The Murder!!!


…..The Murder…..!!!
There are three sides to a story. There is my side. Your(or their) side and “The Truth”. But how you can come to that conclusion is entirely up to you.
Where do I start..
Like they would say.. From the begining.
I had just come back home from work. Tired. Extremly fatigued . Patched and hungry. I had a little accident at work.
I fainted.
Right there in the middle of carrying a ton of iron over my shoulder as my colleague walked infront of me. My vision blurred. I felt light headed. I staggered. Then I slumped. Thankfully I was able to push the iron away from my shoulder as I fell, causing my colleague to be pulled backwards tumbling. The iron rolled off to the side. I laid on my back, my head pounding when I heard Voices ..overhead. then I saw shadows for faces as they loomed over my sight… blurring my visions all the more.
“Is he dead??”…I heard someone say
“Francis.. can you hear me”… I heard someone ask. It should be dave.  It sounded like him.
“Call the hospital.  Get the medic.  Someone help”.. I heard a frantic scream
“Get the car …. someone help me with him”….  I heard someone say as my body was pulled and dragged and lifted from the hard granite floor and carried to something softer….
I felt as though I was floating.. midair, and the voices didn’t stop… neither did the shadows of faces fade.
Then I see the white lights.. and white coats. I felt something to my chest. It’s cold. Really cold. I felt a tiny jab to my skin. I wince, but I couldn’t move. ..
I felt my hand and legs strapped.
“Was I being restrained ??” I spoke. But they don’t hear me. They place the cold thing to my chest. I feel hands touching my wrist… checking for something. Turning it open and close… then  the tiny jab again..
I feel dizzy. Like my life was ebbing away from me…
“I need water”.. I say…  my throat felt as though it was going to tear. But no one hears me. I wonder if my lips are moving or my mind was speaking to it self.
Then i drift. Slowly… into darkness..
I wake up. I am standing over her. She is lying sprawled on the floor. I look down at my hands.. I am holding onto something . It glistens and glows from the reflection of the light and then something else… its dripping. Thick cloated red drops…
I look at her again… my chest contricts. I drop the knife and rush to her.. my eyes pooling I gather her in my arms, brushing her hair out of her face. Blank unseeing eyes stare up at me. Faded. Dead. Gone. Her body was lifeless. Just limps. Her beautiful face smeared by her makeup. She looked as though she had been crying. Then I saw the gaping hole that gushed out blood from her chest…
I didnt realise the sound I heard was coming from me…like an animal deranged.
“What have I done??”
“Forgive me…Forgive isabella “… I cried…
I laid there with her in my arms. Until I heard the serene. .untill I heard them break open my door. I laid there with her.
“I killed her.. I killed the woman I loved”.. I cried.
“Why.. how.. what happened??” The officer in black asked me…
“I-i-i don’t remember” I said.
“They said they heard screaming and someone breaking things and a fight.  ??”

“I don’t remember…”… I cried..staring as they drew a white cloth over her body and lifted her out , rolling her away.

“What do you remember. .. what was the last thing you remember “… He asked, shining his light into my eyes..checking me..making sure I wasn’t in shock. I just stared at that spot she once laid.

“I was at work. I had fainted. Rushed to the hospital. I was hungry.. tired. I drifted off to sleep. And I wake up..standing over..isabella.. dead. I I killed her…. I killed her… I killed her… I killed her.. I killed her”… I kept muttering. Shaking.. while they handcuff me , putting me into the backseat of the car…i turn.. watching the house… where I lived. Where we both lived…isabella was no more.
The judge couldn’t say it was man slaughter.  Yes I was holding onto the knife. Yes a woman was dead. But no motive.
The doctors said I was in shock. While they checked on me …Following my lock up, they say I was suffering from the “mad man” syndrome. I had lost it. I had a family history of “mad men”. So I possibly didn’t know what I was doing. I had “Amnesia ” too.
Colleagues said that I tend to forget things. I tend to fall down and faint and don’t remember my name or what i was doing.
They say. .. Francis, the strange one. Who lost it up there.
My neighbours said.. ” Francis and Isabella were a loving couple. He loved her as she loved him. Peaceful. He adored her. He would never hurt the woman he loved more than his life”….
They said….” They thought they were being robbed and when they heard the screams and fighting… they called the police. If he wanted to kill her… He wouldn’t wait there with her till the police came”
The judge couldn’t convict me. I didnt do it as a sane man. I might as well be a child with a gun who didnt have a glue. The case was dropped. Isabella was buried.
I was sent to the mad people’s home…away from prison. I mopped at the walls. I screamed isabella ‘ name. I called every nurse her name. I cried at night.
A couple of months later…. when they believed I have had better treatment. They let me go.
The doctors said they was no need putting me behind locked doors strapped to myself. I was healed. The losing of a loved one jolted me back to reality.
They packed my little belongings, opened the doors and sent me on my way.
I went back to my life…what was left of it. And they were supportive. Family and friends… and so.. life went on.
I laid on top of my bed one of those nights. Months later. I began to laugh. And laughed and laughed some more.
I remember reading the books of the “mad men” then I wondered…how it would feel to act like one. So if began to practice.  From what became a tiny hobby it became a way of life.
Then … I walked in on isabella and dave. On our bed. She was moaning in ectasy.  Her back turned as she held on  the headboard. While he plunged and thrust deep into her, their naked bodies moving in rhythm.   Her heard her  scream “harder”.. I heard him groan.. ” You like it don’t you…. more than the way Francis gives it to you…say it…say how much you like it..say it”…. then she riles up spewing nonsense. .. and screaming “Yes yes I like it. Like it better than Francis. .. harder baby harder”…

I couldn’t watch anymore.. they didn’t turn. They were too engrossed to notice a shadow looming over them, I wanted to kill them there and then… but I couldn’t.  I walked away. But the fact that I found my best friend and wife together scared me. Made me think of evil things to do to them. And so… I began my plan.
I walked into a bookshop…on the shelve.. I saw “how to get away with murder “… I became obsessed.
First…. I made up a family history of the mad men.
I acted the part.
Even made sure I had hospital records.
Then that night when I got home…. while she made me dinner and forgot to wash off the stench of her lover’s cologne.. I told her I knew…
She screamed at me. She threw things at me. She cursed me and told me she never loved me. That I never satisfied her. She loved dave and would divorce me and marry me and screw him on our bed over and over again and send me a clip. I smiled. Collected. I was calm.
When she saw the knife… I think then she knew…she wouldn’t make it out alife.
I knew that too…
See, because I had planned everything… I knew my parts. I had it all planned out. It’s been brewing for Months. Today…The opera was going live…
As i plunged the knife into her chest and turned and turned unto my hearts content. I felt nothing. No pain. Just the thrilling excitement of adrenaline rush.

I heard the serene.  My time had come.. I entered into my world of denial …when I heard them walk up the stairs… I began to wail like a mad man..
“Isabella. ..I killed her”….
Only a fool would believe.
I laughed at the stupidity. I knew I wouldn’t be charged. Who charges an insane man.

I turn back at the back of the car seat as they drove me away and smiled…staring as they rolled her dead body away . My eyes sparked.
“So long isabella. .. your dave would be joining you soon”…

As I laid on my bed… I read the message dave sends..
“How are you doing brother. Still coming to my crib. ..I got beer, let’s watch our fav game.”

I reply the message ” I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I am coming “… I send it
I smile to my myself, I picked up something different…
I wonder if I should clip his balls first… or pluck out his eyes….or maybe his tongue…
I laugh remembering a line from that book..
“Dead men don’t talk”…

I leave . For it was time to let another opera come to live..

Bhuhahahahaha. ….
The End!!!!

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The Cycle of Life. ..


…… The Cycle of Life…
There was a time, when I first opened my eyes, all I saw was fogged darkness and the shadows that loomed behind it. The distant echoes of voices that one day I would come to recognise and yearn to hear constantly..
The scent of her bosom that would give me life  sustainably , the feel of her hair I would let my fingers tangle into and the endless wetness of her kisses that would make me babble in feeble joy.
There was a time, years later while I carried myself down the stairs and watched her twirl in the arms of the one she loves. The light in her eyes and the sparkle of her smiles, the featherlike steps that courses her through the St.Cloud of Nine. There was a way she spoke and carried her head. There was a way she loved and cared for those in want. There was a way she said “I love you” to the one and “I love you ” to me. There were different albeit thesame. And yet… she was beautiful and more..
There was a time, more years later, while she was old and frail. She had molded me into all that I am and more than I can ever be. The one she loved had walked through the worlds,  the galaxy of no returns, shattering her kindred spirits. .ridding the joy from her eyes. One less love.. and yet even mine wasn’t enough to save her. And while the darkness came, and the moon gloomed underneath the sky..before the rise of the morning light.. she breathed her last, her slender frail hands letting go of mine. And her eyes, void of life. Closed..never to behold mine.
There was a time, when he came to me… hand in hand we walked the aisle.  In sickness and in health, to never forsake to never forget. And amidst my tears, my aching heart wished mine was here to bless. But wishes were never meant to be horses, and so I looked to the heavens and hoped while they looked down below, they would see me and mine, twirling to their favourite song and smile.
There was a time, oh not so long after, I stared down at my tiny bundle of joy. Tears of laughter blinded my sight and I wondered…can she hear me laugh. Can she understand my love coursing through my veins into her mouth as I fed her daily from my bosom. Her baby babbles must be a confirmation because it filled my ears , touching my heart with joy. I hope you can hear me little one.. I hope you can tell my voice even without eyes.. I hope you can follow it through the darkness untill you find the light and gaze unpon the beauty that awaits you on the other side…My beautiful mine .. and her laughter was all I cherished… her joy was all that we lived for… and everything my departed mother had taught me… I vowed to imbibe in her… for that was her legacy..
There was a time..oh I don’t remember how long now. My hair had fallen and my sights aren’t so bright.. the days don’t come to me and I usually can’t tell colours different. The one who used to grace my bed from my youth had visited his maker a year earlier as he went to make a delivery and the drunk driver didn’t see him.  I laid on his side of his bed, drank his coffee and never removed his jacket. For his scent I wanted to remember and his laughter I wanted to dwell in.  For those were the things that kept me when all I had was no one. Untill him, until my sweet little princess whose eyes swell with tears when she rests her head on my sagged bosom and kisses my frail and withered hands…. praying this sadness doesn’t take me.
But she doesn’t understand the power of love.. for there are different dimensions of it…and when the one you are “one” with leaves you on a journey of no return…Soon long to go along…and continue the journey you both had sworn to walk…in life and in death…
Oh I pray life treats you sweetly, and you find the one who would cushion your pain sweet one. .. for I have toiled the earth with mine, blessed with a replica of what we are and were… but my strenght fails me.. my heart is weak… but darlyn do not be feeble.. you must live to the fullest for even in death…The Cycle of Life must go one.. for a death is a birth of another… and you sweet one must remember that we are here even when we arent…but be happy…
I hoped my words would give her strenght. .but all I see is tears like fountain gushing out and coursing through her chicks ..that I had kissed a million times when I first carried her in her fragile state. But I grow weaker. I hear the rain … I hear footsteps. I see his face, smiling. My vision blurs…I don’t hear anything anymore… I managed one last look… and just like I was a tiny little babe wrapped in my mother’s arms, I saw darkness and a shadow of a face…and then nothing. For that was my head.
There was a time..I would hope.. that she lived her life to the fullest.. never forgetting me as I never forgot mine…and others before me.. for ours was a love line that cannot be broken.. But The Cycle of Life must surely and will go on. For that is the mysteries of all that it is.

“A life doesn’t end, for there is a replica born into every generation , albeit different.. but thesame blood ruins through our veins..albeit different skins.. but we fail to forget. .We came from one.. who changes the course of the earth by just a word. “……Stephanie Egberike

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Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. …18


It was moist.  Soft, warm and moist. Soothing..welcoming. exhilarating.  Exciting.
I was sweating, profusely even though it was cold. Freezing cold. 
She closed her eyes as I kissed her. Her legs wrapped around me as I held her waist in place, perfectly accentuated as I longed to plunge into her core from where my fingers had just being..
“Bruno…” She wispered , biting my ear lope..
“Take me “.. she said…
” Please. .. take me now”.. she begged.
My heart was fast pacing,  her skin soft as i caressed her firm perky folds.. and just as I thought, her core was heaven. The tiny moan that escaped from her lips I drank, savouring her lips while her basked from her lower lips… until that moment..till I felt like tipping over to the edge… untill…
“Shit! !!!”… I swore as I startled out of my dream.
The throbbing pain between my legs gave me a headache. I felt a damp patch infront of my shorts. A spill.
“Damn” I swore again. Junior hadn’t slept a wink throughout the night. The last time I had a boner for hours was   when I was a fresher, and just had my first playboy series and didn’t know a wink on how to use a pick up line on a girl and suffered for a week. Now years later, a bad boy by definition. Fondly called Bruno , “The Hammer”… made a few girls cry,  broken a couple of cherries and hearts if you may. “Went in. Get done and Get gone”… was my slogan. My Motto. And now, am deliberately cutting my high down just because of a girl…an orange seller ..and I have no effing idea why.. and I don’t care. Well, not in the least I think.

I shake my head. I raise my head up and look at at bruno-junior, he stood high, like an effel tower, like the statue of liberty hidden within my shorts. I chuckle..

“Sorry big guy…. you ain’t getting some action. Not if I have a say in it. So you better take a long nap… or ama whoop you down some..”..   it just stared at me without eyes..and when she kicked. Bruno – junior Blawdy kicked.
“You  traitor”… I hissed.
Good thing she was fast asleep,soundlessly,  like a peaceful little dove. Else she would have wondered if I had ran mad in the middle of the night while she slept. Maybe I have. . I must be mad. I mean look at me… I was scared of letting a girl know the real me.. how gory my past was. Because I was scared she would judge me. For the first time in my life, I wanted to be anything other than a bad boy… not because I wanted her in my bed. But the opposite of what a man thinks about…. I just want…
I just want…..

I run my hand over my face…
“Hell I don’t know what I want… ” I muttered under my breath. But it has nothing entirely centered on sex.  Amara wasn’t a girl to be a play thing… she was different.. I know that much. If only I could define what I really feel. It would make more sense..

I look towards the window as I laid on the bed… glad it was morning..albeit wee hours of it. Maybe around 5ish. Her head rested on my shoulders as she curled herself. Her hands between her legs… a thing of habit I presumed. Her hair covered her face.. the temptation to touch her face was strong, so I brushed her hair away from her face.

You know what they say, you can tell how beautiful a girl looks first thing in the morning. .. well they didn’t lie. And because I couldn’t kiss her lips, I brushed a featherlike one on her forehead and i gently moved her away from my arm and rolled off the bed, picking my cloths from the ground and put them on. I didnt want her mother to come and find me here, in the room and in her daughter’s and get the wrong idea.

I strolled to the palour, looking out the window again. The water had dried, a few people were seen coming out. ..prally ahead for the day’s business. Amara’s mother should be heading home soon. Taking my phone out of my pocket I checked for calls or messages .
14 missed calls and 5 messages ” .. I clicked on one..shaking my head
“Dude how far now..” I read out …
“This one you aren’t answering my calls, busy eating out her cake??”
“Hey Bruno what’s up,  you aren’t salt, brave the water and get home men. You can’t chill at Amara’s… you that desperate to pop her cherrie you would do it while her mother sleeps??”

“Hey bruh. .. was it that good that you can’t answer your boy… you too stingy to share eh??”..

“Ergh!!! What’s with the messages Junior… ???

I didnt bother going through the last two messages. . I deleted the rest. Puts the phone back in my pocket, i sat down and waited.
Amara stretches and yawns. Then she opens her eyes and sits up abruptly , her hands to her chest when she remembered where and how she was and the person who was there with her. But she was alone. The morning light had broken into the room and there wasn’t any sign of Bruno. 
She rolled off the bed, without taking off her wrapper she slipped into dry cloths and heads to the palour. But he wasn’t there..

“Bruno??” …she called out but no answer. She walks towards the only bathroom they had and knocks on the door…

“Eh…Bruno, are you in there??” … No answer..

She walks back to the palour and peer out the window.  There were quite a few people about, heading out for the day’s business. The clock on the wall said 6:34.. she turns when she hears someone open the door, …

“I was looking for yo—  eh mama!!!”
Walking towards her mother..” Goodmorning ” she greeted her.

“Eh Ama, Goodmorning.  How did you sleep. Are you feeling better?… are you hungry? I bought Akara and Bread on the way as I was coming. My friend is doing okay. Was just a scare. Come … take this to the kitchen. If you aren’t feeling better you can stay home oh, I will go to the shop alone today okay??”

Amara takes the food stuffs from her mother, she looks behind her hoping he would walk in. But nothing.. not even  a shadow passed by the door.

“What is it Amara, why are you looking at the door??”

“Erm.. nothing Mama” she lied. When did he leave, during the night? Did he do anything?  I don’t feel anything…as though he touched me in the night.. but I saw him…it.. but, he didn’t even try to touch me. Strange.

“Oh..Ohk.  you must be wondering about Bruno. He is such a dear. He was standing by the door this morning when I came. He didnt look as though he slept all night. I hope you didn’t cause him any trouble.  He seemed unusually quiet. Did anything happen while I was away Ama??” Her mother looks her in the eye. Amara drops her eyes …

“Something like what mama??”

“I am asking you and you are asking me. ??”

“No mama. I fell asleep. And when I woke up he had gone”..

“Hmmm?.. He said he had to go home and prepare for work . He just left. I was thanking him sef for staying to watch over you. Did you give him food to eat??”

Amara shakes her head.

“ABBA Ama. Didn’t I train you to be hospitable.??”

“Its okay. Take those things to the kitchen. I heard from my friend that her Niece said Schools have brought put their merit list oh…” She follows Amara into the kitchen. .. ” And Ama you didn’t answer me.. Are you feeling okay. ??”

“You are just typical mama. You say alot of things under one breath. I am okay. I will follow you to the shop.  And yes I am hungry, the Akara is hot.  Let me put water on fire for tea and make akamu for us to eat. “.

“Where did you disappear to yesterday baby, you didn’t come back to work. What sort of family emergency didn’t you have to attend to. I waited on you…you know it rained mad dogs last night and the weather was terribly cold. I would have used some body heat and strong muscles you know… ”

She played with my collar, I preserved a whiff of her perfume. “Seductress” she said when I asked her the name.

“Hmmm…. can you imagine . Cold weather. It’s raining and we would be making out own heat. Making magic with our bodies”… she wispered..

*oh she had no idea who I would rather make magic with … she had no idea how terribly tough my night was. And I didn’t have any regrets. Not one. But I had a problem of keeping my boner kn check. Not when I keep remembering how she looked when I had to take off her wet cloths.. soft delicate fair skin. And how I had to hold her and keep my emotions at bay. Oh she had no idea * I shook the cobwebs out of my head.

“Bruno baby. .you can’t keep putting me off you know. Am literally drooling of wet desire. Literally.” She licks her lower lips

She was close. Too close for comfort as I concentrated or tried to concentrate on the files on my desk and computer work piled up and stop seeing pretty innocent eyes and soft pouted unkissed lips resting on my left shoulder throughout the night.

And before I could blink,  I felt her hands grab me as I jerked up in shock, taking a swift look around to make sure someone wasn’t standing there. But she was smiling… her eyes filled with desirous hunger. ..

“Oh damn Bruno,  you are as hard as a rock…grrrrrrrrrrrr” she flicked her tongue over my lips. With disgust I slapped her hand away from my boner, and wiped my lips. I get up, heading to the men’s with my jacket over me, leaving her staring after me with laughter in her voice…

“You want me Bruno. .. I knew it. The feeling is mutual”.. she squealed in delight

“Keep dreaming NG.” I said over my shoulders.  Where the hell was everyone when Ngozi comes on to me. Like they just disappear at the nick of time. As though on cue. I couldn’t wait for closing time so I could go home and drown a bottle of vodka and Bury my head in a book called ” Bruno ain’t Bruno. .no more. ” I shook my head staring down at myself…
“For shits sakes,  stay down. You embarrassing yourself not me.” But the dude just doesn’t listen. I swore and sat down…. “Well you and I is going to have a long talk in here till you grow some sense…. in a rather flaccid manner”… I smirked

“Hey tims,  being awhile. How are you men??” .. Junior taps the shoulder of the guy sitted at bar with two girls who looked strangely alike.

“Hey hey hey… J the jackal. How are you. Long time slug.  How long as it been, two years or more??”  The guy with a lopsided grin gets up and rewards junior with a guy shake.

“Ladies, meet my friend.. Junior. The guy who is a badgang all by him self. We used to ruin the school back at the day”..

Junior smiles at them, openly appreciating their robustness. ..

“And you haven’t changed the list Tims. Always with the ladies too big for you to handle.  But who am I to judge.. they are a eye candle…beautiful eye candles… how are you ladies??”

“We are fine..
We are great..
“Tim never told us he had such a handsome friend…. ” One leans into junior, showing him her cleavage..

“That’s  because Tim really doesn’t like to share for real. Who could blame him”.. Junior replies, eyeing her bosom.

“Hey ladies,  give us a minute aii. Go get yourself a drink..while I catch up with my buddy here…okay”…

They both watched as they left, shaking their assets  hoping to give anyone interested a heart attack.

“So what’s up men….??”

“Er nothing much… just thought that it’s been a while we hung out and shiii ” Junior laughs hitting timothy at his side..

“Yeah… that’s fine. As long as you paying…. !! By the way, how is your homeboy …Bruno the “hammer”… still tearing down those walls . The ladies loved him. Making all the dude’s jealous that all the ladies were mad for him that year in school. How is he doing this days…painting the town red..literally??”

“He is great. Still the handsome p***k that he is and erm about that. …. just incase you run into him anytime soon, and he askes… just affirm I was with you on a certain tail …close to the backlog of downtown. And we met a girl crying by her door and you left with some chicks and I decided to stay because I said she looked oddly farmilar okay??”

Timothy eyes him….
“Er…why would I want to do that.??

“Well because I covered for a lot of shit back in school, remember when you forced Victoria and pinned it on James for stealing your girl..i had your back and you gonna do thesame. What are friends for men..If not for inconveniences once in a while eh….?”

“TF dude, what’s was ages ago. .and I was a jealous d**k then.  Why you gonna roll your home boy like that eh…??

“Look just a tiny lil favour to help a brother out alright??” Junior takes a sip of his drink,  winking at the waiter who wouldn’t stop staring at him

“Say I do that. Gonna tell me what’s about…  I bet you don’t want Bruno to find out some shit you did. I thought you are his friend…. what did you do what you having me lie to your best friend and cover up your shit eh Jackal??

“It am his friend. Best friend.. and what is his is mine… and no body says anything about having what he thinks it’s his before he does….. that’s the fun part of life. Now…. here ” Junior drops a few bills on the table…

“That should cover for your drinks with the tanks for women… while I go take my fix with that sexy waitress in the bathroom. By the way… nice seeing you again men.. you are just as twisted as you were . No wonder we remained friends…”… and junior was gone..

“Yeah…only when you need a freaking favour . Shit! !!!”…

He beckons to the ladies….
“Come here girls… let’s go have some fun back at my place shall we..??”… one on either side they strolled out of the bar.

“Hey dude…open up”
*bang bang bang*..

I sighed , getting up from my bed and turn down the volume of my deck. I hoped he would go away when I didnt answer but he wouldn’t.  The annoying fella from my boy years .

“Sup mehn?”… I open the door and stroll back inside… He follows me in.

“You have been busy Bruno, what happened last night at Amara’s eh? You don’t pick my calls and don’t answer or reply my messages… what’s up with that men??” He sits down staring at me. I ignore him.

“What I don’t get is why you are too curious with Amara??”

Nervous chuckle…. “C’mon Bruno.  You never used to hide your escapades before.  Infact we have a drink and spill juices ..its a guy thing.. so tell me… did you do her.. how was it…??” A shadow of jealousy danced in his eyes. Or was I mistaken?.

I knew he wouldn’t stop bugging me like a fire buzzing nonstop in my ears..
“Nothing happened okay. So stop asking stupid questions.”

Shock. Disbelief and then…. laughter..  I didnt know if he were mocking me or he was laughing out of relief ..

“For real Bruno…??”

I narrated the whole night… and he kept roaring with laughter..

“I can’t believe you had a cake. A beautiful sweet cake infront of you and the only thing you succeeded in doing is having a wet dream. Trully Bruno…you have lost your mojo. Your thunder just flew away. What’s happening to you???” He eyes me…  He looked relaxed. Too relaxed. Why was I seeing strange attributes from him. The vibes was wrong.

“Nothing junior. Infact it’s a good thing. I don’t want to be that girl around Amara. It’s shameful okay. And I am happy I didnt do anything . Forget the urge and desire to…but am happy I could control my self and not want to be the guy I have always being…”

“Me too”….* you don’t know how happy this news made me. Extremly happy. It means I can still have her all to myself. While you are being the good guy… you are leaving me the opportunity to have her..and I will and love every bit of it…* he smiled ….

“Whats that Junior??” I ask him when I heard him say somthing…

“Er no nothing.  I just said I was happy that an orange seller makes you be a better person… kudus I am liking the new you each day…”

“No homo ofcourse”…

I chuckle, shaking my head… slightly pissed.

“Stop calling her that dawg, she got a name and a fine one as that. Stop being a d**k. “…

“Aye aye caption. Now get me a drink son.. I feel like celebrating you turning a new leaf”….. * and my opportunity to tear down some hymen walls….* …

I shake my head…
There was something off about junior this days…if only I could understand what the feeling was…

I go get him a drink… and we  changed the topic to sports, football and the colossal messup of the economy and what they meant by #Padding and what not..
To be continued. …

Father!!! Forgive me..for i-i have sinned! ! !


“Father!!! Forgive me… for i-i have sinned!!!”

I staggered to the church. The Bell had clanged at it’s usual time. 6am. The first mass was about to begin . Cloaked in a black hood, I followed the small group of people , men, children, women and the elderlies as they filed into the church. Most of the women where drapped in thick shawls over their shoulders and head, the little children and men in thick overalls and a few covered their faces and as such, no one saw it amiss for me ..cloaked in the way I did.
I sat down silently , head bent and knee touching the thick wood as we knelt for prayers, my rosary in my hands as I counted and mumbled the names of the saints and Mary mother for guidance. While the incense of burning candles danced around the pulpit and the priests and their memes fed each one the holy grail.. I waited my turn. Touching my fingers to my forehead, making the sign of the cross and blowing a kiss to the fingertips as soon as I opened my mouth to drink of the cup of wine likened to the blood of Christ and the bread liken to his body.. I repeated my prayers, signed again and returned to my spot on my knees untill the mass ended. I waited my turn
The room was near empty..and as the last person stepped down, passing me, curious as a feather she stared into my face, a smile breaking in her face as she said…”father will see you now”.
She was old and frail, tiny for her age. I wondered what she went to confess. I wondered what an old woman could do…who she would harm..such a gentle soul. But I don’t smile back..No. And as soon as the smile came, it disappeared..too quickly. ..and then she does a sign of the cross and she quickly leaves the church.
I wondered if it was meant for her…or for me.
But there was no need. I was a lost soul. But only father can help me. So I stepped in..Closing the small door. I sat on the stool, counted my rosary and said a prayer. I heard him cough..and I heard his voice..
“My child, speak and be free. The Lord hears, he heals and and he answers.”

I nod, affirming even if I know he can’t see my face or my expression..
“Father, forgive me. For I have sinned”.

With a tone he must have used for years before and years to come…
“Speak child…confess your sins so that you would be free..”

“Father,..let me tell you a story..For that therein is my confession.”

“Go on child. ”

I nod again..

“Father, a woman, barren for 8 years. Abused. Beaten. Left for dead without a home. An outcast and without a name. Toiled the earth, fed from hand to mouth. And suffered the ill treatment of her husband.. till the end. Till he closed his eyes.
That same woman, banished from her home. Termed a witch. A curse. Found a life , a home. In the outskirts of what she holds dear. Barely alife. Barely living. Untill one day, a miracle worked in. And after 10 years of living in isolation plus 8 years of being without a fruit from her previous life. After a year of being with her miracle. She bore a child. An angel. A girl fair in all her ways. Beautiful. Her father’s pride. Her mother’s joy.”

“My child, what is your confession”? He asked through the enclosed door. His voice impatient.

I ignore and continue ..
“One day. 13 years later. While she, the broken woman left for a brief run to the market to make soup. Her miracle , out for the daily means. Child, fair and beautiful, alone. The wolf came, in sheep’s clothing..and tore her apart. Limb by limb. Till all that was left was a broken fair child. In the pool of her own blood. Dead. Gone. Alife but without life. And because she couldn’t speak… the wolf wasn’t named. For the wolf had no face. ”

“My child, that’s a sad story. But what is your confession.??”

“One day…a year later, while she, the broken woman, and her miracle..who blamed the woman for causing their fair child to be broken and deprived of life due to negligence and their fair broken angel went to the market, Fair angel began to shake and convulse for someone had touched her. She never let’s anyone touch her. Not since that day. Not even her father, Miracle. For he too had begun to hate her. Hate her mother and looked for a reason to live them both to their misery. The cross was too much for him to carry. But fair angel was shivering angel and tears gushing out of her eyes, and when she lifted her finger…angel and pointed. Her heart caught in her chest. Her eyes and heart read what her mouth couldn’t speak. For where she pointed…she believed…a mother’s believe…that it…was the wolf in sheep’s clothing who had rammed through her daughter damaging her till she bleed. Cuting out her tongue and paralysing her. There it stood… while they gathere about it..reverencing it. ”

“My child… do you have a confession? Others await counselling. .. speak so the good lord would wash away your sins”

“Father. ….riddle me this. What should the mother do having found the vulture who ate the daughter bits by bits. Should she forgive him or send him to his hell? ”

“My child. Vengence is for the Lord’s. Forgive and pray for his soul. ”

“But father,what if she had killed it , a million times over and over again. When she gathered her in her arms and washed her in tears. When her miracle finally left them without a goodbye. When she laid awake plotting and when she came home and found fair angel, dead with a slit wrist. Bled. Gone. Finally..mercy. And she, the mother. More broken than before. Do you still think she should forgive father. ..for her sin was forgiving while her angel lived in pain. Her sin was forgiving when her miracle looked unpon them with disgust. That was her sin. .For waiting for justice. For God to revenge .. ”

“But my child. This is just a story. You have no confession. Let the good lord be with you child. ..” I heard him made to leave..

“No father.. I do have a confession.. but for a sin I am yet to commit.”

“Why do you say that child…?”

“Father,..the vulture is a man. A man held in high esteem. A man cloaked in the guise of sanctuary. A man whose aim is to bring the sheeps to salvation.His love for the people is immense.. but his love for little girls was more intense…
Father…pray tell, how can that man be forgiven.??”

“What…what do you mean child” his voice broke

“Father… can that man be forgiven?

“Who are you?
I smelt fear..uncertainty.

“I am a person without no name. No identity. No family. No reason to live and no reason to be alife. I am that woman ,broken,bruised and barren. Untill miracle. Untill fair angel..untill the vulture untill all is gone. And I realise that forgiveness is weakness and I have no reason to live. What do I do to the vulture father??..

I heard him try the handle. I smile. He doesn’t know it’s stuck. There was a reason I wanted to be his last confessor..

“My child…listen. God heals. He listens. He forgives…. for we too should forgive. ..Forgive my child. ….

There was a reason I wore a cloak. The small gallon of gasoline danced between my legs. I uncork it…and let it flow . I flicked the lighter.

“Father….what should I do to the vulture who isn’t a man who defiled my daughter and ruined my life a second time and sent my angel back to heaven..?”

I heard him struggle with the door. I heard him scream and call for help. No one will come. For we were alone. I made sure. There was a reason I waited my turn.

“My child….please please ……Forgive me. It was the devil. Please…Forgive him. Forgive me…Vengence is off the lord” he cried on his knees…

“Wrong answer father. Hell is empty, all the demons are here…but we would make our own hell. Come…let’s pray, because it would get really hot soon.”…

I let the lighter drop.i felt the hot flames and heard him scream. I smiled and looked at him. I wanted him to see my face…The last face he saw before I sent him to hell.

There was a reason I waited my turn. I wanted to see his end …and then I go to my rest.

The End.!!!!

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Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. …17



I blinked twice… but she didn’t move. She just stood there. Right infront of me, her silky dress hugging  her, revealing everything and yet nothing. She swayed from side to side,  as though in a slow dance to music only she hears. That only she could move to.
My back was to the wall, silently watching her watch me with those sultry eyes…  watching me watch her trail lines over her arms..  cupping herself as one naked … but shyly and innocently tugging at the strap on her dress, revealing smooth delicate shoulders.

My heart increased the tempo in my chest. I was finding it difficult to breath. As the cold from the rain breezed in… I swore under my breath trying to control myself.

But she continued to stand there. . Calling me and yet not calling me. Her eyes were close now.. her arms wrapping her shoulders. ..her hips moving..greeting each side..but her peak. .was hardened. .silky dress showed more that it hids. .. but I stayed where I was. Willing her to move away…far away from me.. for I am a man and hot blood flows within my veins.. and a soothing relieve within her core is all that would safe me from this madness of which I feel…

I turn away… facing the window.. I had to get her out of my mind.. but then I heard something drop. .and then her calm voice vibrated through me…kissing my my name sweetly purred from her lips…

I turn… and there on the ground was the cloth that shielded her from me..  and all she bore was beautiful..delicate but beautiful.
I swore under my breath again… one long stride at a time I closed the distance between us.. lifting her ..and laid her down..with me on top of her..

Shit!!! I swore again. .. shaking my head, distorting my visions. . Clearing my head.. 

“Really? You do this to me now…fxxking cupid!!”
“You got no chill..none at all. How you gonna play a brother like that????”… I kept pacing the lenght of the room.

“Why are you talking to yourself??” Amara asked me. Her eyes didn’t leave me.. was she wondering if I had gone stark raving mad within the hour or she just preferred to keep an eye on me…for reasons obviously best known to her.

“Am not” ….I lied. Vivid pictures of naked bodies. Music and symphony escaping from lips…. I shook my head again.. I didnt want to think of it.  I never wanted to think of it. All my waking and sleeping moments  with visions of Amara hasn’t been this intense..intoxicatingly intense. . And why all of a sudden  I feel like I want to roar and the tightening in my pants would rip open soon.

“The rains won’t stop anytime soon” I concluded.

Amara stares outside for a second. It was a mess out there. .. * why did mama decide to go out now…leaving her alone with Bruno.
What if he tried to do something… no one will hear her.. no one will come and save her….. * she sniffed.

I stopped pacing and stare at her…
…*what are you doing Bruno? ?*  I shake my head….
“Amara are you cold??” I ask her again

“No… I just had something fly past my nose.” ..


My phone buzzes, I dip my hand into my pocket…

I busy the call.

*buzz buzz…
Buzz buzz Buzzzzzzzzzzz*

“What if it’s my mum that is calling,?”

“Its not”. . I reply.I didnt have time for junior..not now.

“What if it’s an emergency or someone wants to come and pick you “Amara insisted…  she looked suspiciously at me.. I sigh ..

*Buzzzzzzzzzzz *

“Helo J..what’s up man?” I spoke into the phone. ..rubbing my eyes.

“Guy how far, where you dey…you dey house??”


“Erm..because I wanted to come over. know…and chill. House dey boring.. you home Bruno boy?

“I already said no….”

“Where are you ..then. Don’t tell me you are still at work? Or you never left Amara’s ?”….there was an edge to his voice when he mentioned her name.. I couldn’t place a finger to it..

“No I didn’t “… I narrated the situation to him. He kept quiet. Too quiet…unlike junior I know..

“So that means ….you gonna do it ..right?” That edge again. What was up with him?

“Do what. ..Junior? ” I look up to see Amara leave the room. I walk to the window ..staring at the heavily coats of rain balls smashing against the window and watched as the water level continued to increase..

“Do her. Shag her. Bone her…make her tap out…make her clap. Shit..dude. don’t act dumb. You have been wanting you have the opportunity. ..cold plus rain….makes a good hay in the sack..doesn’t it?” He laughs sarcastically in the background. 

“Junior, sometimes I find you completely irritating.”

“Whatever, there is a reason they call you “Bruno the hammer”.. you slid in subtly,  hit it and walk out like a boss with a few broken hearts, a few tear drops and a clean suit and not a dent on you. So don’t act like you don’t want to make her tap out…if you haven’t already—-

I cut the call. It was bad enough I was stuck here alone with her. It was bad enough my thoughts are running wild… it is bad enough with the cold…and it would get worse with the long night.. and I didn’t need junior to come and Fxxk my thoughts up some more. No!!! I can’t let this feeling ruin her….No!!! I can’t let her know how messed up my past was…. how bad I have been. I feel ashamed…I feel so very much ashamed..and hurting her is the last thing I want to do to her. I want to protect her…even from me.

Amara walks back into the room after 15 minutes , the room swarm with the scent of a medicated soap. She had just taken a bath. Clean delicate skin…I swallowed.

I sat down on the chair, facing her. Watching her intently. She sat down , far away from me.. too far. It was good. The silence stretched into seconds..and then minutes.. it was deafening.

“Amara, why do I have a feeling that there is something seriously wrong with you…but you don’t want to say it. Am I that bad that you can’t talk to me. You sit very guarded . Your eyes don’t leave the ground and you clasp your hands together and place them on your knees. And every movement I jerk slightly..

…..have you ever been manhandled..or that’s just reflex? ?”  Yes talk.  Ask questions. Get your mind off her scent. That could work. Good job Bruno..keep talking. Hopefully the blasted rains would stop. Mama would find her way back home. .and I can take my self and junior out the door like I got fire up my arse.

Amara shakes her head. Still not looking at me..

“Did junior hurt you? ?” I needed to ask. Again. I believe that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her but…..I needed to ask. Cover all my lope holes.  There was something off …I wish she could trust me.

I saw a brief shadow pass her face.. a sad look. Maybe ….maybe….

“Hey Ama look at me… did junior hurt you or try to??”

Amara slowly meets my eye…
*what should I say… how should I begin? What different does it make.. don’t you want thesame thing right now? .. aren’t you both thesame. .?
* aren’t you pleased for the rain… just you and me. No one home. No one to save me if you attack. I will only choke in my screams while you savour and plunge into me till you have your fill?
*why do you ask as if you don’t know….
Why do you ask as though you don’t want it ….
*that’s why you are helping me…to go to school. So that when you come to collect…I have no choice than to let you…..
*have you come to collect.  Did you send junior away so that you can have me first and send him to come later…
*this is what you want..too right..? All thesame. ..Junior. .you…all thesame.  *

“Amara, why are you staring at me like that..
Why won’t you answer the question? ?”

“No he didnt” She lied. You already know. It’s all a game for you both. Her eyes pools as she stares away.. she takes a deep breath.  Sighing. Resigning herself to fate… “What ever will be would be “. She sniffs. Once. Twice.

I look around. ..she looked cold. I get up and close the windows.  Stopping the air from coming it. I felt the chills to my bones. I sat back down.  Her head was bent..hands between her legs. She looked beaten. Broken. My heart broke. 

“If only you would talk to me…let me understand what’s going on …let me help you. .Amara??”


I sigh. Maybe I should let her be. I rest my head on the chair… Closing my eyes. Forgetting my predicament for the moment…I fall asleep.

I woke up to chattering. But this wasn’t voices..This was one’s teeths clanging against each other.   Amara laid at the far end, on the ground. Her body curled up , hugging herself,  wrapper over her body… asleep. But her teeths weren’t. ..and she was shaking.  The water had slipped into the palour, probably from the  drop-tap-drop leaking roof above her….soaking her. 

I rush to her. I felt her skin. She was cold as ice. I gather her into my arms,and lifted her off the ground. The palour seemed too cold.  I walk into the small hall way and kicking in the first door I see..  and walked in.
Why didn’t she get up. Didn’t she feel it?

There a small bed laid at the end..I carefully lay her down. I close the windows. And watched her for a few minutes..

I couldn’t possibly let her sleep like that. She kept shaking…
“Amara, wake up. Change your cloths it’s wet.”  I shook her but she didn’t wake up. “Amara??”

Another few minutes. Nothing.

“Damnit”.. I rub my hands over my face. “God help me”!

I began undressing her. Ignoring the throbbing between my legs as each clothing left her body. As skin touches her skin… my hands on her hands, face, legs, thighs..undressing her…. the harder it became for me to concentrate. .and the more unbearable my trousers became..

She laid there..bare. without clothing.. I get up..turning away. My bulge making me difficult to walk. I picked a wrapper folded at the foot of the bed and cover her with it, putting her wet cloths on the stool.

Indeed, if I had seen a beauty before now….Amara was the fairest beauty of them all. I was going crazy staring at her… even though she was covered now… but flashes of her soft skin beneath my fingers could drive any man insane..and bring kings to their knees.

Her shaking didn’t stop. She stirred.. coughs a little. Turns. Curling up to fold herself again.. and as quickly as she moved. ..she sat up. Her eyes shoots open.. and both our eyes meet. And darted around the room, quickly too quickly… then I lower my eyes. Stepping backwards… she stares down, realising she was without cloths…and her chest laid bare. She grabs the cloth, covers herself. Her eyes filled up immediately and tears flowed…

“Oh no no no no…no no” I rush to her but she jumps away from me..

“Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me ….how dare you take advantage of me….” She cried..

“No.Amara . Stop. I swear I didnt do anything to you. I didnt touch you…not in the way that you think. You were shaking…you are still shaking. You slept off. You got soaked. It’s raining. You are cold. I woke you up but you didn’t . I had to….

…..I swear I didnt. I would never hurt you. ” I pleaded. Please don’t think that off me. Please. I silently pleaded.

“Then why am I n-naked” ? She wispered.

“Your cloths were soaked. The roof is leaking. You were cold as ice. I couldn’t let you stay in them. I didnt know what to do. Am.sorry. Please. ..I didnt do anything..”!

She didn’t stop shaking. Infact it increased. She grabs the wrapper higher to her chin. She didn’t believe me. Her eyes tells a million stories. ..and one of them was fear..

“You could catch leukemia. Especially if the cold gets to your bones. It kills. You are shaking..Amara, you are shaking bad.”

I looked for an extra wrapper and gave it to her. She takes it but doesn’t take her eyes off me as she covers herself again. Her teeths didn’t stop greeting each other.. her nose smoked.. her lips expelled more.

I knew the only other option was body heat. And I knew she wouldn’t like the idea. She was going to freak out. She was going to get scared. She has every right to. I was scared. ..too. but they was no chance in hell I was going to let her freeze to death.

I look at her …
“Listen to me carefully Amara, if you don’t get some warmth into you…its going to be bad. Extremly bad for your health. I know you are scared of me and don’t trust me. But think about you for a second.  Please…

I would just take off my cloths… and warm you with my body heat. That’s all
I promise. …”

Her eyes popped out of sockets.
*liar. Lair!!!!!* a voice screamed in her head.

“I promise”! I repeated.
*Bruno do you want to promise that*? I heard the voice in my head ask me…*little Bruno has a mind of his own*…it teased me ..
“Shut up” I muttered.

Amara raises an eyebrow. I shook my head.
“Amara, you can’t stay like that. Look at you. Please. ..just come here.. “.

The room had grown dark. It was deep into the night already. I didnt wait for her to answer. I carefully and quickly undressed myself as i climbed on the bed. I crawled to her and pulled her …into my arms. She struggled but I didn’t let her go… I held her still till she calmed down. I rubbed my hands over her back. Her arms…and hugged her close and tight to me… untill I felt her tension lessen and her shaking subside. …and her hot breath on my chest. I loosened my tight grip but still held on to her..

Amara closes her eyes. Her heart pounding.. fear gripping her toes. And all that went through her mind was soon….Soon. .He would turn me over and have me. That’s what he wants. That’s what he always wanted.  This was just a trick . A ploy to get me naked  with him ..alone. 
*then have me already and let me go. Even if I struggle and scream. No one will hear me. It would all be over before mama comes to save me..*…

And then she felt him stir. .. by her thighs….she felt him harden… she closes her eyes tight..
“Oh God”!!!


As I held her.. naked skin to naked skin… as I rubbed and chased the cold away with my arms…all that my senses picked up were… how intense our passion could be…right here..In this moment if only…if only I replace my hands on her hands with kisses. And my warmth…with more warmth that comes from within…

I shook my head…
*stop thinking Bruno.  Don’t think.. stop it.*

I channeled my thoughts elsewhere 
I thought of football. I thought of fish and dogs. I thought of books. Boring long books. I thought of fighting. I thought of hot dogs and doughnut. ..No!!!
Retracing  my steps…
Water…yes… lots of water. Basketball.  Bad economy. Junior.. No!!!  buhari. Animals. Aha!!! Movies… games of thrones. .. oh..yes..”Ghost”. Patrick sweizz , clay pot making… hands against hands. Her legs wrapped about him. Bed. No!!!
“Dirty dancing”. ..body against body..lower torso against flesh..Dance. ..exotic….music…..
I stirred. .and stirred some more. Till I was as granite. I felt her tense..

“Shit” ….I swore. Closing my eyes
“Ignore it. Go to sleep. Just don’t move..please”…

I knew if she made a move..albeit innocently. would send the wrong signal..and that would be my undoing. I was a breath away from losing it all.

I laid there. Hard as a stone. Eyes opened for hours until i heard her fall asleep and felt her muscles relax.

But sleep evaded me… I couldn’t sleep. Not with her this close and me awake…fully awake between my legs…

I knew this was my punishment. …or was the big guy testing me..

“You gat no chill …none whatsover” I muttered under my breath.  I stared into her face …peaceful. beautiful.  “Amara… you drive me insane…if only you knew how much “…I wispered into the air… and then I closed eyes…but the little guy refuses to go to sleep..

To be continued. …

The maiden! !


The maiden!!!!
She paced the long corridor. Darted to the corner when she saw them come in through the back. It was past midnight. The sky light would come in another one hour. She only had about that time to be done and back. Then all would be over. This nightmare.  This life of lonesomeness.
They had gone to get the materials for her sacrifice.  The moon god had been specific. A fair maiden. Her skin as soft as silk. Her hair as thick and black as an Indian black mane. Her eyes a darkened gold. From an igbo decent and chaste, pure and untouched. She would be the new wife of the moon god. And spend the rest of her life on the mountain…wearing nothing but a white drap, with emulets around her neck, adorned with a priestess wears..till she turns old and grey…till her teeths fall in and she breaths her last. While she serves the moon god …who is nothing but an old crafted ancient rock..who everyone believed. .even her family. ..even the entire village, to be their keeper, protector, savior …..who habits an old cave in the mountains..a shrine – like.  There would be her home…the rest of her life. NO!!!!
It would be day light soon. The village would gather by the crow of the third cock. And by the fourth, she would be there…adorned in white. Then the blood..The calabash of wine
..The dowry. ..the giving away…and she would be gone. Lost forever. Dead to the world. Alife in the land beyond. NO!!!! SHE DIDN’T HAVE MUCH TIME. IT WOULD BE LIGHT SOON!
When they disappeared into the room heading to the kitchen to mix their concoction. She left her darkened corner..and tiptoed to the door and slipped out.
“No one would know.  No one would know” …she muttered as she climbed the fence. She ran as her feet hit the ground. The night watchers were asleep.  She mixed the sleeping herb with their food for dinner..she could hear them snoring loudly as she stepped over their heads.
She knocked as she got to the hut.  And tap more when no one opened. She heard someone yawn.  She heard footsteps. Her eyes darted everywhere to make sure she wasn’t seen nor followed. The Hut blinked a dull yellow. The person has turned on the lamp.

“Please let me in..” tap tap tap tap..

A shadow peered out ..Firstly with the eyes and bearded face..then stepps out… with a wrapper .

“What are you doing here… its late.  Your sacrifice is tomorrow. ..or in a few hours.. please go away I don’t want trouble.” He stepped back.. but she brushed past him and enters his hut. He looked and wondered if she was followed.

“No I won’t.  I don’t want to be the moon god’s priestess. I won’t go. I ran away. To come to you”. She firmly stated. With all seriousness shaking her head. “No I won’t. !!”

“You must. You have been chosen. Like many other girls before you. You have no choice. You must serve. Why did you come to me?. I can’t help you. You must go before they look for you. They would kill me if I help you escape ..please you must go I can’t help you” .. He took her by the arm, pushing her to the door.. She pulled away.

“Yes you can”

“No I can’t. !!!”

“YES YOU CAN”  she struggled free again as he pulled her towards the door. He sighed .

“Even if I wanted to. How? . ..”

“Free me…..”

“You aren’t bound. No chains or ropes. You ran all the way here so you can run all the way elsewhere or back ”

“No.. free me…” She said again, only this time.. more calmly.. his eyes read her lips and followed her hands.. for it left her side, pulling down the wrapper that covered her perfectly set bosoms. Revealing hidden novels… all the way the flat line…to the neatly trimed lawn.. a pathway to heaven ..they say… to fair thighs and legs that ran for miles.. He gulped.

“C-cov-er yo-urself. I-I wont”

She moved closer. “Yes you will” . She was an air breath away. Close..too close. She could hear his heart racing. If his ears were sharp..He would hear hers too. This was the only way. She would rather do this. Give it up.. to him..only to him than be forever kept…as a priestess to a stone…as moon god. No!!! He must and Now!!!

“Yes you you will”. She touched him, slightly to his face, then she takes his hands placing one on her left bosom, already peaking at the maid  and the other hand where the trimed lawns disappeared into..

He stirred. And kept stirring. .untill even she could notice . She looks him in the eyes and bites her lower lip. That was his undoing. . He swore under his breath…and lifted her off the ground and places her on the bed…
“May the moon god forgive me…for I am just  a man..and where  kings have fallen before me..who am I to stand ” and he closed the distance between their lips…and entered into her very core, drinking from her essence and shattering her  walls.
She stood dressed in white.. the villagers muttering..the diviners at a clash of words at themselves.. her family pleading. …. someone threatening to rain down curses on someone…the concoctions wasted. ..poured on the ground. ..the calabash broken…..”She is a fake.  She is not chaste and untouched.  The sacrifice is tainted.  She can’t be the moon goddess. No!!!! ”

In the midst of the chaos, no one noticed her hidden smile. Nor the bearded stranger with beautiful eyes in the crowd. For a few hours earlier…He had freed her and saved her from all…but she was not just smiling from being freed…it was he who made her tingle all over…and it is he she desires to be bound to…but he doesn’t know that yet. But maybe tonight….maybe tonight….she might wisper it into his eyes…while he frees her some more…..
The End.!!.

Wordporn-Series : this madness called love. …16.


They say..
From the hallequins. .Mills’ n’bones and other romance novels..
He, dashing prince charming, body of a god, eyes as dark but beautiful as the sea, peircing into your soul..reaching your very core and shattering your every resolves..
He would ride on a white horse, espensive sports car or  walk down the streets with a rolled up shirtsleeves and a opening from the  neck or  he would be simply a rugged handsome stranger who comes to save you, a damsel in distress… and in that cold night, far away in the forest, while you both hide in the cabin away from the evil persecutors , he would wrap you up in his arms, the fire not the heat that makes you hot, but his warmth, the strenght of his arms and the soft breath on your neck would cause you to quiver,  and squirm in helpless delight.. untill..
Until he closes the distance and savours your lips.. causing both you and him to burn, untill all that is left is the satin red sheets..and your bodies entwined in a lover’s dance.. till the top.. till over the cliff … to the dreams and fantasies all but fulfilled…
This was every girl’s dream when she finally meets him..falls in love and end up in the fairy tale wedding and forever – afters! !!!
But movies..books…and dreams are over ‘ rated. ..
All that she feels is fear..  innate fear for that which everyone craves..
Fear of being touched.. wanted..desired..
Fear for junior..
And maybe Bruno. .
And maybe every other person who walked around with a third leg… fear of that Faceless man…who desires naught but to lay untop of her…his breath on her skin and his tongue licking her delicate skin…. making her skin crawl..making the fear to swim from her toes to her head….
And more fear..

But who could she tell.
Who would save her…
When all of them look thesame…want thesame….desire thesame…
What crime has she commited to be a woman… a girl….
Her beauty is her cause..
Her delicateness  are inevitable ruin….
Her chaste..pure and untouched self would be her downfall. …. and that’s what junior desires…all he desires..!!!
” Amara”?
“You have been staring down at your hands for the past 10 minutes..not touching your food and you still refused me to feed you. Ama?….what is it my child…talk to me..please”….  her mother sat down beside her, holding her by the shoulders and turning her…

Amara sniffs…

….*I wish I could mama…I wish I could lay down all my fears… I wish you can listen with an open heart…and don’t ask me questions if I tell you to forget about me going to school… that junior, maybe even Bruno. ..all lions in disguise… to ruin.. to collect, devour …my essence.. my pride…and leave me for the vultures to feast on….
I wish I can tell you that… a man doesn’t just seek to help a girl he has no affiliations  with, without taking a payment…

What if I tell you mama… that in order for me to accept to.go to school… at the expense of Bruno. .. that he and his friend… wants to bed me… touch me ..use me…and do vile things to me… just for that. ….

What if I turn his help down..
Would you be happy..
Would you think I don’t mean well for you..
Would you think I don’t want to fulfill your life long dream of finishing school, and work and take care of you..
Would you understand me mama..
Would you listen???*…..

Ama bites her lower lip..sighing a little and shakes the tears away from her  eyes… she opens and then closes her mouth a fear times.. aware that her mother followed the movement, patiently waiting.  She turns and faces her mother, looks her straight in the eyes…
…* whatever happens.. I have to tell you mama… I just can’t. ..Forgive me …your dream would come through some other way…God is alife. All would be well”…

“See mama— ” She began,. A knock on the door stops her midway..

“Ehen wait, that must be Bruno. . He said he was coming back. ”  her mother gets up from the chair and goes to open the door.


I didnt go back straight to the house, I turned at the next bend, I noticed a supermarket at the entrance… I didnt know what I was doing but …
I entered as picked a few things off the shelves., beverages and the likes..
Heck I didnt have much money on me but I felt like doing something, anything nice. To get my mind of things I didnt quite understand.

“That would be N6,500 naira oga”.
The boy, maybe a little over 17 said to me.  I looked at him and he looked like someone who had his life ahead of him. But because circumstances,  because economy.. because bad government and maybe parents. … that little kids knew that hustling was the way.. and it’s still boils down to the survival of the fittest. I shook my head.. and left a hundred bucks change for him. His smile reaches his eyes and he thanks me..

I walked slowly back to Amara ‘ s.  Her demeanor was disconcerting. She reeked of fear. And then of helplessness..
Was it fear of me?? I haven’t done anything to her to warrant her to be scared of my presence… or was it junior’s. . But, he swore he hasn’t done anything to her either. Was it her mother’s health? Was it money…?
Shit!!!! I don’t even have the luxury to help out on that fact… I owe David a ton already, borrowing money to foot Amara’s  school fees if… no no no , when she enters school. 

I need a better job! !!!
But Amara,…..something is wrong. I can feel it. And am not leaving till she tell me.

I got to their door and knock once, and then twice. Waiting for the voice that answered to come it. I looked down at the bags in my hands, hoping they don’t reject it…
“Ha!! My son please come in. ” She opened the door wide for me.. ushering me in.
I walked in, dropping the stuffs on the table,
“Mama, I got some things for you both, I hope you don’t mind. ?? ”

“Hey! !!” She laughs walking to the table and peering in, one bag at a time.. ” awww thank you Bruno.  This is too much. God bless you my son. I hope you didn’t spend much??”

I knew I had a thousand five hundred naira left in my wallet. And that was supposed to be my meal, transport and other activities dough for the rest of the week till pay day.  Ama be alright… I mean I have to be. I just have to be.

“No ma, not at all. It’s nothing. I didnt spend a lot.” I lied.  How did that saying going again…? * what mama doesn’t know won’t hurt her*. I shake it out from my head and turn to Ă€mara.

“Why haven’t you eaten…”   I face her mother. .’ Why isn’t she eating..??”.

“Amam oh!!!” She replied. ….” I don’t know oh ” she repeated in English again….” I have been begging her to eat but she just stares at the food. Even refusing me to help her.  And I wanted to go out now to see  a friend who just put to bed ….and I can’t go with her looking like this…”

A light bulb went off in my head..!!!

“Erm…I can stay with her while you step out…I don’t have much to do today at work I would just call it in…”

“No”!!!! Amara cuts in sharply. ..

“Ok!!!” Her mother replied.. but both out heads turn to Amara…

“No” she repeatedly calmly..shaking her head.. ” I am fine mama. You can go. I am a big girl I can stay at home alone. Or I will.follow you. “..

“No Ama… you are staying home.and I won’t be long. Bruno would stay with you. I am much settled if someone does. I won’t be long. Just eat your food. Bruno my son, I will be back. Make sure she eats” .. and without another word, she disappears into the inner room, appears shortly after with a scarf around her head, a small purse under her arm, touches Amara’s face and leaves.. repeating ” Eat, I am coming oh Ama.”.

There was a huge thick silence in the room like a huge dark green elephant with the silence peircing the sound bars in my ears.. I never knew silence could be this deafening till today..

I got up , sitting close to her. Then I got up, sighting a stool close to the edge of the chair, I pull it closer, shifting the table away, lifting the food off the table, sitting on the stool, directly infront of her with the food on my legs…facing her.
I noticed her eyes followed my entire movement. .her fingers shook slightly.. I have never noticed her nervousness before.. was it always there.. or was it that I never quite took a minute to observe her ….up close before..
Well, I avoided her for good enough reason. .. I avoided her for I didnt trust myself… 

“Would you allow me feed  you??”

She grabs the food from my legs, but she wasn’t fast enough..
“Let it be Amara… I asked you a question. Would you allow me feed you or you would feed yourself? ”

“I am not hungry”

“Wrong answer Ama.” I picked up the Spoon,  mixing the white rice particles with the thick red paste of stew..

She looks up sharply,  ..” Don’t call me me that. Only my mother calls me that”.

I felt a jab in my heart.
“Fair enough. Amara, please eat. Hhm…okay??”

She shook her head. And managed to shift a little away from me. That movement. ..that lone body movement right there screams alot…

“What is the matter Amara??Are you scare of me?? Are you scared of anyone..did anything happen to you.. did anyone hurt you… what happened to that once happy jovial girl …who sold me oranges and made sure I took my changes worth the next time she saw me…where did she go. ?? Is she under the chair…. behind me…or just poof!! disappeared like the green fairies??” 

There. A brief smile…but it was gone quickly..too quickly..replaced by a more sadder look.

“Do I make you uncomfortable?  Do I scare you. .are you afraid of me? Tell me the truth…”..

I felt claws like hands holding my heart as it slowly crawled down my sleeves… I held my breath as I slowly braced myself for the answer I was sure would break me….

She looks up..directly at me..staring into my though her eyes could see me.. see the badness and horrible nature of the life I had lived and the hearts I had broken along the way…Judging me…  and I became uncomfortable and then broke the gaze… I was scared that she saw and knew  me in that brief second more than I knew myself…

“Tell me…please”…

I heard her sigh . That resigned sigh.. and then shake her head…. but she didn’t say a word.. and the seconds ran into Minutes…

“Ok since you won’t say anything.  I can’t leave here even if I wanted to, untill your mother comes. Atleast just eat,  then as son as she comes I would leave…maybe my presence here is making you worse..or I dunno…” I mixed the rice again, filling the Spoon. .raising it up to her mouth. She stared at me…like I was was strange creature… she didn’t open her mouth but take the Spoon away from my hand, then she fed herself..
I watched her eat silently..

The grandfather’s clock on their wall danced a shy away from 5pm… barely 20 minutes after her mother left..
Then I heard the tap tap sound of the water gods galloping on the roof. ….  I looked out of the window and noticed the clouds had darkened… and the whoosh whoosh sands of the winds sweeping the curtains back and forth like shadows doing the waltz  behind the thick folds…. then the tap tap sounds increased to heavy thick clots of water balls….

I walk to the window and look  outside. .. their varendah and the streets ahead had formed a tiny river blocking the road, making the granite pavement invisible to the eyes…. and the water lever seemed to be increasing….

“Erm, does this enter into your house when it rains??”

I ask her staring at the foot of their door??”

“It..used too…but  not anymore. We raised our pavement up. You should go. Once it rains heavily like this …you won’t be able to cross the water . The gutters are deep and once might fall in unknowingly and okadas won’t be able to navigate through. …”

I turn to face her…
“How would your mother come home??”

“Wait till the water goes down. ”

“How long does that take??” I face the window again, watching the water rush against the window, wiping the dust off from it..

“It depends on how heavily the rain falls. If it stops now. Maybe an hour or two . There are no proper drainages.  So the more the rain,  the longer for the aftermath to disperse…. you should go .Please “..

Was she worried about me getting soaked or falling into the gutter. Or just to get rid of me because she was scared of me ..being alone with her for that long. ?? But I didn’t want to leave her ..alone. Not till her mother comes.  I just didn’t want to leave her alone..

Even if the weather was any indication for me to tuck my head inside my shirt and run. 
Because rain. Because cold.
Because a man and woman in the same room is a very very bad combo…
And because Amara, beautiful Amara standing before me …wearing a lose cloth …and I could tell that she had nothing on….not even a bra…..and no underwear.

I knew that much when I lifted her off the ground when she fainted…when I shook her awake on the sofa… when she closed her legs and moved away from me.. it was pretty obvious. ..

Her soft delicate skin… her ..her..

I felt myself stir. ..


Focus Bruno. . Get your head out of your thoughts. …

I turn away from her. Facing upwards …
“Nice try big guy. Is this your way of testing me…to see how am gonna Fxxkup myself and untame the raging lion within me…… this is evil mehn…please let this rain stop…so I don’t get tempted to do something stupid. Please God!!!!!”    I muttered a silent prayer. ….”Please stop the rain….and send her mother home….”

My phone buzzed in my pocket. ….. I picked without looking at who is calling…

“Hello” I rubbed my eyes..

“Er …my son. It’s me, Amara’s mother.  The rain heavy for here oh.. and the road have block the entrance and no body can come in or even go. No okada sef to carry me… not even pim person dey for road. Rain is heavy.
They say big tree fall for the road so na till tomorrow morning na big truck go come commot am for road.
Please abeg,  I don’t want Amara to be there alone. So she doesn’t faint and nobody is there with her..
My son please, stay with her for me. There is food , eat. Early mor-mor I will come so you will go to work…..okay. Thank you. …God bless you”…

“B-bu-but Mama?”!!!!

“Credit have finish. Thank you Bruno.  Tell Ama for me oh. Take care”  …

Line goes dead.
My mouth remained opened… sweat broke out on my forehead quickly…

“What did my mother say??” I heard her ask….

“Rain. Road blocked. Not coming home. Tomorrow “..

“What? ?” I heard the fear creep in her voice..her hands flew to her throat.

“Yeah…what!!!” .. I heard my own fear in my voice..and then the tightening of my frontal area.

Now I wasn’t scared that she was scared of me for no reason. …
I was scared that I was scared of myself….

For it was cold.
For It was raining…
And then for my thoughts…
For my raging hormones. .
And there…standing just a breath away was Amara…
Who have plagued my waking and sleeping moments. dreams…
My desires… my wants…

And I knew….. I needed God to help me tonight. ..

If not…. this may very well be my end
Or begininging ….of my nightmare.!!!!!

For then I may not question her fears….for it would be evident..

“Shit”!!!! I muttered again. Swearing more under my breath… I turned facing the window. ….and willed the rain to stop.

“Nature can be an arse. And cupid a sly bastard! !!!” I hissed.

To be continued. ….