FindingGodSeries -STRY 4-The Bible and Christ-Mass



I have a home, a family. But I never believed I would ever have one because many years ago…I was an orphan in an abandoned home.

I know how this sounds, trust me I do. But yet again, you might not really understand what I am about to tell you until you hear it for yourself.

Yes, something happened, something incredibly amazing that I cannot begin to explain it, and no, words are not enough.

No words are enough to describe the joy I feel bubbling inside of me.

Wait, I know you are curious, I will tell you. Be Patient.

But before I tell you how it ended, you must first understand how it started.

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#TheRoyals:Anna&Williams -CHP 11



She clears her throat, Annalisa opens her eyes, removes her head from his shoulders and looks up, her eyes warms up.

”Mother, oh..father, my goodness, i didn’t realize you all are standing there. I feel so embarrassed” she lowers her lashes ”I and Williams should be embarrassed”

Williams releases his hands from her waist and lets it slide to her hands, he links his hands to hers and then stares at them ”My apologies your royal highnesses, mother, father..we didn’t realize anyone was there”

”Oh do not let us stop you. We were scared that you both would be at your necks bickering like children, imagine our surprise to see you both, in an embrace, oh it was a lovely sight” Donna touches her cheeks and then smiles at the Duchess ”Oh my sweet Annalisa may have found her soul mate, see how they have just is a miracle my Jacob” she touches the King’s hands which he squeezes

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#TheRoyals: Anna & Williams – CHP Ten



”But what in the devil’s rectum made you leave her all by herself to be attacked Willy-boy? Left alone in the middle of no where with nothing but trees for comfort, surely you must have been stupid to think to leave her, see what you have done” Adrian says to his brother in his anger.

They had had a fight with their father, whose anger could not be abated anytime soon. With the way everything is going, he had suggested to his father to call of the alliance before it causes more damage to their families but his father is hell bent on the alliance happening.

He wonders where he had gone to in his anger. Adrian turns to his brother who is quietly staring into nothing.

”Williams, i am speaking to you!”

”Pray, leave me alone Adrian , please” He rubs his temple

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#FindingGodSeries -#STRY3- Finding God -Finale Chapter



You see, it didn’t make sense,i, Ijeke, the one they called Priest, had joined with others to rape a little girl years girl, no one who had gone through that should be able to forgive, no one should.

I was young, yes , but that was no justification. i was forced..but still, i didn’t stop when the need and urge overrided my thinking, my belief and my supposed faith. At a young age we must have destroyed her life, and i had a choice to walk but i didn’t. i continued, i became worse and it was bad because i was in the place of light and yet i was filled with darkness of sin.

And yet, here she was,years later, telling me she forgives
What manner of person was she, what manner of heart did she have to forgive someone ..the last person to ruin her, why?

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FindingGodSeries: Finding God -CHP Three



Mama and Papa, never knew, they never suspected either.

I became better at lying, i became better at sneaking, i became better at indulging the flesh.I did all they did..i was older.It was the perfect life. The perfect cover for my vanity.  For my sins.

At night, when we took off our white Priestly cloths,we would go into town, we would drink, we would smoke,do drugs,we would indulge our flesh physically and come morning..during mass we would pray with brethens,we would hear their confessions and sometimes we tried not to laugh because the night before we had seen this same people who came crying and asking God for forgiveness sin heavily.

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#TheRoyals: Anna & Williams- CHP Nine



He was on the floor, holding his tummy and crying in pains.

They stood over him, laughing ”See how he cries like a little sissie” they jeered at him

”Nah, a sissie would be better off, he cries like a whinny little chicken that he is, did i not say that  Williams is naught but a chicken” the bigger of the trio says to his friends.

”Aye, a chicken he is. Remember how he used to walk around like a lord because his brother, big Adrian was always there to protect him, where is big Adrian, properly home with his mama, being a good ol’ lad about to be an apprentice in the lordship’s way close to protect little Williams” they laugh some more.

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Finding God Series #STRY 3- Finding God -CHP TWO

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Finding God Series #2 – Dead, Alive, Saved!CHAP 1


I cried, i cried so much, i felt shame, i felt like a monster, i felt sinful.

“‘Stop it Ijeke, you are a man now. You should be thankful”‘ The Priest, the one who should be turning people away from Sin but was instead indulging and making others join him says to me.

“‘But you..Father you will ask everyone in the name of God to come for their salvation, you the shepherd should lead the sheep, you God has kept like a head over us stray humans..and yet you do this things, why have you made me commit this grievous sin?”‘ i cried as a bible verse comes to mind, i say to him

“‘Proverbs 27:3 – be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks and look well to their herds“‘ you, God has given you the mandate to care for us, and yet you lead us astray ..why?”‘

He laughed “‘i am a man first before i am a Priest Ijeke, i can’t very well do what i want in public, i do them in secret, i didn’t force this boys to follow me, they did on their own”

“‘And me?Me?”

He laughs “‘You are a necessary collateral damage .Two options, to join us or to report us. But what better way to have leverage over you if not to make you indulge”‘ he laughs “‘Trust me Ijeke, all this shame you feel will wash away in a day or two, then you will come looking for us” he says to me matter-of-factly.

“‘So all you speak about God and sin and death is a lie, you don’t believe in God?”‘

He laughs again “”Oh, i choose to believe there is a God or gods, my father was a traditionalist, i didn’t want to end up in the shrine, i choose Christianity..but between you and me, i haven’t ever met this God i preach about, maybe he is just a figment of our imaginations, just like you i was brought here, and i rose and became a Priest, i pray,i listen to confessions and i realize one thing..people sin and sin and ask for forgiveness but no one truly repents. None. I am much older than you Ijeke,so believe me when i say this..There is no God, church is good business for me, good covering.. i gave you back your life, live it, hide under the clothing of the ministry,no one will know” He says to me, he had been doing this for years, what better way if not under the cloak of Christianity.

“What if you are wrong, what if there is really a God..mama and papa won’t lie”‘ there has to be a God, all the things i have heard and being taught wasn’t a lie, it cannot be a lie. Mama wouldn’t like, Papa too. There were devoted Christians, they lived and breathed God, well..or so i think. But, they cannot be chasing shadows now can they?

“‘When you find God Ijeke, bring him to me, until then, i am my own God, and here,..everyone bows to me. Stop crying, go to bed. “‘ he says leaving me.

But you see what that conversation did to me? It told me one thing..if the people we look up to don’t believe what they preached, then why should i.. a 19 years old believe there is a God.

So against my better judgement, i joined them. And as days turned into weeks, and weeks into months and years, i became one with the flesh, enjoying everything worth enjoying.

There was nothing like Sin or Good or evil. There was just feelings and cravings and indulging and i did not give a care in the world who was watching me or wasn’t. Infact, i believed in nothing anymore. I did what the Priest did, and come Sunday, i would bow my head in mock prayer, listen while confessions were made and touch the rosary, walk around with incensed candle and by the time the church was empty and the night dark..i would be light in my steps, with longing in my loins ..i would do all..all that pleases me.

Mama and Papa lied, there was no God and all they taught me were lies.

But i had no idea that i was wrong, and that something fundamental in my life was missing.

And i was yet to find out…

Wait, i will tell you..