Undeniably Karma $chapter 2




“Baby let me be your motivation ..

Huh huh huhhh huhhhh! !! 

Motivation !! ”  Chidera  sang while she danced infront of her mirror in her room. .
“Hmmm motivation !!” She had her hands above her head, eyes glued to the mirror , waist rolling from side to side,  bosom front and back, belly tucked in, back out as she did the Shakira dance but only slower …
She was wearing her nightie , and nothing else , the sweat dripping from her only made her nightie to cling to her body. she was all sweat, and little clothing and dancing the seductress dance 
She was on fire..
She liked being on fire. .practicing her moves infront of the mirror, knowing where to touch and how to move, when to bite her lips and roll her eyes , when to turn her head to the side and when to rub her inner thighs and moan,  closing her eyes for effect.
Yes, she liked being in prefect fire for her audience ..

For the men.

And the boys,  Ofcourse .
It was pertinent to be on her A-game. 
“Hmm baby let me be your motivation ” she continued to sing nsync with the song coming through her headset.
“Chidera , Chidera what are you doing ? Open the door!!” Someone fiddles with the door knob detracting her from her epic moves..
“Chidera !!!” 
The banging started. 
With a frown Chidera stops the music, grabs a small towel to wipe her face , she unlocks the door and flings it open
“What are you doing locking yourself inside eh Chidera ??”
“Exercise mama, what happened ?”
”Nothing.  I just wanted to tell you my visitor has come,  so you have to go out.” Her mother told her
“Hmmm, has the one with the fat head gone already?” She folds her arms over her bosom
“Don’t insult my guests Chidera ” 
“I am not, I am just stating the obvious ” she rolls her eyes
“I am not joking,.it’s those people who you insult that is buying you headset and whatnot.  Now, have your bath and go out. When you come back better pack your bags , you know holiday is over, ”
“Yes mama” she yawns
Atleast she was glad for that. A place where she gets to rule her little world .
She watches as her mother walks away , she rolls her eyes and slams the door shut.
They could wait another 10 minutes couldn’t they? 

Chidera wasn’t from the usual home setting. She never knew her father, didn’t care to know anymore after she had asked her mother one day 
“He was a solder , relocated from the north down to the east for a training.  He was a nice man, always carried me on his bike and we went dancing in town . It was a brief relationship and by the time I was pregnant he was on his next woman, didn’t want to have anything to do with me. 
I was leaving with my parents ” her mother said, her voice filled with emotion
” But they were jobless and trying to cater for 5 kids and me getting knocked up wasn’t a blessing.  It was a curse , and they couldn’t possibly add an extra mouth to the already sinking ship so… I had to fend for myself.  They didn’t want to have anything to do with me anyways,  saying I was going to corrupt my siblings and ‘Out’ was the only option.
So I took the next bus and left town, made friends with the girls on the streets, tried aborting you but you wouldn’t leave my tummy. . So , I kept you.  But the streets became my life, it made me survive …and the men, were easy on a pregnant chick.   By the time you were 3 years old, I got back to the streets because I had to feed you and me, and that’s how you are able to get the little nice things you do have now, go to school and be somebody..

But promise me, to do right.  Don’t follow in my footsteps,  I need you to be better than me Chidera, .this life doesn’t pay. I was naive and stupid and did alot of things which I regret but I don’t regret you Chidera,  but promise me to stay away from the evil social vices of the world, away from bad friends and boys and sex, the wild life and strong drinks. Let me take care of you as I have. I am not proud of this life  but I am already deep in it and we need to survive one way or the other and you need a better life for you..but you my girl, you my girl would be my miracle,  my silver lining  coming out beautiful,  pure and chaste,  you my girl would be my biggest pride so you are going to make mummy proud yes??” Her mother had looked at her while holding onto a glass of scotch and drinking it
She was drunk again, and whenever she got drunk she always tends to delve out wisdom,  talk about things and tell her to never follow her footsteps. 
Chidera had no plans on following her footsteps , getting knocked up and ending up like her.
Chidera likes to explore, the act of sex fascinates her. 
Watching the men come and go out of their house intensified that curiosity and ..

Watching them through the hole was enough motivation to know that. .she wanted to be different from her mother,  less stupid and naive. 

But able to weild the power between her legs to get whatever she wants. 
She had seen it in movies, read it in books,  seen the way the men fall around her mother and give her what she wants. .
She only wondered why it didn’t give her mother joy or senseπŸ€”
Her mother was stupid.
But She was going to make this gift, this sexual gift give her joy, fame , prestige and…love
Yes love too.
I mean, she was beautiful, she was a senior .
She had people who wanted to be like her, begged to be like her. 
She had men falling for her even now.
She had her first experience with one of her mother’s visitor’s son when she was away. 
This was a couple of years ago. 
He had come to look for her mother to give her something from his father ,  not able to reach her on phone but Chidera had answered the door.
‘Is your mother around  ?”
“No she isn’t,  why?”
“My father sent me..to give her something ” he touched his breasts pocket 
“Give her what?” She eyed him
“Money!”  He said dropping his hands 
She wondered if he knew what his father did with her mother. .
‘What for ?”   She asked coming out abit and   resting by the door 
He shrugged , 
But his eyes had left her eyes and was staring at her…
She realised he was looking at her body, she was wearing a short bum short and a see through bodies with a half tub inside ..
She was still a Virgin , “untouched ” as her mother would say.
”What are you staring at?” She had asked him frowning. .
‘N-nothing! ” He stuttered.
Yes, she has always been beautiful,  a round waist even for her age, a lovely set of twin towers and bright eyes. .

Even her mother praised her. Everyone praised her. So she knew he was admiring her
She felt excited. .
What if he admired her fully. Her mother used to say men would kill for a woman with her body 
“Atleast the solder gave me a beauty for a daughter ” she prided herself,  telling anyone who ever cared to listen ..
”My daughter would be miss world one day” she sang..
Chidera snaps back to the boy standing infront of her. 
Then she had the most inspiring idea.

Mother was away, maybe she could play..
“You want to come in and wait for her ?” She had asked him.
He didn’t look much older than she was.
He was reluctant at first, then he nodded
They sat on the sofa,  watching a soap opera on TV. 



The grandfather’s clock sang hanging on the wall..
He was sipping  the fanta slowly she had given him a few minutes ago
The envelope he had for her mother was lying on the table next to her and they were sitting side by side. .
She had always wanted to try it out,  what her mother did and what she saw on TV; the touching . The actually touching, kneading , caressing and actually penetrating .
Now she was too scared to go along with it..
She stood up, ” Its like mama wouldn’t come now, when she comes I will tell her you brought something from…..?”
“Papa John.  That’s what my father said to tell her ” the boy says
“Okay..papa John. .so you are John? ”
He shakes his head ” No,  I am luke. John is my brother ” he said getting up.
They walk to the door, she infront and he behind. .
A cockroach picks then and  crosses her path and she jumps screaming, hitting him and they both fall  on the sofa 
‘Sorry ” she told him 
“Sorry ” he said , his hands holding her waist.
His hands felt hot to her bare skin,  and his breath was equally hot to her cheeks.
“Its okay’ she rolls off him, hitting the ground and standing up adjusting herself staring at him
He gets up and then looks up, his mouth drops open
A raised eyebrow,  she looks at him. 
“What? ” She asked. .
He blinks a little, his mouth still open, he stutters and then points. .she follows his finger  to find out that one of her twin towers had popped out to say hello 
“Oh my God ” she covers her breast. .
But something got her attention,  his frontal area of his shorts had a different look, like a  rising bulge.
She points at him,  
He looks down to see, then he grabs himself,  obviously embarrassed.
And that was it.
She smiles at him and him at her,.. she askes him if he would like to touch and he nodded,  she nodded to his question too.
And before long they were exploring each others body,  
For a young boy he was big,  and for a Virgin she didn’t realise it would hurt so much.
But by the second and third time,  she didnt feel it anymore. .

Luke  came every day till he went off to school out of states. 
They never told anyone,  and mama never found out.
To mama, she was the perfect daughter who despite seeing her mother do all kinds of things. .she still remained pure and chaste just like her mother wanted and asked her to.
What mama doesn’t know won’t hurt her.
After luke there have been  

Emeka,  Chukwuka,  chima and some other faceless people. .
And little gifts like necklaces,  cloths , shoes and gadgets she got and a few changes to buy randoms. 
Yes, she loved the life. She doesn’t have to be stupid like her mother, she would be smart, beautiful and use her body to get what she wants. 
She was glad holiday was over, back in school she could do whatever she wanted. 
It was a boarding school for girls and boys..
The boys were her excitement. .
But one in particular was her weakness. .
Oh yes !!
But, we would come to that 
She strolled into the school compound as the taxi dropped her at the gate.
It’s been an awfully long break, break she was happy was  over.
She missed school, missed the atmosphere,  missed the teachers and 

OK,  not the studies.  She didn’t care for them
And oh importantly she missed the students.  
But technically not all of them.
She strolls into her hotel, drops her bag and lays on her bed, crossing her legs with her hands behind her head as she moved her legs side to side .
She was popular, loved by girls of like-minds  ..

The slutty wayward girls ofcourse. She didn’t half mind.

The other girls were fluzzies , pussies and chickens πŸ€” which comprises of the spiros,  the good girls and the Virgins and tatas (kids…babies, children..
She considered everyone below her as a kid.
And her most favourite part was the fact that she was also and have always been popular amongst the boys too.
The fact that she was fine and curvy, as in having  all the right figures only made her the envy of girls..
I mean who wouldn’t envy her.
she knew her way around, had good grades without reading, gets to sneak in and out of the school’s premises without being caught or when caught,  having a friend as a lecturer who comes to save her ass. 
She wasn’t even the school body president but she knew alot about students than they knew about themselves. 
Barely 18 years old and a science student in s.s2., she was the “IT” 
She had three friends , or rather three loyal followers she had picked out of the lot of girls who wanted to be in her inner circle,
They did what she asked, when she asked and  how she asked.
And then the trail of tasty dogs who salivated at every turn. The boys!!
Oh yes , 
She had been the envy of every girl during her time..and a delight to every boy under her skirts..
And they were alot of boys who had been under her skirts but one of those boys have been annoyingly invasive of her charms..
But hopefully he would come around to want and chase her. She was working hard to make that happen. 
She sighs turning on her bed, wondering when her friends would get into school, she was bored . She needed activity. 
She knew why she was always excited to come back to school,  it wasn’t because she wanted to study.  She hated books, the last time she read something was a postinor pill instructions . Books were for smart people.
Yes she wasn’t exactly smart in the academic area but who cared, a whole lot of people got rich without going to school and she knew she would do better than that. 
She was here to have the time of her life,  like practicing how she intends to take the world by storm and become the queen of the university and before long her name would be on everyone’s lips, 
Maybe like the kardashans…
She wondered why she was so particularly fascinated about sex and why she indulges in it on a daily..
Firstlt,  it was a great feeling for her and then secondly  , She did it for fun..

She knew she was the best..and she did it for money too.
It wouldnt make sense if it wasn’t lucrative money-wise as well..

Above all..she did it because she could..

And everyone, well..the boys and men loved her.
Whenever she had free periods. .

She was sneaking into the boys hostel..

Or during classes..

She usually sat at the back…seeming the class was always crowded..

She was either been fingered or she was the one doing the stroking. ..and she always had a straight expression..

Only the male student would have an expression that is not describable.  She loved the faces they made and the sound they fought hard to keep down.
She always carried along a huge sweater which she spreads ontop their  laps..so no one could really tell what was going on under the sweater and the he(s)  were usually slouched over their desk..
Besides there were more students than they ought to have in a class room.

No one could really tell what was going on at the extreme corner ..
Then again, it was a school owned by a monastery of some sort,  which had a huge cathedral for Sundays and evening masses, so everyone is expected to be a good girl. Or thought to be a good girl or boy and raised in a proper good christain home who doesn’t even know the word “Sin”
If only they knew what went on within those walls.
Chidera smiled. 
Chidera was not one to be bound by religious beliefs and what young girls her age shouldn’t indulge in.

She lived her life the way she pleased.

She smoked.

She drank.

She had click of friends who adored her..and treated her like a queen because they wanted to be like her..

And she took them under her wings like the slutty mother hen that she was and showed them the ropes..taking  a cut from their proceeds like the business minded girl she loved to be.

She was queen

She was a hot seductress 

She was a senior

She was beautiful and popular and had a body of a goddess

Girls and boys loved her alike

And when she wasn’t indulging , she was pimping her girls and getting a commission 
She already knew what she would be doing when she gets into the university.  It was great already knowing what you are good at.
She even had some male teachers licking out of the palm of her hands..

Afterall she gave it up to them the way their wives couldnt..
She always had a cover whenever she went to see them..
Private lessons in their office paid for by her mother which she had constantly 

She never read..never studies and yet she never fails.
She was enjoying her life..
This was what she loved the most about being in school.
This was her world,  and in it she was queen.

Its been a month since she had been back to school,  everything was great.

Awesome infact, 
She had her girls fanning around her, carrying her books, fixing her lunch and breakfast in the school cafeteria, she had money coming in from the lecturer she was presently doing , a few from the boys who had a few zeros to their father’s name. 
She was basically living the life of a queen in school. And she wondered how great it would be when she gets into the university. .
There was absolutely no one who compares to her in the whole school or could dust her in anyway. Which was a good thing, she got all the attention of her dogs.

Which was what she called the boys.
But then one day, after leaving class even though she had just gone because it was compulsory,  she had sat down on the pavement waiting for a Junior to get her water. 
Then she saw her. 
She remembered her.

She was a junior who was always shy and quiet. 
As a senior they usually went into junior’s classes or hostel either to check for something important or frivolous as …Nothing. πŸ˜—
Whenever she had walked into their class she was always quiet , and shy,  carrying a small note book with her or constantly seen under a shed, by the corner of the class room or in the cafeteria bent and writing , always writing.
She remembered her because when she had walked into their class and everyone had gotten up to greet her ..she hadn’t
She didn’t realise what was going on  around her, she was lost in her book and writing God knows what. .
And because she didn’t like to be disrespected nor ignored she had stoned her a ball of squeezed paper to get the girl’s attention,  then made her pick pin after she got her attention for disrespecting a senior and not greeting her.
Ofcourse the junior girl  protested but Chidera wouldn’t have it,  she had obeyed.
Chidera made her sing first 

“I am a toad oh ..

I am a toad oh..

I am a rotten banana,  senior thank you !!!” Her voice rang through the hall
Pleased and after a couple of laughs , Chidera decides to let her go  as soon as she had served her punishment,  the girl returns back to her book almost immediately 
“Stupid Nerd!” Chidera had said to her

Walking out of the class with other seniors 
And over time just because she felt like she kept teasing the girl every single time she went to her class..
The perks of being a senior . You get to do shit to others and don’t get punished for it. But she just loved to pick on her..for no reason. 

Maybe because she never fought back or just obeyed or because she looked naive , stupid and innocent. 
The girl was one of the tallest in her class, abit too skinny for a girl with slightly big eyes.  chidera had seen her on the field too,  she was one of the few girls who joined the sports team
“Tomboy. Stick girl” she had said to her when she walked past her one day, hitting her book to fall off her hands.
It was fun. She enjoyed it. For a while then forgot all about the girl when she wasn’t getting as little as a rebellious fight from her.
And then they went on break.. 
But who she was seeing here…was much much much different. 
When the girl passed her , head up, straight faced she had wondered if she was a new student.
But then she followed her, just to get acquainted because she didn’t like what she was seeing. 
There in her hands , she carried that same dark green book..more like a journal or a note pad. Her fancy pink pen with the ribbons , and then when she met up two girls at the entrance of  the cathedral and they squealed in shocked delight calling her name..
Her mouth literally dropped to the ground. 
Gone was the tomboyness. 

Gone was the stick girl look.

Gone was the awkwardness. .
She wasn’t just a girl who has turned from plain Jane to an okay Jane. 
She was beauty by everything beautiful. 

And it wasn’t something Chidera liked. .
Standing there watching her hug her friends and laughing ,  watching her firm perky twin towers smiling from her uniform. .

Watching how her hourglass shaped put hers in shame..

Watching how her tush responded with every movement made Chidera stagger in shock. 
No this wasn’t happening. 
She had seen other girls who had blossomed over the holidays ..
Some too round,  

Some too fat.



Some…well,  okay.
But..This girl made her heart cut. This girl made her feel small all of a sudden.

This girl made her beauty and her body look like second best. 
This girl had no right to look this good. This beautiful. .this her!
It took only a couple of minutes and Chidera had never felt threatened by another girl in her life before untill now. Untill her. Until .
It was to painfully obvious for her not to notice the changes in Chidinma  that no one would ever miss.
Chidinma was a nobody a few months ago.. but all that may change. 

The fact that she could or would probably be the new eye candy in school just by the way she looked was already depressing. 
she just blew up ..feeling every area that were previously hiden or flat..
But that wasn’t what was upsetting Chidera. .
Every girl had breast and butt and some were lucky to have shapes and  others where as straight as a pole but..manageable..
But Chidinma looked like someone who was especially shaped and carved from the land of beauty..by the gods.
Coming back from the long holiday to school..
She could barely recognise her

She had to do a double take like. .
“Is that who I think it is”…sort of double take..
But this was where her fear and anger was obviously , suddenly noticing the air around her had stilled ,
The  boys who lingered around had begun to whisper,  some saying Helo,  others smiling at her  and  a few male teachers had started to notice..too
One had stopped to talk to the  three girls.
Another had called the girl  to ask her something briefly and as she walked away his eyes sparkled licking his lips.  


No no!!!
This was definitely going to be bad for her… 
Chidera was like the “know it all” kinda person when it comes to her line of activities.

she knew who and who had been poked in school. .and who wasn’t.
And she knew Chidinma was as untouched as a baby..
One of the days she had teased and taunted her , she had dropped a dildo infront of her and asked her to lick it.
The girl had blushed bright red and ran away disgusted and scared.
Someone else who wanted to very much  belong to her click had jumped at it, doing a sloppy job.
‘Get out,  you are a poor excuse for a girl. I can’t have you soiling up my client’s joystick ” the  other girl went away crying as she and her friends laughed.
She knew Chidinma was as  pure as they come, .. a Virgin.  Her mother would have loved a daughter like her. Everything Chidera wasn’t. 
Frowning , Chidera stares hard at chidinma. 
if she was looking like this now and still untouched. .then the boys and men alike would be tempted , their   tongues would soon  start to flab and drool over fresh blood and before someone says “jack robinson”..she would be old school..and she wasn’t ready to step down as queen of the wild jungle..
Not yet 

Not ever !
She liked that she was the one and only one who gave them such pleasure and fulfil their sexual cravings

And only allowed her girls when she was tired of a particular boy and tosses him aside to her devotees..
And she loved all attention…

She loved to make them drool.

She loved the way every eyes followed her.

She loved to see the front of their shorts tighten abit when Jnr desires to be let out. .
She loved to be the center of it all..
But Chidinma threatened all of that and that wasn’t a good thing.
And the worst thing was..

Chidinma might notice too and then would want to exercise her prowess..Chidera thought. 
But she had no plans on seating back and watching it happen. 
She didn’t work this hard to be cool,  and awesome for one girl to usurp it from her wether she knows it or not.
Her head snaps back up as sounds came from the three girls standing not so far from her oblivious of someone watching them
Watching them laughing and disappearing into the cathedral,  Chidera decided to do something about it..
She wasn’t a patient girl. And she had always hated to feel threatened by anything or anyone… especially if it would disturb her peace of mind or her world of popularity and fame..
She should make sure chidinma  doesn’t notice the effect she is having on the boys or the fact that it was uncomfortable even for  her to see how good she was looking. 
Yes. She has to make chidinma  less desirable to others . .just incase 
“No one would want something already damaged right “?..
She smiled wickedly.
Someone crosses her vision, She turns away to see him walk pass with his friends heading to the basketball court .
Yes! She has to make chidinma less desirable. .

So that he, the one who runs away from her don’t notice that girl who was once a stick.
Yes something has to be done.
But first , she needed to get that chocolate handsome boy to fall for her..
Why the hell was he playing hard to get?

Boys shouldn’t play hard to get.
What the hell was wrong with this boy..
Shaking her head, she sighs walking back to her hostel.

Micheal passes a couple of girls as they go into the cathedral following the murmuring..
“Whats that? ?” He turns to his friends
“Just some beauty, she just went into the cathedral” someone says whistling. 
” Yes,  did you see her, damn !!” Another boy says to the first boy
Micheal shakes his head .. ” You lot and girls,  ” he grabs the ball heading further into the court..
“Lets shoot some hops okay and forget about the ladies ” he says breaking into a run and making a dunk
He was done with girls. 
Gloria made sure of that.






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Undeniably Karma $Chp 1




“There is a beauty in every smile, despite the circles underneath the eyes. There is a gait in every walk, either from joy or from silence, or simply carrying the weight of the world. 

There is a stranger in every friend,  because therein their hearts lays something you never knew .

There is a sparkle in every shine, for there up in the skies , the stars smiles down really bright. .

There is laughter in every child, for in their happy smiles , they see not the evil in your eyes. .”
Chidinma closes her book, turning the pen in her fingers as she stared out of the window as she made her way to school. 
It’s been a long school break. She was glad for it.
She was a shy girl, confident in being herself.  She wasn’t exactly a bookworm, but she wasn’t exactly a dullard either.
She was born and raised up in a christain home and one of the books that was thrusts into her hands amongst her academic books was the bible
“Its the good book meant to right your paths and give you light in the midst of darkness ” her mother always says 
But the one she loved to hold and walk around with , eat with and sometimes fall asleep with. . Was the one she fills her thoughts in, her stories in, whereever her mind runs to, her book was her safe haven..
She loved to write . That was the only other thing that gave her joy.
Chidinma was a simple girl,  easy smile and a good heart .
She had loved being the invisible girl , the one no one knew about, the one who studies hard,  goes to mass, stay best friends with the only two girls she liked , mimi and bunmi.  Finish secondary school,  go on to the university and just maybe, just maybe she could pursue a career as a writer , become a great novelist and maybe go on to win the grants writers award and live a happy life out in an island writing books and stories for kids and adults and maybe have her books adapted into a movie.
She had her life all planned out..

Before she left for the long break,  everything was working out the way she wanted…being invisible.
She didn’t care that she wasn’t developing as other girls were,  she was not quite different from a straight pole, flat chests but the only thing she loved was her height. . She was a bit tall for her age.. and her smile. 
Those where the only things she loved about herself. And she never cared.
But all that changed 
Over the three months break, it was as if her body had a mind of its own. One minute she was no different from a stick, the constant tease of her neighbours and students at school was something she had become used to.
”Don’t think too much about it Chi, you know I was like that when I was your  age, but soon after I became so full and round I thought someone switched my body when I was asleep ” her mother pulled her cheeks. 
”But mama, I don’t care to be like other girls . This way, I can be invisible all I want. I hate people staring and me and all that.  I am shy. So it’s like God knew the desires of my heart and thus made me this way. It’s not a bother. .infact I like it alot ”
Her mother would shake her head at her. ..”Don’t worry, you won’t have a choice by then” she would walk away.
Chidinma didn’t care about what she wore, she was a tomboy of some sort in those early years,  confident in shorts and tops and a baseball cap whenever she got back from school , practically dangling like a broomstick in her cloths.
But three months later,  this wasn’t the case anymore.. 
”What the hell was I even eating ?” She had asked herself on of those days staring at the window.
She had joined the sports team during her last term, so when she got home she joined in a workout group not far from her house just to keep in shape for the tournament she was going to be participating in.
Chidinma marveled at the changes in her body,  from her chest to her waist,  it was strangely unsettling, and for someone with such height. .it wouldn’t go unnoticed and she dreaded going back to school. 
“Can I be home schooled mama?’ She asked her mother biting her finger 
Her mother had slapped her hand away from her mouth. 
“Stop biting your nail Chi-gurl. And homeschooled,  why chi?” They were in the kitchen and her mother was making moi moi
“Yes, Home schooled . I just want to be. I hate school but if I can have a private teacher it would be good.  I can help around the house more and stuff. Stay with you longer before I go to the university ..” she batted het lashes at her 
“Don’t be silly chidinma.  You aren’t going to be home schooled.  I hope you have parked your bags , holiday is over” her mother had told her
Chidinma had sulked all night. 
Yep, she was sort of weird.  
A girl who enjoyed the comfort of her company,  and the voices in her head when she writes in her book. 

But that little peace she loved would turn into a world of chaos being back at school and she knew it..
Sighing , she turns as the bus drove into the school compound.  Alighting she drags her bag behind her going into her hostel like one going into the slaughter house like a voluntary sacrificial lamp
She saw students chatting happily, hugging and high-fiving themselves .
Was she the only one who wasn’t excited to be back. 
Most definitely . 
“Can I atleast day-school mama?”
“No chidinma, stop being a child ” her mother had said.  “I want you to learn how to stay on your own and be independent.  You are too glued to me.  You need to be amongst others your age and besides I went to a boarding school and you aren’t escaping it. Now, go to bed..you have to get up early ”
Chidinma had chewed her bottom lip.
“I would run away ” she had said folding her arms over her suddenly full chest. 
How did they get there.  Genie? Are you playing magic with my body.
Can you be a dear and return me back to a stick please. 
Genie doesn’t answer.  Ofcourse. She rolls her eyes 
“Go ahead, when you come back you would still go to boarding school.  ” her mother had kissed her cheeks and left her alone to brood 
Maybe aladin can whisk her away on his flying carpet to an island and she and jasmine can play dressup in the palace. .
She muses. 
Chidinma strolled into the hostel,  getting to her room she collapses on the bed..
Atleast she had mimi and bunmi ..

And she had..her book.
And three more years to go. What’s the worst that could possibly happened. ?

Its being a couple of days and yet she wasn’t liking the attention she was getting. 
she began to notice the boys provocatively eyeing her..

Like she was a cherry waiting to be popped.

As though she was a ripe mango waiting to be licked..

Or she was more like some sweet fruit hoping to be sucked dry from its nutrients..
It made her really uncomfortable. 
Well that’s the way she felt..everytime she passed by the boys hostel on her way to the school’s cathedral for evening mass.
Well she knew why..

She thinks..

Maybe because she  had reached puberty early..and had began to show her womanly features abit too soon..

She was the envy of most girls..

And the desire of every boy..
Why didn’t God just leave her as she was..dry and straight as a pole.
She wasn’t a total novice . Well, ok maybe she was.
She knew or understood that,  when a boy begins to ogle a girl, he has something bad in his mind. 
She read alot, as a writer she had to read alot. So she knew things.  Things her mother wouldn’t want her to know..Ofcourse. .
Like the sexuality between a man and a woman.
Those Mills and Boons and Halequins books sure was explicit enough.  She hides them under her bed whenever her mother comes into the room and plops her legs underneath her and carries the bible and  read.
She wasn’t like that but..
Yes,  she is a christain and love God and whatnot and would do the right thing.
She also would love to be free to do her and make her own decisions not forced to make decisions just because. 
She loves to read the Bible,  go to church and bask in the ambience of the atmosphere of praise.
But she also loves to explore and disappear into her world of possibilities and realities and fairytale and maybe magic.
Just like every other girl.. to love and be loved..

Okay , back to reality ,..
But she wasn’t interested in these things. ..

In boys and their mischieveiousness. 

The waywardness of some girls she had seen in school. And their wild behavior. .
She was raised in a good christain home..

Having vain and sexual desires was a no-no in her books..
She does the sign of the cross. 
Well according to the bible. .
Her mother had told her.

No her mother had profusely drawn her ears until it hurt..
‘Study must be top most.

Books and bible and motivational books are only reads..

Friends. .well…fellow bible students ..

Movies…christain movies ofcos..

Not those nigerian flicks that screams promiscuity and what not..

Or those foreign movies that nudity was more a clothing than nothing.. you hear me Chi-gurl”?
And as a good law abiding daughter she has always been, she had nodded her head ..
“Yes mama. ” 
So technically, her life was school, church, home, chores, books and the circle begins all over again..

And Ofcourse her little book she carried with her everywhere she went .
You might think her life is boring .

Well she thinks so too.

She so wants to break free but obedience and sense of duty kept her put.
She so wants to hang with friends and go for parties, drink and maybe kiss a few boys and break a heart or two..and Maybe, just maybe “roll under the sheets”…the way she heard those nasty girls fondly say when talking about the “Do” with a boy..

But her religious beliefs kept her grounded.
She sighed.

Her life was boring alright but she didn’t half mind.

She knew her mother meant well..
“Nothing good comes out of all these..”..she said.
“You will end up damaged and ruined before you know it…and maybe the scar might run too deep sometimes it might be too late to come out of the water choking you.”
“Its better to be safe than sorry”…she would continue to say..
“Not because I don’t want you to enjoy the moments of life..

But only that you enjoy them when you are meant to…not before..but when”…and she would walk away after delving out a wise saying.
Chidinma knew her mother meant well..so she listened. 
Or did she?πŸ€”


continued. ..

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If you blink..you miss..

            Word for today..

 “Be You.

Unapologetic, amazingly and confidently you. 

Without fear,  without limitations. Just be you. 

Despite your scars,  despite your mistakes, despite the circles underneath your eyes ,.Be you. 

With and without the joy,  with and without the love, with and without the gains , with and without it all, be you. 

Wether you are a size 12 or a size 18, wether you have the hourglass or the okay-look,.wether you are on the covers of forbes magazine or just the screensaver of your phone,..just be you.

Be beautiful in your own skin, be amazing in your achievements , be awesome in your personality , be sure in your stance , be courageous in your works, be happy in your smiles .. be you.

Be confident, be beautiful,  be amazing..just be unapologetically and amazingly you. 

The world is big enough for everyone to shine, so you just pick your center stage and then sparkleπŸ’–!!!.

Go bedazzle them. … don’t forget to be you!!πŸ’•
Hello Saturday! !!


Wordporn-series : This Madness Called Love. . (Chp 43. Β Series Finale )


Wordporn-series :This Madness Called Love. …chp 43 #Series Finale#



There was something different about the way she smiled at me across the room.

The way her eyes lit up when they saw me, the way her lashes fell over her eyes as I believe she tried to hide the blush that rose from her cheeks.
There was something different  about the way she looked today.

Gone where those uncertainties around her, fear and negativity that vibrated like an invincible current when me came near her. 
There was something different about the way she spoke and how she spoke. 

The way her eyes darted to where I am, the way she moved her hands,  the rise and drop of her chest. The way the words rolled out of her mouth with confidence ..with pride.
There was something totally different about her today..

Because today,  for the first time she took a stand, unafraid of the consequences,  if there are any.

Today,  she owned what she believes was and is hers.. frankly speaking.  I am hers 😎. 

Today, she damned friendship which has gone sore and took what she wants. 

Today,.she told the whole world even though we were only six. .

That I was her man , and she was not afraid to put people in their place.
There was something beautifully different about Amara today..
It’s because she was mine..

And she knew it.

It’s because I was hers. .through and through. .

And I knew it.
Words may have failed me

But actions didn’t 

Words may have been cheap. .

But the blood coursing through this veins and the rapid beating of my heart beneath my chest and the way it leaps for joy when I think about her is enough indication of how..insanely affected I am of her.
Oh…there was something thrillingly different about this girl. .I have come to love. 

This girl who I saw across the street selling oranges

And I had crossed hoping to chase that strange fella away from her and I found myself hooked in her big innocent eyes,  her pure heart and her trusting words..

And as the days rolled by, 

My waking and sleeping thoughts were  being plagued by her..
By her  beautiful eyes

 Her breathtaking smile

Her soft hands

Everything about her.
And for once and the first time in my life..
I felt shame for ..not appreciating women enough.  For using them and tossing them away like rags I didn’t want anymore. 

For once in my life…I felt…I felt I should have done better for myself. 
And slowly. .things that used to excite me didn’t. 

The clubbing, the drinking,  the wild life and even the violence. .felt..like i was in a web of mess I had weaved for myself. 
I never felt so much shame wash over me before. .
Only because she had looked at me..

Asking me a question ..and I had looked at myself and wondered. .
That was me!

That was exactly me.. the bad boy. 

‘Bruno , just the bad boy in the movies ‘ She had asked. 

But I couldn’t admit it to her.  I couldn’t. .

‘Are you any different ??” She had asked me yet again 
I couldn’t admit it and yet I could not outrightly deny it and I had walked  away. .

Those words. .slowly began to haunt me, tease me, taunt me..
Subconsciously I didn’t want to be the same person I had alway being.

I didn’t want to be Bruno who had a bad and shitty past..

I didn’t want to be the Bruno that broke hearts and left  a trail behind..

I wanted to only to be reminded as the  brother

The friend 

The son

Things that meant a lot more than the words. .
And nothing else. 

And slowly..

Because of her. ..

I changed at first. 

Maybe for her..

And then I changed for me..
And that was the most subconscious decision i never regretted making.

Infact, I was thankful. 
Yes! Alot of shits happened.  Series of fxxked up events. 

I lost a friend. ..Someone I thought was a friend but it opened my eyes to see the true value of friendship and to realise the ones that were true. 
Like David! 

Like Timothy. .
And I gained ..Love
Love in the least likeist of places.

From an orange seller..
Cupid!! You fxxking sly bastard.  Your arrow went straight to my heart. .and shut me the hell down.
And I must admit,
I love every tiny bit of this feeling .
Even though she hasn’t said those words back to me.
It’s fine.

I was content in knowing I had found love and I said it.  For true love I hear, is being selfless and loving someone even if they dont love you back.
But I had her here with me, safe and protected 

And..kissing her again and holding her in my arms felt like heaven.
There was something utterly different about this pretty girl,

About Amara today. 
It was also the way I stared at her

The way my heart was beating nonstop 

The way she …was breathlessness perfect even in her imperfection, in her flaws.

I swear I looked beyond all of this and I loved the view.
Yes….she was different today. 
She was Amara..
And she is the love of my life. .

And I would take a thousand more Juniors down for her if I had to again ..
             No regrets!!!!
The shouting jolts me back to reality. 
”Amara, what’s the matter with you.  Why did you slap Nkechi. Amara ? AMARA!!!” Her mother held on to her as Amara raises her hands again
”How dare you slap me Ama, what have I done??” Nkechi blinks holding her face
”You dare to ask me?  You dare to ask me. Oh so you want me to spell out how you go behind my back and try to steal  my man from me eh? Taking food to him, throwing yourself at him,  lying to him about me, wanting to just steal him away as though he is a toy to be stolen. Don’t you have any shame? And I thought you were my friend NK.  But you are not. You are just like Ngozi, ..you are just a jealous person and I don’t want to even see you again'” Amara spat
”How dare you compare me to that slut. Besides. .Bruno wasn’t your man. You both broke up and I had every right to go after him. .and he would have fallen at it not been for her, always competing with me and you-you  always on his mind. Afterall,  he doesn’t have your name written on his body even if that’s the case,  he can still be taken. ”
“Amara?what is this.  Bruno. .your man? Amara,  Nkechi what nonsense is this  am hearing. .??”
They both ignored her
“You have no shame!”
”Oh I don’t have shame? Speaking of the girl who kisses him at will and probably sleeps with h–


Kpasssss! !!!!
The boys decides not to interfer. Their faces and  body  reacted with every slap.
”Nkechi! !! ” Amara’s mother exclaims,  she drags Amara away and holds on to her ..”Amara stop this nonsense right this minute. ”
Nkechi roars in anger and flings herself at Amara,  pulling her plaited hair
I look to David
He jumps up from his chair and separates the girls,  Amara’s mother was in the middle trying to separate them.
I pitied her..
Wasnt she ever told not to get in the middle of two girls fighting over a boy.
I try to stifle a laugh. 
” Hey hey. .!!’ David grabs the kicking and screaming  Nkechi and drops her at the other end of the room, causing her to stand still by placing both hands on her shoulders. 
”Amara if you don’t stop I would slap you !!’ Her mother threatens. .raising her hands 
“But mama??” Amara points to Nkechi  fumming. .
”Amara ..!!!”  Her mother calls her
”No mama you don’t understand. ..she ..she”   Amara points to nkechi again who was fuming  with anger too
“Amara, listen to your mother.  ” 
They turn as I speak. .
I see her bite her lips, I feel her struggling , then she relaxes and nods her head..
”I am sorry mama..I won’t  hit her again. But I just want to say something to her. .”
” Tell me what all this is about first. .”
”After I put her in her place mama and I promise I would..”
David let’s Nkechi go as Amaka walks to her
”Let me just make this clear. . You and I have nothing to do with each other ever..you don’t come to my house, you don’t come to visit me and pretend to be friends while plotting to take my boyfriend. No!! we are done.

We are through and the next time you dare to go after Bruno, .David won’t be able to stop me from slapping you silly  some more . It’s friends like you that can kill. .people and i don’t want your pretentious friendship and I don’t want you near Bruno ever again. Now you can get you out of here. ..we don’t allow snakes in our circle. Now Get Out!!” 
Amara points to the door..
We all literally stare at her and waiting for her to leave. .
Her mother stood there hugging herself and wondering what had happened to her daughter. ..
This wasn’t the Amara she left a day ago..
Something had changed. .
Nkechi carries what was left of her dirtied dignity , eyes amara , throws me one last painful glance and walks away without turning back. .
Amara turns to her mother. ..
“Mama, you should sit down.  I am sorry for my behaviour. .

But..now I will tell you..forgive me for not bracing myself to from the start”
“But first ” she holds up her index finger
”What does  she mean or rather, what did you mean Bruno is your man, abi your boyfriend. Because I am not understanding that ” she frowns looking from Amara and to me..
“Erm…erm” she stutters 
Her mother raises an eyebrow ” No you can’t talk abi, shei you were busying showing power here now you can’t talk abi? ”
”Erm..mama, the things is that. .Bruno and I ..erm Is that Bruno is my. . erm..” she scratches her head,  and looks to me for help.
”Yes mama,,she was busying showing power now she can’t even say it again. .tell us Amara, we too want to hear ”
She shots me a death glare
“Yes tell us Amara ” David and Timothy join in
Her mother folds her hands waiting. .
I loved to see how dhe was going to handle this. .
A deep breath. .
“Bruno and I are dating. .!” She closes her eyes and waited for rhe outburst from her mother 
But it doesn’t come. .
She opens her eyes to see her mother stare at her

“Dating kwa. What does that mean Amara ?” 
Amara bites her lips..
“It means that I like your daughter and she likes me and I would want to officially ask you to permit me to..date your daughter mama. ” I say
They turn and stare at me.
”Why? Is that why you came to pay her fees and all.. because you want to Date my daughter. .that was your plan?”
They all shake their head as I did. I smile. Her mother keeps staring at me and then Amara ..
”No mama. But,  I do like your daughter and I do want to date her, with your permission though.  It wasn’t because of that.  I did that without any negative  intention from the start mama and I would  continue to sponsor her till she is done. But.. I am man, not only because of that,  but because I do realise from the series of events that have played out that I do..really lov-erm like your daughter and I want to date her.” I conclude 
She doesn’t say anything but looks at Amara. ..
-‘but she is still a child Bruno”
“I am 19 mama ..soon to be 20”
“You are a child.. my child.” Her mother looks at her 
“Mama…a child that has grown mama” Amara says  
“I promise you mama, to be a gentleman and not do anything to bring her harm” I say
“I cannot permit you to date my daughter ” She said 
“Why?” a curious ask
“Because Bruno,  you know how boys are. .you are one. You might end up misbehaving with her and when all is done you leave her after ruining her.  No, not my daughter.  If that’s the reason why you wanted to pay for her fees we don’t want anymore,  you can stop now and and we would find a way to repay you back. .”
Amara was smiling. .

And here..she had been scared  for nothing..

Her mother wouldn’t have let anyone use  or misbehave  with daughter. 

She was soo stupid and wished she hadn’t kept anything from her. 

She was soo scares that by refusing Bruno from paying her  her fees due to junior’s  threats  her mother would have been heart broken or worse still be hurt  that her daughter wont be able to futher her education .

But here, her mother  just proved to her that money won’t buy her love or loyalty nor take away her daughter’s dignity or virtue , not at her daughter’s expense and not even for her happiness

She would have protected her.
Amara throws her hand around her mother and hugs her..
“I love you mama” she breathed hugging her mother. 
Her mother frowns ” why are tou hugging me as though I said something that made you happy?”
I don’t get why she was happy. .

I look to junior and Timothy. .they were also confused. .
”Erm,  Amara your mother just refused me and you are happy? ” I frown. Did I miss something 
She smiles,  kissing her mother on the cheeks..
“No, no you won’t understand 

I just wanted to let her know i love her. . And I don’t tell her enough” Amara says
Her other smiles and hugs her too

‘My baby,  My Ama, I love you too ” 
“But mama,  Bruno is a good man

He is different from all of them.”
“How do you know”?
Amara turns to me..smiling that smile that causes my heart to skip a beat
“Because I have seen. And I know it too. His intentions were noble from the start, still is. And I want to date him too…” she looks to her mother. .
“Please ” she adds
”But Amara , you can’t just think I would allow you date a man..I won’t. .!!”
”Mama, I am going to marry your daughter. . So, can I court her instead ?” I blurted out 
David and Timothy …” The Fxxk Bruno! !?”
Amara stares at me with an open mouth. .
Her mother looks at me with shock ..
I know I know. ..
What you all are thinking. .
Bruno can’t seem to shut up and not think with his third leg. 
But you see..
I never  have thought with my third legs when I first  saw her. .
Okay maybe, just briefly. .
But.. That’s inconsequential. 
I began thinking with my head as time went on…
And then my heart came into place. .

Unlike before I may not have  known why I said what I said or did what I did when it came to Amara 

But Now..?


I am thinking straight. Straighter than I have ever thought before in my entire life..
I am crazily and insanely inlove with Amara. My orange seller…😍
And last night,  was the last night I want to ever feel as though I was going to lose her and I didn’t want it.

And besides,   life was too short. .
And I wanted her…

To be mine…

And if I have to go on my knees to tell everyone in this room…

That I was inlove with a girl. For the first time in my life. ..

I would.

I would remove the needles giving me drips, plaster to my head,  pain and all I would get up,.go to her,  get on my  damn knees and propose to her. ..
And I would…
I was dead serious.
”What are you doing ?” this was David stopping me
“No Bruno stay there. .” Timothy  joins in frowning 
“Bruno?” Amara,  her emotion was mixed. .but it made me smile. Oh she wasn’t expecting that. 
‘-Bruno..no my son stop. Wait.  Oya wait..wait!!! ..” she begged coming to me, seeing the pain i was in trying to get down
“I am serious mama..Amara means alot to me..and,  I want her to be part of my life. So,.so do I have your permission.  I promise..to stand by what you say. .” I tell her
Amaka had come to stand behind her mother placing her head to her shoulders. .
The room is quiet.
A deep sigh
“Are you serious about wanting to marry my daughter .?.how will you both cope and all?”
“He is working in the bank now. .a big boy mama. Bruno is a big boy!!!’ David proudly states
We laugh
”But. .Amara just entered school. .and you know…” she trails off
”I would wait for her mama” I tell her.. Yes I would wait for her… I would. I couldn’t find this love and let go. If that was the only condition to …have her all – all to myself. .to love her. ..only her… I would wait .
”You would wait??” Amara askes me, lazing her fingers with mine.. I squeeze her hands..
“You would wait??” The boys ask disbelieving , shaking their heads. . David is whistling , Timothy is shaking his head. ..wishing me good luck.
‘I would wait ” I say to them. .I turn to Amara..nodding.  “Yes I would wait.!!”
-‘And we would make sure of that’ ‘ David and Timothy say
‘Mama?” I look up at her
“Mama?” Amara leans into her
‘Mama”? We all  say together  again..
“You all are   ambushing me .. that is not fair”
”Emotional blackmail mama” Amara pouts
“Please” I begged. ..
She nods  ”  I want my daughter to finish school and have her life Bruno.  I don’t want her to feel indebted to give in because of your help. Because of this-‘
-‘She isn’t. This has nothing to do with that.  This is my feelings towards her.  And her feelings towards me. Between a  and a woman mama. I do care about your daughter mama..she has changed me. Made me a better person.she is my happy place mama. I have never had a happy place…and I don’t intend to let it go to waste. . I care about her alot..” I was laying my heart bare for all to see and I didn’t care 
”I care about you alot too” Amara says looking at me..
    Amara’s mother takes both our hands and joins them.
“Then you my daughter and you Bruno  have my blessings. .” She says, Amara hugs her squealing 
“Yeah!!!” The boys chant.. ”way to go bro. ..!!”  Slapping my shoulders. ..
” Hey careful” Amara eyes David punching him
”Don’t hit my son like that. .can’t you see he is unwell” her mother points to David and Timothy who laugh
I liked the sound of that.
But I liked the way Amara looked as she stared at me…and the love I see behind those eyes. ..
Amara looked different today…
 Yes! She was….letting her love for me show
I felt my heart beat rapidly beneath me..
God I was loving this feeling. ..
Its been  four years already  ..
Time flew past. ..
Alot of things had changed. .
I tolerated my boss, who kept harrassing me sexually untill I couldn’t  take it any longer. .
I filed a report against her.
“You think you can report me? You think? I would ruin you Bruno?  It’s because  of me you had this job because I liked you.”
”No ma! It’s because of my good head and CV.  But if that’s  the case I would gladly resign but…this, this thing you keeping  doing ,  trying to use sex to get people to kee their jobs won’t work. Not for me it wont. I have a fiance` that I love and I won’t stoop low and fall back into the gutter I crawled out under from. So either you stop harrassing me or this is going public”
”You wouldn’t dare ” She spat
“Oh..I have never been more serious on my entire life ”
She  allowed the devil to use her and she dared me.
Keeping me in the office and tried to force herself on me..for what seemed like the hundredth time.
When a guy says No, he means No tooπŸ˜‹
I storm out after pushing her away, went straight to the MD’S office and told him everything and that if he doesn’t do something,  the news media would carry it.
They couldn’t fire her..because she had some sort of leverage on them.
They transferred her away from the branch. 
I was free. ..
Life was beautiful. .
A couple of months later, 
I got promoted , another couple of months close to a year,  I had moved out to better apartment, gotten.a car. .and I could afford some luxury. ..
I got promoted again, moved to a bigger house. 
Amara would be joining me soon.  It had to be big enough for us and the kids.
Yes,  like was good. 
Amara got to stay in school,  I saw her during the wekends when I had to drive down to go see her.
Mama got a new shop in the heart of the city ,  and a better house and a girl who help her in the shop and at home.. since Amara was in school. 
She was happy. ..
“My son, ” she says showing me off to whoever cared to listen. .
I liked the feeling. .
It’s been an awesome four years. ..
David and Timothy. . My brothers , the only other family I had left. 
They wee the real MVPs!!
David had a steady girlfriend ,.her name was cynthia. ..  he  made manager at one of the new branches he got transfered to.
Timothy,  let’s say he is still finding his way.. but we are here to help him. 
He got around to doing what he loves doing , owning a studio and producing music. He got a label too.
It felt just like yesterday when I crossed rhe rood to get to her. ..
Just like yesterday when I actually did make it official,  went on my knees and proposed to her..the way I knew girls loved
It as on her 23rd birthday. ..
I wanted to buy her a diamond ring..
”Diamond are girls best friends aren’t they?” I had said on my knees when her eyes popped seeing it in the red velvet box.
Cynthia had done a goos job preparing the suprise party, . David had picked mama

Timothy had organised the music. .

Her friends had not missed a beat to make sure  that this was the most memorable night of her life. .
‘Bruno”  she breathed,  tears filling her eyes. .
”Amara , I know I must have told you I loved you a million times over the years but I want you to know that. ..loving you as being my life’s joy and it won’t be completed if I don’t offically ask you to marry me infront of family and friends so we can begin our happy ever after. I love you…baby, so will you do me the honour of being mine?”
She kept nodding her head even as she threw herself on me..
‘Yes yes yes! !’ She cried. .
Kissing her I carry her twirling her around and around and laughing.  
It was a beautiful day. ..
Having her wear my ring was a pride…it looked perfect on her finger.

And her smile perfect on her face. .
Yes!! it’s been a good four years. ..
And today. ..
Our forever begins.
“your wedding vows Bruno? ” the officiating pastor says to me..
David, my best man stood beside me, cynthia stood beside  Amara.  They have become best of friends. .
Timothy stood aside like a pride father,  I laugh
Mama, has tears in her eyes,  her little girl was getting married. 

Her little girl,  who had achieved all that she set out to do, graduating with honours ..

Her little girl got her decree. .

God indeed works in mysterious ways. ..
Her little girl was now a woman, embarking on another journey. ..for life.
She wipes her eyes,  Timothy squeeze her hands. .
Amara smiles,  sniffing. .

Her eyes meet mine.

I began
”I love you ..because you have made me understand that love is much more than  words.  That loving someone, one  has to be selfless,  and make sacrifices. ….and to put others first. 

With you I have found myself,  with you. ..i have become free. .

With you,  I have loved

Amara, you are my heart.  My world,  My everything. . You are  the air I breath,  the tiny tab tab beating in my heart,  the song birds sings like melody to my ears,  like the missing material of my ripped jeans and missing photograph in my frame. ..’ ‘ I smile when they laugh
“Amara, you are my fantasy,  my real.  My waking and sleeping moments.  Infact Amara you are my madness.  My intoxication.  My andrelaline rush.  My Brian Freeze.  My weakness and my strong. My flaws and my perfection. You are my smiles. And my hugs and my lows. You are my happy place,.my peasant smiles,  my love ..my world is is nothing without you babe. You, you are the rainbow that stretches  outcross the blue sky lazily. And sometimes when I think of you I think of you even in colours  that don’t exists. That’s how I love you princess. I love you in ways I don’t know I can love you.  I will love you  when you are here and aren’t. .far and near

I love you Amara and I promise to continue doing so, in sickness and in health, in happiness and in sadness,  when you are beautiful as you have always being,  God’s perfect creation and breathtaking curves of a goddess ‘
David and Timothy whistle, Amara blushes,  I hear cheers.
“And when you are old and gray,  frail and can’t move I would love you till forever and  a day more my lady. . I know I ain’t perfect,  and I know I would make mistakes  but know I am only human. But forgive me anyways , I promise not to harm nor hurt you and i wont not to cause you pain, or make your cry unless when I ask you to cut onions for me” she stifles her laughter, I smile
”Amara I love you..so much. Look,  words fail me and I just want to kiss you right now because my chest is about to explode ..’!!’ I breathed 
I saw a tear slip down her eyes. ..
”Can I kiss my wife please ??” 
Kiss kiss Kiss! !!!
The chant began..



Kiss! !!
“I now pronounce you husband and wife. . You make kiss the bri-
Hell yeah!! Finally. 
I  already pulled her to me, her face in my hands I tilt her jaw, while her lashes slowly  covered her eyes,  

I taste her lips…
And I dont stop till I felt David pulling me away. ..
-‘Safe if for tonight bro. ..” David whispers. .
She blushes , turning away to hug her mother. …
Now I didnt know why what he said  made nervous. .
I gulped. .!!!
Did I forget to tell you that  we haven’t 

..like ever?
       We were at our Honeymoon suite..

Two cites away from mama and the guys…. we flew out  that night. .
I had gone down to bring up our bags and allowed her to freshen up.

I was dragging my legs. 
For the life of me…

I have waited for this day for like ages and now that I could literally and legally have it..
I was nervous. 
Bruno the Fxxking hammer was nervous. .
It was not untill I saw her call did I go back up to our room.
”Hey husband, what were you doing away from the room. ?”
I loved the sound of that..
“I erm…our bags ” I  said pointing at them
“You know you could have just called to have them bring it up?”
“I know..I wanted to..take rhe walk” 
I wanted to….. 

Shit I was nervous. 
“Hungry?” I asked avoiding to dwell on what she was wearing. .
A silk cream nightie that stopped at her knees..and a little less revealing undies underneath. 
“No. I am full ” she told me.
Me too.
”Soo..what do you want to do?” I ask her ..
“Well,.I dunno, what do you want to do?” She smiles at me
I gulped. My heart was beating fast.
“Ah erm… i need to shower ” I say going to the toilet and shutting the door.
I heard her laugh
I come out 30 minutes later. .

I usually take 15mins tops to shower. .
I open the door to realise something had changed in the room..
The lights were slightly dimmer, something soft was playing from the Stereo. .
Amara was  standing in the middle of the room..
I close the door but i don’t leave it..
She had turned out to be more beautiful and her hips didnt lie. ..
But I was nervous. .

Scared maybe
Its being a long time I had been with a woman..

I mean, we have been together for four years and there have been moments when the desire was just …so much and you just want to …screw it and actually do it..
But I promised her mother..

Promised her.

And i promised myself. 
I was going to wait…till our wedding day.
Was it hard?
Yes! !
Did I want to damn it all and make love to her those days she spent in my house or when we were alone in hers. .
Or when no one was looking while we kisses and while we grind and just want to go all the way?
Oh…Yes it was damn hard. .
But I knew what I wanted. . I wanted her, only her and I waited. 
Took a cold shower when it got hard.

Held on to her so tight when I felt I was wanted to explode.
I never gave in..
Sometimes I wanted to,

I would wait..was what I told her and I did.
Now..the wait was over over and here I was feeling nervous and a chicken.
”You are staring at me Bruno ” her voice breaks into my thoughts
‘-I know. You are beautiful.  ”
She smiled…
”You know…I have always wondered what it would feel like to…make love to you and all.  It kept me awake most nights and mornings. .just wishing one day you were going to lose it and have me ..whenever i came to your house but you never did. Sometimes it kinda upsets me..” she chews her lips
-‘Wow really? You should have told me” I smile shaking  my head 
‘- I couldn’t. but didn’t you get the messages I sent to you..the green lights I gave…but you didn’t use it or know  ..”
“I was being a gentleman.i was keeping my word” I told her
”Well, by right ..now you don’t have to.. ”
“No ..I don’t have to” I admit
”Come here bruno, because I cant wait for you to make love to me. It’s been so long I have been waiting on this day and I am shaking in want..” Her voice came as a whisper. .
I swallow,  pushing myself from the wall, I close the distance between us..
”I love you Bruno Peter Amachree.  If I have never told you enough before. .atleast let me show you just how much when words fail me..for you are mine as I am yours. In body and in soul.  I belong to you my love and I would love you today..tomorrow,  forever and a day more…. gosh just kiss me already because the way you keep looking at me is making me melt” 
Oh God! !!
Shakily I touch her hands,  trailing my finger up her arms I place my hands to her neck,  I kiss her forehead. ., her cheeks and her neck, and her nose and then I capture her lips 
We don’t come up til we were breathless,  then I lift her, she wraps her legs around me as she wraps her hands around my neck. ..
I take her to rhe wall, once her back makes soft contact I kiss her again, letting my hands roam her body..
Her silk nightie was an hindrance ,  I move away from  the wall and drop her slowly on the bed. .
I stare down at her, I feel her hand touch  my chests,  touching , caressing. .
I lean in taking her lips again, moving away from her face and neck. .

Her twin towers looked glorious up close and personal. .
I kiss them through the silk of her dress,  I keep kissing her trailing down,  I hold her thighs , running my hands over them
Going low,  I kiss them one after the other,  she moves , squirming. .
Her hands touch my shoulders, and head,  I kiss her hands and went  back to her thighs..
I run her hands up, going under her silky nightie  I push them up as I keep taking my hands up her body..
She is wearing white panties.
I smile…
White for Purity. .
It was a prefect fit for this right now…
I kiss her novel,  her waist line and above her core through her panties. .
A moan escapes from her mouth. .
Slowly I take off her panties kissing the exposed  flesh .
I wanted to taste her there. .

Where she hasn’t been tasted before. .

I wanted to touch her where she hasn’t been touched for.

I wanted to be the first to…tease her, cause her to burn, to moan, those lip-bitng kinda moans…
I wanted to be the first to make her feel like a woman 

To make her a woman.
I was shaking. ..but I don’t stop kissing her…
I go back up trailing kisses up her navel and underneath  her breasts. .
I lift the silky nightie over her head, kissing her shoulders and her lips and kissing her neck neck,  I unhook her bra…
Naked she was infront of me.., she lowers her lashes,  her hands over her breasts. ..
She was shy. .
“Don’t be baby..you are beautiful. .I want to look at you ” i tell her 
I kiss her hands away, kissing  her untill she became comfortable in her nakedness before me
My hands were touching , caressing,. Softly squeezing …
The bulge inside my jeans was making me uncomfortable. ..
I felt her hands touch my tummy. ..and fiddle with my jeans..
We take it off together ..
Her eyes grew big..literally. .
I didn’t want to laugh..but I did 
‘Scares? “.I ask her kissing her lips..
She shakes her head ‘ No’ She says.. right before she wraps her hands around my hardened member  
I sulk in my breath,  groaning. ..
I lay her back on the bed,  and I found my way back to her thighs. .
“I want you Amara. .I  want to taste all of you” I tell her. . 

“Just lie back and let me. hold something if you can’t stay still. .” I warn her..
Opening her legs , I trail kisses inside her thighs untill I reach her core,  her breathing had changed. ..
I trail kisses around it first,  kissing her there. Tasting her there even without an opening. .
I wanted all of her
I kiss her all over her body,  caressing her,touching her
She meets me pace for pace 
Her body felt perfect beneath me, soft and ready. .
“I want you so much ” I breath into her mouth
“I want you too bruno” .. she pushes herself to me, her core touching my hardened member. .
My hands find a way down there,  caressing her,  kneading while she breaths heavily. .
Her hardened mauds in my mouth, one at a time I made her catch her breath,  my other hand found its  way to grab her soft buttocks as I squeeze them gently ,. My fingers brushing her the dimples I noticed behind her waist. .they were a beauty..
But her moaning was driving me crazy. ..
“Bruno ..baby. .please. ..I want you now..” she held on to me, grinding into me from beneath 
I knew she was ready
”Stop me if it hurts too much” I say kissing her 
She nods 
I was as hard as a rock and I was  shaking. .

Her scent was overpowering. .
Slowly I place my member at her entrance ,.circling her thighs with my hands, ,kissing her while staring into her eye

”No, don’t close them” I tell her kissing her eyes open

”Baby look at me” I kiss her eyes
I pause. .
Not moving,  waiting ..

Breathing hard, watching her breath hard. .watching her need and desire  grow …
“I love you. ..Amara”
‘I love you too..Bruno” she says. ..
I was going to go in slow. .
Nothing prepared me for the leap of her waist, .wrapping her legs around me and pushing me in with her legs to my butt…with a quick thrust I was all the way in.
‘Oh lord!!’ I exclaim..
She moans loudly , clawing her nails into me, she bites my shoulders as  she squeezes me tight …
I stop.  I don’t move.

Stilling my nerves and my desire. ..

I stare down at her.
‘Baby, are you okay?” 
Her eyes were closed tight. .i kiss her face,  
”Baby, am sorry.  Why did you do that? ” I kiss her again…

“I didn’t want to hurt you I wanted to take it slow. Am sorry,  should I stop. Should I pull out?”
She shakes her head,  it takes a minute before she opens them. 
”Maybe I should pull out” I try to pull out  but she held me in…with her legs wrapped around 
”No babe. ..I knew you’d  take forever to go in and  I just wanted you so bad. ..wow!!’ She says. .
I chuckle. ..” Are you okay?I know am pretty big but…hey slow down ” 
Her waist was moving , grinding into me…fast and slow fast and slow 
I felt her squeeze me , her walls were tight.. she was moving in and then out, biting her lips , making sounds..pulling me down tighter to her
“Oh God Amara !!” 
Her pulsating lips below was doing things to my member inside her,  I held her waist, positioning  her perfecting beneath me..
And I  began to move…
Slowing, fast and slow. .

Slowly.. fast and fast. .

Fast. ..slowly and faster .
In and out. ..out and in
Soft skin against hard skin

Wet tight walls holding onto hardened long big member..πŸ€”

Legs wrapped around my waist 

Lips locked against lips..

Full soft bosom againat muscle chest 

Moans and groans. .

Cry and bittersweet pain

Pleasure. .

Pleasure .

More pleasure. ..
And I am falling over the edge. ..

Toes tickling. .I feel her quaking underneath me..

She meets me move for move..

Rhythm for rhythm 

Thrust for grinding 

Kiss for kiss.

Waist to waist. .

 Sinking into her never felt so good and warm and shattering. .
I felt her squeeze me within her walls, her head falls back,  her eyes dilates,  she bites her lower lips as my thrusts continuous. ..
‘Oh..am feeling….am feeling. ..Oh Bruno. .I am..Oh. Oh. .OHHHHH!” She screams holding on to me,  biting my shoulders again, quaking nonstop,  squirming uncontrollably. ..
I knew she was  cuming..

I take her over the top, not breaking the thrust untill I watch her reach her climax with a tiny scream. ..I kiss her 
I smile into her lips  

‘Did I just- ” slowly her breathing and shaking fall back to normalcy
‘Yes you did..’ I nibble her neck..
She was happy…satiated happy. .
“Your turn”..
Before I could say anything she had pushed me over rolling ontop of me, not disengaging herself. .
I had the most beautiful view of her. .
” Let me please you ..husband” was the last  thing she said. .before she took me to heaven..and back..
Later that night as we laid in the comforts of our arms, I felt her smile in her sleep. .
If this right here wasn’t the beauty of loving someone and have them love you right  back, I didn’t know what was .
All those plaguing thoughts has suddenly become a reality. .

A beautiful legal reality..
And I knew I would love her for every day of my life..

My orange seller. 


My wife 


The mother of my future kids


My life and my all..

I love you…..
I kiss her lips, cradling her to me. .
Today..our forever and a day more

And our happy ever after begins…
And this is the beauty of my love that I had once thought was my madness. .

But if this was how love was meant to be..

I would gladly love her, insanely and madly over and over and over again..
The madness called love is love in  its totality , it’s purest form,  without shame and prejudice.  Without Borders,  without rules. .it’s just to let your heart consume you..with the feelings that starts from your toes and gets to your head.

The feeling that you can’t phantom., can’t understand. .can’t stop.

It’s beautiful.  It’s electrifying.  It’s scary.  It fierce. .it’s like  an andrelaline rush to your head…

It makes you look insane and act insane ..it makes you sane even in your insanity and if the cure was to make me not feel this? 

Then i rather remain mad, without reason,  without sanity in this madness called love. .

Because I had found ..the missing puzzle to my heart. ..

And she “Amada’ is all the madness I need..
Slowly I drift to sleep..with my world snoring away beside me..
  Looking back now..
Staring at my twins and my beautiful wife. .
I knew I would cross that road and approach her again..
My life became complete with her in it..
They wave at me, I push myself from the wall i was resting on, going to meet them..
David and cynthia had a little family of their own. Timothy’s wife was heavy 

Mama was laughing at something the twins said..

And I. .was just happy to have a family ..

Whom I loved. .

And a sexy AF wife  drives me ..positively .

And well…..”in the other room too”..
 I turn around and smile. ..
       I pull the curtain close. .
                THE END!!!!


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Wordporn-series : This Madness Called Love. .chp42 (semi-finale)


Wordporn-series : This Madness Called Love. … (chp. 42)



There is this blinding searing pain that comes with anger..

I should know.. 

I have felt it before..
When the call came, I was asleep. Those deep relaxing sleep when you have had a good night.  She..I don’t remember her name now was sprawled on the bed, her body warm and soft beside me, her face turned to the other side  but my hands laid appreciatively over her very large and naked backside..which I had stroked during the night and patted a couple of times while we danced the dance of the  gods, exerting energy and expelling sweets.. it was a good day… a good mind-blowing evening..
But the night…the night turned to darkness and my heart broke into  tiny different pieces.
“Bru baby, please turn that phone off,  I am trying to sleep” she must have said it a couple of times ..I yawned turning away.
“Baby, your phone is ringing..pick it or throw it away. My head hurts. I am trying to sleep” she said..repeatedly 

Buzz buzz buzz 
And my loud ringtone that could wake up the dead.
I blindly reach for phone, putting  it to my ears without bothering to look at the caller.
“What? Speak! !” I figured it was one of the boys. It had better be something good or else I would have their head in the morning.  They knew better than bugging me when I was with a woman. 
“Bruno Peter Amachree? ” the strange unfamiliar voice asked .
“Who wants to know” I yawned,  frowning.
“Are you Bruno Peter Amachree sir?” The voice asked again
I get up rubbing my eyes, looking at the phone. I didn’t know that number.
“Again, who wants to know?” I was getting irritated. Who the hell was trying to be stupidly funny by this time of the night.  Someone was going to get his head slapped in the morning..
“Look guys. Don’t be stupid. If David, Timothy or even junior put you up to this…you know they ain’t going to get the beating you are going to get. Cut it. Am trying to sleep”
” i assume you are Mr Bruno Peter Amachree. If you are,  we would love you to come down to the hospital. ”
“To identify the body of your parents! ” the voice says, apologetically 
‘Wh- what  did you say?” My heart skipped abit.
‘I am sorry sir, they have been involved in a ghastly motor accident.  We would want you to come to the hospital and identify the bodies of your parents. . ” the voice repeats
I suddenly lose my speech.  I suddenly can’t breath. .
What do you mean.

What are you saying..

What the Fxxk are you saying..
My heart screams, my head askes but my mouth can’t form..the words..
My chests hurts.  I feel hot sting of tears..
“Sir? Sir?..Mr Bruno Peter Amachree. Please come down to St. Martins Hospital, wing two, room.304. We would be waiting. Sir,  can you hear me sir. Sir  Bruno Pet—-
I drop thr phone..

I literally can’t breath..
I am holding my chest, my head feels as though I am floating..
Mother. .

Same voice speaks in my head
I think I felt her move, touch me. Call my name, shake me..

I am gasping for air. I can’t breath,  tears are rolling down my eyes …I feel pain. Deep searing pain tearing though my body…
Then anger…

Anger that I don’t quite get..

Bruno talk to me..
I hear her voice as though far away
I stagger away from her, using my hands to wave, I am holding my chest,  my vision is blurred and I am reaching for what I don’t know..
I feel her try to shake me.. I hear her scream when I land on the glass table breaking it.. 
I am struggling for breath
Identify their bodies 



I can’t fxxking breath. ..
She is shaking me.
I see shadows standing over me, I feel strong hands pulling me and lifting me
I feel cold water over my head falling over my body .

I still can’t breath. .
I blank out.
I open my eyes to see thesame shadows, more than one..a few  people around me. 
“What..what happened ?” I manage to say.. trying to get up, hands hold me down.
“Relax.  Relax” I think it’s David. 
I don’t listen i sit up.
They have their heads bowed or sad with sullen looks. David sits close to me..

Timothy at the foot of my leg..Junior is opposite, quiet.  Tom and the rest hang around. . No one is talking.. they are just there
Then it is true .

It is true …
I feel the pain again… I hold my chest. I get up.
“Where are you going, Bruno? ” David askes
I don’t answer. .




Plays through my head..
“We are coming with you” they say 
“No. ” I say .. I don’t want to cry. 
There must be a mistake somewhere..

Yes!! I was stupid. I should have asked the caller what colour of car were they driving. .or names if they got their wallets on them.
Stupid caller!!! 
“Bruno Peter Amachree” I hear my name again…

I am holding my head..
“It can’t be. It just can’t be” I say, turning it to anger 
But no one nods and affirms with me, David has tears in his eyes.. he had formed a sort of bond with mother.
I feel pain. And I feel anger, grabbing him by his shirt, pushing him to the door
“Clean your eyes..don’t be a pussy. It’s a mistake..a costly mistake. It can’t be. Clean your eyes…” I blink and blink again
“Bruno ” he calls me
“No I say. Don’t call me…it’s ..it’s not them. Say it. Say it’!!”
“Bruno” he says, holding onto my hands,  trying to let me to let go
“Say it” I can’t stop the tears..
“Bruno!!!” He holds my hands tight..
“David… no. .!!! Say it”.. .my hands are shaking , my head expanding.  My chest closing….. I choke ..
He grabs my hands again,  pulling me to him and clapses me in a tight hug , a strenght I didn’t know he had he holds me to him , as i struggle to pull away he doesn’t let me ..
I cried on his shoulders,  I hold him back, I cry..
The pain doesn’t stop. The anger boils…
Anger that I didn’t get to see them before they died.

Anger that I didn’t get to talk to them because I was too busy doing me and not listening to my heart pleading to be heard.

I was angry at them for driving ….

I was angry at the driver for crashing into them. .

Angry that he died too and I couldn’t unleash my pain on him..

Angered at myself most of all…..for not telling them i loved them enough. Spend time with them enough..

Not..being their son enough…

I was pained and angry. ..
I was pained and angry for a long time. 
So I understood pain. . And I understood anger…
And I knew how they worked. .
Just like now …
Seeing her there, struggling underneath him.

Seeing her there tears streaming down her face..

Seeing her there..tied..hands above her head..

Legs apart, tied to different ends of the room.
And he partially naked ontop of her..

Fear in her eyes. .pleading words from her mouth…
I see red.
I feel anger…

And I feel pain. ..

But then…….I felt fury…..
Fury that I had never felt before. .. i lurched for him, grabbing him by his skin and flogging him to the end of the room.
I still see red.
Ngozi pays the cab fair, coming down she was whistling,  dressed in a jumpsuit she was happily walking into the streets 
“By now I think he should have been in round two.  ” she chuckles  
“That would teach that girl a lesson not to go after boys who are already taken..I warned her to stay off. .I did. Stupid little girl trying to drag men with me? Me? Drag my Bruno.  She is high. Well now she would get so high from excessive junior banging and probably won’t be able to walk for a couple of days, her face and video all over the Internet and bruno would be too disgusted that forgetting her would come easy. Amara would be too shamed and would probably leave here and go back to the village or disappear into oblivion for all she cares or…Maybe do all of us a favour and take her life. Bruno would be free and available and he must, wether he likes it or not love me. I can’t be the only one in this relationship.. we are in a relationship wether he knows it or not.. as for That’s spoilt Nkechi. ..she no reach” she laughs talking to herself.  Picking her phone she looks at the picture junior had sent to her earlier. , smiling.
“Too bad, such a pretty body won’t be so pretty anymore'” she says looking at Amara’s picture. ..  
“Oh damn!! That cock is ready for action” she says looking at juniors picture of his member at full erect..
“Oh I can’t wait to see her face while he rams into her.. Maybe I can take a few pictures of my own and send to bruno without him knowing it’s me… ” she squeals..
Checking to make she she didn’t miss the address, she walks ahead..
Just then a car swerves into the streets almost hitting  her. She jumps quickly of the way swearing and causing the driver. 

As soon as the car bolts to a Stop  , the person jumps out of it and heads towards a bend running.
Not bothering to look at the person he almost ran out of the road.
It’s still dark outside, the loud noises of gen still deafening..
Ngozi runs to meet him up. 
Screaming. .at him…catching up to him she grabs him by his collar

Junior hits the wall , surprise freezing him to a spot, he groans in pain as his back makes impact with the hard wall.
I rush him, my fist making continuous impact with his face in a blind rage..
After a few successful hits, I lose my balance as junior pushes me away, and his fist hits my jaw…
Then he rushes me, his head goes under my left arm and I am suddenly lifted off the ground and landing with a hard thud.
I feel his fist to my face. 


I block,  grabbing his head I nod him, 

I fell blood in my mouth, I know he had cut my lips..
I push him a way, rolling away i stand up and jam my knee to his head causing him to fall away ..
I hear her whimper, 
“Oh God!!”I rush to her,  “Oh God Amara” I say,  reaching for her leg to loosen the rope as I grab a cloth and throw it over her..
I see fear in her eyes, but it’s too late
I feel the impact to the side of my head..
I fall seeing stars.. I hold my head; I feel blood at the back of my head, I groan in pains, unable to move…
Junior is laughing just after he spits out red…
My vision blurs for a second , I try to stand up but fall again, it’s a iron ..or a stick I don’t know.. he is holding something long..I settle for a iron. It hurts. I felt my head open a crack.
I fall back again trying to get up..
I see him grab his jeans to wear, leaving his shirt he is laughing. ..

One of his eyes is partially open, blood dripping from it, it’s going dark. His nose is broken and his lips cut…
It’s suprising how I can see him clearly even in the semi dark room and the moon ,  the only light seeping it.
There is a touch showing light… 

I turn to notice it’s a camera light.
He chuckles and pits again,  I turn my attention back to him.
It give me pleasure to see my fists isn’t shy to curse him harm..
I hear her whimper …cry..
“Amara” I breath
“Bruno Bruno Bruno. ….” he spits again 

” Bruno the warlord.  Bruno the boss. Bruno the Hammer.  Bruno that everyone loves and respects. .Bruno this and that.  Bruno my two fxxking balls….Bruno fxxking Peter Amachree! !!” He says snuffing, rubbing his jaw, he staggers abit, shaking his head. .
“Damn..I have to give it to you.. my face hurts like shit. But you see your problem. .you should fight with your head not your heart and definitely not you dxxk. I mean, you used to be feared and revered in school back in the days Bruno boy.  Some sort of legend….bringing guys down …Five at a time and little to no scatch. Where is the strenght now?.have you lost your thunder boy?” 
I groan as he kicks me in the groin
“Fxxk !” I mutter as the pain gets to my head, I cough turning. .
He is still laughing. ..
Amara is crying.
“Shut up you bitch!!” He points hissing at her..
He wipes the blood off his face with his shirt and flings it at me, still holding onto what he hits me with..
“Well If you weren’t too angry you probably would have taken me with a clear head but too bad…. you are slow man. Very slow. But you should have waited and enjoyed the show…..why did you have to come and interrupt our little party I was about to get on. Just a second more about to enter into her glorious honey jar and you.fxxking..ruin.it!!!” each word was accompanied with kicks to me ..
I groan rolling…
“Junior…” I say shot of breath. …”I am going to kill you” 
“Oh yeah? Says the pussy who is on the ground and I am toweling over him..tell me.. how you going to do that huh?”
He goes towards Amara flinging the cloth off her body, I moan in pain, trying to get up. Its excutiating i fall back, my eyes following his movements
“Beautiful Amara.. don’t you feel lucky now. Your prince charming comes all the way to save you from the devil who is about to devour you. But you see…he is just a  devil himself.  Do you  know how many girls he has been with, hearts he has broken and walking away like a king?…ALOT!!” He says…” So don’t feel lucky. He was going to do thesame thing to you but just jealous that I was going to beat him to it first my sweet thing” he sings to her… 
“That’s a fxxking lie junior. ” I wince in pain, trying to gather my strenght. 
Get the Fxxk up Bruno! !! My mind says
Junior is  laughing. ..” I know you man. You haven’t changed..all this you did was trying to get her attention. . Which you did.. fxxking slut!!” He slaps her across her face
“Fxxk you junior. Hit her again and I swear …..”I trail off
“What? You can’t fxxking move …… ” he comes towards me and brings it down over my stomach. ..
“Fxxkkkk!!” I cough curling as another pain shots up
“See..see.  fxxking pussy!!!” He laughs..
“Let him go please stop!!” Amara screams at him
“Aww, little miss doesn’t want me to harm her…..boo boo. ” he mocks, wiping his face again and sniffing.  He gets on the bed and pulls her breasts, and forces his hands between her legs, slapping her thighs when she tries to close it..
“Hey. .don’t be shy. A few minutes ago we were going to mingle….open your fxxking legs so I can give Bru here a fxxking show…..” he hisses.. Amara cries out in pain as he squeezes her neck with one hand and has his hands between her legs and going up
“Stop..fxxking stop it. Junior.  I swear I will kill you if you touch her . I swear it ” I was battling pain to my head and stomach.  My visin was blurring by the second, blood was soaking my shirt
Junior doesn’t stop however , he goes for her breast while looking at me, he sucks on them while she cries struggling to squirm away from him,he grabs her butt and slaps it, his member reacting to it… he rubs himself on her skin at me… moaning and groaning…. 
“I swear I would do her here right infront of you while you bleed to death Bruno. … you know why? ? Because I fxxking hate you…i hate you so fxxking much that. … I could literally die out of hating you. .”
Yes..keep him talking..distract him
“Why.”  I whisper…
“Why?” He bites her breasts , her cry of pain causes me to wince…
Am so sorry Amara .. my eyes conveys..
His hands are all over her, his mouth too. he is hard, he rubs himself, climbing ontop of her but not looking away from me… he goes to her face and rubs his hardened self out over her face through his jeans. …
“You want me in your mouth. ..hmmm”?
“Let me go please ” she cries
“Why do you hate me junior why? I fxxking loved you as a brother ” my strenght fails me again. I was losing so much blood.

Get the fxxk up Bruno! !! My head screams
That stops him, he rolls off her..
‘You really want to know?”
“Yes… blow my fxxking mind junior!!” I chuckle, I had to close and open my eyes again, my vision keeps bluring. .
Don’t go to sleep Bruno .
Stay awake.. I tell myself
Amara!!” My heart screams.
“Okay,  I would tell you. That’s the least I can do…
“You see ” he sniffs again. ., wiping the blood that keeps trekking at the side of his eyes and his nose. ..
“You were just full of shit”
I snort… “that it?” 
“You acted like you were better than us.. better than me. The way you lorded over us. Making us come to you for money, for food , for cloths,  for advice. ..for fxxking protection as though you were the king of the jungle.. who the hell did you think you were??’
“Bruno Peter  fxxking Amachree! ”  I managed a wink.. my head fxxking hurts. . I blink a couple of times 
“Do you think this is funny. Do you think I am Joking? that this. ..is a fxxking joke to you? ” He gets up again,  carrying his weapon of pain …
Don’t piss him off Bruno. .

You need your strenght..

Get up” I tell myself.
“Nope. ” I mutter
He sits back down…” You know there was something about you. Your smile..the way you walked. The way you…..were you. It was crazy you know ‘ he sniffs
“I mean no matter how much I fxxking tried Bru,  no matter how much I tried to make them like me, make them love me. They wouldn’t.  Everyone wanted to be friends with you. Loyal to you like your fxxking David your loyal dog. I mean, they practically worshiped the ground you walked on. And I didn’t get it. I mean you handsome yes but come on..there were cuter boys you know… I mean I ain’t half bad I got the looks too. But the ladies fanned over you, begging to lick your balls on a constant and you had them every day of the week… and me?.I couldn’t get a piece of ass unless I have to force them or make them do it one way or the other…or when they crying from a broken heart I make sure my boy helps them to feel better you know. But…they keep going  after you. .I mean.. was your dick some sort of magic that made them loose all-all . sense of reasoning…
“Maybe..” was close to my tongue…
I scoff instead..
“You know….the guys… “Bruno this. Bruno that.  Bruno says we should back off..Bruno says we shouldn’t get into a fight. .bruno says..we going to class…Bruno got me a swatch Bruno. .he paid my fees mehn..Bruno. .Bruno settled me and my girl. .Timothy fxxking asshole wouldn’t shut up about calling you a God when you fxxked up those five dude’s. ..I mean..come on. !!!” He says in  anger…
“I lived off the streets,  the streets was my life. I should be respected instead I get to follow you around with the other guys, pretend like I even like you when I wanted to rip your throat out. Smile when you are looking and inside hope you get run over by a car.. well my dream. Almost came true once..

You remember,  the car incident? I told the rival gang where we were going to be at you know and what you were wearing that day. You know. It was supposed to be a clean hit and run. And I. .I was to cry the loudest  , once you were buried I take your place…I was looking forward to the coronation gig you know. .and you fxxking foiled my plans,  giving Tom. Your shirt at the last minute. . The dude could beg for your soul and you would give him.

The Fxxk !!!” He spat..
“You bastard junior..you..you tried to kill me?” Shock vibrates through my body as I remember the day Tom was run over and I survived because I landed on the bin bags that helped to support my fall. 
He was laughing…”Yup. A couple of times actually. These five dude’s. ..yours truly set it up too. I mean, I knew Timothy would call you. And I knew you would want to go be the hero…and you went..Five guys to one…easy kill. But you..you fxxked up my plans again. Beating them to a pulp and you and Timothy walked out of there like gods. .”
‘Never send puppies to fight a lion ” I smirked..
He laughs. ., touching his jaw..
“I loved you like a brother junior…treated you like one. What did I ever do to you. ..to deserve this hatred that boils from you. Eh..tell me you prick! !!”  I wanted wanted to know
“You just had to be you Bruno. .you just had to be loved and be you and it made my skin crawl.  It made me  have sleepless nights. You had a good family. One who loved you and me…none! You had parents who gave you all that you wanted..and you take it and help us with it…who begged you…?”
“You all were my family. You are sick!!! ” I couldn’t believe it
“No no no Bruno. .. I wished I had your life. Your family.. even your mother began to treat David like her second son. What the Fxxk happened to me eh.. everyone loved you and I. .I wanted to end you but you probably had some angel watching over you because every single plan failed.. but…I knew if I couldn’t get you .. I could touch you were it hurts .” He had an evil glint in his eyes…
Raising my head, it hurts..
“What do you mean..?.”
“Haven’t you figured it out already? Bruno boy!!”
“What do you mean ?” My voice shakes..as though my heart understood but my mind doesn’t want to say..
“You remember that day, a couple of days before.. I had asked you about your parents, where they were going to and all….

You were drunk that night…

I needed to know where they were exactly, the colour and car they were driving.  Hotel , their schedule. ..and you spilled. Every fxxking thing.. 

You know…. you weren’t the only one who had connections… ”
“What do you fxxking mean junior”.. my breathing had changed..
“He was supposed to get them the first day, but.. he missed his target. . See, I gave him the info i got from you. Pictures. .schedule… time… you said they were driving back… you know.  On  a certain day; they had like a couple of accassions to attend. You remember when I took your phone. . You complained about some battery issues and I should help you check it. Well, I figured your phone.  While I was away with it, your mother called. You know…. I told her you were in class, she wanted to speak with you. For two days Bru. ..I never gave you back that phone. I needed to know where they would be… time and place..when they would be moving.  It was hard getting word out hut… just at the nick of time.. she called wanting to tell you that they were heading back…it was a fxxking red car, with the gold plate at the back. Impossible to miss In that long lonely road… the truck…was just going to do a clear swerve, there was a convey Ofcourse but… he had a target. .. get the red car off the road….
I guess he took his mission too seriously… he died too. Good for me. No trace.. no connection to me. It was just a drunk driver ” they reports read.. “Mr and Mrs Bruno snr Amachree dies in ghastly motor accident. …..” he snickers  
‘Oh my God!! You..you killed his parents. …” Amara says, shocked
I don’t say anything. ..

I feel that pain erupt in my chest, weakening my knees …
“Yes Amara … I needed him to feel pain. To hurt. To cry and cry he did like a fxxking pussy. And I wanted to laugh in his face.. and when they came for his properties well..I didn’t have nothing to do with that. It was….”Bullseye! !” You can’t lord over us anymore you know.. Genius Amara, wasn’t I? ”
“Junior..” I choke…. ”
I feel my anger building up. ..
“Junior. ..” I breathe, choking back tears .
I feel my anger building up… my fist closing. ..
” You know. .. it was perfect..he is fxxked up really bad. And …I was happy. But. ..the fxxker bounced back. And here I was thinking he  was going to he relegated to the background and i step in. I even held a meeting but…..everyone still wanted him there. I mean……Argh I was death raging mad. Nothing I did could rile him up so bad and make them fxxking hate him..Nothing.  not a damn thing.  And over the years even if he didn’t have shit to his name……he was like people still wanted him around.. Ngozi. Nkechi. ..David. .Timothy. .even you Amara if I didn’t do anything…you would have been with him. Thanks to Ngozi for staging that in your house and getting you fxxking drunk and drugged…. I saved you Amara…I did” he turns to her…leaning to kiss her lips…

She spits in his face after biting him
Kpass! !! 

He slaps her

“Fxxking slut!! ‘Fxxking bitch” 

My head is spinning. .

My vision is blurred. .

My mind takes me back..

Their death… shattered me..

Timothy, David,  junior and the rest of the crew… giving me morale support.. they were my brothers.. 

My other family..

Car accident.. a truck..running them over.. driver dies …my parents dies on the spot….  No possibly foul to be suspected.  

“A drunk driver swerves hitting the couples car, it summmersalts a couple of times, going over the edge, lands crushing the car.. they die on the spot. The driver hits another car, swerves away from the road… smashing into another coming truck. . The driver dies from a stab to his neck from the irons the other truck was carrying.. vodka was found in his car and some in his lungs. Drunk driver.. cased closed. 
And to think that…that…Someone who i loved as a brother… more than a friend…

Was responsible ….
My anger doubles.. I hear her cry again, screaming as he forces his lips on her..
“Junior…” I call out…I feel the tears sting my eyes 
“JUNIOR!!” I shout…

“What what what??!! you know for a man you wail more than timothy” he says
“I mean, The dude was a chicken. Always have been. You know he was the first to know about my plans with you and Amara” he nods, 
” at first he just warned me off and I laughed at his face. Then I used him to get her over to yours because I told him I was going to Fxxk him up if he didn’t.  That day..that day at your house when I had a sudden almost fainting episode. ..do you know why?….I would tell you…..
“Should I Amara,  should I? ” he pulls at her breast, slapping her ass…
“This pretty little thing kept me up during the night ..for days unending.  I mean…I wondered what the Fxxk was Bruno thinking to want to care for an orange seller. A girl on the street selling orange. I mean…was he mad. Well, when I followed you to go see her that day.. I literally felt like grabbing her there and then and banging the life out of her..but you see I had to be smart.. I mean how do you get to get the really cool ones. So I , had to be smart about it. I couldn’t let you have this goddess right here first.  No fxxking way.. see smart ” he touches his finger to his temple..

I am breathing hard..
“So..I approach her and this fxxking stupid naive girl wouldn’t let me have her. She wouldn’t.  Days you aren’t aware I am going to hers and trying to feel her up. I mean…I am a good lay and I was offering to ..make her a woman….with my boy here..” he grabs his nuts… “But amara here thinks that I was like other guys, would just back off when she says no. A hahaha haha! !!” What a laugh ehe?” 
He turns to Amara tingling her toes 
“I mean I was suprised she didn’t tell You of our rendezvous at her place. Well…I know why, because I could see the fears in her eyes when I fxxking threatened her. …..you know like in the movies.. I even told her that you. .you  my  Bruno was worse than me. But I literally had to make sure she didn’t say a word. Constantly feeling her up, she is feisty that one.. slapping me off, screaming and all, but that’s the thrill and excitement. .it made me want more. Ngozi was just a random sex fling to cool me off..other girls too. But amara,  amara was my intoxication and I wouldn’t stop untill I get her.. and one day, one day I was going to do it. I had her beneath me squirming and I was so hard I could pop….and you came banging at the door when I was trying to do her. But you see smart. ..I am smart’ he touches his temple again..
“This litte slut thought she could scream, so I hold her down,  her mouth and nose and you know strangely choking her a little and it felt good. But you see she wasn’t moving after you left..thinking no one was in.  She wasn’t moving. I fxxking panicked. .. I ran. But I shouldn’t have. I should have taken her still but…it was no fun. She was dead. Or I thought she was and I ran. Forcing Timothy to hide me, holding his past over his head.. Yes! !! He raped a girl once. Fxxking prick.  I was proud of him though..hoping that he would join me but…he wouldn’t ever do it again. I was disappointed. .. but you see, no one knew about it. I helped him-him . escape the law. I covered for him. How does he pay me? He becomes a Fxxking good boy. Did that piss me off?.hell yeah. I needed someone in my camp but yet you still managed to take them to your camp.. turning them to little good boys and I didn’t know how you fxxking did it. 
I digress” he sniffs again,
“I tell Timothy I helped him. He needs to help me. I don’t make it easy for him. Nope I don’t. He chooses to hide me out of fear because I threaten him but the fool thought he could sneak   behind me wanting to tell you. I made sure he got some beating.. and when I found out he knewshe was alife and staying at yours….I saw red. Oh…Timothy got the burnt of it.. but that’s not all. After I made him do me the favour of getting Amara to yours and she found tou too together in bed, oh how happy it made me..seeing her cry , seeing her broken. .seeing you worse off and getting turned back everytime you crawl down here to beg her and she Fxxks you up by screaming  at you and telling you should get lost. I won a victory.  I was like King.!” 
Amara is crying  “I am sorry Bruno! !”
“Shut up bitch!! I am talking …you need me to help you shut up?” He turns to her, she shakes her head sobbing…
“So..yeah!!! I won a thousand victories men. Now, Timothy should have just shut up. Shut up and kept it to himself. No, he comes to my house and then finds me and Ngozi talking you know…and well. ..banging to the high heavens and he thinks he could finally redeem himself by getting to you. But I got to him first…and you know what I did….. I took him to hell. ” he laughs…and laughs. ..
“literally blacked him out, made sure he prabably won’t be able to use his body properly you know. It was thrilling.. he got a few punches to me but…he punches like a girl. You want to know where Timothy is..huh.? I heard you and your lap dog was looking for him….got tired? You want to know where Timothy is eh?” He laughs

“Junior! !” Is all I can say….
I am breathing hard
‘Yes..Junior…That’s me..call my name because that’s the last thing you would remember. Your boy Timothy is in a place where no one would look for him..fxxked up pretty bad…for a whole month and more..I fed him his shit…well..and his piss sometimes…was suprising to find out he still had a few breaths in him. But that would be over soon..A few more and he would be…..Dead as Fxxk! !” He laughs….

“Oh…gosh…I feel free and free!!!” He snickers. ..” You know it feels burdensome to have things buried inside you and you can’t tell anyone because. ..well you know. But…phew!!!! I am glad to be able to let it out…in your face Bruno…in your face!!! To tell you how I fxxking hate you and how I literally found away to ruin your life…and when I couldhit you where it hurts and sent your loving dotting parents to meet their maker and I do not regret a fxxking thing.  …and Amara..she…she you care about right?.she too would get what’s coming to her for being a fxxking slut and refusing me but throwing herself at you. No one can stop me now Bruno and I am glad you get to watch me  have her. I was going to send you a fxxking video…but….God works in miracles ways…you are here…so….Hope you get turned on too and I may be nice and let you have her too….I mean that’s the little i could do you …….

Oh..that feels good!!! ” He exhales…..
“Nice talk Bruno. .nice talk. But if you don’t mind….I need to Fxxk your girl blue and white…. I got some ectasy drugs in my system and my nuts is on fire………I am going to ram into her so hard that her screams would kill you if you don’t bleed out to death. I see a pool of blood bruno; you look pale. You don’t look too good. Let’s get on with the show before yout pass out right?..Right!!” He turns away from me..
Amara is shaking her head, side to side wishing she could disappear, she is pulling at the ropes,  it’s biting into her skin, causing her to bleed .
“No no no no!!” She cries. .
“Yes yes yes yes..baby  yes! !” Junior mocks, rolling his waist,  moaning and  throwing his head back acting as though he is doing her already as he dances sexual on his feet..

He laughs….
“Nothing you can do right now baby..not even the gods can safe you form this one” he climbs the bed, kneeling he has his hands on his waist facing her and Ignoring me….
“A strip tease for my princess,  hmm.?” He unzips his trousers slowly…not taking it down he dips his hands in  and brings out junior jnr. ..he moans seeing her eyes grow big in fear…
“Yes..look how big that boy is and readying to pounce. ..” he has his hands pushing her legs apart he goes up to her core, rubbing her there  . One hand rubbing himself,  the other he places at her core trying to tease her.. she cant move because his knees are pinning her down…her hands over her head, she is crying. .
“Please leave me alone..please…please. !!”.
“Yes baby, please right? Oh…I am going to please you…just you wait….” he is fully erected….he leans down again, grabbing her by placing both hands on her waiste and grabbing her bottom…
“Baby…brace yourself,  this is going to fxxking hurt” he blows her a kiss, he positions at her entrance,  still half kneeling half leaning,  
Amara had a half scream in her mouth

“So would this! !” I say
He turns in shock to find me standing behin him, breathing hard..
I had dragged the stool behind me to pull me up, carrying it as I stagger, I came behind him with a rush and hit his face with it..

He falls to the ground groaning.. getting up
His hand makes contact with the  iron , dazed he swings it at me, it hits  my side, I welcomed the pain. I run him into the wall
There is back and forth Punches,  an upper cut, a kick and more punches..
He manages to get them to me..

But I meet him punch for punch, kick for kicks, I grab his arm twisting it , the iron falls to the ground and I fling him across the room.
Breathing hard I watch him roll away, standing up…
“Fxxk you Bruno! !! I would Fxxk you up. .I would Fxxk you up!!” He spat .
I don’t let a second pass,  we make contact, 
His leg gets to my face, I stumble , he climbs over me and begins to Punch,  I block some but I can’t cover my face enough..
I raise my left left pushing him away from me while he struggles to get his hands around my neck….
I keep pushing him away from me, 
I throw a punch,  hits him, his head flies back I grab his head over his neck with my left leg,  and break two of his fingers  
He screams in pain, I hold his hands tight freeing it from my neck,  I had my leg over his neck pulling his head back with my leg, I feel the strain to my thighs but I don’t let go, he is strugging but I don’t let go…
I manage to turn him over in that position, his head hits the ground,  l let go off his hands , he throws a weak punch, I dislocation his shoulders by jamming my knee to him, I let his neck go, I change positon in a swift movement. ..

I have my hands to his face,  punching it in consistently, his hand , his left hand working hand  gets to my face and neck , I grab him and I dislocate the other one…
He screams out in pain
“Fxxk! !”
Amara screams. …
I raise him up  from his chest, and slam him hard to the ground. .. his head makes impact with the hard earth . ..
Blood sprouts out form his mouth..
His legs are trying to grab me, his hands can’t move. …
I pin him down,  my fists gets comfortable with his face and his gullet ..
I still see red.
I am breathing hard…

I am pained..

I am angry..

And I want to inflict double the amount of pain ..he had dosed out to me…to my friends…to Amara and…

To ..to my parents. .
I feel tears running down my eyes
I feel blood pumping through my veins. .
The pain to my heard is numb…
My vision is blurred but I don’t stop…
He is barely moving..
“Are you mad..can’t you drive well you almost ran me off the road you bastard. You no sabi drive” she screams at him
David brushes past her without sparing her a glance,  he runs to the door.. seeing it is open he rushes inside,  his heart beating fast
Oh God please don’t let junior have his way
Where is bruno!!”
Ngozi staggers almost falling , she uses the wall for support. .
She looks ta the house he  ran into, the door was open or broken dancing on its hinges..


‘Number 34″ .
“Isn’t this Amara’s. ..?” She runs in after him..
Both of them meet the scene. ..
“Bruno…Bruno. !! ” I hear faint voices
I hear Amara cry…
I hear strange  but familiar voices .
Junior is hardly moving. ..

My fists hurt, my legs hurt more  

I feel an adrenaline rush..
I can’t stop..

I can’t. .

Not untill I stop the pain and anguish and anger…

And kill the bastard who took them away from me
Who hurt  Timothy .

Who hurt…Amara…
I feel strong arms grab me…I struggle. .
“Get the Fxxk away from me” I cursed
Amara is crying…, calling my name. 
I ignore her, the strong arms hold on to me, grabbing me by the neck he chokes me with his hands pulling me away and I am reaching forward to hit him some more….
Those arms pull me away, I kick when  my hands can’t reach him any more 

I am screaming. ..
I am screaming…
I am. .. like a made man screaming..
“Fxxk Bruno you  are going to kill him!!!” Its David. ..
It’s David holding onto me , tight..just like that day, a strenght I didn’t know he had… 

Just like that day when I felt like the world was my hell..he held me yight and let me cry ..forgetting the rules. ..holding onto me…my weakness became his strenght. ..

His shoulders became my tears. …
He holds me down, with both hands , with both legs…with all his strenght because I wanted to be let free..
To cause am

To kill…

To let him feel the pain…
“Let me go David..fxxking let me go!!” I yelled…
Breathing hard, my chest hurts. I feel water trekking down my face..

Is it tears  or blood…
I couldn’t tell but my cloths are soaked ..
I hear him laugh, a choking laugh..

Blood sprungs out of his mouth,  I see them jump out of his mouth and land on his face..

I struggle…
David doesn’t let me go…
“Your fxxking loyal dog is here..I knew he wouldn’t be far away from his master ” he coughs. ..
“Let me go David” I hiss.. I want to run a stick through him..through his mouth..I want to feel the life go out of him..

I want to end him..

Someone I once loved…

Someone I do hate now….
‘No Bruno..i won’t. .you fxxked him up really bad…You’re not a murderer…” he held me down. .
I feel a presence beside me close to the door….
It’s Ngozi,  rooted in shock she stares at the scene before her…
Ignore her. .
I would deal with her later ..
I look to Amara, she is crying..
“Amara ” I breathed ..
“Fxxking let me go David…fxxking let me go” 
He follows the direction of m eyes , then immediately averts his his from her naked  body..he let’s me go..
I rush to her, grabbing a cloth I throw over her, I release her from the ropes and gather her whimpering shaking body to me; 
She holds on to me tighter than she ever had; crying into my chest, my head is on her head, I feel her vibrating …I hold her tight rocking her 
“Am sorry, I am so so sorry ..I am soo soo sorry” I cried on her head, tilting her face I brush the tears from her face, I put her to my chest again; am rocking her, 
“I am sorry soo sorry….” I repeat so many times

David towels over Junior, he still had an remorseful smile on his face,  
“How fxxked up do you feel now..” David askes him
‘Fxxk you!!” Junior whispers, he can’t feel his hands, his dxxk his dangling out of his shorts,  half hard and half flaccid…
David smiles…he grabs the stool. ..
‘I do feel like sitting down. ..” he lifts it
‘What the Fxxk. ..are..you..doing?” Junior says, more blood leave his mouth and he can’t move. ..he would love to wipe that smile off David’s face… ruin Bruno’s loyal lap dog…he hated him too
From the corner of his eyss , he sees Ngozi standing here…unmoving….
He laughs  ….”Bitch! ! He hisses
He looks at Bruno , who has Amara wrapped up in his arms..rocking her..
“How fxxking cute. …you both are still fxxked up…I ain’t done with you Bruno. ..I am going to Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!”

David had brought the stool down,placing one of its legs over Junior’s exposed dick and sits down hard on it….
Something is heard popping…

Junior’s screams may have been heard by the angels…

The room vibrated …
Ngozi and Amara screams…

Bruno says nothing, he holds her to him. ..
Junior’s screams are loud and piercing. ..his eyes are filled with tears. .his body is squirming but he can’t move nor reach out and touch it…or push David and the stool sitting on his balls and dick away. ….
It takes  a long  time before his screams comes down to a whimper. ..
“I don’t think you would be needing that again. ..lets see how you going to Fxxk up more girls when you are useless down there..” David says smiling…
Junior can feel pain, unbearable pain and liquid dripping between his thighs….

Between his legs the pain swims through his member, his balls, rising up to his chest to his head…
He crises ..he cries out…
David looks at his handwork…pleased.
He brings out his phone…

And dails the police. ..
He turns and looks at me..

Ours eyes meet..
I nod..

He nods..
We dont say a word…
But it means alot ..
Ngozi is shaking , a sudden gain of strenght she bolts for the door, David is quicker,  he catches her and holds her down…
“I told you before…..you should have stayed away from bruno and amara”…
“You are lucky I don’t beat woman…

But you see….there are other ways you would pay for this Ngozi trust me..” he grabs her
“He..he forced me..he threatened me too as he did Amara,  Timothy. ..he ..he..he did it alone ..please I am a victim here too please..Bruno..please….I. .I. .didn’t do anything pleae don’t hurt me…please. .
I ignore her, I wrap Amara in a bigger clothe,  bridal style I pick her up and lift her off the bed…
The throbbing to my head returns, my vision blurs for a minute I stagger,  stanxing with her..
I take a few breaths …i hold on tight to her..she is still crying and shaking..
“Everything is okay now…Everything is going to be fine. He won’t hurt you anymore. . I promise. ..” i whisper to her

“Bruno Bruno please. ..” Ngozi struggles to be let free, David holds her down
“Don’t make me hit you…i swear it you won’t survive it…Stay fxxking down..” he grabs the rope and ties her hands to it…
Done he pushes her near the bleeding and crying Junior; …
I slowly , stagerring I walk outside with Amara…
David walks out behind me…
It was suprising. ..despite all that was going on…

No one heard it..

No one was at the door demanding what was happening. .
There was still no light. .

The sounds of generators  still loud enough to deafen you …
He runs  to open his car. I put her in the back of the car and slide in after her ..
I felt weak…
“Bruno. ..” she calls my name. …touching my face…
“I. ..I am sorry. I am so sorry I didn’t. .could tell you. I am sorry for not believing you..i ..am sorry Bruno I am—
“Sssshhh ssshhhhhh…..All that matters is that. …you are safe…C’mon!!” I pulls her to me, 
“He ..he..” she sobbed
Mt chest hurts    ‘He can’t hurt you anymore..he can’t hurt anyone anymore…I love you Amara….I won’t let him hurt you anymore.. I would never let anyone  hurt you. ..like this. Not even me..not even me!”…
I see David talking on the phone…

My head hurts  .. I see double..

My hand  is so weak..
She must have called my name a couple of times,  I feel her hand touch my face and I hear fear and worry in her voice. 
“Bruno, ,bruno. ..wake up. .don’t fall asleep. .don’t fall asleep ‘ she cried
“David…David. ..Bruno ” I hear her call his name..
He pushes his head into his car, touching  me..
“Fxxk.!!. He lost a lot of blood.  We are going to the hospital.  Don’t let him fall asleep. …keep talking to him” David is saying
It’s been over 10 minutes .
She is saying something I cant understand. .
 I see red and blue lights..

I see black shadows with guns jumping form the car …

 I hear banging on the doors..

I see David. ..going to talk with the shadowed men in black..
People ..people come out of their houses. ..
They..David and men in shadows go into Amara’s house
Amara is saying something. .she is holding my hands…

I blink…
Don’t fall asleep Bruno
 I hear my head say or is it she
I see them drag Ngozi out….
I blink again…
Junior is next….
David is talking and pointing to the car…
I feel touches to my face. .bright light in my eyes..
Amara is taking to them, I still feel her shaking  and vibrating,  I feel her tears….

She holds on to me.. touches me…she doesn’t let go

My head hurts ..
Then I see nothing..!!!

I woke up to see I am no longer in the car, it’s a bright white room and I have things inserted into my skin…

I wince in pain as I try to move. .
Someone is on the bed with me, curled up beside me..
I smile…
I always dreamy of her lying beside me..in my bed and I get to wake up beside her…

Funny and strange how dreams come through..

Albeit in a fxxked up way..
‘Amara, I know we ..Erm. .we briefly dated but I don’t think you should violate me by taking advantage of me while I slept…how uncool?” I say , smiling…
I head her chuckle…raising her head up , her eyes are red and swollen.. she as on a shirt and joggers, someone must have given her something to wear and to cover her naked body. Her hands arr bandaged and her feet too at her wrist and knuckles ..a  plaster at the side of her forehead,  I still see his hands imprint on her face and her neck..
I swallow…
I should have killed him

I should have…
“I knew if you wake up you would not let me have you…what to do??” She smiles at me..
I loved her smile…
I smile back..my head hurts..
“Are you okay?” I manage to touch her face, she leans into me..
“I am now…my hero!!” She says
I scoff  ” That’s so fxxked up Amara..what am I. .superman? puleeze!!” I roll my eyes
“No..not superman….” she says, leaning forward…. “superman got nothing on you..Bruno Peter Fxxking Amachree! !” She says

“Oh my God..did Amara just swear… heaven is in trouble! !” I say aghast 
She laughs….

Gosh I missed her laugh. ..
“C’mon here” I say….
I wanted to kiss her..

I wanted to tell her how much I missed her..

I knew I told her I loved her In the car but I wanted to tell her again..

How much I did even if I didn’t know I did at the time before all this…

I wanted to show her my heart so she could see that I would run through the walls,  take a thousand bullets and I would still climb the hightest mountain and go through fire just to keep her save…
I would fight with the devil for her soul if I could. .

I would dialogue with God for her if I could. ..

The angels would have to take a back seat too..
I haven’t ever felt this way before and to think that…love could be soo piercing. ..

So fierce 

So deepening. .

So insanely intoxicating ..

That if anything. .if anything had happened to her I would have literally died..
I loved Amara

I loved Amara. .
 And I wanted her to know it..but. words fail me..words fail me….
I don’t miss a beat, soon as she leans into me I tilt her face , reaching out….I kiss  her so passionately and intensely than I have ever done or kissed someone before…
Love  radiates through my body ..
I kiss her untill we are both out of breath…
“Ahem!!” Someone clears his throat. .
I smile into her mouth. ..she doesn’t let go of me immediately. ..I don’t either. ..
I know who the kill jor was..
“Wrong timing bro..wrong timely..” I smirk
“Well, patients shouldn’t be having some lovely on their hospital bed now should they? . You lot should be ashamed of yourselves ..giving the doctors and the nurses some heated session…how spoilt are you both…” He teases coming close to the bed..
He touches Amara’s cheeks,  then flicks her forehead , she “owss” but the blush doesn’t leave her face…
He stares down at me , taking my hand in his…
“You good brother?. You feel okay?” 
I nod holding onto his hand,  Amara leans her head and places it on my chest…I rub her arms over hers,  I felt her smile …
That made me happy..
“I am good brother…..” I tell him
I had a cucussion to my head due to the hard blow of the iron to my head.  I lost a lot of blood.  Passed out for hours..
“Timothy! .Junior said…” I trail off
“He is fine. He is here in the hospital too….I got to him on time…”
I nod…thankfully. .
“And junior. ..?” I ask…bile rising at the back of my throat…I squeeze my fists. ..

I feel Amara pry my hands open, lazing my hands with Her…
“He wouldn’t hurt another soul..not in this life nor the next….the law is handling it. I made sure.  And Ngozi. ..Ngozi isn’t getting out too.. not for long time for being an accomplice. ..Amara is safe Bruno. Timothy is safe too ” he squeezes my hand

And now my parents can rest in peace..
I blink back hot tears,  sniffing. …
“Thank you…for showing up. You are a good friend.  A brother. ..you and Timothy both..I won’t blame him. He was…threatened and overpowered …” I tell him
“Thank you for showing up for all of us too ….when we didn’t deserve it or needed it. You are a better man..a brother…and yes, Timothy. ..has regrets. .can’t face you but I told him that already… you love him and you hold nothing against him too.  You are a better man Bruno…A true brother and you  know you would have done it for us too…keep shoqing up. So now You just get your ass up and heal… your girl needs you” he nods to Amara who wouldnt stop blushing
“I know right. .!!” I say
I kiss her forehead. ..
The next day…
Nkechi and Amara’s mother rushes into the hospital. ..

Amara and David had spent the night. ..
Amara had told her mother she was in the hospital but refused to tell her everything. …. ..
Timothy was wheeled into my room, he had tears in his eyes…
We are taking. .. my hand was on his shoulders.. 
Amara jumps and rushes to the door throwing herself on her mother..
Nkechi is wondering what’s happening…
Amara is crying…her.mother can’t make out anything she is a saying. .
‘Amara,  what happened. We went home but…the house is locked and people say police were there in the night and saying there was a flight..and girls and men…what happened?” Nkechi says
‘Yes my daughter! What happened. .why are you here? What happened to you and Bruno. ..Amara talk to me””
Amara pulls away from her mother; sneezing. .. ignoring her

She stands  infront of Nkechi…
And without another word…
Kpass! !


Kpass  kpasssss! !!!
Nkechi holds her face in shock. ..staggering back
“Amara!!! ‘ her mother exclaims holding her daughter , Nkechi has  tears stinging her eyes. .
The sound causes me to turn sharply. ..

David and Timothy goes….”Ouch!! That gatto hurt..!”
I smile…
That’s my girl. …
“Oohhhhh!!” I added for emphasis. ..
“Amara …why? ” Nkechi manages …
“That’s for trying to steal my man” Amara says. …



*rubs hand together *.
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Ngozi too..

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And Timothy. ..shei we forgive him.??.
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Love is…( Finale Chapter)

.. “Death and life..

         Closure ..

            Begin Again. …

               Love is… a beautiful thing…”
“Am sorry ” Lidhya pouts holding on to Damaris as she tries to ignore her again.
“Let go Lid”  she says , turning away.
Damaris had ignored her most of the night, choosing to put on her ear phones as soon as Lidhya came home. She didn’t want to talk to her.
Why would she think that something was off with Charles.
How could she just rule him out as someone who she needs to be careful of. 
She didn’t like it one bit 
She didn’t tell her to stay away from. …her super rich “Darrell” she thinks to herself.
“Am sorry Damaris . Please forgive me.. I can’t bare that you aren’t talking to me. I feel soffocated already and last night I couldn’t sleep a wink”
“That’s a lie you were snoring.”
“No I was not”
“Yes you were snoring. Loudly even . I was awake too”
“Ha!!! So you were missing me and couldn’t talk to me. Such Pride!!” Lidhya says
“That’s not helping your situation right now  Lidhya” Damaris frowns pulling away from her fold.
Lidhya pulls her back into her arms…
“Hey Damz, I am sorry. Really. I promise not to run my mouth like that again.  Promise. A girl’s honour ” she says 
“Promise.  Infact… I would be his  ..your boyfriend’s best friend if you ask. Cook you both dinner too if you want. Just please forgive me….” she pouts again ..
Damaris smiles hugging her.. “ok squirrel,  you are forgiven!”
“Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!” Lidhya squeals… “Ok good. Now, about last night. …..Darrell isn’t so bad. Infact, we talked after the whole sadness got passed us. And…laughed and talked some more.  He is kinda sweet,  and then..he kissed me” she blushes
“OMG Lidhya!!! You actually let a man kiss you after saying you don’t have time for boys and we should stay away from men and bla bla bla and yadiyadiyaaaaa!!!” Damaris has her hands to her chest and making a mocking shock face
“Oh stop it. I know what I said okay. You don’t have to rub it in but….I don’t know what happened. One minute he was telling me good night and I was kissing his cheeks and next thing.. he held me to him, his heart beating so fast and struggling within himself.  Gosh Damz , you needed to see him. A man  who hadn’t been with another woman for 10 years since his wife died. It felt like he ws betraying her and her memory but…he had to let go at some point. ..to feel again,  to be happy again. And to let someone else ..heal the wound in  his heart”
“And you think you are the healer for this sort of miracle?” Damaris raises an eyebrow
“No. I just like him and…I think he sort of likes me back. And we kissed. And he wants to have dinner with me today in a fancy restaurant and it looks like I might have my valentine  today after  all.  That’s enough. If I could heal him …then I don’t mind. He is a sweet man Damz, aside the pain and misery. .. he shouldn’t have to go through what he did. But sadly life happened. He deserves another shot at life, ..at love. At living again.  ”
‘Just one day with him and you are all gushing . What was in his kiss. Love portion?” Damaris askes
Lidhya giggles. …” Electricity I guess ” she winks jumping off from the bed..
“What would I wear”..?
“Its Valentine.  Wear Red!” 
“Won’t it be a little clichΓ©? ” Lidhya bites her lower lips..
“Well it would be. But…who cares. It’s Valentine’s day.  Everyone might have to wear a touch of red or something  you know..” Damaris says
“Right. And you, any plans for tonight?”
“Well, Charles says he has a surprise for us. I don’t know”
“Oh wouldn’t it be fun to have a  double date of some sort. Oh what’s Samantha up to today. We should call her”
“Oh that would be nice. I wonder if charles would agree.”
“I don’t think darrel would mind too”
“Samantha Plimbleton,  come down here right this instant! !” Her mother yells
She rolls her eyes , ignoring her mother’s calls. 
“Samantha plimbleton,  I know you can hear me!!!” She bellowed 
Samantha rolls off her bed, grabbing her robe she goes down the stairs 
“What Monster . What do you want now? Can’t I have a little bit of piece and quiet in my father’s house any longer mother ?”
“You would not use that tone with me young woman”
Sam rolls her eyes, her brother was standing beside her..Ofcourse. . Her good son.
If only her mother knew about his weird sexual appetites that would make the Virgin Mary blush and a  christain grey look like a mere amateur next to him
“I am asking you a question  Samantha and you would answer me ”
“Am sorry I missed all of that as soon as I came down and saw you and your minion ”
“Sam”! Her brother says
“Yes uncle Ted..you want to say something  to me too?”
He shakes his head , 
“I asked you why you have refused to do what I ask. Despite Darrell Philips refusing to accept my invitations I have gotten his address and have asked for you to go visit him but you simply refuse.  Why?” 
“Because mother I don’t have to do what you ask me to. Haven’t I been clear enough?”
“You are just a spoilt child Samantha.  I do everything for you. Every single thing for you”
“No mother!  you  do everything for you but you just expect us to dance to your tunes. I hate it. I just want to be left alone.”
‘And do what with your life?”
“Erm, travel the world, be on vogue magazine and be a model. And run my own fashion company. ”
“Those are for kids.  You are a daughter of a senator, you got good grades and by God you finished from Harvard. .what would happen to your degree..youare a lawyer for pits sake. ”
“You wanted me to read law. I just wanted to own a sewing machine, a tape and cut up materials to create magic with my hands.. but No!! Samantha try music class. .even though I hated it. Samantha sign up for ballet even though I couldn’t dance to save a life..Samantha go into law even though I just wanted to be a fashion designer.  Samantha have cake even though I don’t fancy them

.you don’t care about what I want mother you just care about You..and my future is  my life.  And now you want me to marry someone of your choice too. What am i?  12 years old that gets to be told who to play with and who not to.? I am over 25 mother and I deserve to have my peace and sanity and should decided to choose who to Fxxk and who not to. And if I am going to be married to someone for the rest of my life I would very well decide who gets to feed between my legs every damn night..”
“Samantha Plimbleton! !!” Her mother exclaims ” such language ” she holds her chest
“Samantha you need to watch your mouth” Her brother says
“And you need to go for deliverance..the things you to do those girls should have made them  permanently incapacitated to move a muscle..it’s a wonder they can even walk and still come back for more… you are another kind of crazy brother.. even I stand in awe of you. ” she says
“Shut up Sam”
“What does she mean son?”
“Nothing mother . She is just drunk on crazy ..as usual ”
“Oh you wish I am brother..you wish I am” she smirks 
“Samantha horney, please..why are you like this. What happened to you. We used to be so close and can’ talk to each other and you never disobeyed me”
“Well I was young and stupid and I believed parents did no wrong. But after the way you Ignored dad and us, chasing your career and not caring shit about us in all totality, I knew that…all this you put up is mere shit.  And dad dies and you mourn him for a few minutes and you were back to flying your jets and politicking and forgetting that you had two children who needed your attention and direction. Now we both are just one fxxked up kids. Me…am a fxxking slut and your golden  boy, your favouritte son and medical doctor, my brother is a fxxking BSDM Man worse than a playboy….! !”
“Shut the Fxxk up Samantha plimbleton.  I would smack you” he threatens 
“You can try. ” she hisses
“Oh stop it you both.  You both used to be loving and caring towards each other..”
“Yes…have you ever heard that saying..”unce unpon a time…there was once a country…….” she trails off
“What does that even mean ”
Her phone rings.
“You know I would love to chitchat but ….fun calls. Nice chat mother. .brother. Let’s do this again….Never!!” She says walking away   
“Helo bitches. …” she smiles into the phone
“Oh what would I do with this girl son  she has gone worse than before. ..” she sobs
“Send her away to an sssylum and throw away the keys”
“Don’t be ridicules son!!” 
“Sorry mother I was kidding.  She would come around.”
“Those things she says about you, are ‘ –are they true?”
He scoffs ” you know there is no truth In all that she says mother. Don’t pay her any mind. Come go lie down,  you look pale”
“Charles; you haven’t been home to spend time with us since you came back. One minute you disappear and realy attend a party you didn’t have access to and I still want to know how you did that. Yesterday  you went out all day and today you seem all decked up heading out. What’s going on with you son.. you seem edgey.  Anything you want to talk about?”
Charles shakes his head, his aunt’s husband stood behind him, his mother was on the sofa, his aunt setting the table . Eyes were on him.
‘No uncle why is that . Am I a kid that I have to be tied down to the house?”
“No Ofcourse but you came home to spend time with your family but you don’t do that .  And what we hear now is that you all would be leaving tomorrow,  vacay

Cut short. Atleast spend a little time with your mother who has missed you for ten years.  Have a little pity on her” he says
Charles sighs turning to his mother. .
“Mom, am sorry. I just had stuffs to do. But I promise after tonight everything would be okay and back to normal. I would spend the rest with you before I leave tomorrow I promise. ‘
“What about me?” His aunt askes
“Ofcourse you too aunt Beth.  You too.”
They finished eating.. he goes to his room and packs his bag, ..setting it down close to the bed. Taking his gun he holsters it inside his shirt, carrying a jacket he throws over his shoulder. .
He takes the dead man’s ring wearing it; and the watch,  combing his hair back he smiles into the mirror.
“Even the one who gives death should be cute and good looking too. Who says death should be anything but” he smirks. 
At first he had been wondering how he was going to get close enough to the one who looked like the one who was dead.
This morning his chance came..
Remembering their conversation. 
“Morning babe,  how did you sleep?” Damaris’s voice purrs over the phone.
“Like a man who misses his beautiful woman” he says , the smile not reaching his eyes
“So, aren’t you forgetting something .” 
“About what  today is?”
“Really? ” He could tell she was frowning..
He laughs ” Oh am kidding. today would technically be our first valentine together so…Happy Valentine’s  day baby. Hell I want to kiss you right now’ he rolls his eyes
“Me too. So, what did you have planed out for us today”
“Erm a romantic dinner , maybee. I haven’t worked it out yet”
“Erm..okay. but what do you say if we all had dinner togetther. ”
“Who is we?”
“You and me Ofcourse,  Lidhya and her Rich billonaire man, and Samantha and her date. You met her at the party.  Her mother is Mrs plimbleton,  the one who had the fund raiser in her house..”
“Oh….right.!” He was smiling. Such beautiful luck
“Oh am sorry. If you don’t like this ,  I can tell them.we wouldn’t be attending. ..” she says
He didn’t answer. .feigning deep
“Baby? ”
“Its fine. I wanted something for just you and I but..it’s okay. All your friends are going to be there and it would certainly be great to celebrate this beautiful day of love together.  That’s okay. We can have our day next time baby”
“Sure? You know you are amazing right? 
“Am I? ”
“Yes you are. So, Amma tell you when and the time, you come pick me up?”
“Yes princess I would.”
I would be happy to. 
He muses 

“Done! he is game” Damaris smiles 
“So is Samantha and Darrell.”
“So what are we going to wear?”
“Red!!” They smiled at each other.
“So whose idea was it to have all 6 of us out on a date night on Valentine’s day?”
“Lidhya ” Darrel says smiling.
“And you didn’t think that I purposely booked that fancy restaurant so that you both could have an alone time. now we all get to spend time together. .why is that?”
Darrel shrugs..
“Guess she just wanted to spend the day together with her friends and their dates. And I don’t see why you are complaining.  You are obviously into Samantha. Her friends , Damaris is bringing a date and…Lidhya is mine. What’s the worse that could happen ” he askes
“Oh nothing. But I change my mind. You are paying. Afterall.you are the billionaire ..I am a mere struggling accountant” he says sitting cross-legged on the  chair staring at him.
Darrel looks through …his warddrop, checking suits and dropping them back in.
James watched him look at a suit,  shake his head and then pick another one. Picks out a shirt,  shake his head then  picks another one. 
‘Something isdifferent about you bro” he says tapping his jaw..
“What? ” Darrell continues to look for what he would wear
“I don’t know.  You look confused..indecisive.  Erm,  not knowing what to wear.  You haven’t cared about what to wear not for a very long time  Darrell and you have laughed today, wholeheartedly and i didn’t have  to force you to laugh. And you are actually looking forward to going  out tonight. Something is different …tell me!”
“I don’t get what you mean. Do you think I should wear a white shirt in a back suit or just go all black? ”
“Yes you do .tell me..Go with black..it suits you”
“Okay..how about shoes, black too?:
‘Er.m..sure.. am.waiting”..
“Dude I don’t know what you mean”
“Lidhya ” James tests
He saw him hide a smile.. “what happened to Lidhya ”
“Ah Haa! !! I knew it. ”
Darrell turns Startles by his outburst.   James comes to him and hugs him.
“You got laid?” 
Darrel squeezes  his face pushing his off
“Don’t be stupid James I did not.. unlike you I don’t sleep with a woman just meeting them”
“Ouch that hurts!! I am pained”
“You don’t have a heart” Darrell says movig away, picking a tie
‘Well true. .it still hurts. But….if you didn’t get laid..why do you have this happy-good-feeling around you and you are smiling.  Actually smiling.  I swear I didn’t think I would live to see the day when Darrell Philips smiles again. It’s a miracle!!!” James goes to him, grabs his shoulder and hugs him
Darrell tries to pull away but James holds on tight 
“Hey get off me mehn!!
“Nope! ” He shakes his head 
“James get off ”  he laughs
“James this is gay..”
“Okay..”  he let’s him go. The he grabs his face and gives him a loud kiss to his forehead…
“Oh am so soooo happy for you” 
He ducks when Darrell grabs a a book to fling at him
“Hey, can’t a brother be happy for another brother”? He shifts away laughing
“It depends on what you are happy for. I didn’t do what you think.  We had a good time. Talking..you know. I admit I let my guards down and there was something embarrassing moments but…she..surprising stayed not caring …really bonding in a strange way. Yes, I still see faith in her but..as we talked into the night I saw some unique features of herself. …it was beautiful.  And I felt suddenly light, .. for the first time in a long while I was enjoying a woman’s company.  I still felt guilty but…. I just. Did what you asked; dont think about faith and I tried. Sometimes I struggled but…eventually I was sitting next to her and I was talking to Lidhya and …I didn’t bring up faith.”
“But you look too happy ” James says curiously.. “There is more to this” he taps his jaw
Darrell smiles. .. ”
“Spill! !”
“Fine! i kissed her”
James is shocked. . Then a side goofy smile appears across his face…
“Oh I just want to give you another hug. Darrel you sexy beast. Come here ” he pouts 
“Touch me again and I swear you would not feel.your face again”  Darrell says laughing. ..
He ended up having to run out of his room with James on his tail.
Coming out and his helps stare at him.
“Everything okay sir philips?”

He clears his throat, gathering himself..  a little bit embarrassed. .
He nods, then breaks out in a smile..
“Everything is fine. ” he says walking away
James come out a second latter..
“Where did your boss go to, which direction? ” 
“That way” one of the uniformed butlers answers 
” okay”
“Is he okay..Sir? .Mr Philips seemed…smiling

Too smiling.  Is he okay?”
He hadnt ever found him smilig or happy. Was their boss on drugs now?
James laughs,  ”  he is alright.  He  just….kissed a beautiful girl ” James says walking away
“About time ” the butler smiles… “10 years is a long time ”
James and Samantha was the first to arrive.
Darrel had come to pick Lidhya up , Damaris had gone to the salon to have another hair done.
“I need to look good just in case  dear. You never know who is watching.  Besides my Army boyfriend would be so cute and dashing.  He would put you all to shame. See you later” she blows a kiss to Lidhya and disappears behind the door. 
Damaris and charles strolls into the five star restaurant in which Darrell had changed venues and picked for them. They had a whole floor to themselves,  
The setting was beautiful. .
“Wow!!” Samantha says 
“I know right.  Darrel can show off when he wants to”  James says
“Too bad I ain’t interested in him

He would have made a one hell of a husband”
‘Any regrets?” James askes,  wondering if he should just bow out now.
“No no handsome. I mean he is hot and all but..i don’t want a broken man to heal . You  on the other hand is quite a handful.and I love the way you make me reach the heaven and back. I would chose you over a thousand Darrells anyways. .besides,  he seemed to like my friend Lidhya ”
He smiles , releasing his breath.

He had come to like this crazy bundle of nervous called Samantha.  she was wild and rebellious.  But he knew all was just a facade. 

Inside she was a girl who needs to be loved rightly, having no parental head to give her the love and attention she needs she then seeks for it outside the four walls of her home, albeit in wrong places and the arms of different men.
Spending the day with her yesterday she complains alot of her mother but behind the hatred,  he still saw a faint hope of love she felt for her..
“I hate her so much” she told him
But what he could hear was  ” Why doesn’t she love me enough.  Why doesnt she love me for me. Why doesnt she love me…because I love her but I can’t tell her” 
“I you don’t flow well with your mother ..communication  is key to any relationship.  If you don’t talk to her how does she know how you feel..you keep trashing out at her about how much you hate her and yet you can’t stay without her. You say your brother is a pervert and yet you call him up to check up on him despite hoe much you both fight. You say you hate your mother but yet when she ignores you it hurts.  You don’t hate her Samantha,  you just wish she loves you the way you love her..and that’s nothing to be angry about. .. 

You father died, it was  a heart disease Samantha,  it wasn’t your fault.  Or your mother’s or your brother’s.  They couldn’t save him.”
“She never cared for him as she ought when he was alife and She put her career over her family”
“Her mistake and wrongs shouldn’t be held over her head for ever Samantha. And two wrongs don’t make a right sweeties.  You are going through all the wrong channels to get to her..you fight back. You are rebellious and acting out. But you do realised that you are doing more harm.harm to yourself than to her. She is a senator,  already made a name and life for herself. She may not have seen the folly in  her ways but its your right as a daughter to help her see and not make thesame mistakes she made again. But not like this”
“She ..she is evil”.
“No she is a mother who have made mistakes and you are a daughter who is making worse mistakes…
“You have to find away in your heart to forgive your mother, and move on with your life.  You both need each other to survive.  She is your family babe, your life support at the moment. Talk to her tell her how you feel. You both should trash it out,  throw it into the bin and build new relationships together.  Life is too short ” he says pulling her to him, naked skin to  naked skin
“Who would know you are so deep.” She teases his jaws
“I am not. I just say a lot of shit ‘ he smiles
“Well thay shit isn’t shit. It made sense.. even though I don’t accept all that you say…I would try and give my mother a chance” 
“You should. ” he nods. “Now, can you go back to telling my lower body what you were saying earlier. .because I didn’t quite get it” he says
‘Aww. ..naughty naughty you James. .” Sge says right before she covers her face with the covers,  sliding down to his thighs and takes him in her mouth..
He moans in pleasure .
Before long both of them are groaning and moaning and she screaming her climax.. and he joining her soon after. .
“Wow Samantha you look amazing ” Damaris says hugging Samantha,  
‘And you too. And you glow in that red.  Wow!!” She kisses her cheeks
The men shake hands.
“Helo am James. .
“I am charles”
The wine came, they drink listening to music waiting for the Darrell and Lidhya 
“Wow!!” He says, he watches her close her door and walk to him. He felt weak to his knees..
She was beautiful. 
He felt his heart increase in tempo, his palms sweaty. .he was nervous. 
Like when he was nevious those years ago, taking out faith on their first date 

Don’t think about faith today.
Today was about Lidhya. ..
Today… was about them.
He was giving himself a chance to live again.  To feel again
After last night,  he found himself selfd thinking about her lazy smile; and the way she played with her icecream.
The way she touches his arm lightly and ask if he is okay 
The  way she played with her toes tucked under her or with her hair.

The way she called his name ‘Darrel Philips ”  it made him Smile.
And when he kissed her, 
He didn’t want to let go, it felt new Electrifying, strangely exciting. 
He felt guilt. 

He felt pleasure. .

He felt….free.
And he dreamed about her , .. 
The woman who looks like his faith.

his faith he loved with all that he was..

He dreamed of the one who looked likes his faith but wasn’t his faith..

His dreams wasn’t restless,  it was haunted by white dresses and her smile..
His dream was filled with her girlish laughter and the way she made him laugh..
He missed her…

Not sure why he did

But he knew he didn’t regret  it
Just maybe, James was right after all..she  could help him heal. Forget his pain and move on..
Tonight he was ready to embark on something new..with her
10 years was long enough to mourn a heart of his heart..
Tonight he was going to put him first…and he was going to open his heart to Lidhya. 
Not because she looks like his wife. 

No one could replace her.
But because..despite their similarities. .
She still manages to be unique,  spontaneous. ..original. .still was her. Lidhya 
And he loved that about her.  Real and down to earth.
He had  no regrets meeting her. .
“Is that a good wow or a bad wow” she says biting her lips
“Its a great wow! You are stunning ” he says giving her his hands that she links hers to.
“And you are not bad yourself” she admits 
“Oh why thank you. ” He smiles. ..
“You are most welcome…sire” she nods.
“Where is your friend? .I thought you said she would be with us too?”
“Well she wanted to get a new hairdo done for today” Lidha says, Darrell just mouthed an ‘Oh! !”
He opens th door for her and let’s her slid in before closing and running to the other side..
The third time this week he refused to move around with securities…
“About time you both showed up. I swear you wanted to make a grand entrance ” James says getting up.  
The room had a candle light setting,  a small round table in the middle with six chairs round it.
A red rose and white lilies seating in a jar on the table.
A pale holding wines and ice on the left side of tte table,  
The chairs were bright red and the whole table cloth was theme,  blending with the theme of the day..
“AwhiteAndRedValentime …  a red heart dangled from the roof..  dancing dull lightlights filled the room.
The jazz played somewhere from the room, the smell of good food In the air..
The room was slightly dark  , shadows of the candlelight dancing in their faces..
Darrell leads Lidhya by the small of her back toward the two couples who seem to be standing on their feet
‘I am sorry for keeping you all waiting. ” Darrell says , shaking James who pats his shoulders with his other hands.
“No harm done ” James says, leaving Darrell face his eyes rests on Lidhya. .
He is speechless for a few minutes
“Helo Samantha ” Darrell says kissing her cheeks as she leans to give him a kiss to his cheeks too.
Lidhya and Samantha hugs,..
“You are glowing Lids” Samantha hugs her ” Is he good in the sack ?, 
Lidhya pinches  her ” not everyone is a slut like you sam” she whispers back to her..
“I know. But soon I know you going to do it if you already haven’t.  All girls are slut at one point in their life’s.  I am just open about mine. But… give me a little juicy jist preety please”
They were whispering  
“He is a great kisser” Lidhya blushes 
“Score for Darrell! !” She exclaims
Darrell and James look at the girls… they giggle
He pulls her to him, staring at James.   As though imploring him to see, to see if he is saying the truth and wasn’t going crazy. 
James shakes his head in bewilderment  .
“Lidhya I want you to meet James,  my childhood friend ,  brother and accoutantant” he says
“James, meet.. Lidhya.  The sudden sun in my cloudy days” he says
Lidhya’s cheeks grew warm.  
Why did he say that. She wondered
He didn’t know why he said that. He thinks to himself. 
But he liked the sound of it 
James takes her hands in his and brings it to his lips, speech falling him. He kisses her knuckles 
He thought Darrel was just  ranting. 

Like a mad man ..seeing faith’s face in a woman’s. 

He thought he was just talking.. he didn’t believe him.
Now he did. 
Staring at her up  close, he would have called her faith. He swallowed. .
Maybe  God was alife somewhere. 

Maybe miracles did happen.
Maybe seeing how Darrell had suffered , broken and alone..
He found a way to make them cross paths… 
Faith was gone. 
But..Lidhya could be another sunshine in his life… another reason for Darrell to feel and live. .
He blinks…
He now understood ..

Why Darrell took her to see his house and showed her paintings  of faith.
He now understood that  …

Sometimes bad things has to happen for good things to come out of it .
And he hopes that the sparkle he sees in Darrell’s eyes ..now…

Which was only possible because of this…Lidhya.. this beautiful woman who reminded him so much of his wife would remain…

And it would reach the skies  
“It is lovely to finally meet you Lidhya ” James says, closing her hands with his, and rubbing it 
Lidhya felt warm, she felt warmth radiating from James. .
She smiles ..
“Its nice to meet you too James ”
“Ahem!!” Damaris clears her throat .
“We are here too…hello !!” She says
They laugh
“Drama queen” Lidhya teases
“That’s right bitch.  Oops sorry , excuse my manners Mr Darrell Philips.  I am Damaris. ..Lidhya’s bestie and sister and everything ” she smiles broadly..
Darrell takes her hands in his and shakes it. She turns to her side. .
“And this is my boyfriend,  Charles. .”
“Charles meet Darrell , Lidhya’s rich billonaire and Darrell meet charles., my US Army boyfriend ” she shines her teeth clapping
The girls laugh,  James laugh. .
Philips doesn’t,  ..
Wasnt he the guy that he bumped into in the party and he staggered away from him. .
“I know you” Darrell says
Charles heart skips abit.
“No you don’t. ..” he says
“Yes I do, I saw you at the fund raiser with the Mayor at the Plimbletons” Darrell says
Charles smiles…
He is playing smart …

Let see how long he keeps this up.
He taps the gun at his back to make sure it was still there. 
He has three extra bullets in his pocket and three in the gun. Just incase someone else was trying to be smart.
“Oh…yeah. ”
“I almost spilled his drink on him ” Darrell says to the others..
“Oh! ” They exclaimed. 
“No worries.  It was just a tiny spill. ”
Darrel smiles touching his shoulder,  “my bad. But you left too quickly for me to find out why you looked the way you did… as though you saw someone you didn’t expect to see”?
“I had too much to drink.  Needed to breath. .felt choked” he lied
Darrell nods..
“Can we get to it… am starving!!” James says..
They laugh.
They talk about everything  worth talking about..
It’s been three hours already and the third course is on its way. More wine is brought and the music doesn’t stop. 
James and Samantha sometimes takes the dance floor..
Charles and Damaris too
Occasionally Darrell steals glances at Lidhya who equally as to hide her blush when he laces his finger with hers.
He didn’t know why he was doing it but he was determined to live in the moment and forget about his past 
Tonight… he had decided to let it all go and think of the possibilities of something new..
“Want to dance. ? Looks as though they all are having more fun than we are”..
“I thought you would never ask” she smirks getting up. 
He twirls her and then pulls her to him..
They move slowly to the rhythm,  his hands pressed at the small of her back, going side to side as the music is played over head..
She wraps her hands round his neck and smiles at him when he smiles down at her..
“You are staring again and that’s creepy ” she says
“Am sorry ” he says, pulling her close.
He loved the way she smelt,..
” i love the way you smell. .”  He says .She smirks under his chin
“Its a rose flower lavenda”.. she says
“Is that an actual name? ” He muses
She shakes her head..
“A combination of flavours ” she replies feeling his smile over her head..
They dance for a while; …he turning her and she laughing as he makes an attempt to dip her..
Pulling her back up she leans more into him. .
He uses his hands to tug her hair behind her ear, he liked the way he felt with her in his arms. .
It’s been a while he felt like this .
“I want to keep seeing you Lidhya ” he says close to her ears
“I want to keep seeing you too Darrell ”
“No. I mean,  to say…..I think I like you Lidhya and I want to keep…seeing you. Take you out, dance with you and treat you to nice fancy restaurants like this’
She doesn’t say anything
“Did I say anything wrong? ” He had concern in his eyes
She has a sad smile. ..
“No, I am just wondering if ..you want to keep seeing me because I remind you of…I remind you of her” 
She regretted it the moment she said it . He tenses , closing his eyes,  for a full minute then he opens them, ..
“I admit that I was drawn to you thr moment I saw you, and majorly because you looked like, like faith in an alarming strange yet farmilar way. Yes you both don’t share relations. I know,  I had you checked out. ”
Her eye grew big ..” You did what? “.
“Am sorry, but..Oh just had to know, for me…me and also for you. No relation whatsoever. So I guess it’s just one of those coincidences in life where you have a look alike somewhere. .
‘Doppelganger ” she says
“Doppelganger! ! Someone who looks like you of some sort. .Damaris told me” she says
“Oh!!” He mutters “but anyway,  yes, that was the first thing that pulled me to you and I also admit I wanted to hold on to that figment of my imaginations that she had somehow returned to me but that’s just a  ravings of a mad man. As I spent the day with you yesterday, getting to know you and even in my lowest point I expected you to…just…look the other way..yet, you came to me and you don’t know how much that meant to me….”
He was holding her still,, as though forgetting that they weren’t alone
“I know I am not a perfect man, one with scars, deep rooted and filled with pain, and regrets and I am broken and and I have decided to live by myself that way I am my own burden. I know  that you don’t need anyone to pull you down. But Lidhya I don’t want to keep seeing you because you remind me of her..faith..my wife. My dead wife. Yes …I see her in you but I also see you in you”..
“I don’t want to be a another woman in your eyes. I know you loved her..but I don’t want to be another woman in your eyes ” she says

“And I won’t compete for a space .because I know that she has all of you..even in death”
“I loved her then and I love her  still.  But my love wasn’t able to protect her . And no I don’t want you to be another woman in my eyes Lidhay,  I want you to be you.. you and there is is no  competing..you don’t need to. Yes true, she had all of me, I am not shy or afraid to say it. But..I have given 10 years of my life to her even in death. I have to let her go…Andy  I have ” he says,    breathig. .
“What does this mean?”
“I..it means that. ..i want to begin Again.  I want a start of something new. A fresh start. A new beginning. . I want to be able to love and be loved in return. .i want to…live life again Lidha. And it want to begin … again.  And I want you?”
“But you don’t know me”
“I know you enough ”
“Just one day or two?”
“The fact that…my heart beats fast and I feel weak when you laugh and I couldn’t get my mnd off you yesterday I think  I would work with that. So what do you say?”
“What do I say?”
“Are you going to make this hard for me?”
He pulls her closer to him, her face a few breath space from his tilting her chin up..
“Lidhya,  will you let me love you?”
She doesn’t answer,  her cheeks burning. .
“We are going too fast ” she breaths. .

He smiles liking the effect he had on her..liking hers on him..
Why did he stay away from this feeling for so long..
“Lidhya,  let me love you. I want to begin Again and I want that with you. Life is too short and I have learnt to not take it for granted. …say yes”
“Darrell,  I want to think about it..”
He closes the distance and teases her lips, urging her to open for him 
‘Say yes” he says…
“Darrell,  I want to…to
“do you like me?’ He askes her between kisses
“Yea” she admits, he smiles to her mouth
‘Do you enjoy being around me..even if..well..just a day ..”
“Yes” she smiles,  kissing him back..
‘Then…do you want me to love you…?”
“Yes!” She says,   ” yes Darrell! !” She says wrapping her hands around him she kisses him back,  meeting him intensity  for itesnsity .
They smile into each other’s mouths .
“This is crazy!!” She says
“I know…. ” he replies. .

And they kiss again. ..
‘Ahem! !” James clears his throat..
“Lovebirds. ..down to earth or get a room puleeze”..
They break apart remembering they aren’t alone…
“So a toast?” Damaris says holding on to her glass, giving the others theirs, each holding unto a woman…
They gather about ..
“To new friendships ” James says
“To happiness” Damaris’s says
“To love” Darrell says looking into Lidhya ‘s eyes
‘To love” Samantha says. … looking at James. .. Yes,  to possibilities of love .
“To love!!” Charles says.. staring at Darrel and Lidhay. .
They clink glances..one after the other..
Darrell and Charles clinks last…
Darrel has laughter in his eyes as he holds on to Lidha placing a kiss to her forehead..
Samantha hugs James. .
Damaris forces charles face to kiss her, he gives her a quick kiss and then turns back to staring at Darrel. ..
Was he mocking him.
Where they all mocking him…
Didn’t they know who he was…
Didn’t they?
Was this a game to them?
Acting as though they don’t know him..
He keeps staring. .
He drops his glass and rubs a hand through his hair 
It was making him crazy thinking about all This stuffs, he needed to know for sure…
What they knew. …
Or maybe truly they didn’t. .
Maybe…they didn’t. ..
And he was in the clear..
No one had said anything or had been suspicious. 
Lidhya seemed uncomfortable around him earlier but she seemed to be relaxed.
Samantha,  the spoilt brat seems to be clouded with lust writen over her
And Damaris,  he couldn’t wait to get rid of her..she was choking him..
Something catches Darrel eyes as charles runs a hand through his hair 
He frowns..
Lidhya tugs at him,,… whispering something into his ears, he smiles. .
He gets a phone call and goes to answer er,  the caller was his father. 
James and the rest sit around talking..
Lidhya gets up , trying  to reach out and pull at the Love shaped heart dangling from the ceiling. .
Damaris and Samantha were laughing  
“Don’t fall ” James says “Darrell would kill me” he laughs 

Darrell turns coming back , smiling at Lidhya’s week attempt from pulling at the heart standing on tip toe .
She trips and begins to fall,  Charles reach for her first,  grabbing her.
“Carefull ” he says
“Whooaaaa! !” James says…
“Careful babes ” Samantha and Damaris says..
Darrell rushes to her..
“Are you okay babe?” He askes ..helping her up,  thanking Charles for his quick reflex..
But Lidhya wasn’t asnwering; she was staring…suddenly tense..
Darrel feels her tense; he pulls her to him, concern in his face..
“Lidhya what’s wrong ? He askes..
She doesn’t look at him but at Charles,  who doesn’t say anything but stares at her
Why was she staring at him..
“Lidhya,  what’s the matter talk to me?” Darrell has fear in his eyes .
What was wrong with her..

Why did she suddenly start shaking ..
He looks at charles; wondering why she was staring at him in fear..
James , Damaris and Samantha come behind her..
“Lidhya you  scaring us..”..
“Whats wrong?

What wrong with her  Darrell? ” 
They ask..
Charles is deadly quiet…still. his expression masked.
As though waiting. ..

Waiting for what he had suspected was going to happen….

“Ring” she says..
‘What did she say…”
“LIdhya whta are you saying..I can’t hear you” ..
She holds on tightly to Darrell, and points to charles…
“He..he….he is wearing your ring.. luke’s rings..”she says..
As a reflex action…Charles rubs his ring..
Darrell and James turn instantly to staring at his finger..
Samantha and Damaris look confused…
“What ring?”  

“Ring..what ring?” 

“Let me see your finger..” Darrell says to Charles.. realising that he didnt shake the guy so he didn’t notice if he wore a ring.
‘I won’t ask again”… Darrell had turned to face him.

Please don’t let this be what I think it is…
The one..

The one  that took them away from me..
His heart began to beat fast, his eyes blood shot..
His hands already fisted. …
“Show us your finger charles..  I am sure it’s just a mistake and…all this would be settled. ”  James says..
He knew about the missing ring. Darrell told him about it. … but he wasnt paying attention …to know whether he wore one or not… besides  he wouldn’t have thought about it it .
But if Darrell had told Lidhya about it and if Lidhya believes she had seen it..

Then it was worth listening to. .
“What if I don’t ” Charles says with a sly smile..
“Babe just show themm your finger. .I don’t know what they are talking about but I guess it’s just a mistake..show them your finger and they can apologise to you. After all its just a a ring what’s the big deal” Damaris says
“It isn’t just a ring . It’s my mine. I gave it to my brother before he died. Before he was killed , In cold blood along side my wife and the only thing missing was his ring. .my ring which i gave to him and a watch he was wearing from my grandfather. It’s not just a ring because it was uniquely made,  customised from Netherlands and sent down. And it’s only two of a kind. One has my initials and the other had luke’s. Luke’s own went missing when he went diving with friends.  I gave him mine and that …is not just a ring. So I showed Lidhya what it looks like and if she says that’s the ring..and  it’s gotten her all shaken up..then your boyfriend needs to kindly show me his finger…” Darrell hisses.
Damaris and Samantha gasps. .

Lidhya holds tightly to Darrell. .
Could it be…that he was the killer or…just happen to have bought the ring somewhere.
That could be it..

But yet there was something menacing about the way he was smiling…
Fear grips her..
“Darrell “? She calls him…
Darrel takes a step towards charles. .
“Show me your fxxking finger! !” He says… “or I….. ”
‘Or what Darrell?”..
Then Charles busted out laughing  .
Shaking his head. .. ” So that’s what the initials stands for…DP.  Darrell Philips. .” He says
“I kept asking my self what it stood for. It’s a mean ass beauty of a ring I couldn’t let it go. ..I mean.. no offence butt. .. I couldn’t leave without it”..
‘Oh my God!” Lidhya says, 
“Charles..’ Damaris is confused. .
“What are you saying. ..”
“Oh bitch shut up you have been yapping away so much I wanted to run mad. This girl? This girl . can sell you all out. I got bits and bits of info on you because of her running mouth.  When she has a good dxxk inside her she tends to tell you even her deepest darkest secrets…and talk about you guys too” he laughs. .
Damaris gasps,  
“Yup. I was literally tired of you. Glad to have thay out of my chest ”
10 years flashes infront of him.
Finding both of them dead…

Cold.Cold . out there…
And here …finally meeting the killer face to dace. ..
This ..man …who had came as a friend…

Was the killer that plagued his dreams..

The masked man in his dream shooting his wife and brother in cold blood and laughing in his face as he stood there unable to move and he disappearing into the night. .
He had had that same dream  for years. .

Same dream..

Same laughter..

same masked man.
Now he saw his face. 
He rushes towards him in anger, built up anger for 10 years ..
James drags him back and the girls scream..
“He has a gun ” James says .. 
“Oh glad of you to notice” Charles says,  he points  them the gun now, smiling…
You know I kept asking myself how you  looked like the one who was dead..

I felt…Maybe you were mocking  me..

Like you knew me and you were mocking me..

I even thought that she..she too was your plan..”
Darrel pushes Lidhya behind him..
“Anyways, so seeing you at that party it nearly was the death of me..I thought I had seen a ghost . That’s why I had to run out of there . I was fxxking scared.  But you didn’t come after me..you walked past me. And…still today you see me and don’t recognise and I am thinking…are they fxxking playing games with me..
“But now I know..now I know” he rubs the gun to his temple…
“Its all all clear to me now. ..
The one that is dead…is your brother, luke. .Yes. . Lucas. I remember him. I remember him so well. That night…that night he was acting like a hero, making a mockery of me..”
Darrell moves again…

The girls screams when he points it to his head. .
“Take one more step and this goes ..straight to your heart. . You dont want to dare me.”
“How many bullet do you have in there.. you can’t take all of us down”… Darrell says… his veins pumping, he wants to lurch at him, he wants to tear his face and punch it in till he is not recognisable again.  He wants to make him suffer the way faith and luke suffered..
“Well, it’s enough to take all of you down. .I brought more just a incase because I had a feeling this would go south and I like to be prepared. .you can’t be in the force and not have a sixth sense of some sort” he says
“Why dont you drop the gun down and let’s how sixth of a sense you do have..Charles” darrell says
“Darrell please do not piss  him off ” Lidha pleads. 
“You should listen to your girlfriend..Darrell, brother of..Lucas..whom i killed quite easily by the way. ”
Samantha begins to cry, Damaris holds on to her..

“You bastard so you used me to get close to Lidhya,  so you could get close to Darrell..? You are a fxxking bastard.  A cold blooded killer.  I cant believe  I slept with you..Oh God!!’
Charles yawns  “you liked it as much as I did..you were screaming in seven languages and begging for more. But I am glad you get the picture. ”
“Why?” Darrell askes
“Why what? ”
“Tell me what you killed them..killed her. They didn’t deserve to die ” Darrel has tears falling from his eyes 

He is angry.  A pained. ..

Pained that the killer is infront of him and he can not do anything to stop the pain he is feeling..

To make him suffer….

To make him feel the pain he feels now….
“Oh..yeah!!’ He says waving the gun at them..
“Gas station. . My girl was ogling him, he was playing the rich kid card and making us look like shit. Made me look like shit. .and got me eating dirt. That wasnt nice you know. I have a reputation to uphold you know. .. so I follow  him , you know..that house out in the middle. Of nowhere.. well after I take my pop’s Gun you know. . And there they were sitting and talking in the sitting room..

And that..Lidhya behind you…looks like her too you know..didn’t you notice. How fxxking creepy. Seeing the two people you killed 10 years ago standing right here infront of you can do something to a Sane man you know…but I digress; so… well I admit , she wasn’t my target but she was being a stupid bitch. .calling the cops when I have a gun…I was a fxxking young kid and did she think I wanted to return back to juvi? Hell no… next thing she is bleeding on the ground and ..you know a brother is trying to think and you. .no…him..the dead one…rushes for me. .when I am trying to arrange my thought process he stupidly wants to be a fxxking hero and BAM! !! Straight space between his eyes. ..and dead he falls to the ground” He says smiling

“You are sick.  You a deranged sick man!!” Lidhya says, tears running down her eyes. .
She still held on to Darrell who was shaking with rage, he removes her hands from him, giving her hands to James. .
‘Darrell don’t ”  James says knowing that deathly look in Darrell’s eyes,  same look he saw when he was determined to end his life…
He didn’t care. .
“Well, my superior thinks otherwise. That’s why they put me in…The tortures destrict. When no one is looking i kill the prisoners. I mean, why do they have to live right?” He says
“You know … you aren’t getting out of here ….” Darrell hisses…
Charles throws his head back and laughs , a deep throated laugher…
“You know. It’s very ironic..today is Valentine’s day day and valentine died for love. Jack  dies for love and  Romeo and juliet died for love…you assholes are going to die today, wearing Red…on Love day…Isn’t that..ironic. ?” He states,  bringing out the 3 remaining bullets from his pocket he inserts them into his gun. ..
“4, 5..6..!” He counts  ” see? One for each person and an extra just incase I miss one…but I never miss” he smiles..
“So who wants to go first”..he asks. .
“You took away everything that matters to me…you took away my love..my wife. My brother..my twin and killed them in cold blood… over some quarrel.

For ten years …you cause us pain. My father barely living due to losing a son. My mother constantly trying to survive. ..the pain and agony..to watch them been wheeled away..

and me..me..the only woman who gave me a reason to live…all because of a tiny quarrel in a gas station..

Are you even human?” Darrel askes
His eyes shifting to the wine bottle by his side, he wonders how good his aim was..

It’s been a while he threw something
“I wonder thesame thing.. but you are boring me. Yes I killed your brother over a small ruckus and too bad about your wife. I apologise…or not. Thi rings…” he flashes it infront of them…
“Its a survenier of a work well done. And this watch…is priceless” he shows them.
“I need those back” Darrell says..his hands covering the bottle; he grabs it behinds him..blocking Lidhya,  making sure the others are behind him..
“No can do sir. ..anything

 Else.. Finale prayers? request? ” 
“You won’t get away this time” James says ” the cops would get you!

“10 years ago I killed two and they weren’t able to find a trace. You think they can now?.I mean I am better at killing and hiding. Been in the force for 10 fxxking years; I have had some trainings on how to be invisible ” he smirks.
He points the gun to Darrell…

 He would start with him…
All at once as he drops, the others would drop simultaneously. ..

One after the other and he would disappear into the night, 
He  ready had his bag parked..
No one would know..

Just like that night..

No one would ever know. ..
‘Okay..time up!!”
“Say bye bye” 
Someone screams 
The gun goes off..
Th wine flew across hitting him square in the face..

Someone drops to the ground 
He staggers holding his head and the gun..
Dazed he looks,  he presses the gun to shot, liquid stinging his eyss..
He feels something or some hard body contact run into him and lifting him off the floor..
They struggle…
The gun goes off again. . 






Empty. .
He feels it before the Punch lands on his face..

His fits comes in contact with the person over him
He doesnt know who..
The person groans in pain and he manages to roll off under him pushing him away..
Blinking , it was blood dripping from the place the wine bottle had hit his head 
He took a stance. .smiling, seeing who came at him..

“Let me send you back to your brother. ..have a tet’te’tat ehe? Say hi to the wife for me too…” he says
A death raging raor escapes from Darrell’s mouth as he rushes for him, both of them, crashing through the glass just behind them, ..
Punching and hitting…

Hitting and punching. ..

Darrell doesn’t stop. 
He doesn’t stop hitting and screaming . .

All his pain..

All his anguish 

all his misery. .

All that he held inside, he kept going ,tears stinging his eyes. ..

His fist punching in his face He kept going and screaming…
For luke..he cried.

For faith…he cried harder..

For me…” he hits himharder..
Someone pulls him away…
He pushed the person away..

He keeps going; blood dripping from his fists. ..


Darrell…stop. stop…..!!” James pulls him away..
He heard a faint siren as be was pulled  back ..

James hugs him to him, restraining him as he pulled him away from the lifeless man..
“Stop. DARRELL…He IS DEAD!!” James says…
Darrell seeing that he doesn’t move, his eyes are open, his face disfigured and  a gaping hole in his chest showed how he died. .

A glass has priced through his heart…killing him..
Tears flows freely down his eyes…

He cries…openingly as James holds him down. ..
His vision blurry he sees the police comes in…

The ambulance carrying their stretchers..
Everything a blur. .
Lidhya! !!

“Lidha ” he says crawling away from James. ..
Someone had been shot, he felt someone fall…or some ones”..
“Oh God No” he says…
Running towards her as she laid on the ground,  Samantha cradling her head
“Oh no no no no..God no!!” He pulls her to him, ,the blood spreading to the front of her red dress…
“No God please no..please no” he cries into her face…
The first shot had ripped through her ,
Samantha was unhurt, James had a gun shot to his shoulders and Damaris has a shot to her knee, she couldn’t move.
Lidhya wasn’t opening her eyes..
“Please wake up Lidhya. .please , not you too. .Oh God please not her too. Not again.. 
I can’t bear it ” he cries 
“Sir,  you need to move; we need to take her..” the man in white uniform says..
“No, no…” 
“Darrell, please ” James pleads

He keeps shaking his head..” No. .she is dead. She is dead because of me…” he cries
“She jumped infront find you when he shot” Damaris doesn’t hold back her tears..
“Oh my God…Lidhya ..lidha please wake up.  Don’t die please” Sam cries. ., James is broken. .. speechless he bends painfully to the ground. .holding onto Darrell..
Oh God. ..not again.. 
His heart cried; 
The man in white bends, he touches her neck and then her wrist,  …

He beckons to another. .
“I can feel a pulse..a weak pulse”
Darrell’s head shoots up..
“Is she..is she alife ”
“Barely. .if you don’t let us take her to hospital. We won’t be able to say for much long…”
He follows her as they load her into  the ambulance, all six of them enter..
The police sweeps the scene,  taking the camera footage from the resturant. ..
James gives a syatement of what happened , darrell too and the others.. except Lidhya. 
The video Confirms it..
While they wait….
It’s been hours since Lidhya has been in surgery..
Mrs plimbleton rushes down to the hospital. .

Tears in her eyes Samantha rushes to her, her mother plasters her face with endless kisses..
“I am so sorry mother I am so so sorry. I thought I would die today.. I amso sorry for ..hating you..I am sorrry”

Samantha cries hugging her mother 
“It am so sorry for neglecting you baby..my baby girl..I won’t ever again..forgive me sam. Forgive me. I thought I lost you..” they cried in each other’s arms.. her brother wraps them up in a hug and they continue to mutter to each other.
Somewhere down the hall, James smiles. ..watching them ..
He turns to Damaris. .she was silent, still crying.
He reaches for her hand…

“Its not your fault. .
“Its is.. it is..”
“No sweetly. .it’s not your fault. Don’t beat yourself it could have happened to the best of us. .we treat thr wrong person.  It’s not your fault…she is alife. He is dead that’s all thay matters. ..it  not your fault.”
She bursted out crying again,  he wraps her in a hug. She would be in crutches for a couple of months..
Darrell is seated across..praying to a God he never believed…
Praying .. that she comes out alife. .


Just praying. .
The family of Charles was Called.
They refused to come for his body.
“Do whatever you want to it. He is not my son” his mother had said crying.

“Hey you?” Lidhya manages, seeing the room filled with people. She is looking at darrell .
“Hey beautiful.  Are you okay?” He says holding her hands..
Samantha,  Damaris and James are around her.. 

Mrs plimbleton  and her son.

And some other older couple…
Who don’t look familiar to her..
Her mother and step father are there too..

She tries to seat up and he helps her up..
“Mum? Dad? When did you get here?” 
Her mother rushes to her,  kissing her..

“An hour ago” .
“But…how? ”
“Private jet” Bob her step father says…
She knew who was responsible…
She smiles. , hugging and kissing her mother..
Samantha and Damaris joins in, crying ..

“Hey, stop drolling over me I am fine” she says
“You gave us quite a scare” James says dropping low to give her a kiss on the cheeks,  squeezing her hands 
She looks questionly at the elderly couple….
“Mum , dad, say hi to Lidhya ” Darrell says..
Letting them pass, they have tears in their eyes. ..

Holding her hands, touching her face, hugging her and kissing her..
So many tears, she couldn’t hold back hers..
“I swear if any of you keeps crying I am going to scream” they laugh
“And you…you scared to hug me.. afterall,  if you weren’t trying to be a hot looking hero I would have been having my first valentine wrapped in your arms not…in this bed.”
They laugh,  he comes to her, …carefully raising her hands to his lips..
“Don’t be a hero. Promise me you won’t try to be a hero again. I need you here…”
“I promise.. I promise “.. he says nodding
He kisses her lips, her nose; her cheeks again and her forehead. ..
‘Are you okay…..?” She askes him searching his eyes. .

He knew what she wanted to know..
Knowing that the killer was dead. ..
If he had found peace. 
Freed his anger.

His pain and let go of the pain  that held him like shackles. ..
Yes… he knew what she askes…
He sighs nodding…
Yes,  he did feel free.

The pain ..was gone.

The anguish gone..
The sadness…gone. .
Justice has been served.  The killer  is dead. His brother and wife would rest in peace now..

and he..he would have closure..

There was closure..
And he was fine..

Right now..

Right here with her…
He was fine. .
“Yes Lidhya. . I am okay. now that you are here; with me…I am okay. my sudden sunlight in my darkened days…you make me want to live again.  .. this might not be the valentine you envisioned but…Atleast I found you!!”
“Atleast I found you” she repeated back to him..
He closes the distance, sealing their quiet acceptance of selves..of new beginings ..of a new love journey with  a kiss.. a beautiful kiss.
This is where their own love story begins. ..
One filled with love…more love…and evem more love…

Of stronger friendships. ..

Of family and bonds..

and a little more love  that tickles the toes, butterflies to the tummy that gives you wings to  fly again..

Just a lil more love to go around again. 
Love is is a beautiful thing…

To love someone is wonderful 

But to be loved in return is sure bliss…
Show a little love. ..
And let love find you..
         Happy Valentine’s day !!!!!!!!!!




The  End…..

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Love is….. (Chapter 3)

Love is… (Chapter 3)

             “Fear of the Unknown 

                Breaking Barriers..

                   Let the pain go….”




“I- I don’t understand ” her eyes speaks before her mouth says the words.
“You asked why I called you faith..?”
She nodded.
‘Then I want to show you faith. My faith.., ”
Underatanding now she okays it.
“But I can’t show you here, you have come with me”
He sees uncertainty in  her eyes, masked by fear.
“I won’t hurt you” Darrel Philips says trying to reassure her
“That’s what they always say right before they hurt you.” There was an underlining to what she says..
“Have you been hurt before.. physically I mean? ” He askes her, searching her eyes
She looks away “Haven’t we all been hurt one way or the other, it doesn’t always have to be physcial” Lidhya says, turning back to him, 
‘Do you permit me to show you then. ” 
“Why did you ask to see me Darrell? 
“I have no idea but I guess what I am about to show you would make sense to you because it doesn’t make sense to me. So would you permit me to show you  ..?” He askes hoping  that she agrees
As if fighting a battle within herself, she sighs nodding.
They both get up, he leads the way, opening the door to his car, once she gets in  he goes round the car, gets in and pulls out of the parking lot.
Heading to his house. 
The one they used to live in , him.and faith  , 10 years ago.
Charles doesn’t take his eyes off them as he follows at a safe distance.
He needed to find out if they knew.

Looking at the watch on his wrists it says 3:40pm.
The watch he took away from the dead guy who looks exactly like the living guy. 
He still wore the ring he had on his finger. It was Gold. It sparkled when he laid there lifeless. 
Without thinking he had slipped it off the dead’s man’s finger and rubbing it against his cloth he had removed his gloves and worn it, wearing the watch too.
He looks at the ring now, a beauty. Such originality that hadn’t faded in all this ten years.
Even the watch has a lifespan of an antic god.  Ticking away the time in its little confinement.
When they make a turn and go down a lonely road, that stretches far as though unending.
His heart begins to beat very fast, sweat breaking from his forehead..
When they neared the house that stood alone on the far end of the road,  one gate with a tiny fence and wild trees and a tiny river at the back..
He knew that there was no chance in hell they didn’t know something
Or else why would they come here..
Of all places.
Because of the bushes and hidden parts , he isn’t seen as he slows his car to a stop.
It was still day so he couldn’t go any further..
They would see him.
Going down the bend of the road leading to the house,  they disappeared through the gate,.
“Damn it! !” He exclaims
Wishing he could throw caution to the wind and drive in the rest of the way.
Parking his car he gets down, choosing to walk hiding behind the bushes when he hears a sound. 
He gets close enough to the house, it’s quiet.
He waits.
Darrell opens the door for her and let’s her go ahead of him. 
It’s been years since he had been back,  .. he hadnt dared come back after 9 years .
For a year after their deaths he secluded himself from the world,  burying himself in the house. Not receiving guests, barely eating.. trying to make sense of it all.

Making his own investigations trying to find the murder but everything turned up like smoke. Dust slipping through his hands.
His parents began to worry. For weeks he would go unshaven, leaving the house in disarray exactly the way she left it.  Scared that removing anything out of place would distort the image in his head of his wife and the way she always kept and left things.
He would roam about the house during the day, not able to draw after the last painting of her he tucked away with the others.
At night he wouldn’t be able to sleep either, choosing to stare out of the window in  his study,  wishing she was there.
And when he was alone in his room he would remember how his brother would come up to him, sitting next to him his face on his hands while he rested on his elbow he would stare at him smiling  with those mischievous glint in his eyes..

he knew he was up to something mischievous and wants him to partake.
When he passes by the mirror he sees him staring back at him, same eyes, same smile,  same mouth ..Maybe thesame heart and he wouldn’t he able to bear it.
“Why him? Why not me?” He would cry right before he shatters the mirror. Every single one in the house. He couldn’t bare to look at it not able to see his brother in him.
He missed him.

He missed her..

And he roamed the house like a mad man for a year before his parents had to forcefully take him out of the house, restricting him from going there.
But he refused to sell it, not wanting to give up the memory he had of them in it. 
Eventually he had to remove everything that reminded him of her and of him, by storing it away in one of the rooms and locking it.
He only had one picture he left in the drawer back  in the office. ..face down. Hidden away.
For ten long years he lived with the pain of losing them.
And yesterday he sees Lidhya and everything comes back.
Why did she remind him so much of faith..
Why does his heart break abit when he sees her again.
Why the hell does she look like his wife in a strangely farmilar way.
“You are staring at me Darrel and it’s kind of creepy” she says.
The house was cold, void of wamth. Everything , from the furnitures to the clock was covered with white cloths to keep the dusts away she presumed.  
It looked as though no one lived here but yet, as though it had recently been cleaned.
“I am sorry, I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable Lidhya ” he says apologetically 
“Whose house is this?” 
“Mine. ” He replies..
He had the place cleaned up every once in a while, he didn’t know why he couldn’t just let it go. 
“Come with me, please” he says leading the way, she follows him.
She was already here, if he wanted to harm her he would have done so already but..she felt scared and yet safe around him.

Curious,  but safe nontheless.
She wanted to know who this faith was and how…she supposedly connects to her.
He hadnt been to that part of the house for over a decade, allowing the cleaners to make sure it was clean and tidy but he never askes about the paintings in the room. 
He grabs the key from a hook by the door, taking a deep breath , closing his eyes,  his throat closes as he tries to swallow.
“Are you okay?” She notices..
He nods ” I am..” he turns the key opening the door he pushes it slightly and then all the way in.
The room was covered covered with white cloths over every piece of furniture. But unlike the other room, this looked like a studio of some sort.
An art gallery studio but all the pictures were turned facing the wall..
He moves aside, “Please. .” He says, waiting for her to come in.
She moves in slowly not knowing what to expect.
He goes to each painting, his hands shaking slightly he begins to turn each one to face her..
At first she is distracted looking around the room, trying to wonder while everything was turned upside down walking into the room she turns when she didn’t notice any more movement. .
She gasps as soon as she lays her eyes on one of the paintings.
She doesn’t move for a few minutes, gulping down whatever was tuck in her throat she shaking moves, her hands flying to her mouth, she blinks to clear her eyes
What was before her doesn’t make any sense. .
“She …she looks …” she whispers
There was a mirror he had uncovered.. the only one left in his house. The only one she loved to look herself in when she came into his studio,  she would turn and look at herself..marvelling in the painting he just Made of her and she would look at the mirror seeing that the resemebslce to the painting was breathakingly alike…
Lidhya turns to the mirror. .looking at herself and then at the painting..
“She …looks like me” she breaths. .touching her face..
Darrel nods..
“There is a fleeting resemblamce that is  strikingly obvious like twins but not twins  but…the similarities are……There” he says
She doesn’t speak but keeps looking at a painting,  one after the other,..her shock increasing as the moment passes.
She shakes her head, 
He was standing behind one last covered painting, ..
She looks at him curiously. .
He blinks back tears, his hands shaking slightly he let’s the cloth drop. 
She gasps staggering backwards. .
“You see why when I saw you yesterday. ..I almost fainted? ” he says
She is speechless,  in this painting the woman has her back slightly turned away from him, her body a beauty to behold as the white lovely dress hugs her, her black long hair was loose at her back, from the side she has a peaceful content smile, staring out of the window of what appeared to be a study. ..
The background has her staring out of the window , the horizon   , the dancing clouds and the moon a shy distance away, the stars at their stations and she…just staring..
“Purity” it read..
“This was the last time I saw her smile, happy, the last day I touched her and held her in my arms. This was the last painting I ever drew of her. This was my faith.. my life. My all. My everything… and this was the last night she ever stood at that window in that white dress…

Because when I got home later that day, in the early hours of the morning. She was dead, in her own pool of blood. Shot. My brother too.. ” his eyes were misty..
“My God! !” Was all that she mutters as her throat closes..
“And when I saw you yesterday wearing that same white dress, same look on your face, same long dark hair and the way you half turn  when I called your name.. I see her ..standing there and….I nearly pass out…

My wife has been dead for 10 long years and all of a sudden I see her standig there, staring at the window, in the study ad she normally does, watching the sun go down and the stars sparkle and the moon shy away, at peace with nature…and…I was in shock.. calling her name.. but it wasn’t her. It was you….but yet.. I saw my faith.” He finishes trying to breath
She saw that his hands shook, she rushes to him holding then in hers,he wouldn’t look at her.
She understood now why he called her faith. 
She looked exactly like his wife, and every thing about his life with her came rushing back when he saw her at the window staring out of space. .
She remembered the shock in his eyes,  fear and then confusion and then sadness. 

She couldn’t even try to understand what he had gone through finding his wife then..alongside his brother.
“I am sorry Darrel.” She says.. rubbing his hands .. a tear falls.. quickly she wipes it off. .
“Did they ever catch who did it?” 
He shakes his head; moving away as he ran his hands through his hair, his muscle flexing underneath his shirt.
“No . They ruled it as a breaking and entering. A robbery gone bad and my wife and brother a victim of circumstances.  No suspect. .no killer. And nothing was missing so it didn’t make sense that it was a robbery.  It was a cold blooded murder but it couldn’t be proved and no on head seen anyone come nor anyone go. Who could have. It’s a lonely house down the road . The only thing I later found out that was missing was his ring and his watch. It was my ring. We had a customised ring made for both of us.. we loved to customise things like that and with our names initialled on it. But he lost his at some point during one of his drunken spree and skinning Deeping in the beach with his friends out of state. He comes home and felt bad for losing his. And because I hated to see him sad I gave him mine. My father gave him the watch he wore. It was our grandfather’s and.. Luke seemed to love it. It was hard to refuse him… so those were the only two things missing but yet again… Nothing could be found. Nothing traced to anyone. A year later the case was closed… but my heart was wounded..never mended . Not even  now. She was my life’s support. My princess.  My queen..my love.  She was my life in all ramifications.  And he..he was the best part of me..my blood..my twin. My brother. ..and when he died. ..a part of me died with him also. Without both of them I felt as though I was walking this earth a dead man.. ”
He was giving up so much telling her all of this but he didn’t care he had let all of it stay in so much that sometimes he literally wants to scream out his pain. A pain buried inside for years was enough to drive him insane.
Locking himself away,  busied  himself with work in his father’s company,avoiding the social.lofe he had managed to survive all this 10 years. . Forgetting to enjoy life. What was the point? 
“I am sorry for ..your loss Darrel” she says silently. .
It was overwhelming..  everything in here was.
She couldn’t make sense why she looked like his wife..she was an only child. That fact she knew.
While faith had a light complexion to her features she had a slightly less darker look. But yet, her smiles and the way her eyes sparkles in those paintings had Lidhya turning again to look at them.
She had no relation to this faith. That she was quite certain and yet. .it didn’t explain why they looked alike in a certain strange and yet farmilar way..
“Now you do undertaabd why I asked to see you..” he says turning to her
She nods..
They leave the room.and he locks it .
“Can I see a picture of your brother?” 
He shows her a picture of luke.
Yes, you couldn’t tell one from the  other, she noticed the ring and watch  he spoke about.
They both had it made, it was Gold. , and it was difficult to miss because of its special design  and colour. 
It was a dark ring also,  in front and a gold at rhe curled sides.  If you didn’t look closely you would miss the black which had a sign on it..
“DP’ was on Darrell’s finger, “LP” was on luke’s . They had their finger to the camera in one of the pictures and a sign of a star on it. The letters was over each other and you would have to look closely to be able to differentiate the letter for the other..
Where has she seen this ring before? 
It looked strangely farmilar as though she had seen it somewhere before. .
A while back or of recent? 
‘Darrell Philips ” and “Luke Philips ” he says telling her what the letters mean.
“I think I have seen that ring before. Somewhere but I can’t remember ” she says
“You can’t possibly have. It was made especially for both of us. Shipped from Netherlands.  It’s pure Gold on the sides, you would think it’s all gold but ..it has a black features at the front too almost shading it from embroidery of our initials.  You can’t have possibly seen it anywhere else but..on my finger and my brother’s.
He lost his in the beach, probably at the buttom of the ocean and I believe he must have lost mine too. But…I don’t know. ” He sighs.
“I should take you home” he finally says
She doesn’t say anything more, they drive back in silence.
Charles. . Follows them at a safe distance,  only stopping when they stop.
As soon as Darrel drives away, he waits for 10 minutes and drives up to the streets and gets out of the car. 
He rings the bell to their apartment. 
“Are you fxxking kidding me?” Damaris exclaims when Lidhya tells her all about Darrel and the paintings of his wife and how much they look alike. And the death of her and his twin
“That’s fxxking sad and creepy at the same time.” She says
“They never caught the guy you know. The killer.’ Lidhya says hugging herself, she was sitting on the bed.
“Who the Fxxk goes  into a home and shoots bloody strangers ?” She throws her hand smup in the air. Lidhya shrugs staring into space and thinking..
Thinking about Darrel.
‘So what’s going to happen now. You aren’t his faith.  I mean I sympthatise with him and all but..you are Lidhya and I know you can’t be a twin of the dead lady. I mean, you are like what 26 years old and he looks what..in this middle 30s and his wife should be…what in her 30s too if she were still alife which technically makes it In possible for you both to be twins nor even related. You do know that right?”
“I know..but. .. you should have seen him. So heartbroken even after so many years and I just wanted to comfort him but didn’t know how to. How do you comfort a man who has Beingn broken for ten years, alone and…sad. you can’t.  So I just stood there and told him I was sorry. But…having her pictures all around me and I wonder what it would have  been for him to see her in  me…the memories must have caused him to loose balance centre yesterday,  the pain and joy. The happiness and the sadness. .. it was heartbreaking Damz. ‘ she says
Damz sighs nodding. ‘Hey; I don’t even know what she looks like. Mayb she does look exactly as you say but Whooaaaa! !!!” Damaris exclaims
While she was talking Lidhya had picked her phone and done a search on google. 
“Luke Philips. Son of political senator Arnold Philips.  

Mrs Philips , married to Darrel Philps. 

Both found dead in the painter’s apartment on the night of Arnold fund raising events .
Pictures of their last scene before the incident.” Lidhya reads out , showing the phone to Damaris who scrolls to the pictures. . When she gets to Faiths last moments during the event while she posed to the camera with a happy smiling Darrel,  Damaris begins to shake her head..
“Holy fxxking cow!!!” She exclaims 
“She looks like You. No you look like her. The Fxxk! !” She says ” Why won’t the poor guy not want to pass out. The resemebslce is ..uncanny!!” 
“You should have seen the paintings like I was staring at myself and wondering when I had those beautiful paintings done and wasn’t aware.’ Lidhya sighs
“You know there is another explanation for this. Because she isn’t your twin and You aren’t hers.  You were obvouisly born a couple of years after she was born and you both have..a slightly different colour of skin but every fxxking things looks thesame.  So..there is another explanation for this ”
“Which is?”
“Have you ever heard of Doppelgangers? ”
“Nope. What’s that?”
” Well,  The word doppelganger is German and literally means double walker yeah?  β€” as in a ghost or shadow of yourself. An easy way to remember it is that doppelganger sounds like double, as in someone who looks exactly like you both you both don’t share any relation what so ever. These days, most people don’t refer to the ghost meaning when talking about doppelgangers: they just mean someone who looks a lot like you or could be your twin.” Damaris says
Lidhya looks at her as though she was a foreign  creature ..
“So I am what,  faith’s Doppelganger? Her ghost or her double.  Is that what you are saying. Do I look like a ghost to you?”
Damaris laughs…” Well I wonder why you sleep naked and keeps staring out the window in a quiet room. Maybe you are and communicating with your dead double. You never know” she winks. 
‘Stop fooling around Damz. Not funny”
“Scared Lid?”
“No. It doesn’t just make sesne” she says folding her arms
“Well that’s the only other explanation or unless you want to dig into your family history to know whether there once… once a faith in

your lineage. But don’t fret, I have heard a couple of people who do look insanely alike so….big deal. But  Still, that is pretty spooky.” She points to the phone and to Lidhya 
“I don’t want o go around looking like a dead person Damaris and I sure as well won’t be termed her doppelganger.”  Lidhya tells tells her 
The bell startles them
“Expecting guests? ” Lidhya askes her.  Damaris shakes her head.
:maybe Darrel came back. I thought he said he left as soon as he drops you off”?
“He did drive off ” Lidhya says
Damaris goes to the window and peeps. A smile breaking across her face.
“Its charles!!” She queeps jumping. , 
“Oh crap.  I didn’t tell you” she has a micheieveous glint in her eyes
“Tell me what?” Lidhya looks at her mischievously,
“Well, we kinda like hooked up this morning while you were out.. well before you went out. You know when  I told you I had to go..Erm. .meet a friend. .early this morning.” She draws circles with her feet
“You didn’t did you?”
“I think I sort of did and it was…fxxking fantastic. I swear he was so great and I almost wanted to literally die out of happiness. Urhh!!” She squeals.
‘Damaris you just met the guy and the next thing you are sleeping with him. You dont even know him. What’s wrong with you?”
“Nothing.  Look, he is great and I like him and he says he likes me right back. I mean, you know how many times he had called me today to tell me he misses me? Misses holding and kissing me and making love to me? I mean.. he is right outside this door and you think he isn’t a great guy and totally for keeps? C’omon,  sometimes you just have to close your eyes and take a leap. And I am doing just that…you should do. You know what, I think you should hang around with darrel,  he might be broken and sad but..he looks like a sweet enough guy. But you have to make sure he sees you as Lidhya not as his dead wife. ” 
The bell goes off again
Lidhya had a hotbretort on her lips but decides to keep it in, the door opens to reveal charles smiling with a flower infront of him.
She crushes him in a hug and a fleeting kiss then she pulls him inside.
Lidhya gets up,..
“Oh hey charles you remember my friend Lidhya from the party yesterday?”
He nods, a smile on his face but it doesnt reach his eyes..
“Yes yes I do. Helo Lidhya, how are you. I am sorry to barge in on you girls but.. I wanted to see Damaris.  I hope you don’t mind.” he says giving her his hands, she places her in his
‘Helo charles. I am well, and you? No no..it’s fine. You are already here. I would just leave you both ”
He shakes her warmly, something creases her palms as he let’s go. 
He was wearing a ring.
A gold ring. She doesn’t pay attention to it as she rubs her palm .
“I should leave you to to it” she says
“No no, you don’t need to.. afterall you both are practically sisters. I would want to get to know you too. I mean, a friend of Damaris should be my friend to right.  I wouldn’t want to date a girl without her friend giving me permission to now can I? ”
Damaris was blushing opening.
“You want to date me?’
“Yes ma’am I sure do. ”
“And you haven’t asked me yet”
“Well that’s what i am doing right now ma’am, afterall the way you kept saying that she was your sister and friend and your everything. So I think it would be great to ask for permission to have you my lovely lady as my woman,  so what do you say miss Lidhya ”
Lidhya looks at him, Damaris was swooning beside him already, gluing him as though he was the last peace of chocolate on the planet. That’s why she wasn’t thinking straight.
There was something about him that was unsettling.  Was it the way his eyes follows her, or the way he smiles and it never gets to his eyes, or his aura.
She doesn’t know jut…it felt abit unsettling. .
‘Well I don’t think you need my permission for that Charles. Damaris is a big girl and she can decide for herself..if it’s left to me I would have suggested you guys get to know each other a bit more but…
“But nothing Lidhya. ” she cuts her off 

“Ofcourse I would love to be your girlfriend charles.  Here is my answer even before you ask.'”  She says hugging him and giving him a loud kiss.
Charles laughs patting her knee.
“So, now that we have that settled, why don’t I know about you Lidhya.  ” He says staring at her directly to her eyes , 
“You did what? ” James askes him
“I took her to the house ,”
“You haven’t been there for years and now you take a strange woman there to show her a picture of faith?”
“Yes: ” he says sitting down,  
“James, didnt you not see her at the party yesterday because if you did, you would understand ” darrel says
“I mean you were behind me you should have seen her..she..she looked exactly like faith James.  I swear it..you were right there and you didn’t see her? 
“I admit my eyes were on a certain damsel who took advantage of me and was running for my life when her mother theatened to squash my balls. And to answer your question.  No I didn’t see her or anyone who looked like faith Darrel.’ He admits trying to recollect the event of yesterday. 
“Then you won’t understand ” darrel says sighing.
“I know you miss her Darrel. I see you suffer..I have seen you try to hide your pain and struggle through it all. I may not understand it because losing someone you love is devasting. But I can only sympthatise with you and give you a shoulder to cry on and then give you a hand to stand up. But its been 10 years my friend.  You married at a young age to the love of your life. But sadly life took her away from you and your brother. It’s time to move on darrel. .it’s time to give life another chance. You can’t keep seeing her in faces of another woman. You can’t live your life alone in sadness and loneliness . She would want you to move on ..find love again  and move on..be happy. It’s been 10 years darrel.  Let it go!!”
“10 years and he was never found.  10 years and I still have this pain like a gaping wound refusing to heal. Ten long years and she still fills my dreams.  10 years james and I can’t look into the mirror and not see my Lucas staring back at me and laughing with that glint of mischievousness in his eyes or asking me how hot he looked in a tux or that  he just wants to talk to me..heart to heart as boys telling me all his secrets and I him. Ten long years and I still hear her laughter or feel his arms around my shoulders patting me. It’s still like yesterday James and it’s not something I can forget.  How do I live again..how, . Who can love a broken and sad man James.  I am better off alone ..in my misery. That’s my punishment for not being there to protect her, to protect him from the claws of death James. It plagues me till this day” he cover his hands to his face
James comes to stand beside him, placing a hand on his shoulder. 
“You have been living Darrel,  everyday you became better and for a while you have. But..seeing who you think you saw only reminded you of the one you lost. It may be a good thing or a bad thin. Most people would run away from someone who remind them of their pain. But you…you forge  ahead anyways and I don’t know why. Maybe you should forget about this girl who has you away . ..thinking  of faith. You need to let faith go…”
“I can’t let her go. Thesame way I can’t let luke go. They are a part f me. I can only lock the memories away but I can’t forget. But..she, Lidhya,  I don’t know James ”
James sighs. , trying to change topic..

“So Samantha and I hooked up again a Couple  of times this morning, she came over  to my  place” he was beaming
Darrell scoffs at his weak attempt of changing topics
“You know, her mother wants you both to get married and have babies” James adds. 
” She told me about her mother’s plans to hook you both for a while now but she has no interest whatsoever to go along with it..especially to spite her mother who for the life of me can’t phantom why she hates her”
Darrell smiles  ” I got a couple of missed calls form her PA, and mails inviting me for brunch/dinner etc.  I sent a decline invite. You are welcome to her James.  I have no interests for spoilt little girls”
“You have no interest on girls what so er” James says moving away from him
‘This Lidhya you speak off, ” James continous 
“Oh nothing.  Was just wondering just maybe she could even help to take your mind off things even though she reminds you of your faith; she isn’t your faith. And..she isnt her twin obviously just someone you say looks so absolutely  much like her. So, …
“Why don’t you not think of her as faith but as Lidhya for starters. ”
“I don’t understand what you mean james”
“Oh you do Darrell. You need a woman in your life anyways. Besides you  have been running the opposite direction when women come close to you. Avoid functions and women like a plague. Now all of a sudden.. you meet Lidhya who you say remind you of our dear faith.  And you take her home and show her faith. Okay. But get this, you don’t run the other way.  You go talk to her and you say  you gave her your card and you actually talked to her. Meeting her up infact.  Now that’s a good progress I haven’t gotten you to do for the past ten years. So…. I say, even though she reminds you of faith..which is sad. Why don’t you . Live for you for once.  Forget faith and. ..get to know Lidhya . She might just be another rising sun in your darkened and broken heart  you never know. When are you seeing to see her again,?”
“I am not!! Well we didn’t talk about that”
“Why the hell not?. Look why don’t you call her up. Take her out to a nice place. Hell, guess what tomorrow is? It’s valentine !! I would even set up a nice romantic dinner for both of you in an exotic restaurant.  Bills on me. But today. .. I need you to forget about the past for once in your life darrel and live in the moment and start all over. It may not be with her but… for today and for tomorrow .  Don’t think about faith, don’t think about luke. Don’t think about the past and try as much as possible to not see faith in her. Her name is Lidhya not faith.  Lidhya darrel not faith. Go out!   have fun. Get laid if possible but just live in the moment and let tomorrow take care of itself. You still too young my friend. .you can still fall inlove again and what do you know…it’s valentine the city of love. Let cupid shoot your stale heart with an arrow    … . Let the past go. It’s closed. Leave it. You need to start leaving again. …..”
“I don’t want to James.  I don’t need anyone to take her place’
“No one can darrel. .I am just saying you need to open your heart for healing and only love can heal a broken heart. Time heals they say but I swear I wonder if you froze it because it ain’t working on you. Maybe love can. .” James sits in his desk one butt style 
Darrel shakes his head 
“Give me your phone ”
“Why?” Darrel eyes him suspiciously..
“Stop asking questions darrel and give me your phone. Now!!” 
Darrell hands James his phone..
James dails his last number and waits for it to ring…
“What are you doing ?”
“Calling youtr date for tonight”..
“What ..wait.. don’t.  Cut the damn phone James. .”
He raises a finger..
“Too late it’s ringing. ..Sssshhh! !”
“Have a boyfriend? ” Charles askes lidha
“Lidhya hasn’t had a man for years. Suffering from a broken heart” Damaris says sitting back next to him and hands him a glass of wine
Lidhya smiles  “No I don’t. ”
“Then who was the person I saw you with,  tod’- erm.yesterday at the party. You both seemed cozy together?”
Where you watching me,  ?
“Who was she with?” Damaris askes too curious, 
“Oh, some tall looking dude, clean shaven, wearing a black suit , drives an expensive car and looks like a billion bucks?” A sly smile curls his lips
“Oh?” Damaris says
“You say you are in the US Army?”
“Yes ma’am” he nods smiling at the way she changed the subject.
There was something she was hiding..
Something he had to find out.
“And you were on the mayor’s detail last  night?”
“Yes ma’am” he nods again
“I hear the mayor is having a comference out ot time today; why aren’t you with him. You being on his security detail I assume you are still on duty.  It’s on the news, the conference is going on now…” she says
Damaris nods,  Mrs plimbleton had mentioned it last night while they were leaving.
It was an important cumference. 
He smiles ” we have shifts replacements ma’am. By tomorrow I may be on an sissginemt not today I ine. ” ays
For some reason Lidhya didn’t seem to believe him, she was about to say something when her phone rings..
Damaris had started saying something into his ears and she was blushing.  He smiles but he doesn’t stop glancing back to Lidhya 
“Helo?” Lidhya says getting up not recognising the number
“Oh..hi. who .? James..? I am sorry I don’t know  a white by is I think it’s a wrong number. ..Oh. .Yes I do know who Darrel Philips is. Oh..okay..” she pauses
Charles ears picks up her conversation 
“Oh hi Darrel. No I am fine. how are you.? Oh!!’. Today   … I I don’t know” she stares back at Damaris and charles,  he takes his her off her and places a kiss on Damaris lips. She giggles. 
Stupid girl. 

He smirks.
“Okay. No I am not busy it’s fine.okay; I ..would be waiting” she says cutting the call.
‘Who was that?” Charles askes, Damaris looks at him., he smiles 
“I mean I am just concerned. She doesn’t look too happy with the conversation and I was abit worried. No one hurts a friend of my girl. ” he tries to buttress it
Damaris smiles , ” aren’t you the most adorable man. Isn’t he the most sweet guy Lidhya” she looks at Lidhya 
A kiss is shared between them.
“Who was that anyways?” She askes breaking from the kiss
Lidhya looks at Charles before answering. .
“Its ..Darrel..he  is coming to get me.” She says
Why did something like fear jump in his eyes,  

Or was she seeing things 
“Who is Darrel? ” He askes looking away from her to Damaris
“Darrel Philips?  Hello!! He is like the hottest rich billonaire at this side of the streets  and apparently when he saw Lidhya yesterday he almost fainted . And now today having gone out with him she just found out that his w-
“Damaris Everton! !! ” Lidhya calls her name,Damaris snaps her head to her
“Oops sorry, I shouldn’t tell you all that!” 
“Tell me what? ” Charles says trying to coax it out of her 
“Well, Lidhay isn’t comfortable about it.” She says shrugging 
“She shouldn’t talk about   what I tell her to a today stranger. No offence” Lidhya says to him
‘No. None taken” he replies .
But he would really want to know what they weren’t saying.
“So, darrel is coming to get you. Maybe he likes you. ..and that was just some hogwash bulshits he spilled. Okay, that’s isn’t fair. It’s the truth he spilled but maybe he likes you…..”
Lidhya rolls her eyss.. Damaris should shut up sometimes.
And why was he staring at her that way.
‘See , that wasnt so hard was it darrel? ” 
Darrel doesn’t say anything
“Don’t worry, I just booked a nice place for you both to go to tomorrow nut for now…why don’t you go home, shower, look great and go pick you your date. And….make sure you ..make good of this opportunity ”
“I can’t do this james” darrel says working to the window. 
“it’s just a date darrel I ain’t asking you to go kill sometime or sell your testicle to the highest bidder. .look, if it doesn’t go well I promise to back off for a few days and don’t pester you to have a life.  Besides she sounds  nice over the phone when she answered and..you..seemed a nervous wreck while talking to her. Look, its just a harmless innocent date  and if it goes south. I promise to stay off your face for a month at least. Deal?”
“Good. Now if you excuse me, Samantha plimbleton has just found her way to my house again. I swear that girl would be the death of me”
Darrell laughs.

Now ..
What was he going to do?”
Charles seemed to be interested in knowing about her and her ‘Darrell ”
Which she doesn’t answer.
“Damz can I talk to you for a minute? ”
When Damaris was beside her she drops her voice.
“I don’t like him”
“Why the hell not?”
“Because he is unsettling and keeps asking questions about me and I don’t get why he does that’
“He is just trying to make conversation Lidhya and get to know my friend whom i praised to him btw”
“Look, I mean he says he is in US Army, was it blue flyers batch right?A security  detail for the Mayor and he was seen fratenizing with us while on duty.  And now he isn’t with the mayor out of town?..
“Are you saying he is a lair?” Damaris was upset.
“No Damaris I am just saying to be careful. ”
“Well you should go out with your rich boyfriend and let me settle in with my lover.” Damaris says offended.
Lidhay sighs. .
Their bell rings again, 
Lidhya takes a change of cloths to the bathroom.and changes into another dress, powders her nose and wears a lip balm, she grabs her bag
‘Damaris. ..you want to come say hi?”
“No!!” She continues talking to charles who shifts his face from her to Lidhya 
“Is something wrong ” He askes
“No. Nothing is babe. Lidhya is going out’ she says. 
Lidhya gives her a small sigh  , she was sorry if she offended her. 
“I am sorry Damariz” she says, walking out of the door .
“Whats wrong with both of you babe?was it me?” He askes her
Damaris shakes her head “just girl stuff.  It’s nothing to be worried about”.
‘So, what was that you both were talking about  and she didn’t want you to tell me?
She shrugs.. “it’s nothing ”
He pulls her to him, caressing her face.
“You know since we are alone, why don’t we have that pillow talk …” he winks at her
She blushes
He wonders if he could make her talk after or during the sex.
He wonders also if Lidhya and the one  who looks like the one who was dead be talking about him too.
Lidhya also reminds him of her, and the way she stares at him tells him she doesn’t trust him.
That’s why he needs to know what they don’t want him to know..
He rubs the ring around his finger,..
Dead men don’t talk….
But the living does.
Darrel and Lidhya seat across the table from each other,  
They haven’t spoken a word to each other but just silently eating.
Once they were done, 
“You want anything else?”
“No thank you, I am stuffed ” she replies. 
“Okay ” he smiles turning away the waiter
Another 30 minutes pass.
Maybe he shouldn’t have listened to James and brought her out 
What would they talk about..
He wanted to talk about his wife and brother and the life he lived but…
James says no.
He sighs
“Whats wrong.”
He shakes his head..”nothing ” 
“Do you want me to take you home?” He asked.
He didn’t want to bore her any more.
She looks up at him, not knowing what to say too.
“Okay ” she nods
As they head to his car he opens his door.
This was the second time in two days he went without an escorts and a bodyguard in his car. He hated the “No Privacy “memo as an elite family  he hated  the spotlight. 
While they drove in silence, he watches her from the side of his eyes. .
He wanted to call her but…she wasn’t his faith.
“Forget faith. Let her go. Let the past go” he blinks
She was staring out the window,  
“I do understand your pain Darrell” she tells him without looking at him. “I do see you struggle not to call me faith. ” 
He looks straight ahead, swallowing hard.
“But I am not faith. I am  or your faith. I am Lidhya.  And I hope one day your heart becomes completely healed so that you can let your memory of her come to rest.  You deserve closure darrell and they deserve to rest in peace. ” she stares at him.. placing her hand lighting on his..
He couldn’t take it anymore..
He screeches the car to a stop and jumps out of it..
Backing her..
She could see his shoulders heave up and down, shakingly. .
She let’s him be for a few minutes then she gets down,  the breeze ash on her skin, kissing her shoulders she goes to him
“You have to let it all out. All the pain and let it go” she tells him.
He doesn’t say anything. . 
He backed her and let the tears flow freely..
He hadnt really allowed himself to really cry out his pain, hiding behind closed doors, locking it away when he had to smile for people to tell them he was fine.
Tonight, it felt like a fresh wound ..hurting him all over again.
He let’s the tears fall.
As though washing away his pains, his agony…
He let’s it fall.
Without knowing why she did it, or thinking…she goes to him, putting her arms through his arms from behind she wraps her arms around him..squeezing him tight 
They stay like that for a couple of minutes..
When he doesnt stop she goes infront of him , gathering him into her arms she brings his head to her shoulders . Wrapping him again
He hugs her back…and let’s the tears flow..
“Ssshhhhhh!” Its okay
‘Its okay ” she says..
They break away a couple of minutes later.
“I am sorry ” he says embarrassed.  His eyes red.
“Don’t be”
“You know what’s a good aprodiziac for pain?” She askes
He looks curiously at her
“Icecream! Chocolates and cake!! ” She smiles at him
“Those are for girls with a broken heart ” he says
“Well, let’s be girls today yes.  Let’s pretend we have broken hearts then…shall we??”
Smiling he nods..
They drive and he  gets them all that she askes, sitting in the car they lick the Icecream,  eat the chocolates and the cakes..
Lightening his mood she tells him about her self..

Her childhood, her parents and her school life. She tells him of her heart  heartbreak  how she literally stays of men. They were trouble.
“Am I trouble?” He askes
“Nope. You are the exception to the rule. You ..are a girl at the moment ” she winks. He laughs
She tells him of her sucky job at the cafeteria . She tells him of her two best friends.. Damaris and Samantha how they have grown to love each others as sisters 
“Where are your family now?” He askes her
“Mum is remarried..pops ..never knew him… mum and my step father Jacob are great though but they moved outter states.” He nods
He smiles.. “vacating out of states too” she smiles. 
They talk about everything , soon he found himself relaxing, listening to her talk. 
Most times he sees faith, laughing in her a laugh,  smiling in her smile, her eyes sparkling in  her sparkle and he was tempted to touch her hands like he always did, or draw her close to him and kiss her.

Just the way he always did.
“Not faith. This is Lidhya not faith” he mentally repeats to himself. .
As the night waned,  he was more drawn to her than he had been earlier..
Yes she wasn’t his faith but despite that she reminded him of her..in her physcialness and similar in her traits. .
She had this special uniqueness about her..
The way she plays with her hair, throws her head back to laugh, roll her eyes, curl her toes up and say “yumm” everytime she took a spoon of Icecream. Or bit on the chocolate. 
She was a touchy person..

Lightly touching his arm here and there…
Hitting his chest with the flat of he palm.when he says something silly. 
The more he talked with her, the more the pain in his chest seem to lighten
The more he saw her laugh, the more he wanted to keep her laughing. .
And for a strange reason he liked the way she laughted..wholeheartedly.
He hadnt been able to talk to a woman like this for years and he forgot how to be around them, impress them. He didn’t care to after faith. He didn’t need to 
But here was lidha. His faith-kinda-lidhya. Who saw a broken man break down and didn’t bolt for the next bus but was here sitting and laughing in the dark at the dead of the night with him.
Why did he feel. ..good about it and guilty too.
He sighs. .
“Whats wrong?” She askes concerned.  “Did I say anything wrong?”
“No..Nothing at all” he says staring at her..
They become quiet ..too quiet..
She didn’t want him to lapse back into his sad mood ..so she did the first thing that came to her mind. .
She leans into him.and kisses his cheeks
“That’s for being a good girl company in yout first trial of icecream-chocolatey-cakey momenta’ she says
He chuckles
Then she begins to giggle..
“What? ” He askes
She points to his cheeks,  laughing …”What? ”
“You have a stain on your cheeks. I think that’s my fault?!” She says smiling 
He flips the mirror down and looks, yes he did have icecream on his cheeks.. he laughs. .
“You did that on purpose didn’t you?”
She nods, 
He laughs, “now amma icecream- the -cheeks-man” he says
She laughs. . He joins her 
She likes his laugh.  He should laugh some more. He looked less sadder now..
He looked younger when he smiled, he indeed was a looker.
He made to clean it but she stops him, taking his hanky from him 
“Let me help you with that”  she sugessted
“Well. .Erm omay” he says
But instead of using the hanky she leans into him, close to his face she licks off the icecream to his cheeks.
He hadnt felt a woman so close to him for years..10 years infact, the whip of her perfume reaches his nose..
He closes his eyes.. 
Faith used to smell so good.
Stop thinking about faith!!
He opens his eyes to stare at her, she was staring at him, a few breaths space away 
They stay like that for a few seconds. .
Why are you so close to him like that Lidhya? She askes herself.
She was just going to lick out the icecream. From his face..and pull away but..
Now she wanted to close the distance..
And kiss him but was scared he might pull away..reject her, recoil back to his sad mopping stare
They just stare at each other..
He hadnt kissed another woman other than faith. 10 long years and he habit been with another woman..
He didn’t know how to react to lidha almost a few breath space away from him.
“I am sorry” she says pulling away, feeling embarrassed
He sighs,  leaning back. His heart beating fast.
Phew!! He exhales. 
They stay like that for a few minutes. .
“Go out with me tomorrow? ” He askes her. James already had a day planned he might as well take her out tommorow
‘What like on a date. Valentine date? It’s too overated. I don’t go out on that day”
“Well, I have a booking already and I would hate to let it all go to waste ” he says ..and James won’t let him be
“What if I don’t? ”
“Well I got to pretend to be  a girl for you today atleast play my date Tomorrow for me and we are even”
He smiles. She smiles back.
“Okay then ‘”
He drives her home…laughing listening to her sing horribly at the top of her voice to a song she liked.
She was a happy child despite . 
Strangely he liked her carefree spirit ..
When they get to her house he walks her to her door..
“Thank you” he says
“For what,?”
“For being….you. different. You!!” He says, ” see you tomorrow.  ” he says turning away

She watches him go back to his car..
He opens his door and made to enter 
He feels a tap ; he turns  ..
“Boo! !”
She says.
He throws back his head in laughter   ” i swear you play alot!” He says calming down 
“I know, I have been told” she says  then she tiptoes and kisses his cheeks
And before she pulls away he catches her wrists.  Pulling her hack to him.
She leans in towards him,, her hands flat on his chest. He rests his forehead to hers, saying nothing he closes his eyes and just holds her to him.
She let’s him hold her like that. Closing her eyes too they stay.
As though fighting a struggling battle within himself he sighs, defeated he tilts her face,  slowly…and places a tiny kiss to her lips..
He doesn’t let her go. Then he kisses her again,  a kiss she immediately responds to..
As the kiss deepen she wraps her arms around him and let’s him savour her lips as she tastes from his too.
Liplocked for what felt like forever he releases her and places a kiss to her forehead..
“Goodnight Lidhya ” he says… 
She watches the car disappear before she let’s out her breath..
Maybe, having a Valentine afterall wasn’t such a bad idea.
She touches her hands to her lips..
She couldn’t believe he just kissed her. And she liked it.
She liked him.
Sadness must have made them cross parts but…
What if…this was a start of something new for both of them.
Now she couldn’t wait till tomorrow. .
She goes back inside with a smile on her face.

Somewhere in the dark.  A shadow watches them , rubbing the ring he had to his finger
Damariz had said alot during their pillow sex session..
But she refused to say anything about lidha and the one who looked like the dead one. Because she was upset and angry at what lidha said .
No matter how he tried to pacify her she just wanted a good shagging and fell asleep.
Maybe he should pay the living one a visit…
He couldn’t continue with the guessing games, his dreams was  filled with the woman in white … and the one who is dead.. dancing like fades pictures over his face.
Haunting him.
Haunting him through them..
Tomorrow he would find out what they know and end this taunts once and for all.
“Tomorrow. ..” he says as he disappears into the dark…


To be continued 



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Love is (chp2) (feb12th)


Love is…(Chapter 2)

 ”  Memories in a box..

        Reality like the sun. .

           Dead men don’t talk!!!. 




Fresh out of college, Darrell Philips had just one plan. 
Marry Faith.!!
She had been his high school sweetheart since he turned 16th. They dated throughout college and it was evident, a very likely possibility that they would end up together.
“You know mum and dad ain’t going to like it?” Luke told him.
“Fxxk what mum and dad likes. It’s my life” Darrell replied
“You know pops got plans for you and I when we are done with school. He wants us in the company ..to run things. The doctor says he doesn’t need so much stress in his life right now. With the recent heart attack and all” luke says sitting on the chair.
“I know what the doctor says. I love dad I do , but I don’t want to be part of what he is doing.  I …I want to be an artist . .. I love to draw. I want to have paintings all over the world..That’s what I want. I went into the sciences because he asked me to. I did everything because he asked, only drawing and painting in my free time. Because of him I had to cancel my trip to dubai for an arts exhibition gig and pulled my work out. Now I can’t marry the girl I love because he doesn’t think she suits his critera of a suitable daughter-in-law,? Because her parents aren’t as rich as us and she is what….from a low caste and went to college on a fund charity case from the government?  I don’t care about that and I don’t care that he cares about that. It’s my life and I love her and I am going to marry her. That’s it”  Darrell Philips seats next to his brother, frowning. 
“What does mum think?”
“She thinks I should listen to pops. But I am tired of him running my life for me..I am sick of it. I don’t want to go into the family business or be part of his company.  You are there,  you apparently love it more than I do. I don’t get why he doesn’t just stick with you. Afterall we both can’t run it at the same time.” 
“Well he seems to think we can. Besides it won’t be fun without you there. Yes I admit I love working with dad during the summer breaks and it intrigues me how he manages to do all that he does. Running an oil company is a huge job, tasking even and it’s great I won’t deny , the prospect of having to run it in his stead one day is exciting,  but..pops wants you there. Us there! ”
“Well I don’t.  I want faith. I want a life out of this light…and public scrutiny and politics and everything. A quiet life , out in an island surrounded by my paintings, the sea, wild life and my princess, faith beside me. I would be content” Darrell says looking at his brother.
“And I want the exact opposite.  Sports cars, bugattis,  private jets and tuxs, women, the money and life of luxury,  the gold embroidered of my name, a hug ass company pumping money and a long life to enjoy all this” Luke winks
Darrell scoffs. 
“And yet I wonder how we are so alike in features, appearances, ever thing physical is so identical and yet we are so different ” luke added.
Darrel smiles looking at his brother,  blood of his blood , a few seconds apart. They did everything together,  from throwing tantrums to the mischievous things little boys did, to the rebellions of growing teens to the youthful exuberance of young adults 

 But as time waned,  the years climbing …Darrell suddenly found the the excessive activities of clubbing, Drinking, late nights and women and materialness like a bore, like bile rising up his throat. He soon started to excuse himself from such activities, preferring to spend the days and nights alone, focusing on his painting and drawing.. and when he met faith,everything just made sense.
And he realised that money and wealth was nothing.. when you didn’t have love and peace. She was his love and she gave him peace and he knew with her by his side he could brace the storm. .
And the storm came, from his parents,  from his family. His status was higher than hers , she was too poor.  It would look  bad for them. Pops was trying to go into politics, ,aiming for senatorial position. 
They needed to form an alliance with an equally rich family to solidify their foundation in the elite family status.
But he didn’t care.  They had luke,  luke licked everything they loved and did all they asked. He was enough.  Why did they want him too. He wanted out to live life the way he wanted with the woman he loved.
And no one would stop him from being happy.. not even his family.
“It isn’t scientifically proven that twins should be alike in physical features and also in minds and acts and preferences.  There are times were we have same thoughts,  know when the other is sick or in trouble or wear thesame colours of cloths without pre-talking about it or say something in unison even without knowing etc.  But we still have individual thoughts and those thoughts have a preference for a certain lifestyle that sometimes are a alien to the other twin. That’s the stage we are in now ..”
Luke nods scratching his jaw. .. ‘ you know that , that don’t make sense” he says
“That’s what I thought. ” Darrell smiles wryly. 
“So what are you going to do Darrell? Fight mum and pops on this?
“Yes. That’s what I am going to do” he admits
“Cool. I would be standing next to you on that one. We shared thesame womb for 9 months, so technically we are stuck to each  other for life even though you are a pain in my nuts some times. I still love you…” he smiles nudging Darrell’s jaw playfully.
Darrel laughs..” Yes we did. Thanks man. I love you too..”
“C’mon. Let’s go face the parents and get your girl”

They marry a few months later, the world didn’t come to an end. 
Well, except that, pops cut him off from his will, 
Mom was furious. Luke was livid.
Darrel didn’t care. He had a good job at the museum.  He sold his paintings and Faith, beautiful faith was a lawyer and they were okay. 
Life went on.
He saw his mother every once in a while,  luke was like his shadow .. visiting like he was owed something. Faith loved him like a brother,..
Pops was cold towards him, luke was the vice president of his company .
He still went to their house accasionally to see his mother, his father hardly says anything back to him in return,  .
He didn’t miss a birthday or an anniversary,  he loved his father 
His mother came around to loving faith two years later,. Faith and luke was inseparable, luke was like the brother she never had.
On their 4th year together , his pops suffers an heart heart again,..
On his hospital bed, they reconciled. He accepts faith as his daughter in law .

“Life is too short” he says
Family had a thanksgiving reunion at home, pops invited the entire elite group.
His father  made senator. He ran a multimillionaire oil servicing company. His brother luke was his right hand man and Darrell, was content in being a simple son with a loving wife.
Life was good. Life was beautiful and fair.
Sometimes sad and unfair.
Faith had a miscarriage;  she fell down some flight of stairs while leaving work one day.
She couldn’t have kids anymore.
It  broke her, devasted her but it never stopped him from loving her. 
She wanted kids. They wanted kids

 It took a while to get used to the idea of not going to have one of their own.
They decided that they were going to adopt.
He loved his wife faith with  intensely , whatever she wanted he was going to support her.
His family were in support.
But every thing changed..
Just one day.
 That faithful day, 5 years ago.
They had delivered her dress she picked out from the boutique. 
It was a white lovely dress,  she had earlier gone to the salon and had her hair done, letting it flow to the back.
She was beautiful,  everytime she smiled at him his heart literally stopped. Five long years and she still made him weak in his knees when he looks at her.
Loving her has been his life’s gift. Being blessed with her was all the happiness he needed.
They were going for one of his Father’s  numerious and lavish occasions. 
After making senator, they had this huge ass parties every now and then, fund raisers, charities concerts, conferences and the whole shebang .
He didn’t miss attending this functions but faith,  faith loved to attend them.and whenever his father sends him an invitation,  faith was soo excited to go that he doesn’t refuse.
“You know it’s because of you I am here. ” He would tell her 
“I know babe” she says holding his hands in hers, she would place them to her cheeks and wink at him
“I hate this things. ” He admits to her again a thousand times.
“I know.  But..you have to love them for me. Don’t worry, just stare at me throughout the party, dance with only  me and if they ask you why you aren’t part of your father’s company and taking a seat at his side,..tell them that your wife keeps you so busy and tired and fagged out that you wouldn’t be able to concerntrate in the mornings and you wouldn’t want to ruin your father’s business ” she says innocently..
Darrell laughs.. , remembering how they almost didn’t leave the house because she was suddenly in the mood and she told him he looked too darn hot and sexy that she would run mad if he didn’t have her then and there on the table..he happily obliged.
“Aren’t you a sexy naughty girl” he pinches her cheeks.
“Only for you babe” she would say kissing his lips.
Staring out the window. .he would sigh
“Shall we go bedazzle them? ” She would say linking her hands with his .
Because she was here and she was his and he knew with her he could walk through a wall and come out okay. .. she was his rock. Even when things hit the fan she was still his achor..

There was so many reasons why he loved her, reasons that he couldn’t even explain…but one thing he knew was that he loved her because she was she… and there was no one he could love as insanely and passionately as he loved her..
And that’s why…on that day.. Feb 11th. .
When he found her in the pool of her own blood, staining her white dress as the whole gapped from her stomach, 
Like a mad man he cried, ..
And a few feets from her, his brother laid, his eyes open as though in shock,the bullet had gone through the space between his eyes..

He remembered how she looked just a few hours earlier..
She was standing by the window in his study, waiting for him to be done with his business call. He had paintings to deliver for a gallary event out in dakota.
Whenever she was back from work and wasn’t busy with files from clients.
He found her in his study..
“I love to watch the sun go down from here” she told him once when he asked her why she always stood there staring into space. 
“Really? ” He would ask coming behind her., kissing her neck and shoulders
“Yes. It’s relaxing too.  Most times I come here to think..”
“What about?”
“Everything. . Life. What ifs. .. little  darrel and faith. Sometimes I just stare, the dancing trees,  the beauty of nature is intruguing and here, is so quiet compared to the rest of the house. I wish we could change this study to a room,  with a door here and a love seat at the corner… it would be beautiful you know. The sun rays coming in shyly,,the stars blinking and the moon hiding behind the cloud.  It’s a beautiful sight baby and I am just drawn to the peace and tranquility of it all. And…I get lost in thoughts, just standing and staring” she would say leaning into him, he would rock her on his feet side to side while he wraps her in his arms. 

That day wasn’t any different. . But she had a smile on her face when he approached  her
“You look breathing beautiful ” he told her , rolling her hair in his finger
Her curves were properly accentuated,  the white dress did justice to her beautiful body, her smile was radiant and her eyes sparkled..
He had watched her for a few minutes before coming to her, mentally taking a picture of her, he was going to draw her just like this when he got home. 
His finest works we were always of her, he took pride in drawing and showcasing her
“You are my muse. My inspiration ” he tells her all too often..
He was going to suprise her with this too .. a painting of her in how she looked today, exactly …in the white dress .
“Purity ‘he mused . He already had a theme for the piece. . Because she looked exactly that, pure and untouched by the vices of this world despite all that she had gone through. 
They had gone to the party afterwards, 
They came home,  happy. Tired.  
Luke had decided to spend the night with them. Calling them to tell them thay he was on his way
Darrel got a call from his father , he needed to see him urgently .
He left. After luke comes.
He shouldn’t have.
He came home to find his house unlocked and no one was answering.
It was quiet, his place was trashed and nothing seemed to be stolen. 
But something was wrong.
While he dailed 911..
He couldn’t stop the rising fear in  his heart.
Where was faith.
Where was luke.

There in the living room, he found them.
They had been dead for a couple of hours atleast 
He had been out for 6 hours .. with his father.
Coming back early hours of the morning.
Police ruled it as a breaking and entering and a robbery gone bad.
His father raised hell. His mother was in shock.
And he..literally died.
They couldn’t find the killer nor a motive for death. Not even a suspect 
After a year of investigation.
Case was closed.
His father became constantly ill,  his mother his only company of support but there was little she could do all at once.
And on his hospital bed, after another stroke..
“You need to take charge of the company” hi father pleaded 
“You need to come out of hiding, face reality. You lost a wife. I lost a son too. We only have each other to hold on to. It’s been a year, we can’t forget them. We would only remember them but we have to also learn to live without them. Staying alone and away from us won’t help you..it would only kill you. You haven’t painted for so long.. you aren’t doing so good. I am sick. Your mother takes care of me but who would take care of you. I need you to run the affairs from the company.. I have already spoke to the board , given you my rights as president.  You have to continue living son… for them. For you..for us..”
He listened to him with tears in his heart. Yes, he had been hiding alone in their house for months,  trying to makes sense eof how this would have happen to him, why..why her..why him. The two people he loved the most in this life aside his father.. and mother
“She didn’t deserve to die father. He was my brother, a part of me.. they didn’t deserve to die. I wish they had found who did it. Atleast it would have given me closure. Some peace that he waspaying for his sins. But to know that he is out there and can’t be found…is ..unbearable. what do I live for. For whom ? she was my life. My all.. my faith..now my faith is gone..in life in anything. My faith is gone. And ..he was the best of me…how do I go on..”
“You just have to” his mother hugs him from behind. James stood at the end of the bed. Giving him a reassuring smile… “You would be okay champ. The hard days are gone.” He says..
He had drawn one last time, one of those nights his dreams were plagued and he couldn’t get any sleep.
He had woken up and carried his tools , and with the moon the only light he had painted HER , just the way she was ,  that day..

Standing by the window her back to him, her long black hair flowing to her back and her face in a slow lazy smile. ..staring out the window..
He had painted her .. exactly the way she was..and that’s the last memory he had of her…

Choosing to tuck away the one he had of her sprawled on the floor..a White dress soaked with blood ripped from the middle..her face…void of emotion. . Her once sparkling eyes void of life.. and hands limb and her heart…a dead beat.
And his brother..blood of his blood. A reflection of him with every single thing thesame…his smile his smile, his eyes his eyes,  his laugh his laugh.. a part of him gone..dead and gone that same night.. 
He lost his world..and a part of him too in just one night.
It’s not something a sane man like him could forget. .

He blinks again …
“Are you okay..” she touches his face while holding onto his head.
She couldn’t hold him when he staggered and nearly fell to the ground.. so she helped in to the chair, resting his head on her thighs she carries an hanky and robs his forehead, cleaning the sweats that had appeared there.
His eyes stays at her face, fear in them, shock…and then sadness danced around them .
“I- I am.sorry, I thought . I thought you were…you looked like..am.sorry” he tries to get up.
“Hey be careful, ” she holds him up to a sitting position. 
“I am sorry …” He says again blinking a couple of times, his chest felt tight.. he losses his tie to enable him breath
“Water?” Lidhya askes him, not waiting for him to answer she grabs a bottle from the fridge she noticed earlier and pours water into a glass and hands it to him.., thanking her her takes it and finishes the contents. 
“I am sorry, did  i startle you?. I know you didn’t think anyone was here in the dark. Are you sure you are okay?” She touches his arm lightly.
“Yes I am fine. no no worries, I thought. You looked. ..no.. it’s fine. Thank you” he says getting up
She nods satisfied that he is okay, she gets up from the sofa walking away.. but she stops and turns..
“Why did you call me faith?”
The question made him uneasy, how does he explain it?
“You looked like someone I use to..lo– erm know. .a long time ago” he says ” I guess it was a misunderstood vision. The dark  was playing in tricks on my mind i guess. .” He adds.
She nods… ” You must have loved her” she says, walking away.
He stood there watching her leave , her curves, her body, her smile, her eyes, her face…. even her white dress..
Everything screamed Faith. 
Yet, she was Lidhya she says
Whey did it feel as though he just saw a ghost …
“Am sorry sir you can’t go through here” the officer in uniform says stopping him.
“Oh right.  Why?” Charles askes, staring behind the officer seeing others stationed at different corners of the area, the building was lighted up, he could smell money from a mile away.
“Sir, it’s a fund raising events for senators and the mayor. Commoners are to go through that way and not this way sir. Please go through that way” he points at the opposite direction 

Charles had been walking for over an hour after he took a cab and stopped. The carb weren’t going… futher
“We can’t go beyond here sir’ he told him. 
He thanks the cab man alighting, it’s been years since he was back. .but he still remembered the place like the back of his hands.
He really didn’t have a reason for coming here, 
But then again, he had been in the army for 10 years, used to the life of guns  and blood , violence ,  a few women when he gets the chance, and gets paid a lousy few bucks.
There was nothing wrong if he decides to mingle with the high and mighty, get to talk to a few of their women, hang with them..have a word with the mayor too while he is at it.

After all, it’s because of people like him that they were here and alife and living this lavish lifestyle. 
He should be welcomed in to wine and dine with them.not to be turned away.
“But I am no commoner, I am in the US Army, recently on holidays, code no. 591, with the district of blue flyers, . Here is my chain and credentialss if you want to take a look at it and comfirm..you can call in for them to run a check on me” Charles says
The officer looks at him, then nods saluting..
“But I still can’t let you in sir not unless I have directions to do so sir” 
“But I just told you..
“I know what you told me, I also have a brother who came with your plane so I know you are checked out. But I still can’t let you pass through this road block unless given directives. Or if you have an access pass, sir ” he says apologetically..
Charles nods stepping away,  he wasn’t expecting that. 
“Fine ” he was going to look for another way in.
As he walked away, going back the way he came; he noticed a part he used to run through when he was a bit younger.
It was off the road; through the park, away from the eyes of the officers he crosses, bending over he jumps over the gutter demarcating the part and disappears into the bush part.
It would take him down  a long  bushy road to the other side of the fence. 
There he could find a way into the house.
His mind takes him back years ago,..
The reason why he left town in the dead of the night. .and disappears the next
He and his friends had been drinking, and partying, on their way back  they stopped to get gas for their car.
Another driver was getting gas for his car too. An  expensive looking car.
“Nice car” he says to the driver
‘Thanks” the guy says, smiling.
He gets down obviously drunk, he touches the car..
“Haven’t seen this around here..” He says whistling.
“Yeah,  only one in the whole city. ” He replies  him proudly. 
‘you must be the president son…or nephew of some sort” one of the girls in the car says eyeing him;  
He laughs shaking his head.
“Nope not at all..my name is Lucas . Lucas Philips.  Senator Arnold Philps son.’ He says reaching out to shake her, she happily gives him her hand. 
Charles hits his hand away. 
“What are you doing hitting on my girl?”  He pushes him away
“Hey!!” She exclaims
“Shut up you bitch! ” He slaps her
“Hey dude!!! I wasn’t.  I was just introducing myself. I mean no offence but you didn’t have to hit a lady, that wasnt so nice. ” He says 
“She is my girl and I can’t hit her if I want. Back the Fxxk off dude. You all think with your rich kid syndrome and expensive cars you can oppress us?”

“Dude ..really? I was buying gas , you struck a conversation and I obliged.  If I wanted to oppress you I wouldn’t t be talking to you because you would have been beneath me.” Luke says
“Whooaaaa!!!” The guys exclaim 
He boiled, no one talks to him like that. His friends respected him…he was their ring leader. If he didn’t do anything as a clapback they would call him a chicken. .and  he would be laughed at. He hated to be disrespected 

“You say I am beneath you. You calling me dirt-?” Charles says stepping closer to him pushing him again.
“Don’t. .don’t touch me” luke says
“Leave him alone charles” the girl calls out
‘I told you to shut up jennie ” 
“So what if I push you, what you going to do..pretty boy?” He pushes him again backing him away from his car ignoring jennie
“Stop..dude. I don’t want to fight you . If you think I offended you and your girl, I am sorry.  So I am just going to leave right now” luke says 
He wasn’t in the mood to exchange words with some troublesome strangers in the middle of the night.  He was going to his brother’s to spend the night after leaving the party his father had organised. 
He hadnt gone to spend time with them for two weeks, he missed him.

Darrell And he needed to have a heart to heart with him. Men stuff. He met a girl. ..
The stranger blocks him..”scared boy. Running to daddy to cry on his shoulders? To fly you out on his private jet so you don’t wet your pants boy” he pushes him
“I said don’t push me. I don’t want to fight you” luke says
“Oh really now” he says laughing..
“Well, let’s see if this changes your mind”
He throws the first punch, luke gets a cut lip, as he staggers he touches his mouth , it was bleeding. He licks it and spits
“Hit hin!!”
“Punch him again”
‘Send that rich boy home to mama ” they chanted laughing. 
“The hell Charles, leave him alone ” she screamed.
“You not so pretty now pretty boy. You liked that? You want another one?”  Luke straightens up, smiling.
“You know, I did warn you” he says
Charles goes in for another punch. 
Five minute later, Charles is on the ground groaning in pains and luke holding his arms behind him
“Had enough”?
The two guys jump down from the car,.
“If I had him like this already crying out for pain, do you think you two chickens stand a chance with me..?” He says through his teeth, he squeezes charles hand again, he cries out..
“Fxxking arsehole! !!” Charles cries out
“Had enough?” He askes him again..
Charles nods ” please let go..”
‘Had enough ?”
“Yes..  Yes. ..YES!!”
“Good now apologise to the lady”
“I ain’t fxxking doing — Oowww!!!! Shit!! Okay okay….am.sorry jennie.  I am fxxking sorry!!” He cried.
Luke let’s him go. He rolls in pain, a black eye and an equally bruised lips, and an almost dislocated shoulders
“Good. Now, have a good night. ” He enters into his car and drives off.
He wouldn’t forget the ringing laughter in his ears as they laughed at him. 
In his anger he beats up jennie , he only stopped when the guys pull him away. 
But he was angry.. angry that the rich kid made him a laughing stock and reduced him to nothing in under 5 minutes..
It wasn’t something he was going to let go..
He goes back home,  grabs a gun from his father’s draw, and went in search of Lucas Philips. .

Not knowing where to look. It was a long straight road in which he followed, not many people lived around there, so it was either he had an hideout there or had a family. 
Thankfully as he kept driving and driving looking for him, he saw him leave a supermarket , the red car evident that he was the one he follows him at a safe distance..
He drives ahead, entering into a clearing,  only one house stood at the end, and just one gate and a tiny fence. The rest areas was filed with trees ..
A quiet home.
Charles parks , hiding his car in the bushes he gets down and watches the house for a few minutes trying to see movements. 
2 people meet him at the door, a  mam and a woman.. they disappear into the house.
Charles waits hoping that eventually he would have to leave then he would get him. 
Someone else leaves instead after 30 minutes driving away, .
Charles waited.
An hour later , He got tired of waiting.. he made his way to the house.
He was used to picking locks, he got in easy.
He found them in the sitting room talking , he had no business with her but he had business with him.
There was no way he was leaving without teaching him a lesson.

He didn’t mean to shot her.  
She was going to call the police when she saw him with the gun.
They were shouting at him and he was shouting at Charles. .telling him that rich kids should be taught a lesson.
He was trying to be a hero, standing between her and him.
He wanted just him,  alone and told her to leave. She says no.
She reaches for the phone, he blinks panickng  and shots.
She falls to the ground, he screams gathering her to himself crying begging him to call the ambulance that she was dying.
He would go to jail, he couldn’t. 
His father would kill him.
If he runs he would identify him,  he had to do something. 
“Think charles think!!”
“Call the ambulance..or let me please.  She is dying..” tears fills his eyes, 
“No no… they would arrest me..” charles says..the gun rubbing his temple. 
“Please.she is all he has” he cries, ..
He didn’t want to go back to juvi.

His father would kill him

The cops would come for him.
“She is dead…” luke cried.. and with a rage he lurches for him
He shots him to his head. 
He dies instantly..
Shaking he looks around, thankful he wore a glove when he picked the locks.
No one saw hi  come here.
No one knew he came after him, not even his friends from the gas station 
He puts the gun back to his pocket, and trashes the house to make it look like it was a robbery..
But he doesn’t take anything other than his ring..
And his watch.
He liked it .
He wore them  till this day.
Then he leaves the dead bodies and disappears into the night  ….

The next day his letter comes from enrolment into the army.. 
He leaves town.
Forgetting the incidence like a far way dream.
Ten years later he was back to town.
And not a soul knew about his past 


“Have you seen Lidhya? ” Damaris comes behind Samantha,  
“Erm, no. why?”
‘Can’t find her ”
“Well she has to be here somewhete  ” Samantha says,  
“look I ain’t her mama, I gatto go talk to that dude over there and see if I can get him upstairs to my room. If my  mother is curious as to my whereabouts…you can direct her up there.  I would love to see her face when she catches us locked in a rather awkward position”. 
“You are just a slut Sam”
“I am not complaining. ” she walks away heading to James who had been smiling at her for the better part of the hour.
“Hey,..” Lidhya taps her; Damaris turns. ..
“Young lady,  where did you go to?”
“I just needed a breather.  Went to her father’s study.. you know it’s the only quiet place in this big house..’
“That’s because his ghost likes to sleep in there. Ofcourse it would be quiet. ”
“Hmm” she answers distracteding 
“Whats that face for?”
“Oh! no nothing just that, a man came in there and as soon as he saw me he almost fainted as though he had seen  a ghost ” she says 
“Durh! !! I told you that office was creepy. ” Damaris hugs herself.
“No no.. I mean. He called me faith. And rlthen his eyes was filled with shock and then sadness” Lidhya says 
Damaris raises an eyebrow, ” so you got a sad man calling you another woman’s name. Now that’s another shade of creepiness. Was he drunk, stoned or was was horny and thought he could score a quick one by  pretending..”
“Oh dont be silly..none of that. It was strange and yet sad. I felt sorry for him”
“Well dont!. he isn’t your concern. While you were away i met this handsome dude..”
“He is getting me a drink now, I don’t remember seeing him come in though but… he is so cute. I think he is in the force, he has those chain around his neck but hidden under his suit. ”
“Oh..?” Lidhya says, her eyes following the stranger who comes out of the corridor and walks towards Samantha and someone else. 
“Hey are you listening to me?’
“Urmm. .Yes Yes. .wait what did you say?”
“Oh never mind. Here he comes ”
“Charles meet Lidhya , my roommate and friend and sister and my everything. Lidhya meet charles ” she links her arms to his
“Helo ma’am?” He says taking her hands in his, he brushes a kiss at her knuckles 
“Oh hi?” Lidhya smiles , pulling her hand away. .
There was something oddly farmilar about the way she looked.
The white dress,  the hair, her eyes and smile. .
It reminds him of someone. .
The mayor corners him, a few senators joins in. They entered up discussing business and new projects were planned.
But his eyes doesn’t leave the girl across the room.in the white dress. 
Whenever he looks at her his heart skips, his head screams “faith ”
He knew faith was dead…and along with a part of him.
But yet she reminded him so much of her.
They didn’t look alike…

And yet they did. When she smiles and laugh  , backing him he would swear that was his wife.

But when she turns he has to blink a couple of times to realise that it isn’t her.
His legs would grew weak, his heart beating fast in his chest, his heart skipping…and he couldn’t take his eyes away from her..
From ” faith”
No… from…Lidhya.!
The mayor was saying something. He had to focus on their discussion.
Samantha and James ended up in her room, and he was fiddling with her breasts and she was helping him off his trousers  
“Do you usually seek out men from  your mother’s party to devour them?”
“Do you normally follow girls up to their rooms to have a quickie? ”
He laughs shaking his head..
“My thoughts exactly. ” she replies raising up her dress to reveal her red thongs.
“Red huh?”
“Yep..get  in here” she pulls him down to her.
“For goodness sake where is your sister jake?” She comes to him and whispers in his ears
She expected Samantha to be gluing Darrell Philips instead she leaves him on his own and other young available girls are fanning around him. And her daughter was no where to be found.
She didn’t know what she would do with her, she was doing everything to secure her future and yet Samantha was doing everything possible to destroy it.
If her husband was alife he would have known what to do to straighten her up. She only listens to him.
“I don’t know mother, ask the friends. She doesn’t do anything without them. Let’s hope she isn’t up to some mischief at the moment.” He says  turning back to talk   to the daughter of the mayor who seems taken by him.. he could have her dress up like a nurse .
“So, how about that date we talked about?” He says to her
His mother walks away heading towards the girls.
“Lidhya,  Damaris, have you by any chance seen Samantha? ”
“Erm no ma’am I havent” Lidhya says
“I saw her go up to her room Mrs plimbleton ” Damaris says hiding a smile.
“Oh that girl”  she says pausing and staring at the man in their middle 
“And you are?” She didn’t remember welcoming him, he was obviously not a senator or a policia  , she didn’t know him.  He might be part of a security detail of one of the guests  , or a friend of a friend.  Yet she didn’t remember welcoming him.
“Charles ..Charles Stratford ” he says.
“Whose detail are you on or are you a friend of a friend. ?” She beckons to one of the securities guards. 
Think charles Thinks..
‘The mayor, I am on his private security detail. I am new, a recent exchange called in at the last minute  because the replacement was sick. You can check me out.. Blue flyers, US Army” he says,  purposely leaving out his code no.  He brings out his chain and flashes it to her.
Satisfied she turns away the security guard .
“You must understand that we have the social elite class here , the elite family and senators and Ofcourse the mayor,  one has to be cautious. Well, I expect you to be working not mingling. The mayor is that way” she points.  He nods and excuses him self and heads there.
“Ladies, don’t fratenise with the security details okay?” She says. And heads upstairs 
“I don’t like her ‘Damaris says ” she just chased away my date”..
‘You don’t have to like her Damz, you are in her house; eating her food and mingling with her guests you do what she wants. NOW, why did you purposely send her upstairs to Samantha’s room’?”
Damaris was laughing..” Because Samantha had a suprise for her” she winks
Lidhya didn’t have to ask
“You indulge her Damz. You know she is just a spoilt girl seeking attention.  I love her too but she has to stop punishing her mother for her father’s death. And doing all this.. it’s not funny anymore. ” Lidhya says
‘It is for me.” 
Lidhya rolls her eyes 
Charles smiles to himself., despite the tight security no one noticed him  jump across the fence from the tail end.
All eyes were in front and none at the back.
Stupid lot.
He muses.
He had to blend in, thankful his suit was no t looking out of place, ..once inside no one cared to ask about identity and access ..
He saw Damaris smiling at him from the bar when he came in, he had gone straight for her , atleast having a companion wasn’t so bad.
He learnt that her friend Samantha was a rich kid who had lots of money and influence and didn’t know what to do with it. She hated her mother Mrs plimbleton. 

She had a brother who has sexual cravings and likes to play with toys and has lots of nurses who come around and play with him too.. he had a secret BDSM room.
Lidhya was her best friend..lived together since college. They were waitresses . They didn’t have any money.
They were friends with Samantha. 
Samantha’s mum was a senator,  she has lots of connections and wanted Samantha to marry a rich dude she is Tryng to match make her with.
They girl talked like a trash can.
No one pays attention to him as he grabs a drink and stands close to a group of people talking, the mayor was saying something and they all laugh..
Someone excuses himself saying he wants to leave..
“So soon Mr Philips?  How is your father these days.. we missed him at the rally last weekend?” 
“He is on vacation with my mother.  But he is out of the woods. ” He replies
The mayor nods ..”  send our regards.I would send my PA to you,  we can discuss other projects in due time”
“Sure thing sir. ”
“Why don’t you stay awhile, you never come for this things, ” a female senator was saying, she touches his arm 
” I have other pressing engagements . I only honoured because the mayor insisted I come and Mrs plimbleton have been generous to invite me. But other matters are rearing it’s head. Have a good evening ” Philps says turning away

“Oh am sorry” he says breaking off from their middle and hitting someone behind him
“Oh no its no problem” Charles shakes away the spilled wine ftom his hands. Thankful it didn’t spill on his suit. He would have been pissed
“So sorry. If I ruined it I would get you another suit.  Forgive my clumsiness ” Philps says, he was leaving to get to Lidhya,  he didn’t notice someone was behind him.
Charles chuckles ;  All this rich kids trying to lord it over us and show how worthless we are… that they can snap their fingers and everyone bows.
I can buy my own damn suit  . He was wiping his hand having placed the half empty glass on the bar table.
“No ne-….” He says raising his head up to look at the person
The words catches  in his throat. .

He staggers backwards. . 
“Are you okay? “Philps asks
He is…

No it can’t be.
He is dead.
I shot him
10 years ago..
No he is dead.
He couldn’t speak…
He staggers away from him, turning back to look at him, he disappears into the crowd
Philps stands wondering what just happened.
Lidhya crosses his vision.  He forgets all about the strange man and goes to her.
Something was pulling him to her.

“Put on your cloths Samantha plimbleton.  How disgraceful! !!” Her mother shrieks 
James pushes her away from his body,  grabbing his boxers he quickly covers his third leg
“Oh dont be a spoil sport mother we were just having sex.  You do know it’s normal right”
“How dare you come into my house and have such relations with my daughter…I would have your head on a spike., I would make sure—
“Oh mother I wasn’t forced, you did notice that I was the one one top right?” Samantha laughs and  puts her cloths back on, laughter reaches her eyes
“Samantha plimbleton how can you be so reckless I have guests here and Darrel Philips is so good for you and you are here with his accountant?” She fumes
“I did tell you I didn’t want you to match make me..besides, I hate sad men.  They are boring but James is much fun. If you want him so much you can have him”
James took the opportunity to put on his cloths, and sneak out behind them and rushes downstairs,  searching for Philps. 
“How dare you speak. To me like that?”
“Then stop trying to control my life mother. If father was alife my life would have been perfect.  You drove him mad with your nagging and you never cared  enough about him or us  but about your career. ..now you are forcing me to do your bidding.  You have jake.. do what you want with him but leave me the hell alone. The more you try to control me, the more I would keep fxxking up your plans.  Now if you excuse me I have to return back to the party in your house..which is my house'” she brushes past her mother and heads downstairs.  A smile on her face

He killed him, he shot him. He died.
But why …
he walks out of the building, seeing the officers he turns away trying to breath,  
“Are you okay?” Damaris comes to him , touching him
“Hmmm. ” He manages to say
He is dead..he shot him.

But why does he look exactly like him.

Same eyes,  same deep blue eys..same face..same everything. 
It’s been 10 years..
Why they Fxxk did he look like him.
He shot him in his head. He died.
No one knows…
No one saw him
He needed to make sure that. . He too didn’t know..
Who was he??”
“Lets go!!”  James gets to him
“No wait, I have to talk to her” 
“Who is her, let’s leave. Mrs plimbleton just found me and her daughter Samantha in bed and she is threatening fire and brimstone. ”
“Wait what. James!!!”
“What I couldn’t help it. She was hot and she came unto me and I couldn’t say no. It’s your fault you brought me here” he teased but looking up the stairs wondering if she was on her way down yet 
“Yes blame it on me. But hold on, I need to find her”
‘Who is her? ”
” fa- erm. Lidhya.  Lidhya! !” He says
James raises an eyebrow 
He had come towards her but she and her friend had moved away out of sight.. seeing her again , with James walking behind him he goes to her, seeing Damaris leaving her and walks outside after the man who staggered out of here.

“Excuse me miss Lidhya,  I just realised I didn’t introduce my self.”  He says 
She turns , smiling when she sees him

 Subconsciously her eyes had been following him round the room.  
She was wondering if he was indeed okay. 
She was curious on what he was about.
She was curious about who faith was,,
Was she his sister, his lover, or wife?
But he wasn’t wearing a ring but he kept rubbing the ring finger   ,  she stares down at it .. a faint mark showed that a ring had owned that finger recently.
” Whats your name?”
“Its Darrell.  Darrel Philips! !” He says, taking her hand in his he brushes a kiss to her knuckles. . She blushes. 
James sees Samantha coming down, her mother behind
“We have to go Darrel..like Now.!!” He whispers.
“Nice to meet you darrel with the sad eyes” she says
“Gimme a minute” he tells james
“I wonder, can I see you again. Tomorrow perhaps? ‘ I have to go now ..but I would love to see you again. Please. .” He says , giving her his card he hopes that she would take it and give him a call
Lidhya looks at his outstretched hands giving her a card..
“Erm…I don’t think so..’
“Please ” there was something about her that was pulling him towards her.
He was curious..
She bites her lower lips, taking the card against her better judgement ..”okay” she says
“Please,  call me tomorrow ”
“Why are you saying  and insisting on tomorrow? ”
“I don’t know. I just. .. I don’t know. If I say whenever you might not ever . But if I say tomorrow atleast you know I really really want to see you and it would clear my schedule and waif for your call ” Philps says
Lidhya smiles ” tomorrow then”
James pulls him away, 
Samantha comes behind her, 

“Oh you finally decided to join us!!” Lidhya says to her
Damaris walks through the crowd and comes to them.
Mrs plimbleton had stormed away to the opposite direction trying to get a hold of the retreating Philips.
Samantha was laughing. 
Damaris has a worried look on her face.
Lidhya stares at the card,  
Darrell Philips. 




“What are you laughing at?” Damaris looks at Samantha’
“Oh nothing really.  Mother’s face was epic. I wish I had a camera”
“Well my date was okay one minute, the next your mother chases him away back to his duty post and now he is outside shaking as though he just saw a ghost and not coherent. Your house is haunted’ Damaris pouts
“I told you my mother was a witch!!” She says laughing 
“BTW I hope she stops trying to hook me up with that rich dude. She is running after him. Hey, I saw him talking to you” Samantha says turning to Lidhya who has been quiet
‘Was he? What’s his name?” Damaris was suddenly interested forgetting her date
“WAIT !!! Same dude your mother wants you to marry? ” Lidhya askes
“Yup. Same one. What’s his name again. …Erm. .Philips something. ..
“Darrel Philips. !!” Lidhya completes 
“Oh am sorry! I didn’t know. I found him at the study and he looked soo  sad. He called me. ..faith. I don’t know who that is. And he comes here saying he wants to see me again. I am sorry I should just toss this away” Lidhya made to tear it
‘Hey hey hey..!! Hold your horses. He is cute. Hot even. But he looked too sad, I saw it too. He is widowed I mentioned.  Maybe that was his wife’s name but why would you call you that? ”
Anyways, I like bad boys and  he isn’t a bad boy and I don’t need someone I have to mother around, I want someone who is wild fire like me me..James his friend is.  Philips is loaded, so…you go ahead.  I ain’t interested. Especially if it would please mother…so, have fun. You should call him, you never know if it might be a start of something new.. take advantage of the valentine season baby”
“Whoa!! How come I missed that hotness and loaded dude. If you don’t want to call I would” Damaris snatches the card away from her..
Samantha takes it back.

“Don’t be jealous. It’s for her and he wants to see her ..call him Lidhya ” she looks around seeing her mother
“I need to go cause some more mishief?  You girls game?” 
Lidhya shakes her head, tired already..
“Maybe I should just go home

. I am tired”!!
“Me too.  Charles is …strangely strange. This party is becoming a bore. See you later Sam. We balling out of here”
They hug and kiss leaving the party. .
Charles meets them at  the door
“Leaving already? ”
Damaris nods, he saw The strange fellow who looked like the dead one talking to the girl in the white dress..
Maybe he should get her to talk to him too 
“Can I have your number? I know I wasn’t really a great sport tonight but we could hang later, you can bring your friend too. If she doesn’t mind?”
“Won’t you be working ?”
“Would be off after this gig for the day’
Damaris smiles..
“Sure” she gives him her number , waving
As they backed away, she leans into Lidhya and says
“I think he likes me. ”
“Maybe. But, I don’t know . I feel uncomfortable around him. Just becareful”
“I always am”

Feb 12th.
They sat across each other, 
He waited for her call all evening  and till the next. 
When she finally did he drives down to the restaurants she picked,  not going with any body guards
Now sitting face to face with her he  was lost for words.
He was nervous.  
Why did he want to see her . Why did he want to see her?
He didn’t know. He kept asking himself all night, unable to sleep.
He just knew he wanted to see her, to know wether yesterday was just a figments of his imaginations.
Dressed differently in  a short flowery dress, she was today. 
Seeing her , looking into her eyes..
There was something about her that pigues him….that reminded him so much of his “faith”
And it scared him.
He licks his lips..
“I want to show you a picture of her”
Damaris talks alot.
He took her out that night, looking for information.  She wasn’t a bad lay.
He found out that Lidhya was given a card by the rich stranger.

Lidhya was meeting the rich stranger today.
Damaris gave him the address.
Damaris talks to much. 
He sat down a few seats from them,
Watching them talk.
Yes, the rich stranger looked exactly like the one who was dead , 

killed by him..
And the Lidhya next to him made him remember her too.

The lady in white..
No one knew about it..
But what if…
What if the stranger did..
And was telling her about it..
He needed to know..
And he would have to stop them too.
No one knew about that night 10 years ago
No one still has to know.
And if the dead one came back to life trying to haunt him..
Pretending not to know him
Yes! He would have to send him back to the land of the dead. 
She too.



Ps “: So…still wondering if it’s about love and mushyness? Hate and love..

Death and life.. ghosts and Doppelgangers?  A love story ,  a scary story, a thriller or a sad sad fairy tale..πŸ€”
Can you predict what’s going to happen..
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