When the times get dark, when you feel like the fog is too much for you to see because you are unable to step forward for fear of falling, Pray.
When the storm comes,and the tides is threatening to throw you away to hit the rocks and you are not sure of your foundation because your walls are shaking and your ground is sinking sand,Pray.
When they come, reaching your gate, wishing to bring you out and string you because of your sins while they play saint-perfect,daring to cast you away to the dogs where they know your life would be wasted away,Pray.
When you fail and fail again and there is no hope for success and you are about to throw in the towel and give up, Don’t!Try again and then ..Pray.
When all is said and done and you are at your wits end, the jobs isn’t coming, the kids are going haywire, the spouse is a stranger,  your family is threatening to kick you out, your business is crumbling , your hopes dashed, your peace scattered,  your entire self in disarray. In fact,  the joy is stale and worn out , your eyes refuses to dry,  your back always breaking on the ground,your knees bruised and your nails dirty from unending labour and no joy , no peace,  no surrender and no paths to walk to your resting place,…Pray!
It might seem too much to do;to knee and commit all the wrongs to him.Just Pray.
Prayer changes things. It doesn’t matter if you mumble the words, scream it,dance it or cry it.Just Pray.
Cast it all at his feet, pour out your heart and tell Him exactly how it is.
See,he knows it isn’t easy.Yes! those who have been there,down and throthen,broken and left to pieces would tell you; that nobody told them also that the road would be easy.

But one thing would be certain,  He wouldn’t bring you this far out in your life,career, business, family..NO! HE DIDN’T BRING YOU THIS FAR.. after giving you life and hope and little gifts to survive..to eventually leave you.
So when it gets hard,dark and you think you can’t go on any more,especially in your Christian life… just pray.
PRAYING  gives God the access into your life to charge you,re-energise  you and gives your power to excel, do exploits and WIN.
~Stephanie Egberike



There are times you often turn your nose up at people because they have done things you think was awfully wrong and becuz of that you hold it over their heads like a lamp and laugh at their pain when they fall.
Often times you compare your wrongs and theirs and becz yours seems a faded grey than their blackness you shift as though they are the devils and their presence would dent your image.  You say…”I can’t be associated with such deep coated stain” and thus you act like a saint adorned with royalty.
So many times you sit and analysis , you laugh and gloat at others demise,  you claim self righteousness and act like God loves you most  and you fail to realise that to the eyes of God,you all are His Children and He wouldn’t love anyone less just because we mere mortals feel the others are inadequate for your friendship.
See, just because someone sins differently than you does not in any way gives you the right to JUDGE them.
God never classified Sins and said this or that sin would take a maximum sentence and the other a lesser.  Infact, even something as little as a lie can get you a front role seat to the hotness you can never imagine.
Don’t make another feel less than what they already are.Don’t gloat in their pain and laugh at their fails. 
Sometimes, the body is weak and the mind is unable to function and sometimes one does things they may or may not be able to control.. it does not mean you are more saintly than them.
Because behind every closed door and in the dark,we each have our own monsters we hide and the skeletons tucked in the cupboards like hankers  and our masks we wear  everyday to hide the two faced persons we are,that we toss under our pillow and go to sleep.
Sometimes, we are our own enemies to self and to others..
So instead of trying to bring another down,instead of trying to JUDGE, gloat and marvel at others stupidity or inadequacy, how about we do this instead;
Don’t make one feel like they are the worst,they already feel like the worst so please don’t rub it in.
Do not make others cry more often than they have,you don’t see the bags under their eyes or the tears they try to hide. 
Do not take away their smiles, they already feel ashamed of their short comings and their wrongs and their sins, Let God be the judge,  He never passed you that mantle of “Judge-Ship”
No one is perfect,  you have to realise that you aren’t too.
And that means you have your flaws, have made mistakes , and your sins might be an eyesore to God.
More for your sake than for theirs.
Because at the end of the day, we all will be standing to give accounts of our lives. 
And you wouldn’t want someone to add Coal to your already burning head.

~Stephanie Egberike



Often times we assume that because the days are dark from the endless rain that the sun won’t eventually shine through.

Sometimes we think that because no help is coming for you that none will never come and thus you give up and allow fate take it’s course. 
So many times we toil and toil with broken backs and bended knees and the harvest refused to come and all your seeds have germinated to dusts,you throw in the towel and say it’s enough, no point in trying to survive, maybe this life isn’t meant for you to rise.
And I understand when you say that … times are hard, things won’t work out,the heaven blesses who it must and the others whom you fall under shouldn’t be considered worthy to be part of those becoming something in life.
So many ranging thoughts and collapsed emotions you give in to the torment of negativity and wallow in self pity and let “what will be will be” be your slogan and when the morning comes after breaking off from the night, you don’t bother trying,you don’t bother getting up… you literally GIVE UP, STAY DOWN AND PUT YOUR HEAD BACK TO YOUR KNEES AND SURRENDER TO NOTHINGLESS.
Hey,I have a message for you.
You may not be perfect and you may not feel worthy or that you are not enough,but look up still.
The sun is bound to shine after the rain.Yes!.

And when your days of storm and cloud passes, your victory will come.
Don’t stop trying and surviving, you may toil the earth much more than others who you came first before,but it doesn’t mean your time won’t come.
Everyone has their own different clocks and God blesses when He does… so don’t go envying others their victory, yours would come. Today,tomorrow, in the near future it would come.

So wait for it, not I don’t mean sit down and wait like it’s your entitlement.No!!



 Baby,  WAIT FOR IT!
And while you are doing that, “LOOK UP!”
“Because  when you seek help,you need to look up and the bible says “I look up to the hills from whence my help cometh from…”
~Stephanie  Egberike


That face I make when they tell me…”You are not enough to be anything you want and get to anywhere you want and achieve all that you want. ”
I look at them like this πŸ€” and I say to them.. “You are not God, and you know nothing as to what  cerncerns me nor what He has planned for me. You don’t know who I am nor what I am about or the thoughts God has already of me. So sit your butt down and watch God do the work He has already begun in my life and watch him Work me to Victory😎” 
And when they keep bringing me down… 
I stare down at them even more…

“Just because of setbacks didn’t mean the road ended. Just because there were obstacles didn’t mean I didn’t carry my gears to climb over the mountain. Just because the rain fell and flooded my path didn’t mean the sun won’t shine again and dry it all up and enable me place my feet on solid earth. Just because of what you think you see about me and that my journey had ended you refuse to see that it has only just begun and just because of your negativity you think I do not see that when you remove “Nega” which stands for “No” I cannot replace it to “Posi” to create my own “Yes to Posivitiy ”

I don’t care what you think or what the world has fashioned my progress to be a stunted growth ”
I only care for this… and that is what God says.. and I am who God says I am. He has placed my feet like a solid plant to grow and blossom with fruits. So stop trying to play god in my life and act like you know all about me and how I would be. You don’t.  And because I am all about what God says about me…I choose to let go and let Him, so….take a back seat and see how He would make me Soar ….
And when I get there.. I would look down as the surprises lits up in their faces …I would put on my game face and it would be saying…

“You know who did it? Jesus, oh my God!! Wow!!”
Until then,  take a back seat and watch me….rise above the Ashes like a phoenix and soar..

Watch your eyes,my shine might blind you.πŸ˜ƒ”
When they tell you anything that doesn’t make sense…
You tell them too….”You are enough to be anything you want…I MEAN EVERYTHING.”
~Stephanie Egberike  



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When they tell me..

“Don’t bother trying, nothing would work out. Don’t bother praying,God doesn’t listen nor have a reason to answer or maybe …just maybe there is no God.” 
When they tell me..

 “Forget it,those doors have been shut against you because you aren’t worth it.Can’t you see just how amazingly good the others are whom you are competing against?Don’t you see why you should just assume you are a failure because you will never win…don’t you see…don’t you see that being at the top is a far away dream like turning black to white and black and white to grey?”
 When they tell me….

“Give up! No one would raise an eye.They would understand that you are nothing”
When they tell me..

“It’s okay to cry, others are crying. It’s fine, it would pass. Go on, stop dreaming of the big leagues, because that’s not for you.But it’s okay to stand and view, as one who would go for sight-shopping.You see and wish, but you can’t touch,step in and assume position.That would never be you”
When they tell me…Bleh!
 If you listen to them,you would watch your dreams fade away like stars after the night is over. You would see how your hopes dashed would whither and die like a once blossomed rose now dead.You will never even succeed because you were told not to try and because trying is as good as a backhole were you are told you would sink into,you refuse to still try and take a flashlight because you forget that there is light,Yes light at the end of the tunnel where everything ,every sweat and broken knees and dirt under nails would pay off. 
You forget that no one succeeded without failing..no one soared without breaking their wings once or twice.. no one made it without having to go through the struggles and challenges and moving past obstacles.
See,there would be people..a lot of them trying to bring you down..talk you down and make you feel like you can’t be anything, and sometimes even you feel inadequate. 
Stop it!
Tell them all you are going to be just fine and you are okay trying and failing and trying again.
Tell them..
You are enough!
Tell them 
You will win!. 
And when they laugh at you and curse you and say..”You are going to fail”
Show them how you walk into your Victory like my Niece😍.
Tell them  “You Lie,”
Why?” They ask.
Tell them.. “Because God is showing me that it is only What He says that matters, and His banner over me is love and that means I am going to win,Soar , Succeed. I don’t care what people say, I don’t get scared about the challenges and delays and denial …No.

I don’t even bother because when God says he is ready for me…nothing would stop him from making everything pleasant in His time.”
Then declare and prophesy and believe and shout it out.
“Yes! I am walking into my Victory like one who got a Big God on her side and who knows that She is nothing other than a Boss.😎 Yes!!! I will win and win and Win some more and if the ground can’t take my shine …I would spread my wings and Soar…!!!!”
~Stephanie Egberike 
Model : My beautiful Niece #AyanateBob 
Walk it baby.. πŸ˜„
PS:  that moment she knows she is all shades of beautiful and extremely loved.😍


Ikena picks up his phone when it rings for the forth time .., he drops the plate of food on his bed side table and answers it.. ”Teka?”
”Yep! we have picked him up”
Ikena nods ”Good”
”Say it Teka, I know you are inching to talk, spill”
”Dude you fxxked up the guy pretty bad”
”I told you that already, I gave him a chance, but he was trying to be smart, wanting to spook his Boss, I won’t let some stout have their way with a kid who didn’t do them anything”
”How do you know the rich kid didn’t , maybe he has enemies, maybe”
Ikena chuckles, ”The kid has only been in the country for a few …ofcourse he has no enemies”
”well, someone who wanted to harm or off him thought him as one”
”The reason why he needs to be kept safe”
Teka sighs through the phone ”Atleast you left him alife, you are going soft”
”I don’t get you, you query me for roughing up the criminal and then tell me I am going soft, pick a struggle son…what do you want from me?”
Teka laughs ”Heh…maybe nothing other than the ordinary..let me know when your girl comes through, the department is itching to know what I have on Vampire..they think I am moving on a hunch and that I may have the wrong guy”
”Well, seeing is believing right?”
”Yeah, seeing is believing ”
”How is the kid?”
”Well, the kid is an actual man”
”You call him kid”‘
”Because he is old enough to be my son if I banged a girl at 15 and she got him for me”
”I can call him kid, you can’t, you both should be about same age, you are kid to me too”
”Alright Grandpa” Teka laughs ”Safe Man, keep me posted”
”You too, sure thing”
Line goes dead.
Ikena wonders if he should call to check up on Adora and Brian; or maybe he shouldn’t, if anything was wrong, she would call him, he told her too.
Then he smiles, who would have thought, those two were like cat and mouse always fighting and hating on each other at some point, now…now she is all caring about him even staying over..
He laughs , Brian would flip when he wakes up, maybe even like it.. who knows.
Those two? He shakes his head laughing, maybe some things works out in the most funnies of ways in the most unlikeliest of places with the most opposite of people..
What was the odds of that ever happening? Miss Adora and Sir Brian..
He laughs.
When he remembers he has no idea who wanted to harm him, his face contorts in a frown..
He hopes Juliet is able to give him that information when she gets it, but most importantly, he hopes she doesn’t get caught, else he would have sent her to her death.
Maybe tomorrow, he would drive down there, attend the church, make sure she is okay.
He nods, yes , he would have to do that, kill two birds with one stone; find out if she got any info and if she is okay and if for some reason she is in trouble, he would have to pull her out to safety.
He wouldn’t want some other innocent dead on his behalf just because he wants to save and protect another, he would pull her out, then he would find away to get the client’s name himself. For now, he would visit their house fellowship or church and see what the devil has to say to the children of God.
Fxxking irony of life.
She raises herself up from the bed, John is snooring heavily with his bottom turned upwards. He is naked on his bed, so is she. She gets up and begins to rummage through his room for any valuable she can pick for herself.
She sees a new watch in his wardrobe, stashed away with a gold chain, she takes it and puts it in her bag, still searching she grabs his work bag, she figured it was because it has a laptop in it.. she looks back at him to make sure he wasn’t awake, she contemplates. 
She grabs the laptop and pushes it deep into her bag, she goes to the bedside table, his phone is there, and ten thousand naira on the table, her money, she takes it and puts it into her bag. She is eyeing his phone, she takes it too and puts it into her bag. She grabs his wallet, he stirs, she drops it immediately as he turns to face her, she freezes.
After counting one to ten and he didn’t move again, neither did his eyes open, she releases her breathe, ..
”Shit!” the wallet had fallen close to his leg, if he drags it he might wake,.. 
Oh well, she had enough, she could sell that laptop for a good amount of money and his phone too..
She dresses up quickly, carry her bag and leaves his house quietly.
John continues to snore.
I am frozen for the better part of 60 seconds.. I cannot move, I cannot think, I cannot breathe.. I mean, how could I, his…him was staring at my face, and.am I supposed to have my senses intact after seeing Brian’s him…Brian’s him that…isn’t exactly a little Brian..
I blink, and I blink a couple of times..
”Adora!!” I hear my name as though from far away..
”Adora!!” it is closer, like shaking me closer
”Adora!!” Brian holds shoulders with one hand and covers his ..really not so small Junior with another ”Do you mind?”
I blink again, then heat rises up my cheeks causing the blush to be more than all the blushes I have had in my life all together.
I would know..
I think.
I blink again..
”No!…” I say almost breathless …then I realize what No means to his question ”Yes, yes I mind …argh!!”
It dawns on me…
I push myself away closing my eyes with both my hands , I am hot, really hot..
”Dear Lord Brian!! What the hell is the matter with you?”
”Me? I didn’t do anything, you were the one who did that, not careful in trying to wear me my brief, I almost fall and I hold on to you and your hands shoots out out of nowhere and my towel drops..”
”Me? I was trying to prevent you from falling ” I flare up at him as I turn to him, seeing him practically naked with his both hands the only covering to his member, I close my eyes again with both hands
”Well, maybe you were trying to get me naked , who knows”
I am aghast!!
”You are mad, why would I want to do that” I drop my hands again
”close your eyes Adora, this is sexual molestation!!!!” he points at me with one hand and closes himself with the other
”But I didn’t touch you, you you…you planned this Brian”‘ I throw at him ”And cover yourself will you, dear Jesus !!” 
He covers himself with both hands… ”How, really, I was unconscious not so long ago, how do I plan this?”
”I don’t know. You were unconscious and yet you sneaked to peep me in the shower”
He laughs ”Really, I get, this is what this is about right? Besides, that was a mistake but this…this in on purpose Adora!!” he says pointing to the toilet and then to the towel on the ground and then point hands open to show himself as he points to him
I turn red and turn away ”Brian Andrews will you cover yourself damnit !!! you are crazy , I didn’t do anything on purpose, maybe you did because you could very well wear your briefs yourself and you made me help you and just when I was doing that you conveniently dropped your towel and right..right to my face!!” I fan myself
”That’s just bullshit, like I would want you to just…look at him?”
”How the hell would I know, and yet you think I did it on purpose because I just want to just look at it..what the hell, oh God…my eyes!!” I cover my face again as I face palms
”Well…when you say it you make it sound and look inadequate, I would have you know that It..it is very adequate and saying it is not doing justice to its capabilities”
I scoff as I turn around , his both hands are on akimbo, it literally dangles as he speaks, I cover my eyes when I notice it , is it just me or this room is so hot, I can hardly breath, my thoughts are flying wide ”I don’t care much for it’s adequate functions or its capabilities, I just said I think you did it on purpose…”
He laughs ”Reall?” I peep to see him fold his hands.
Are you being serious Brian
”Would you cover yourself atleast?”
”Why the hell not?”
”Well, technically I cannot, hello…I have a ripped tummy and a splitting migraine , I cannot bend or stretch that far.”
”how is that my fault!!” I throw at him
”its not. ” he says sighing ”Fine, you know what, you have seen it, we are both adults. Can you now help me with my briefs, I feel violated standing here naked”
”It would help if you cover both hands with it Brian, because i am not taking one foot close to you..and him”
I hear him chuckle as I squeeze my eyes tighter, 
”Fine! I have covered him, can you help me with the brief now?”
I open my eyes slightly, both hands over his-him..
I take another minute to calm my breathing before I walk up to him, bending..i manage to pull his brief up his waist and over his hands , he pulls his hands out.
When I look up he is staring at me, I frown when I notice the smile twitching at the corner of his mouth.
”why are you smiling?”
Maybe I shouldn’t have asked the question because it looked as though he was waiting to answer
”I have a confession”
”which is?” I raise an eyebrow
He rubs his lips, then he takes both my hands, 
”What are you doing?”
”Oh, just protecting myself from further slaps”
”Brian?” I frown
”What?” he is laughing, he holds my hands tight ”Relax princess, why so serious”
”what is the confession?”
”Well, the thing is” he slurs, looking into my eyes ”Is that” he says ”I kinda like” he continues choosing his words ”Dropped the towel on purpose” he says biting his lower lip and closing one eye..
I blink , once , and then twice..now I am struggling to release my hands which he holds tight laughing
”Asshole!!” I scream at him, he is laughing really hard but holding on to me tighter, I want to slap him, hurt him, anything .
”Let go off my hand Brian, you are just a disgusting, annoying, perv and…oh let go off my hand else I would hurt you” I struggle, but the more I struggle the more he holds me tighter and pull me closer to him, the more his laughter increases 
”Relax Princess, hear me out ” he says laughing, now he has me in a hug but my hands are behind me and his hands are holding mine in place ”Hey, relax, you are going to rip open my tummy wound you know, and you wouldn’t want me bleeding to death on your watch?”
”Your family will understand ” I snap
He laughs ”Hey, that hurts. Look, wait, hold on Adora,look, I knew how embarrassed you got when you found out that I saw you naked and stuff so I figured, if you saw me naked too maybe the awkwardness wouldn’t be there again ..so it was just a second’s thought and I didn’t think it would get out of hand..so I dropped it, it was a joke, a bad joke..i am sorry if I offended you…but I just thought that..i saw you naked, you freaked out, even if it wasn’t on purpose, now you see me naked…one –one. So there wouldn’t be this…you saw me naked, I can go..oh wait you too!!”
”so this is supposed to be what, some leverage over me?”
”No princess, just..to smooth out the awkwardness , that is all”
”well it was stupid, do you always act on your whims”
”Sometimes !” he curls his lips
”Well, you shouldn’t, not everyone would applaud your childishnes”
”I am sorry, like is said it was a bad joke”
”Really bad, it was right in my face”
He smiles ”You didn’t like it there right, you didn’t like how it looked?”
My cheeks burns with it ”really?”
”Just a question”
”Does it matter, it was offensive” I lied
”Ouch!! And I thought he looked pretty good”
”Not for me”
”Double ouch!!” he frowns
”Sorry, did I burst an ego”
”Meh!! Just a bruise” he says, he is still holding me in place, staring into my eyes, I am not exactly comfortable with the way he is looking at me, I feel warm, too warm..
”What Brian, can you let go off me?”
”No” he shakes his head
”Well” he cocks his head to the side ”You are technically my girlfriend right?”
I am quiet ”Er…..”
”You didn’t change your mind under 24 hours did you?”
”Well er..err..now you are stuttering, what…am I that bad, ?”
”I don’t know you well enough to give you an answer to that are you that bad”
”But….you are my girlfriend …yes or yes?”
I blink…blowing hot air ”Why are you asking?”
”Well…because you don’t need to be shy around me..i mean, you might get to see junior a lot more often that you think”
I raise my eyes to stare back at him ”Really?”
”Oh, don’t worry, I remember you say you are a virgin and all and I do not plan to go down that road with you…unless you are ready and want to of course …which being honest it is going to be twice as hard now seeing how breathtaking beautiful you are with all those insane curves and all, seeing you naked that is…but…I will be the perfect gentleman until you want otherwise, but still, you don’t have to feel awkward and shy around me…or him…” he tells me
I don’t have anything to say, ”You soup is getting cold” I clear my throat
He smiles ”Tushei’ , okay nurse, do I get to be feed too, I mean it’s not everyday a guy gets mugged around here”
”You can feed yourself, your hands are functional”
”Still, please”
”No!!” I pull away from him, he lets me 
”Okay, but you watch me eat, maybe wipe a spill from my lips?”
”You are not a baby but a grown ass man”
”We are sometimes baby, I don’t mind being yours….well technically I am your baby right, your boyfriend…baby….huh huh?” he winks, I laugh shaking my head
”There is something seriously wrong with you” I grab the plate of soup and wait as he slowly seats on the bed
”Yeah, I think they gave me something at the clinic, some highness drug”
”Endorphine maybe, for the pain”
”Maybe it has a little bit of weed in it..”
I laugh ”Maybe or you don’t need weed to be high Brian, that should be your middle name”
”Hmmm, I should change it to that, come seat here beside me, I want to see your face…hmm it smells delicious”
”You should taste it first, it might be horrible”
”Really, well…guess I would enjoy it nevertheless” he says taking the plate from me and placing it on his legs, he lifts up his spoon, dips it in the soup and scoops out some..”Did you put Kunomi inside?” he squints his eyes
I laugh ”Really, love portion? Why would i?”
”I don’t know, make me fall inlove with you maybe”
”No, your probably have a heart of stone, it wouldn’t work. I wouldn’t want to waste my money and the babalawo’s time and his concoctions”
He laughs ”Ouch!! You dish out some mean yabs Adora, so what, I am unable to love you, you think I cannot love you?”
”Men like you probable are incapable to love, your heart is loveless”
”It is not, I have a love-heart”
”Right, who have you loved anyone before?” I fold my hands
”Well, yes I have, what sort of question is that?” he frowns
”Oh really, who is that?” 
”Eh, you understand who..who means right?”
He opens and then closes his mouth ”Stop intimidating me woman, seat down, you toweling me is making me unable to think”
I laugh as he pulls me down to seat on the bed beside him ”Okay, who na?”
”hey, I love my mother, she is queen and she is awesome, I love my father, though he is grumpy and annoying but I love him…I love ..er…I love me, I love God, I love…”
”Dude that don’t count , I don’t mean that agape love and you loving yourself is just vain”
”So which love do you mean, love is love isn’t it?”
”No, I mean the love that ensues between a man and a woman, lovers..all emotions heightened love you feel for a partner, have you even loved someone like that ? like fallen inlove before and understand it’s feelings, that kind of love?”
”Okay when you say it like that…nope” he thins his lip
”Not See, doesn’t mean I am incapable to love”
”Then what does that mean?”
”It means that I maybe haven’t seen anyone who would make me fall inlove”
”Well, never!!”
I am silent , ”Drink your soup”
”hey what was that look for?” I cocks his head to the side
”Nothing, drink your soup,”
He does so, after a few spoons he looks at me ”Have you fallen inlove before?”
”When did we exchange hot seats?”
”Answer Adora”
”Oh, you don’t have the right to judge me”‘
”I wasn’t , just stating that you don’t seem like one who would, you never can be able to love that is all, guys like you it is obvious”
”Never say Never Adora,”
”just the truth!! Drink your soup !!” I take the spoon to his mouth
”Yes Ma’am!!” he says drinking, after a couple of minutes and the soup is almost done, he says ” By the way , this is heaven, where did you learn how to cook?”
”In a witch’s coven” I state blowing my nails, he chokes on the spoon, I throw my head back in laughter 
”Very nice!!” he says smiling wiping his mouth as it spills to his jaw ”Humor suits you”
”I learnt from the best!” 
I watch him as he continues to eat, when he is done he rubs his tummy with a smile of satisfaction, ”Okay maid, how much do I owe you for this pleasant meal?”
”You wish I am your maid” I grab the plate, the holds on to my hands, 
”You don’t want to be my maid, I mean I have a lot of things I know you would do for me..like massage my legs, my shoulders and neck, oh…plus bath me, and whatelse…” he taps his jaw ”Well, there are other mouth watering perks the maid would get aside payments”
”Which are?”
”Seat and I will tell you, when I take a water though” he reaches for the bottle of water I place at his bedside and drinks…”One second” he says as he continues to gulp
”Yeah, while you are doing that, let me take this away”’
I leave him and go to the kitchen, I wash the plate, but instead of going back to the room I go to the sitting room and I seat there, curling my legs beneath me I reach for the remote and put on the Tv, not interested in watching anything in particular I leave the voice on mute and watch the moving pictures.
For no reason at all I didn’t want to go back there, maybe…I needed him to rest..i felt, somewhat , uncomfortable…
Maybe, maybe because I was tingly all over as he touched my hands, looked into my eyes and maybe because I have seen him naked too..i was hot, the heat rising within could bake a bread and I needed to just clear my head.
Liar Adora! You are catching feelings.
Oh shut up conscience, I chide myself.
Okay maybe I was but, he was a wounded man, I felt dirty to even think of it. So , I rather calm my stuoid thoughts and be far away from him at the moment, and he wasn’t helping…saying things that had an undertone of that…
Silly Brian..
Maybe the endorphin was working overtime, he just needs to sleep it off, when he wakes up in the morning he would be the old Brian, not the old –old Brian, but the one that…
Oh !!!
I facepalm…
Why am I picturing his nakedness …
His very fine, sexy…six packs, flat tummy, all nice build , his chest a place I would love to lay my chest or place my hands or kiss and maybe place my bosom too, and his…
Oh dear Lord!!
How can one have such…huge…
The heat is making me really uncomfortable,…
”Breathe Adora, why so serious. You are doing that thing again” he says
I jump when I feel his voice close to my ears, I look up to find him smiling, I shift folding my hands ..i frown
”Doing what thing?”
”That thing…you know that thing you do when you are nervous , or uncomfortable or uneasy, I don’t know…that thing”
I feign innocence, pouting ”I don’t know what you are talking about. Why are you hear, you should be in bed”
‘So should you, it’s almost 3am Adora, good thing tomorrow isn’t a work day so you can sleep in. why didn’t you come back, are you running away from something?”
”No I am not”
”or from me?”
I scoff ”Why would I be running away from you, you aren’t the devil are you?”
”Well, maybe you think me to me one, or is it because of the things I was saying in there, I was joking”
”When aren’t you joking Brian?”
”Ofcourse I don’t want you to be my Maid, it has jokes written all over it”
He walks slowly round the chair and then sink in beside me..”But I do want you to be more in my life though… look, I know I can be annoying and stuff but that is part of me, atleast I am not the asshole you met earlier”
”Well, thank God for that”
He looks away ”Yes, thank God” he reaches for my hand ‘I know I am a handful, but…thank you for taking care of me”
”Ikena is the one you should be thanking”
”Yeah, you both, I will do that when I see him but…thank you Adora, I am an annoying mess I know, I am trying to be better but I am playful and stuff…that part would be hard to let go”
”Why are you sounding as if I am asking you to do anything, like change”
”You aren’t but….i like you Adora, I know I have told you before but I just need to state it again, and I asked you out because I want to date you. I may not have much to my name Brian..and I would work towards it, and I know I am not the kind of guys you like”
”How do you know the kind of guys I like”
”I don’t, I am just saying”
”I see”
”Still….i have been somewhat careless with myself, ”
”what do you mean?”
”heh family, me..stuff, maybe one day, when this is all over, I will tell you…maybe you will understand why I was the way I was when you first met me”
”why can’t you tell me now, so I understand ?” I stare at my hand in his, he rubs it, 
”I want to Adora..but, it’s complicated. There is something I need to do for me first…if I tell you now, maybe you will see me differently and treat me differently, I don’t want that. I want you to see me and like me for me, this me you know…and if everything turns out okay, you know that it’s this me which achieved that, nott he other me that came when a package with which I was born into”
I frown ”okay, I am trying to keep up but I don’t understand what you are saying; this you, that you..which you are you and what package is that, do you have secret life you are hiding, are you a criminal ..?”
He laughs ‘No no…not that.. it’s just complicated and it is not anything bad, it is good actually but complicated”
”and you can’t tell me now?”
He shakes his head ”Soon, I like this me now..and I need this me to do better Adora for me”
”Okay, I think the painkillers is messing up with your thoughts, you should sleep”
He smiles ”Yeah..” he struggles to get up carefully, he gives me his hand, I stare at it ”So should you”
”I think I would stay here awhile”
”Nope you aren’t, there is a bed large enough for both of us”
”But I want to watch TV”
”You liar , come on Adora, you shouldn’t be awkward around me, told you..you can tell me whatever goes on in that head of us, I don’t mind it; white, black, grey…I don’t mind..i want to know all about you…I want to explore that head of yours, find out what makes you tick”
”Hmm, sounds like you want to take on a project” I give him my hand and pull myself up
”Yes my beautiful witch, you are a project large enough to be an encyclopedia and I am ready to delve in..come on”
I smile, for some stupid reason I kinda like the way he said it ”My Beautiful witch’
”why are you smiling?”
I frown clearing my throat ”I am not”
We walk slowly to the room.
He lays on the bed, and I lay on the other, the duvet over us. 
Thirty minutes had gone by.
”Are you sleeping?”
”Yes” I tell him, I hear him smile
”You are not a very good liar Adora”
”Neither are you a very good observer”
”I want to hold you” he says, I could feel him staring at me..
He chuckles ”I don’t think it’s a question my girlfriend should be asking me”
”well….i think this girlfriend thing is still awkward”
”I turn to him, like..what do we do, what do we say, how do we work together and stuff….i feel awkward”
”come here”
”You want to stylishly make me come close right so you can hold me?”
”No, if not that I was scared my tummy opening with too much movements, I would pull you close,so..please ?”
Sighing I move closer,
”closer” he says tapping the bed space close to him, I move closer as I see him raise up his hand, he pats his chest ”closer here”
”Yes Adora, unlike you I say what I want, come on, I won’t bite”
I lay my head on his chest and I knew it was the best thing to do, but I don’t tell him that, I close my eyes briefly as I hear him breathe in and out and listen to the beating of his hear,
”So, you want to know how we are going to do this?” he says as his chin move over my head, I open my eyes
”simple, whatever we want, how the wind blows, I don’t think we should limite ourselves to anything, I like you, you like me,,,why be rigid about this”
”And at work?”
He smiles ”You don’t want you calling you my girlfriend at work?” 
“It is against the rules and regulations”
”Fxxk those!!”
If he ever gets the chance to become something worthy of his father, maybe he would tell him to change that. It was a stupid rule, you can date anyone you want as long as it is consensual and it doesn’t in anyway affects your work , if it does then it would be a problem, If It doesn’t..then no one should bat an eye. 
I hit his chest ” don’t be silly”
”Fine” he holds my hands , pulling it to his lips, he kisses the tips..”I won’t call you my girlfriend infront of workers but I would not be held responsible for what happens behind closed doors ..and when we are alone”
”like what?”
”Oh you know, a hug here, a kiss there, a smooch somewhere inbetween, a rose here and there, box of chocolates, working late just because we want to ..you know..stuffs like that” 
I laugh ”Oh really?”
”Yes really, ”
We are quiet, the peace in the room is calm, I feel his finger caressing my clothed shoulders..
”You really are beautiful you know that?”
I swallow, unsure how to reply to that, so I am quiet. A few minutes pass.
I shake my head ..
”Yeah, I don’t filter my mouth before I speak, it makes you uncomfortable when I pay you compliments?”
I shake my head ”Not really, you…make me very aware and I don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing”
”Aware that you are beautiful?”
”I know people tell me I am but when you say it , it makes me feel different”
”Different how?”
” I don’t know…uneasy..or..nervous I don’t know”
I feel him smile again ”You don’t know how to receive one maybe. But brace yourself, I do that by default, and what is worse, you are actually really beautiful so I wouldn’t know how to lie…own it girl, beauty and brains, rocking body, done well for herself, the tamer of Brian Andrews…sort off. Own it princess, I won’t let you rest till you do…beautiful, beautiful..beautiful beautiful”
”Hey okay okay” I laugh closing his mouth with my hands ”I accept, he smiles a he kisses my hand, he pulls it away
”Would it be too much to ask for a kiss from my favorite nurse?” he bends his head to stare down at me, raising up my chin, staring into my eyes
I am speechless, I swallow..
”Adora? I want to kiss you..i want to taste your lips, maybe it would calm my beating heart..” he smiles
I nod..
Now I don’t wait for him, I lean upwards taking his lips and we kiss, slowly, very slowly..
There was something beautiful about kissing Brian, and I swear I couldn’t explain it, all I knew is that I wanted more..and when he pulls me close to him, I cling to him as we savor each other’s lips.
And as seconds rolls into minutes, minutes into long minutes, I feel his heart pounding close to my chest, his hands pulling at his shirt covering my body and my hands roaming, caressing his chest..
He turns me , causing me to lie down beneath him, he nipples my neck, my jaw, kissing my face.. and when he gets to my neck again I want him to go lower, I feel the shirt is an obstacle , but I don’t tell him that. 
He comes back to kiss my lips, his hands roaming over my chest…then it stops, tentatively drawing circles around my already perky nipples, a moan escapes from my lips, he swallows every sound with his lips, and when he leaves my lips again, I feel his lips on my neck, his hands fiddling with my buttons as he unbuttons them, soon after he is kissing me there, were my chest rises, the twin towers perfectly aligned above my chest he takes one in his hand and then the other he buries his mouth, suckling on them..
Dear Lord, I really don’t want him to stop.
After making me squirm with his lips on my chest, he unbuttons the entire shirt, letting his hands roam freely..unable to move as swiftly as he would because of the wound to his stomach he takes a longer effort to push himself down awards..
”Brian?” I call his name
”Ssshhh, relax princess, I just want to kiss you there, that is all” he tells me
”But…” I close my legs.. ”You are injured and..and…” I can’t think straight ”And that it is torture for one party to get one thing and the other and…we haven’t talked about this and..” I say
He chuckles ”I told you already, I want go down that road unless you are ready, I just want to..kiss you there that is all”
”And you?”
”Don’t worry about me” he says kissing my thighs and preying my legs open, I feel him blow hot air towards me, I bite my lips..
”Brian..please!!” I beg…”if you do that..i may want more” I say in all honesty, for the first time…I may want it all.”‘
He smiles against my thighs as he kisses me again ”I won’t let you, ” he says as he kisses my lightly ”Not today anyways, ” he kisses me again as I curl my toes as bouts of electricity shoots through me..
”Oh God!!” I moan as I feel his tongue over me again..
”I think you should hold on to something, my shoulders or head or the bedhedge”
”You will see, though you haven’t been penetrated before..but..i can still take you and shoot you up to the heavens , and you might want to hold on to something tight..i just have to play with this little middle guy here and..” he trails off..
When I feel what he is saying a soon a she tongue touches me there…
I had no idea what I said for the next few minutes, all I knew is that..i felt as though I was flying and then falling, falling, falling…..till all I could feel was me quaking and my legs shaking..
I fell hard, and he was there to catch me, and kiss me back to earth.
He kisses my thighs, back to my tummy slowly as he pulls himself up, to my chest and then my lips..as he moves over my body, I feel him hard over me, and I want to touch me, make him feel just as good as he made me feel..
”You okay?” he asks over my lips..
It takes a few minutes before I could speak ..”Yes!!” I reply him
”Good” he places a kiss on my forehead, he slowly moves away from my body and rests on his back, I see him close his eyes..
I move to him, and lay on his chest, he pulls me close and then my eyes stare down at him, his brief showing evidence of his fully erected member..
I raise my hand , shyly, I touch him there..
He moans..covering my hands with his..
”Don’t pay attention to him Princess, when he gets no more food, he would sleep”
”Why did you do that? Now I feel guilty keeping you in this state”
”Spur of the moment, plus…I wanted to kiss you, kiss you all over, and I knew I wouldn’t be getting some, and I told, ready when you are, as long as you want me to wait…I still wanted to kiss you. But…the boy would understand ”
”What if I want to, what if I want to have it all Brian?” I look at him, he stares down at me with a smile on his face, he bends to kiss my lips 
”I won’t let you..” he wraps his hands on my shoulders ” Sleep princess, it’s been a long day, ” he says.
I stare at him for a long while, his lower him, tempted.. then I eventually close my eyes and go to sleep.
He listens to her breathing for a long while, his member keeps throbbing between his thighs..
”Down boy” he whispers.
Then he smiles shaking his head , Oh Brian, she definitely has cast a spell on you. Since when do you tell a woman you will wait for her to be ready and when she offers you refuse..
Oh!! Cupid you sly fox, I hope you aren’t anywhere shooting some bloody arrows? That is some serious joke man, for real.
He bends to stare at her, smiling..
She really was something , this Adora, and for some reason it warms his heart that she was his girl.
Maybe, this might be something good for him. Thinking about someone else aside him. Really, he wasn’t trying to impress her..
He really wasn’t going to let her do anything she wasn’t ready for, even if konji kills him and he gets blue balls from having an overnight boner..
For once, he was happy being the responsible guy..
Okay, maybe she shouldn’t have gone further than kissing her lips but heh!!. He enjoyed it, she enjoyed it…and that was enough.
”Down boy” he repeats as himself rears his head again in salute as he thinks of her… 
He should just sleep, think of water, the oceans, action feels, a horrible movie, some boring book, bad graffi…anything other than the way she tasted..
It would work.
He closes his eyes…”football, Ronaldo, harry potter, game of thrones .no! too much sex scenes.. eh..xmen, the Nigerian news…Buhari…ah..yes, ”
He chuckles.
Soon, he falls asleep.
John is whistling as he enters the conference room, greeting everyone on site,..
”Oh Peter, how are you, did you have a good weekend, I did, oh Tomwia, Boma? How are you?” he says shaking their hands and hugging them
”Are you okay John?” Peter looks at him curiously
”Yes, yes I am fine”‘ he says seating down
”Really, now you remember I am your friend?”
”Yes now, don’t mind me jireh, something was in my face, put it has been removed, I can see properly, how is the office, any news, anything..is everyone here?”
”Well, everything is fine, what kind of news?”’
”Any news, bad news. Missing news, dead news?” he laughs
Peter frowns ”Are you okay?”
”Yes yes!!”
”Maybe him drink jogodo juice this morning”Tomiwa says 
”No, just happy Juice Tomiwa, tell me, where is everyone, everyone is here, ?”
”Well, yes, you were the last person to enter the office today”
”Yes, I went to report some stolen devices but that is not important, is Mr Emeka around, Miss Adora…everyone?”
”Yes, but there are in a meeting, I think something is up, Mr Emeka’s face wasn’t too bright, and ..”
”And what?” John has a huge smile on his face , come on mate, tell me the news of his death has reached here, I am too excited I can scream with joy..
”I don’t know, wait they are coming ”
Emeka is coming towards them, Miss Adora is coming behind..
”Everyone gather around, I have some news to break to you all”
”What is happening, ?” everyone is muttering 
”Oh, maybe Elvis have left the building in a body bag maybe”‘ John laughs
”Stop that, weitin dey tickle you this morning ?” Temi comes to stand behind them
”Temi, today I cannot be bothered with your tantrums, I am waiting to hear what Mr Emeka has to tell us…maybe, I may shed a pretend tear” he says more to himself than to him.
“Okay, is everyone here?” Emeka looks up
”Yes” the chorus
”No, I don’t see Brian” Tombra calls from the crowd..
”Yes me too, I think he is the only one missing” someone says
John is trying hard to contain his joy ”I think we don’t need him here Sir do we, please we can carry on, he is totally irrelevant , abi?” 
A few people mutter , I am staring at John..
”It is about him I have called this meeting, Brian as we all know was appointed as a PA to Miss Adora here, but unfortunately, he would not be working , he is-” 
”Dead!!” John says, everyone turns to him, I turn sharply to look at him,..
Everyone begins to talk, I hear a few sobs, I turn angrily at John
”Dead?” Emeka asks ”Where did you get that from John?”
”Yes John, who told you Brian Andrews is late ?” I throw at him
Someone opens the door and enters into conference room, he pauses as he hears my statement.
”Whoa!! Who the hell killed me !!!!?” Brian says in shock
Everyone turns, so did John..
He staggers in shock ……..”Brian!!” he breathes.
Anticipate .