#The Royals: Anna & Williams – Chp Fourteen



Williams steps forward ”Who are you, what do you intend to speak about concerning the Princess?” He is curious.

Theodore steps closer with him, staring at the rather handsome man before them. He too was curious .

Philip smiles ”I am Philip Venodor, Viscount of Bavador, my parents are the relatives of the Baroness Mamadora, and my lady Sissie Veronese is a distant cousin of mine.”

”Sissie Veronese?” Williams asks ”Your cousin?”

”The red witch you mean?” Theodore scoffs

Philip frowns ”Do not insult my lady i beg you good Sir”

Theodore raises his hands in the air ”I meant no offence, ”

”Mind my friend not, he jokes with his mouth but it does not come from his heart. He is a good fellow, he means no harm.”

”I just wonder about the horrid color she choose for her hair, that is all. My apologies Philip of Venodor”

Philip sizes him up and then nods ”accepted” He looks to Williams

”Speak Sir, of what issue do you desire to speak to me about with the Princess..?”

Philip clears his throat ”Can we speak alone, man to man ?”

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#FindingGodSeries-#STRY4- The Bible & Christ-Mas – Finale



A house; a house abandoned, children left to ourselves. Termed as castaways. The children forgotten. A house forgotten.

Soon, it became a place filled with people.

”’Dinjie” he said it was his name, he came, but he didn’t come alone. He turns to reveal a crowd of people who came with him.

”We heard of the girl who did this for him, we have come to see her” they said

”We heard that she performs miracles, we have come to listen to her, maybe she can heal us of our infirmities” they said

”He had been blind from birth. Seated under that tree, his family gone and abandoned him. But today, today ” they point to him ”We see him stand up, touch his face, he began to scream and scream, we rush and gather to find out what was wrong with him.

He was a madman you see, no one paid attention to him until today. He spoke, he said, a girl, a girl healed him, she prayed with him, from her book, she healed him. So we asked him to show us. And he brings us to you. We have come. We have come” they said

”But, but I do not understand ” I trembled. The crowd was too much. Fear gripped us, the others gather around me, even Daniela..” I did not do anything”

”Who did then? Where is the book, the book he said you spoke to him with, sat with him for months and taught him about? ?”

I held it in my hands ”Here it is, it is a book, it is called the Bible” I said

”Then, we would sit and listen, teach us, tell us about what is in it. We want our own miracle ” they said filling into the small abandoned decaying house.

So I sat down, with everyone crowded, I began with a my voice still trembling and my hands shaking ”Mark 11: 23-25 :”Truly I tell you that if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and has no doubt in his heart but believes that it will happen, it will be done for him. And when you stand to pray, if you hold anything against another, forgive it, so that your Father in heaven will forgive your trespasses as well.”…

”How do we pray?” someone asks from the back,

I flip open the pages to the passage I have come to know so well, I read it without looking ” Matthew 6:9-13 Pray then like this; Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.Give us this day our daily bread,and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, 15 but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”

I continued to read deep into the night. They came, they came every day to listen to me, they came to listen to all of us talk about the book called the Bible.

And they didn’t come alone, no, every day, the crowd increased, and as they come, they bring food. Yes, they did. They bring clean water; they bring clean clothes and then bed. They brought whatever they could lay their hands on. We had bread, fridge stuck with food.

Soon, it became warm; the house we have lived in for years void of warmth, it became warm, it smelled of flowers, it had light, a fresh bout of paint on the wall. No more decay, everyone wanted to make the house something it wasn’t before.

It became a home, for the first time, it became a home…

We had people coming from the streets just to listen to the words inscribed in that book…the BIBLE.

And as this continued, people begin to talk…

They say the good that has happened to them. They speak of healing when they close their eyes, believed and prayed. They would come, dancing, they would come singing, they would say ”’That Jesus, that man has saved me, changed my story, made my life turn around’ they shouted. And every day, they go out and speak to others about the man named ”Jesus!!”

Daniela, she comes up to me one day, ”I still do not believe in that book” she says, like a doubting Thomas she says.

I tell her ”You don’t have to believe it. But look around you. This is the work of God”

”I do not believe it still!!” She says shaking her head, refusing to see despite having eyes.

I hold her by her shoulders and shake her as I say ” Let me summarize what I believe for you Daniela, what all this evidently means in ways you can understand.

” He is Elohim: Creator: Genesis 1:1. He is Jehovah: The covenant name of God; our Father. Genesis 2:7.

”He is El-Shaddai: My supply. My nourishment, Almighty God. Genesis 17:1.”

I turn her ” Look around you again, we are not begging for food, he has caused men to provide for us. We do not need to go on the streets, ”He said I will prepare a table for you” see…see. ” I tell her, continuing I say,

”He is Adonai: Master or Lord. Genesis 18:3.

Oh, Daniela, He is Jehovah-Jireh: Provider and my vision. Genesis 22:14. He is called Jehovah-Rophe: My healer. Exodus 15:26. He healed Dinje, so many others are being healed one way or the other.

”He is also known as Jehovah-Nissi: My victory. Exodus 17:15.

Jehovah-Mikkadesh: My sanctifier. Leviticus 20:7,8. How about Jehovah-Tsidkenou: My righteousness. Jeremiah 23:5,6.

Jehovah-Shalom: My peace (fullness). Judges 6:24. He is called Jehovah-Tsebahoth: God of Hosts. 1 Samuel 1:3 etc.

Jehovah-Heleyon: God most High. Psalm 7:17, he is called Jehovah-Rohi: My Shepherd. Psalm 23:1.

He is everywhere, he is called Jehovah- Shamah: He is there; He is present. Ezekiel 48:35. Jehovah-Elohay: God my God. Zechariah 14:5.

Ehyah Asher Ehyeh: I am that I am. Exodus 3:14.

He is Jah; The Lord. Psalm 68:4.

”He is everything, he is everything and he has shown that he isn’t just a word in the BIBLE. He is God, and I believe. I believe!!” I let tears fall from my eyes

”Few days and years ago, we were on the streets, barely surviving, our home was decapitated, void of life, of warmth, of food. Today, today, all because of this book, this Bible..” I held it to her, ” Because I read and believed in its words and believed in the man named Jesus even without understanding it all, All have changed. It is a miracle, it is a beautiful miracle. We do not have to suffer, he said, he said he would provide for us and take care of us and he is doing that right now. I believe in this Jesus, because through my hands, and my mouth, he has turned my situation, your situation, our situation, their situation around. I believe, Yes I believe !!” I said laughing and crying and rushing to the door and threw it wide open.

Today, the same house everyone scorned and the children they cast away became the ones they came to…


Because a little girl like me picked up a book, spelt ”B-I-B-L-E” and it changed our lives forever.

But that isn’t the best yet…

25th December came…

And for the first time in my 20 years; We had a home, we had a family, and we had our very first Christmas…

No, not just Christmas where you sing and eat. No!!!

This was ‘CHRIST-MAS’

The gathering of brethren with one goal, one vision, to bring the word of God, written in a book, called the BIBLE to others.

And we did.

Souls were won, many healed and others saved. We rejoiced, we sang and then we ate.

But most importantly, we opened our doors to others, who had nobody to love them, provide and clothe them, feed them and care for them.

Just as Jesus said ”Mattew 11: 28 ” Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Our very first Christmas. A Christmas like never before. A Christ-mas that brought lots of people to Christ.

I thank the day I held that storybook called the BIBLE years ago.

Today, married with kids, a family to call my own. I have grown the little orphanage into a church.

And I and my family opened our home to others.

And the bible, the bible remained my best storybook ever, and Jesus; my father, my friend, my king and provider.

He showed us the reason why he is called ”GOD’!

And every CHRIST-MAS, as we celebrate his birth, we draw men into his fold and shared his wonderful word with them.

“‘Never forget the reason for the season, so share love, share happiness, and then share the word. Because your world would be beautiful with Christ in it, and your CHRIST-MAS isn’t complete without blessing and winning a soul for him”


New Story Alert!!!

*New Story Series Alert*

*Title* :
In Too Deep Slippery Waters

Crime /Romance

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✍️ *Story Synopsis*:

Anikka George is heartbroken because of the death of her father who had died in a plane crash leaving her his wealth.

Coming to bury her father in Crescent Hills where he had most of his businesses running, Anikka soon found out that her father had enemies, who wouldn’t stop at nothing to make sure they take all that she owns,regardless at the expense of her life.

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Delay in Stories!!

Hey guys,
Sorry for the delay in posting my stories.. with this recent ish of people stealing my work, i i just paused for a while. But, while i am looking for ways to protect my work…i hope i have not left you all sad.? Anyhow, we shall resume posting ..hopefully, we get another chapter of #TheRoyals and #FindingGod Series by tomorrow.
In the maintime, for those who have not read my recently concluded story #ValentineBlues should head to http://www.madivas.com, click on fiction and there you would find the story. Also still on-going is #TheCall girl. we have five chapters to end it. Stay tuned.
And for our upcoming story which would be featured in madivas we have #InTooDeepSlipperyWaters.
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#FindingGodSeries – The Bible And Christ-Mas – CHP Three



The next day, I went down to find it in the morning light, there I met a man, dressed in black, the bible in his hands. He doesn’t look up at me, ”Does this belong to you?” he touches the Bible on his legs

I say ‘Yes’, he says it had fallen on top his head last night and had wondered where it came from, and if it were from the heavens.

He said he wanted to know what kind of book it was, I told him, ”a storybook”. He said he wanted to hear the stories because he couldn’t read.

So I sat there, opened the storybook, and I read to him.

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#TheRoyas: Anna & Williams – CHP Thirteen



Williams saw the look on her face as he lets her go, he heard her gasp and saw the look in her eyes when his hands left her.

He heard them too, in his mind’s eyes without looking at them he could see the look of surprises on their faces.

It was just a quarter of a second. She was falling to the floor, her hands stretched out but not holding him.

It was a split second now. His legs were under her, bent already under her for support, but she didn’t know that.

She hits it first,rolling down. He raises his legs up, nudging her upwards towards him and then grabbing her hand, he pulls her up to him as effortlessly as a skilled dancer would, placing her closer to his chest and then looking at her.

There were fear in them, for now. Maybe it would be replaced with anger..he would not doubt that. He thought to himself.

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#TheRoyals: Anna & Williams – CHP Twelve



He turns away..

”And now, The Princess and her suitor would walk down the aisle to be presented to the family and then the people of Worcestershire for their approval, there after they would take the first dance to usher all others to the hall.” The royal announcer says, then he beckons to them ”My lady, Sir Duke…please” He nods.

Williams looks far ahead into the hall and then the crowds of people, he could see his mother, hands clasps together in delight, and then the men of De Beaumonts family; his father with pride and his brother Adrian… their happiness was evident.

He saw Theodore, who gives him a weak smile and then a thumbs up ”You can do this” He mouths to him, he has a lopsided grin on…

Sure, he can pretend, this  is easy is it not? He says to himself

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