The Royals: CHP Twenty-One



Annalisa-Jane Jacob, who had been sitting at the edge of the coach as the door swings open by the guard raises her head up..and their eyes meet.

She had on a royal blue corset dress that overflowed to her legs, which matches the colour of her eyes, her hair was let down to the side of her left shoulders, a tiara seated perfectly on her head, her gloves where silver, so was the toe-lip of her shoes he could make out from beneath her dress as she sat perfectly. But that wasn’t it..that wasn’t what almost gave him a heart attack.

As he stood there, their eyes lingering on each other for only a moment…he could not understand how a Princess could be so….so breathtaking beautiful and yet be so annoying and a pain to his left bottom.

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”There are different levels of pain; pain that allows bruises to the surface, giving you more moments to feel, there is also that pain that courses through your spin, making it even less for you to stay still but somehow you get through ache a day, a will to live, and there is that pain, that crushes your heart making you wish you were dead, that pain is unbearable, like the love ripped from your chest, like one slammed to the walls of death, like one seeing your end and wishing to God you really were dead. There is that pain, unbearable, unmeasured pain..that pain. But somehow, you still survived it, barely, and soon..because you were able to walk through hell, you come out more scarred that anything else. Thus when faced with new pains you take it, you take all of it like it is nothing at the palm of your hands, for the numbness to feel had somehow crawled under your skin, making it don’t feel, not the highest, not even the littlest, you don’t feel..not yet..for there is a moment you wait for, when it want to feel it all, but for now..let the bouts of pain come…you are ready for it...”


-Stephanie Egberike ( Itchyfingers)

-Sept. 16th. Sunday 7:50 am, Nigeria, Africa





She waited for it, and it did come, down on her back as the woman released her hand. The spikes hook on to her cloths, piercing her skin, drawing blood as she drags it away from her body.

She falls to her knees, she closes her eyes, she lets it simmer, as it courses through her veins, the pain, like claws chokes her, yet, yet…she braces herself and then she gets to her feet.

The woman who had flogged her with the spiked ropes stares at her ”It hurts doesn’t it?”

She doesn’t answer.

”What is your name?” The woman asks the girl again

Silence, instead she stares at her, saying nothing, absolutely nothing. She hadn’t spoken since that day, that day years ago, when they raped her mother before her eyes, when they pinned their five bodies to her and raped her, a little child, when they stabbed her father, crippled him even ..she hasn’t spoken, not even when they lifted her father and then flung him over the cliff.

She remembered that night, the shrill cries of her mother, the anguish from her father and then the shattering of his bones as he hits the rock and then the splash of the water as he hits rock bottom. She remembered staring at the cliff in the darkness as they held her over their shoulders.. She remembered their faces..each and everyone of them..especially the one with a scar under his eyes..the one who registered himself in her memory all this years, raping her for years and then giving her to men…yes, she remembered him well. She hadn’t said a word, not one, since that day when the pain felt like her death…

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The beeping sound of the  hospital monitor close to her beds stirred her awake.

At first, she heard it as a faint sound far away, soon it became a throbbing pain as the sound increased and seemed closer. It made her head hurt.

She opens her eyes, slowly, blinking away the brightness and trying to adjust her eyes to her environs. She didn’t feel as though she was home.

She heard voices. People were talking over her, hovering above her. She blinks, closing and then opening her eyes. She saw the shadows of a few people, they were whispering. She heard them moving about.

She swallows, her throat felt patched. She licks her lips, it hurts.

”Water!” she whispers

”Oh my God , she is awake, thank God! Bianca, tell the doctor she is awake, can someone get water?” she heard someone speak, it sounded like her mother. She heard feet scurry away. Someone must have ran out. She swallows again and winces from the pain to her patched throat.

She needed water. She felt sore.

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In Too Deep Slippery Waters – CHP Eleven



She bumped right into him in the misty bathroom ”Ohmp!” she exclaims hitting him and staggering back almost falling, he reaches out and then catches her just in time stopping her from falling.

He frowns staring down at bare, bare chested , with nothing but his brief on, the toilet was still heated, the mist slowly clears down, she stares up at him and then pushes herself away from his arm, groaning slightly to her injurious. He releases her

”What the hell?” he repeats as he steps away top open the window to let the cold air in ”What the hell Anikka?”

”What do you mean what the hell?” Confused she could clearly see that he was half naked, his briefs were too fitted to his low region , she could make out … she blinks and then turns away, frowning at how obvious it looked. He was coming back to her, his arm going at akimbo as he stops infront of her ”How the hell is it that you showered, with extremely steamy hot water and you didn’t think to open the windows so the mist clear. Also…also….” he points to the floor, she follows his hand ”Wet, you would have tripped barging in here” and he shakes his head ”And this is a bathroom for shit’s sake and i am in here, why the hell would you just run in here just because?” he snapped.

She blinks, ”First off, it was cold and i had hot water”

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The old grandfather’s clock clicks, hitting the bell dangling within as the alarm blares loudly…

The birds began to chirp a beautiful melody, the cocks crows ”Cuckuroooo”. The wind claps loudly as the doors swings on it’s hinges. Even the sun smiles brightly, seeping into the room, dancing shyly behind the curtains and then kissing her eyelids .

Bridget’s eyes shoots open.

For a second she stares at nothing in particular, she just stared, and then stared. Then slowly her lips curves into a smile, her eyes wrinkles as her smile broadens, then she slowly and then quickly covers her eyes with both her hands, and then her mouth with one hand, and then simultaneously, she kicked her legs upwards, and then screamed into her hands as loud as she could, squealing in helpless delight.

Footsteps are heard, soon her room door is burst open and then a dark haired girl runs in and then throws herself on the bed and then laughed ”Oh you silly silly girl” she pulled at her hands but Bridget refuses to be stopped.

She laughed and squealed and then kicked and then screamed some more.

More footsteps are heard, more ladies rush into the room and then fling themselves on the bed causing  the spring to cry out loudly. They end up giggling at her silliness even more.

Bridget releases her face and then sits up, her eyes sparkled, her face waned from the smile that had refused to disappear. She stares at them, and then flings herself over them and then laughed ”I cannot believe that the day has finally  come. I cannot believe that i would be….oh my goodness! My heart beats so fast that i can hardly tame…feel my heart beat so…” she pulls at any hand in random and then takes it to between folds of her bosom, between them she places the hand of one of the girls ”Do you feel the thum-thum sound of my rapid beating heart?”

The girl nods her head quickly smiling ”Oh it feels as though it is about to burst” she laughs, they all laugh.

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”You never know how much you love something, until it is ripped from you. You never can understand how the pain can rise up, curling from your toes and tearing your heart out till you beg it to end you. You never know how strong you are until you are pushed to the really never know what you are capable off, until you are faced with the demon who made you who you are..until then…you live and try to survive ……and continue to relieve the pain so you don’t forget’ – You have to remember it all, because you would need it when it’s time. 

—Stephanie Egberike , (ItchyFingers) 

Sept. 2018, 1:03 AM, Nigeria, Africa




Sunday, 6:15 am.

Mornings were beautiful; the sun rays seeping into the room, the way it dances on the wall to give off shadows of unnamed faceless features. 

She smiled stretching on her bed and opening her eyes wide.

She loved beautiful mornings like this, when she gets to wake up to her family. 

She turns on her side to notice the bed was empty.

She groans.

Mornings like this meant that she would wake up alone on the warm bed recently vacated by her amazing husband.

She touches her cheeks, smiling, remembering she had felt his lips brushing against her cheeks as he whispered into her ears ”Going for a run babe, don’t miss me too much”, and he knew, that sneaky man knew just how she would miss him. Twelve years together and he still made her heart skip in her chest.

She covers her face with her arms, laughed in it and then got up.

Mornings like this, were special to her because she gets to tend to her home; prepare breakfast and then get her baby ready for school. Speaking of her special moments, her daughter was the most beautiful part of it. 

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It was the slicing pain to her head that woke her up. It numbs her for a fraction of second as she tried to  make sense of the pain and where it was coming from.

It was her head, the pain was coming from her head.

No, her body! Her entire body felt like she was hit by a truck.

She grimaces in more pain as she tried to open her eyes and get up at thesame time.

She felt hands and a voice stopping her,

”No please, stay Ma’am, you need to rest”

She didn’t know that voice, she jolts up causing the pain to sear through her again

Strong arms pull her down ”Relax Ms. Aviella, you are fine, you are okay”

There were two people in the room, voices she didn’t know and hadn’t heard before, she opens her eyes.

”Who are you?” she whispers in fear as the pain cuts through her again, she held her head, then another pain tears at her limp, she groans

”Get her some pain killers” The man who is hovering over her says

”Who are you, what happened to me?” she asks them, realizing that the person he spoke to wore a nurses’s uniform and the man who spoke had on a suit, his looks were warm as he stared down at her.

”My name is Dr. Lester Kirk, and as to what happened to you, what last did you remember?” he stands up turning on a pocket touch and then shining it into her eyes ”Relax Ms. Aviella-”


”Ms. Anikka, what do you remember?”

She frowns trying to remember as she looks around, if he were a doctor and she was apparently a nurse, what the hell happened to her? she looks across him to see a mirror facing her, in shock she realized that what she felt hugging her head was a bandage and then her left shoulder felt heavy as well as…

”What happened to my cloths?” she shrieked

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