coming, he was already at the office, he just need to sign off something and would be on his way.
That was fifteen minutes ago, i brought out my phone to call him when i see him drive in, or the car drive in.
I frown, this doesn’t look like a taxi, this looks a awful lot like the car i was in yesterday night…this looks like Ikena’s car, Brian’s driver..
It can’t be.
But it was..
As soon as the car stops and parks infront of me, the window to the backside winds down and the face that pops out was all gesture, dramatic and he bleats
‘’What if i told you i liked you Adora, would you think that is a joke or me lying ?’’ Brian says staring at her, what if i told you that ever since i met you, i felt like screaming you to shut up and yet i feel like kissing you too..what if i tell you Adora that you are crazy and temperamental, feisty, mad, wicthy and all things bad…and yet you are my crazy and insane and feisty and all things bad..and i like you a whole lot, and i want to kiss you right now, and i don’t care if you say you hate me, all i care about is the catch in my chest that happens every time i see you and i can’t explain it..but i can try to understand it..i want to kiss you Adora, so you can slap me if you want, just do it after i kiss you’’ he smile
‘’You are crazy”’ she says
‘’And you are beautiful, you are witch, but you are my beautiful crazy witch”’ he leans in, closing the distance, his nose brushes hers as she licks her lips and bites it., he could sense she was nervous, he was too…but he wouldn’t be able to think straight until he kisses her, and as soon as their lips met, all her resolves breaks down, and so did his as they clutch to each bother savouring each others lips and not coming up for air until the door bursts open and John walks in, shocked to his bones.
‘’what the actuall fxxk!!’’he exclaims
Oh,,,GHEN GHEN !!!
Chapter 16 coming soon.

The Brat and the She-devil Chp 14

There was something about his movement; the way his body language was glaringly obvious as he laughed, too much of movies i guess or that the gesture was used so much in fights that there was no missing it.
He had laughed, those laughter you could tell that it wasn’t coming from the place of joy or happiness, but from bitterness, it had some shrill undertone of danger..
Maybe that was why i sensed it coming before i saw it, maybe that was why when he laughed turning to look away, with a hand caressing his lips, it wasn’t because he suddenly felt he could touch that part of his face, it was because he was folding his fist and what better way to do it without been detected, what better way to completely take your opponent unawares especially when they do not see it coming, and from where i stood…there was no way he would have seen it coming..not with the quick way he turned laughing, smiling with his hands to his lips, then his eyes turns cold as his fist folds..and he swings… he swings and then i scream..
I had no idea why i screamed, and not just the fact that i screamed, it was the face that i screamed the name of the person i hated the most in the planet since i stepped into J.k.A Constructions and Designs..the one who had suddenly become a pain to my left cheek and my right, the one i want to slam his face into the wall just because his smug look upsets me, the one that we are constantly at loggerheads at work and even here in his house because we were paired to work on a project, a housing project, the one that violated my butt cheeks by spanking them, the one who poured me hot choco and ruined my work dress, the one i got arrested..well…John misread and i didn’t correct and he was arrested and humiliated in the office and i had a thrill from that, the one who stole my food and ran, the one who put iced cubes to my butt cheeks..again, does he like butt cheeks?
Focus Adora!
The one who i had to ruin his work area, the one who grabs me and the one who stumbles with me and landed beneath me…and the one whose solid built and the way he held me and the nearness of his lips suddenly make me quiver and my throat closing..
Damnit focus Adora!!
The one that i hate, why the hell did i call his name, to warn him, to alert him of the impending punch that might throw him off balance, throw anyone off balance when they don’t expect it..that same one i why the hell did my heart catch in my chest as i see the punch land on his face and he staggers backwards..
With his hands to his face, he staggers, almost losing step, the puncher laughed…”’Get up fool!! Today i will show you why i am called John, and when i am done teaching you a lesson, you will respect me, you will respect and even call the security guards oga too. Get up fool’’!! John chanted
‘’Brian!!!!’’ i call out again, he spares me a glance
Í see Ikena stepping forward, but then i see Brian’s hands telling him to stay..
What was the driver coming to do, stop the fight or..what? Knock John out… he seems to obey everything Brian says, strange, i will analyze it latter.
‘’Brian!!”’ i call out again as i walk forward
‘’John, what the hell is the matter with you, how dare you hit him? i told you no fights, not on my account, i have a job to keep !!’’ i scream at John, but it felt as though i was screaming at him for hitting Brian- for hitting Brian, not screaming for my job position in the company i didn’t want to lose but for the man.
Adora, what the hell is wrong with you? I ask myself, what is happening to you all of a sudden?
John nudges me away gently “’No Miss Adorá? i will beat him up here where no one will save him, next time he would know how to shut up when grown ass people are talking , he is a child. Get up Fool so i can punch you to the ground”’ he folds his fist again and beckons to Brian
Brains spits, it was red liquid. I see him smile straightening up..
He holds up on finger “’First, Ado-rat, i think you should listen to your boy toy and move” he holds up his second finger ”Two , boy shouldn’t have done that”’ and he holds out the third ‘Three, rules of engagement, you should never give your opponent the opportunity to regain back his stance or stamina or whatever you will..while you waste time talking trash and how you are going to make him lick your feet, you know why? Because only stupid people don’t realise that that is the very first and last mistake you will make”’
‘’What nonsense are you spewing, get up so i can—‘’
‘’Gladly!!’’ Brian says before his eyes flashes, his fist, i didn’t see it when he folded it, i didn’t see it when it began to move, aiming high, and i bet even John didn’t see it.. because the next thing we know, John is on the floor, holding his face.. Brian’s punch takes him from below his jaw, i think that is called uppercut, and while John was trying to regain the shock that must have resetted his brain, Brian’s other punch makes contact with his gut and the last one hits his face and sends him to the ground.
Damnit !! he takes no prisoners..
John was groaning painfully on the floor.
I swear i saw just one punch,it made me dizzy because it was too fast, but three took John down..
For a minute i stood there shocked watching the groaning man and the man standing over him, rubbing his fist..
I had two choices, go to John and try to console him for being stupid to fight someone he wasn’t sure off, or go to Brian that i hate with a passion …and use my hankerchief to wipe the blood from his broken lip, and use ice for his hand..
Think Adora think..!!!
And why the hell does Brian’s lip and fist concern me now, and yet i couldn’t decide.
I see John trying to get up, staggering up, i was wrong when i see his face, i thought it was his jaw…i think the third one got to his eyes, it was swollen, and his own lips was bruised too, i see the blood trekking out the side of his lips too..and he slouches as he staggers up…folding his fist, he points it to Brian.
‘’I will kill you- you asshole!!”’ he shouts..
Okay, now i rush to him, not to stop him but to stop Brian who shakes his head saying ’’Stupid dog, you don’t know when to sit down, maybe you haven’t had a siesta yet, one quick one and i will send you to a long peaceful sleep till morning”’ Brian raise his hands and i grab it holding it
“’Stop it Brian!!!!”’ i caution
‘’Get out of the way Miss Adora..”’ John says spitting ‘’I will kill you bastard i will”’
Brian nudges me away, i don’t budge ‘’What are you standing there for, do something Ikena damnit before they kill each other”’ i yell at ikena who leaves his standing post and pulls John down with just one hand to his shoulders, John groans going to his knees as he bends, his hand is over Ikena’s
‘’’what the hell?’’ i mutter to myself as i see the strength he barely used, and yet John grimaces in pain as he goes down
‘’Calm down son,you really aren’t going to win this fight, save shame and let it be”’
‘’Let go off me you moron!!”’ John tries to hit his hand away, but Ikena’s hand is stiff..
‘’i say calm the fxxk Down or i will make you”’ Ikena warns..
I feel Brian trying to nudge me out of the way,i turn to him pushing him backwards. ‘’Are you out of your mind, look at you bleeding, are you a child fighting like a tout, what is the matter with are bleeding for God’s sakes”’ i point to his lips
‘’Well you should see the other guy, not so pretty!!’’ he smiles
He had the guts to smile, he has the-Argh!!
‘’ are crazy, if this gets to Mr Emeka do you know what would happen, you both are two grown men fighting as though you both are dragging about something…here..”’ i gave him the handkerchief in my hand “’Wipe your mouth you are bleeding’’
He takes it and cleans his lips, pouting it out to look “’Hmmph!! He barely poked a vein”’
‘’To bleed like that, he must have hit you hard and it has to hurt’’
He looks at me strangely, “’If i didn’t know better i would think you cared!’’
I raise an eyebrow, was he high, me?
‘’i don’t care about you now as much as i didn’t care about you before. “’ i walk away from him to see John trying to get up and Ikena keep pushing his down with just one hand on his shoulders…how strong is this Ikena dude, and why is he telling him to stay down..
“’John , John look at me, look at me”” i say to him, a frown coming on my face as i see his eyes swollen, or this wouldn’t do..this wouldn’t do at all. He can’t go to the office tomorrow looking as if he got ran over by a bus.
I get up walking to Brian, “’Give me your keys?’’
He looks up sharply “’WHY THE HELL FOR?’’
‘’Give me your damn keys or i will call this in to Mr Emeka myself and i will tell him you started it, and i would tell him all sort of lies to get him to listen to me and even if it’s just for 30 minutes it’s enough to do you damage now give me your damn keys so i can get some damn ices so that man doesn’t look like a swollen toad before tomorrow”’ i tell him
He had the effrontery to smile ‘’When you say Swollen toad like that referring to John the dog, it makes me happy!!”’ he laughs handing me the keys “’that is the only thing you said that is making me give you the key, not that i care what he looks like tomorrow because I don’t. Not that i care about Emeka, i actually don’t because your threatens would not fly, it’s solely because you say he looks like a swollen toad”” he shines his teeths, for an annoying guy he has good white dentition.
‘’I said before he looks like..Argh give me the damn keys’’ i drag it from him, opening the house i find my way into the kitchen, grabbing some ice, i open cabinet looking for what to use, nothing. I grab the napkins i see and pour ices into two, then wrap it.
And i didn’t realise what i was doing until i got outside, i rush to John, ‘’Let him go Ikena, you are hurting him”’ i hit Ikena’s hands away..
John was cursing, calling fire and brimstone, talking about how he would get Brian for this, how he was taken unawares and how Brian cheated that is why he hit him, if they were on level ground, Brian wouldn’t have been able to even dare it…infact-
I grab the ice and push it to his mouth, he really needed to shut up. Brian beat him flat, no two ways about that and if we didn’t stop it..maybe one of them would have truly died and i had a strong feeling it wouldn’t be Brian. I wasn’t rooting for the dude, i hate the dude, i was just stating the obvious.
Oh shut up Adora and focus on the man infront of you who came all the way to take you home and Brian beat him, you should concern yourself about him. I sigh thinking to myself.
‘’Ouch!!’’ John exclaims as he is seated on the floor..i stare at him
‘’I am sorry, please..just hold it close to your eyes and your lips, it would stop the bleeding and the swelling ’’’ i place my hand with the ice to his face.. the other bag is still with me as i try to console John without saying nothing. His hand creeps over my hand as i held the ice to his face, i frown.
Brian is staring at her, his anger is back..his eyes flashes quickly, he is rubbing his fist as he spits out blood again, Ikena walks up to him ‘’Next time, try not to completely take the breath out of an opponent you know can’t compare to you, what were you trying to do, kill the guy?’’
‘’He deserves it”’ Brian is still staring at Adora as she is touching John’s face, he sees John’s as he raises his own hand and places it over hers, for some reason, this angers him, and he is boiling, he curses under his breath.
‘’Now what is it? You want to finish what you started? If you are feeling high and mighty why don’t you go fight Gesto and Telema back at the club, but no, they hold you and you want to pee in your pants”’
‘’Are you stupid? Don’t you see how big chested they are and how wide their hands are? You want them to squash me in a second like a fly?’’
‘’Okay, and yet you used John to show your power…very low”’
‘’He started it, you saw him, he punched me first”’
‘’you instigated him and why the hell did you change your mind about the Miss going in our car, i thought you said she should find her own damn way home now this bloke shows up to take her home and next thing you are giving orders and entering a fist fig ht with a stranger like a jealous boyfriend… what is up Sir?’’
‘’sometimes i think you forget who you are talking to…with such tone”’
‘’Sorry sir, but sometimes i think you don’t think before you act, and you haven’t answered my question , you say something and then do another, it’s only right that i ask”’
Brian isn’t paying attention to him “’Wait i don’t get is, i have a bleeding lip too don’t i, i have a fist that hurts from that dude’s boney face..and yet she is over there caressing his face and all that, what about me, i see two ice wrapped in two napkins with her and yet, she is there.. helping him with one, what the hell about me?’’
Ikena is staring at him and then he stares at Adora.. ‘’Are you jealous Sir?’’ he asks him directly
‘’Pfft!! Are you smoking ph weed now?’’
‘’No, well not yet but you didn’t answer the question”’
‘’Good because you are starting to sound like a mad man, and to answer you no, i am not, is that not rather a ridiculous question to ask me? Why the hell would i be jealous, jealous of what and who exactly?’’
Ikena turns to Adora and John again ‘’Her, him”’
‘’Pfft!! They have nothing on me, i am just being observant, two people had a fight, instead you seem to care for one and not the other, its basic mother hen she got two ice wraps, one for him and one for me’”
‘’ Who said she brought any for you or that is for you and besides,She isn’t a chicken and she isn’t your mother, plus maybe she doesn’t care about your bleeding lip”’ Ikena states
‘’maybe you want one two Ikena “’Brian turns to him
‘’Maybe you should think twice sir, i am a military man, not just your driver sir, i am properly trained in the army too plus and i am your bodyguard as well and i believe if i call your father up to tell him his son is in the hospital with broken bones and i was being defensive..he wouldn’t ask for my head’’
‘’my father wouldn’t let you touch me Ikena“’
‘’No!! You father wouldn’t have let you scrub toilets, or floors or allowed you go almost two weeks without a decent meal and a maid to pick up after you and cook for you…but here we are!!’’
Brains frown depends “’’Here we are!’’ he stares back at them, then at his time “’damnit, it’s almost 8 pm’’ Right on cue, his touch-light phone rings, it was Gesto , God he misses his Iphone if he doesn’t get it back after all this, someone was going down. He ignores the call.
‘’shall we leave?’’ Ikena sees the caller.
Brian stares at them, “’Not without her!!’’
“’Are you being serious?’’ Ikena couldn’t believe his ears.
‘’Yup!! You will drop me at the club, don’t answer questions if she asks what i am doing there and go drop her home, that John isn’t winning no battle today”’ He says leaving Ikena and walking towards them.
I am frowning, i wanted to get up and go to Brian, atleast this ice shouldn’t melt in my hands but John was just being unpredictably annoying , holding onto my hands not letting go “’Look Miss Adora, it’s because of you i am not going mad see what he did? I will report him to Mr Emeka, infact i will get the Boss of the boss’s number and report him, i will go the station and show them, this man is a ruthless animal, a dog, he needs to be put down, maybe he had a ring to his finger, see my face Miss Adora, and he was trying to force you into his car? Maybe he wants to do something to you there, this night who knows. No!! This i won’t let it go”’
‘’But John you incited him””
‘’Me? Me that was trying to get him to know his place,, how can i pay that much transport down here and come to pick up my social Manager and he dares to stop me,me? And when i try to talk to him he wants to fight? It’s because of my shoes, the smooth ground that made me trip and fall when he hit me now he thinks he beat me, i will show him, in this Port Harcourt, i will destroy his parolz, no joke ma!!’’
‘’You do realise that this would fall back on me? because if they ask what you were doing here it’s because of me, if they ask you why were you both fighting, it’s because of me…and i do not want any more issues that would make Mr Emeka punish me, i already have so many things going on at the moment, i do not need you and him to cause anymore, so can you just caress your ego and drop this, atleast if not for him for me hmm?’’ i had removed my hands from his face, i took the ice from his hands and use it on his face again, he wasn’t doing it right, he winces in pain
‘’Máám, i am a man, and this is an insuilt to my person, i am sorry but i cannot”’
I sigh
‘’I won’t go and report him to Mr Emeka’’ he looks at me, then i let out a breath “’But i won’t let this go, for my honour i need to deal with him”’
I shake my head, this one doesn’t have sense, someone beats you down without stress and breaking a sweat and you didn’t even see it coming and you are here thinking about how you are going back to face him off? I wondered if Brian removed his sense as he hits him? I shake my head, your funeral John.
But Boy!!! A guy that can stand his ground like Brian, take down an opponent with three punches making him whine like a girl, he must be something-
‘’Shut the hell up Adora!!!’’
Oh wait, did i say that outloud, i bit my lower lip.
‘’Oh nothing John , nothing “’ i stare down at the melting ice in my hand.. well. The aim is defeated, maybe it would be Brian that might have a swollen lip like an abalumo and take it to work in the morning, really unfortunate, he has really cute lips up front..
‘’I swear Adora if you don’t shut up , i will smack you right now!!’’
What has that boy done to me in this few seconds..
John is frowning and looking at me “’Why are you talking to yourself and telling yourself shut up’’
I don’t answer, i press the ice to his face nudging him backwards,
Oh shit!!
“’oh i am sorry, does it hurt?’’
“’No, ‘’ he lies “’But that is not it, you know i went to the HR’s office today to find out some things about the goat and guess what i found there”’
“’What? About who?’’
‘’The food behind you that i will ruin come what may.. you and i know there is something fishy about him””
“’Oh, yeah!”’ i rub my temple
“’So i went to the HR’s office, i had to do small talks so she doesn’t suspect because there is no way i can ask her to give me an employee’s file and she would hand it to me you see ’’ he touches my hand over his face again directing the ice to his lip. I look at his hand over mine and then i frown again, if i pull mine away again would it be rude of me, my frown deepens as he continues to talk.
‘’So we talked, i offered to buy her lunch and all that and we left together, while we were at the fast food not so far from the office i pretended to have a call and leave, well it was easy because we met a few of our other colleagues so she was distracted, i rush back to the office, see, she didn’t lock her door, well that was my purpose to distract her and stuff. So i get in, and i go through employees files and then i found his and then i opened it and guess what i found within the file about the He-goat, i was shocked to my bones Miss Adora”’
‘’What did you find?’’ i lean in, i wanted to know
‘’I found-‘’
‘’Let me help you up!!’’ it was Brian pulling me up by the hand …
‘’Wait , what?’’ i try to hit him off but he pulls me up any way pulling me away
‘’Let go off me you”’ i scream at him
‘’Asshole, creep, he-goat? Get a new name, i am taking you home and you are welcome!!’’ Brian says
‘’Hey, let her go you fool, let her go!!”’ john jumps up
Ikena stops him “’Bros John, no need for worry, i will take her home and i will make sure that she is safe, calm down””
‘’I came with a cab i can take her home, he will not carry madam home, if he likes we can continue from where we stopped,”’ he flexes his hands, he looked pitiful.
‘’which cab? We are leaving and we won’t leave the Miss here at night and go, that won’t do sir”
‘’what stupid question is that, i came with a cab and he is-’’’ he turns around to point, “’Wait where is the cab, he was parked just there?’’
“’well he isn’t, must have driven off when you both decided to fight, no one wants to stick around to see blood, or be picked up by the police if it turns see why we have to take the Miss home?’’
John is speechless “’Well we would get another cab”’
‘’well, i won’t let her be here, and He wouldn’t either so you are outnumbered on this sir John, let it be”’
‘’No!!’’ he pushes Ikena away, but Ikena’s grip on his hand causes him to wince
‘’Who the hell are you?’’ John looks at him in a different light, this didn’t feel like an ordinary driver now, who the hell was this Ikena,the way he speaks, his command of English, even his show of strength without showing strength, the fish was smelling way up to the high heavens and it was foul.
‘’I am no one but a driver Sir John who doesn’t want you both to fight , especially over a woman who has no idea you both are fighting over her attention’’
‘’I am not- you are a driver, do not say stupid things, let me go Moron “’
‘’Yes sir!!’’ Ikena nods smiling, but he doesn’t’ let go off him.
“’Let me go Brian”’ i push him
‘’Would you stop, i am trying to get you home, you asked my driver to before and i am just obeying, what’s your problem, you women are indecisive, pick a struggle woman?’’
“’Really? You weren’t thrilled about the idea before why did you change your mind?’’
‘’because my name is Brian and i can, can you get into the car?’’
‘’No!!’’ i slap his hands away, we are close to the car, i keep slapping it shut as he opens the door
‘’Get into the car Adora”’
‘’It is Miss Adora to you and i am not entering the damn car, i am going with John and atleast he knows how to speak to his superior “
‘’’Really? The guy is a duffus!! And he has no idea on how to talk to superiors”’
‘’He does!!’’
‘’Does not’’
‘’Does not’’
‘’He does and i don’t care what you say i won’t enter into your damn car”’ i fold my hands
He is staring at me, why the hell was he staring at me like that ‘’ what?’’ i ask him,but he says nothing but continuous staring at me.
Brian is staring at her, why the hell was he and not saying anything was lost on him, one minute he wants to fling her over his shoulders and spank her very very very soft tush,not that he is violent in nature, actually he is rather a very gentle and passionate lover, but he wants to spank her because that is what they do to naughty girls right ?but she is not naughty, she is mean and hot tempered and a witch, a pretty witch upclose, he shouldn’t be staring at her like the way he is doing right now.
For a stubborn woman she was pretty,especially the way she was pouting and throwing tantrum the way she was doing right now. ..
He feels like pulling her mouth, the way a mother would pull the mouth of her young stubborn child whose mouth has been going off nonstop, the way it is termed “’Sharp mouth”, but Adora wasn’t a child, if he pulls her mouth now he bets she would give him a slap which would be deserving and if he flings her and spanks her, maybe today, she might use her heel on his head, well he wouldn’t want to have to explain that to his mother .. she might knock him too, telling him he doesn’t know how to treat a lady.
What would his mother and father say about treating a lady? He smirks..
Be nice to her, say please ,treat her like a queen, open the doors for her, rub her feet, bring her breakfast in bed, say nice things to her, kiss her hands, her feet, her face…make love to her body and her heart…and let your souls entwine together and let your forever be that and a day more…
They told him to treat a lady like that, well he treats ladies good. But Adora wasn’t a lady…she was a witch.
He is staring at her,
A Pretty witch, with cute lips, and a cuter face when she is angry and pouting like she is right now..
But why won’t she get into the car, there is no way he was going to let that dog take her home, nope, he may not like her but he would tolerate her…
Okay…why does he feel unsettled seeing her with John like that, why the hell did it bother him.. that too was lost on him, he feels…he feels…Argh damn woman!.
“’Get into the car Adora”” he tries again
‘’No”’ She says
What would he do now, time was going, Gesto would bite his head off if he is late, they might have to drop him at the club first then take her home….
‘’No!!’’ she retorts
He sighs, closing his eyes and rubbing his temple
‘’N- what?’’ I am taken aback as he says please, Brain, Brian almighty said please, without being asked..
‘’What did you say?’’ my eyes bores into his, did i hear it correctly, maybe he said Witch!
He sighs , ‘’you only get to enjoy it this minute so enjoy it well, Please Adora, can you get into the car so i can drop you home?’’
‘’I…er..’’ i eye him.. he said please, i can’t believe it, now my tongue is tied…mtchewww!! fine, whatever, it’s late, i need to get some sleep anyways, well he said please and my momma says to be nice to people who says please,even if he is someone you hate. I shrug
‘’Please, pretty please with sugar ontop please..’’ he says as his tone changes, he notices something about her just now, as he tells her please, her mood softens, so please seems like the magic word for her hmm, nice.
‘’Fine, i am only getting into the car because i don’t see the cab John brought’’
’’That’s okay, ‘’ he replies hiding a smile, no you are getting into the car because i asked nicely with a place, women!!!
Sighing , i turn and enter into the car and he shuts the door after me, i watch him walk away to the men, Ikena seems to be talking to John, now i am worried, how will he get home. They can’t leave him here stranded, but i wait, hoping that they aren’t that heartless.
‘’Ikena, we have to go’’ Brian tells him as he comes closer
Ikena lets go off him, and steps back..
‘’I know who you are?’’ John says, ‘’I saw your file’’
Brian looks at him sharply, ‘’You do? You did? And what did you find ..John the stupid dog?’’
‘’Brian?’’ Ikena touches his arm
Brian hits his hands away, well its good someone else knows who he is in the company aside Emeka and his father’s spies, maybe John would have a little respect for him..
But wait, if he knew who he was, he wouldn’t dare challenge him when he knew who he was and whose son he is, he would be scared, he would be really scared because not just his job would be gone, maybe his head too..
‘’Yes i do!!…your know what it says about you?’’
‘’No please, enlighten seeing that my driver is here’’
John spits ‘’Your file is empty!! Nothing is in it, it’s blank..absolutely blank and no information other than your name, your picture and your referral which is a Mr Kenekan Lolo . And you are directly supposed to answer to Mr Emeka, but do you know what i find strange about all this is that you have no respect for Mr Emeka, you don’t report to him nor give him respect or give him any recognition, and aside that, i checked out this Kenekan Lolo, guess what, doesn’t exist. And then i decided to do a background check on you..guess what again, i have to have a level A pass to get behind that firewall that is in your profile online, even the Hr doesn’t have the access keys and codes to that. So you see, something is smelling about you Brian, and i don’t know what it is but i am going to find out, and all this you do here, carrying your shoulder and acting like a lord, i will bring it down and i swear to God…this thing that happened tonight, we will repeat it and you will be the one on the floor and your face would be unrecognisable same as your oversized ego.’’
Brian laughs, now understanding. Kenekan LoLo, who the hell came up with that Alias? must have been his father, really smart dude. A combination of his middle name and his mother’s nickname..funny, really classic dad.
And why his father wanted his identity kept secret, what did he say again?
So that people would learn to respect his ability, his strenghts and his capability in himself, admire the works of his own hands, applaud his own hardwork and be able to praise him for his own endeavours and achievements as a person standing alone, not to be clouded by the mere fact that he is the son of one of Nigerian richest man, from a rich family that riches had always been their second name for as far back as the generations his father could recount.
He had said “’Son, what i want for you is what every father wants for their sons, that people should know and respect you alone not just because you bear your father’s name and carry his wealth on your shoulders like a crested award and his for you money speaks and thus everyone wants to now bow and lick the ground you walk on..NO!. i want people to respect you because when they see you, they don’t see your father, they don’t see his wealth attached to you like a cloak..they see you, and then they are able to separate you from your father’s glory and give you your own because despite what your father is and the wealth he carries, you strived to get your own, you bent your knees, dirt in hand and your nails, you worked day and night tilling the earth to carve your name and made it a foundation all by yourself and your own glory became your own, and then when they call your name , your name Brian means something, it means patient and hardwork, and humble, and respectful and go getter, and lover of people and chaser of dreams and achiever and what more, that you made people to realise that with or without that which you bare or carry, that within that great loot of your father, you made your tiny rain of achievements from your sweat and labour, and you ended up being someone that matters too. See where my joy is fulfilled, that when i hear your name son, when i hear Brian Andrews, i do not want to smile when they say he made his fathers, or he is this because of his father’s, or he is that because of his father’s and that since his father died, what his father had and left is still what the son has and owns.. no addition and o subtraction, i want to hear them say, despite being the richest son of Mr Johnathan Kenekan Andrews..Mr Brian Andrews, sole owner, manager, this and that, he made this out of this and that, he is the youngest man to actually achieve this and that without his families influence or his father’s wealth.
Oh yes his family is wealthy, but i want to introduce you to the boy who left the syndrome of my father’s own is my own , he went out, knee deep and he made something out of his name, and now, we do not just know him as Mr Andrews son, we know him as Brian Andrews, the man who broke all steroetypes, and showed us a different game of being someone other than who and what we were born into. Son, that is what i want you to be , Brian Andrews..the game changer, that is why i am sending you to Port Harcourt, not as a leader but as one who would serve so you can learn to appreciate does that would eventually work under you when you do become a leader, that is why i won’t let anyone know who you are and where you come from so when they begin to love and respect you, you will know its from their heart and not because of who they see behind you and the wealth you come out from.“
That is why his father was hell bent on making his identity secret, he wants him to find himself, to work hard at something, to make a name for himself and have people love and respect him for him not forced or coerced to just because he is his son. so basically, that was why he was in this shit hole in the first place.
He never asked his father for advice on this matter, he didn’t want to be part of his father’s stupid plan to humble him, he was humble, he didn’t need to see pig-faced Emeka, or John the stupid dog or Adora the witch or Gesto and Telema the bodyguards with fat heads and thin legs or even Ikena, the annoying driver slash body guard slash military man, slash army man slash all things man when you want him to be..
He didn’t need all this, but when Kenekan sets his mind to do something, even his beautiful wife Lolo can’t change it.
If only they had given birth to another son, they would have let him alone, but sadly, his mother couldn’t have anymore children.., so his dreams of having another brother to take his place was thwarted.
Now, because of all this annoying people and most especially the witch, he is here, talking to this fool who thinks he knows him, thinks he has some information on him that is as stupid as his ugly dog face.
He laughs..
Oh he wished John had seen something that would shut him up and make him apologise in a second and then he would have use him to clean his toilet floor,. but no.
His father was too smart for that, knowing just incase someone came crawling and snooping around, he would find nothing. but his father wasn’t so smart, because when they don’t find anything, it becomes really suspicious and thus they keep digging and digging and when they still find screams red flag, didn’t Emeka tell him that? It would look as though he is a criminal trying to ghost himself from the authorities or worse some mafia hit. He sighs.
Father should know that if you want the public off another’s person’s your trail, you give them bone, with a little information that would make their thirst be quenched, they should have him the son to some lame ass couple with a comfortable job and ecetera..but no, they made profile blank, now this fool thinks he had stumbled into some goldmine that needs digging.
”’John!! you are free to do whatever the hell you want, you have nothing on me, until you do, you are a little boy who is lacking playmate and sadly i don’t do men, Ikena, let’s go”’ Brian says walking away
‘’But Sir, how would he-“’ Ikena began looking at the back of Brian who raises his shoulders up with both hands to the sides raised upwards
‘’Don’t know, don’t care, it’s a cool night, the night breeze would clear his dense head, let us go,. God didn’t give him two legs for nothing, when you don’t have a car or a bicycle..what was that joke i heard again about trekking? LEG-GEDIS BENZ!, Very cheap, no need for fuel or buying another tyre, just drink water, eat food you can trek to your destiny. Ikena, let us go!!’’ Brian is by the car now
Sighing Ikena turns to John, he dips his hands into his pocket and hands him two notes “Here, for your troubles sir, “’
‘’Are you trying to insult me Ikena, you a common driver?’’
“’Nope!!’’ he takes John’s hands and places the money “’I am trying to reimburse you for your troubles, no one else will, and even if the Miss would want to..i don’t think you want to have another fight with that strong head there so, take the money, get yourself another cab and then…everyone is happy, “’ he says turning “And please sir John, don’t take what Brian says to heart, he is alot of things but sometimes he is a good person.”
And with that he leaves , entering the car and driving away.
John squeezes the money in his hands and curses to the high heavens and then back, while he walks down the lonely road because he would not be able to get a cab inside the residential area that is strangely really fortified with securities. Well he knows every residential are is fortified, even the are Miss Adora is staying, but this estate looks like only the high and mighty spouses and their kids or those related to them stay in.
He makes his long trek down to the gate, passing securities and being checked a few times despite them checking the cab he came in, they asked him a bunch of questions why he wasn’t with the cab and why he was alone and how he got the swollen black eye and the lip.. by the time he was done convincing them he had a fall and it was nothing serious, he had spent an hour there already.
They allowed him to leave in two when they were done calling every check point within to know if they was a fight or a break in, satisfied they let him go opening the last gate for him.Sighing as he gets a cab exhausted.
He makes a call when he reaches his house, throwing his cloths away he waits as the phone rings at the other end and for someone to pick.
‘’Hello, hi Tony, it’s me? I need you to do me a favour and i need it now, yes it’s about someone, how do you find a ghost who doesn’t want to be found, or rather, how do you get a bio or a profile of a john doe hidden from the radar?’’
Then he smiles as the person speaks.. ‘’Great, his name is Brian Andrews.., i would be waiting to hear from you.’’
He cuts the call and makes another “’Hey, badt guy what’s up, no my brother i no forget you, how business?’’ he scratches his head “’Oh nice nice! my regards to the family. Are you alone, i need to discuss something with you, yes, codedly”’ he waits
‘’Can i talk? Okay, i need you to take care of someone for me, and i need the person to know i am the one who sent the hit. No, e no go gel? ‘’ he waits thinking “’Okay, you be badt guy, i understand where you are coming from, just incase it goes sour so it doesn’t come back to me, sha you make sense. Okay sha just organise the hit, make it smooth and bloody, yes, i will tell you when and where, until then, pass me your account number make i find you something wei you fit use they hold belle, maybe tidy some chicks while you are waiting ‘’ he laughs ‘’No wahala bro, i go pass you the code when the time comes, thanks, “’ he speaks in english and pidgin dialect
He cuts the call and then smiles to himself at the mirror touching his broken swollen lip and stares at his black swollen left eye “’let’s see who would be the last man standing Brian, let’s see how you can keep your pretty boy’s face intact, if i don’t do your strong thing for this PH wei you come, then my name isn’t John Efegor, your father Brian!!!’’ he laughs.





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I have often wondered what it is,if it looks like a man or a woman or a hooded monster carrying a rake ready to claw out the heart of the living and drag it to where it pleases.I have often wondered if it has a heart,that breaths pain as the ones whom the now dead leaves behind.
Does it understand that is it not wanted,never invited,not a door opened to it to come and take..father and son when no one has asked.Take those that matter,whose blood is the same ..whose name is scribbled thesame..whose lineage is fxxking thesame.
How dare you death?
Oh i often wonder. .why?why it’s stings hurts more than the pain from a bee,why it let’s one suffocate like one drowning in a deep blue see,cause the young and the old to break down,tears making a small fountain at the foot of one’s legs,hearts shattered,dreams and hopes gone.. just like the one whom we never gave permission to go.
I wonder,in that last moment,did their life flash before their eyes,regret what they plan to do and what they didn’t do,did they wish for a better life they may never have..or do they just stop breathing,like the clock on the wall without batteries,like the bird whose wings are chopped off and they fall,like a child suffocating in the womb in distress. .or like a man not given a chance to say goodbye as he sleeps in his death bed.
Oh death how dare you, strike one,strike two..tell me, what do you really desire,do our tears fill your cup of pleasure,do our bleeding hearts fit into your jars of broken our hurts and pains give you the ecstasy only death will bring..will our own,the one you took give you company in your misery? because that is what you are..a dark shadow,misery and sorrow and you were never invited into our hearts to give us pain.
Death!! How dare you take, how dare you take…now all we have is the memory of who he once was,the father,the brother,the one that bares same blood and names scibbled thesame..once alife now gone,and their smile fades from their once happy face and their soft bed suddenly becomes the cold hands of death.
One day..I will tell you a story..and it’s not how they ended,but how well they lived.
Untill then, life is too short and life is a fickle thing.
One second their laughter reaches your ears and the next ..all you hear is nothing. .
A dark deepening nothingless that makes your leg go weak first and then your heart catch within your chest…
And like that, the pain that comes starts from your tummy like a mountain loin howling in pain..
But you see,no matter how many hearts are broken,how any sleepless nights ensues…and how you wish time turns back for those you wish to never have gone…
At the end..
You can’t bring them back and the saddest part is….life goes on.
The pain never goes away..

And the memory sinks deep..

And such unexpected loss is earth shattering..
       ~Stephanie Egberike




There is something fleeting about love,the way it catches you unawares like  the butterfly that perks on your shoulders making your heart skip.
The way it tickles your toes as it rises,caressing your thighs and swimming into your insides,like a battlefield within your tummy,you feel yourself floating,higher and higher,you can’t stop it even if you so desire.
This love,like a thief it steals into your heart,eating into the veins of your heart as it palpates beneath your chest,like drums it sounds,chasing the mountain of birds sleeping in your head you tummy goes back to fluttering like the lashes on your lids,your lips quake as the smile comes on tucking your lips,your palms are sweaty, your breathing is high and low and then low and high as your chest rises as a tide to ocean.
Love? It makes one delusional and one blind ,but ofcourse they don’t mean that. .because..this love,fleeting as it is,is real,like the touch of your lovers lips to yours,soft,wanting,drinking and is as real as his flat palms to your chest,as his fingers caressing your bare back and his kisses trailing your toes to your neck,causing emotions to run wild while causing thoughts to fly away like birds in flight..
this love,like fire,burning your soul making a lover giddy in helpless desire,like flames it chokes you,making you squirm in a lovers delight,like burning coal it makes your heart jump at the glance of your lovers smile,like lava it burns your desires and let’s it sip out like liquid fire though your pathways that only a lover can trully Ice,it cause you to shiver as one in glaring winter.
Your sounds to him like melody to the ears,your cry is not one of pain but of passionate desire, your bodies entwined in the dances of the gods,thrusting and turning,body,water,sweat mingled in the midnight air as cold air kissed your backs and the dull moon shines into the candlelight harbour as you laid on the bed dressed with red silky sheets of your lovers finest lays.
And as his lips replaced every finger trail you drown deeper and deeper into the bliss of a satiated lover.This not fleeting, this love   is Fire and Ice.
 ~Stephanie Egberike 
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